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Over the past several months, this website has become a significant platform. It’s bigger — more visible, more widely read — than I ever imagined or hoped. For the most part, I’ve used this stage to advance my ideas, to earn money for my family, and to offer to the world a host of helpful alpaca grooming tips.

Today I want to aim a little higher.

My younger brother, Joe, is going on a mission trip to Guatemala. This is a country in the throes of poverty and destitution unlike anything you’ll see here in the United States. Over 75 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. Half of the children are malnourished, and the infant mortality rate is 25 per 1,000 live births — five times the US rate. The average rural Guatemalan family earns the equivalent of about 4 dollars a day, or just under 1,500 dollars a year.

It is a bleak picture, but not a helpless one.

We can help.

This blog averages between 3.5 and 7 million views a month. Of those views, several hundred thousand come from loyal and dedicated readers. I hate to sound like a Feed The Children commercial, but, seriously, if we all gave just a buck or two, we could do some serious good for some people who seriously need it.

I’m not going to turn my blog into a non-stop charity fundraiser, but every once in a while I want to mobilize the fans (and haters) of this site for a cause greater than arguing about the issues. So this is one of those times.

My brother never asked that I use my site to help fund their mission to Guatemala. But when I offered, he wrote this letter to you. Please read it, pray about it, and consider the request:

Dear Readers of The Matt Walsh Blog,

Our Lord says: “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” This March my classmates from Christendom College and I will be going on a mission to an impoverished region of Central America in the hopes of fulfilling these words. I would like to humbly ask for your help in funding this mission.

Christendom will send us to Guatemala where we will be working in some of the poorest regions of Latin America. The purpose of our trip is twofold: first, to provide essential supplies and medicine that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would otherwise have no access to; and second, to form personal relationships with the Guatemalans to spread the good news of Christ by our service.

Last year I was part of a similar trip to Guatemala — you can see some of the photos below. We worked at an infant hospital in the small town of El Progreso and traveled into the mountains to visit the sick and set up a clinic to give out medical supplies to the children. This year, we will build a well to provide fresh water to those in desperate need of a clean drinking source. Lack of clean drinking water is one the greatest issues facing the third world today, with your help, we hope to solve this problem for at least one village.

In order to go again this year, I must personally raise 1,100 dollars. I have already raised the necessary money to cover the cost of my plane ticket. So every dime that you donate will go directly to those who need it most in Guatemala. Our mission, which will extend from March 8 to March 16, will be led by Christendom’s pastor, Father Donald Planty. We will be working with a hospital for orphaned babies and traveling into the mountains of Guatemala to provide medicine, essential supplies, clean water filtration systems and more to Guatemalans in desperate need.

Our mission will also work with a group of evangelical Christians from Canada as we spread the message of Christ — Protestants and Catholics together. If you would be willing to make a donation, please click on the paypal link (here)

Every cent raised will go directly to funding the mission and allowing us to fulfill Christ’s command to serve those most in need. If you have any questions at all regarding the trip, please feel free to contact me at nittanyjoseph@aol.com.

A great Christian, St. Francis of Assisi, once said: “Preach the Gospel always; when necessary use words.” This March — with your help — we hope to fulfill those words.

Thank you in advance for any donation you may be able to give. Following the mission, I pledge to report to all those who assisted me regarding my experience in Guatemala and the results of our trip.

In Christ,

Joe Walsh, junior at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia

Just to review:

If you click the link and give a few dollars, all of the money will go directly to providing supplies, medicine, and clean water to impoverished people in Guatemala. There isn’t anyone taking a cut off the top. No monkey business here. You send the money, they take it and use it to help poor children and families. It’s as simple as that. This isn’t a massive charity organization. This is a small Christian school sending a group of students into a poor region of the world to provide supplies, give out medicine, build a well, and spread the message of Christ. I think I can safely call this one of the most direct ways to help the poor in one of the most desperate areas on the globe, aside from going yourself.

Thanks for reading and giving this some thought.

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  1. Unfortunately, we know your stance on illegal immigration. On this side of the Mississippi, the majority of Latino immigrants are Guatemalan and El Salvadoran. Our policies of the 80’s to early 90’s devastated both countries’ economies and that’s why they are coming here looking for work. Over the last three years, you have denounced the Spanish-speaking “criminals”, told them to go back to their country and build their own economies instead of stealing American jobs, and at least learn some English if they insist on staying here.

    Now you’re asking us to give the Guatemalans a handout instead of telling them to take personal responsibility and build their own country.

    No dice, at least not through a charity you recommend. Back in your WZBH days, we called you on your stance towards the immigrants on Delmarva, including the Guatemalans. You ranted against the criminals too lazy to fix their own country despite the facts. Now you want us to give them money, no questions asked.

    Nice you want to help your brother out, but we’ll find our own charities and own ways to help. In fact, we have, including helping the very ones you spit on back in your WZBH days and now want everyone to empty their wallets for.

    • JJ says:

      way to be a fucking dickhead.

    • Kate Smith says:

      So by not allowing everyone into the US we must therefore ignore them altogether. They can’t come here, and they can also go ahead and die of starvation, lack of water, lack of medical help, whatever in their own country.

      Funny, I don’t remember reading those sentiments on this site (or anywhere, ever, for that matter). Your argument doesn’t make any sense – how can immigration laws in one country tie back to helping communities have clean water and medical assistance around the world? Most people would hardly consider giving people in these conditions water and basic medical care a “handout” like we’re passing out free iPhones. And in theory, by enabling these people to live more successfully, aren’t we helping them to make it work in their home country?

      No dice.

      • You don’t recall reading anything here because this blog is relatively new. In case you’re wondering, we were referring to his days as a morning show host during his radio days here on Delmarva, which goes back way further than this blog.

        • John says:

          Your post still doesn’t make any sense. It’s not logical. Not liking illegal immigration doesn’t mean not wanting to help people in need. And what’s wrong with learning English?
          One thing that is clear from your posts here is that you (whether there are five of you or you just respect yourself so much that using royal “we” is the only way you can refer to yourself) really don’t like Matt. Which is OK. Almost all people have that feeling toward someone. One thing I don’t understand is why you continue to torture yourself by reading his blog.

        • Don’t flatter yourself, and, no, we’re not getting into a flame war with you. Our post was addressed to Matt, not you, so if you don’t understand, why torture yourself over it? Skip our response. There’s plenty of other responses you can read that may make sense to you.

      • ColdCaseFanatic says:

        There is a very anti-immigration post he made back in January 2013 called “Why are we arguing about Immigration” that is all too transparently full of scorn and wrath against the undocumented people he is now trying to win money for. After reading that (and wondering how an adult woman is unable to search the site for herself in order to find the context the person before her referred to) its all too clear that he doesn’t care for the Guatemalans, he’s pushing for points for his brother. He hates illegal immigrants, he knows nothing about them, is willing to swallow every conservative flavored opinion about them and has no mercy or compassion for these people. It is surprisingly difficult for most people put themselves in their shoes, to imagine the courage, the determination, the strength and endurance they have in order to push themselves to this country in order to have a better life. It takes something most people in this country these days cannot even fathom with their privileged lives for a Latin American to successfully come here. Maybe its because its easier to sit behind a computer and bash them for profit, or easier to make snide, despicable comments about them in public when you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in their situation. I think alot of people in this country need to GROW UP. And grow up NOW.

        • Ron says:

          Immigration must be managed! Borders were formed for reasons! If I want to live in Mexico I’ll move there! There are two types off immigrants! Those who come to assimilate and prosper and those who don’t. Those who don’t, don’t belong here! It really is that simple.

          As noble as it is to be be a melting pot, there is no nobility in being a cesspool!

    • James says:

      Because no man in the history of ever has had a change of heart, on any scale whatsoever. Instead of criticizing his past, why not take his actions on faith?

    • I’m not saying ‘Matt didn’t say it’, because he might have, but if you are going to say ‘He did’, it would behoove you to provide a link in order to foster a more productive debate than the last few comments.

      • No, it wouldn’t “behoove” us to do any such thing. Our post was addressed to Matt and he’s very aware of the blog we made to document his bigotry when he was a radio host on Delmarva back in 2010 through 2011. We’re pretty sure we don’t need to provide a link to remind him of what he said.

        • John says:

          On your blog you rally against a businessman who is willing to help poor Mexicans to earn a living by hiring them (legally), because they take away jobs from locals. Or do you only support illegal immigration?

        • You were on the wrong blog. We run more than one, four to be exact. The article you referenced is how our local politician and former waterman turned his back on his roots and fought to preserve the H1B Visa program, a federal program that allows seasonal employers to import cheap labor primarily through Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua at the expense of the born and raised watermen families that have fished our Bay for generations. Rumor has it (we’re still trying to verify the talk among some of the watermen) that this politician wants our watermen to train these H1B workers to operate a boat and fish the Bay at an hourly rate, which is cheaper than paying the current market rate for each catch. So, no, we weren’t talking about illegal immigrants.

          Back when Matt was on the radio down here, we called him on his stance that “if they speak Spanish, they’re probably illegal”, except instead of using the watermen story, we used Purdue chicken, a major employer in Wicomico County. Purdue relies so heavily on the H1B Visa Program, one is hard pressed to find anything written in English in the employee break room. We know this from experience because one of us sat in that break room waiting for a job interview. He didn’t get hired. He found out what his friend, and former employee of Purdue, meant when he warned him that he wouldn’t get the job because he “was the wrong color”.

          Keep in mind, Wicomico County is surrounded by two of the poorest counties in the state with the highest unemployment rates. Purdue is a major employer on Delmarva. (Delmarva is a rural area with little industry other than agriculture and fishing.) Since Purdue (and our seafood houses) can’t export their business to China for the cheap labor, they figured out how to legally import the cheap labor at the expense of the local residents. Their business practices allows you to get cheap chicken, including the chicken offered at Chik-Fil-A.

          Matt ignored what we presented and continued to refer to the H1B workers, primarily from El Salvador and Guatemala, as “illegal Mexicans.” Sorry. To see him now asking for us to help the Guatemalans is, at best, hypocritical. We would probably be less harsh in our assessment if his call for help didn’t involve his brother, but Matt has already established his blog as a family affair. He called for guest bloggers so he could post a couple of articles by his sister. He hasn’t posted guest blogs by anyone else and we know he has followers that write intelligently, but they’re not family. Now he’s helping his brother.

          We said it in another response and we’ll say it again. If Matt wants to entertain us with his views on immigration and the H1B Visa program, we’ll read it. Perhaps his views from three-and-a-half years ago have changed. We’re just willing to bet they haven’t. Contrary to Matt’s stance that immigrants who come here looking for work are not criminals. They are desperate, poor people looking for a way to support their families. The criminals are the corporations who knowingly hire immigrants who haven’t come here through the proper channels, but they know it’s cheap labor with minimal fines if they get caught.

        • Nova02 says:

          Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Regardless of Matt’s views on ILLEGAL immigration, this blog entry was a call for his readers to help a very needy group of people. It’s what you call CHARITY and selflessness. In fact, rather than just preaching about helping others through government wealth confiscation, Matt’s brother is actually DOING it. Take your axe and go grind it someplace else. This post has nothing to do with whether Matt is against illegal immigration. It’s about helping Guatemalans in their native land. The fact that you can’t see the difference is telling.

    • First, let me add to Matt’s description of the country’s problems by telling everyone that assassinations are a

      regular occurrence in Guatemalan elections and that the median age of the country is about 15-16. My father and I

      once met an elected government official there who represents about 60,000 Guatemalans. He lives in a house smaller

      than a typical American living room made of corrugated roofing metal. And that’s not even mentioning the rampant (though not complete)d police corruption.


      Now, to address you accusations directly, your ignorance and complete inability to actually understand how

      conservatism and Christian charity work together is making you look very foolish.

      Let me tell you the story of a young Guatemalan woman. I can’t remember her name; it was Mary, Maria, or something

      like that. She left Guatemala years ago for Mexico, with the ultimate goal of entering the United States. She tried

      legal avenues first and when that didn’t pan out, signed on with some ‘coyotes’ (illegal immigration facilitators).

      The way these guys worked is they would drive you in a truck to some miles south of the border checks. A guide and

      the prospective “immigrants” get out and walk for miles, before rendezvous with the truck north of the border. This

      particular trip happened in July. July in the American desert, for a woman who grew up in the eternally mild

      Guatemalan climate (some of my friends there sweat heavily at 60 degrees). She fell ill, and the group left her to

      die, with the exception of one good man who stayed with her, though it cost him his entry into America. She died

      anyway; he was questioned and then returned to Mexico. After the investigation ended, the U.S. authorities sent the

      results to her familiy in Guatemala (nice of them; it was no small effort). However, the family was greatly

      confused by post-autopsy photos that, of course, showed her covered in incisions, seemingly (to them) contradicting

      the official COD of “dehydration.” It didn’t help that none of them read or spoke English.

      Fast forward a few years, and my father (a carpenter) made his first trip to Guatemala to help in improvements on a

      school there. In the process, he met the deceased’s mother, who explained her family’s confusion and asked my

      father (a man of virtually no experience in law enforcement and who lives further from the American border than the

      Guatemalans themselves) to do what he could. He agreed and, after returning to the States, got in touch with border

      patrol and the officer who worked the case. He found out exactly what happened, and gave the family the whole

      story, including Google Maps imagery of the place where she died on his next trip to Guatemala the following year.

      As a result, one of the relatives abandoned her own plans for illegal immigration.

      In the years since, everyone in my family (with the exception of my adopted Indian brother who dislikes being

      reminded of his childhood poverty) has made multiple trips to Guatemala, primarily to help repair or renovate this

      school and to transport goods and money to the school, local community, and our sister church there. Moreover we,

      especially my dad, have built many personal relationships there. My parents returned last year so my father could

      be the best man in the wedding of the man who translated for him when he met with that unfortunate family. My

      parents help support a widow who is raising four children on her own, our friends help pay the salaries of the

      teachers at the school. I will be returning (with my dad) later this year to do more work on the school.


      Don’t you dare doubt our compassion, empathy, and respect of the Guatemalans, but let me tell you something else

      about all these family members and friends I’ve mentioned: we adamantly oppose illegal immigration.

      Among the usual reasons (they avoid taxes, weaken the rule of law, and the security issues that result from the

      boarder situation), there is also our hatred of what the coyotes and the like do. The deceive and exploit these

      prospective immigrants and leave them to die if they lag behind for the sake of their (illegitimate) bottom line.

      They are monsters barely a step above the most deplorable human traffickers.

      And let me also tell you that our opposition to illegal immigration has nothing really to do with the race or

      economic status of the “immigrants” themselves. We couldn’t care less if immigration quotas were abolished and

      every law-abiding prospective immigrant was granted entrance to this country. But we will always oppose illegal

      immigration. Because rewarding those who break the law is pure foolishness, and the economics of supporting all

      these people who draw heavily from our public services without paying the majority of taxes is completely

      irresponsible and unfeasible.

      As to stealing American jobs, that is a completely justified accusation against ILLEGAL immigrants. I have no

      problem with LEGAL immigrants competing for jobs; that’s the basis that makes capitalism work and if we’re

      unwilling to work the wages they are, we deserve to be undercut. But ILLEGAL immigrants are working on a completely

      unfair playing field. They don’t pay income taxes, which means they can undercut an American or legal immigrant by

      ten, twenty, thirty percent or more without losing a dime of their take-home.


      Now you do have a bit more of a point when it comes to telling immigrants to go back to their country and build

      themselves up there. While that opinion is understandable for some countries (why should we pay for Chavez’s

      messes, for example), Guatemala is one noteworthy exception for two major reasons. But please hold your vitriol in

      check. Given the compassion Matt has communicated for so many other circumstances, I think it’s safe to say that

      he’s ignorant of what I’m about to say. While publicly known, it is certainly not common knowledge.

      While I love American principles and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else, I hate much of our history with

      Guatemala. Much of their problems can be laid (in part) at the feet of Americans. But not all Americans. No, the

      guilt lies with the American government (CIA), an American corporation (United Fruit Company), and a certain

      institution I’m sure Matt, like me, has no love for – unions.

      Guatemala has had a troubled past, including would-be conquerors and the like. We’ll pick up in 1898, when the UFC

      supported a dictator and, through him, became extremely powerful in Guatemala. And, of course, used that power to

      abuse Guatemalans (for money, not just the heck of it). This abuse eventually resulted in a quasi-peaceful

      revolution and a coup d’etat that resulted in Guatemala’s first free election which resulted, as is so often the

      case in a country beaten down by a monopolistic corporate body, in a pendulum swing towards socialsim.

      The socialist measures taken by the new government over the next decade antagonized the CIA (this is 1954, early

      Cold War), who sponsored another coup. For the next fifty years, the country was embroiled in a guerilla war, which

      included torture, mass murder, and scorched earth tactics. Entire villages were wiped out. The end of the war in

      1996 precipitated the baby boom that has caused Guatemala’s current bottom-heavy demographic.

      The other (and more personal to me) way that Americans have harmed Guatemala relates directly to the school we

      sponsor. American unions, wanting (as they always do) to avoid that pesky “free market,” pressured the Guatemalan

      government into passing a minimum wage law, under the sickening guise of helping the native workforce. Now minimum wage laws are inherently damaging to both workers and employers (see this for a particularly entertaining explanation), but the Guatemalan version is so, so much worse. Rather than a less insane hourly-based minimum wage, the unions’ puppets enacted a MONTLY-based minimum wage. And now that this is finally beginning to be enforced, it makes the damage to part-time workers caused by Obamacare look like child’s play. It essentially OUTLAWS part-time work, because no one’s going to pay a month’s wages for three weeks’ work, much less two days.

      This gets personal here, because many of the school’s teachers are part-time. So we either have to pony up thousands more dollars each month out of thin air, or shut down the school.


      I guess that’s as good a place to end as any. I’ll finish by advising you not to make simple acts of charity and compassion into political fights. Agree with us or not, we have good, moral (and economic) reasons (be they right or wrong) for opposing illegal immigration, and they do not in any way conflict with our desire to help the countries from which they came.

      • We would advise you not to take a post we directed towards Matt and generalize our comments as if we meant to denigrate every Christian conservative. Here on Delmarva, most of the Latino population is here, and working, legally through the H1B visa program. The largest employers of mostly El Salvadoran and Guatemalan workers are our farmers, seafood houses, and Purdue chicken. In Matt’s eyes, though, all the Spanish-speaking, brown skinned ones were Mexicans here illegally stealing American jobs. Given Matt’s history on Delmarva, we don’t take his call to help the Guatemalans as a genuine call for help, but rather a call to help his brother out. If he’s had a change of heart towards immigrants in this country, perhaps he’ll delight us with his “new” views

        • “Unfortunately, we know your stance on illegal immigration. […] Over the last three years, you have denounced the Spanish-speaking ‘criminals'”

          I didn’t assume you were “denigrating every Christian conservative.” I did assume, based on the above statements, that you were “denigrating” every anti-illegal immigration conservative. If you don’t want that assumption to be made, choose your words differently.

          Sorry about the formatting above, apparently that’s what happens when you submit via mobile.

    • TheApostlePaul says:

      Hahaha! The truth hurts…

    • Meh says:

      You, sir, are a COMPLETE moron.

      Maybe if you didn’t have your head so far up your own ass, and let go of whatever willful ignorance you’re desperately clinging to, you’d know that Matt has absolutely nothing against private charity and only has issues with GOVERNMENT handouts. In fact, multiple times, he has advocated replacing government entitlements with charity completely.

      This also has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration in the US, or with race, or with whatever American policies have harmed Guatemala. Don’t break your arm reaching so hard.

  2. Kim Allmon says:

    > The paypal link didn’t work. Let me know how I can get money into the right hands.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. DD Taylor says:

    Dear Matt, In case you don’t know yet…the links (in your email and your brother’s letter) to PayPal are not working. I will gratefully donate to the cause.

    D.D. Taylor Grace Estates Sales & Services

  4. Pamela says:

    I’m on am iPad and the link didn’t work….

  5. phantomdiver says:

    Matt, if you could let us know how much has been raised, that would be great. Thanks!

  6. tylersgrandma3@charter.net says:

    I have a valid Paypal account, but when I click on either of the links to pay, the pop-up screen reads ‘Sorry, action cannot be completed’. Please see if this error can be fixed for those of us who wish to donate. Thanks!

  7. Christine says:

    Gladly made a donation. God be with your brother and everyone involved. God bless!

  8. Jeff says:

    Link worked for me…..hope your brother has a great trip.

  9. Matt I am excited to tell you that you are not the only one who is arrogant. I am even better, an arrogant hypocrite. I realized that when I went to church this morning. God has a way of hitting me in the face like that. It always seems that when I make a statement it comes back to bite me in the butt. I’ll be writing about it. From your sister in Christ. Heather.

    P.S. No need to justify your post, unless you care about what other people think. Godspeed to your brother.

  10. aderian wsrd says:

    Link worked for me. Good luck!

  11. Luscinia says:

    I sincerely believe that missionaries just don’t care about the welfare of the people, they just want to keep them in poverty and preach evangelical protestantism endlessly.

    • Cylar says:

      How many missionaries do you even know personally? Have you talked to them, heard their stories, ask what they do?

      Why are people so quick to denounce evangelical Christians without bothering to ask what they actually do with their time and resources? Such ignorance astounds me. Well, OK, not really…but it does annoy me.

    • Jack says:

      If this is truly your sincere believe, then once again you would be truly wrong.

    • TheApostlePaul says:

      Read John Perkins’ “Diary Of An Economic Hitman.” It usually has less to do with “helping people” or “spreading the good news” than with “creating a docile native labor force.”

    • Mariam says:

      Except that his brother’s university is Catholic, not Evangelical, and Catholics are not typically known to go “preaching” as evidenced by the St. Francis quote:
      Preach the Gospel always; when necessary use words.

    • sarah says:

      not all missionaries are evangelical protestants!! Christendom is a CATHOLIC school.

  12. Michelle S. says:

    I’ve only been following your blog for about two months now (one of your posts was mentioned in To Love, Honor And Vacuum, which I also subscribe to,) so I have no idea what the post by Five Drunk Rednecks is about. I went to donate moments ago and like others have mentioned, I’m not directed to a donation page, but an error page within PayPal. Let us know when the link is fixed or when a different one is posted. I have immensely enjoyed your posts. They sure get people thinking (and others really riled up). God bless.

  13. Dedicated to Matt’s followers

  14. Dedicated to Matt’s followers!

  15. Dedicated to Matt’s followers!

  16. The link still isn’t working for some of us. I just tried.

  17. Love your blog! Also, I wanted to pass on the Inner Peace Award that was passed on to me=) http://marjanitalarosa.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/inner-peace-award/ Blessings for the Journey, MarJanita LaRosa

  18. txgrandma says:

    God bless you for your mission. I have sponsored a family in Guatemala for the past 7 years and am so heartened when I receive their letters of gratitude. One of their correspondences from last year told me that they had used some of the money that I had gifted them with to buy seed for their crops. What an amazing thing that I could help them to provide for themselves with my gift! I am hoping to be able to travel to meet them at some point in my life. As Americans, we have no idea what true poverty is and it would serve all of us good to open our eyes to those in these countries and reach out to them.

    P.S.- I loved your idea on Real News of using the Grammys (the Oscars would be fine also!) to broadcast a 3D ultrasound to make people more aware of the holocaust going on in our country at our local abortion clinics.. More people would be pro-life if they knew that abortion truly was about the taking of human life in the “privacy” of an abortion clinic and not just a “choice” that a woman makes… People like you give me real hope in the future!

  19. TheApostlePaul says:

    There’s a catch…they all have to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. No helping people just for the sake of helping them, now…

    • pentamom says:

      Why do you come here just to make up complete lies?

    • Mariam says:

      That’s probably not true. He’s from a Catholic university, and Catholics don’t usually go preaching and trying to convert people around the globe. You could go spend some time volunteering with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India and see for yourself. They care for the sick; no preaching.

  20. Oops sorry about the three you tubes; that was inadvertent. Anyway, this has nothing to do with your posts-as oftentimes it doesn’t-but it’s about you and all the people who view your posts and all the people who post back with loveless responses from a loveless nature:

    Matt, I feel like I am supposed to be saying something to you. I feel compelled to say something to you. I feel like you are not living up to your full potential.

    You know, when I first visited your site it was because a Christian man recommended one of your articles on abortion. I agreed with what you had to say and I thought you were mostly respectful and sometimes passive-aggressively disrespectful. And I understand that, because sometimes “I” slip. Sometimes, I lose “my” bearing. I sometimes stray from “my” true North, but I always find my way back, because I feel it and I don’t think you have that intuitive ability to feel, so you’re just walking the path like you’re blindfolded, as if you are unseeing of what you are doing, the damage you are creating in your attempt to do what is right. I continue to read your articles and I’m wondering if I’m wrong about your intention, which I thought was to evolve the human spirit into something greater than what it is at present.

    I thought the foundational premise of your blog is Christian-based but I don’t hear Christ, feel Christ, in your words. The words that you’re saying are harsh and condemning. You don’t miss an emotional punch toward any group different than you, so what about you? If you want to sit up there on your platform and condemn everyone else to, I suppose what you feel is an inadequate existence and thus an existence they don’t deserve, then it is only right that you examine your self, that you admit your weaknesses, admit your faults, because there is no strength in denying your weaknesses, there is no strength pretending that you are better or more worthy than the next person. There is no strength in pretending you are infallible. And by pretending, you are self-disrespecting, and by being self-disrespecting you are inviting disrespect and why? To cause a sensation? To feed your family?You would forfeit your integrity for money, for prestige by a group of people who have no integrity, or very little integrity, or who forgot that they had integrity by some tragedy or trauma that occurred in their life. What? You don’t think God will provide for you if you do the right thing in a world that He does not rule?

    I couldn’t pinpoint it until I thought about it, and I thought about it, and something was nagging at me. I couldn’t figure out at first why it kept nagging me, why I was frustrated with your words because you have a right to your opinion and I know that and I respect your right to your opinion but if this is a Christ-based blog, if you are attempting to guide a Christian conservative audience, and correct me, if I’m wrong I’m wrong, if I am correcting you for something I shouldn’t be correcting, then say it, but if this is your Christ-based platform, then you have an obligation to convey the message of Jesus Christ along with your personal opinion. For you to say, “this is how I feel about these things, but just because I feel about these things because I’m intolerant of these things, because I am condemning of these things and these people and their actions does not mean I’m right, because scripturally Jesus Christ is not condemning. He is loving, compassionate, understanding” and that is what is missing from your posts, Matt. You are not well-rounded. You are emotionally stunted. It is one thing to correct, but it is another to scorn and that is the underlying emotion that I get from most of your articles; and maybe you’re pandering to the world, because you need to support your family financially and you know what the world wants to hear, you know what sells, because bitterness and darkness and depression and hate and intolerance is what the world lives by, but if you are a Christ-centered person, if you are telling people that you are Christ-centered, if this is the case, I want you to explore, to search yourself, and ask yourself why you are not conveying a Christ-centered message. I don’t understand and I want to respect you, but how can I respect hate, bitterness, intolerance, condemnation, everything that goes against what Jesus Christ stands for.

    Do you want your children to grow up with the above spirit-crushing adjectives defining who they are? Don’t you feel you have a responsibility to teach your children virtue? I understand your personality type leaves you disconnected from your own emotions, therefore not capable or minimally capable of understanding the emotions of others and their God-given right to peace, which is why I can see you could have difficulty understanding the teachings of Jesus Christ, why you only see the concrete actions of others as black-and-white, right or wrong, but there is more to it Matt. It’s not just about actions; it’s not to judge or to be judged, it is to understand, to correct, to be corrected by way of understanding ,love, and compassion. Where is your love and compassion? You say many things that are correct, but often times you are not right. Oftentimes, most times, you are self-righteous and that saddens me, because there “has” to be more to you, especially if you were trying to lead a nation and although this nation is not being led under God I would think that if your mission is to be Christ-like that you would lead this nation under God, even as our nation is pulling farther and farther away from Him. Be a leader, Matt. Don’t be a follower. That is what frustrates me the most. You are following the status quo. You don’t think you are, but you are because even though the status quo is liberal, the status quo is hateful, it is hate-feeling with a loveless nature. And as long as you are condemning and hate-feeling you are no different. Even as you proclaim to be so, you try to sound like you’re not, that you are different. If you were being your own person, if you were being individualistic, you would not just be speaking facts, you would be speaking Truth and you’re missing the Truth. The Truth is Christ. Develop your introspection. Develop your intuition. Develop you’re feeling, because until you fully evolve, you’ll be only half a person, and from what I am reading from you, I know that you can be more than half the person you allow yourself to be. Seek guidance, Matt. Seek wisdom from those you know to have compassion for the people that you don’t understand. For the people that you can’t identify with are those you need to be consulting in order to be well-rounded. Don’t short yourself and if you’re going to take on this platform don’t short the people because you’re too scared to lose revenue, too scared to lose your popularity. Be different, Matt. Don’t get stuck feeding the right wing worldly view. Be Christ-like. Very few are Christ-like. Christ stepped out fearless, willing to die for you, and everyone else on this earth whether they want to admit it or knowledge it. Be a leader, Matt. I expect more from you because I know you have better in you to offer people. I see a gift and you have potential. Develop it. Use it. I know you. I know you’re prideful. I know your instinct is to laugh off what I’m saying without considering it. But don’t do that. Fight against your instinct. You backed yourself into a corner and I know you stand a lot to lose if you change the tone of your platform, because your popularity is riding on it, but find a way to get out of that corner, find a way to do what is right and maintain what you have built, because it is built on a shaky foundation. If you were standing where God wants you to stand and don’t say that you believe God wants you to stand where you are standing, then you don’t know God and you need to go back and you need to read His teachings, the teachings of Jesus Christ, because when Jesus Christ came everything changed. I have love for you and your family which is why I am reaching out to you and I speak with love, it may not sound like love, but if I didn’t care, if I didn’t love you and your family, and all the people whom you are trying to reach, the world, and if I didn’t stand beside you and what I think you’re trying to do-and maybe I’m wrong maybe you don’t have “right” in mind and I’m wrong so be it-but if I’m right, fix it.

    A passage from a man who knows. A mentor for you, Matt:

    “Early in our reading today Jesus says, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” These are not the words of a stern, admonishing God. They are the words of a divine physician, offering healing and new life. Sometimes I think we don’t expect enough out of God. The battles of the world have worn us down and sometimes deeply wounded us. But real healing is possible! Come to the field hospital of Christ! Let the Divine Physician touch you! He will never let you go, and he will give you a joyful invitation: he will call you by name, and invite you to follow him with your particular gifts and talents, to extend the reach of his field hospital with your hands, your feet, and the kindness of your smile. He will ask you not to condemn, not to force things upon others, but to listen, to touch, to show compassion. In short, to heal. Just like Jesus did.” What are you doing that I see you slandering and condemning people who are not like you but what are you showing those people who are not like you by telling them that they are or are unworthy and unfit for existence what are you doing to bring them to love what are you doing to bring them to Christ. Do you not think that you have an obligation to teach these people the way to Christ to your actions you think by beating people up emotionally they are going to miraculously agree with you and turn around their wives do you think you’re going to go away because you don’t like them what is it what is it about you Matt where you abused when he bullied as a kid. What is it about you that causes you to forfeit what might be rightfully your leadership but you cannot possibly fulfill because you are not equipped to for fillet at this time it is my opinion it is my intuition that you are not fit for leadership. You’re not ready and even though the world is entertained by your rants you’re doing them a disservice by feeding their hatred step up Matt be different be a leader be like Christ if you want to browbeat like Peter and Paul so be it but then be like Christ. You know you don’t even have to speak about Jesus Christ and all of your articles I don’t but I try to share him by my positive regard unconditional acceptance understanding and compassion I don’t have to agree with people or their choices but it is my duty and it and it is my dessert to respect them because whether you agree with the way they live you can’t deny that they are human beings and that God gave human beings free will and if God gave human beings free will they also gave them the privilege of respect.is a dictator a dictator is the ultimate disrespect if God can give us the respect of free will certainly you can give people the respect of not disparaging their existence. And maybe you don’t do this all the time but you do it most times and although it appears that you are a man of principle your principles are skewed and maybe most people won’t hold hold you lovingly accountable but I’m telling you that I love you and I do understand where you’re coming from but you are missing out and you are misleading people and it’s wrong. Step up Matt or change your premise don’t pretend to be Christlike and then convey the message that is entirely opposite of Christ. You can be better Matt you’re better than this Matt let me tell you if you could eradicate all the groups of people that you profess to despise then you could fill up those cow carts and burn those people but then who would be left to disparage so you were the bully in the schoolyard picking out everyone else in order to impress handful of popular people and if you could destroy all the people you Polie he would be left bully but your handful of popular friends so if you could have what you want if you could destroy all the people you despise I guess that means you would turn on your followers your followers match your sheet. And for all those followers how does that make you feel that Matt would pray on you next that you are nothing more than his platform for egotism the mat examine yourself and if you’re going to be an egotistical wouldn’t be dictator so be it but do not put Jesus Christ name in the same sentence stop straddling the fence Matt you stand on one side or the other the world or Christ which is it. And if UR and have the advocate for Jesus Christ do not forget that in your position.expects more of you and you will be judged by him I’m not judging you I am warning you that you are putting your eternal life in your hands not gods hands and you have to answer for all the people you are leading strays who are you what is your real purpose step up Matt or step down. Because you are making a grave mistake


  21. Geez. I forgot to edit this whole section. Trying again. These comment sections need to be user-friendly for people like me…

    Trying again…

    What are you doing that I see you slandering and condemning people who are not like you? What are you showing those people who are not like you by telling them that they are or are unworthy and unfit for existence? What are you doing to bring them to love, what are you doing to bring them to Christ? Do you not think that you have an obligation to teach these people the way to Christ by your actions? Do you think by beating people up emotionally, they are going to miraculously agree with you and turn around their lives? What is it about you, Matt? Were you abused, bullied as a kid? What is it about you that causes you to forfeit what might be rightfully your leadership but you cannot possibly fulfill because you are not equipped to fulfill it at this time? It is my opinion, it is my intuition that you are not fit for leadership at this time. You’re not ready and even though the world is entertained by your rants, you’re doing them a disservice by feeding their hatred. Step up Matt. Be different, be a leader, be like Christ. If you want to browbeat like Peter and Paul, so be it, but temper your admonitions with Christ.

    You know you don’t even have to speak about Jesus Christ in all of your articles. I don’t, but I try to share him by my positive regard, unconditional acceptance, understanding, and compassion. I don’t have to agree with people or their choices but it is my duty to respect them because whether you agree with the way they live you can’t deny that they are human beings and that God gave human beings free will and if God gave human beings free will they also gave them the privilege of respect. God is not a dictator. A dictator is the ultimate disrespect. If God can give us the respect of free-will certainly you can give people the respect of not disparaging their existence. And maybe you don’t do this all the time, but you do it most times and although it appears that you are a man of principle, your principles are skewed and maybe most people won’t hold hold you lovingly accountable, but I’m telling you that I love you and I do understand where you’re coming from, but you are missing out and you are misleading people and it’s wrong. Step up Matt or change your premise, Don’t pretend to be Christlike and then convey the message that is entirely opposite of Christ. You can be better Matt. You’re better than this Matt. Let me tell you if you could eradicate all the groups of people that you profess to despise then you could fill up those cattle carts and burn those people, but then who would be left to disparage. So you are the bully in the schoolyard picking on everyone else in order to impress a handful of popular kids and if you could destroy all the people you bully who would be left to bully but your handful of popular friends. So if you could have what you want, if you could destroy all the people you despise I guess that means you would turn on your followers. And for all the followers, how does that make you feel that Matt would prey on you next, that you are nothing more than his platform for egotism? Matt, examine yourself and if you’re going to be an egotistical, wouldn’t-be dictator, so be it; but do not put Jesus Christ’d name in the same sentence. Stop straddling the fence, Matt. You stand on one side or the other, the world or Christ; which is it? And if you are an advocate for Jesus Christ, do not forget that in your position he expects more of you and you will be judged by Him. I’m not judging you, I am warning you that you are putting your life in your hands, not God’s hands by walking this dangerous line and you have to answer for all the people you are leading astray. Who are you? What is your real purpose? Step up Matt or step down. Because you are making a grave mistake.

  22. Sue Flop says:

    LIES!!!!!! I have yet to read one alpaca grooming tip.

  23. Matt Leshchiner says:

    Hi, I’m not super familiar with your blog, and while I don’t agree with most of the posts I’ve read so far I do appreciate this post because I spent 4 years working in Guatemala first as a science teacher at Atitlan Multicultural Academy whose website is http://ama.edu.gt/….and then for a public health NGO. I just want to say, that while I think you and brother have your hearts in the right place, that the most efficient use of your readers money would be to donate to an already established NGO in Guatemala instead of in bringing foreigners into Guatemala to work on short-term projects. Unless your brother will be staying and working in Guatemala for at least six months I would strongly suggest that you donate to my old organization: Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health whose website is http://www.nmghus.org. Another great organization that I’ve had the pleasure to work with is Mayan Families. Their website is https://www.mayanfamilies.org/. I don’t want to spend too much time explaining why voluntourism isn’t super useful to the Guatemalan people that need help the most, but I can just say that in these sorts of trips the people that really need help are receiving a small fraction of the overall cost of the trip and what they need more than people from America coming to build a school or a hospital is for the organizations that are already in place to be able to cover their overhead costs and expand both their services and their areas of influence. Thanks so much, and I hope your readers so this so that they can send their money to the places it’s needed most.

    • AmandaM says:

      Totally agree. Wanting to volunteer and help out an impoverished community in a less well-off country is a great act. However, there are a lot of established, well-organized groups out there doing this work already. Your money will be much better spent supporting one of those groups instead of financing one individual’s required “mission.” Plus I absolutely refuse to support any charity with a religious agenda. Period.

  24. CarolynnS. says:

    It’s pretty simple…donate if you want to or just be quiet and move on if you don’t want to. Why all the D-R-A-M-A?

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  26. My relatives always say that I am wasting my time here at web, however I know I am getting experience all the time by reading such fastidious posts.

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