Land of the Free: where the government can kidnap your child and lock her in a psych ward for a year

Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting in the living room with your daughter. Suddenly, a large man shows up on your porch. He starts banging on your door and demanding to be let inside. You don’t comply. He goes around to the side of your house, smashes a window, and crawls through. You tell your daughter to run and lock herself in her room. It’s too late. The man grabs her and starts to run off.

Are you imagining this? Have you put yourself in this situation in your head?

Now, what do you do? How do you react?

I can tell you my answer: with brutality. I’d fight this man, wouldn’t you? If I had a knife I’d stab him in the heart. If I had a gun nearby I’d put a bullet in his head. I’d kill him. I’d end his life without hesitation or remorse. This man is in my home. He is trying to take my child away from me. I don’t need to know why he’s there. I don’t need to ask him about his intentions. I don’t need to consider his motivations. I need to react, and react harshly. And that’s what I’d do, wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t anyone? Wouldn’t any parent literally kill to stop someone from taking their children away?

And wouldn’t they be justified? Wouldn’t they be morally and legally justified?

I think the answer is yes, on all counts.

OK, let’s slightly alter this hypothetical.

What if the man isn’t so large at all. What if he’s wearing a suit. What if he doesn’t break in through the window? What if he knocks and waits for you to open the door? What if he says he’s going to take your child, but he’ll let you visit every once in a while? What if he says he’s taking the child for her own good? What if he explains that he’s merely trying to protect your child from you?

Would that change anything? Probably not, right? You’d probably react in much the same way that you’d reach to the burly man who came through the window, right? After all, it doesn’t matter how nice or professional the kidnapper might be, the point is that he is trying to take your child, and you cannot allow this to happen. He is attempting to do something which he has no right to do, and which gives you the right to visit swift and merciless violence upon him.

But what if we change one small, superficial detail about the kidnapper — namely, we make him an official with Child Protective Services. What then?

Well, the substance of the situation doesn’t change. He’s still a guy trying to do something which he has no right to do. He’s still someone trying to take your child from you. But now you are completely helpless. There is nothing you can do to save your daughter. Nothing. You can’t call the cops — the cops are probably there, and they are on the kidnapper’s side. You certainly can’t pull out a gun or start any kind of physical altercation. You’ll lose, you’ll go to prison forever, and you’re guaranteed to never see your child again. You have no recourse. You are neutered and hogtied. You can only watch as strangers steal your child and ride away. If you ever want your daughter to be returned, you must meet all of their ransom demands. In the mean time, you can’t even count on the sympathy and support of the community. Most people will assume that you deserve to lose your parental rights. They assume you deserve what has happened, simply because it happened. Suspicion automatically becomes guilt.

The government has no evidence against you, but it doesn’t matter. You are presumed guilty until you can prove your innocence — a task that is fundamentally impossible.

This is the situation as it has unfolded for thousands of innocent Americans. The latest case in Boston is just one example.

Justina Pelletier is a young teenage girl with mitochondrial disease. The doctors at Tufts Medical Center diagnosed her with the condition a few years ago. They put her on a series of medications and vitamins, and her condition seemed to improve.

This is when the story gets long and somewhat complicated, but I’ll give you the basics.

Back in February of 2013, Justina came down with a bad case of the flu. She was taken by ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital. The folks at BCH did a work up on Justina and came to a conclusion that conflicts with the doctors at Tufts; they said that she doesn’t have a physical condition at all. They said that she has a psychological problem — in other words, it’s all in her head. It’s a psychosomatic issue. They recommended that her medication regimen should be “simplified” and that she should be treated for the mental problem that causes her to think she’s in pain.

Her parents disagreed. Strongly. They attempted to remove her from the hospital and take her back to her doctors at Tufts. But Boston Children’s Hospital would not tolerate such defiance. They refused to release her, called the cops, and accused the parents of “abusing” their child by “overmedicating” her.

Child Protective Services — or “the Department of Children and Families” — seized custody of Justina. She was locked in a psychiatric ward at the hospital, taken off most of her medications, and her parents were only allowed supervised visits once a week. A gag order was placed on her family, but her father has gone against it.

Good for him. I enthusiastically applaud any effort he makes to break the rules set by these kid-stealing crooks.

To me, the medical questions are irrelevant to this conversation. I don’t know if Justina has mitochondrial disease or not. Some doctors say yes, others say no. Maybe she has a combination of mitochondrial disease and psychological disorders. Maybe she has one and not the other. Maybe she has neither. The point here is that the State has seized the tyrannical and unconstitutional power to take a side in a medical debate, and then kidnap your child because you disagree.

Yes, kidnap.

Sure, there are certainly cases where parents abuse their children in unspeakable ways. In those situations, the parents need to go to prison and the kids need to go somewhere else. But the power the State must have in certain specific and limited cases should NOT grant them the blanket authority to forcibly impose their subjective opinions about private parental and medical decisions.

Have Justina’s parents committed a crime? Have they been charged with child abuse? No. No, because taking one doctor’s advice over another is NOT child abuse. This is where we are in America, everyone. Are you paying attention? Are you as angry as you ought to be? You can have your children removed from your home EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T COMMITTED A CRIME.

And we call this freedom? We call this a free country?

What a joke. You are not free. You are not free as long as government bureaucrats have the power to obliterate your parental rights simply because they personally don’t approve of the choices you’ve made.

This reminds me of a case in Sacramento last year. A 5-month-old baby was stolen right out of his mother’s arms because she had the audacity to check him out of the hospital, after deciding that she didn’t like the way they were treating her baby. The hospital called the cops, the cops showed up alongside some CPS officials, grabbed her baby and drove away. They wouldn’t tell her why; they wouldn’t even tell her where they were taking him.

“I’m going to grab your baby. Don’t resist and don’t fight me.” That’s what the police officer said to the helpless, scared mother, before prying her child from her arms.

Eventually, her son was returned to her. As far as I know, nobody was ever held responsible for this grave injustice.

Nobody ever is.

I know I’ll hear plenty of apologists tell me about the wonderful deeds of CPS workers. Let another blogger write that post. I don’t personally feel it necessary to take time out of my day to puff up government agencies. They have the force of law, billions of dollars, and a bunch of guys with guns on their side. They don’t need my help. The people who NEED a voice are the innocent Americans who have been victimized by these agencies. That isn’t to say that ALL people have been victimized, but it is to say that many have been. Many, many, many law abiding citizens have watched as their children were ripped away from them, even though they’d done nothing to deserve such a fate (and even though the government had no proof that they’d done anything to deserve it).

In fact, if you are in this camp, I want you to know that I know you exist. If you’d like to share your story with me, email this address:

Children that are wrongfully abducted by the government might not get an Amber Alert, but they are still victims, and so are their parents.

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556 Responses to Land of the Free: where the government can kidnap your child and lock her in a psych ward for a year

  1. A Teacher says:

    As a teacher, I have seen the system up close. MANY times parents should have lost custody and did not. In my home town a child was removed from her abusive step-dad numerous times, but always was returned to him. Eventually the abuse became so severe that she was killed.

    I have taught kids who exhibited all of the signs of sexual abuse. I taught children scared of their mother or father. I taught a child, a 5 year old, who got off the bus alone and sat alone outside his apartment for hours. NONE of these children were removed. Only one of these cases was actually investigated. I have been told over and over when I call to report these incidents there is not even evidence, not enough personnel and not enough money to investigate, let alone take action.

    How is it that this case is even possible? A couple of parents FOLLOWING medical doctors’ advise are accused with over-medicating their child by other “doctors” who do not even test the child. And then those “doctors” give her a new diagnoses telling her that all her symptoms are in her head. Now this child has lost the ability to walk due to the negligence of the “doctors” who have the court system backing them.

    And all of this is happening in America?!?

    • Anna says:

      omgoodness.. I am so sorry for the children that had to go thru such terrible acts of abuse.. and CPS did nothing to help them.. But that’s about right of CPS.. they have always seemed to miss the important case’s while trying to tear up a family that doesn’t deserve the harassment ..
      CPS has came to my house on one occasion because of the school counselor .. that counselor told me she was going to take my granddaughter away from me because she felt that I was a bad parent.. and She (the counselor )was going to raise her.. but since its was only me and the counselor and my granddaughter that was 8 .. in the room.. no one believed me.. yes CPS came out and did their investigation .. and found nothing wrong.. as which there was nothing wrong.. then I got a lawyer.. and took my granddaughter out of that school….
      People with authority (schools , doctors).. in which the police will often side with.. have to much power.. I praise people for getting involved for children that are actually being abused so they may receive help.. and get out of that terrible situation .. but unfortunally .. the ones who really need it .. are passed.. and the ones that are fine get harassed and taken away.. Thanks Matt for this story.. I really pray that Justina gets better..

      • Rich says:

        That’s right Anna. We sit around each morning and review the cases. We take out the ones where children look like they’re really in danger, laugh maniacally and shred the file. We then just decide to take the cases that look like there’s no risk, then we come up with mean evil-spirited ways to tear innocent loving families apart. Then we peacefully go to sleep at night on top of a large pile of money. Didn’t you know people typically go to school to study social work to bring harm to the world?

        There, this post should bring satisfaction to many of you. You were right all along. The secret is out. Sounds like your fears are warranted. Just another excuse to go out and buy some more guns and ammo in case the Big Bad Government comes for you.

        Did you actually argue that CPS leaves kids in the bad homes and then say you were investigated and they just closed the file while leaving your granddaughter in your care?

        I will say you touched on a good point here. The counsellor seemed to be the one who wanted you to lose your granddaughter, CPS came out and deemed your home safe. Sounds like CPS was on your side. It is not uncommon for me to close a file and then get complaints from a teacher, counselor, neighbor or other people who feel I should be interfering more.

        • A_Nobody says:

          Your response is trite and irresponsible at best. There is a huge difference between removing a child in a dangerous situation and the one used here. The people WERE using doctors and CPS AND Boston Children’s unlawfully interfered, simple due to ego. Who in the name of hell gave CPS the authority to interfere in a medical decision any way? What are your qualifications to do so? The parents have the right to choose doctors. At best, Boston should’ve had the situation investigated, not imposed their will.

        • dawneworswick says:

          I know how CPS really works. I grew up with their lying, manipulating, disgusting, raping, kidnapping ways. The falsifying of documents alone is enough proof in a just world for any of you to lose your jobs but because your backed up by the ‘powers that be.’ I lived it, saw it and plenty of people have come forward to tell the truth about it. Save the drivel. We know the truth. You people are nothing but a bunch of child abusers.

        • You know, if you guys didn’t take up valuable fostercare space and administrative resources with bullshit cases like the one cited in this article, then MAYBE YOU WOULD HAVE MORE AVAILABLE for the truly abused children in your jurisdiction.

        • Lynn says:

          Seriously Rich, I know how CPS works also. My son has a neurological ailment which prevents him from being able to leave my care without feelings of uncertainty about the world around him. He does not do well in social settings and he can not have certain parts of clothing touching the upper part of his back and chest. He was in a special ed class with an IEP and they were aware of this. So to accommodate their clothing rules of having to wear a shirt I would buy him shirts that buttoned up and he could wear them if they hung off his shoulders. I would button them half way up and he wore them like that hanging off his shoulders. Well a para in his class decided that she was going to force, yes I said force, my son to button all but the top button by using a safety pin to keep him from unbuttoning his shirt. I sent him in the next day with a letter explaining that this was in his IEP and for her to stop buttoning and pinning his shirt. I know it was this woman because when I asked my son about it he said Melissa did it. He named her. He wouldn’t lie. Well she responded alright, he came home with his shirt safety pinned again but this time there was a puncture wound on his chest where she poked him with the safety pin. When I asked my son if Melissa poked him with the safety pin he became terrified. When I said ok I’m going up there he panicked and ran from me as though the thought of me going up there and confronting this woman was somehow going to harm him and he needed to find safety. I immediately called our doctor and she said that she would make a note of it but there wasn’t any need for me to bring him in because he wasn’t seriously harmed. She wouldn’t even accept a picture of his wound, this is how tightly wound the professionals in our society are. She knew that I blamed this para in the classroom and wouldn’t even document my son’s wound. I called the local hospitals and nobody wanted anything to do with us. My son refused to go to school after that, he was terrified of it. I called the school to let them know what was going on and they told me, “Well he has to go to school!”. Duh, as if I didn’t want him to go, I knew that his attendance in school was good for him, he was making friends in his class and he loved going to school until this happened. Before this he didn’t even miss school when he was sick, he insisted on going to school. Well they gave me a number to call, guess what, It was a CPS officer and the woman answered using her name and not mentioning the organization at all. I thought this was a special educational director from the school. About a week after my conversation with this woman, who I still had no clue was with CPS, I was visited by a very nice man showing me options that he could implement to help us. He told me he didn’t know how to handle this but maybe there was something on this list that I could pick from that would help us. This list wasn’t about making changes in his classroom or even changing classrooms. It was about documenting my care of my son. Still oblivious to who this person was I told him the only thing on that list that may help is observation of my son to see for themselves that he is terrified now of going to school. About a month later this woman shows up at my door, now it’s been over 2 months since my son has been in school and I had been in contact on almost weekly phone calls to the school trying to figure out what needed to be done. They never once told me that they could send a teacher to my home to work with him per inbound services. Well this woman shows up and tells me that she is going to come into my home 1 hour each day for 6 weeks to observe my son in the home. Finally they’ll see, finally someone will know that my son is terrified and they’ll know that we need assistance and they’ll help me figure out how to help my son continue with his educational needs. This woman was very kind. At the end of the 6 weeks she told me that it was a very difficult situation and that she had no answer’s for me but that she felt that the job I did with my son if I were to do this professionally would be a $60 per hr. job. I said really? And she said yes people are paid that much to do what I do because of it’s difficulty level. Well she said she was going to head back to her office to discuss her observation with her supervisor and that they would be letting me know what could be done within the month to help my son. A week later a CPS supervisor was inside my home reprimanding me on my neglect on keeping my son out of school and threatening to remove him from my home. I went through another 4 months of dealing with this woman, she even attended IEP meetings with me for my son. School was out for the summer and she came into my home telling me that if my son was not attending school on the first day of the new school year that she would personally remove him from my home. Oh and get this, before that she was telling me what a difficult situation this was and on that day she was telling me that she now had a couple willing to take my son. So before this the difficult situation wasn’t what my son and I were going through, but about what a hard time she was having trying to find a willing participant to foster my son due to his ailments. I was shocked, it was horrifying to be told that you are going to be charged for educational neglect of your child when you have done everything in your power to make sure his education continues because you know how important this is for him. I went through them telling me that his bus driver said she came into my home and I was sleeping while she dressed and fed my son and took him to school. There were so many trumped up charges against me that I know the only thing that kept them from taking my son from me was my belief in our Savior Jesus Christ as God’s one and only living son. So don’t tell me about what a great organization CPS is, I know how they work, it’s underhanded and deceiving. I also experienced where children should have been taken from the home, a 3 yr old girl walking out of her home in the middle of the day and going into a construction site a mile away, a 6 month old baby being left in a infant carrier over an entire weekend with his 2 yr. old brother while the mom went out partying, and more stories like that and CPS did nothing. If you want praise for the job you do then stop harrassing the good parents and get a backbone to deal with the parents that you fear. The one’s that don’t care if you put them in jail if they harm you, the one’s that you fear might find out where you live and wouldn’t hesitate to do you harm, these are the one’s that are abusing their children, not the parents that are doing everything they can to help and care for their children.

        • Rich: you know what you your boss helps you go through and determine which cases you can get money for regardless of whether you can help the child or family. And then she has trained you to twist the facts or whatever else you need to do to get the judge to believe that child needs your services. Note you never bother in the office to scheme up reasonable services that actually would help children stay in their homes: like state provided emergency day-care for sick children; or state provided care in home for a couple of hours for that parent who is overwhelmed. DO you have those service? NO! of course you don’t because your agency is violating the law every day. 18 USC 1001.

  2. Matt,
    This is the second of your stories I have read, you rock!
    I have been following this case and I have no words from what is going on and every day, Justina get’s sicker and sicker, yet the courts still side with the hospital! The evidence is clear that the hospital is wrong, and yet the government continues to side against the parents!
    What’s even more upsetting is that this is not one isolated case, it’s happening all across the country! It is sickening!
    Thank you for speaking out about this and may the Lord quickly set this all right.

  3. Amanda says:

    My husband and I have three children, the oldest is four, and will be homeschooling (as I was, until college). We would LOVE to adopt, through the foster care system, but as stories like these come to light I’m sorry to say that the chances of that happening have been reduced. Simply put, I don’t want to drive my kids down the street past a CPS office let alone allow them and, through them, the government, further access to our home and family than they already have. I have an acquaintance who took her nursing infant son to a doctor’s appointment; the doctor suspected abuse and the baby left that appointment with a CPS worker and didn’t return home for nearly a year…once it had been established that the “abuse” was fractures that resulted from a genetic condition inherited from my friend. I read these comments and see words like “generally”, “reasonable”, “good parents”, etc….the problem lies in WHO gets to define these words. The fact is, “generally”, social workers do not have the ability either because of personal bias/overwork/time constraints/etc. to make “reasonable” evaluations and decide who are “good parents” without grossly overstepping their bounds. There are plenty of people out there who would consider me to NOT be a “good parent” because I’m using my two masters’ degrees to teach my children at home and completely reject the garbage public school system. So, I will not only fight their system as it leeches my life, I’m going to opt out of voluntarily aligning myself with their system. It may be futile in the end, but I’d going to go down swinging.

  4. Linda says:

    I have even heard of a case where the hospital would not release a child because they had enrolled them in a medical trial without the parents knowledge and even though the child had bad reactions to the the trial drugs the parents were not allowed to intervene- because the hospital was receiving millions of dollars to basically use the child as a guinea pig.

  5. Anton says:

    CPS has no more right to take your Child than anyone else does.

    For those of you who disagree…. from where do they get this authority?

    Think carefully, because your answer has a large implications regarding freedom.

    • Kathi says:

      Exactly Anton…and I’m afraid it will get to the point where at least 10% will have to take action because our Politicians refuse to.

    • SomeOneWhoCares says:

      When I was a kid I called CPS for my brothers and myself. The words they needed to hear wouldn’t come out of my mouth “I was abused”. 3 words that gag like no other. I told them of my suspicion and fear for my brothers. Know what they told me? They couldn’t help because the man in question has rights. They couldn’t even investigate. They had no right to.
      It wasn’t until I was 34 that I could say those 3 words, and by then it was too late. Statute of limitations is up when the child victim turns 28.
      Abuser goes free. CPS did nothing but protect him. And the police who recognized my fear and asked me to simply answer yes or no (which is what I learned, in school, cps would do and was why I had courage to call, I could force myself to say “yes”.)…the police got the flood gates opened after the first couple of yes’s and yet couldn’t do a thing. Now all I can hope for is that I was the only one or that if I’m not they come forward before they are 28. They have my voice and “historical report” to back them.

      CPS, as a whole, is not the villian though…we don’t fight against flesh and blood. There are many good cps workers. Trials and investigations are a must though. Or “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  6. Cheryl says:

    It’s ironic and terrifying, isn’t it? What would you or your wife do if you had your newborn baby seized by the hospital because you dared to question the immunizations the hospital wanted to adminster? It has happened to at least one family:

  7. Anton says:

    Rich, I cannot reply on either of the threads that you responded to me on, so I will respond here.

    Let me address one thing at a time. First let me say I am in a profession which requires me to deal with CPS a lot. I have seen a lot of nastiness in that profession, from CPS taking a child because the fact that the parents didn’t have a TV was abusive, to a CPS worker blackmailing a mother for sex (which he did successfully because she would not talk to anyone about it, since if she lost the complaint he would take her children, this led to the dissolution of her marriage when her husband found out, that was great for the children wasn’t it.) , to a widower losing his children because he had to leave his teenage daughter to take care of her brother( who was 8) over night sometimes for his Job. Do I think parents should be able to beat anyone with an Iron Bar, no, we have a group to punish people who do that already, they are called the police, if a parent is doing something to their children that is truly terrible, then they should be in Jail, but that accusation and proof requirements should be the same as for any other accusation of criminal activity. CPS violates all of the legal frameworks of Common Law, they have presumptive powers and can remove children from parents that have been convicted of no wrong doing. If a child is being raped by someone in the home, then arrest that person, charge them, convict them, put them in jail ( or execute them, I have no problem with capital punishment for raping children). Miraculously the child does not need to be removed from the home, because the offender has been removed, CPS has presumptive power, they can remove children from homes because they determine that is “in the child’s best interest” as if that was any kind of standard for anything. This is without trial, without charges, without proof of ANYTHING. Further they get to decide where that child is placed, again, without proof of any crime, without a conviction of any crime, a parent can just have their child taken, and if you say no, you cannot take my child, then men with guns come, and if you resist them, they will escalate violence until you are subdued ( at which time they will arrest you and charge you with crimes, for defending your children) or you are dead.

    You think I am psycho for saying I would go from politely asking them to leave to shooting people? Why? The state ALWAYS reserves the right to shoot you. Why go through all of those escalating steps when, if I refuse to comply we will just end there anyway? When the state demands you do something there are only 3 choices, comply, run, or fight. Why not fight in court? because CPS has presumptive powers and can take my children UNTIL i force them to give them back, no one has to prove I did something wrong to take them. CPS is precrime, you are punished before anything has been proven, and more than that your children are punished and placed at risk because a social worker decided that was “best for them”.

    Do I think it is okay to intervene if someone is starving their children, raping them, or inflicting deadly force upon them, YES, but I don’t think that that is okay because the government says so, if would be okay for any decent human being to intervene and to use force to protect that child, if necessary, but I would say the standard for intervening is pretty high, I better be damn sure I am right, because I am morally responsible for that action. Not only am I morally responsible, but legally responsible, if a child appears to be starving, but in fact has a medical condition causing that appearance, and I intervene by giving that child food, and they have an allergic reaction and die, I AM RESPONSIBLE. But CPS is never responsible, they can take your children put them somewhere, separate them from each other, traumatize them and if this is without cause, what happens…. NOTHING. If you take my 6 year old girl and she is raped in foster care, and you later realize I had done nothing, what happens to you? Nothing. You see, the way I see it, you are responsible for my 6 year old being raped, and I WILL hold you accountable.
    Why does this happen? Because someone decided that CPS has authority they do not have and then gave them the power to enforce that made up authority. This is not the same as a regular person expressing concern, and the person approached reacting belligerently, because regular people cannot summon armies of people to come take that persons children, who will escalate violence until that person is dead. When you come to take a persons children YOU have initiated the violence, they are not willingly giving you their children, this is kidnapping, with either force, or the threat of force at its core. If they use violence in return, they are NOT the aggressor. CPS is the aggressor. Sometimes it is okay to be the aggressor, I certainly have no problem with aggressive violence against someone who is committing some vile crime against a person, BUT again, I am responsible if I am wrong. CPS, again, is never responsible, the worker is never responsible, so long as he was “acting in good faith”, child is taken from their parent, no responsibility, child is abused in foster care, no responsibility, child is killed in foster care,” owe we are so sorry”, no responsibility.

    That sir, is a legal system which has no interest in justice, and THAT is tyranny.

    • Anton says:

      oh… not owe.

    • Trish Lally Kiley says:

      You hit the nail on the head. It is just plain wrong that when it comes to childrens services the parents are assumed guilty until proven innocent. It is happening to my best friend right now. In order to protect their butts from the malpractice lawsuit they KNEW they were in for the hospital filed a Munchausen by Proxy complaint against the mother. The state swarmed in and took custody of this child. It didn’t matter that the mother had documentation that disproved the hospitals claims. She is now stuck fighting to get her children back (she gave over custody of her son to her brother so the state couldn’t take him too). This family has had financial problems since their daughter was born 2.5 years ago, due to her diagnosis-by a geneticist-of Beckwith-Weideman and her failing digestive system. They have spent over half of her life in the hospital. Now they have had to go into debt further to pay the retainer for their attorney and have to worry about how they will come up with more money to keep the attorneys on the case until resolved. I agree that if there is true reason for removal of a child then charges should be brought against the offending parent. In cases such as I’ve described it does nothing but hurt the entire family-with no proof of any wrongdoing.

    • Denny McFall says:

      Your point is an excellent one. People who work for the government will likely never see it that way or understand the simple logic of it though. I had this discussion with my mom. Why can’t we just shoot the people who come to take away the kids? Well, because then we wind up without them ultimately anyway, either we are dead or we are in prison forever. Great system: they can take your kids, let anything happen to them they want, never be responsible for it, and if you fight the system you practically lose everything.

      • Anton says:

        But, the great truth is, it is because we don’t fight that they can do it. No one is prepared to die for their children anymore, because they cannot win and that is why we are doomed.

        • Lynn says:

          Exactly, if we fight they take our children, if we don’t fight they take our children but maybe we can get them back. The system is corrupt, this is so wrong on so many levels. Let a momma bear fight for her cubs and she’s in the right and the aggressor is subdued, let a human momma fight for her children and she’s wrong and will be placed in jail or killed and never see her children again or see them a few times a year through bars. This is why I tell my children not to have children, we have no say so when it comes to the welfare of our children.

  8. Anton says:

    Rich— I forgot to respond to one other point you asked me.

    My employer is not my parent so that is an absurd comparison, My employer did not create me, did not bear me, did not raise me, does not support me (paying me for my labor is not supporting me, it is meeting a contract obligation), and does not have any authority over me I do not choose to give.

    A more apt comparison would be the government, if I do something that offends the government, do they have the right to punish me…. well according to you yes, so whats your point?

  9. Denny McFall says:

    So, here i am looking at this, and common sense will tell you (if you have lived a few years on this planet), if you have dealt with kids and their parents before, the majority of parents love their children immensely. Any experience will also likely show you that the vast majority of CPS issues are like the one related in this article. My wife and I recently had our first baby, a sweet little boy, who is now 6 weeks old today. I was curious about one aspect of this issue, and having discussed it with a social worker when I was a child and when I was a teenager (due to my own experience with them), I thought I would look at what education is needed to be one.
    A little back story here: When I was a young boy, in my family we use LOTS of words, and LOTS of synonyms. We say “bad,” we also use mean, nasty, unenjoyable, “I don’t like,” disagreeable, and anything else we can think of in place of it. As a child, I loved to use words, and one day my dad had been angry from arguing with my mom (I was maybe 4 or 5) and was very disagreeable with me, in a bad mood and was disciplining me for something. I mentioned to someone, I don’t even remember who, maybe a teacher, at school, that he had a nasty mood that day. Can you guess where this is going? I was aked if he has this mood ogten, or if this was th eonly time, if he does nasty things to me, all kinds of questions, and next thing I know I am having my family bombarded with CPS workers, my mom is in tears, my dad is, well, how would you feel to be accused of that? Anyway, all because in my home we were taught to use lots of words and be well-spoken. I had absolutely no idea what the adults thought I was saying when they were asking me questions, and thought that they were just enjoying my great vocabulary.
    Fast forward: I did have some issues with my dad being in county jail for a while, and misbehaving because of that. Later on, when my mom and he separated, I had some more counseling and involvement with caseworkers. Remembering my vfocabulary incident, in my teens I asked someone who was a social worker what kind of education they have to have and how smart they have to be to do that job. They explained how they had a master’s degree in child something-or-other, and how they were very smart. They said they could always tell when things weren’t right, blah blah blah. Anyway, considering these things when I read this, I looked up random local social worker positions to see what is required:
    See where it says “Knowledge of child development and community resources desirable?”
    And this: A Master’s degree* from an accredited** college or university with a major in Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, Psychological Counseling, Psychology, or Clinical Psychology.
    So, in some cases you may need a masters degree, but no actual experience with children. In other cases, you may need only a bachelor’s degree, but also no requirement for experience with child development, on that it is “desired.”
    These people may be highly educated, but look around you and see that many of the most highly educated people lack common sense, decency, and wisdom. Yet these highly educated, and (many) in-experienced people have the choice in who is a good parent, and who keeps their children?
    Don’t even get me started on the quality and politics of higher education in this country today. Anyway, can we see a problem here?

  10. Kathi says:

    Click to access 8×11.pdf

    For parents and caretakers that have NOT had interaction with CPS. Know your rights, at this point it’s all you can do…

  11. Jenny says:

    The problem is that you are basing your assumptions on very limited information. Only the family is speaking, and how do you know they aren’t lying? You only have one side of the story, and are passing judgement based on that possible misinformation.

    Be careful which side you take when you only have one side of the story. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Anton says:

      There is no other side of the story, the Hospital and the State are interfering with the medical decisions of parents…. there is not other side of the story.

    • colleen says:

      what other side ?- both have been perfectly explained, and the parents have obviously had their child stolen from them -what don’t you understand about that? would you be happy if this happened to you? would you think this fair ?

      • justamom says:

        People don’t want to believe it. That is why the problems just keep growing. When I was a teenager, years ago, I met 2 people in the system. One was a 15 year old girl who was older than I but seemed much younger. She told me she had been in 6 foster homes and was molested by every single father who was in those homes. There was another young man (teenager) who had to woken up each night at a specific time because he would wake up in a panic as this was the time of night his foster father would come in and rape him!!! These stories were true. I won’t get into how I know. I have now as an adult, experienced our system first hand with my own daughter and I have been in a “high conflict” custody battle. Court appointees who are anything from a certified evaluator to a licensed psychologist absolutely lie on their reports to the judges. They destroy the lives of wonderful children and their parents, be it from God complexes, personality disorders or money. These sickos infiltrate these position because there is no oversight, transparency or accountability. I have been researching this field and a psychologist who injected himself into my as an expert had his license revoked by his regulatory board which shocked me! I filed a complaint against him as he was my pastor previously and he had repeatedly acted recklessly regarding my child and I found his credentials to be falsified along with him never having been ordained and sued by the Assembly of God where I met the man! He was a fraud. A con. Another Christian court appointee retaliated against me hearing I was causing problems for a pastor/psychologist and wrote 8 letters against me to the judge in my case. It unfortunately took the state 3 years to investigate my complaint. These people are wholly and completely out of control and big bright light should be shined upon them. There were a very few who had any sort of integrity in this field. Those who do, don’t last long in the sickness. Please open your minds and help to turn these problems around.

        In AZ, CPS has been shut down by executive order of the governor due to their “toxic system” (their words). Over 6000 cases were uninvestigated and another 2500 found in a trash bin after this down by the state fair grounds. What do you think happened to those children?

  12. jmdoman says:

    It’ll get worse. With the advent of same sex “marriage” and parenting, where who is a parent becomes defined by the state and not by biology, you can expect parental rights to become more fragile in the future.

  13. Kim says:

    @ Jenny — Read the articles — her specialist at Tufts is an internationally renowned mitochondrial specialist — he testified in court FOR Justina. He was not consulted re her care or the change in diagnosis, etc. For those interested in learning more about mitochondrial disorders see FYI — prevalence of mito is = that of ALL CHILDHOOD CANCERS COMBINED as is the mortality rate. It’s just really hard to diagnose correctly. And, really hard to find a specialist who is competent to treat your child. And yes, we only have one side of the story because everyone has been placed on gag order — I think that’s part of Matt’s point — there’s a child who is helpless to advocate for herself who has been removed from her parents because they didn’t agree with the treatment plan at one hospital and instead wanted to take her to the hospital where her specialist is at. That shouldn’t be a crime. As a physician, the FIRST thing I do if I think something is fishy about a patient’s story is CALL the referring doctor or their prior primary care doctor to get more of the story… this wasn’t done in this case. She was supposed to be admitted to the care of her GI specialist at BCH but he wasn’t allowed to see her — instead a neurologist who doesn’t believe in mitochondrial diseases took over her admission. So many things wrong… and sadly, so many others have contacted me with similarly frightening stories.

  14. Tom Van Hoogen says:

    I too have had an extremely bad experience with CPS and the court system. They don’t have too much authority because sometimes it is necessary to intervene in a home for a child’s protection. The problem is that they only have to suspect there is cause and apparently without any evidence beyond accusations or opinions of others. To them if someone is telling them a story, the story is considered true. How can another party (including myself) prove that a story didn’t happen. They take the side that will have the least negative impact to their public image and political aspirations and hope that their governmental power will be a big enough protection against being found out or made accountable if the decision was absolutely wrong. This is what happened in my case and unfortunately it was my wife (ex now) that was behind the stories being told.

    I came home one day after 26 years of marriage to find a strange van in the driveway. I soon found out it was CPS and they were removing me from my home right then. They were acting on a report of abuse who they could not say or disclose (how convenient for someone who wants to cause damage to a person – sniping at you and remaining unseen and unexposed). I knew that my wife had been planning to leave the marriage for some time. She was meeting with a wealthy older man every day at the restaurant where she works for almost two years and in addition she was talking to him on her cell phone an average of 1 1/2 hours every day. The problem was she could not leave in a way that she appeared to be the bad person – enter CPS.

    I have never once cussed, drank, drugged, been violent, abusive or even threatening in my home. I always had a job, provided a good home, protected my family, fed them, kept excellent insurance and medical health including vision and dental. Additionally, I was the fun parent. I took them camping, swimming, to the parks, on bike rides, and long walks. They absolutely had everything they could need. I only ever wanted a home of love, peace and mutual respect and kindness. I grew up in a home of violence and fear so I knew the devastation that it causes.

    Please bear with me in this next part. This is not meant to be a slam against my ex, but you must understand what could motivate a person to act so treacherously and wickedly. My ex grew up in a Baptist home where her father was a preacher. I was a brand new Christian when I met her. I was making very good money ($65,000/yr) at 23 years old and was in line to inherit my fathers 10 million dollar a year business. My ex saw all this. A young man who loved God and therefore would impress her religious family and make a nice trophy addition to their public presentation, and money, and a future to boot. She came after me, sexually seduced me, and I fell.

    Fast forward. My dad sold the business 13 years later and the new employers canned me after 7 months. I left my family in Florida and went to Texas so she could be near all her family while I worked and she stayed home, (under the pretense of schooling the children). During these years as I got to know more about her family it all became clear that they were religious hypocrites whose entire sense of value rested in the perceptions others had of the family. This allowed them to milk the golden calf as it were. This is the key to the whole thing. Everything depended on them being seen and thought of as good persons, especially publicly. I was impressed that her father was a pastor and that the whole family was involved in church work. What I came to learn later was that the father had been fired from multiple pastorates for his drinking problem and lying problem. The mother let me know that he was a sexual pervert and was always chasing young girls. He even tried to get her into swinging and sexual orgies. In addition he never provided for his family. So the whole inside truth did not match the outside presentation.

    Without going on and belaboring the point, the family I married into were a bunch of hypocritical Pharisees who needed everyone to believe they were good and righteous. One crack in the family’s public facade could be scary. In the same way that the Pharisees went to extreme lengths to protect their religiously self-serving systems and powerful position, my wife had to protect hers. This is where CPS comes in and a wicked lawyer, and a court system that takes every word (selectively that is) said in it as truth. Unless you have massive amounts of money to to get at the truth, lies and deceptions prevail in the court. (I paid 50K to lawyers and ended up virtually unrepresented because I ran out of money).

    Here is the problem. Truth has no bearing in the cases at CPS, or the court for that matter. My wife wanted a way to get out of a marriage that did not show the truth – that she is the bad person in the home. They told me if what I told them (the truth) was true then I would be back in my home in 2 weeks. I tried to get cooperation with CPS. They never contacted me so I began to write to them requesting to find out the progress on my case. After 30 days I sent a certified registered letter requesting a review and status update. No answer. After 30 days I sent another certified- registered letter to the regional headquarters of CPS, no answer. After 30 days I sent a third certified registered letter to the State Department of FPS, no answer. Then right at three months I received their findings (reason to suspect neglect and abuse) in the mail. The same day I received their findings I received my first phone call from them wanting to see what I wanted to discuss. (I was on a speaker phone and there were a lot of people in the room on the other end of the call, probably my wife and her lawyer too because she had filed for divorce by now). When I questioned who was in the room and listening in on the call the lady at the regional level said, I will have to call you back, but never did. I tired to call her back and did nto get any answer. And that was the end of my ability to hold CPS to account for their findings – I had a a nasty divorce to contend with and my wife had accomplished making me the bad guy (for the record) without one piece of evidence, not one shred. I am confident that there could not be any evidence anywhere to condemn me or find fault that could prove neglect or abuse – because nothing remotely like it ever happened.

    But this did not discourage CPS or the courts from zooming in to save the “damsel in distress” and appear to be heroes, when in fact they removed four children from a loving, kind, responsible and mature adult protector and provider to give a lying, deceptive, immature, insecure, scheming and greedy mother custody and most importantly to her financial benefits. All because her lies hold more clout than my 26 years of self-sacrifice, service and honest, godly living.

    Here is what I learned. The courts and government are not so interested in truth or justice or doing the right thing. They have to protect themselves against public opinion and to keep furthering their own personal ambitions and political aspirations. (The Pharisees knew that Jesus told the truth, but their stated concern was “If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him; and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and our nation.” – John 11:48.)

    Whenever something stinks, follow the money (or implications to place and position and power) and you will find the motive for the crime. A good man (me) was led to the slaughter so that the authorities could keep their place by siding with a mom in the interests of the children – which gets votes and a good public opinion – the most bang for the buck in their use of authority. Unfortunately the real abuse in the whole ordeal was how my wife could so easily take down an innocent man by using the ulterior motives of men and a pathetically poorly devised system.

    The key is getting people of character and integrity into offices of power and authority. As Shrek says, “Yeah, like that will ever happen.” I think it only happens in fairy tales anymore and old movies and fantasies. We have so tolerated, overlooked and even promoted creative selfishness in America that our only hope is the demise of the current system and for a new King to take His rightful throne.

  15. survivorsjustice says:

    Reblogged this on survivorsjustice and commented:
    This is an outright look into some of our nation’s law enforcing CPS, not all are working in a very backwards process but most certainly there are many who are. I realize we have very few case workers throughout our country, at least compared to the number of REPORTED CASES (specificially 33,000 workers vs. 3.7 Million Reports in 2011) of course this is just what we have on file. Many times it is up to that specific call taker who receives the report whether or not help will be provided at all. There is a lot of reforming we need to do in this country and reforming our family protective courts system is a big part of that entire measure. You’ll find this blog filled with some powerful information about our CPS and children stolen or intervened for medical reasons. Definitely a blogger with an open opinion and I believe I like the way he is addressing this issue. These are discussed cases where no crime at all has been charged against the parent, the children were taken for what was determined to be parenting decisions about medical care, what one doctor suggests compared to another, then compared to the states opinion. Check it out I’m sure you’ll have an opinion, I do; while you’re checking out this blog on the survivorsjustice blog, also take a moment to check out the state by state comparison of child maltreatment reports across every state. Sometimes there can be a underlying reason for the intervention, we must consider what we see reflected in the children themselves. Talk with them and allow them a voice to decide whether or not they are actually being harmed. How about if we focus on what is best for the kids, rather that our job security and family court income gained through these ongoing injustices. just sayin all, give a kid a voice!!

  16. dawneworswick says:

    I am a survivor of criminal CPS. They stole me from my parents on October 7. 1977 in Pasadena, Ca where I was raped, tortured, and trafficked into child porn for four years. My first rape occurred only days after they snatched me and then they tried to cover it up and blame it on my dad. I had to have surgery to put it back together so speak. I was three. My father received the bill in the mail from the hospital because it was the same hospital I received my well baby visits. This is how my dad first learned I was raped. He couldn’t get me back. The evidence was clear on what really happened yet the court, the judge, the social workers and the state doctors blatantly lied and blamed it on my dad. I was immediately moved to Children’s Village where I was abused and trafficked with about 40 other kids into child porn until I was 7. From there I went to a foster home where they had no clue what had been done to me. Those poor foster parents. Then I went to another home where I was adopted but it was reversed because of my trauma. From there I bounced around until I was 16 and then emancipated to the street with nowhere to live. I found my parents by the grace of God and found out the truth. The hard copy evidence is clear. The child porn is still online today and called ‘vintage’ on pedophile sites and nobody has been held responsible or even investigated. Child help the place is now called is still there in Beaumont, Ca claiming they are the light of the world for abused kids….right.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you so much for being brave enough to share this with us. I hope you are doing well today and even though you may have scars that you have healed and built a healthy relationship with your refound family. I am so sorry you had to endure such a horrific life. God bless you! I will keep you in my prayers.

    • colleen says:

      omg, what a horrible nightmare, and yet you seem to be so well adjusted in spite of it all -thank you for sharing – what an evil world is this that our precious children are not safe – god bless you and keep you always – love to you and yours (and to all of us who have been raped (mentally and physically by the crappy system we live in).

    • Michelle says:

      I wish I could give you a big hug. That is an absolute nightmare. I pray that you have been or will be able to heal.

    • rebecca says:

      Dear Dawn, my heart goes out so much to you for all you’ve been through. All I can say is I’m sorry you went through so much and I know so many others fell that way for you. Thank you for telling your story here. Its a scary thing that foster care is more dangerous than your own home, even if it is abusive. Mine was, but at least I knew the devil I was dealing with…going to a stranger’s home and the rigamarole of the system would have been much worse, I’m sure. I’m so sorry for what happened to you and I hope your family is much better now.

    • Angry says:

      Can you please elaborate on Child Help in Beaumont Calif? Are they part of the pornography thing or what? My child was returned home after 6 mo. in an abusive foster home in Beaumont, CA. The CSW has promised these people will not foster again. I am afraid to say much but have a lot to say. My case is open for another month, but I am still sitting on pins and needles CPS will kidnap my child again. I am afraid to leave any details until my case is completely closed. I am living what I call an untouchable life, doing nothing wrong, But when it comes to CPS everyone is at risk. God is my fortress and my refuge.

  17. Leila W. says:

    I had a midwife a few years back who told me a heartbreaking story about a woman on the east coast. As I don’t know all the details I will not presume to elaborate. But the facts were: 1) She refused a C-section despite her doctor’s insistence 2) She successfully gave birth with no intervention 3) Her baby was healthy with zero issues 4) The doctor called the authorities. CPS showed up and took her newborn away. 5) CPS refused to give this new mother her baby and allowed another family to adopt. 6) She has been fighting for several years now to have her child returned. 7) Now comes a new conflict: This baby was given to another family almost immediately following its birth. This child has never known its birth mother and has grown the past 3-4 years calling another family “mom” & “dad”. Removing this child from the only home he/she has known could be very scary and traumatic for him/her. And yet this new mother was completely robbed of everything – merely because she disagreed with a doctor and brought her baby into the world “her way”.
    Because of this kind of thing (and mistreatment and bullying by nurses with my firstborn), my last 2 children were not born in hospitals. (My preference alone – I make no statement or judgments regarding those who choose a hospital setting. Wherever and whatever makes you feel safe and confident is where you need to be – so don’t read between lines that aren’t there).

  18. Leila W. says:

    Nope – #7 was presuming. My bad. But I’m probably right anyway.

  19. TD says:

    I’ve spoken with my coworkers, who are involved & caring parents. I’ve heard the same refrain that parents fear the government, when their children fall down while playing and show up at school with a bruise. Instead government needs to fear a free people.

  20. rahmalicious says:

    Reblogged this on rahmalicious VOICE OUT and commented:
    It is difficult to believe sometimes that such things actually happen around the globe.This is a recent story from Ghana where A MOTHER WAS DENIED to see her baby immediately after she delivered.Hospital officials in charge declared the baby dead shortly after the delivery, but could not provide the body of the baby.She said even after she accepted the sad death of her baby, nurses could not hand her the body for burial.This is what she said”The nurses wrapped my baby and put it where they put the others. I was later told it had died. I asked to see the body and they agreed but I was not shown the body. My brothers went to claim it they could not find my own. I need the body whether in limbs or in full”And finally she was told the body was burnt together with other dead babies by a hospital cleaner.It is simply unfathomable!

  21. susan says:

    Yah…cps workers are usually people abused themselves as kids..they see most parents they investigate as bad unworthy parents…and they have a god complex of being the hero…they have no real touch of reality…there ego in feeling they saved the day is a hungry beast that needs to be fed…some teachers also…if a parent is giulty of abuse arrest them! If the parent isnt charged with a crime why are children being removed?

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  23. Sherry gedgaudas says:

    Yes, this can happen! Our newborn was in the NICU after having a stroke, we questiond a drug they were giving him that stopped his breathing twice. We also questioned that them holding back feedings due to his blood sugars had something to do with everything.. We asked for a second opinion and to send him to a hospital closer to our home. This hospital had a Neurologist we knew and trusted and was the top Neurologist in the U.S. They said no. When we pressed them on the issuer they threatened to get an order to take our child away. This happened in N.C. We fought and have him moved, but it took weeks… The medicine they gave him was immediately terminated because of the risk of further brain damage. He ended up with brain damage on both sides of his brain and the New Nerologist was concerned because of his dehydration levels… They fought hard to keep us under their control because of their mistake. Just saying, it can and does happen..

  24. Emiliano Babarah says:

    Oh my God, I’m so glad to tell everyone the real thing that happen to me…My name is EMILIANO BABARAH. If i refuse to share this testimony it means i am selfish to my self and to people i love so much whom might have similar problems, March 16th about something 7:23pm after taken our dinner my husband got crazy started calling a lady name Melisa I love you, i was so mad and started crying like a baby…then my husband left home then for the idiot called Melisa, and never return back home then i believed when he understand his self he will surly come back to apology, but instead he left me So i complained to my friend she told me she was having such problems in her marriage until she was introduce to DR ORIOMON who specializes in bringing back broken homes and broken marriages DR ORIOMON cast a spell for me in May 4th surprisingly my husband came home May 6th apologizing that i should forgive him that it will never happen again, i was so glad and gave the thanks to DR ORIOMON who save my marriage, if you are having similar problem you can contact him and His email address is ( you can still save your marriage if u really love your husband.

  25. Brieanna says:

    This story sickens me. I hate to see when CPS blatantly screws up and hurts families like this, or when kids waste away in clearly abusive homes. I am a social work student (yes, shockingly I am conservative too), and I just want to point out one thing that seems to have been overlooked. While CPS falls short very often, I hate to see the whole system disregarded. Because of our sinful nature, some parents truly are not qualified to parent! Some children NEED to be saved from their parents, which I think is one of the saddest statements in the world, but in this day and age, it’s true. To be a good CPS worker, you need more than the wisdom of Solomon, you need the knowledge and wisdom of God. And that is why CPS fails so much, it’s fallen people trying to fill a role that only God could. Some kids desperately need to be rescued, and that is why CPS exists and is actually needed. Sadly, CPS workers are drowning in case loads, are very underpaid, experience extremely high stress levels, and there are few CPS workers in supply. I think that worsens matters greatly. The system is flawed and it works against them too. Please don’t hate all of CPS, please pray for them and people like myself who are considering going into this field. Please pray for the kids who need to be put into better homes, and that they won’t be overlooked, and pray that no more children are wrongfully taken away. CPS shouldn’t need to exist, and it’s horrific when things go wrong, but CPS also has the ability to save many lives! Please remember that and keep CPS workers in prayer!!

  26. cindy says:

    Oh my gosh, very similar situation with my sister. Her 5th child was born a year and a half ago and the hospital wouldn’t release her baby. There was NOTHING wrong, a very healthy baby, all numbers were “normal” they said, but they continued to test and test. Told her she could leave, but they were keeping her child. My sister obviously didn’t agree with what the hospital was doing in regards to their “treatment” of her child and said as much and that she was going to take her baby. They right out told her if you take her we will call cps on you. They had to stay for almost a week in a family suite, tens of thousands of $ later, they were allowed to bring their baby home. Felt like they needed to keep a room filled during a quiet week. Can’t make money on empty rooms.

  27. seanna says:

    I live in Canada. One of my daughters had a momentary difficult clearing her airway in her early weeks of life. We took her in to the hospital to be sure it was only a one-time event. The doctors were very thorough, because of her young age, which is a good thing. We had no idea that the testing for such a thing would take 2 days. After a full day of being there, my husband and I commented on how long the process was taking and was it really necessary for us to stay overnight. I was, truthfully, shocked when the nurse replied by instantly whipping out the CAS threat (CAS is Canadian equivalent of CPS). Instead of dialoging intelligently with us about the process – the threat to call CAS if we didn’t comply was ready on the tip of her tongue.

    It was and is so surprising to me that I could have chosen to not take my daughter in to be checked out with no penalty; she had cleared her airway and was breathing fine and had returned to normal for all we could observe. But once admitted to the hospital, it seemed that we were powerless in the events to unfold. And using a threat to make us comply was chosen over intelligent discussion.

  28. mrs victor says:

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  29. Kunoichi says:

    I’m in Canada. I’ve had two children in my care, a private arrangement with their quadraplegic mother while their father was out of the country, for the past 9+ months. During that time, we learned the children were severely neglected and abused by their father (who also talked about wanting to kill their mother, threatened us, etc.), and we were told that if he ever showed up, to call the crisis line and the police. He showed up in our city this morning, sending me an email saying he wanted to make arrangements to move the kids to his apartment (he doesn’t have one). While I was out trying to get a protection order for the kids, a social worker came to my home, where they children were with my husband and daughters, and took them to visit their mom.

    She has since turned the children over to their father at his hotel, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their backpacks. I’ve been told she is willing to “mediate” between me and the father to get their belongings. I’d already warned him not to come near me and, to be frank, he’s probably afraid of me and my husband, as we are the first people to actually stand up to him. Meanwhile, I got a frantic message from their mom, as she’d just learned from the social worker that they were to be left, unsupervised, with him for the weekend.

    Two different stories from the same social worker who, I now realize, has actually abducted the children from me to return them to a father that children’s services agreed was abusive!!

  30. Anon. says:

    The short version of what is happening in our family, Mother, bi-polar – not staying on her meds- drug addict. Father, alcoholic – lost licence for d & d, who’s personal hygiene is much to be desired and can’t keep a job, apartment, or any kind of stability. Kids unruly as no discipline is happening in the home and put on ADHD drugs, but they are not given on a regular basis only when mom remembers too. The father leaves girlfriend (mother), mother finds she can’t handle the kids after 11 years, or is it because of the new boyfriend who wants nothing to do with the kids… mother calls CPS and tells them to take the kids. 6 months later mother is pregnant again and now the infant is at home with mom (Which never happens, ok so maybe only in drug addicted, bi-polar mothers who can harm/neglect/abandon their children)… CPS is trying to get the other children back into the home with mom (mom is having nothing to do with that, or so boyfriend can harm/neglect the children). Father, wants the kids but he won’t get them (that is ok by me, what would these kids look like in 4 years without personal hygiene being enforced by him) . We should have police doing this job parents would be in jail -for abandoning children as one was in jail for d & d when children were given up and the other gave them away. I would love to take the kids and I wouldn’t be taking a dime from the tax payers/CPS to house them but I don’t want CPS in my house, one complaint from one of the kids and CPS would remove those kids and I would lose everything I own and more.


  32. Justina Pelletier’s mitochondrial disease matters quite a bit. Even though mitochondria are the energy centers of our cells, very little is known about them (no one knows the baseline for how much, for example superoxide, is supposed to be produced in each mitochondria in a cell). The tests for mitochondrial function are woefully inadequate and many/most people with mitochondrial dysfunction are told that their problems are all in their heads because the tests all come back saying that the person is “normal.” The tests are wrong, the patients aren’t. Almost all multi-symptom chronic illness has been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction – Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autism, IBS, adverse drug reactions, etc.

    Mitochondrial disease is caused by several things. The recognized mitochondrial diseases are those that are genetic mutations passed on from a mother to a child. However, many pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins can damage mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA. The FDA and EPA have ineptly been turning a blind eye to this fact because, as I mentioned, the technology for testing for mitochondrial dysfunction is under-developed.

    As more and more people pass on pharmaceutical damaged mitochondrial DNA to their children, there will be more and more tragic cases like Justina’s. Rather than admit that they are wrong, or that they don’t know anything about mitochondria, the doctors will kidnap innocent children. Welcome to the dystopian future.

    Here are some posts about mitochondrial dysfunction:

  33. LJ says:

    DISGRACEFUL! ….And then there are the children who are left in the care of “parents” who HAVE COMMITTED a crime! Illegal drug use and possession means nothing any more, millions of children are born drug affected/dependent and simply allowed to live in that abusive and chaotic environment because “they need to be with their biological parents”. There is a big difference between being a sperm/egg donor and a parent!

  34. Dara O'Malley says:

    It’s come to the point where parents, especially those with chronically-ill children, need to have a lawyer’s number on speed dial. If I had been in the Pelletier’s shoes I would have called a lawyer, not the police, when BCH/DCF prevented them from removing Justina. It is outrageous that this is what it has come to, but the truth is that these entities respond to threats of lawsuits and little else.

  35. paula silverwood says:

    u.k s.s stole our 2 beautiful children,because of our neighbour who makes her 9yr old son sell drugs at school!she reported us even though she had 1 child removed as he was selling weed at school and she beats the crap out of him and her daughter,she got him back.she reported us for arguing and my children have now been adopted by 2 women.they have now put my son who is 7 back up for adoption as they cant handle him but they are keeping our 3 year old daughter!it was all planned we knew they only wanted our daughter.i need to find my children,s.s are evil,they are splitting my kids up despite the judge ordering they stay together!This is a worldwide scandal and it needs stopping!we are holding protests outside u.k family corrupt courts on 5th may and 25th july at downing children were adopted for a “future risk of emotional harm” which is a ludicrous crystal ball prediction most children in the u.k are stolen on that bullshit children want to come home,plus grandparents also were refused kinship care despite been an approved foster carer who works at a school!

  36. Jennifer R says:

    There is also the case of the baby boy who was taken from his HIV positive mother because she refused to give him AZT, a toxic drug. She had every right to refuse, and plenty of reasons to refuse, but they didn’t like her attitude. He was breastfed, and after they took him he wouldn’t take a bottle, so they placed a tube in his nose (later one was surgically implanted in his stomach) to feed him formula. They finally got him back nearly a year later, but still have no say in his medical treatment. Land of the Free?

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