This is what happens when perverts write elementary school text books

[WARNING: this post contains some graphic content. Blame the schools for this. Don’t shoot the messenger.]

Neighbors, friends, fellow citizens: listen to my plea. We must find some common ground. We must be a country again; a people; a culture. Our civilization is doomed if we cannot search through the fog and the confusion and find in that mist some semblance of a thread to bind us all. We are supposedly a Union, are we not?

So let me make the first attempt. Let me prove that unity is possible, by pointing to just a few topics upon which all decent, civilized, rational people can agree.

Here we go:

1) Bacon is delicious. Bacon is a cultural phenomenon. Despite our differences, we all love bacon. It really seems like everyone is on the same page here… Except for the vegetarians, but they aren’t Americans, technically.

2) The Princess Bride is a fantastic film. Everyone loves that movie, right? It’s charming, whimsical, and hilarious.

3) It’s nice to have money. We all would prefer to have money, right? I mean, given the choice between having no money, some money, or a lot of money, we’d all definitely choose either some or a lot, wouldn’t we?

See? We CAN agree on some things. We ARE unified. Oh, and here’s one more:

4) Public schools shouldn’t teach fourth graders how to masturbate. Clearly, no sane adult could possibly react with anything other than horror if they found out that government schools were taking time out of the academic day to encourage nine and ten-year-olds to masturbate, right?



Well, three out of four ain’t bad.

Victoria Jackson has the story about a “text book” on the approved reading list for fourth graders in Tennessee. The book is called “It’s Perfectly Normal,” and it’s been around since the mid 90’s. Here’s a sample passage:

sexbook mast

This is clear cut, folks. Yes, I’m Mr. Absolutist. You’re absolutely right about that, and here’s an absolute statement: it is a deeply depraved and disordered understanding of childhood and sexuality that leads one to believe that such a book belongs on a public school reading list.

Imagine a stranger came up to your son on the playground and said: “Hey little boy, if you touch yourself it’ll feel good and tingly. I drew some cartoons of kids masturbating. Wanna see?” What would you do? Would you shake his hand and thank him for the helpful sex ed lesson? Or would you call the cops and see to it that this sicko has to alert the neighbors every time he changes his address?

There is no discernible distinction to be drawn between the creep on the playground and the public school official who approves this kind of material for children. This is child abuse, plain as day.

Here are a few more morsels from the Book of Pedophilia:

sexbook condom

text book pen

Sure, let’s make sure to put math and history on hold, gather the children around, and tell them about how “sexy” a man’s body feels when someone rubs his penis.

Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931. The story is set in the year 2540. Little did Huxley know, Western Civilization would achieve his Brave New World over 500 years earlier than he predicted.

From Chapter Three:

Outside, in the garden, it was playtime. Naked in the warm June sunshine, six or seven hundred little boys and girls were running with shrill yells over the lawns… “That’s a charming little group,” [the Director] said, pointing.

In a little grassy bay between tall clumps of Mediterranean heather, two children, a little boy of about seven and a little girl who might have been a year older, were playing, very gravely and with all the focused attention of scientists intent on a labour of discovery, a rudimentary sexual game…

[The Director] let out the amazing truth. For a very long period before the time of Our Ford, and even for some generations afterwards, erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal (there was a roar of laughter); and not only abnormal, actually immoral (no!): and had therefore been rigorously suppressed.

A look of astonished incredulity appeared on the faces of his listeners. Poor little kids not allowed to amuse themselves? They could not believe it.

“Even adolescents,” the D.H.C. was saying, “even adolescents like yourselves.”

“Not possible!”

“Barring a little surreptitious auto-erotism and homosexuality–absolutely nothing.”


“In most cases, till they were over twenty years old.”

“Twenty years old?” echoed the students in a chorus of loud disbelief.

“Twenty,” the Director repeated. “I told you that you’d find it incredible.”

“But what happened?” they asked. “What were the results?”

“The results were terrible.”

The results were a society where people learned discipline and self-control. But tyrants do not want a citizenry with these kinds of characteristics. That’s one of the central themes in Huxley’s novel.

It’s terrifying to think of all the modern progressives who read this excerpt and nod their head in agreement with the Director. Huxley wrote Brave New World to be a nightmarish vision of a Dystopian future — they read it like a practical outline of their domestic agenda.

That’s why I chuckle whenever a radical progressive professes to have read and loved this book. It’s like they don’t realize that the entire thing is one long, stinging, merciless indictment against their ideology and worldview.

I was going to take a few paragraphs to explain why it’s not OK for elementary schools to teach our children about “sexy feelings” and “exciting” self-pleasure, but what’s the use? To make my case, I would need to appeal to some common moral principle. Yet, if you believe this sort of thing to be acceptable, your “moral principles” are so far afield from anything that I recognize as moral or principled that I’m not sure how to communicate with you. You live in an entirely different dimension. I am an alien in your universe, and you are an alien in mine.

I can hear the argument already: “But kids will do these things anyway!”

Really? How do you know what kids are doing? How do you know what they WILL do? Where are you gathering your data on the masturbatory habits of little boys and girls? Wait, let me get the FBI on the line before you tell me. Besides, IF they are “doing it anyway,” then I suppose this “lesson plan” is rather redundant. And, whether they do it or they don’t, the contention that they “should” or that it’s “perfectly normal” is subjective at best. If I can’t inject my religion into the schools, then I don’t think it’s fair for you to inject your Freudianism into it, either.

This book has been floating around for a while. It won’t shock you to learn that Planned Parenthood considers it to be required reading (they love anything that’ll help groom our kids into their future customers). I don’t know how many schools have this on their reading list. It doesn’t matter. Can’t we all just agree that elementary schools shouldn’t, in any way, be in the business of discussing, teaching, advocating for, instructing about, or otherwise mentioning masturbation, tingly feelings, or anything in that general ballpark?

Can’t we?


Fine. How ’bout this for a compromise: if you want your young child to learn about masturbation and condoms and sexy feelings, you are free to teach him or her yourself. Leave other people’s kids alone.



Probably not.

Hey, at least we still have The Princess Bride.

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486 Responses to This is what happens when perverts write elementary school text books

  1. jonclyde says:

    OK Matt, The rule to great journalism is know what you report is true. Did you investigate the
    allegation before you posted? I

    • Jean says:

      Just looked at the California Recommended Reading list from the Dept. Of Education website and found this book on it. Parents… Fight for the right room your child sits in every day. Get to know the office staff. Choose your child’s teacher. If they don’t accept it, it’s not a place for you. Like me, some teachers will go to great lengths to protect your child.

    • Ephanee says:

      Sadly this is all true and planed , if some people would read a few books like the one he spoke of By Huxley I have read and a few others. These are sick people running this country, sicker than you know and if we as Moms and Dads don’t know what’s going on you can’t protect our children.

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  3. r says:

    Check this out, no one told me how to masturbate, I figured it out my self. And I kept it to myself. Why do we think everything has to be out there for everyone to analyze. If its a normal human function they’ll figure it out. Teach them about anatomy and birth control in middle school, like we were taught, and leave some thing for them to discover- tingly feelings etc.
    My grandparents have been married for 60 years, and my parents for 33, you can’t tell me that they lack anything because they weren’t taught that penises are sexy. And who says that knowledge can even help you to have a good sex life. What about love. We need to make sure our own romantic relationship, are good role models for our children and treat each other with love and care. If we do that how can they go wrong.
    I’m so glad I got to find out about tingly feelings with a man I love, not in a classroom with a bunch of jerks. Teach them about anatomy and birth control in middle school, like we were taught, and leave some thing for them to discover- tingly feelings etc.
    By the way, I’d rather my schools taught how to make a menu plan for a week and then shop for it and prepare it, or how to file your taxes, or manage finances, these seem to be the more pressing issues of the day 🙂

  4. JessMarie says:

    Story changing direction. Lots of new info coming out. Book exists, book is horrible, is NOT on any approved lists, was only referenced in a flyer to TEEN parents about sex, the flyer was by the University of Tennessee Extension Office (not the school board). Info:

    Based on the information Matt had at the time his article was spot on and well said. And the book is STILL inappropriate to even exist for young children IMO.

    Also, can we PLEASE stop posting the unedited images everywhere? I’m afraid to look at the internet today without being ready to slap hands over the monitor as one of the kidlets wanders through the room.

    • Jackson says:

      Do you have a television? Get mail? Almost daily we receive Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s and Big Lots! catalogs that are more explicit. This prudery over these illustrations is ridiculous! If your children are really this sheltered maybe you should churn some butter or weave a rug and stay away from the demon internet. By the way your skirt is riding up some…your stockinged ankle is exposed. I’m having an impure thought….you harlot! Jackson

      • jeshkahope says:

        Jackson raising your children away from overtly sexual imagery is not prudery it is parenting. A catalog or magazine with women in underwear isn’t an issue to me but a playboy or a book for kids on masturbating is. My kids won’t be on the internet unless it is on kid mode and I don’t get online around my kids’ eyes. Why? Not because I’m sheltering them but because I am parenting them. The human body is beautiful and fine but my kiddos don’t need sex education or imagery in their heads, they’re kids. The teen pregnancy rate and popularity of Miley Cyrus IS an issue for both male and female children in society today. Without parenting and teaching your kids what is appropriate and inappropriate we are just adding to the issue. I think JessMarie is spot on and hey I’ll go churn butter and weave a rug if that means I’m parenting my kids well.

        • Jackson says:

          These images are not pornographic, they are merely illustrations of normal human development. Children need to understand this is perfectly normal. Miley Cyrus isn’t the problem, not talking about the issue is the problem. I have no issue with parenting your way and for your beliefs. I want my children to know facts and part of that (uncomfortable as it may be at times) requires some frank discussions. Jackson

        • jeshkahope says:

          Totally agree about frank discussions, I will have them with my kids, but I still don’t agree that this book is okay for schools or 9 year olds or for a teacher or anyone other than a parent to have those frank conversations. It isn’t the book I find issue with, if a parent wants to use it as a resource power to it. Thanks for your input!

        • Jackson says:


      • JessMarie says:

        If your Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, and Big Lots catalogs are actually showing genitalia then you aren’t getting the same catalog most people get. Stop trying to be a sensationalist and making up lies to try and make others seem prudish. ~fin

        • Jackson says:

          They aren’t showing actual genitalia, but neither are these pictures. They are drawings of genitalia…look at the hole in the sheet the next time you and MISTER procreate. You are prudish I don’t have to sensationalize this at all. Sexuality is a normal healthy part of human development. Fear and shame shouldn’t be motivators to this ignorance. Matt and a lot of his readers make too much of issues. That’s what is being sensationalized here. Thanks, Jackson

      • Kris says:

        Thank you, Jackson, for illustrating why Matt needed to write this in the first place. If you can’t understand why a mother wouldn’t want her young children to see the pictures on this page, it might help to read Matt’s commentary above. It doesn’t mean you’ll agree with it, but, hey, you might understand JessMarie’s point of view a little better.

        Sometimes I can’t believe the comments I come across. This one takes the cake.

        • Jackson says:

          What about human development and clear straight forward facts scare you so? Anyone who could get this upset over some simple drawings and explanations to children about the changes they will feel as they mature clearly needs counseling. These books were written for the children if people like you. Superstitious fear of normal healthy growth is unbelievable ignorance. Perverts are people who want to act like this is dirty and shameful. Don’t tell your children a thing about puberty, have a 14 year old pregnant daughter, stuck your head in the sand between Matt and JessMarie… I’ll bet something takes your cake everyday of the year…pick your cake up and deal with it. Thanks, Jackson

        • speakeasy25 says:

          Yeah, I had a super religious ex-inlaw who took her three teen sons out of school to avoid sex ed. And when I asked her where they were going to get the information, she said that they weren’t–informing young people about sex and its possible ramifications is exactly the same thing as giving them permission to fool around. So, she said, she would hold her “dying sons in my arms” before she would tell them–or let anyone else tell them–about STDs or sex. That is seriously out of control. Insanity.

        • Jackson says:

          I know a lot of people just like her. If you give your children the facts, they at least have can make informed decisions. Thanks, Jackson

    • Pb205 says:

      Book IS on AZ Dept. of Education list of approved materials for 5th Grade or 10 years and up. Look it up….ADOE. K-12 Sexual education Standards

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  6. Elkay says:

    Unfortunately, anyone printing any information over social media that is defamatory in any way, should try to do their own investigation before moving it down the rumor mill. There is always two sides to a story. With politics in the mix, such as this, much of it is tall tales and smoke and mirrors to further personal/party political agendas.

    Ms. Jackson is running for office:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    I totally AGREE! That is ridiculous and my child would be out of that school in an instant. I was in college and I was 23 and in sociology my teacher thought it was in to have us in class watch some movie that was all about a small girl being raped by her mothers boyfriend??? Even at that age I whole heartily disagreed with THAT.

    • Jackson says:

      You have seen a different picture than I did… This post is about some drawings of children exploring their bodies alone and in a simple illustration. There was no rape, no multiples and certainly no sex. Just simple straight forward facts about normal, healthy human development. Perhaps a psychologist could help you sort through some of your confusing feelings and memories. Thanks, Jackson

      • dadof2incalifornia says:

        Jackson, I have seen many of your replies and have come to one conclusion. You are an idiot. Every parent daily sees thousands of images that they make a split second decision to cover THEIR childs eyes or not. TO you, it was “sweet and innocent”, to the original commenter, it was perversion for their childs eyes to see and read. Again, idiot.

        • Jackson says:

          As a father of 3, I understand your feelings of not wanting your children to mature. However, you are an ‘idiot’ if you believe that is possible. It is unfortunate that you choose to bury your head in the sand and be outraged. Refusing to look at reality and progress is sad. You don’t like me, you don’t like honest answers for children and you are a Matt Walsh disciple… That’s all great with me. My children were given facts about human development without superstition and shame. My wife and I have done our duty to our family. We sat down and honestly (sometimes uncomfortably…) answered our childrens concerned as they had questions. Not so they would be sexual, but so they have the information to make informed decisions. ‘Perverted’ is an inflammatory term Matt accuses simple drawings for children to better understand their development. Pervert is a better description of Matt and you… To call these innocent cartoons ‘porn’ shows the deviant sexual attitude we should fear. Thanks, Jackson

  9. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you relied on the video to make your point.

    You obviously know what youre talkiung about, why throw away
    your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you couhld be giving us
    something enlightening to read?

  10. Beth says:

    I almost had a heart attack when, sitting in a presentation to parents of 5th graders about the upcoming sex-ed classes, the speaker told us that one of the topics would be oral sex. I couldn’t believe it. Why is teaching a 10 year old about oral sex part of the public school health curriculum?

    • speakeasy25 says:

      Because fifth graders are having and performing oral sex. Certainly not all of them, but the reason we immunize our kids is not because most of them will get sick, but because a few of them might get sick and we don’t know which ones. Comprehensive Sex Ed–real information without squeamishness and euphemism and denial–is similar to the those immunizations–we protect the “herd” in general so we reach the ones who need it.

      • Paul says:

        Do you remember the debate about sex education in the 60s, about how it was necessary to prevent teen pregnancy? Has that rate decreased or increased? Opponents of sex education warned that it would lead to sexual activity at younger ages. Were they wrong? The good intentions of those who support a course of action do not outweigh the actual results of that action. Those of us who object to this material aren’t hopeless prudes, it might be relevant in a high school class, (stupid, but relevant) but why in God’s name would you teach this to 10 year old kids? Let kids be kids, let them enjoy their childhood, quit pushing them into adulthood before they’re ready. And Matt is right, if I caught some stranger in the park showing these “cartoons” to my 10 year old daughter I’d administer a beating and then have him arrested, if he survived.

  11. Luscinia says:

    A man who looks like a real life Hank Scorpio once said “90 percent of guys say they do it and 10 percent are lying.”

  12. Kim says:

    You don’t have to spit very far to find the results of this “Brave New World” thinking. The Children of God cult is one that pops into my mind. One friend, who was sexual abused by her father, told me how her 5 year old daughter was sexual abused by an 9 year old cousin at a family reunion. Where did he get that idea? Sexual information given to children has always led to disastrous results, and the writers of books as stated are too far removed to notice the carnage.

    • speakeasy25 says:

      Um, wow. Just wow. Where did he get the idea? Maybe someone was abusing him (a VERY likely scenario). Maybe because bodies and their functions had been made shameful to him. Maybe he was mentally ill or struggling in some other way. There are many possible reasons–but information is not one of them. We talk to our children about many issues without this nonsense thinking. We don’t avoid telling them about matches and fire because we believe they will become pyros. We don’t avoid telling them about looking both ways when they cross the street because we believe they will throw themselves into traffic. And, in keeping with the bodily nature of sex and sexuality, we don’t avoid telling them about baths because we are afraid they will let themselves get dirty since now they “know how.” Information is not the enemy here–ignorance and shame and repression and denial are. It feels good to touch your body–it’s supposed to. Why make something pleasurable by design into something guilty and bad? Kids are going to figure it out. Why not have real conversations and real talk? We can all benefit from that.

      • sbaiar says:

        Yes. But, I will teach them that as the parent. Not the school or anyone else. Is that clear?! It is not the schools place to teach my child about sexuality. It is my place. Are we clear?!

  13. This is ridiculously sick. What’s worse is that Planned Parenthood pushes this book.

    • Jacksion says:

      Susannah Ailene Martin,
      Knowledge is just AWFUL~ or is it ‘sick’? Planned Parenthood’s evil ideas of educating youth is appalling! The next thing you know scientists will be saying the earth is round and storms aren’t caused by God’s rath! The dark ages aren’t what they used to be! Your over-reaction is exactly why these books are necessary. I prefer truth and facts over shame and superstition. Thanks, Jackson

      • dadof2incalifornia says:

        Again, idiot. Please do not have children.

        • Jackson says:

          Please get help with your reading retention issues, I have 3 children. It is ironic that people who are so opposed to birth control are forever telling other people not to reproduce. I know this is hard for you… To hitch up those mules to the buckboard, travel into town and get a librarian to log you on to the devil’s internet and defend the 18th century to radicals like me. You needn’t bother, I am perfectly happy for you to be who you are as I am being a modern, educated resident of the 21st century. Thanks, Jackson

        • Gardener says:

          Jackson – I like your responses. you are clear headed, sharing good educational pedagogy and calm. Thank you for spreading reasonable knowledge, and honesty – about how it is uncomfortable and yet so important for us to be honest and open with our kiddos. I suspect yours will do well in this world. Best of luck.

        • Jackson says:

          Thanks Gardner! Best of luck with your kids!

      • Tony says:

        First of all the material discussed is not truth and fact. It is an opinion book. Someone has written a book based on their theory of how a human brain works. As of yet, we don’t have a science that explains the workings of every human brain or can even predicts most of them most of the time. So saying this book about the development of youth is truth and fact is more than a bit of an exaggeration.

        Secondly, even if it were truth and fact, having this type of material being taught by a school is what is sick. There are many things that are true about sex and sexual acts, but just because they are true doesn’t mean I want my fourth grade teacher discussing them with my fourth grader. I would very much prefer to have that discussion with my kids, seeing as I’m the parent.

        • Jackson says:

          I have looked briefly at this material here and looked at it on the internet a little more. I don’t see anything that is inconsistent with human beings. You are human? I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can use it to discuss your views with your children. Freaking out and denouncing sex education will not change anything. We should want happy, confident and informed young people in this country. If parents were all doing this, it wouldn’t be in this textbook.
          Masturbation does not cause blindness or an eternity in hell, so please don’t mention exaggeration… The fourth grade is another fixation on this rant, they need this information BEFORE they are fully developed…Seventeen or eighteen is too late. Thanks, Jackson

        • Tony says:

          How about just read the passage that is right on the page linked by Matt in his blog. Says right there about masturbation “Many do, many don’t” then goes to explain one method of doing so.

          With that statement right there I have all the justification I need that a public education system doesn’t need to be teaching any kids how to do it. Either doing it or not doing it is perfectly normal. If both are perfectly normal, there’s no need to talk about it at all, since either way the kids are normal.

          All you’re doing if you do talk about it, is now influencing children by a government agency on sexual behavior. Sexual behavior is not something I think the government needs to be getting involved with in regards to our children.

        • Jackson says:

          You are certainly entitled to your point of view. Your ‘proof’ is nonexistent. These rants are causing people who think for themselves and use reason not superstition to become more and more moderate Republicans if not out and out Democrats! This ridiculous ideology that certain people aren’t worthy of respect and fair treatment. Theocracy will be the end of the conservatives, if they don’t wake up. Dividing people and shaming them has never been a motivator to good change. Thanks, Jackson

      • You really think it’s okay for grown men and women to teach young kids the pleasures of masturbation?

        • Jackson says:

          Susannah Ailene Martin,
          I don’t believe that is necessary. I do believe they need to understand it is normal and healthy. A good friend of ours thought she was dying when she had her first period. She asked her mother what was happening, her mother turned pale and left the house. Luckily for her the housekeeper took her aside and explained it. Everyone isn’t comfortable in our puritanical society talking about sex and puberty. There should be a resource for children to get clear and factual information. If this bothers you (obviously it does lots of you), then use this as a start to your discussion of your beliefs. Labeling normal development during puberty as ‘perverted’ and ‘dirty’, does nothing but give children negative body and personal issues. Thanks, Jackson

        • If you haven’t noticed, our society isn’t puritanical anymore. The problem with this book is that teachers should never force their ideas about sex on children, which is effectively what this curriculum does. Teaching kids about sex should be the job of parents, not strangers.

        • Jackson says:

          Susannah Ailene Martin,
          Our nation is far too puritanical still…. These are not the views of the teachers, they are FACTS of human development. Why would teachers care about teaching their views on sex? If this were about grammar or math you wouldn’t care! The problem is in your view on human sexuality is different than the basic biological facts. That is your right, but it doesn’t make this book untrue. Superstition and shame aren’t facts, but beliefs and lunacy. Matt Walsh is merely a modern Joseph McCarthy, scaring people with red herrings. Thanks, Jackson

        • It’s not worth arguing you. We shall agree to disagree.

  14. chicagomom says:

    So, a few days ago Matt writes a post about how liberals frequently lie to push a particular agenda or “narrative.” Then he publishes this — which, as numerous commenters have noted, is a complete lie (see JessMarie above). I mean, I understand that this post is totally different because … oh wait. It isn’t. It’s the EXACT same thing. Oh dear. Now that’s embarrassing!

  15. Dee Jakes says:

    Matt, it is only too clear who the prince of this world is isn’t it? That which God created to be a beautiful thing between man & wife is now being degraded into all sorts of perversions. It’s not a new idea though if one reads the Bible. God held nothing back. He gave us a pretty clear picture of the depravation of humanity. Sin is sin whatever it’s color. The cost to redeem us from it is the color red. The blood of Jesus. Thank You Jesus for Your mercy & grace.
    I wonder how far past the days of Noah we have come?
    Blessings to you brother.

  16. conservativebixbychick says:

    Reblogged this on Conservative Bixby Chick and commented:
    This is unbelievable y’all.

  17. Reblogged this on ihaveabookinme2013's Blog and commented:
    This is a book for fourth graders. FOURTH. GRADERS. It puts them about age 9. Are you KIDDING me? Who thinks this is a good idea?

  18. Jen says:

    I agree we should not have this book on an elementary reading list. This should not be a book available at school, but available in a public library where it can be used as a guide when the child is older. Kids in 4th grade are NOT going through puberty yet (generally) and this is not age appropriate for them. My kids were in middle school before this discussion came up and the book might have helped. I just used my common sense on their age and gave them just the info they asked for, but they were my kids and I was the one giving them the info and not the school system or their friends. The book in the hands of prepubescent children (meaning they generally have not gotten those urges yet) is irresponsible. It is like giving teenagers condoms and then telling them to abstain from sex. Does anyone see the mixed message here? We should teach our kids it IS natural, but it has a time and place.

    The book might be factual and straight forward, but is it more than your child needs to know at 8 or 9 yrs old?

    • Jo F. says:

      I began to develop breasts at ten years old and had my first period at eleven and a half, so, yes, I do think this information could be appropriate for nine-year-olds(and many fourth-graders are ten, with a few even being eleven) . Puberty has been hitting children(especially girls) at younger and younger ages of late. Also, my parents explained the mechanics of sex to me when I was five years old, and I went to the altar as a virgin in my early twenties. Understanding sex and sexual development does not cause or even encourage an individual to have sex. Also, the claim that this was on a school reading list has been proven false.

      • LilyL2182 says:

        So true. I was developing at 10 and had my period at age 11. I remember having sex ed in school at age 10. We had separate classes for boys and girls. They both involved the basic mechanics of sex, but then the girls’ portion forcused on periods and tampons while I’m sure the boys’ section had stuff about nocturnal emissions and erections. 9 just doesn’t seem like that young to discuss this stuff. For many 9 year olds, puberty has started.

      • dadof2incalifornia says:

        It as appropriate for what ever parents think their children should see, not the national population of 9 year olds.

        • Jo F. says:

          First of all, it has been proven that the book is not on approved list schools after all, and the woman who originally said that it was has printed a semi-retraction. This author should do so as well. Secondly, many districts allow parents to opt their elementary-aged children out of sex-ed.

  19. Adam says:

    I would like to point out that if Matt Walsh does not make a correction here, then none of you should take him seriously anymore. He wouldn’t even have to really alter his premise that much. He could say “I still don’t think this book is appropriate for children. But I was wrong about it being party of any school curriculum in Tennessee.” If he can’t even do that then facts mean nothing to him and he is just another click hungry carnival barker. He can’t have that double standard where lies that please his sensibilities somehow aren’t lies. He can’t do that and still demand your respect.

    • LilyL2182 says:

      Completely agree with this. Especially given this recent blog from Matt:

      “Hey, Lindy West, if you think the story is fake, howza ’bout tossing an “allegedly” into that title? Or maybe you should, I dunno, just not intentionally reiterate an anecdote you suspect to be false.

      It’s called “integrity.” Look into it sometime.

      But the false narrative is the primary weapon in the arsenal of the progressive. Maybe it’s their only weapon. In no area is this more pronounced or prevalent than in the realm of “gay rights.” The gay rights movement is built on mischaracterizations, fabrications, and outright lies. They don’t always come up with the lie — this one originated as nothing more than a radio station’s cheap publicity stunt — but they will use it for their benefit.”

  20. Meg says:

    Remember that post you did about made up stories that people use to further a certain agenda and then find out the story isn’t really true, but those who spread the lie never apologized/retracted? You were mad about that. Well, perhaps this would be a good opportunity to practice what you preach? Not that I think the book is in any way appropriate, but it is NOT being fed to kids in publicly funded schools as reported.
    Incidentally, why do you really have such a hate on for SSM? You seem to be fairly logical about most aspects of Christianity and willing to see the current context under the general banner of grace and love. If hetero couples need not prove that they will procreate in their union, why is the inability to produce such a sticking point against SSM?
    Just curious. Generally, I find your blog interesting and good discussion, but you’re right that many if your readers are right-winged and someone-haters.

  21. Reblogged this on Focused and Free and commented:
    While this may have been around for more than a decade, It is absolutely stunning news to me. When I think back to what my mindset was back in fourth grade (back in the 60s) I cannot fathom being anywhere close to ready to consider such material. 7th or 8th grade sure, but only in P.E.

  22. The least Matt could have done was gotten the facts correct. This book isn’t actually in any schools. But then again it’s not really 3 out of 4 either. Bacon, I love it but it’s not for everybody. Princess Bride, okay for satire, but really not that great of a movie. Money, I’d actually like to abolish the concept of money and I’m okay without having any. Finally, even if this book was on a school reading list, fourth grade or otherwise, I’d be remarkably okay with that.

  23. Matt doesn’t need to retract anything. He is not perfect, but I’m betting he did his due diligence as a journalist.

    Here is a recent post–and by recent I mean Saturday, February 22, 2014–you can read and verify for yourself:

    As for the first post that went viral, also recent–Wednesday, February 19, 2014–you can read that here:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Matt!!

    • LilyL2182 says:

      “I’m betting he did his due diligence as a journalist.”


      • Jackson says:

        So right Lily! Matt is the new Joseph McCarthy, facts are unimportant. Reason and thought are the new communism…The scare is what draws them in and keeps them coming back. Thanks, Jackson

        • Malaki says:

          You scared, Jackson? You’re here more than Matt.

        • Jackson says:

          Not really scared…just concerned how easily they take his bait. Even after it’s proven to be not a real threat the fear stays the same. Been sitting with a dying relative for the last 5 weeks, this has been entertaining….(that’s probably the saddest part.) Thanks, Jackson

  24. Bill Smithwyk says:

    Everyone’s saying this is a hoax and not true? I’m not buying it. Sounds like another “Progressive Pity Party” to me (I’ll bet they serve whine and cheese). Sure, this book may not *technically* be on the on the approved reading list for fourth graders in Tennessee, but it *is* a book. That part is 100% true. And did you see the illustrations? I sure did. Walsh posted several of them, so take a look. I haven’t read that Brave New World book, but if it has illustrations like this you can count me OUT!

  25. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum says:

    Reblogged this on The Stiletto Mum and commented:
    Seriously is this what the world is coming too? With South African government following in the footsteps of everything that failed in America, how long before they are giving this book to our children here in South Africa?

  26. “But kids will do these things anyway!”
    I hate the fact that so many bad decisions in education are supported by this argument.

  27. Traveler says:

    I. Am. Speechless. Yikes!

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  29. The problem is chastity is no longer emphasized neither for men nor women.Thus,we find our children exposed to some pretty bizarre and disgusting events.This is one of the sad outcomes of living in a secular society where immorality is encouraged and even praised.All we can do on an individual level is make sure we guard ourselves from this tidal wave of social corruption and become part of the cure and not the disease.

    • Jackson says:

      Jannah InShaaAllah,
      Pretty disgusting events? Like marrying your 9 year old daughter to a 40 year old? Like covering from head to toe, so she won’t be stoned as a whore? Like killing innocent people so you can get to heaven and your 70 virgins? Disgusting events indeed…. Thanks, Jackson

      • I could respond to each of your accusations but see there are so many blogs,videos,Facebook updates,interviews and even TV channels that address them everyday.
        Respect your intellect sir and get your facts right .Its the 21st century ignorance is not excusable.

        Thanks,Proud Muslim Woman.

        • Jackson says:

          Jannah InshaaAllah,
          Your comments about what is pleasing to Allah, immorality and secular society read more 18th century than modern. I want us all to live as we wish in peace, but I guess we will have to agree to disagree. The points I mentioned are not out in left field, gladly they aren’t the common practice for all Muslims. Thanks, Jackson

  30. Sam says:

    I was taught in 8th grade (1970’s) that mastrubation was okay. At that time I just shrugged it off having been taught morality at home and at church. While school may teach what they want, let’s not forget that it is in the home where the greatest learning happens. I see this article as call to arms for parents to be more involved in educating their children.

  31. Christa Barnhizer says:

    From a completely practical point of view, why should the school/gov’t care if children are masturbating? If it is normal behavior with no consequences, then why are they wasting precious instruction time teaching kids what they already know how to do? Isn’t teaching Johnny to read and Lizzie to do math a more efficient route to creating productive citizens? Oh… the current regime isn’t interested in increasing the number of productive citizens…

    The debate about this is not based on differing ideas about sex. It is based on who is responsible for the child’s education… the “government” or the parents?

    • Jean2 says:

      “The current regime”? Seriously?
      Like the Chimp was any better?
      Or The Shrub?
      Or Hitlary? (Hey, you know SOMEONE was working while Bill got his jollies)
      Ronnie Ray-Gun?
      Carter, the brilliant peanut farmer, who someone raked out of the mud?
      We could keep this list going back to THOMAS EFFING JEFFERSON, who violated the Constitution to make the Louisiana Purchase….

      This is a VERY OLD GAME. We’re just looking at the last few minutes, trying to work out a Hail Mary pass that’ll keep the field from swallowing us all.

      Then again; maybe we need to have that happen. Maybe Patrick Henry’s speech is just as relevant today.

  32. lpc588 says:

    As someone who works in the non-profit field, interviewing children who are the victims of sexual abuse, working with them through their treatment – and as someone who has to encounter actual pedophiles and see the atrocious outcomes of their actions … this article enrages me. First, let me note that I believe in comprehensive sexual education that is AGE APPROPRIATE. So I don’t think this is suited for a fourth grade audience. But in terms of the content — give me a break. Masturbation IS a normal act for children, teens and adults. Take a BASIC child and human development class. You’ll find actual research and information regarding its normalcy and that it is common and has been for years. It is a GOOD decision to promote and teach the proper use of condoms, as studies show that abstinence only sex education does not reduce the rates of STIs or pregnancies among teens. It is also OKAY to say that sexual organs can feel pleasure when touched, because ya know … that is an actual thing that happens? I can’t believe I actually have to say this? Your notion of keeping any of the realities of sex out of sex education [as in, it feels good … pleasure can come from sex or masturbation … that sexual organs respond to touch and it feels nice] is so antiquated and ridiculous. You ask why it should be taught or mentioned if “kids are going to do it anyway?” It needs to be talked about because of the misinformation that our kids and teens are getting from their peers, tv shows, internet blogs, etc. They need real, verified, medically and scientifically accurate information being presented to them. Again, I cannot believe you wrote this article, clearly put zero research into it, and flippantly made multiple comments about this lady – and anyone who believes / thinks like her – being a pedophile. This article was vile, putrid trash.

    • Jackson says:

      lpc588, Very well said! Thanks, Jackson

    • whrbhwbehtib says:

      I’ve got the FBI on the line, sicko.

      • Aita says:

        You might want to look into what the APA and NAEYC say about this book, dipshit.

      • Jackson says:

        Do you live in the country and only have a party line? Are all the brother husbands and sister wives all a flutter because the FBI is watching your compound? Are there demons trying to get you to use buttons on your clothes? Why in the hell would the FBI be at your beck and call? Stop the Puritan prudery and teach your children about human development and sexuality. Thanks, Jackson

  33. Very glad my children were in bed when I very loudly swore in disbelief. The fact that my husband isn’t down here asking me what is wrong means that my house is indeed well built. But he is going to look at this as soon as he gets down here and we will talk again about why home schooling our children truly sounds more tempting by the day. My children have already been taught that living in fear is totally normal. My third grader had a self defense class even. But this, this crosses the line on SO SO SO many levels.

    • Aita says:

      > My children have already been taught that living in fear is totally normal.

      You *do* know that you’re causing psychological damage to your children if they cannot even explore their own bodies, right? That you’re intellectually stunting them, and making them useless in a modern world?

      • A. You don’t get to tell me what is and is not ok for my children. They are MY kids. Not yours. You raise yours the way you want and grant me the courtesy of doing the same.
        B. The school system sure as hell has no right teaching my children about masterbation.
        C. I have taken my fair share of child psychology classes. They are not “damaged” by how I’m raising them. They are totally healthy intelligent children who excel in school and have contributed positively to society.
        When I said they have been taught to live in fear, that is on the school. My kids are terrified of school lockdowns, earthquakes (which are beyond rare here) tornados, strangers, etc. To the point where they can’t function because their school has taught them to be afraid. THAT isn’t healthy. Not me not wanting the school to teach them about masterbation. I spend way too much of my time trying to undo the stuff that they have made my kids fear.

  34. nicky says:

    matt this is not pedophillia as you put it,its life,of which you must have led a sheltered one,kids will learn this some how,some where.your talking cr**,i will now be deleting your blog from my list

  35. analyticalperspective says:

    I was perusing my Twitter archives and retrieved this:

  36. Jeanne Perrone says:

    Dear Matt,

    We live in a sick, siCK, SICK world! A global Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible predicted this, but also warns (which is comforting to those of us who are appalled by the sexually depraved filth that is now condoned) that those practicing such vile things will suffer the same end as did those in ancient Sodom and Gomorrah (the wrath of God). 👌

    Please see Psalm 37:7-13 & 27-29; Proverb 2:20-22; Genesis 19:1-17

    Thanks for your blogs.

    – Ms. J

    Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:06:14 +0000

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  39. k23mt says:

    Moronic, overzealous, shaming parents are exactly why schools need to teach children it’s ok to masturbate. Yes sex education should happen at home, but most people in this country AREN’T TEACHING SHIT. Just shaming. And people think you’re worthy of listening to. Wow.

  40. serbak says:

    I see nothing wrong with those books. They´re gonna find out sooner or later you know…

  41. Aita says:

    Er… the APA and NAEYC support this. You think masturbation or sex is wrong? You’re at odds with practically every organization devoted to parenting and sexual education out there, and that’s before getting into psychological development and the like…

    Seriously, have you never read about the harm that sex-shaming does to people?

  42. Whatadaywelivein says:

    As a parent…

    When did a school supercede and/or transcend my right as a parent?

    Let’s just bottom line this:

    The whole point to all of these sexual books for kids is to support non traditional sexual orientations. Since you can’t exclude one type of sexual behavior over another in order to support one’s own personal non traditional preference the door by default has to be opened to all currently “acceptable” sexual expressions.

    Non traditional sexual preferences have been masked under the guise of being likened to race or more accurately skin color. As an “African – American” let me just set the record straight:

    Your CHOICE to have or engage in sexual activities of whatever type are not, can’t be, no have EVER been scientifically or otherwise been proven to in anyway shape and form be near to, inherited, or otherwise as my skin color is.

    There is no closet for me to hide in nor come out of. Laws intended to protect and/or grant non traditional sexual preferences “equal rights” have insulted and masqueraded their plight to the equivalent of those whose skin color was used as justification primarily for financial gain at their expense.

    We have zero in common, our “plight” is not the same, nor has the basis of which has been used to justify all of this legitimately based or founded.

    Instead to include non traditional sexual preferences we have violated the right of the parent, the privacy of the family, and the sanctity of choice.

    It’s still ok for someone to “choose” to not marry someone based on color; but suddenly we have to support non traditional sexual preferences that violate human “common sense” on so many levels just so non traditional sexual preferences can be accommdated.

    Color is not a moral violation but non traditional sexual preferences obviously and clearly are. They serve no purpose but to satisfy the sin nature of humaity. They have no procreation purpose or proprietary, benefit none other than those who choose to engage, and have created havoc within our society by the acknowledgment that they are and should be treated as normal and acceptable.

    To men “humping” each other is wrong. Argue evolution, creation, etc but this act does not create life, nor can it and nor will it ever will. We don’t teach our kids not to murder someone because we’d say that is just COMMON SENSE.

    Well duh people; so is this.

  43. Eva says:

    Umm….there seems to be a lot of misconception here. I don’t think the issue was schools teaching kids that masturbation is okay, it’s the fact that they were allegedly using a book which teaches children HOW to do it. I mean…it’s fairly self explanatory… And every child’s different. Some will be curious at that age, some won’t be until they’re older, some are when they’re much younger. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for parents not to want this sort of stuff taught at a fixed point in school. Generic stuff like anatomy and birth control should be taught definitely, but what’s wrong with leaving the rest to the imagination?

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