The Great Homeschool Convention is coming up in two weeks

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Just a reminder that the Great Homeschool Convention is coming up March 20-22 in South Carolina.

Find the website here.

I’ll be speaking on Saturday, and I’ll also be at the conventions in Ohio and California.

Each convention features an enormous Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall along with hundreds of homeschooling workshops. And if you’re new to this, or just considering the possibility of homeschooling, there will be plenty of resources and networking opportunities for you.

Homeschooling is, in my mind, the ultimate expression of parental rights and individual liberty. A homeschooling family seizes control from the government and exercises their God-given right to educate and teach their own children. It’s a beautiful thing, and so I’m excited to be a part of an event like this.

Also exciting: the list of speakers. Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, John Rosemond, and Ben Carson, just to name a few. If you saw Carson’s speech at CPAC, you know he can bring it. I guess that’s to be expected from the greatest living medical professional of our time.

It’s not to late to register for tickets.

See you there.


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29 Responses to The Great Homeschool Convention is coming up in two weeks

  1. Jenny says:

    Looking forward to hearing you speak at the convention in California!

  2. Samantha says:

    Dang, wish I could come! Love you and Dr. Carson!

  3. jenscarlett says:

    I plan on homeschooling my five year old next year, and oh how I wish I could attend one of these. Wish there was going to be one in Portland, Oregon. I would love to hear you speak as well as well as Dr. Ben Carson and Heidi St. John – what an awesome group of people speaking. What a great time for all those who get to attend!

  4. I hope you’ll check out my recent blog post: “Why I Homeschool.”

  5. I’ve been to many homeschool conventions. Watch out for the women in the denim bib coveralls; they’re kind of nutty….

  6. …wow, a homeschooling convention…I wish I could go, but that’s too far away for us.

  7. Bob Phillips says:

    Please consider the Texas event in February.

  8. Michelle C. says:

    See you there, Matt! In fact, you’re the main reason I’m attending.

  9. redheadmom8 says:

    You guys need to come to PA! I miss out on everything!

  10. Katie Barstow Marino says:

    I would go a step further and say that homeschooling is the ultimate expression of being a parent. For me, it’s so integrated into being a mom, I really can’t separate the two. As Kingdom Crossing offered, this is why I home school:

  11. Now, I’m sad . . . I don’t live anywhere near any of those three locations 😉 I agree with Katie Marino- Homeschooling isn’t an educational choice it’s a parenting choice. It’s not about where, or from whom my child receives his education. It’s about who will be raising him and who will be his main influence. I know, in this culture, we like to pat each other on the back and tell each other we’re actually raising our children in that 1 hour space at the end of a day when they’ve been at school for 6-8 hours, then in after school activities, and then, after doing their home work for school the next day, then there are those annoying tasks like dinner and bathing but, that’s just us making ourselves feel good about farming our children out to someone else all day. We’ve reduced ourselves to the wait staff- we’re the ones who wake our children up and get them ready for the real influences of their day and at the end of the day we make sure they’re fed and getting enough rest so that they can go back to their real influences the next day <–and our society tells us that's what being a good parent is. Homeschooling is a parenting choice.

  12. Diana says:

    I’m a big fan of homeschooling but haven’t convinced my husband of the same yet. Our son’s only 11 months though so I have awhile.

    • LucidMystery says:

      Lots of stats out there on how homeschoolers fare better academically than our public school counterparts, if he needs convincing.

      And hey, even though I’m not generally an advocate for anecdotal evidence as opposed to empirical data…I like my story 🙂 My mom was an ESL immigrant armed with only a GED; but I was homeschooled K-12, went on to become an honors student in college, and just earned my PhD in genetics. Mommy did something right! 🙂

  13. Somebody schedule one of these things in Virgina, dangit.

  14. Hey Matt! I’m just curious why you are speaking at the homeschool convention? Did I miss something? I thought your kiddos were too young for school, yet? (I’m not being snarky. I’m genuinely curious).

  15. chamblee54 says:

    Remember to give a shout out to the employers of homeschool dads.

  16. jjbapst says:

    I just want to say that my parents chose to homeschool me and my siblings, and I would argue it was the best thing they ever did for us beside leading us to Christ. They would attend conferences such as this one and would find numerous excellent resources.
    If any parents on here are thinking about homeschooling, I would highly recommend it!

  17. Gail says:

    Just don’t fall into the curriculum and competitive trap. There are so many ways to homeschool, so explore all aspects and approaches and do what fits your family best. I have been officially homeschooling for 3 years, but I have planned on doing it since my kids were born, and too many people think their kids have to be doing better than the public school kids in order to justify keeping them home…and then they get burned out and can’t make it past the first couple years before they send them to public schools.

    • lisawoody says:

      I agree, Gail. Homeschooled kids do, by and large, learn more and learn faster than their public school counterparts. But pressuring them to be a grade or two ahead of their age peers is damaging. I do not pressure my children to read. Whether they’re in public school or private school, children will read when they’re ready. And if we don’t teach them to hate it before they’re ready, they’ll be voracious readers once they start. That kind of flexibility is impossible in public school.

      You’re wise to encourage parents to customize their curriculum to their children’s learning style and not constantly compare them to public school kids. Please continue to be a blessing to insecure homeschooling moms.

  18. TheApostlePaul says:

    *If you saw Carson’s speech at CPAC, you know he can bring it. I guess that’s to be expected from the greatest living medical professional of our time.*

    I just got done reading about Dr. Emil J. Freireich, who against overwhelming fear and opposition from the medical community pioneered leukemia treatments that have saved the lives of countless children whom otherwise would have had a death sentence. Carson’s resume’ isn’t half as impressive as Freireich’s, but he got seduced into parroting the right-wing narrative, so he’s somehow the “greatest living medical professional of our time.”

    PS: Matt has done numerous columns that are skeptical, if not completely hostile towards higher education (“Thank God I wasn’t college material”) but funny how that disdain for college completely disappears the moment a homeschooler gets accepted to an Ivy League school (which isn’t always the best-case scenario-for more on this subject, read “David And Goliath,” by Malcolm Gladwell, an actual researcher).

    • TheApostlePaul says:

      PS: Funny story…correct me if I’m wrong, but it sure looks to me like NONE of the keynote speakers Matt listed (Ben Carson, Michael Medved, John Rosemond, Mike Gallagher) were homeschooled themselves, nor can I find any evidence they’re homeschooling their OWN children. If it’s good enough for YOUR kids…how come it isn’t good enough for theirs?

      However, I guess homeschooling WAS good enough for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

      • lisawoody says:

        Child stars are nearly always tutored because their schedules do not permit them to sit in a classroom seven hours a day. And yes, one-on-one tutoring is more effective than institutional learning.

        Just because someone wasn’t homeschooled or didn’t homeschool doesn’t mean they can’t be in favor of it. I wasn’t homeschooled, but I homeschool. I didn’t get a college degree, either, but I encourage my children to get one when they’re old enough. Perhaps homeschooling was not known to be an option to them when they were young. Perhaps their parents decided that public or private school was a better choice for their family. There are lots of things that we ourselves may not have done, but we believe in them and encourage them.

      • JC says:

        You’ll find that almost ALL stars (like the Beebs) were homeschooled (Hillary Duff, too).
        And their life decisions shouldn’t be connected to their homeschool education, it should be related to how they were brought up / bad parenting and the immense pressure that the Hollywood life brings.

        But you should know by now that if kids want to act like a butt, they’re going to. Period. Homeschooled or not.

  19. My heart and my prayers will be with you all there…i think this is one of the most important things we can do in our country right now…. POWER TO YOU ALL… jean

  20. Angela says:

    Wish I could make it.

  21. Traveler says:

    I think it is just as exciting that you, Matt, are speaking at this convention as it is that Dr. Carson is speaking. I am currently reading Dr. Carson’s book, “Gifted Hands.” If that book does nothing else, it truly highlights the importance of dedicated parents to the education and character development of their children. This is something it seems that you also truly embrace. I wish you all the best!

  22. Jenni says:

    You should see about going to the MACHE homeschool conference in MN. I know a lot of people here who would love to hear you speak.

  23. littlehouseofpenguins says:

    That’s so great that you’ll be speaking at several homeschool conventions! I’m disappointed that it won’t be at the one I’ll be attending (and we were *just* in Ohio and would have gone to that convention, but my husband’s in the military and we moved). I will hope that maybe at some point I’ll see you speak at a future one. Maybe I should start agitating HEAV (the group that puts on the state convention here) to ask you to speak next year. 🙂

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