Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling


It’s really a fascinating thing, when you think about it.

Even a culture like ours — a culture dedicated to hedonism and relativism — has to put on a show every once in a while and pretend it has some semblance of a moral standard. It shows you that those philosophers and theologians were actually onto something when they wrote about Natural Law.

Deep down, in the pit of our being, there exists a need to be good and virtuous; but if being good and virtuous is too hard, then at least we need to find a halfway convincing substitute. Only demons and psychotics would stand and openly proclaim their own evil — the rest of us can act the part, but we still feel the urge to get up and play Morality Charades on occasion.

That’s what comes to mind when I see the reaction to the story about Donald Sterling. If you don’t watch the news (and these days I highly recommend that you don’t), I’ll fill you in on THE SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY:

Sterling is an old, crazy, rich, (alleged) racist who happens to own the LA Clippers. Being old, crazy, and rich, and living in California, he also has a pretty progressive love life. He left his wife a while back and started shacking up with his young west coast mistress. Now, his wife has quite unfairly accused the mistress of gold-digging, all because she just so happened to fall madly in love with a rich married man who showered her with Bentleys, diamonds, and cash.

(It happens to the best of us. Stop judging.)

The wife filed a lawsuit against the mistress, and the mistress allegedly swore to ‘get even.’ Getting even, in this case, evidently involved coaxing her lover into making some very inane and very racist comments, while secretly recording the exchange. To give you an idea of just how inane and racist: Sterling allegedly tells his *minority* mistress that he doesn’t mind if she has sex with minorities, but he doesn’t want her to be seen in public with them.

Well, this audio tape SOMEHOW made its way to that bastion of journalistic integrity known as TMZ — although the girlfriend totally had nothing to do with that, she says.

In a normal and sane society, this sordid soap opera would never be discussed outside of gossip magazines and entertainment shows, because there’s nothing very newsworthy about it. A wealthy, morally bankrupt adulterer in Los Angeles professed some unsavory views, behind closed doors, to his manipulative morally bankrupt girlfriend.



Donald Sterling can say and think whatever he wants to say and think. Given his situation, I’m not particularly surprised that he says and thinks offensive things. In fact, his overall lifestyle is far more repugnant than his ludicrous statements about black people.

(*Note* this post originally identified his wife as his “ex-wife.” They are not divorced, I was mistaken. This man is publicly breaking his marriage vows, but still we find his discriminatory racial views to be the most offensive thing about him.)

We permit and even celebrate most forms of evil and debauchery in our society, so our Moral Outrage energy is stored, ready to be unleashed anytime an old white guy utters something untoward about minorities. Having removed sins like baby-killing, pornography, sex-trafficking, and infidelity from the ‘Things to Get Upset About’ column, this seems to be among the only universally-recognized evils remaining.

I guess that explains why the media has pushed this to the front of their headlines, and the President of the United States of America took time out of his trip to Asia to bloviate about it.

And, since I love nothing more than to spoil an overdone, media-hyped Outrage Party, I have a few comments of my own to make:

1) President Obama jumped onto this story immediately after the gossip merchants at TMZ broke the ‘news.’ You’d think, as the President of the United States on an important trip overseas, his remarks would be along these lines: “Yeah, that guy said some messed up stuff. Good thing he’s not an elected official, no crime was committed, nobody was hurt, and none of this has any relevance to the lives of any American who isn’t dating Donald Sterling. Next question.”

That’s how a president who respects his office might respond. But a president who never misses an opportunity to reinforce his progressive racial narrative would instead give a lengthy and thorough statement, which includes this little gem: “The United States continues to wrestle with a legacy of race and slavery and segregation that’s still there — the vestiges of discrimination.”

Yes, he really did paint the LA Clipper owner’s ridiculous, private comments to his girlfriend as some kind of symptom of a larger national issue. Donald Sterling’s stupid opinions about minorities couldn’t just be Donald Sterling’s stupid opinions about minorities — it has to be an indication that the legacy of slavery still thrives nationwide. It exists in Donald Sterling’s heart, so therefore it exists in America as a whole; lingering in the air we breathe, infecting our souls, and turning us into Republicans.

Besides, when it comes to commenting on domestic scandals, President Obama will never live down his cowardly refusal to speak out against Kermit Gosnell. Here was a man who, for thirty years, murdered black infants in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, while his activities were allowed to continue because of the complacency and tacit approval of local, state, and federal agencies. Here was a man who segregated his waiting room by race, and gave better, safer treatment to white patients. Here was a man involved in a murderous scandal that implicated — and still implicates — every level of political authority, and resulted in hundreds of born infants being decapitated, stabbed, and drowned in toilets.

What did Obama say about it?

“I can’t comment.” Abortions should be “safe, legal and rare,” he said, but he “can’t comment.”

“I can’t comment.”

The ONE time his comments would be needed, warranted, and appropriate, and he declined

Forget everything else the man has done. Forget everything else he’s said. All you need to know about Barack Obama the man, and Barack Obama the President, can be summed up by the fact that he immediately and forcefully commented when a black Harvard professor was arrested by a white cop; he immediately and forcefully commented when a black teenager was killed by a Hispanic neighborhood watchman; and he immediately and forcefully commented when a white NBA owner allegedly made some insulting comments about black people — but when an abortionist was allowed to murder black infants for thirty years in the middle of an American city, he said nothing.

In all three of the cases where he did comment, the facts weren’t yet fully known, and the incident had no relevance outside of the area where it occurred. In Gosnell’s case, the facts were established, and the incident encompassed a wide range of local, state, and federal authorities. Yet on the first three he pounced, while on the last case he ran for the hills.

That’s all you need to know about Barack Obama.

2. The LA City Council is drafting a resolution calling for the NBA to sanction Sterling, and labeling his comments as, somehow, a violation of ‘human rights.’ Because we all have a human right to… not be insulted by people in the privacy of their homes…?


The NBA can do whatever it wants here. I don’t care. However, no government authority has any business getting involved in any capacity whatsoever, unless there are laws in Los Angeles against telling your girlfriend not to go to basketball games with Magic Johnson. I don’t think any such law exists, but I know that a California law against secretly recording private conversations does exist. Therefore, interestingly, if the government steps in at all, the law requires them to step in on behalf of Donald Sterling.

But they probably won’t, because we’ve given up on the law, and we’ve given up on free speech. We’ve given up on it so completely that I will be accused of racism simply for making that statement (see: the comments under this post).

3. Al Sharpton is threatening a boycott. I’m still waiting for Al Sharpton to boycott himself for his anti-Jewish comments, anti-gay comments, and anti-Mormon comments. Not to mention the time when he helped stir up racial hysteria over a rape hoax, or the other time he helped stir up racial hysteria over a rape hoax, or the time when he incited black mobs to attack Jews in Crown Heights, or the time when he got involved in drug deals before turning snitch for the FBI. I’m waiting for Sharpton to boycott himself for the crime of being Sharpton — i.e. just an overall lying, shameless, despicable, crook.

4. Various rappers have come out of the wordwork to express their dismay over Sterling’s remarks. It’s impossible to ignore the irony when we get this kind of faux-indignation from the precise people responsible for hurting more black kids in more ways than a thousand Donald Sterlings ever could. Racist NBA owners might result in hurt feelings, but the self-destructive culture peddled by these record industry predators results in funerals and prison time for black inner city children. I’m happy to know that Snoop Dogg — writer of such poetic lyrics as “b*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks” — thinks that Sterling should be ashamed of his repulsive rhetoric. Now that we know how sensitive Snoop Dogg is, let’s just hope he never listens to a Snoop Dogg song.

Lil Wayne also came forward to register his disapproval. This is the same guy who recently wrote lyrics where he called Emmett Till — the 14 year old black kid murdered for flirting with a white woman in the 50’s — a ‘p*ssy.’

But Mr. Wayne is, you know, super sensitive to the historical plight of black Americans.

5. If anything should come of this ordeal, it ought to finally be the complete dismantling of the NAACP. The organization was scheduled to give Sterling a SECOND ‘lifetime achievement award’ in a few weeks. They’ve since rescinded, but their backtrack doesn’t get them off the hook. If Sterling really has a lifetime of achieving things in the name of civil rights and racial tolerance, wouldn’t they perhaps be a little hesitant to throw the guy under the bus? They sure seem to have cut Sharpton a ton of slack. But if he was only going to be given the honor because he’s a wealthy guy and the NAACP is nothing but a political arm of the Democrat Party, then the move makes sense. So which is it, NAACP? Are you betraying this man who, as you formerly claimed, has dedicated an entire lifetime (TWO lifetimes, in fact) to achieving racial unity, or are you a bunch of Democrat shills doling out political favors?

Hmmm, this is quite the perplexing riddle, isn’t it?

6. Sterling is a jerk. There’s no doubt about that. But I am extremely uncomfortable with seeing a guy get penalized for private, illegally recorded comments he made. Even if I find the comments to be abhorrent, I just don’t like how it feels when we take somebody down based on something they said in their living rooms, off the record.

I’m consistent about this, too. When liberal Alec Baldwin was recorded berating his daughter a few years ago, I said we should be angry at what he’s said publicly, but what he said privately to his family is none of our business. When Mel Gibson was crucified for screaming at his girlfriend a while back, I said the same thing. Now, I repeat those sentiments.

There is not a person on this planet who hasn’t made ‘offensive statements’ to their loved ones, privately, in their own homes. I’ve never said the things Sterling said, because I’m not a senile, adulterous, racist, but I’m sure I’ve made comments to my wife or my close friends that I wouldn’t make in a business meeting, or on TV, or on Facebook.

It’s a troubling precedent when we start penalizing people for essentially being entrapped, illegally, by an intimate confidant. The NBA might have the authority to ban Sterling for life and force the sale of his team, but the move is nonetheless problematic.

Go ahead, get emotional and tell me I’m making excuses for Sterling. I’m not. I only hope that nobody has to make excuses for you one day if your private conversations are illegally dumped into the public square.

This is a steep and slippery slope.


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762 Responses to Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling

  1. Dorean Blackketter says:

    I cannot agree with you more!!! I only wish that the people who need to hear this (ie, Al Sharpton, Obama, etc.) probably won’t read it. Keep up the good work!!

    • KML says:

      My thoughts exactly!!

      • robinavery1 says:

        Omg. Thank you for a perspective that is at the least different than what the media would have us focus on. The parallels with Abortion, I think obfuscate the piece. What is missing here and in all the press, is a complete denial of what other inflammatory statement was recorded. The way an entire nation ( Israel) feels about black people and not far from there, the neighbours ( Palestine). Three is at least a modicum of truth there I believe. The fallout from tackling that subject though is much to great and slippery..
        Again Thanks for the piece.

  2. What if this had been the guy from Duck Dynasty? It seems like the world took an exact opposite approach to his absurdity.

    • Jess says:

      That guy said what he said during an interview…. the situations are not comparable sorry

      • LilyL2182 says:

        So the Duck Dynasty was giving an interview and Donald Sterling paid someone to record what he was saying. Riiight. Totally different.

        • That Guy says:

          Yes, it’s a very different situation. Phil Robertson stated his opinion in a public interview. Sterling was baited into saying the racist comments in a private recorded conversation. Phil Robertson knew he was talking to a member of the press and any statement he said could be made available to the public. Donald Sterling never had any intention of making his recorded conversations public, but the specific recording of the racist comments was sold to TMZ without his knowledge or consent. Totally different.

    • Edik415 says:

      I’m missing how the world took the opposite approach. When the Duck Dynasty guy said whatever he said, the world decided it was offensive and bigoted, and demanded that he lose his job. When Sterling said what he said, the world decided it was offensive and bigoted, and demanded that he lose his job.

  3. Chris says:

    This article was a long thoughtful piece that missed the point. No one cares if Sterling’s a dick, until his dickery affects an industry. He has manifested his dislike for black people. He owns an NBA team that has a constitutional (NBA’s) prohibition against unethical acts/expressions that affect the NBA and its players. His roster of players are mostly black. His team’s manager, black. How do you expect the players to feel, knowing that their “owner” harbors these feelings about them? Do you think black players were psychologically affected by playing for an owner who thinks they’re scum? You know the answers.

    Also, you opined that Obama had more of an obligation to comment on abortion than he did on racism. Are you being serious? Racism is something everyone agrees shouldn’t exist (at least I think so; maybe you disagree). Abortion is a sensitive, personal issue that people are divided about. That’s a domain the government may justifiably pass on regulating. I stopped reading after that.

    • C says:

      You are right. All those players should quit their jobs and not work for this garbage. Oh, but wait, they are getting paid millions so I bet none of them do………So who is the scum now?

      • fhc1983reunion says:

        Exactly! If they were truly offended and not just taking the opportunity to cry racism, they would quit and refuse that money. Nope, not going to happen because they use that disgusting language against each other. Oh-but that is different!

        • alison says:

          it’s not their responsibility to sacrifice their livelihood for someone else’s archaic opinion about their race, an attribute in which they had no choice. the burden falls on the senile old coot who harbors those views. i too think this story is over the top and blown way out of proportion (the guy was being secretly recorded; we’ve all said unsavory things behind closed doors), but it happened and the embarrassment is mr. sterling’s and no one else’s.

    • Brian says:

      Wait what? Delivering live babies and then killing them is not abortion, that’s called murder.

      • Tony says:

        Yeah, Chris is just an idiot, don’t worry, there are a bunch that comment here.

    • Peter says:

      I’m sorry, but are you being serious? I agree racism shouldn’t exist either, but just in reading these comments, you can’t tell me that it’s also not a sensitive, personal issue. And yes, people are divided about abortion, but your statement reminds me of the concept of washing the outside of the cup but leaving the inside dirty. Let’s all look good so we can be treated fairly, so that we can spends a few days on how someone won’t like this comment, while overlooking things like blatant, public, infidelity.

      And it wasn’t that Obama didn’t comment on abortion, it was that he didn’t comment on a person of his own race, w/ tons more evidence against him, commenting on what many believe to be a deep moral issue, as a crime against the unborn; or at least minority woman as many have commented here.

      And in the spirit of your opening line, I don’t care that Obama is black until it affects the country. 41% approval. So, not only is he dropping the ball as a leader of a nation of all color & creed, he is dropping the ball in leading the black community, by not standing in the middle of Chicago, his hometown, and saying “Regardless of gun laws, stop shooting each other!” But we don’t value life that much, as evidenced by your statement that we can all get more united behind skin color than the unborn.

      Furthermore, obviously, people of all color are at the games. The hypocrisy of his own comment, was that while married, he’s telling his mistress not to bring guys that she is publicly cheating on him with, for them not to attend together. He wasn’t saying they couldn’t attend, he was saying don’t sit next to them while sitting next to me on the sidelines. Again….the cup has to look clean.

      • Chris says:

        Well here’s a comment that’s worthy of response.

        I just looked up this abortion clinic guy, and I agree 100% that this was different from abortion. The article said Obama’s comment was that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. That’s not an indifferent comment. That’s saying if the guy is doing something illegal, then he should be prosecuted. It’s not as if the guy wasn’t being prosecuted and people were asking for a prosecution. What I assume people wanted from Obama was a comment on “why is abortion still legal when we have guys like Gosnell?” Granted, he declined the opportunity there, but he’s made it manifestly clear that he’s pro choice. In the context where an abortion doctor was doing blatantly illegal things, the president didn’t need to weigh in to influence the prosecution. Dude was going to prison, regardless. No one doubted that. Whether or not abortions should be illegal is an entirely different argument, and the president already weighed in on that.

        In Sterling’s case, there’s no law to prosecute him. The US constitution only applies to government discrimination. The only means of accountability is enforcement of the NBA’s internal constitution. If there is no public outcry and player protest about racism, then it continues to linger on.

        Of course Sterling has a right to privacy, but so do others who have had their dirty laundry out in the air. When we find out terrible things about people, we do not tend to support them, politically or otherwise. People get fired from their jobs, removed from office, etc. Sterling is not being prosecuted by the government; rather, he’s being punished by an institution that says it has a zero tolerance policy towards racism. He is essentially being removed from having a position as an NBA official. What he said in private is now public, and it is having an adverse effect on the NBA, its players, and the people who watch. No one wants racism in the NBA (I assume), and if people don’t speak up, there’s the risk of racism being condoned. That’s the point.

        • Joseph says:

          Chris, I absolutely agree with you. The NBA has it’s own set of rules that they are abiding by; this isn’t a government issue. The NBA is punishing Sterling for his racist comments, even though Sterling thought his conversation was private in his own home. Ban him for life and try and force him to sell the Clippers! With that being said, why haven’t the NY Knicks or NBA fired and ban Knicks exec Larry Johnson from the NBA for life for stating publicly (not private, mind you, but publicly) that the NBA “should now create an all black league”. That’s about as racist of a statement as what Sterling said; and Larry Johnson said this in public. Larry Johnson is a racist and nothing has been done at all. Now, imagine if Larry Bird had suggested that the NBA “should now create an all white league”. What the eff do you think would have happened?

    • J says:

      I stopped reading after the abortion comment, too!

      • bre2b says:

        Please go educate yourself, what Gosnell did was pure murder; he has been convicted of murder. This was late term abortion, as in baby born alive and Gosnell sticking scissors in their necks to kill them. Obama did not comment because the ‘abortionist’ was black. Obama did not comment because it didn’t further liberals agenda. So nice of you to stop reading instead of research to find facts. Guess you only want to hear what you want to hear, regardless of facts! Murder is more important to curtail than someone being a racist scum in most opinions. Hmmm… but not speaking out against murdering LIVE babies is Obama’s way to skirt real issues that conflict with the progressive agenda of life means nothing and being self-focused. You should have continued reading to find out Obama took liberties to comment on issues he had ZERO business commenting on for all the reasons the blogger mentioned, but you couldn’t be bothered to READ. Please – Education goes a long way!

    • J says:

      The point being missed here is that every single individual in this country has a a RIGHT to reasonable expectation to privacy. That is what the laws regarding secretly recording a conversation are about. Sterling has had his disdain for whomever for a long time, but they were not publicly stated by him; they were privately stated and released to the public with malice. It matters not if I, you, or anyone else agrees or disagrees with his statements. You have the right to think and say whatever you want in the PRIVACY of your own home. No one wants thought police stationed in our house or in our heads. If the privacy law had not been broken, the situation would not exist. Sterling would still have his own personal thoughts and feelings and you would not have been informed in order for you to elect yourself as a judge and jury – hence the basis of the law. I am not going to tell you how I feel about it because it is none of your business, just like how you feel about it is none of mine, and how he feels about anything is nobody’s business but his own unless publicly stated with intended malice. Everyone should go back to managing their own lives and leave everyone else to manage theirs as they see fit. No thought police comprised of people informed only by the hyped up, spin doctor media needed or wanted. We’ll let you know when that type of thinking is needed and we know where to find you…in front of your TV.

      • Nate says:

        Actually, that point was not missed, but fairly well stated.

      • TGL says:

        …a right to privacy unless you are an unborn child. Think about how upset people get when a 6 month old child is murdered… Then remember in our declining nation that 7 months earlier it would have been perfectly legal and even encouraged by some to chop the child into pieces. It’s sickening.

    • alexbrynna says:

      it wasnt racism over abortion….the abortion story was all about racism as well!! killing black babies in horrible ways and treating the black people at the clinic in a different way than white people.

    • That Guy says:

      “Also, you opined that Obama had more of an obligation to comment on abortion than he did on racism”

      Go back and actually read what Matt wrote. Then go and research the facts of the Gosnell case where there was clear cut racism. That racism is what Matt said Obama should have spoken out about. The fact that Gosnell deliberately endangered the lives of black women and did so for many years is far more worthy of being commented on than some baited comments from a an old white guy to his gold-digger girlfriend who sold recordings of those comments to a sensationalist tabloid media source. Sterling is being dragged out for the lynch mob because of a few comments made in poor taste. Those comments didn’t affect anyone except him and the gold-digger. Gosnell repeatedly murdered black children and gave unsafe medical treatment to black women. One is clearly the more heinous offender, but Obama went out of his way to talk about the NBA owner and refused to comment on the convicted murderer.

    • Ted says:

      The article’s author is referring to Kermit Gosnell. The man was convicted of killing babies after birth. Maybe that fits into your definition of “abortion.” However, I would hope you are just uninformed.

      • Ted, there is a professor at Princeton University who teaches that what Gosnell was performing was “post-partum abortion.” He just un-split your hair.

    • Jason says:

      i think if these comments were directed publicly against a player coach or manager it would be different, his comments are repulsive and ignorant, but he made them in private! Funny how all these people are forgetting that! Paula Dean, Duck Dynasty comments were all made publicly. Just my thoughts. He would be stupid not to sale the team, because no one will play or coach there after their contracts are up and no free agents are coming either with him as the owner. So the financial loss would be significant, but he may just fight this in court!

    • Sarah says:

      If you read up on the abortionist that he refers to, you will see that he was performing illegal late term abortions and killing live babies. This was not an abortion issue but a murdering living breathing babies issue.

    • Jeff says:

      Hurting people’s feelings vs. killing little humans. Ya, he really crossed the line there. I’d stop reading as well…

    • turnkit says:

      To all the people saying “he’s a racist” — did you actually listen to the set up recording — the tape where he’s baited in?

    • Daniel says:

      Let me ask you a very simple question.
      If you were working for someone who never made any derogatory remarks towards you or personally treated you unfairly, but instead gave you MILLIONS, and you were recorded, unknowingly, talking bad about said boss, and that recording made its way to this boss where he fired you on the spot, how would you respond?
      Sounds pretty fair right?
      Yeah, you might want to start watching what you say about people in the privacy of your own home. Land of the FREE huh??
      Where is this country going?

    • “I stopped reading after that.” Thats because you are an ignorant jack ass who like to perpetuate race and racism as the most important issue facing us. What tripe. Im so sick of the damn race card being played immediately on every issue. You think an old mans comments in his living room is more important to the nation than Kermit Gosnell? EXACTLY what is wrong with our country right now, and Im very glad someone still brings up Gosnell – pretty much everyone has conveniently “forgotten”.This is a very well written piece that hits the nail on the head.

      • bre2b says:

        I agree with you James – completely agree! Hopefully the idiot who couldn’t be bothered to finish reading because of the word ‘abortion’ gets the message. Doubtful, but exactly the reason the country is in the shape it’s in! I call this murder. These were LIVE babies, breathing, little human beings. Yet the reader was “too offended” to finish reading the blog because of the word ‘abortion’ – Typical liberal who is more offended by words than actual murderous ACTION, The reader doesn’t want to be bothered by facts or take the time to research for themselves – Kermitt Gosnell. This blog said what needs to be said and shouted – Over & Over!! Libs mantra is to deflect from truth & real issues, to major in the minors & keep this country rolling downhill.
        On another note – I pray that when the movie Gosnell (which has been publicly funded, by everyday people like you & me) comes out, that liberals do a lot of soul searching, including the progressives in Hollywood and see this pure evil for what it truly was…
        I love how the reader also couldn’t be bothered to learn that these were crimes primarily against black children & poor black women, and the abortionist (aka – murderer) himself was BLACK. One of two primary reasons Obama refused to speak out.

    • Bob says:

      Oh so you think racism is evil while killing living breathing babies is sensitive

    • aunt j says:

      Gosnell didn’t ‘just’ do abortions, he killed live, full term babies and collected their remains in boxes and jars. Indignity to a human body. Criminal code violation.

    • Barbara says:

      Boom!!! Thank you!!

    • Very well said! Thank you! I actually read the his whole rant…minutes I will never get back.

    • The Truth says:

      I disgree with you Chris…..I don’t respect what he said, but he said it in private and it was broadcast to the entire media.. How would like saying something that offends another and broadcast it to the entire country and world? How would you feel? Would you feel violated? He said he’s free speech, but he should’ve been careful what he said. Regardless, if you blow a whistle on the government or elite entity you get critisized and when you speak openly in your own home you get ridiculed. Racism will always exist in private whether you’re black, white, mexican, etc. because society divides races.

    • Nay says:

      Actually the writer was pretty clear on both but in case you missed it the first time. “The NBA can do whatever it wants here. I don’t care. However, no government authority has any business getting involved in any capacity whatsoever” the government getting involved is what he disagrees with and rightfully so as the recording was maliciously and illegally acquired.
      As far as the abortion scandal; “…Here was a man who segregated his waiting room by race, and gave better, safer treatment to white patients. Here was a man involved in a murderous scandal that implicated — and still implicates — every level of political authority, and resulted in hundreds of born infants being decapitated, stabbed, and drowned in toilets…” I could be wrong but seeing as how there was different treatment based on race as well as segregation in the waiting area that would bring it to be a racial issue as well and yet our president elect who was ubiquitously vocal on the other issues decided this was the one that merited a “no comment”

  4. Terdarin Whitfield says:

    You know Matt, you were very open and honest about your feelings. But, I am lost. Are you upset at the NBA, blacks, media, President Obama, or just wanting to let us know you have a good dictionary. First of all, the president should speak out on this issue. If you want to go talking about what should be done, how about the fact that he has a history of being unfair to people of color and poverty. You know Matt, inclusion is a very important thing, and in a round about way, I guess that is what you saying. But, you could have been more tactful, because you almost sound racist. And one last thing, be more courteous to your readers, and empathize with us people that does not belong to Mensa. Gladly I have a IQ OF 146 and I can understand. I respect your opinion but I do not value it.

    “Black people have laws but Whites have laws”

    Terdarin Whitfield

    • Don says:

      I’m betting you don’t…”People who boast about their IQ are losers” – Stephen Hawking

      and to quote Mr. IQ 146 “…empathize with us people that DOES not belong to Mensa.”

    • Rob says:

      Are you serious? I would figure with such a “high IQ” you would have been able to understand the context of this article. If I must, let me explain it to you. It’s not about being upset with the NBA, blacks, media, or Obama. The point of the article concerns what society is choosing to focus on regarding this matter, due to the remarks given by Obama, the NBA, blacks and the media. The statements that Sterling made were spoken privately in his home, and recorded illegally. Regardless if we agree with him or not, he and every other citizen has a right to have an opinion about other people and voice that opinion in any private conversation they have. Until he acts upon them by discrimination, his opinions are completely legal. In fact he was sued plenty of times before, being found guilty of housing discrimination. Not once has he been found guilty of discriminating against NBA players, so what has he done illegally?

    • Jason says:

      I would really like to know how he sounded racist? Was it because he pointed out that snoop dog and lil wayne were commenting about a situation that they had zero business commenting about considering their track records? That to me is pointing out the obvious or is that just something you do not want to comment on or maybe you only see certain obvious situations? To me sterling isn’t worth talking about, he is scum, but if the players were torn up leave,it happens everyday in the corporate world be feel like they have been discrimnated against, sexually harassed, disrespected and they leave or they have to make a decsion is it worth it, is it worth the headache or I am not going to let some jackass destroy my dream a dream I have worked so hard to reach!!! This is only a small example of ignorance and it is blown up because it happened in the NBA!!!

    • Yup. I came here via “Wretched” facebook. I’m a Christian, some of these other self professed Christians appears to be extremely insensitive toward racism. Uh hating others is a sin unless these fans of Mark are descendents of the older generation who subscribe to the Christian identity false doctrine. I got news for you, based on my understanding of scriptures ..God isn’t interested in filling His kingdom with blemished Christians. Sorry. “27 so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.” Eph 5:27 God is love.

      And I hate to break it to ya but uh abortion isn’t the only sin that is mentioned in the Bible. Some of you Christians tend to solely be focused on abortion and homosexuality -best to take that log out of your eye.

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

      Yanno, some of those players may well be Christians who were hurt by those defiling words of Sterling.

      Sin is sin. Stop cherry picking, it makes the author and his ally look hypocritical.

  5. Peter says:

    Regarding the comment made earlier re: Barkley and the NBA being a black league, and/or blacks needing to have their own league and where’s the outrage of such comments, it reminded me of my reaction upon hearing about NAACP v. NAALCP… if the NAACP won’t stand up for fairness, equality or anything else when it comes from conservative values and beliefs. A quick search resulted in finding this blog….

  6. David Sunshine says:

    “Sterling is a jerk. There’s no doubt about that. But I am extremely uncomfortable with seeing a guy get penalized for private, illegally recorded comments he made. Even if I find the comments to be abhorrent, I just don’t like how it feels when we take somebody down based on something they said in their living rooms, off the record.”

    Well written and very well put together. I am extremely frustrated at the method in which all this has been handled. There’s not much else to say that hasn’t already been said but I will leave a personal remark: It seems that black people tend to get their panties in a bunch anytime race is brought up. They bring up the race card and cry out ‘discrimination’ more than any other ethnicity and feel like they are always victimized because of the color of their skin. Donald Sterling was not only discriminating against black people but Latinos too, was he not? And if Sterling had made the same comments today instead about Asians or Jews, I am confident that the story would not have ended with a lifetime ban in the NBA. I feel (and this is just my opinion) that other ethnicities would have been more forgiving and been able to also recognize statements he made in the same phone call like “it’s not about the color of your skin”, “i don’t hate black people”, “i love everybody”, and “Magic is someone who is respectable and deserves to be respected.” All the black people heard was “don’t bring them to my games.” And if we were to look at the other side of the coin, comments from Sterling aside, but at the reaction of the people these last 4 days – the NBA described last night’s game against the Warriors as “an emotional win”, and “now let the healing process begin.” Did someone die? Why has this been made into such a big deal? Why does it require NBA owners, players, actors, and government officials to all throw in their two cents? Kobe Bryant was seen on TV calling the ref a “f*cking f*ggot” and was fined $100,000. Sterling asks his girlfriend to respect his wishes by not bringing black people to games in a private conversation and it becomes a global incident.

    Even Obama felt it necessary to chime in during his visit to Asia. Since when did personal conversations warrant commentary from the President of the United States? The direction this country is headed in, this whole ‘anti-bully and equality for all’ mentality has turned into the exact opposite of what we had hoped to achieve. The momentum from the black community and the gay rights community have turned into one where they become ‘bullies’ to those that were raised differently or value differently and intolerance thrives more than before (see Mozilla Firefox CEO). I am an Asian and a Christian, a minority in all senses of the word. If I were to scream “bigot!” at every moment in life where I was treated differently for who I was or what I believed in, my throat would be hoarse. But what happened to forgiveness and understanding? To overcoming adversity? What happened to ‘appreciating diversity’? Isn’t our tolerance and acceptance of those who are different what makes America so outstanding and alluring?

    We’ve stepped out of bounds on this one (excuse the lame pun).

    • Samuel Williams says:

      I understand this is your opinion, but to say say black people are the most racially sensitive, sounds like one hell of a generalization. It’s the media that hypes these type of stories up. And once black “leaders” speak up on the matter, people seem to believe they’re really speaking for all black people. To group all black people together and say we’re unforgiving is ignorant.

      • Tony says:

        Excellent point, just because media props up a story, does not mean that it is something the community as a whole actually cares about. Media is just there to put on a show, not report factual information, and they are putting on a show with this one.

  7. James Monsour says:

    Excellent. Having this understanding of the issue is imperative for American Christians today.

  8. Will says:

    Excellent post. You make some great points

  9. Bea says:

    This is almost as bad as editing the Nevada guy’s words to make him sound racist! I think Sterling is a sicko, but it is far worse to edit someone to make them look evil when there not!

  10. Pudwallis says:

    Remind me… What song won best rap performance at the 55th Grammy awards?

    • Edik415 says:

      Let me guess….if I can’t ell you the answer, that means I’m racist, right? Because rap is black-people music?
      I can’t tell you the answer to your question. But I also can’t tell you what song won best country performance, or best teeny-bopper pop performance, or best metal performance…and believe it or not, I can’t tell you who won for best audio editing in the Oscars. I’m such an intolerant jerk.

  11. Robert Shank says:

    I wrote this on my Facebook wall yesterday, to offer a different defense for Donald Sterling…

    As a Christian, am I the only one whose heart is grieved for the what is going on in the media right now with regards to Donald Sterling? For those who do not know what is going on, Mr. Sterling made “private” comments that were secretly recorded without his permission in which he said, “Well then, if you don’t feel—don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.”

    Mind you, these comments were made in the privacy of Mr. Sterling’s home and yet we have the entire USA out to lynch and crucify Mr. Sterling for this. How is the media and our society as a whole in their treatment towards Mr. Sterling any different than slavery? How is bigotry any different than our own sins (public or private)? Are we so high and mighty ourselves? Are we above reproach? Was it not Jesus who said, “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Oh how we are so quick to judge and eat alive someone who is in the limelight, as if celebrities need to have perfect lives, unscathed and untainted. I think our society carries an idea that celebrities are a type of god in which deems to be worshiped; who are without any spot or blemish (minus being divorced a few times). And than when that god is caught for the fraud that he is, society feels betrayed because of their own false sense of idolization.

    And crucified they did! And because of Mr. Sterling private comments that were illegally recorded and leak to the press, Mr. Sterling has been fined $2.5 million (which is the max), banned from ever seeing a live NBA game or practice, never allowed to have any dealings with anyone and anything associated with the NBA, and the NBA is encouraging all NBA team owners to vote Mr. Sterling out as an owner (in which the Clippers will be sold). In addition, Mr. Sterling was set to receive a prestigious award this year, which has now been taken away. Mr. Sterling pledged $3 million to UCLA Medical Center and now the medical center is rejecting his donation and giving back what he has already given them. The lynching doesn’t stop there…it very well could be that all awards Mr. Sterling has received over the years could be “taken back.”

    The penalty doesn’t fit the actions, if you ask me. Its like sending someone to prison for the rest of their life, because they committed perjury (in my opinion). Please don’t misread me or misunderstand me, I am not excusing Mr. Sterling’s actions of bigotry (which were done in private). I think the great issue is the fact that Mr. Sterling was having an affair (can we still call it adultery). Of course, the media doesn’t attack that about Mr. Sterling, because I would venture to say that most of the media would be guilty of that one.

    Yet, I keep hearing the most negative remarks about Mr. Sterling in the media and it is absolutely gut wrenching! I hear words like, “Mr. Sterling should be condemned everywhere. There needs to be a message sent that bigotry will not be tolerated.” I honestly can’t help but to see satan in the works, for setting the stage in the future where believing in Jesus will result in the death penalty. What we seeing going on with Mr. Sterling is a precursor to all hate crimes against someone regardless of sex, race, or sexual orientation. Its that sexual orientation that satan has been working very diligently and precisely against Christian and pastors in the pulpit. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will come to pass that speaking down or against the homosexual and the agenda will constituted as a federal crime. Watch and see, when Mr. Sterling’s lynching time is over, the attacks will be right back onto Christian pastors and the like who would say that homosexuality is a sin and against God.

    As far as Mr. Sterling goes, what do you honestly believe is Jesus’ heart on the matter? God is about forgiveness and His desire is to know Mr. Sterling personally, as his Lord and Savior. God’s heart is about forgiveness, love, hope, and peace. What do we see going on in our media and culture today about Mr. Sterling? We see hate, bitterness, grudges, resentment, etc.! This is not the heart or attitude of the Lord! God forgive us! God help us!

  12. Eric says:

    I agree with you 100%. I myself have said much worse things to my wife or family in private. There is not a player on the team that has not done the same. This man is obviously not a perfect citizen but he has made many men rich and hired minorities to run his team , I don’t think he should be required to do anything but feel embarrassed for someone taping him in his own home without his knowledge only for it to be headline news. I was told by the government that I can have a job that I am qualified for because I am white seems to be a more relevant race issue that someone ranting about his girlfriend being seen with some black guys

  13. Dave says:

    Agree 100% with #6!!!!

  14. Jesse says:

    Matt did not miss the point. His point was summed up under point 6 when he said, “I just don’t like how it feels when we take somebody down based on something they said in their living rooms, off the record.” The girl broke the law very publicly and may not face any implication, whereas Sterling (whatever one thinks of him) did not break any law. The first amendment protects his right to speak however he likes. It protects OUR rights to speak however we like. Our words will have repercussions — either for the good or the bad. Even the words shared on these posts. Nobody here is an idiot, we simply have beliefs, convictions and points of views.

    • Tony says:

      Actually, there are a bunch of people here who are idiots. They keep reading Matt’s blogs, completely missing the point, and then attacking something he didn’t even say or mean. My favorite people are the ones who completely miss a point, then say “I stopped reading after that”. And then make some post that just makes them look like an idiot. Like the earlier one about how Matt compared this coverage to the Gosnell case. The Gosnell case, for those who obviously have no idea, is not about abortion, the guy was delivering live babies and then killing them.

  15. Joy Bachman says:

    And JZ sitting at a Net NBA game wearing a necklace representing Five percent Nation which believe white people are the devil? How is this tolerated? Should white people refuse to go to his concert?? NBA player Carmello Anthony has been seen wearing same necklace. Isn’t that a hatred against whites?? We all should respect our differences and agree to disagree and after-all it is freedom of speech. Nothing illegal about being ignorant!

  16. fabispunk says:

    This was fantastic. I simply couldn’t understand why was I supposed to care about this story.

  17. lefeveje says:

    Reblogged this on Joe LeFever and commented:
    Really good read regarding the Sterling Case

  18. White and Ashamed says:

    Is this a troll post? If so, nice job. If not, you’re a retard. A really long-winded one, at that. If all the ignorant white trash could hang out here together circle jerking while the world moves on without them, that would be great.

    By the way, your ‘thats all you need to know about obama’ bullshit flags you as horribly biased already. Why even bring up Obama like this? Because he commented on this and you didn’t care for his lack of comment on abortion, or because he’s black and you aren’t a fan of them? I mean really, how transparent can you get?

    • chicagojim says:

      you’re missing the point. Who gives a rat’s ass what this douche bag says about blacks and the president should have more important things on which to weigh in. Instead, he uses the story to insert himself in the discussion because he doesn’t let any of this stuff go to waste….anything to get himself more ink.

  19. Arthur says:

    Will you please call back Jordan? You’re coming off like a real you-know-what. If you have time to blog, you have time to call.

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  22. deanie martin says:

    I can’t believe the NBA actions are the least bit legal doesn’t this guy have some fantastic lawyer on pay role? This has to be some kind of ‘wag the dog’.

  23. Todd says:

    How did you get so many people to comment on your blog? Nobody gives a shit about mine.

    • Tony says:

      Matt did a blog about having a successful blog. I think the gist was that you need to work hard at it and have the mindset that you’re going to succeed, and eventually you will. I’d look through the history, maybe 6 months ago roughly?

  24. Lance says:

    A would say your a professional sayer of your own truths and spend waaay too much time thinking of clever words to support and posture your own comments, beliefs and agenda. The best part is that you somehow convince yourself that you have some neutral purity and an understanding that prevails as the real truth the same one your deferring to now as your thinking how your going to respond to my comments.The old saying ” You don’t know that you don’t know” should be new Your blogger title. As your certainly entitled to your opinion try looking at the world in 3D versus the 1D your grounded in. Regards

    • Tony says:

      So, you do or you don’t support someone getting reamed for comments made in the privacy of their own home? I’m confused.

  25. Casey says:

    I’m becoming increasingly convinced that you could not stick to the point if you were writing under a time limit kept by a ticking time bomb. Also, why must you react to everything by wailing about freedom of speech and/or abortion? Sometimes those things just do not belong in the conversation. You should learn to recognize that.

    • Tony says:

      Well if our rights are being taken away, and 3341 people are being murdered every day, what other topics are more important to you? What would you like to discuss instead of these things?

  26. Aside from the obvious and unseemly martyr complex going on here, it’s clear that Matt Walsh isn’t interested in seeking the truth. He’s interested in winning the argument and stroking his ego. He accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being “emotional,” implying that his is the only position a “rational” person could take. There is no surer sign of intellectual dishonesty than implying that one person has the monopoly on truth. Let us hope he is a fad that passes quickly.

    • Tony says:

      Actually, he doesn’t care at all what the truth is. Because the truth was said in the privacy of the guy’s own home. So what actually was said, should have stayed private. We have lots of laws both National and State that are supposed to protect people from this exact type of treatment.

  27. jacob singer says:

    The same people that are crying about Don Sterling’s comments, were crying about the Nsa snooping into their private lives. If you believe that privacy trumps everything even at the expense of national security, then why not afford sterling the sam courtesy for commnets he made in the privacy of his own home?

  28. Sparky says:

    It’s cool that you are saying that this is an old white guy’s opinions… but you’re kind of sounding exactly like that old white guy. are you an old white guy? i’m confused.

    but all in all you’re pretty ignorant.

    • zebram says:

      Yeah, just throw around the word ‘ignorant’ because you have a difference of opinion, not of fact. Genius use of language there.

  29. Red says:

    Obama is a despicable traitor.

  30. Tina says:

    I’m Black, yet I soo Endorse this…

  31. Barton O says:

    > Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling

    No, this is just the post where you use Donald Sterling as an excuse to bloviate about the things that you usually do.

    Don’t forget to thank TMZ (as well as CNN, NBC, The Washington Post, Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, and Fox News) for providing you the opportunity to dress your diatribe in the veneer of righteous indignation.

  32. Relax says:

    This article is obviously an agenda driven intellectual exercise. Read backwards, point 6 is “he’s a jerk, but come on!” , and points 5-1 are other people YOU don’t like that you think INSTEAD should have the book thrown at them. Two very big misunderstandings – your constitutional rights are not a consequence free card – free speech, privacy – they are a means to your political participation. You do not have an absolute expectation of privacy from other citizens you invite into your home, or free speech in front of your business partners (rest of NBA, sponsors, etc). Secondly… the attempt to underplay the connection between this person’s beliefs and the consequences in our society are staggering. It is not just Donald “keep black people out” Sterlings musings which piss people off, its that every statistic from housing, to education, to wage and healthcare disparity which shows color REALLY matters. There are only two logical conclusions if you’re downplaying this as just a man’s thoughts – you actually believe people of color deserve to be where they’re at because its their own fault (and you’re straight up racist), or you’re helping the people who are keeping them down and know to put their game face on in public (Donald Sterlings).

  33. R says:

    It would be interesting to do a poll to see how people in the USA really feel about this situation. The news would have us believe that everyone is outraged about what Sterling said….the conversations that I hear are quite the opposite. Most people feel that the man had a right to his private comments and that he also has a right to his private comments being kept private. Most conversations that I hear think that they NBA’s “punishment” was ridiculous but you wouldn’t know it if you turned on the news.

  34. Tyler D says:

    I’m tired of the media dredging this garbage out into the public. Who cares what some rich prick says? Is it really that surprising? Guy’s got a mistress while he’s still married. Do you think he really has any kind of moral standards anyway? And is it that important that it should make national news? Don’t they have other things to report? How about corrupt deceitful politicians that rip us off daily? No… they’d rather get another race war started again, now that the last one has died down. Morgan Freeman was right about racism… if you want it to end, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Why does the media keep dragging it on? It’s like they’re TRYING to stir the pot and turn people against each other.

  35. Dale says:

    I agree with every point made in Matt’s article. The Media is responsible for fanning the flames on this guy’s comments, which it should not have done since they were private comments illegally obtained. Walter Chronkite would not have touched this story with a ten foot pole. But then he was a real journalist and not a ratings whore like the current group. But you can only milk the lost airplane story for so long before you have to move on to the next attention getter.

  36. Dean Ware says:

    The NBA is an entertainment business, and they have the right to get rid of anyone that they think is costing them they crave image. Evidently, racist comments are high on the list of real no-no’s, but infidelity and sexual assault rate low. Who’s fault is that ? It is the fan’s fault; if we keep buying tickets, watching games on TV, and holding these elitist athletes up as demi-gods, and we encourage our kids to embrace them as bigger than life, and we never express (individually or as a society) that men who father babies with 3 or 4 or 5 women without the benefit of marriage are good role models, what do we expect to get? We get the band of thugs and “we are above the law” mentality that seems so pervasive in the NBA (and proffessional sports in general). If we accept adultery, lawlessness, bigotry (isn’t black hating white bigotry like white hating black? just ask former NBA great Larry Johnson), and the self-loving self-aggrandizing attitude, then we get just what we asked for- the NBA. I can’t stand to watch it any more. It stopped being basketball a long time ago, and has become a freak show (the fans as much as the players).

  37. Denise Lamy says:

    Well said, I agree 110%!

  38. Gordon wicker says:

    Very well said. It would seem to be the case more and more frequently that people are only entitled to free speech if it is in line with the socialist agenda being thrust down the throat of America today. It has become nearly impossible to have intelligent discourse or express any difference of opinion with those on the media and elsewhere pushing their agenda. You’re a racist. You’re not being tolerant. And we have a president who continues to promote division over unity, every chance he gets. Blacks against whites, rich against poor. Stalin successfully managed quite the division in his country to bring about the changes he wanted as well.

  39. Lucas says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Great article. Loved every word.

  40. Excellent post! It took balls on your end to write this because you dared to point out the hypocrisies of our own president and overly-sensitive celebrities and athletes.. I also pointed out that President Obama was there to give his two cents on Treyvon Martin and now the Sterling Scandal, but was mysteriously silent when a 13 year old white boy was beaten up on a bus by three black kids. Obama has said nothing about the harassment and death threats that Ayaan Hirsi Ali receives because she speaks out against the horrors that Muslim women face on a daily basis. Oh yeah – Obama is definitely there for women’s equality. How did I miss it? Sterling is definitely a jerk that I personally would want nothing to do with, but with each new day spent with this administration, I kind of feel the same way about them. Hypocrites – all of them.

  41. Gregory says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. (OK, more eloquently, but still the same sentiments.) Thank you.

  42. as a famous jew once said, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone…”

  43. WH says:

    Thanks for the post. Certainly some points worth considering! But I’m still looking for the alpaca grooming tips! 🙂

  44. Shan says:

    As a conservative, Christian, *minority* woman… This post saddens me. As do the many comments that I’ve read. I truly believe that what Sterling thought he was doing/saying in the dark, came to the light by God’s own hand. In due time all things will be revealed. Lord know’ so am far from an Obama or abortion supporter, but that tangent completely detracts from any logical point of privacy or morality that was supposed to be made. Sterling’s comments definitely do point to an ignored major issue that still exists in America… Racism. And the people most comfortable with pretending or ignoring the fact that it exists and must be rooted out and dealt with, are the people that do not have to feel the effects of it every time they leave their house. Thick skin? Sticks and stones?… Does not apply to those who cannot change the color of their skin or their heritage in a country where those who still ascribe to hatred against them still desire them dead or underprivileged. Yeah… He said it in private, but The Lord is having him held accountable for a reason.

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  46. No BS says:

    Dear Matt Walsh. Please STFU about the NAACP and keep your face out of internal affairs. Why do you care about what a black organization does or doesn’t do? Mind your own business. We will deal with them.

  47. Lori says:

    I agree with you 100%!!! Very well said. Thank you for speaking truth even though it may not be popular with some people.

  48. Suzy says:

    I’d encourage people to listen to this:

    Or read this:

    Sterling’s comments are actually the least racist thing he’s done. Denying people housing because of their skin color – that is racist. It isn’t excusable, it isn’t “cultural” or “just an old-school thing”, it is racist. It is institutional racism that contributes to poverty in the worst of ways. And because everyone who can’t make a coherent argument falls back to some analogy about abortion or Nazis – anyone who contributes to keeping cut-off poverty filled neighborhoods is a murderer. The best tool of bigots of any creed use is poverty. It senselessly murders people every single day, but it isn’t glamorous or sensational or the argument of the intellectually lazy, so of course that would not be mentioned or probably even researched by a guy who writes an article like this.

    But you know, it is raining really really hard where I live and I know it has to be Obama’s fault. It’s gotta be. He talked about weather at some point, but then didn’t even mention it today so I also know he can’t possibly care about any of us suffering from weather right now and it is kinda a pretty big deal issue. Someone called my rain boots “stupid” and I head no comment from Obama. He obviously doesn’t care because I’m a white woman.

  49. John H says:

    This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. This is a lynch mob mentality that is not much different from NAZISM. It’s just in reverse. The NBA made a decision based on over reactive emotions and pressure from former stars Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan who have a lot of clout in the NBA. The intelligent thing to do would be to wait for all the emotion to calm down and then make a decision based on rational intellect instead of over reactive rage. This is a true LYNCH MOB mentality that is ironically not very different from the overt racism we had in the 30’s and 40’s.

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