Dear America, you’re too smart to listen to Beyonce

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Dear America,

Lately, we’ve become very health conscious. We don’t want to put bad things into our bodies. We stay away from trans-fat and regular fat and gluten and sugar and red meat and ranch dressing. We don’t smoke. We even embrace laws that ban other people from smoking anywhere within 3 million square miles of us.

We’re getting into organic foods. We don’t want to ingest any chemicals (even though “chemicals” are a pretty broad category, but I know what we mean). We drink soy milk. We’re cutting out the carbs. We take our vitamins.

I’m not trying to talk us out of these habits. I think we take it a little too far, and I think we have a largely unhealthy fear of our own mortality, but at least it sometimes drives us to pass up the processed foods and go for a jog.

Fantastic. I’m proud of us.

Now, why don’t we take it a step further? We are, after all, human beings. Our bodies are more than just physical entities. We have minds, we have souls; we have identities that transcend mere skin and blood and bones. At the core of our being is something intangible and eternal. Our core cannot gain weight or develop a gluten intolerance, but it is still vulnerable to whatever we feed it.

Maybe it’s time we start being a little more discerning about those things — the things we put into our minds and souls. For all the energy we spend monitoring our waistlines and cholesterol levels, perhaps we should make a small effort to guard the spirit contained inside these mortal vessels of ours.

On that note, maybe you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the Obama family’s favorite “role model.” Beyoncé apparently released a “song” called “Partition.”

Why is it called “Partition”? Well, because the singer offers a profound insight into the ways in which modern humans — though subscribing to a largely collectivist philosophy, and even spending much of our days congregated in close quarters with one another in our schools and our places of employment  — still erect barriers (partitions, if you will) which render meaningful communication and intimate human connections impossible.

Just kidding.

It’s actually called “Partition” because she asks the driver to raise the partition before she performs oral sex in the back of the limo.

Here’s a sample lyric (warning: graphic content):

Driver roll up the partition please
I don’t need you seeing Yonce on her  knees … 
Oh he so horny, yeah he want to  f— 
He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse 
He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown 

I just wanna be the girl you like, the girl you like

 Truly poetic, but perhaps not quite as romantic and imaginative as the lyrics to her song “Drunk in Love.” That’s the one she performed at the Grammy’s, while desperately overcompensating for a lack of artistic ability by writhing and thrusting and sexually degrading herself.

Here’s a quick look at a snippet of that masterpiece:

We woke up in the kitchen saying,
“How the hell did this sh-t happen?”
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club

…No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights
Boy, I’m drinking,
Park it in my lot 7-11
I’m rubbing on it, rub-rubbing, if you scared, call that reverend


That’s the general impression I come away with anytime I get a whiff of most modern pop music. Not only are these people sex-obsessed, but they aren’t nearly smart enough or clever enough to be subtle about it.

And that’s what leads me to my point, America.

These songs are obviously hypersexual. But, honestly, my greater concern is the fact that they’re hyperstupid.

Really, really stupid.

So stupid that it makes you stupid when you come in contact with it. It renders you stupid by proxy. Secondhand stupid.

Even if you won’t boycott pop music for morality’s sake, at least give it up for your brain’s sake. You gave up artificial sugar because you don’t want diabetes. Now give up Beyonce (and those like her) because you don’t want to be stupid.

Yes, the music is inappropriate, degrading, and offensive, but it’s also incredibly, awfully, outrageously, aggressively stupid. I’m not talking about stupid in a fun-loving, slapstick kind of way; I’m talking about stupid in a bland, pathetic, makes-your-brain-cells-commit-suicide kind of way.

This is the only reason why I’m hesitant to jump on the Miley Cyrus/Beyonce/Katy Perry/whoever outrage bandwagon. We act as though these people are artist provocateurs; intentionally jabbing at society’s taboos in order to make a bold, anarchic statement.

But Picasso they ain’t.

These pop-products have no vision. They have no critique to levy or declaration to make. They’re empty shells. They’re carefully constructed corporate constructions, singing and behaving with the wisdom and maturity of 7th graders because that’s what sells.

I know I’m not the first person to call this music stupid. But I want you to know, America, that I don’t say it as some generic insult. I want you to really reflect on this. This nonsense lessens you. It eats away at the creative capacities in your mind. It poisons your head with a deadening fog.

Worst of all: it makes us less capable of appreciating real beauty and feeling real joy.

Beauty. Remember beauty? Remember joy? There is no room for beauty and joy in a mind that’s filled with songs about women performing oral sex in the back of a limo.

We are humans. Art speaks to us. Art matters. Nowadays, we like to put a utilitarian, materialist spin on music (and movies and TV). We say, “well it’s just a song — what’s the big deal?” Yes, and the Pieta is just a hunk of marble. Yet, through the great mystery of art, emanating from that chunk of rock is something so filled with beauty and pain, tragedy and triumphant, that it could easily reduce you to tears — tears of joy and sadness, all at once.

And those audio vibrations comprising that “just a song” communicate something to us. We are changed by it. We are impacted. And, in this case, what exactly is impacting us? Clumsy, juvenile lyrics, pathetically overt sexuality, and unadulterated stupidity.

Let’s stop it. All of us. Let’s stop it together. Let’s expect more of our art.

You know, it is possible to communicate love and sensuality in a way that’s perhaps a bit more eloquent than “oh baby, drunk in love we be all night.”

Here’s an example. This is the excerpt from the Song of Solomon that we read at our wedding:

Hark! my lover–here he comes
springing across the mountains,
leaping across the hills.
My lover is like a gazelle
or a young stag.
Here he stands behind our wall,
gazing through the windows,
peering through the lattices.
My lover speaks; he says to me,
“Arise, my beloved, my dove, my beautiful one, and come!
“O my dove in the clefts of the rock,
in the secret recesses of the cliff,
Let me see you,
let me hear your voice,
for your voice is sweet,
and you are lovely.”
My lover belongs to me and I to him.
He says to me:
“Set me as a seal on your heart,
as a seal on your arm;
For stern as death is love,
relentless as the nether world is devotion;
its flames are a blazing fire.
Deep waters cannot quench love,
nor floods sweep it away.”

Set me as a seal on your heart. As a seal on your arm. For stern as death is love.

Chilling. Powerful. Love and death brought together. The pain of it, the finality of it. Incredible.

Now compare that to how Beyonce tackles the subject:

No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights
Boy, I’m drinking,
Park it in my lot 7-11
I’m rubbing on it, rub-rubbing, if you scared, call that reverend

Ridiculous. Boorish. Incoherent.


Just plain stupid.

We’re too good for this, America. We’re too smart.

Let’s stop listening to it.

Just stop.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.




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1,051 Responses to Dear America, you’re too smart to listen to Beyonce

  1. matt walsh says:

    matt you are an old racist white man. one by one your kind is dying and the world will be moving on sooner or later. i’m glad you’re learning how to use computers.

  2. Matt, I just wanna say thank you for this insightful and well-written article. While the racial aspects of the comparison obviously invite interpretations of your critique as racist or ultra-conservative, I think when one takes a step back and looks at the arguments objectively, they are hard to argue with. I do have to admit that it is quite difficult to discern what can be categorized as sexual liberation vs. exploitation in this situation, as we do not have complete knowledge of whether Beyonce intended to express her sexual liberation vs. has her sexuality exploited for commercial benefit. However, your lucid and thorough analysis has strongly demonstrated that this is not liberation, but crude sex fueled jingles that have left any notions of the human aspiration to the divine at the door. Additionally, thank you for that beautiful excerpt from the “Song of Solomon.” Sure beats these nigger jungle beats brought you courtesy of comrade obama…

    • Katerina says:

      “Sure beats these nigger jungle beats brought you courtesy of comrade obama…”

      What is this if not racist?

      • Oh that’s racist, but I’d like to point out to those who have posted here accusing Matt of being racist because he doesn’t like Beyonce…

        1) Matt also brought up Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, both of whom are white

        2) The person who made this post about the “…jungle beats…” (not posting all of that sentence) wasn’t Matt. It was some other poster.

  3. AKhan says:

    You can find the art you’re looking for at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond ,Ok.

  4. julio says:

    way to completely and utterly miss the point, matt.

    there is a kind of majesty to your cluelessness.

    thanks for making me laugh so hard on a tuesday.

    • Amber says:

      My thoughts exactly

    • Sarina says:

      What is the point, then?

      • julio says:

        beyonce has to fight every day for her right to be a sexual being in a world that calls promiscuous women whores, and philandering men studs.

        it’s easy for a white male to cast aspersions on what is a pretty powerful feminist bit of pop culture when he doesn’t have to shave his damned legs every day, or look like anything but himself.

        it’s called white heterosexual male privilege, and that’s what that whole album is pretty cleverly set against.

        listen to ‘flawless’ for a taste of what i mean.

  5. Amber says:

    This article is hilarious. There are no mention of her other deep meaningful songs. She addresses the pressure to be perfect in this day in age, feminism on multiple occasions , her lovet for her child, and yea sexuality. You choose to exploit the sexual sings. Of course bc it helps your sorry excuse for an argument. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring sexuality especially when one is practicing with their spouse. Beyonce has spoke about that. Sexuality with your spouse shouldn’t be shamed.

    • I’m sorry but if someone is an upstanding, church going person who is maybe a leader in the church, donates money as the bible says to, donates time and items, diligently goes on missions to 3rd world countries to provide aide, an all around humanitarian…BUT they molest children regularly, do we IGNORE the pedophilia because of all their other “good acts”?

      That is what I think about when I hear you and others trying to defend the music or movies of today. So because they do some songs or movies with meaning, we should look the other way when they create a piece of trash that should never hit the airwaves?

      It is one thing to say people are human and make mistakes, therefore we don’t usually throw a person away when they make a little mistake (and I’m talking things like, saying something they didn’t mean, losing their temper, speeding, maybe a little lie here and there) but that concept doesn’t apply to this type of situation where the person KNOWS what they are saying, what they are doing, what their words mean and that they are well aware that children listen to them and are influenced by them (hence why they apparently do songs on the pressures to be perfect in this day and age, feminism, the love for her child, according to your post).

      Do you think her child should listen to the type of song Matt was talking about? Would YOU be proud of the type of words and the concept the song contains if you were her daughter? In “Partition”, she talks about wanting to be the girl he will “like” not even “love” and, I’m sorry, but no where in that song, does she indicate that she and the man are even a couple. So, I could easily see a girl who has no direction and little education about sex and boys, taking lead from this song by thinking, “Well Beyonce wanted that guy to like her, so she gave him sexual favors. That’s what I need to do to get guys to like me.” And guess what? She will be even MORE convinced of that when the boys will indicate that to her in sometimes veiled suggestions and sometimes in blatant ones.

      So, I’m sorry, until she changes her ways entirely and ALL the songs she produces no longer contain the disgusting lyrics these songs here contain, I will not “pick and choose” what I will accept and what I won’t from the same person just because SOME of what she does may be OK.

      And can I point out, how can she be for feminism but yet she talks about being on her knees because she wants to be the girl he likes? Yes, there is this misconception that feminists don’t like sex are all dikes or something like that, but the true concept would be a self-confident woman that commands respect and expects for the man she wants to like her to like her for things OTHER than how well she performs oral sex. A real feminist wouldn’t find it a problem being on her knees providing oral sex to a man, but it won’t be because she is trying to get that guy to like her. Basically then, prostitutes are all feminists? They provide sexual favors for a “reward”. While their “reward” is currency, Beyonce’s “reward” is how much a guy will like her…go Beyonce, exemplary representative of feminism!


      • The anti-feminist feminine. says:

        Agree with you 100%, thanks for your voice of reason. You too, Matt.

      • Katerina says:

        1st of all are you seriously comparing something as trivial as an album to sexual abuse? What an insult to Beyoncé, and anyone who has actually suffered real abuse.

        2nd the world does not cater to children. Everything will not always be child friendly, Beyoncé’s album is one of those things. It’s not meant for young children. Adults like to listen to music as well you know.

        Any girl that would take Beyoncé’s single as life advice is clearly lacking something(parental guidance, self esteem, common sense) that Beyoncé can’t fix.

        • AMAZING! You state in your own posts the VERY PROBLEMS that are at issue here and yet, you have no insight to realize it.

          1) comparing an album to sexual abuse is not trivial. It was called an ANALOGY not a COMPARISON. While “comparison” is a synonym to “analogy” it isn’t exactly the same thing. Look it up to try and grasp the difference.

          2) The album is “not meant for young children, adults like to listen to music”…EXACTLY THE POINT!!! Adults do not listen to music in a vacuum. Children hear it, they have older siblings that buy it and have poor judgment because they are young too, parents aren’t informed or lack moral values or moral upbringing and therefore either don’t KNOW there is a problem or don’t care enough, as long as the kid is out of their hair. Then you get the great excuse of, “it’s part of our culture!” that some use to try and justify keeping this music out in the open. Yeah…right.

          Oh and the best part of your post? The end, where you state the obvious of “Any girl that would take Beyoncé’s single as life advice is clearly lacking something(parental guidance, self esteem, common sense)…” uhhhh…YEAH!! That’s the POINT! How do you think she began to lack ‘something’? Because parents today SUCK.

          You are a prime example of the ignorance parents of today wallow in. You state the very facts that are the issue and don’t even realize that you have only further proven our point here.

          Thank you…

    • Kristy B. says:

      I am so over men trying to tell women how to express themselves. Beyonce’ is referring to performing those acts with her husband. And when people say that it appears that she is just talking about some random guy is so full of garbage. That is why she had her husband in the video. Since everyone knows who her husband is she didn’t have to put a name with it. Are you forgetting that Bey saved herself for her husband and that says a lot for her being that many of women in the industry who are sleeping with whom ever they can in order to get signed. After all there were advisory labels on the album. Matt may not be a racist but the title is insulting to Bey fans and I know this because I am a fan of all of her music. He could have easily name the article something else, but he knew not many people would read it, so he put Beyonce’s name in the title to get readers. It’s a shame that men speak so lowly of women who are someone’s mother, sister, or daughter, but when someone criticizes their moms, sisters, and daughters they come unglued. I think that there are too many people who judge women harshly and the bible (even not mentioned in this article) basically calls every woman with the exception of two (Mary and Mary Magdalene) whores or former whores. I think that is time for all of that to come to an end and for women to respected and not all lumped in with the ones who are doing things a heck of a lot worse than Beyonce’ has ever done. I am 36 years old and I can tell you that her album was not made for children. If there are parents that play that album around their children they should be ashamed of themselves. I could not help to notice that Rihanna is missing from the list. I think that Beyonce’ does not belong on this list and the article title is all wrong because Bey has been the only performer outside of the late and great Michael Jackson, who can perform anywhere in the world and the foreign fans are so captivated that they cry. So, it would seem that Matt is saying that the whole world is too smart to listen to Beyonce’, that is total BS and everyone knows that crap.
      Katy Perry and Bey for that matter are not doing things that are so sexually charged that warrants this kind of backlash. Miley Cyrus has lost her damn mind and I saw everything going down hill for her when she had the nerve to try to twerk nearly nude and on someone else husband. Women in music have always been sexual, but now we live in different times and this generation can be compared to the flower children of the 70’s that are TOO sexual. The sad thing is that the music executives (mostly men) are the ones who are pushing for these young women for the most part to be more sexual with every album that they come out with. The culture of this country is the issue because it amazes me that men will put women down, but when men are caught with their pants down it is boys will be boys. That is hogwash and I think that it is time that men stop telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

  6. Ben says:

    I think you’re absolutely right Matt. And to those replying about Beyonce’s “deeper” songs, sorry, but everybody tries that. I remember the “coming of age” album that Britney Spears put out, or the “spiritual” album that Kanye put out, and I’m sorry but throwing in a couple songs an album trying to remind the audience that pop stars are somehow relatable doesn’t make it Mozart. Sure Beyonce has songs about growing up or struggles specific to women or the state of the world, but every Beyonce song IS a carefully marketed and intentionally produced corporate construction written and recorded by a small army of which Beyonce is only the figurehead. The result is stupid, a worthless dribble party tune that is designed for blasting beats in a club. Nothing against Beyonce, she is just one example of many. But now we have teenagers who can quote an entire album back to me but can’t tell me who Bach was or even Led Zeppelin for that matter

    • Shoni says:

      You do understand that you sound like the adults who likely maligned Led Zeppelin when you were a teenager, correct? There was definitely someone you listened to, during your teens, whom they viewed as musically worthless as you all see Beyonce. This is not new, nor is it different. In 30 years, your kids will be having this same discussion about one of their contemporary artists.

      • fatimah2323 says:

        5-year-olds didn’t listen to Led Zeppelin when I was young. Led Zeppelin was not big with the playground set. I didn’t see little kids pretending to be Led Zeppelin, but I do see a lot of little girls acting like Beyonce. I don’t think Led Zeppelin sang about BJs. Maybe they did, but I could never understand their lyrics.

        • Dinc says:

          Maybe not BJ’s, specifically, but “Squeeze me baby, till the juice runs down my leg. [X2]
          The way you squeeze my lemon, I’m gonna fall right out of bed…” IS pretty racy. But I wasn’t allowed to listen to Zep until about high school. So, I completely agree with your point. And this is veiled enough (as you alluded to) that a kid might not pick up on it even if they did overhear their dad getting the Led out after bedtime.

    • Katerina says:

      But now we have teenagers who can quote an entire album back to me but can’t tell me who Bach was or even Led Zeppelin for that matter

      Okay, but so what? What makes liking Bach or Led Zeppelin anymore valid then liking Beyoncé? The fact that you like them? Most black people of any generation probably couldn’t tell you much about Led Zeppelin. Can you tell me about New Edition, Jodeci or Boys II men?

      • Jon says:

        No one mentioned New edition, Jodeci or Boyz II Men. You did. Why do YOU keep making this a race thing? You have lost complete track of the blog that was written.
        By the way, just because you say this music wasn’t meant for children, doesn’t mean children won’t get their hands on it. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the majority of her fan base are young impressionable people. She has no place being a role model in a world filled with much more admirable people.

        • Kristy B. says:

          Katerina, is not making it a racial thing, it is just a fact that when are young we were not familiar with the same kind of music. I am 36, so I was a kid when MTV got it’s start and I had never heard Def Leppard, Lita Ford, Poison, Guns n Roses, and many other rock sings and groups until I started watching MTV. Before MTV we would watch Video Soul and the Soul Train. There is nothing racial bout you guys not understanding our music and us not understanding y’alls music until we were no longer influenced to just listen to what our parents use to listen to. It was no one’s fault it is just what went on back then. Now everyone is exposed to all kinds of music at any age. It is what it is.

        • fatimah2323 says:

          There is no “your” or “our” music. Music is for everybody.

        • Kristy B. says:

          Fatimah2323, I was referring to how people viewed music in the past and back then there was the divisions of our music and their music. It appears that you like to take one thing from someone’s comments and discard the rest because if you look at my entire comments, then you would not have made the comment that you did. My last line of my comment says that now everyone is exposed to all kinds of music. When I was a child and before MTV we listened to music that fell into the R&B category and rap. We did not know anything about country music or rock because we listened to what our parents listened to until MTV became available. Once MTV was added to the regular cable channels the music that we did not know anything about was available to us. MTV was one of the catalysts for changing our music and their music into everyone listening to any category of music that they liked. I do not know what age group you are a part of, but I know how things were for my family and the families that lived in the same subdivision as my family.

        • fatimah23 says:

          Once again, I do not understand what you mean by “our” music and “their” music. Are you an African American? Are you white? I have no idea what you “are”.

        • Kristy B. says:

          Fatimah2323, if you look at my first comment I stated that I had never heard of artists like Def Leppard, Poison, Guns n Roses, and other rock artists until we got MTV. Before MTV, we ( as in my family) watched Video Soul and Soul Train. I am not caucasian and I had not heard the kind of music they listened to because we listened to the music that our parents and our older relatives listened to like Marvin Gaye, Sheila E, Prince, the Sugar Hill Gang, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan to name a few. My siblings and I did not know what rock and roll was until we started to watch MTV. When we were children we referred to rock and roll as being music that caucasians listened to and R&B was music that black people listened to. I apologize it was not my intention to confuse you, I was not 100% clear on what you were asking me. When I was a kid certain radio stations played one category of music, it is no longer like that most radio stations now play a variety of artists that fall under many categories of music.

        • fatimah23 says:

          Pardon me if I have not read all your comments. They tend to be too long and I lose interest. Sorry.

      • Dinc says:

        I can tell you about all the groups/people you mentioned, and while I’m not going to defend Zep… really? Bach is not superior to Beyonce? Really? I’d actually rather listen to a couple Beyonce tunes than have to sift through Bach, but I can still admit Bach > Beyonce. Just like I can throw Val Kilmer’s “The Saint” on to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon b/c that movie reminds me of being a careless teenager but can still KNOW that “No Country For Old Men” is a far superior movie. I just don’t want to watch it today. Or next month. Maybe in a year or two…

        The point is, while appreciating art can be greatly subjective, we CAN and ARE allowed to say some things are objectively better than others. So “liking” isn’t the best choice of words.

        • Kristy B. says:

          Wow, so you sound like one of the people who say that they don’t like to read. All you had to to do is read the one post that you first asked a question about, I was not speaking of all of my comments. So, if you lose interest do not ask me a question because you are too damn lazy to read someone’s thoughts before you ask any question (s) that are answered in the post you did not read.

  7. John Hanson says:

    Hey now , some of us over 45 yr old white men aren’t as stupid or racist as the writer … !

    • By “writer” I can’t help but think you must mean the writer of the lyrics to the song Matt was referring to (psst, that would be Beyonce by the way), because I fail to find a single “racist” spot in his blog post. He also mentions Miley Cyrus (white) and Katy Perry (white). So how again was this racist? Just because someone (Matt and other intelligent people out there) doesn’t like something someone (Beyonce) did, and the person who did the thing that wasn’t liked (Beyonce) is black, does not automatically mean race is a factor and I’m so tired of hearing that.

      And if anyone’s response to this is going to be that crazy defense of “You don’t understand the world that hip hop (or rap) “musicians” came from. You can’t possibly grasp the deeply rooted anger/culture (either word can be used because it usually depends on the intent of the person arguing this ridiculous point) the artists rising out of the slums and projects have experienced.” Don’t bother to waste your brain power because I’m calling you on it already. It’s such an overused excuse.

      Why can’t we use the same excuse for pedophiles who have child porn on their computer and look at it but never act on it? I mean, you can argue the “musicians” who make this “music” are only using words, they aren’t doing anything physical. So is the pedophile who is only looking at picture and not doing anything physical to anyone.

      You could say that the pedophile is helping to perpetuate child abuse by being a consumer of material that has to be created at some point, and therefore, at some point a child is abused to create the material. Well, the same could be said about the “musician”. At some point, their “music” IS heard by children and HAS been proven to already affect children in society in a negative way. I would even go out on a limb and say there have been MORE children negatively affected by these pop and rap “musicians” than by an actual child porn producer.

      • Katerina says:

        “. At some point, their “music” IS heard by children and HAS been proven to already affect children in society in a negative way. ”

        Can you prove that?

        • fatimah23 says:

          Just spend a day in downtown Brooklyn, NY.

        • Wow…how about just go to the schools, go to a skating rink, go to the malls. Watch the interactions, listen to the conversations, listen to the music they listen to. That is all the proof you really need.

          If you need some sort of hard, scientific facts, I’m sure I could research it but I’m paid for my services, so I’d rather take my time helping clients who are the products of this ignorant society, rather than wasting it doing research that any capable adult with an education and a desire to learn could do on their own.

          But here’s some free advice, be sure when you do the research, you have an open mind and don’t ‘cherry pick’ the facts you gather to only support your side. That is one of the most ignorant moves a person can do, including professionals and highly educated researchers. It does no good to find only things that support your hypotheses if there is overwhelming evidence against it. You can almost always find some sort of backwards, tweaked research out there to support nearly anything you want. The key is to verify from who the research is being done by to ensure neutrality and more accurate results and to go by the number of research articles that actually support one hypothesis over another.

          The bottom line here for me is, I have no personal beef with Beyonce. I don’t know her, she didn’t harm me, therefore, I have no vendetta against her. My issue is that I treat the result of a screwed up society where 11-year-olds are having sex because they are stimulated, confused and intrigued by an over-sexualized media. Their minds aren’t prepared for, in any sort of way, the complications that come with sex and relationships and yet, they are doing it…why? Because they are copying their ROLE MODELS.

    • Kristy B. says:

      You are so right John, I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks that we should not include everyone in a category because we all have differences and similarities. All causcasian people are not racist and it has been proven time and time again. There are members of every race or ethnicity that are racist and intolerant. Now is the time that everyone stops making it seem as if only caucasian people are racists and that is a bold face lie. I think that our government and the powers that be that keep up the race baiting to keep us all from uniting against them and they are using it to distract of from the rights that they are stripping us of and distracting us from seeing the bigger picture of this one world order crap. I am of Moor descent and I do not judge anyone or put an entire race, culture, ethnicity, or religion into the same category and make generalizations. When we make generalizations we all tend to come off racist or intolerant of what issue we are making a blanket statement about. I think that we should not focus on these shells that we are housed in and focus on the soul because that is the only thing that will be here once the time comes.

      • fatimah23 says:

        What are the titles of the reports which say Caucasians are not racist. Or the report showing any other race is not racist. That is a silly thing to say. I’m sure every person has some negative thought about somebody, It is human nature. Even the Moors.

  8. leveluptbc says:

    If you were going to be a critic of vapidity and idiocy in american culture, you might have found a better target a little closer to home in the form of your blog posts. Anyone who pretends to present absolute truths by communicating solely in trite analogies intended to appeal to the biases and preconceived opinions of his or her ignorant and sheltered audience ought not to throw stones, especially on matters in which he or she is obviously and embarrassingly in over his or her head. That you pretend to be intellectually addressing the entirety of the nation with this garbage is insulting to the nation, intellectuals, and addresses as a form of communication. Your brilliant and novel insight that Beyonce lyrics do, in fact, reference sex falls so far below the bar for any kind of opinion writing on aesthetic, political, or moral matters that it boggles my mind that you hit post on this one. Forget Beyonce. Forget American culture. Go back to school, read a few books without any pictures in them, and, for god’s sake, learn how to write argumentative essays before any more innocent people are led to believe that the clown-show that is your entire body of work deserves a place anywhere but the funny pages.

    • I’m sorry but did you just write a paragraph and then look up big words to replace smaller ones to make your post sound smart? Because it made no sense in a lot of areas and sounded way forced.

      While I can’t speak for everyone else because I don’t know anyone else here, I know that for myself, I am neither ignorant nor sheltered. Not only that, but how do you berate the owner of a blog for posting HIS views and HIS beliefs? The fact that you don’t get the point that Beyonce is popular even with YOUNG girls, which is ultimately the problem is amazing to me.

      If I were to compare Matt’s blog to multiple lyrics of Beyonce’s songs…I can really say that Beyonce is the true threat and perhaps you should try sending her a few emails that are like this post you’ve done here. I bet you’ll confuse the hell out of them much more than someone as educated as I am but unlike me, who finds your post a litany of caustic and pretentious junk, they will probably think, “oh gorsh! We done did it now! The smarties are after us!”

      By the way, the “.” (period) is your friend! I ran out of breath in my head trying to read your post!

      • The anti-feminist feminine. says:

        Thank you, Winter Rose, for your voice of reason against the unreasonable voices.

      • Katerina says:

        You don’t much about Beyoncé do you? Most of Beyoncé’s fanbase consists of people who grew up with her, and that is mostly older teens and adults. I doubt girls under 13 even know much about Beyoncé other than that she’s a singer, since she wasn’t nearly as big when they would have actually started to become fans of non Disney singers. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rihanna and Selena Gomez are what’s hot for the young teens early tweens, not Beyoncé. So stop with the “think of the children!!” excuse. If you don’t like her just say why.

        • No, I avoid listening to trash as much as I can, so I don’t apologize for that. However, you say, “stop with the ‘think of the children’ excuse” and that, “most of Beyonce’s fanbase consists of people who grew up with her” but maybe you need to get out more. As a person in a professional field where I deal with both adults and children, I see MANY children under the age of 13 who not only know her, her music, wear her swag, but they also know what the word “twerking” means. That wasn’t even a word until around the late 1990’s but didn’t become popularized until the mid 2000’s. However, Beyonce’s song “Check on It” in 2006 actually uses that term. So, tell me again how most of her fanbase is older teens and adults, considering the fact that anyone who was old enough to understand what they were seeing in the videos that made that move and word popular (2 – 6 years old) in 2006 would just now be reaching between 9 – 13 years old.

          If somehow, there were no children around ever again (God forbid) and only adults listened to the objectionable material from Beyonce (and others like her out there), then I really wouldn’t care, wouldn’t say much and would just figure adults have to make their own decisions. Just as when I went to Las Vegas recently where there was sex and drugs and alcohol and gambling all around, but like the responsible adults my husband and I are, we didn’t engage in any of that. We visited interesting places, went to clean, family friendly shows and enjoyed some of the amazing buffets that aren’t in our area. We made the choice to not engage in things we don’t hold valuable to us.

          If other ADULTS want to listen to Beyonce and other musicians out there that stick to the same sort of vulgar topics and concepts, then that’s their decision. But since children ARE around and ARE listening to Beyonce and other musicians like her, THAT is why there is an issue here. So devoid of any other problem with Beyonce’s music OTHER than the original issue that I personally hold to be important, which is children listening to her, why else would I be making the statement of “think of the children” UNLESS…it IS my only reason? What a concept. To actually mean what you say…I know, it’s hard to fathom for some people out there.

          Of course, Matt’s original post was addressing EVERYONE, including adults and I can see why. After all, young children can’t have access to inappropriate clothes, videos or songs unless adults enable it. Therefore, his plea (in my view) is directed towards adults because it’s adults that read blogs here and it’s adults that are responsible for the values they instill in their children starting at a very young age.

          Oh, and of course, don’t forget the wonderful Michelle Obama’s famous tweet in 2012 where she says, “@Beyonce Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. –mo” Good job, “mom”. That really worries me that if the president’s wife is so ignorant as to endorse such a person as a “role model” and she’s supposed to be educated? What about all the many, MANY others out there that aren’t as educated as she is reported to be?

          Again, you were trying, desperately but miserably failing, to pretend our issue with Beyonce and the fact that young, impressionable children listen to her isn’t the real issue here? I think you need to open your eyes and get into reality here.

          And by the way, since you seem to think that kids under 13 don’t really know Beyonce and don’t make up her fanbase, when this tweet was sent out by Michelle, both her daughters were 13 or under. Another reality check for you.

          So now we teach our children to look at the president and his wife as role models and the first lady endorses Beyonce as a role model for kids? Who the heck do we hold up as role models now? Parents need to be the best role models and they can’t do that by, among other things, listening to Beyonce (and others like her) and allowing their children to listen as well. But when you look at all the negative posts in response to Matt’s original post, it is no surprise the children growing up in the last few decades seem to hold less and less values and morals dear. It’s all about the here and now, “what makes ME feel good is my goal…”

          This world is falling into a downward spiral faster and faster…

        • Emma says:

          Children don’t know who Beyoncé is? That’s funny. I’m a nanny and a childcare worker. Every single child I’ve taken care of, with the exception of infants, knows who Beyoncé is. They sing her songs and dance her dances. They also know who Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc. are. Their parents listen to the music and they hear it at school and in stores on the radio. And isn’t it “Disney stars” like Miley who sing lyrics like:
          “To my homegirls here with the big butt
          Shaking it like we at a strip club”
          – We Can’t Stop
          Miley songs play everywhere. As do Beyoncé’s. So, yes. Think of the children. Think of the standards we are setting for both girls and boys of all ages.

        • fatimah23 says:

          Great response. Thank you very much.

        • Molly says:

          I was standing in line at subway yesterday and this little girl was pumped when lady gaga came on the radio. Her mom just rolled her eyes. Hearing a little girl singing along with these lyrics is sad because she doesn’t know what she is saying yet…its a subliminal message.

          I want your psycho
          Your vertigo shtick
          Want you in my rear window
          Baby you’re sick
          I want your love
          I want your love
          (Love-love-love I want your love)

          You know that I want you
          (‘Cause I’m a free bitch baby!)
          And you know that I need you
          I want it bad, bad romance

          Not to mention Beyonce was recently praised for bringing a little girl who was dying of cancer on stage with her. It was part of a make a wish foundation…Beyonce was wearing next to nothing and singing halo with the little girl. The girl new all the lyrics. I’m sure halo wasn’t the only song that little girl knew the lyrics to.

        • Kristy B. says:

          Winter Rose, not to be rude but you are coming off real judgmental and who are we to judge one another? We are all sinners and no one is perfect. You are coming across as if your opinion is the only one that matters. You are being harsh with the people who do not share you opinion as if they should change their minds and agree with you. You are coming across as a person who is trying to push their beliefs and opinions onto everyone else. I mean everything I say in the most respectful way and I am not trying to put you down in any way. I am just expressing how I would feel if I were leveluptbc. I was raised in the baptist church and your comments take me back to my childhood and how the adults at that church made me feel. They forced their beliefs and their values onto me and made me feel as if I was lower than them and could not think, speak, or form my own opinions. If I did those things, I was criticized and put down. These were the same people who were making a mockery of the baptist church because while they judged me they all were fooling around with one another and others husbands or wives. Till this day, I have an issue with organized religion because the attitude that many display of do as I say, not as I do. I had so many insecurities from those experiences. Becoming a Marine made me a better woman and I was no longer that insecure 18 year old who experienced so many firsts (first time of a plane, first time firing weapons, first time leaving home without my family just to name a few) in Parris Isalnd, SC. That broken and insecure girl became a self-assured young woman, a Marine on December 6, 1996. That was the first day of my new life. Men run the music industry as well as many industries in this country and abroad and they are the ones who crack the whip so to speak and are the ones that put these young ladies in these situations to begin with. If they do not do as they are told their careers are done. Just because you do not like certain music, why classify it as trash? I am not a fan of the rap music that contain lyrics that refer to women as Bs and Hs, but who am I to call it trash? To each its own is the way that I see it. Everyone is going to like the same things. Many of us women who listen to Bey can relate to many of her lyrics, so I take offense to you calling it trash because many of the things that she talks about I have experienced in the Marines, in the Army, and some if the places I have been in my life. I do my best to try to put myself in others shoes when it comes to everything that makes us all human. We were all given free will for a purpose. Just because we do not like something, we should not draw the conclusions that people are dumb or wrong for liking the things that they like. As for the tone that you corrected leveluptbc, you could have respectfully stated the lack of periods in the comment. Some of us are good writers and there are some people who are not. We should not put one another down for the things that they are not good at, we should respectfully teach them and help make them better. We all fall short on some things and we all have different talents. You are very well-spoken and you appear to be very intelligent by the comments you have posted. You did not have to call leveluptbc out in the manner that you did. When we are harsh in our criticisms we make out point mute in doing so. We all never know when there may come a time when we may need someone that we criticized harshly and burned that bridge that we may need to cross. We are adults voicing our opinions and we all have the right to do so even when others do not agree with us, we have to be big enough to agree to disagree.

        • yo says:

          umm if you look at this site, it reviews one of beyonce’s song, and if you look at the comment section, voila, childrens. and if you look at it again cbbc is a website for children. and how are children not knowing or listening to her? heck there’s even a six year old commenting on how she likes beyonce’s song.

      • ColdCase Fanatic says:

        I understood what she was saying perfectly because apparently, big words aren’t a problem for me to understand. She at least knows what she’s talking about, unlike the lady who’s head hurts when big words are used and arguments made that make her think.

        • Your response shows in black and white how some ignorant people out there get things wrong because they don’t actually READ what was written. A prime example of not listening to all the facts, reading all the information provided or continuing to keep a closed mind because it’s too ‘hard’ to change the one you got.

          Here, let me spoon-feed it to you. What I said was, “By the way, the “.” (period) is your friend! I ran out of breath in my head trying to read your post!”

          Just in case it still isn’t clear for you, in other words, the poster had a slew of run-on sentences, which was just one (of many) reasons their post made no sense.

          Now, go right ahead and continue to admit the post made sense to you because by doing so, you are admitting to understanding gibberish which means no one can really count on your judgment either.

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  10. k23mt says:

    Haha, you’re just jealous because she doesn’t want to bang you.

  11. garyh says:

    THE GOOD : Older woman still has young lust for her husband
    THE BAD: : Way over-the-top glorification of the act of sex (remember most teens listening to this aren’t married & this kind of glorification also’stimulates their junior’s.
    THE UGLY : Details about their actual sex acts ( Y U C K ).

  12. Paul Daniel says:

    Sadly, we aren’t too stupid for it. We elected Obummer twice. This is exactly what we deserve.

  13. Rose says:

    It’s not just the sex, Matt. It’s the lyrics of the majority of songs in general. Most of it’s not poetic or meaningful. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense at all. These are people who you would kick out of your house if they came over and started talking like that, or at least avoid. But you throw in some scantly clad women and a catchy tune, all of a sudden it’s a big hit.

    I can’t believe how many songs I watch these days where I’m looking at the t.v. wondering how that even made it into the top ten because by no rights should it even be considered a song.

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