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I’m a Christian and I think ‘Noah’ deserves a four star review

On Friday, my wife and I had a very rare date night. Naturally, we decided to spend it being pummeled by the blaring condescension of the most insipid, absurd, unimaginative, clumsily contrived piece of anti-Christian filmmaking to come along since, … Continue reading

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To the quiet, boring girl in class

I got this message from “quiet” Kate a few days ago: Dear Matt, So sorry for bugging you when I know you get SO many emails everyday! My mom loves your blog, she told me and my dad about it. She … Continue reading

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I paid to have babies murdered and all I got was this coat hanger necklace?

In these lean times, we must be discerning about the causes to which we donate our energy and money. Sure, we’d like to give to every worthy charity and needy neighbor, but alas our resources are finite. So, do we … Continue reading

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I guess I’m old fashioned, but I wouldn’t let my son wear a My Little Pony backpack to school

I’m going to walk down a path here, and I don’t know if anyone will follow. I also go into this knowing that my points can often be misconstrued and twisted when the nuances in my positions are deliberately ignored. … Continue reading

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The Great Homeschool Convention in South Carolina begins tomorrow

The Great Homeschool Convention starts tomorrow, everyone. It’s not too late to get on board for the South Carolina convention. Find ticket information here. I’ll be speaking on Saturday, and I’ll also be at the conventions in Ohio and California. … Continue reading

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Hey media: if you don’t know what happened to the Malaysian flight, try reporting what you do know

Generally, when you want to discuss an event but you are not equipped with very many facts, you are left with two choices: you can either ground your conversation in the solid realm of reality — thereby rendering the discussion more honest but less entertaining — … Continue reading

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Pit bulls can maul children to death — but, hey, why should that stop you from owning one?

My wife and I have a certain policy when it comes to domestic animals. It’s a bit of a bewildering and unexpected rule, but here it is: we will never have a pet that could potentially devour and destroy our kids, us, or even the … Continue reading

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