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446 Responses to Contact Matt

  1. Sharon Krukewitt says:

    Matt, this just sickens me. Can you give me sources to back this up, please?

  2. lialik says:

    Matt, I LOVED this post… It’s so refreshing to read this, and thank you for raising your son to be a real gentleman! This gives me hope that my daughter will someday have a chance to marry someone with the right values. Old fashioned is what we need to bring back to heal our families from divorce, brokenness and infidelity… That’s an opinion of a single mom… Thank you!

  3. Matt, your “Contact Matt” page, and its 438 (now, 439) comments has intrigued and inspired me! Who knew the potential of a contact page before now!?

  4. Robert Lippre says:

    Excellent Sterling article. You repeated several things that I expressed to my wife. I heard last night several times that we should let the “healing” process begin, as if there was the murder of 40 innocent children at an elementary school. Sterling was a bad owner and is a jerk, but he NEVER said he did not want blacks at Clipper games, which is all we heard. He not want his “girlfriend” bringing blacks to the game. A much different thing. The man was jealous, and didn’t want her seen with blacks while she was dating him.

  5. Does it bother you when people reblog your blogs on wordpress? I did it, but then got to thinking, maybe I should ask if it’s ok…

  6. Gail Queen says:

    Great post!

  7. Jeff winter says:

    Matt. What are you running for. You have my vote

  8. Keri says:

    Dear Matt,
    I love the letter you wrote to Peter. Jesus taught us that we should take time for the children for such is the kingdom of heaven. You were spot on with your advice. I really enjoy your blog it is always so thoughtful and full of wisdom. Keep writing!

    A fan

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