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Inspiring message of the day: obesity is not a disease and you do have free will

According to a new study, it does more harm than good to label obesity a “disease.”  Shockingly, the study finds, when you tell people that they are victims and that they have no control over their physical condition, you ultimately discourage them from … Continue reading

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Maybe you can’t find a solution to every problem at the bottom of a prescription pill bottle

I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve never slept well, actually. I’m up late, even though I’d rather be asleep, and I wake often during the night. When I do sleep, I sleep restlessly. I don’t dream. I’m always tired. Sure, this … Continue reading

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For the love of God, can we just abolish the State of the Union Address already?

Last week, if you tuned into the Grammys, you were treated to a gaudy spectacle of pretentious elitists, wealthy drug addicts and godless Satanists patting each other on the back and congratulating themselves for another year spent dumping toxic waste … Continue reading

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Stay-at-home moms: you don’t owe the world an explanation

To stay-at-home moms: Once, several months ago, I wrote this post about you. It was a simple expression of gratitude for stay-at-home moms, particularly my wife. It got some attention. It was viewed around three million times in two days, in … Continue reading

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If I can’t accept you at your worst, then maybe you should stop being so horrible

I remember the first time I was awarded the “game ball” in my Little League. I don’t recall the details exactly, but I’m pretty sure my stat sheet looked something like this: Zero RBIs, zero home runs, zero hits, zero stolen bases, zero plays … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood: still a bigger liar than Wendy Davis

“I think it’s safe to say that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie…” That’s a quote from Norma McCorvey, AKA Jane Roe, the woman whose Supreme Court case resulted in the legalization of abortion in the United States. The … Continue reading

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Thank God I wasn’t college material

I remember when I first learned that I was destined to be a failure. I think it was ninth grade, or maybe tenth, and I was sitting in afterschool detention. I’d been sentenced to hard time for being late to class, even though … Continue reading

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Parents are lazy, uninvolved, stupid, selfish, cowardly jerks. Except for me, of course.

I wrote a post about sex-ed on Thursday. I don’t want to rehash the subject — suffice it to say that I am not a huge fan of “comprehensive sex education.” My reasons are many, but the crux of my … Continue reading

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Hey, public schools: it’s time for a separation of sex and state

**Warning: some graphic language in this post. I don’t think public schools should teach kids about abstinence. I don’t think they should teach kids about condoms. I don’t think they should teach kids about birth control pills, or virginity pledges, or sex … Continue reading

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This is why we need a minimum wage hike

The Argument for Obama’s $10.10 Minimum Wage Hike, Explained in Dialogue Form: Worker: “Hi, I’d like to work for you.” Employer: “Sorry, the government says we have to pay everyone at least 10.10 an hour. We don’t have any money … Continue reading

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