Three things that all of you serfs and peasants shouldn’t say on Tax Day

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I recently took to Twitter to vent my righteous rage at the proliferation of list articles.
You know, list articles: the crutch used by many a lazy blogger who’d rather write in short, choppy, numbered sentences instead of full paragraphs, because full paragraphs necessitate the formation of full thoughts, which only come to those who write because they actually have something to say.

The worst brand of list article has to be the “things you shouldn’t say to ____ ” spiels you see pop up on your newsfeed 12 times a day. Just Google the phrase “things you shouldn’t say” and you’ll find a million such articles, informing you that there are, for instance, 10 things you shouldn’t say to a person in a wheelchair, 7 things you shouldn’t say to someone with anxiety, 16 things you shouldn’t say to a guy who can’t grow a beard, and, obviously, many different lists explaining many things you shouldn’t say to women or minorities, or especially minority women in wheelchairs who have anxiety about the fact that they can’t grow beards.

Interesting note: the bartender community has taken a special liking to the “list phrases that other people are now prohibited from uttering in my presence” craze. Search “things you shouldn’t say to bartenders” and you’ll find dozens of entries, including a Buzzfeed post (of course) that ranks 61 things you shouldn’t say to this surprisingly sensitive group of emotional snowflakes.

In other words, don’t speak to bartenders at all. They’ve had enough of human speech altogether.

Now, I begin with this lengthy setup in an attempt to confront my apparent contradiction head on. I hate list articles, but here I am with a list article. A “things you shouldn’t say” list article, no less. Does this make me a hypocrite? Perhaps, except that I fully admit to my laziness in this particular instance. I’ve written over 400 posts and only formatted them into convenient list-structure, I think, twice (including this one). I’m entitled to a pass, right?

Fine. Maybe not.

But I do feel OK telling you things you shouldn’t say, because I’m not telling you to stop saying them TO ME for my own benefit, but rather stop saying them in general, for your benefit, and for the sake of truth, justice, and the American Way.

So, in honor of Tax Day, I’ve written a list of three things you shouldn’t say as you enjoy the cheer and merriment of this joyous American holiday:


1. “I’m paying my taxes.”

“My” implies ownership. It communicates a certain level of inherent, natural responsibility toward the subject. So it makes sense for me to refer to “my bill” at Applebee’s or “my credit card debt”. They are both the result of a contractual agreement I personally entered into and accepted. Even if the spinach dip was overpriced, and even if Visa is kicking me up and down the sidewalk with interest and penalties, I still knowingly and willingly consented to assuming the financial cost in return for a good or service. I own it. It’s mine. It’s nobody else’s. In fact, it’s important for me to stipulate my Applebee’s bill from your Applebee’s bill because we entered into different agreements for different products. I’m certainly not on the hook for your bill, especially because I’m drinking ice water while you’re over there chugging margaritas like it’s Cinco de Mayo.

Your tax bill is different than your bar tab or the money you owe Netflix. You didn’t agree to this. You have absolutely no control over it.

You might say that taxes have always been like that and always will be, and you’re right. But, in modern times, with a government that spends 3.5 trillion dollars a year — making it the most expensive bureaucracy that’s existed anywhere on the planet ever in history — the gap between taxation and the ‘public good’ has never been more vast. It’s kind of hard to whisper even the faintest suggestion that our government limits itself to expenditures necessary to fulfill only its lawful and constitutional obligations, when it spends, in a single year, almost as much money as physically exists on the planet.

Did you catch that? If you wanted to outspend the government next year, you’d have to first steal every single physical dollar and coin that exists on Earth, and you still might not have enough.

And, since the government spends even what it doesn’t have, we have accrued a debt so enormous that the numbers cannot be understood by the human mind. Any notion of taxation with representation has been completely buried under this pile of debt so inconceivably massive that it could touch the moon (literally).

Politicians take your money and use it for whatever they like, and whatever they like almost always involves gaining power and influence. Again, you’ll tell me that politicians have always used taxes for this purpose, and you’re right, but they’ve never been able to steal this much, and they’ve never been so proficient in stealing it (while, in every other area, so utterly lacking in proficiency).

Your money will be taken and allocated to fund abortion clinics, and foreign governments, and entitlements, and studies to determine whether cocaine makes Japanese quail horny, or if Chinese prostitutes can be taught to drink responsibly, or how to best teach the benefits of genital washing in the third world. When you say that you owe this amount, you are saying that you are personally indebted to Planned Parenthood, and the government of Uganda, and every individual on every welfare program, and every study about lustful quail. Or else you are saying that a politician’s power to tax is absolute and unlimited, and their saying that you have this debt is enough to make that debt into some kind of existential reality.

The point is that this debt belongs to the powers that created it. They will take from you, but you do not owe it. There is no “social contract”. We are churning out generations of Americans born into a bankruptcy they did not cause, created to pay for things they did not buy, to benefit people they’ll never meet. Entire generations emerging into the world with a giant ‘IOU’ branded on their foreheads; emblazoned there because the Americans that came before them lacked the courage and discipline to stop the government gravy train in its tracks.

These are not your taxes. They will come from your pockets and out of the mouths of your children, but you do not owe them.


2. “I’m paying my taxes today.”

“Today”. You’re paying taxes “today”, you say? Well, that’s true. But the statement seems to imply that you don’t pay taxes every other day.

Oh, but you do.

You pay taxes today, but that does not make today unique.

If you’ll allow it, I would like to take you on a tour of your average day. This is what it looks like, whether we call it “Tax Day” or not:

You wake up.

You get out of bed and flip on a light. And you are taxed. You stumble into the bathroom and use the toilet. And you are taxed when you flush, and again when you turn on the shower, and again when you go to the faucet to brush your teeth (unless you’re one of those “brush my teeth in the shower” deviants). You put on clothing, which were taxed when you bought them. You slip on your taxed socks and tie your taxed shoes. You go downstairs. You use your taxed coffee machine. You pay a tax on the electricity. You grab a frozen breakfast burrito, which you paid taxes on, and stick it in the microwave, which you paid taxes on, and turned on the microwave using that taxed electricity again. You decide to check out the morning news while you enjoy your gourmet meal. Good thing you’ve got that taxed TV and that taxed digital cable. OK, quit stalling. Time to get to work. You grab your taxed cell phone and call your boss to tell him you’re running late. You paid about a dozen different taxes on that phone call. You leave your house, which is perpetually taxed, and get into your car, which was taxed. You drive down the street, burning that oh-so-taxed gasoline. Maybe you pass through a toll, maybe you’re stopped along the way and charged 128 dollars for not wearing a seatbelt. Maybe you get flashed by a red light camera. Maybe you have to park in a metered spot. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax.

You haven’t even made it to your job yet, and the government’s fleeced you for a bucket of cash. Then you punch the clock at work and that’s where the real taxing begins.

See, in America, “the Land of the Free,” we pay taxes on everything we buy and everything we use; we pay taxes on where we live and what we eat; we pay taxes when we drive down the road or stay in the house; we pay taxes on whatever we sell, whatever we earn, and whatever we save. We pay taxes to live and we pay taxes to die. Some people live in states without a sales tax, but they still pay taxes when they buy things, because there are so many taxes and fees embedded into the price of any good or service.

Our Founding Fathers would rather wage an armed revolt against the world’s greatest superpower than pay a tax on their Snapple; we, on the other hand, would rather pay taxes on literally every conceivable facet of our existence, than be accused of “extremism” for questioning the government’s alleged absolute power to levy taxes on everything, all the time, without any discernible limitations.

My, how times have changed.


3. “I just filed my taxes and I’m getting 400 dollars from the federal government!”

Please don’t celebrate the tax return you’re “getting”.

You aren’t getting anything. That’s your money. The government took it, held onto it for a year, and now they’re returning it without interest. If some guy at work stole a hundred bucks from your wallet and then, after you tracked him down and harassed him about it, he gave you back a small portion of it, would you run through the halls jumping for joy? Would you thank him for returning your own money? Or would you smack him upside the head and tell him to give you back the rest with interest, or you’ll break his kneecaps with a tire iron?

OK maybe you wouldn’t go all Al Capone on his sorry behind (I mean, I did just catch you drinking a fruity cocktail at Applebee’s) but I think you’d respect yourself enough to not act like he just did you a favor by returning some of the cash he jacked from your wallet.

Now, imagine that your friend took your money, or even that he borrowed it, but he told you that he would not return it until you completed a stack of paperwork and submitted it to him on a deadline determined by him, the debtor? And what if he boasted that any failures on your end to check the appropriate box or dot the appropriate ‘i’ would result in him refusing to give you back your own money, and it may even mean that you have to pay him more?

That’s the withholding system in a nut shell, a system signed into law by FDR, designed to alleviate the burden of tax collecting from the shoulders of tax collectors, and place it instead on individuals and business owners. It gives the government the ability to acquire an interest-free loan from millions of American citizens. But don’t worry: it’s totally necessary. If everyone had to physically cut a check for the actual amount of ‘their’ tax debt — like we self-employed folks must do — there would be riots in the streets.

As it stands, Daddy Government simply slips into your wallet, takes a chunk of your paycheck, very nicely and painlessly, and then, a year later, gives you a smaller chunk back. Hooray! The populace goes from certain revolt to literally thanking Uncle Sam for the pleasure of having a portion of their own earning returned, sans the interest it could have accrued sitting in a savings account.

And that’s America in the year 2014.

Happy Tax Day, fellow serfs.


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UPDATE: CarolBeth Hawn on Facebook reminds me that my list of taxes you pay in the morning was woefully in complete:

You forgot to mention that the milk (taxed) you put into your coffee (taxed) had the following tax-line: Farmer (income tax) has land (property tax) on which he grazes his cows (tax on grass seed, tax on fertilizer spread by tractor, tax to buy tractor, which was also taxed in its production, tax on gas for tractor, tax on replacement tires and parts for tractor, which were also taxed in production), the  cows were raised from calves produced on farm (capital gains) and visited by vet (tax on products, vet is also taxed ad nauseum) from semen purchased from an exchange (taxed), which are raised and milked in a milk shed or barn (more property tax) using equipment purchased (taxed, both on purchase and on production) and bottled (more equipment taxed on purchase and in production), sold to Meadow Gold (taxed ad nauseum), trucked to the grocery store in a refrigerated truck (taxed, taxed, taxed, gas tax), sold to store (sale is taxed, store is taxed ad nauseum) where it sits in big, taxed refrigerators, until you go to the store (gas tax, tax on vehicle) and purchase the milk (taxed) for your coffee (taxed). This is, of course, an abbreviated list. We’d need a flow chart to do it justice. The amazing thing isn’t that things cost so much, it is that they cost so LITTLE, being taxed on every level as they are!

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299 Responses to Three things that all of you serfs and peasants shouldn’t say on Tax Day

  1. Proud Gay Progressive says:

    Matt is NOT a Christian, Folks. Jesus says pay your Taxes. Jesus would vote Democrat, the Roman Empire are the Republicans. Matt needs to be exposed for the fascist he is.

    • Gwen says:

      Hmmmmmm…. Who is forcing you to read his blog?

      • Terri Christian says:

        heehee,,,,,good one!

      • bluepersuasion says:

        Nobody forces brain-dead lefties to do anything. It’s like a full-time job for them to go out and find things that offend them so that they can complain about them.

    • Soduhson says:

      I’m honestly thinking you’re a troll, but I’ll respond against my better judgment. Neither party would consider Jesus to be a friend.

    • M says:

      Sodomites have no say with regard to anything King Jesus did or said. Please stop quoting Him and start quoting your own king.

      • tempestadore says:

        First of all, I’d like to say this is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve seen in a while, so thanks for that.

        Second, and I would personally know, your sexual orientation is not a choice. There is no such thing as a “cure,” people who are attracted to the other sex are people, just like you.

        Third, do you ask everyone about their sex lives? You do know that many straight couples engage in anal sex, right? Can they not believe in Jesus and God either? Can they not quote the Bible? And if they did, how would you know?

        Finally, do you not sin? According to (most forms of) Christianity, homosexuality is one sin. Why does someone else’s sin make them any better or worse than you?

        • bluepersuasion says:

          First, unless and until you can personally show that there exists a homosexual gene, it IS a choice.

          Second, nobody asked this guy about his sexual orientation — his handle is loud and proud and says all there is to say.

          Third. EVERYBODY sins. But Jesus ALSO said, “Go and sin no more.” We are to strive to NOT sin. Homosexuality is about the only sin I can think of right off the top of my head in which a very loud minority is trying to force their sinful agenda and demands to not only be accepted but EMBRACED. THEREIN lies the difference. I personally don’t give a flip what somebody does in their bedroom until they shove their lifestyle in my face and tell me I must accept it or go against my religious beliefs in order to accommodate them.

        • David_M says:

          You are exactly correct . . . no one’s sin makes them any better or worse than the next. However, the difference is that forgiveness lies in repentance AND turning away from those acts that lead to sin. Failing to repent leads to further sin and further separation from God/Jesus.

          I read the following passage as Jesus giving 2 instructions here . . .

          John 8:10-11 (KJV) “When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, ‘Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?’ She said, ‘No man, Lord.’ And Jesus said unto her, ‘Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.’

          First . . . do not condemn others.
          Second . . . repent of your sins by confession and “go, and sin no more”.

        • tempestadore says:

          No one knows this man’s relationship with God. No one knows if he said “Sorry God, I know being gay is a sin, but I was born this way and cannot help it.”

          But, regardless of that, my comment was directed towards the person who told PGP he has no business quoting Jesus.

          And as I said, no matter what you may think, I know for a fact that you can’t just “turn away” from being attracted to the same sex.

        • Potemkyn says:


          Does EVERYTHING have to REVOLVE around sex or one’s sexual preferences???

          Tempestadore – Love your neighbor as yourself.

          Please do not do the very things you hate to others.

          He who is without sin- let him cast the first stone.

        • tempestadore says:

          Um, yeah.. that’s pretty much what I was saying.

        • Grammar Nazi says:

          Troll logic: He sins, therefore I can do no wrong.

    • Surely you jest. No one in their right mind could agree with any of that.

    • indiadancing says:

      Troll I believe…

    • Pemmy Pie says:

      LOL. You know how ridiculous you look?

    • John says:

      Interesting, someone who’s name is Proud Gay Progressive is claiming to make a judgement call on whether someone is a Christian.

    • viol415 says:

      I don’t think he said NOT to pay tax – he just said you need to redefine your view of the same. We have NO ownership of the taxes we pay and no control over the same. Nevertheless, we pay them, right?

      • I actually think what Matt meant was don’t call them “our” taxes. That would show partnership with those who are indenting us. We pay “their” taxes. It’s “their” (politician’s) wasteful spending that we are paying. It’s not “our” bill, it’s theirs. That would be like sitting at a restaurant drinking ice water and chewing on our napkin, and paying the tab for the glutton next table over who has just had his second steak and 6 beers. And he’s eating and drinking all that “for our own good”. Do we want to pay his tab? NO.

    • Matt P says:

      See this is the appropriate time to bring up the overused “judge” verse in the Bible. You cannot judge someone’s heart my friend. Matt never said not to pay your taxes. I really don’t think you should tell people how Jesus would vote, especially since it’s not mentioned in the Bible. But, if you were to go by the character displayed by Jesus, I have a hard time thinking he’d vote for a political party that supports the killing of innocent babies, that encourages laziness by taking from those who work and giving it to those that refuse, and that supports lifestyles that is clearly prohibited in the Bible. Republicans aren’t innocent either, so I’d venture, since it appears to be a lose-lose situation, that he’d write in someone he felt would best represent the type of leader that displays the characteristics outlined in the Bible.

      • Elm says:

        Actually I’d venture that Jesus wouldn’t vote at all. Why would he need to? It’d be like the President voting in some classroom election. Jesus knows how this ends. He’s already the King of Kings. 😉

        We like to try to say how Jesus would belong to this party or that party but the truth is He has no need for political parties. The question isn’t whether Christ would be a democrat; it’s whether you would have been a Christian.

    • Bahahahah! Priceless comment from the misguided Left. For the record, Matt never said you shouldn’t pay your taxes. What he did say was our Government is robbing us blind and people like you are its smiling victims. Pull your head out and look around every once in a while.

    • Ben Franklin says:

      Didn’t see where he said, “Don’t pay your taxes.” I believe what he said is that the government is taxing its citizens to death, so stop celebrating it. It’s like those stupid tax preparer’s commercials saying people left a billion dollars behind because they didn’t use said tax preparer’s services. If we had an honest government with an honest IRS system, then they would catch the errors and rightfully return what’s not theirs to legally possess.

    • acethepug says:

      You mean that Matt is not the strawman of a Christian you need as you kick your strawman over, PGP.

      Matt, well said, ESPECIALLY point #3. I wonder, if everyone managed to calcuate their deductions so that they needed neither to pay on April 15, or to get a refund, just how critical an impact that would be to the bloated Leviathan?

      Thanks again for another great post. Sorry you have to suffer shills like PGP above …

    • Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is Caesars. Caesar is entitled to my income when he does some of my work. Until then, it isn’t his to claim.
      Also, unless you have evidence that Matt isn’t paying his taxes, he isn’t disobeying anyway.
      Third, who are you to claim knowledge of Matts heart? Do you have personal knowledge of his relationship with Jesus that enables you to claim that he isn’t a Christian?
      Finally, I don’t think fascist means what you think it means.

    • Robo says:

      “physically cut a check for the actual amount of ‘their’ tax debt — like we self-employed folks must do — there would be riots in the streets.’ Where in the post does Matt say he refuses to pay his taxes?
      You may need to grab a dictionary and look up the definition of “christian” as well as “fascist”

    • Robert says:

      Wow, quite the leap here. The Biblical quote I think you are referring to is “Then give back what is Caesar’s to Caesar…”. The head tax for the census being referred to was one Denarius which was the daily wage for an unskilled laborer and common soldier. In Matt’s blog he never said not to pay taxes; but rather we need to hold the government accountable for how they use those monies. In the US, Tax Freedom day is April 21 according to some analysts, which means that every penny you earn from January 1 to April 21 goes to taxes. A far cry from the day’s wage Ceasar wanted.

    • Tom says:

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Matt didn’t say one time not to pay our taxes….

    • Chris Brooks says:

      Jesus said to pay your taxes, but that doesn’t mean it’s was ok to tax people for everything up to and including breathing (as SCOTUS interprets the ObamaCare penalty). You can pay your taxes and still advocate for lower taxes.

    • cdciii says:

      Anyone who takes pride in what should be his shame is hardly credible. Particularly a fascist who calls others fascist to distract from what he himself is doing. But that’s what “progressives” do en masse…

    • Galbraeth says:

      Jesus would not vote for any face of evil. Before accusing Matt of not being a Christian perhaps you should also consider the untenable position you appear to hold. One should take care not to define the love of God according to a fallen humanistic standard. A love devoid of the severity of truth is no love at all and if brought into the light of the truth would be exposed as a self-suiting lie.

    • RebeccaG. says:

      A little clarity is called for here: especially since you projected your own fascism on this blog’s author.

    • Edik415 says:

      I like how concerned we all are with which of our two corrupt political parties Jesus would vote for. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the Son of Man probably had bigger things to do than to go into a little booth, pull a lever, and have His vote count the same as everyone else’s…

      • lawngren says:

        But we citizens do not have bigger things to do. I agree, Jesus would not have voted for either party.

        He would be an independent.

      • Aron U says:

        It can be helpful in some instances to guess as to how Jesus might vote, if we use it as a guide to inform our own practices.

        However, to be completely accurate, it’s doubtful Jesus would vote at all.

        He refused to get drug into the political sphere of his own day. He stated plainly that His kingdom was of another realm. And He also stated plainly that one day he will return to earth as King, albeit a very different kind of king than the world has ever known.

        Until then, I think democracy is a good idea, though, as C S Lewis said, not b/c it is food, but b/c it is medicine.

        • Edik415 says:

          So, we shouldn’t vote in elections because Jesus wouldn’t vote in elections. Got it. Thanks!

        • Aron U says:

          Edik415, Actually I said the exact opposite, we that we should support and participate in democracy, just realize its limitations.

        • Edik415 says:

          I got it, Aron. I was being sarcastic. Putting together two of your statements to imply that you meant something completely different.
          “It can be helpful in some instances to guess as to how Jesus might vote…it’s doubtful Jesus would vote at all.”

          (Is your handle a reference to Schoenberg’s opera?)

    • lesabrackbill says:

      He isn’t saying to not pay taxes – he is just clarifying many of the stupid things that people say/believe about taxes.

    • sheilashaver says:

      I will just leave a note to the IRS that I am not paying taxes anymore because Jesus paid them? Look, I am a Christian, but that statement you made does not make sense.

    • Ron says:

      Sometimes we know things by what they are not! It is called a contradistinction! Two things we know he is not. The first, he is not a Proud Gay Progressive! The second, he does not enjoy being bent over by anyone, including the government!

    • John Diamond says:

      Fascism is the Democrats favorite tool for accruing personal power. It is why they always seem to admire despots like Fidel Castro and Mao. I once heard it said that Liberals really don’t care what the policy is, as long as it is mandatory.

    • 1withaClue says:

      Nothing more sickening that trying to turn Jesus into a leftist. He’d vote the party that opposed sodomy and infanticide, both of which are strongly condemned in the Scriptures for those of us who’ve actually read them.

    • When did jesus say pay your taxes? I don’t recall him ever saying that. ALL he said is render unto caesar what is caesars, and unto God what is God. This is only the first statement ever said that teaches the church to be separate from the state.

      Secondly, he condemned stealing from the producers through taxation and distributing the wealth through socialism. Theft is theft. Jesus said to give out of your pocket cheerfully and through your own volition, not coercion and if you don’t give it cheerfully then he doesn’t want it to be given.

      And last Jesus was not a democrat, he wouldn’t lower himself to the level of terrorist, democrat, lawyer, judge, blm, etc. Jesus is a monarch a king, a ruler of men without a parliment, congress or MOB mentality. There is no democracy with him as a ruler ONLY a republic based on the rule of his law.

    • holyscrapgirl says:

      Hmm… guess I better re-read the article. I missed the part where it said not to pay your taxes. The latter of your babblings do not merit a response.

    • CDUB says:

      Pretty sure Jesus said don’t be gay….

    • Reread the post you appalling troll. Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but to give to God what is His. In other words, abide by the rules of the world unless they conflict with what Divine Law mandates. Nothing Matt said contradicted this or countermanded it in any way. He merely pointed out the absurdities of our government and our collective attitude towards it and our taxation. He’s absolutely correct. As for your absurd and idiotic statement that Jesus would vote Democrat on what possible scripture would you base this? Jesus encouraged people to work hard. Jesus encouraged people to help those who could not help themselves. He was pretty silent on the issue of helping those who WILL not help themselves so we can assume He wasn’t a fan, Jesus encouraged people to help others with THEIR OWN resources and money, rather than relying on some bureaucratic distributing system to get around to them. Jesus encouraged obedience to God and His commandments. Jesus said it would be better for somebody who harms children to have a millstone tied around his neck and drowned in the sea which would probably be applicable to most abortionists. So let’s see, He wants kids to live, the ten commandments to be followed, for people to work hard, to help others, and to pay their own bills and way. Danged if that doesn’t sound like a Republican or at least a Libertarian to me. Doesn’t sound much like a Democrat. Oh wait! I get it! You got that goofy idea from when He raised the dead! After all, a lot of Democrat voters the last couple of elections must have risen from the dead to vote…

    • Rich says:

      *Nowhere* did Matt say not to pay your taxes. He’s merely pointing out how much they are and some of the places they go… many of which are not our choice (i.e. not voted on).

    • Jon says:

      Nice abuse of Scripture, but before you feel you have the answer, know the whole verse.

      Matthew 22:15-22: “15 Then the Pharisees went and plotted how to entangle him in his words. 16 And they sent their disciples to him, along with the Herodians, saying, “Teacher, we know that you are true and teach the way of God truthfully, and you do not care about anyone’s opinion, for you are not swayed by appearances.[b] 17 Tell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?” 18 But Jesus, aware of their malice, said, “Why put me to the test, you hypocrites? 19 Show me the coin for the tax.” And they brought him a denarius.[c] 20 And Jesus said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” 21 They said, “Caesar’s.” Then he said to them, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 22 When they heard it, they marveled. And they left him and went away.”

      A few things about this verse: One the Pharisees and Herodians are trying to trap Jesus. They want him to say he supports the Romans and therefore trap him as not the Messiah, if he says no is starting a revolt. So instead he asks a question in response “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” He asks this for two reasons. One, because the Pharisees would understand his word usage, He uses the same word for “Likeness” that is used in Genesis, when its say that adam and eve were made in the likeness of God. He is saying give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, Know full well that everything in this earth belongs to God and therefore you can give nothing to anyone that isn’t first God’s. So yes pay your taxes, its the Law. It doesn’t mean you can’t stand up to the law.

      To your second point: Jesus would not join a political party, he would be disgusted by the actions of both parties.

    • Terry says:

      “We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turning, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man. We have all seen this when doing arithmetic. When I have started a sum the wrong way, the sooner I admit this and go back and start again, the faster I shall get on. There is nothing progressive about being pig headed and refusing to admit a mistake. And I think if you look at the present state of the world, it is pretty plain that humanity has been making some big mistakes. We are on the wrong road. And if that is so, we must go back. Going back is the quickest way on.”

      CS Lewis, Mere Christianity pp28-29

    • Ryan says:

      LOL that really gave me a laugh. Thanks buddy, keep ’em coming.

    • Sandra says:

      Jesus never told us that we had to let ourselves be mercilessly USED by our government. I absolutely believe that he wouldn’t tell us that we had to stand idly by while our government took large chunks of our money to fund places that kill babies or waste it on worthless experiments all in the name of just knowing something that doesn’t pertain to real life. Matt is right. Our forefathers, whom I believe were led by God to establish this once free land, would have revolted long before now. 40% of what we earn has been taken by our government…at least. That doesn’t even count all of the taxes that we pay on the things that we use and eat. Imagine what we could do with a government that actually limited itself. Should we pay taxes? Yes, I think we probably should…but only for the things that we really need. Do you really need to know if cocaine makes quail horny? I know I don’t. I don’t want to know the answer to that question at all.

    • bluepersuasion says:

      That’s not exactly what He said, and you know it. But He ALSO said, “Go and sin no more.” Know what one of those sins was? Being homosexual. Gotta love scripture. 🙂

      • Lutara says:

        Being homosexual is not a sin. You don’t have a choice in who you’re attracted to. When did you choose to be heterosexual? And Jesus himself never said anything about homosexuality. In fact the verses that condemn homosexual acts say “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman”. In other words, it’s the ACT that is sinful, not the attraction.

        • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

          Leviticus says it’s an abomination to God and a sin.

        • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

          Thought of this after I posted. You say that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality? There you are wrong. Jesus says that woman was made to be with man. He quoted from the book of Genesis when he was saying this as all of his sermons came from scripture.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t believe Matt says he does not pay his taxes. He is simply pointing out the absolute ridiculousness that is the American government and its tax policy. I also am wondering how his faith even factors into this particular discussion?

    • lawngren says:

      No, Jesus DID NOT say “pay your taxes”. He said, Give Caesar what belongs to him”. Considering that the Jews were a vassal nation of the Romans at that time, what do you think that response implies?

      I know what I think belongs to the evil, vicious, perverted, completely parasitical, diabolically arrogant, inconceivably wasteful bunch of powerlusting scum that now has control of America, and it’s NOT MY money.

    • Alison says:

      A fascist? Really? I think that’s a little extreme. What he’s saying is that you are not PAYING your taxes – the government is TAKING your taxes without recourse. He’s not saying that we should not pay our civil servants – law enforcement, fire protection, etc. He’s saying that our imperialist government has over-stepped its Constitutional boundaries. That’s all.

    • gracie may says:

      That’s silly speculating on how Jesus would vote. Did he not enter the temple and cause a near riot because of what the priests were doing. No, Jesus would be in the forefront of a march against Washington and its unholy bureaucrats.

    • shawn says:

      Jesus wouldn’t vote Democrat for sure. They support things like gay marriage and abortion. Those are things He still stands against today. Loves the sinner but hates the sin. I’m not even sure Jesus would vote Republican either. He may walk into the Washington, DC and start turning over the tables of the money changers…

    • Brittany says:

      The point of this post wasn’t that we shouldn’t be paying our taxes. It was how outrageous the taxation system in the United States of America truly is.

      And I’m quite impressed that you feel comfortable claiming to be privy to what political party Jesus is. Gay marriage, abortion and religious “toleration” are three hallmarks of the democratic party’s “moral code”. The Bible clearly condemns these ideas and actions.

    • EnigMama says:

      We are to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. And we are most certainly allowed & encouraged to have leaders who represent what is right. Theft from the populaces’ pockets isn’t right. Matt isn’t suggesting that anyone NOT pay their taxes, but that the taxes that are currently levied against Americans are excessive. And he is correct. Nothing about that is unChristian.

    • Sarah says:

      It’s so annoying when liberals bandy about the word “fascist.” Here is the Merriman-Webster’s definition of fascism:

      noun \ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\

      : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

      : very harsh control or authority

      Why, this sounds JUST like our current administration, does it not?

    • Chris says:

      I Know Jesus and I know Matt, and Who Are You?

    • Lindsey says:

      Wow, you better get back in you Bible! Jesus was the man who turned over the table of the money changer’s. Jesus wasn’t Republican or Democrat, He was God on earth, and He followed God’s word (which was the entire Old Testament) completely. Go back and read Matthew.

    • Jewel says:

      Cool. A gaytheist warning the rest of us about whether or not Matt’s a Christian. Troll.

    • Lane Ferrante says:

      What exactly is it that you are “proud” of Proud Gay Progressive? Oh, and by the way, you couldn’t be more wrong…Jesus says “pay your taxes”???? and votes democrat? I guess we should be grateful for statements like yours to give us comic relief during the day…

    • Merits says:

      If you’re referring to rendering unto Caesar that which is his, and God that which is His, I believe everything belongs to God.

    • carrie says:

      10% is good enough for god. Smaller government please.

    • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

      Where in here did Matt say not to pay your taxes? What I read was just saying that we are paying too much. Republicans try to reduce the taxes that we pay, like George Bush did when he was in office, Democrats tax more and spend more. Why else do you think that Obama has spent more in his six years than every other president combined? And to say that Jesus would vote democrat is absolutely untrue. One of the biggest things on the democrat platform is abortion. I doubt very much Jesus would vote democrat for the very reason that democrats are for the murder of unborn babies. Also, they promote the gay agenda, nothing personal against you, but the bible states multiple places that being gay is a sin. Jesus wouldn’t vote in a way that promoted sin.

    • April K says:

      Jesus wouldn’t vote for anybody, being that he is King and Lord of all.

    • blert says:

      Did Matt ever say that we shouldn’t pay taxes? I think I missed that part of his post. What he’s simply pointing out is how many ways we pay taxes every day, which makes all of this talk of paying our taxes on April 15 sound absurd.

      And, really, nice try with the Jesus-would-vote-Democrat line. Jesus explicitly rejected earthly kingdoms in the third temptation and in other instances afterward. The idea that the Son of God would need the earthly authority of the Democrats is perverse. A closer application of the gospels to modern America would probably be to substitute “Republican” and “Democrat” every time “Pharisee” and “Sadducee” appears. Jesus had nothing good to say about either.

  2. J.E. says:

    Jesus would vote Democrat? Oh, yes, he sure would have, Proud Gay Progressive. I am sure he would have ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT QUESTION gone to the polls to pull a lever and cast a vote for the party that has declared war on innocent, unborn human beings and disregards their humanity. I am sure he would have been thrilled to support the party that increasingly demeans and persecutes Christians.

  3. lurastarz says:

    Towards the end of #1 you used their instead of they’re. But other than that, I agree with your assessment of taxes and our response to them. It’s ridiculous, depressing, and down right scary how passive the general population has become in regards to the role the government plays in our lives.

    • Derek says:

      He’s correct in his us of their. He’s not saying “And they are saying”. He actually is saying “And ‘their’ saying”, “saying” being the possessed object. Like if you were to say “Their ridiculing of criminals”. “saying that you have this debt” belongs to the aforementioned “their”. Could be wrong though.

      • Derek is correct.
        It is a possessive pronoun in this usage.

      • Edik415 says:

        No, “their” is incorrect in this case. “To say” is the main verb in that clause, and “are” is needed to make it the appropriate tense (present progressive, if I can recall my middle school grammar lessons). Matt means “they are,” and therefore should use the contraction.

        • Andrew says:

          No, Derek is still correct. “Saying” is the subject, and “their” is a possessive adjective.

          You’re suggesting that he’s trying to say “they are saying…” but that doesn’t work with the rest of the sentence. Take out the phrase “that you have this debt” and it would then read, “they are saying is enough…” which makes no sense and is grammatically way incorrect, with two verbs (are and is).

        • Scooter says:

          Edik415, “their” was used correctly. Here is the phrase in question:
          …their saying that you have this debt is enough to make that debt into some kind of existential reality.

          In this case, the first 7 words are the subject, and “is” is the verb. The verb is not “saying”.

        • Ron says:

          Derek is correct. However, as an editor, I would break this long sentence into two sentences. Then I think the meaning of “their” would make more sense.

        • Edik415 says:

          You’re correct — my mistake. I missed the “is” later in the sentence. Yes, it is “their.” In my defense, I think the sentence sets us up for misunderstanding (the first clause begins with “you are saying,” which makes the “their saying” at the beginning of the second clause appear like it should mirror the first…). But thanks for the clarification!

      • lurastarz says:

        I hadn’t read it that way, but as I go back and reread, I see what you mean. Thank you. 🙂

    • He still gets an A++++++++++++
      for everything he said minus this one itty-bitty typo. Matt is too smart to make that mistake out of lack of grammatical knowledge. (iPhone anyone?)

    • bluepersuasion says:

      Seriously? Our country is imploding as we speak, and you’re going to not only point out a grammatical issue, but one in which you’re WRONG? No wonder for some it’s so easy to point and yell, “SQUIRREL!” Too many willingly play that game.

    • Lane Ferrante says:

      Read it again. He used “their” correctly.

  4. Tonyr says:

    Proud Gay Progressive is correct: Jesus said to pay taxes. In his day taxes were paid to a foreign occupying government that collected them at the end of a sword. No fake consensus that this is what they all really wanted. Clear raw theft. I guess we have to assume that’s the image PGP wanted to convey.

    • Bob says:

      yeah, but you’ll notice that Jesus never did pay his taxes… he made a fish pay it for him 🙂

  5. Edik415 says:

    Ahh, Matt, just wait till next April. Now that you’ve quit your radio job (December, right?), you’ll have a full year of self employment income to look forward to, without that pesky withholding system. 😉

    Matt is right about the “celebrating your refund” business, for sure. I have never understood why people don’t get that. If you’re too stupid to adjust your withholding so that you do not get a refund in April (that’s right, I said “do NOT get a refund”), then you have no right to complain about the government holding on to your money throughout the year. It’s simple math, folks. Do the division and adjust so that you owe a little bit in April.

    • holyscrapgirl says:

      I’ve always been tempted to include a bill or inquiry for interest charged… just to see what kind of response the IRS would have.

    • Scooter says:

      Just because I prefer to get back instead of pay in, I am stupid? I just have a different philosophy on saving money. It is better for me to have that money set aside and receive it in a nice-sized lump. Sure, if I got an extra $200 in every paycheck, I could put it in the bank and earn interest. At the end of the year, at .35% in my savings account, I will have earned a whopping 19 bucks in interest. In almost every person’s case, the temptation to dip into that money at least once or twice during the year is very real. Personally, I think it’s better to have it set aside.

      • Edik415 says:

        Scooter — I can appreciate that philosophy. But since you’ve over-withheld/overpaid on purpose, I doubt you’re one of the people simultaneously crying about “the government is holding on to my money.” Those are the people that I intended to call stupid — the people who don’t realize that, yes, the government is holding on to your (their) money, but a little bit of basic arithmetic can solve that problem. I apologize if my comment appears to have been directed at you.

      • Facts says:

        Of course, you’re assuming the government will give it back. And not just keep it if there’s a cash flow problem…

      • Aaron says:

        Mathematically you’re stupid – as you point out, you’re losing $19 dollars a year. But math and practicality aren’t always the same – if that’s an acceptable cost to you to help you save money, then it’s $19 dollars well spent. Understanding your own spending tendencies and spending a small fee to compensate for them is a wise move.

        But I’m curious…what if interest rates go back up to 4%? (Does it make me old that I can actually remember savings accounts yielding 4%?)

  6. As usual, on the mark. I don’t have a disagreement yet with any of Matt’s posts. Thank God for his ability to communicate clearly the inane systems we live under.

    How I wih that everyone had to “cut a check” to the government instead of having it taken (relatively) painlessly out of their paychecks. The only way to make people open their eyes is to hit them in their pocketbook.

    An to think there are still “highly educated” people out there who don’t believe that thers are folks who don’t pay a dime in federal income taxes and “get back” thousands. That’s a FACT. They are profiting off the backs of those who pay and pay again.

    Constitutionality of the income tax alone set aside, until we can reform the tax structure and incorporate a straight “sales” tax for all, there will be no changes in the way people vote or elected officials operate. Then these elected buffoons can pay their share also. No tax shelters. Make them pay taxes on all the junk they buy.

  7. beckij says:

    Jesus said to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” And yes, elsewhere the Bible does say to pay your taxes. Matt is not suggesting that we should not pay taxes. He is merely pointing out that we are required to render unto the Federal, State, and local guv’mints much more than they really have a right to receive from us, because they use it to pay for stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with their Constitutional responsibilities.

  8. CarolBeth says:

    You forgot to mention that the milk (taxed) you put into your coffee (taxed) had the following tax-line: Farmer (income tax) has land (property tax) on which he grazes his cows (tax on grass seed, tax on fertilizer spread by tractor, tax to buy tractor, which was also taxed in its production, tax on gas for tractor, tax on replacement tires and parts for tractor, which were also taxed in production, cows were raised from calves produced on farm (capital gains) and visited by vet (tax on products, vet is also taxed ad nauseum) from semen purchased from an exchange (taxed), which are raised and milked in a milk shed or barn (more property tax) using equipment purchased (taxed, both on purchase and on production) and bottled (more equipment taxed on purchase and in production), sold to Meadow Gold (taxed ad nauseum), trucked to the grocery store in a refrigerated truck (taxed, taxed, taxed, gas tax), sold to store (sale is taxed, store is taxed ad nauseum) where it sits in big, taxed refrigerators, until you go to the store (gas tax, tax on vehicle) and purchase the milk (taxed) for your coffee (taxed). This is, of course, an abbreviated list. We’d need a flow chart to do it justice. The amazing thing isn’t that things cost so much, it is that they cost so LITTLE, being taxed on every level as they are!

  9. Tamara Palmer says:

    I am definitely upset with the gov and their ridiculous spending…but what can I do about it? If I don’t pay taxes I go to jail. I voted for a president that I believed had a better tax law but he lost to Obama (tears). I’m not “comfortable” but feel that I’m helpless to change anything.

    • Edik415 says:

      Sadly, you are helpless. Ideally, you’d be able to cast a vote for a candidate (not just President, but Congress and State governments, too) who isn’t a crook. But I’m sure having a hard time coming up with a candidate who isn’t a crook.

      Where’s Mr. Smith when you need him?

      • The secret is to know the power behind grassroots activism and local elections. If you aren’t running for an elected office yourself, find someone local you can stand behind and influence. The influence works its way up. And volunteer to work at the polls during elections. They need honest people to keep an eye on things.

      • braugi says:

        You are helpless because even if you vote in a “good” person trying to change the system, there is too much system to deal with. You run into a brick wall with no one wanting to give up the entitlements that got them elected/ keeps them elected. The Founding Fathers never meant for politician to be a career. The original politicians went home to harvest the fields and work in their businesses. And the good people who try to go into politics to make a difference either give up and leave politics or give in to the corruption and power.

  10. Haley Hovis says:

    Depressingly accurate.

  11. Looks like we’ve become the British Empire we fought a revolution to throw off. Full circle.

    • Talmid says:

      Not sure we have become the British empire, but our rulers sure think they are kings…

    • holyscrapgirl says:

      Only the oppression now makes the late 1700s looks like a walk in the park. If ObamaCare isn’t taxation without representation I don’t know what is.

  12. Nate says:

    Jesus did not say pay your taxes. When asked whether one should pay taxes, Jesus simply asked who’s face is on the coin (which was Ceasers) and said give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s, which avoids illegality of the time (not paying the tax) but also proves that nothing was actually Ceaser’s (or any of ours) because everything is God’s.

  13. mrw says:

    Just one comment regarding #3… Some people do actually get tax refunds from the government (i.e. you and me) without paying any taxes. The Earned Income Tax Credit will give a refund whether the filer paid any taxes or not. It is welfare by another name.

    • Terri Christian says:

      you got that right!

    • Edik415 says:

      Good point!
      It’s also possible to get a refund without paying income tax if you are an “individual” with a name like General Electric, or Verizon, or Boeing, etc…

    • mark says:

      without paying any taxes? didn’t you read the article? you pay taxes, hundreds of taxes. you might not pay income tax, is what you’re probably referring to.

    • tempestadore says:

      I agree with you here, partially. Everyone pays taxes in some way. The Earned Income Credit is a tax for people will low income. They still pay something, but can end up getting back more than they paid. One year I had worked for a few months, was on welfare for a few months, and went to school on financial aid for a few months. It was also the first year I was a parent. My tax refund was way more than I paid throughout the year.

    • blert says:

      Amend your sentence to say “without paying any income taxes,” and you would be correct. However, those receiving the EIC still pay the payroll tax, gas taxes, phone taxes, sales taxes, property taxes (whether directly through ownership or indirectly through renting), and heaps of other taxes. For many, they probably still pay more in net taxes than the government refunds them. Yes, the EIC is welfare, but taxes are often still bigger when you add them all up.

  14. Derek Zenith says:

    Actually, the human mind can’t directly comprehend any number larger than five.

  15. Matt, I think you missed the point of lists….lists are for bite-sized chunks of information that are easy to scroll through and digest. You’ve written three blog posts and separated them with numbers. 😉
    Say what you will, but the one blog post I wrote as a list is the only one that gets!

  16. Glenda says:

    @Proud Gay Progressive – Jesus didn’t say, “Pay your taxes.” He said, “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s and unto God, that which is Gods.”, which in that specific, narrow, “in the moment” context was addressing taxes and in the broader “teaching for life” context that Jesus was a master of, was “everything” that we owe to the government and “everything” we owe to God and having the common sense to know the difference. Therein lies the problem. What is honestly owed? This government has far overstepped the bounds of their authority in the arena of taxation for the “good of the people”.

    And just so you know, Jesus wouldn’t vote either party. He IS the party. I’d be a little more concerned about what you’re rendering unto HIM than what political party he would be affiliated with.

    Jesus also went into the temple, in a fit of righteous anger, and overturned the tables of the money changers who were cheating the people coming to make sacrifices. He literally chased them out of the building. He often spent time with tax collectors and led them out of their “sin”, changing their lives and bringing them to repentance. Zaccheus, a tax collector, even returned double what he had “stolen” from many citizens in taxes, after his meeting with Jesus. I wouldn’t say that points to Jesus favoring unfair taxation. Like the passages you refer to, it says exactly the opposite.

    If you’re going to invoke the Bible and Jesus as “proof” of your arguments, perhaps you should understand it, in its contextual totality, and use it that way to guide and direct your life, instead of twisting it for your own worldly justifications.

    • TheApostlePaul says:

      *If you’re going to invoke the Bible and Jesus as “proof” of your arguments, perhaps you should understand it, in its contextual totality*

      Okay…I have seen a local pastor preach multiple times, saying IN SO MANY WORDS, that “the Bible is the perfect, inerrant Word of God and can be interpreted LITERALLY in ALL MATTERS.”

      So, what this means in contemporary English-TO ME-is that, if I pick a Bible up off the rack and read it, then these are God’s final thoughts on the matter.

      So, if I read “Render unto Caesar…sounds pretty simple, hmm?” but then some refugee from an ‘apologetics’ class says, “No, no, you have to look at it from the ‘context’ of blah, blah, etc. etc.”….so, what you’re saying is that in order to TRULY understand THE BIBLE, you have to go to classes for a year, where you’re going to learn some teacher’s arbitrary version of the Bible, and there’s still plenty of room for dissent.

      Doesn’t sound very “perfect,” or “inerrant,” does it?

      • The Bible says:

        “The knowledge of the secrets of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. This is why I speak to them in parables, Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand”

      • school44 says:

        No, actually. What I’m saying is that anyone who reads, whether it is the Bible or any other writing, must read the entire text in the context in which it was written. You cannot pick out a single line, separate it from the rest of the text and bend it to fit your whims. The meaning of ANY writing has to be taken from it’s totality.

        i would like your pastor, it sounds like. I agree. The Bible IS the total, inerrant Word of God. I don’t necessarily think that a pastor who believes that, however, would teach that it should be interpreted literally in ALL circumstances. It doesn’t make sense that someone who understands the first statement, would then state that the poetic books or all futuristic prophecies were to be interpreted “literally”, in the way we can with other books of the Bible . That would negate his understanding of the original statement.

      • J.B. says:

        No, it just means that in order to understand something written over 2,000 years ago that encompasses a wide variety of literary genres, you may want to delve into the culture of 2,000 years ago and at least attempt to grasp those pesky little details like “context” instead of listening to a simple-minded pastor who represents a segment of Christianity that you conflate as representative of all Christians and attack whenever given the chance while conveniently ignoring the droves of scholars who have humbly attempted to study the Bible and don’t fit into the reality you’ve constructed for yourself, even if their interpretations may differ as a result of the limitations of human language and understanding.

        I mean, I could refuse to read Heidegger in a philosophy class just because his vocabulary isn’t dumbed down to 21st century sound-byte language, but I don’t think a professor would find my selfishness or refusal to understand very compelling.

      • Why do you listen to those who don’t know the bible. The bible is the literal word of God, every jot and tittle was authored by God. In that sense it is the literal word of God. But much of it is historical, metaphorical, allegorical, prophetic, and most of it is literal. Everything in its own context.

      • Aaron says:

        You could read the Wikipedia article on “Biblical literalism” and it might help clear things up – for you, and for the local pastor who seems to be muddling things a bit.

        In brief, Biblical literalism means that the Bible is literally the word – or even more properly, the words – of God. That means that when the Bible refers to God saying “I have longed to gather you under my wings as a hen gathers its chicks”, the literalist believes that an infinite-personal God actually inspired that poetic, metaphorical image; but the literalist does NOT conclude that God has wings and feathers. On the other hand, a non-literalist interpretation might say, “Such and such a so-called prophet said this thing, and we call it the Word of God because that helps us become better, more self-actualized humans, but we don’t believe that a real, infinite-personal God directly inspired this passage.”

        I’m afraid your local pastor is muddying the waters a bit, but I hope I’ve been able to make a useful distinction. Cheers!

      • Edik415 says:

        Though not directly related to the topic of taxes, Paul and others here have brought up something I struggle with as a Christian. I *do* believe that God’s word is without error, and I am willing to believe that He gave words to those who spoke on His behalf in the Bible (let’s face it — it’s God’s word, but I’m not sure that He actually, physically sat down with a quill and wrote any/much of it). But, the challenge for me is that it has passed through so many human hands, and I’m not convinced that each and every one of those human hands had the benefit of the Lord speaking through him/her as, say, Paul did (errr…the other Paul). I don’t read ancient Hebrew, or ancient Greek, or ancient Aramaic…so, I have to rely on English translations of these ancient languages. And then I rely on pastors (and others who have studied the Bible more closely than I) to dissect what those translations say, tease apart words and phrases that may have implied something different when written oh-so-many years ago in another language than they do today.

        So, while I do believe that the words in the Bible are, as Paul here says, “God’s final thoughts on the matter,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that those final thoughts are being transmitted to me in an entirely accurate, contextually sound, bias-free manner, because they are ultimately being transmitted to me through man. When your pastor says “the Bible is the perfect, inerrant Word of God and can be interpreted LITERALLY in ALL MATTERS,” the key for me in there is the contradiction in the phrase “interpreted literally.”

        [As for the context, I don’t think you’re really arguing that you can just pick a passage out of the Bible…or any book/song/movie/cartoon…and understand its meaning without understanding what was written before and after it, and the nature of the culture in which it was written…are you?]

        • J.B. says:

          I think it all comes back to a principle that’s repeatedly displayed in the Bible with people: God is both able and willing to use imperfection to accomplish His perfect purposes. The same principle applies to human language. With apologies to the King James Version-only fanatics out there, there really is no version of the Bible – including the original text – that escapes the imperfection and limitations of human language, but that didn’t stop God from using such a medium to communicate with a fallen world.

        • Edik415 says:

          I agree with what you’re saying here, JB. But if that’s the case, we have to be willing to acknowledge it. Saying that the Bible is perfect and without error is different than saying it may have human errors, but still achieves God’s desired goals. We have to be willing to admit that the Bible might have errors. And that’s a huge can of worms…

    • Glenda,

      I think it’s important to look at a few things in your comment.

      First: Please learn how to comment directly on someone’s post. PGP posted a while back and his post isn’t anywhere near your comment.

      Second: Tax Collectors were “sinning” because they often demanded more than what they were actually supposed to collect for their own profit. So Zaccheus actually stole that money, he didn’t “steal” it. It wasn’t taken for the government, he actually took excess money from people and kept it.

      Third: People claiming to understand the Bible or the need for others need to take a closer look at Ruth……she was a Lesbian.

      • Mom from MN says:

        Back then, the way tax collectors earned their wages was to collect in excess of what the Roman government demanded as tax. So the excess was their income, and some tax collectors were more greedy then others, giving them all a bad name.

      • Aaron says:

        Hi Christopher,
        First, I’d add that tax collectors were “sinning” because they were collaborating with an oppressive, pagan, foreign occupier.

        Second, where do you get lesbianism in the book of Ruth? I know people make that argument about David and Jonathan, but I think it’s more of a sad commentary on modern relational incapacity than it is an argument rising from the text itself. What I mean is that many/most moderns can’t imagine having a platonic friendship that is so deep that they would weep over losing it – since we have no cultural framework for comprehending the depth of a covenant relationship, so we have to project sexual overtones into the story. Also, we have no cultural framework for men kissing men asexually, so again we have a tendency to use our cultural ignorance and bias to project sexuality into the text.

        But if you have actual textual evidence of lesbianism in the book of Ruth I’d be curious to hear it.

      • Diana says:

        Ruth was NOT a lesbian… why would you even say that? I don’t get where you could POSSIBLY misconstrue that whole story to mean that Ruth was a lesbian… either you didn’t REALLY read the story or you need to go back to 2nd or 3rd grade where they taught reading comprehension… Ruth was married to a young man who was killed in a war. She continued to live with her husband’s also widowed mother, Naomi, (her husband died in the same war) along with her widowed sister-in-law (who was Naomi’s other son). She later travelled to Israel and married Boaz (who was related to her husband, thus her Kinsman-Redeemer). How can that POSSIBLY be misconstrued that she was a lesbian?

  17. Lavonda Murray says:

    I agree with Matt! He doesn’t even mention the amount of workers who get Earned Income Credit, literally thousands of tax dollars that they did not pay in or earn, but is given to them for free courtesy of all us tax payers who only get a fraction of our money returned.

  18. I Want the Last 5 Minutes Back says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this.

  19. Hugo First says:

    Well…I think we are such whiners in America. My taxes go to pay a soldiers wages, they pay the firemen and policemen. My taxes pay for libraries, which I dearly love. My taxes go to keep the National Parks looking pristine. While my government is not perfect it is much better than many others out there.

    • If that is all that our taxes went to pay for this blog post wouldn’t be necessary. Wake up!!! Acknowledging that our Government is not perfect does not negate your OBLIGATION as her citizen to strive for it. I don’t want our tax dollars paying to sober up Chinese hookers or any of the countless billion$ that are wasted on similar things.

      • The last time I read my constitution, about 2 hours ago, i did not find written in it that i owe the government a thing, nor do i have any obligation to it other than to keep it chained down and bound to the authority only given it by the constitution. It is limited to defence, and collection of import export fees and nothing else. Secondly, the government i owe zero allegiance to, zero support to and zero love for. It is a evil entity that must be kept in a prison only to be allowed to go out on a leash to defend this country.

        Government is OUR Slave, not the other way around. We the people are the rightful rulers of this nation, we are Caesar, not the other way around.

    • school44 says:

      If you have some magical power to direct where your taxes are being used, you should definitely let the rest of us in on it, because there is a LOT of ridiculous waste and spending that I would never agree to be part of and I want mine to stop going there, immediately, so I can hand-pick the soldiers, firemen and policemen, too.

      I think it’s fairly obvious, from the article, that legitimate taxes are not what is being objected to. We all understand the need to finance a basic system of government and safety for our citizens.

      • No we don’t. Its very simple. Do it like it was originally done. Pay for the service you want out of your pocket, not into a general fund to be spent by someone else with low morals zero character, and sticky fingers that steal anything that isn’t nailed down.

        Again, define need. IF you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat. Simple solution to welfare is to get rid of it and let the churches feed the truely deserving widows and orphans, and disabled. The rest can go get a job.

        And return our schools to the local level, if you want a public school then locals pay for it out of tehir pockets. let the locals hire the teachers and require them to perform by producing children capable of demonstrating gained skills. Get rid of paid school boards, and return it to parents on the board who have a vested interest in how our children are taught.

        We can go on and on with this list. Eliminate social security as well by paying out all those that have paid in. IF you are on it now, pay out til they die. IF your not on it, the gooberment needs to deposit what is paid in, into a investment account and put the ownership of the account in the taxpayers name. Keep the SS tax going But none of it goes into general fund for the politicans to steal. It is entirely controlled by the person it belongs to and through law they can only start receiving it when certain requirements are met.

      • Tim Keating says:

        And yet, I challenge you to find any ten random people who agree which things are wasteful and which are legit. For example, I’m of a mind that we spend WAAAY too much on our military, but a lot of people would disagree.

        • Benn says:

          As a member of the military, I have to disagree with you. The money being spent ON the military is actually a minority of the defense budget. The majority of the defense budget is spent on developing new technologies. And that system is widely abused. Why did the Marine Corps spend $5.5 billion on a landing craft that was just declared inadequate? Why was that company not forced to return a cent? Why were the F-22s authorized when the Pentagon knew the F-35 was better suited to fulfill the missions needed? Because some politician somewhere wanted to help his buddy line his pockets. We need to reform the contracting process to exclude politician involvement. Otherwise, the bloated defense budget will continue and the politicians solution will be to cut the money actually spent ON the military.

    • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

      Not much of your taxes goes to pay a soldiers wages. The majority of the taxes would go to the exorbitant salaries of the Congressional millionaires. I thought those were jobs to serve the public. Look up how much they make and you will see where a big portion of the cuts should take place.

  20. TheApostlePaul says:

    Even though the majority of my tax money goes to the military and ten of the largest tax breaks overwhelmingly benefit the top 1 percent of households, I’m mad because Glenn Beck says that my tax money goes to pay for Cadillac health plans for illegal aliens and birth control for loose women:

    • TruthHurts says:

      The same Bill Moyers who was LBJ’s press secretary?

      “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson

      • J.B. says:

        TruthHurts, I’ve discovered that the funny thing about Paul is that he rebukes everyone else about how biased everyone else’s sources of information are while conveniently sidestepping that same scrutiny when flaunting sources of his own.

        • TheApostlePaul says:

          The truth doesn’t have two sides, champ.

        • J.B. says:

          In that case, I’m definitely thrilled to meet someone who has a monopoly on all things true! It’s taken a few decades, but I’m glad there’s someone out there who’s SO right about everything that he ignores the bias in the sources he uses that he hammers other people for ignoring when they deconstruct his reality and believes that endlessly arguing with people using the impersonal medium of the internet (for those who’d like to know what kind of person you’re dealing with here, see: is actually an effective use of his time and a tried-and-true method to persuade others that they’re wrong and he’s right.

          Oh, wait. That last part is definitely not true, so I guess that negates that “everything” bit I mentioned earlier, doesn’t it? I guess in the Fantasy Land of Paul Nemeth, it is, so we can run with that. Never mind. 🙂

      • TheApostlePaul says:

        1) the LBJ quote is highly suspect…the ONLY place it appears ANYWHERE is in Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House.” Since Mr. Kessler’s other main gig is writing for NewsMax (the website that makes WorldNetDaily look credible by comparison), and this quote has never been corroborated by any other source, let’s just take this with a grain of salt, shall we?

        And, just because his boss was most likely a racist (LBJ, a Texan who was born in 1908…a RACIST? Surely, you must be joking 😉 it doesn’t mean Bill Moyers was (and certainly isn’t, now).

        I have the Internet too, you know.

        PS: Rachel Maddow (with great delight) played a recording on her MSNBC show of a recording of LBJ using the word “bunghole” while ordering some pants…does that make him a homosexual and/or fecal/scat enthusiast, as well? Hopefully NewsMax doesn’t read this…don’t want to give them any ideas 😉

    • Facts says:

      Using the president’s proposed 2014 budget, your tax dollar is divied up as follows:

      Social Security, Unemployment and Labor – 33.24 cents
      Medicare and Health – 24.54 cents
      Military – 17.1 cents
      Interest on Debt – 6 cents
      Transportation – 4.1 cents
      Veterans Benefits – 3.7 cents
      Food and Agriculture – 3.5 cents
      Education – 1.8 cents
      Government – 1.8 cents
      Housing and Community – 1.5 cents
      International Affairs – .9 cents
      Energy and Environment – .9 cents
      Science – .9 cents

      • TheApostlePaul says:

        Both sources (the Reason blog and Moyers’ blog) use stats from the same foundation (the National Priorities Project). The figures I’m quoting come from 2013-the ones you posted are from THIS year (2014) which you’ll be paying NEXT April 15. The major difference (that I see) is that for last year, most of your money went to defense spending, and for 2014, the military gets bumped to third (I’m not sure I have a problem with this trend). And, given the fact that “defense” monies are squirrelled away all over the place (for instance the nuclear arms budget is hidden in the DOE’s budget), these figures maybe open to “interpretation.”
        However, education spending is still way down on the list (1.8 cents per dollar…well, you get what you pay for 😦 ) and all you enemies of ‘big government” can rejoice in the fact that you’re taxed less for “government spending” than for education (of course, most people who read this blog don’t differentiate between the two).
        Ooops…there I go, being ‘argumentative’ again…

      • Edik415 says:

        Where do the remaining .02 cents go?

    • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

      There is a reason why the biggest tax breaks go to the top 1%. It’s because the top 5% pay 75% of the taxes for the country

  21. Terri Christian says:

    I love to deflate people who are getting this HUGE REFUND from the government and I say well it is YOUR money you could have used all year long instead of the government taking it. They are always going…..huh? OR, my favorite, that’s how I save money…..DOH.

    • Most of those getting huge refunds, 1 DO NOT pay taxes at all, and 2. that huge refund is nothing but a welfare check. The only time you pay taxes is, if you do not get a refund and on april 15 you ahve to write a check to the irs.

  22. jpuppeJean says:

    Baahaahaaaa! Oh Proud Gay Progressive – you made my day! I’m going to go search my bible now to see where it says that Jesus approved of liars. Continuous lying. Because that’s what you are saying when you say Jesus would be a Democrat. He would also say spend more than you make, right? Oh and don’t acknowledge what you’ve done wrong. Just cover it up. #Benghazi #keepyourhealthcare #toomanyotherstomention

    • Amber says:

      Republicans are liars too! America needs a third party. The two major players we have now are both corrupt.

    • tempestadore says:

      I think he more-so meant the beliefs Democrats as a majority (not just the politicians) have. Every politician lies and covers things up.

  23. I brush my teeth in the shower, and so I’m not going to read your blog EVER AGAIN!

  24. Muto says:

    I Googled “things you shouldn’t say to a bartender” and this article was the first link. The Buzzfeed article was number two.

  25. Kimberly says:

    During our naive, newlywed years, we made an honest mistake on our tax return so that our return was actually double what it should have been, to the tune of a couple thousand dollars per year 3 years in a row. The year we first discovered the mistake, while we were deciding what to do about it, the government discovered our error for one of the years, promptly letting us know and demanding “their” money with an incredible amount of interest and fees accompanying it. Even though less than 5 years had passed, that $2000 for one year was now $10,000! We decided to come clean to Uncle Sam regarding the other 2 years, figuring they’d find out and that it would look better if we told them. We informed them by filing their invasive “Offer in Compromise” forms, explaining the error was an honest mistake and asking for mercy on the interest. We had 4 small children, had worked very, very hard to remain debt-free (besides the mortgage), and were in no place to come up with $30,000! The government’s response? Threatening letters informing us that THEY found our errors (NO acknowledgement of our Offer in Compromise) and were demanding immediate payment of the full $30,000. We took out a home equity loan to pay for it (later rolled into the mortgage during a refinance) and so we continue to pay for our mistake. That was 12 or 13 years ago and was the day I stopped trusting that my government has good intentions and its citizens best interests in mind. A necessary but rude awakening.

    • BetterRedThanGOP says:

      Another Glenn Beck follower (deadbeat) that won’t pay their fair share until the IRS catches them.

      Like that Bundy guy, and the Koch Bros… Republicans are the biggest “welfare queens” of all!!

      • John Diamond says:

        I was going to reply ,but then I realized you really said nothing.

      • explainthebible says:

        guy says he made a mistake, alerts the IRS to two additional years, explains how he paid his tax bill including interest and penalities and you blast him BetterRedThanGOP? what a heartless idiot!

      • I’ll tell you what, when you actually pay a red cent in tax, i’ll pay tax. Your just another welfare queen sucking off of the producers in this country

      • OtterMatt says:

        Then why is all of OUR money going to pay for liberal progressive programs, like the social security and welfare checks that pay for the real deadbeats? Grow up.

      • Amber says:

        Fair share? When will America wake up and realize that we sow what we reap? Explain to me how it is fair that I get up every morning and go to work, and part of my paycheck is delivered to someone that looks for a job every six months, just to say they did, while continuing to collect unemployment? I don’t understand the mentality in our nation that somehow, it is the responsibility of some to provide for all. If you want something, go earn it. Fair share indeed!

    • Mom from MN says:

      Just read an article in the newspaper over the weekend about the U.S. government intercepting a woman’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. The woman had no idea that her money had been seized until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy and old debt to the government … a very old debt.

      When she was 4, in 1960, her father died. leaving her mother with 5 kids to raise. The mom got survivor benefits from Social Security until the kids turned 18 to help feed and clothe them.

      Now, Social Security claims to have overpaid someone in this woman’s family — it’s not sure who — in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after the mother died, the government is coming after her daughter. Also, no explanation about why this woman was targeted rather than her surviving siblings.

      Scary that the government can do something like this!

    • Matt(Not Walsh) says:

      Nothing like that happened with me, but something that frustrated and made me angry happened this year. I mailed off the tax returns for myself and my wife. A couple weeks later, I receive a letter from the IRS, which contains my wife’s W-2 and says that they misplaced her 1040 and we’d have to fill it out again and send it back. A few days later we receive another letter saying that they have her 1040 but no W-2. That really made me angry. They made a mistake and now delayed out tax refund. If we make mistakes on our taxes, we have to pay a penalty. Why does the same thing not apply to them?

  26. chamblee54 says:

    In paragraph one you say “full paragraphs necessitate the formation of full thoughts, which only come to those who write because they actually have something to say.” Paragraph five was “Fine. Maybe not.”

    • tempestadore says:

      Pretty much all of his blogs have random sentences or fractions on their own. It’s easier to read blogs that way, and holds people’s interest. In the blogging community, it’s almost a must–it’s one of the “tips” you will find in nearly every blogging article. However, he doesn’t write ONLY that way, as most list blogs do.

  27. May Sams says:

    Wow, first of all I don’t care about the long feed started by the proud gay progressive – such judgement from everyone involved! Hey, first of all – I don’t make enough money for taxes to hurt me as much as they hurt some and no I don’t agree with everything the government spends tax money on or how they spend it (it’s not a perfect world), but what I do agree with is the life I have been privileged to live in this country BECAUSE its citizens collectively pay taxes in order to make this establishment happen. Countries are not born on NOTHING. No, the founders didn’t want to pay taxes to a King living high and mighty on the other side of the ocean with no interest at heart other than staking his claim; but there is nothing wrong with paying taxes to the land you actually live in!!! SOME gratitude, please!!

    • Absolutely not! No gratitude whatsoever. WHy should I. It is theft! IF the church can live off of 10% so can the government.

    • LOL gratitude!?!? You want me to be grateful that my great great great grandchildren will still be paying on the debt incurred by this Government? I think NOT! How about We The People insist that our Government lives within its means AND within the framework set up by our founding fathers in the Constitution! Why is our nations wealth being wasted to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars annually on things that are not for “the good of the people”. (Notice I didn’t say, “for the good of some people”).

    • Rachel Peterson says:

      Did you know that taxpayer dollars or really the loans they take out to fund themselves pays politicians an exorbitant salary for their ENTIRE lives? Sorry, but I’m not that grateful for their pompous greed and laziness. The government is a monster, a necessary evil and needs to always be questioned and kept in check, not blindly served.

    • Facts says:

      Government/The State is not the country and Caesar is not god.

  28. “Now, imagine that your friend took your money, or even that he borrowed it, but he told you that he would not return it until you completed a stack of paperwork and submitted it to him on a deadline determined by him, the debtor?”

    Which means you missed another crucial part — that paperwork and those rules are so convoluted and confusing that we pay BILLIONS every year just to have experts file it FOR us, further diminishing the return on our stolen-yet-returned money.

  29. analyticalperspective says:

    Be nice, Matt. You weren’t always self-employed. There are thousands of regularly employed people who allow you to be self-employed.

    • Amber says:

      Allow him to be self-employed? Please. He produces something that people want (else they wouldn’t read this blog) and he gets fairly compensated to produce it. If he stopped being relevant or wanted, he would quickly know it because his income would cease. It’s called capitalism. Believe me, it is much easier to employed by a company where you get to punch the clock from 8-5, then go home and forget about work. When you are your own boss, everything is up to you. Success and failure of the company relies solely on your shoulders! The public doesn’t allow me to be self-employed; I chose that for myself and I own the sacrifices as well as the rewards from this way of life.

      • analyticalperspective says:

        Also, that’s my point. All people who are self-employed rely on others in order to be self-employed, so it is arrogant to make it dig toward those who are not self-employed as if people who are not self-employed are lesser beings. Just saying.

    • Edik415 says:

      I could be mistaken, and I certainly don’t know Matt’s entire employment resume…but, if memory serves, I think he was “self employed” for all of one month during tax year 2013. He’s gonna have a lot of fun this time next year…

    • CarolBeth says:

      Hmmm…I’m self-employed. I teach piano lessons. I’m wondering how it is that “regularly employed people” “allow” me (or anyone else) to be self-employed. Anyone who has a business (rather than working for another person or company) is “self-employed”. I’m confused how those who work for someone else “allow” Matt to be self-employed? Or me, for that matter.

      • analyticalperspective says:

        Not talking about you. You didn’t make the statement. The question is: Why are you choosing to misinterpret, convey personal offense, take on my Matt-directed comment as your own injury??

  30. picassobull says:

    I find it funny how Matt likes to tell his readers how they should think and/or feel. He must not have much respect for his readership. Oh well.

    • That guy says:

      It’s called persausive writing. Everybody does it. Literally. It’s a writing technique taught as standard in high school. As for Matt’s use of it, I see no reason to be offended or even mildly cheesed off about it. Every single politician, from the mayor of Nowhereville, Nebraska to the President, use it in speeches all the time. It’s more interesting to read an argument than a straight list of facts. In fact, you used it. You’re tone suggests to me that I should be annoyed/insulted/offended that Matt Walsh has the audacity to try to persuade me. I’m thankful you’re here to persaude me that I shouldn’t listen to Matt Walsh’s persausions.

  31. bktip says:

    Well, I just want to say that I am proudly one of those “brush my teeth in the shower” deviants! 🙂
    I am such a rebel that I refuse to conform to the standard norm of teeth brushing at the sink.
    hmmmm maybe I’ll write an article: 10 reasons why you should brush your teeth in the shower………

  32. We all did in fact agree to pay taxes when we got our Social Security numbers (AKA Taxpayer Identification numbers) and when we completed the signature card when opening a bank account. Just because most of us never read the fine print doesn’t mean we aren’t still liable for our end of the contract, whether or not the other party fulfills theirs.

    • Facts says:

      If it was a real legal “contract” there would be a legal way to opt-out. There is not. Thus it is not a contract. Further, not having a social security number does NOT get you out of Federal income taxes (there are ton of “tax-protesters” who have tried this and end up in prison as a result.)

    • tempestadore says:

      We agreed to pay taxes when we were infants? And what if we never opened a bank account?

      I get your point, though. I think simply by being an American citizens we are agreeing to pay American taxes (or whatever country in which you live). Most of the outrage about taxes comes not from having to pay them, but what they end up paying for.

      • Diana says:

        You know what I find interesting? I pay full property taxes even though I live on a dirt, unimproved, road, have my own septic system, propane tank, and well (so I don’t use any municipals other than electricity), the government has nothing to do with improving my property, and I home school my children. So, I’m paying for things I don’t use… who or what is getting my money??

        • tempestadore says:

          Most money from education comes from property taxes. I don’t mind my money going to schools — even before I had a child, even if I end up homeschooling him, even if he never has children when he grows up, etc. because I think education is incredibly important. Honestly, I think more money should go to schools instead of other things.

          Other than that, property taxes help pay for your everyday things. Police force, roads, signs, streetlights, local government, etc. So, yes, you are paying for some things you don’t use, but we all are. You’re also paying for some things with which you don’t agree, I’m sure, because we all are.

          I wonder what it would be like if we could all choose what our taxes go towards. Still take out the same amount, but let people choose exactly where their money is going. Like I said, I don’t mind paying taxes — I mind that those taxes are paying for some things I am against.

  33. Theresa says:

    Your answer for number 3 isn’t correct for a great number of tax filers. Myself included.

    Earned income credit and the refundable child tax credit makes taxes into a form of stealth welfare which more and more US citizens are eligible for.

    Leaves me in a dilemma. My frugal side says to file my taxes in the most efficient way possible with the biggest refund. But my family certainly doesn’t need to be getting money back that we didn’t pay in. (My husband makes a decent salary for a 28 year old. Before kids we were both working and paying in quite a bit in taxes. After adopting 3 children and me quitting my job to raise them, we get back thousands a year we don’t pay in) My solution is of course to file taxes so we get the money back and then not be stingy with donations.

    My point being, very few people pay much in federal taxes. I would assume Matt Walsh doesn’t pay much with his 2 adorable minor dependents and his wife not working. This is due to the extreme progressive nature of federal taxes. Just saying. Matt should know 3 isn’t true anymore. Maybe it was 10 years ago. But it isn’t today.

    • tempestadore says:

      As a parent and a student, I also end up getting back more than I pay. This year I’m not even filing because I haven’t made the minimum amount required to file, and as much as a few thousand dollars would help me, I haven’t really earned it.

    • Aaron says:

      Theresa – my family also gets more than we pay in. Even if we don’t claim certain exemptions or credits, the IRS finds them and gives us more money than we claim. True story. I feel like a freeloader, but I don’t want to perjure myself on my tax forms. I console myself by thinking that I’m saving the state buckets of money by homeschooling my own kids, so maybe we’re breaking even….

  34. Sandra says:

    Matt, I’m starting to think that you’re reading my mind…but you’re making my thoughts way funnier. I’d put on a tin foil hat, but I like what you’re doing with my thought waves. 😉

  35. Mike Thacker says:

    This “article” was a total waste of time.

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  37. As if this day wasn’t depressing enough. Oh the cold, hard, truth.

  38. Aaron says:

    Since there are great discussions going on about what Jesus said about taxes, let’s take a look at Matthew 17:25. “When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. ‘What do you think, Simon?’ he asked. ‘From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes – from their own sons or from others?’ ‘From others,’ Peter answered. ‘Then the sons are exempt,’ Jesus said to him.”

    I’d like to see the community discuss this, but my sense is that in this particular context, Jesus is pointing out that taxation is a measure of the hearts of rulers – they take from those they consider to be “someone else’s sons” and redistribute to those they consider to be their own “sons”. So in modern parlance, if Congress is taking your money through taxes and distributing it to corporations and/or military contractors and/or planned parenthood, you can tell who they consider to be their TRUE constituency.

    Just my two cents. Cheers!

  39. Someone who understands reality says:

    Number 3 is exactly why I would rather “owe”, taxes in April than get a refund. I hate refunds….it just reminds me how much money they borrowed for a year and never paid interest on…

  40. Amber says:

    I will not be grateful for the entity that robs from me and my family for the sake of “the public”. The founding fathers stated that taxes were to be collected in times of war only. Income tax is highly unconstitutional. I will not buy into hero worship of those in power whose main motivation in everything they do for our country is to stay in power.

    • May Sams says:

      Okay, all – sure there is a lot of injustice involved. Anger isn’t curing it. Does anyone have any actual SOLUTIONS??

  41. BattleBlue1 says:

    Reblogged this on BattleBlue1 and commented:

  42. Luis says:

    We´d all love to think there is no American taxpayer dumb enough to think that the funds returned by the IRS is a gift, and get a good feeling from it. We should resent, rather, that the IRS intimidates us and collects funds for the US government to piss away on lib/lefty, and sometimes, less often though, conservative causes. We have to resist the IRS at every turn, and really the IRS should be gotten rid of. Evacuate the IRS buildings, disinfect the buildings or raze them, and get back to normalcy. Obama has really done a fantastic job of inspiring the lib/lefty folks in the IRS, and all divisions, departments, agencies to do his bidding of intimidating Americans–THIS HAS TO CHANGE AND WE WILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Edik415 says:

    I guess it’s a good thing that the Bible tells us repeatedly not to place such high priorities on money and other material things — that ought to keep us from getting so riled up every April 15.

    Of my annual earnings Uncle Sam will extract
    Fully two-fifths, as a matter of fact.
    That’s quite a large portion, but what’s got me burned:
    I’ll never see that much in service returned.
    Domestic tranquility and the common defense
    Are the only two items that are worth the expense.
    And who can depend in his golden old days
    On the pittance that Social Security pays?
    We all know the System is not even sound;
    By the time we retire, it won’t be around.

    What would I do with a few extra grand?
    For such a sweet surplus, here’s what I’ve got planned:
    I’ll feast on filets and heave out the hash;
    I’ll chuck my old chinos and dress with panache.
    I’ll make a deposit on the decent-size house
    I’d love to provide for my children and spouse.
    (If we just had the money, if only we could,
    We’d much rather live in a nice neighborhood.)
    Uncle Sam takes too much of the money I’ve earned.
    He must have forgotten what the British Crown learned.

    Life would be rosy, for the first time in years:
    I’d be in the black, instead of arrears.
    I’d pay off the balance on each credit card –
    Visa, Discover, and Montgomery Ward.
    I’d pay off the note on my Chevy “Classique”
    And buy me a car that’s not an antique.
    I’d undo the default at my old alma mater
    And attend our homecoming a persona who’s grata.
    Of what would be left — a handsome amount –
    I’d put every cent in a savings account!

    Well, not every cent — there’s so much to do
    With a few grand a year, for so many years too!
    I might make provision, in case of disaster,
    To ensure that yours truly remains his own master.
    I might purchase a policy, term or whole life,
    Benefitting my children, grandchildren, and wife.
    I might line up a health plan that covers things dental
    (Even more comprehensive, in case I go mental).
    I could afford these things now, were it not for my tax –
    I’m one of those wretches who’ve fallen through cracks.

    There are other investments I’d make with each grand –
    If my after-tax income exceeded demand.
    I’d buy stocks and bonds with my yearly rebates,
    Rare books, stamps and coins, and collectible plates.
    I’d invest in myself, maybe learn a new skill,
    Some trade to fall back on when I’m over the hill.
    I’d invest in my children, to help them excel,
    And then, in my dotage, they might treat me well.
    (Yet another investment that pays dividends
    Is to spend some time traveling and making new friends.)

    With a few extra grand, I’d no longer be penniless.
    For once in my life, I could afford to be generous.
    I could give to my church a sizable sum,
    Or set up an annual scholarship fund.
    I could sponsor a mission and some needy child,
    Or save some rare species at risk in the wild.
    I could hire some musicians to play in the park
    Or pay pyrotechnicians to light up the dark.
    I would spend my own money however I please!
    Why should I scrimp to put tyrants at ease?

  45. bluepersuasion says:

    “Now, imagine that your friend took your money, or even that he borrowed it, but he told you that he would not return it until you completed a stack of paperwork and submitted it to him on a deadline determined by him, the debtor?”

    And don’t forget that that “friend” made the rules for the return of that money so convoluted and difficult to understand that you have to pay someone to understand it for you, further reducing your return.

  46. Once again, instead of fostering productive discussion among many flocks of people, Mr. Walsh has chosen to incite the worst kind of discourse. The comments people are leaving on this thread are as abashed as the originators. As a student and proposed teacher of history I’m shocked (though should I be?) at the appalling gaps in (most) everyone’s responses to the person above them. Folks, you need more than a grade school equivalency of U.S. History to even rudimentary understand “what the forefathers would have wanted.” Answer the question for how you feel. Own up to your opinion without assuming historic relevance. To understand the tricky history of modern taxation in the U.S., we’d need to travel back to 1913 to discover the roots.

    To apply logic, one only needs to look to Aristotle to understand how societies work. The down and dirty is this: in order for a society to work, one must surrender certain freedoms to attain others. I surrender certain percentages of my annual income in order to attain the privilege of living in a relative safety. This is a simple look at it, but I think it makes my point clear.

    • SWPL says:

      Taxes are the price we pay for 7 of the 10 richest counties being within commuting distance of DC.

  47. Kim says:

    Three GREAT points Matt made here! I used to work at a small family owned business and I did the books for my boss. I remember having to write out the “FICA” check every month for him. Mind you, it was a handful of employees, but yikes, that hurt. I’ve often wondered, what would be the thought on taxes IF, like Matt mentioned, we (the taxpayers) had to cut a check once a month to ‘US Treasury’ (like we do for rent, mortgage, car payment, etc). I am sure there would be riots, as Matt predicted. Look at your last pay stub, how much was deducted? Imagine writing that out in a check. ouch. Last week our company gave yearly bonuses (YAY!)_. I thought a mistake was made on mine (I even emailed payroll!), since I changed 401K to 0% deduction, I was looking forward to seeing more $$$, yeah nope, apparently bonuses are taxed at a HIGHER rate. Really? Income is income! I whine when I have to pay property taxes in July and Dec.. and that’s in escrow! It’s a nice little arrangement the government has for these taxes don’t you think??… have the employers deduct it BEFORE they pay their employees. I do have to laugh at those who shout for joy they are getting a refund… REALLY? Um… it’s YOUR money to begin with, and the government has it INTEREST FREE. Of course putting it in a savings account will barely get you a fraction of a percent nowadays too. There is just no way to get ahead. In chatting with a few co workers today, a few dropped their returns in the mail today.. good for them. One even owed a couple hundred dollars.. even better. He was smart and used HIS money all year long.

  48. fullerblogit says:

    Hey Matt, we would love to hear your opinion on Cliven Bundy.

  49. janet dotson says:

    I would like to become more “blog-some.” Please list top ten blog sites that you like to read. Thanks for being a writer with a cause, not just a fiction pump.

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