I am a racist

The University of Alabama’s student newspaper has been forced to apologize after printing a profoundly disturbing, offensive, racist political cartoon about the president. Here’s the cartoon [Warning: NSFW]:


The students of UA — leaders of the future, the greatest young minds in the country, the best and the brightest — were driven to the edge of rebellion by this sick and twisted, racially motivated attack against the Greatest President to Ever Preside Over Any Country Anywhere at Any Point Ever.

Here’s just one of the hundreds of angry comments that poured in after this horrible hate crime cartoon was published:

“I am completely and utterly disgusted with The University of Alabama. No matter where you stand with your beliefs and how much you disagree with his decisions, [Obama] has EARNED his position in office and deserves the respect that all of the past presidents received. Ask yourself, what does this say about The University of Alabama? I can tell you what my peers and fellow classmates think it is, racism.”

This woman, a student who apparently passed high school and gained acceptance to a large American university, just made the claim that no other president has ever been subjected to criticism and mockery. And she is, of course, absolutely correct. We’ve had white presidents murdered while in office, but even they never had to endure the unspeakable horrors of satirical cartoons and lighthearted parodies. We’ve had a president impeached and a president forced to resign. Our most recent white president was mocked so regularly that Comedy Central actually made a sitcom entirely devoted to making fun of him. Yet none of these had to deal with the sort of anger and hostility directed at Obama. Obama stands alone in that regard. Lincoln and JFK are looking on from the grave, thinking, “man, that guy has it rough.”

Now, you may see this image and think two things: 1) It’s actually making fun of Obama’s critics, not Obama himself. 2) Even if it did make fun of Obama, there is absolutely nothing racial about it.

You may think such things — if you’re a racist.

I used to imagine that it was possible to make substantive critiques of Obama’s policies without necessarily being a slobbering white supremacist. But I’ve finally been forced to face the ugly truth. After all, it’s a widely held belief on college campuses that all criticism of Obama stems from racial bias. This means that either they’re right, or our higher academic institutions are filled to the brim with mush-brained, dimwitted morons who possess the critical thinking skills of developmentally delayed toddlers. If the latter is true, we are doomed. We must flee into the woods before our civilization is destroyed by the Walking Dumb. I can not accept such a horrible vision of the future, so I choose to believe option one: they are right.

Criticizing Obama = racism. Period. End of discussion.

And, by that equation, I have been guilty of racism. God forgive me. I thought I just specifically disliked one particular black man named Barack Obama for very valid reasons, but, it turns out, you can not oppose one black politician without opposing all black people. Oh Lord, I am a Klansman. I thought my feelings were driven by my intense ideological belief in small government, fiscal and social conservatism, as well as a general distaste for dishonesty and corruption, but, in fact, it is all rooted in my underlying hatred for minorities. I am so ashamed. I didn’t even know that I hated minorities until a bunch of college students and MSNBC hosts brought my attention to the fact.

I got into an argument with a white liberal a few days ago. He insisted that I could “never bring myself to support any black public figure.” I retorted that there are plenty of black public figures who I do support. I mentioned Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and Alan Keyes, as four examples. The white guy then informed me that those four “don’t count.” I’m still learning how this works, so, at first, I thought it was the pinnacle of racism for some pretentious white liberal to authoritatively decree that these educated, accomplished, distinguished black gentleman “don’t count” as black. He stripped them of their ethnicity and heritage in order to win an argument, and then called me racist. I admit, initially this seemed a little inappropriate.

But I am in the beginning stages of my Journey to Left Wing Enlightenment. I’m still learning the rules.

I’m still learning about myself.

I thought I opposed Obama because his signature health care law has been an unmitigated disaster, leaving millions uninsured, thousands unemployed, and millions of small businesses scrambling to deal with the burden of complicated regulations and crushing fines. I thought I opposed him because he told bold faced lies about Obamacare, duping his gullible and easily manipulated supporters. I thought I opposed him because it is abhorrent to liberty and freedom that a central government body should be given the authority to penalize its citizens for failing to buy a product.

I thought I opposed him because he has placed a fabricated “right” to free birth control over a divinely endowed, constitutionally guaranteed right to free religious expression. I thought I opposed him because the birth control mandate can not be justified on constitutional or ethical grounds.

But, really, it’s because he’s black.

I thought I opposed Obama because I value human life, yet he, as he reportedly bragged, is “really good at killing people.” I thought I opposed him because of his fanatical support for infanticide. I thought I opposed him because of his drone program which has murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Pakistan. I thought I opposed him because he’s the first president to assassinate American citizens without charge or trial. I thought I opposed him because he has funded and armed terrorists in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, as well as drug cartels in Mexico.

But, actually, it’s the blackness.

I thought I opposed Obama because he’s done nothing to alleviate the unemployment rate. I thought I opposed him because he’s more interested in expanding food stamp enrollment than the private sector. I thought I opposed him because, under his watch, median household incomes have dropped, poverty has gone up, high paying jobs have gone down, and fewer businesses are opening. I thought I opposed him because I’d rather have a healthy free market economy than a suffocating Welfare State.

But, nope, it’s just his skin pigmentation.

I thought I opposed Obama because he stole money from middle class Americans and gave it to banks, auto companies, unions, and green energy schemes. I thought I opposed Obama because he hates the free market but is the worst crony capitalist to ever sit in the White House. I thought I opposed him because he pretends to be a fighter for the poor, but he’s actually only interested in fighting for his pals on K-Street and Wall Street, which is why his administration is stuffed with lobbyists he vowed he’d never hire. That’s also why he handed out over one thousand waivers to his donors, exempting them from the requirements of Obamacare.

But, nah, I just hate his skin color.

I thought I opposed Obama because he’s a corrupt, lying, tyrant. I thought I opposed him because he used the IRS like it was an arm of his reelection campaign. I thought I opposed him because he let our ambassador die in Benghazi after sending him there to facilitate arms transfers between Libyan terrorists and Syrian terrorists, then lied about it in front of the American people. I thought I opposed Obama because he promised to stand for civil liberties, and then proceeded to preside over the most expansive Surveillance State in human history. I thought I opposed him because his Justice Department prosecutes journalists and blackmails whistleblowers.

But, never mind, it’s all about his ethnicity.

I’d totally love all of these things if only they happened under a white administration. Seriously. Remember Clinton? Conservatives wanted to criticize him for a thing or two, but we were all like, “hey, it’s cool guys: he’s white.”

I am a racist. There’s no other explanation.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Reblogged this on To Talk of Many Things and commented:
    By these standards I must also be a racist. Of course, it’s also racism to cal me one based on the fact that I don’t like someone’s policy and the someone happens to be a different race than I.

  2. Roll That Tide says:


  3. Thad Davis says:

    I am not racist. I hate his white half too.

  4. St. Nick says:

    “How do we end racism?” “Stop talking about it.” – Morgan Freeman. Not safe for work, but safe enough for the school paper? Like the apology said, the students of Alabama were blaming the loss on a multitude of absurd reasons. The CW, a student newspaper, thought it would be witty to post a picture of everyone’s complaint and “blame it on Obama,” a typical casual joke used amongst people that notice the problems going on right now in America. Do you really think Obama is worried about some student drawing political cartoons at Alabama? Or is he worried about the handshake he had with Cuba this morning? I’m not sure…you seem to know the right answers though….

  5. Dan says:

    If I’d have known all that, I wouldn’t have noticed the ethnicity.

  6. Courtney Knapp says:

    I find this article is incorrect in the assumption that obama is the only president to be subjected to cruel jokes and laughs through cartoons for papers. If you know anything about american history you’d know that abraham lincoln was also subjected to this very thing hundreds of times. In fact in the lincoln museum in springfield illinois they have dozens of prints of these cartoons. And some of these were absolutly horric. So to say he is the only president to be targeted in this fasion is incorrect.

  7. Jaybeast says:

    I believe you man, you are RACIST so it that cartoon. I’ve long thought that about you. Look in the mirror bro’ it ain’t too Christlike either. I’m not black or a person of color. In fact I am a white Southerner, and I know a racist when I sees one. We got heaps of them round here.

  8. D4v1dth3gr34t says:

    OMG, People he gets so much more criticism than any other pres, because he is a fuck up. i mean what are we supposed to do. oh you lied to us, ”well thats ok at least you have a nice smile while doing it”. You don’t have real documentation proving your a born American citizen. And you spent all of your child, teenage and part of your adult years in north African/middle east countries, (socialist/communist/Islamist) ”that’s just fine America needed change”. BTW i am an international studies major, while i have noticed that these political systems do indeed work for certain culture’s, it does not and would not work in the America that my fathers fought for and that i was born into. how ever. if you completely deconstruct the current (increasingly declining) economy. by redistributing the wealth, and while using old techniques such as divide and conquer (ie, turn every thing racist, eliminate the middle class creating even more class division), At the same time as creating new alliances by giving away our privacy, and training them to use our weapons, then maybe just maybe. you could make any of the three work (if your confused google FEMA and Emercom working together) Sry for the grammatical errors i haven’t gotten any sleep in days do to finals and i can barely think straight. oh and anouther thing all AU loves Obama he gives them lots of money. I know because i go there and ever since i have started my liberal ass professors have done nothing but push his agendas.

    • D4v1dth3gr34t says:

      lol see what i mean about sleep, i just called my school A.U. (the enemy) auburn lol i meant U.A. roll tide!!!! which probably made my whole argument invalid do to im a southerner and i said roll tide (which i have noticed ells where in the country instantly translates to hillbillie bigot)
      come on trolls let me see what you got

  9. Barbara says:

    I totally agree with the whole blog you have written here. Very well done and I couldn’t have said it any better. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I am much older than you and I can see what this administration is doing to the younger generations of Americans. Brainwashing! Our country has gone to hell in a hand basket very quickly in these past few years. There is also one thing that you failed to mention. Illegal aliens taking over this country. Yes, I said taking over. They are looking for handouts and our jobs. A good percentage of those coming over are criminals. No. I don’t consider myself a racist any more than you do. I just see the light as to what is happening to this great country. I’d like to add another one of those good black men to the ones you named in your blog. Allen West. I love that guy’s posts. Yes, there are some great black men out there and they are more qualified than the one we have in office now.
    Again, thanks for your great blog. I hope it reaches a lot of people. You made a lot of sense.

  10. Elaine Farmer says:

    What an ignorant article…and to think this represents the FUTURE???? Gimme a break….I am not a racist because I criticize the President’s policies…his background was COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION, he hardly practiced law and barely served as a Senator…the man bit off more than he could chew when he became president…and it has shown in failed policies, massive debt and a foreign policy that is about to get us in a nuclear war….BUT he is great in one arena…speech reading…two telepropmpters and the man looks almost Presidential…..

  11. Lisa says:

    So few people identify sarcasm when they read it. Reading some of the comments above is actually funny.
    I loved the article and agree with every word of it. I guess this makes me a racist as well (even though I don’t consider myself one). I think the IDIOT in the White House, calling himself “President of The United States of America”, is an evil demon from hell. If he was purple with green and yellow stripes, and did the same things he’s doing now, I would still have the same opinion.

    • Tricia says:

      And I am *sure* that you absolutely LOVED it when people said the same thing re: George W. Bush. The same people that say REALLY nasty, horrid things about Obama are some of the very SAME people that during Bush’s presidency said that even if you disliked the man that it was important to respect the office- etc, etc. Bull! I know that some people have pulled the opposite as well. I think that it is ridiculous- if you respect the office you respect it regardless of who is in there.

      • deelilynn says:

        You have a good point about “I know that some people have pulled the opposite as well. I think that it is ridiculous”, however when you say, “if you respect the office you respect it regardless of who is in there.”; well that comment ridiculous!! Yes, we should have respect for the ‘office’ but the man/woman in office does not deserve respect until/unless they earn it!!

      • Tony says:

        At least President Bush respected the office. Would be nice if President Obama did as well.

  12. Yakfoehns says:

    Reading the phrase “best president ever” makes me wanna die. People are ignorant and don’t realize just how much Obama is ruining the very fabric of society in America. I hope this article is all a joke cuz if it isn’t than I truly question the logic of America today. Not that I ever thought a country who could vote for a person like him twice ever had any logic to begin with…

    • Chris says:

      Yes, it’s a joke. Read it with a sarcastic voice and it starts sounding much more reasonable.

    • You are #3 in the amount of people I’ve counted so far who could be helping the cause but you can’t because you’re too busy hurting the cause by posting this kind of statement without reading any of the previous posts first. Please try again later.

  13. Rob says:

    I find it comical that this blog and all the following comments that blindly agree with the argument (if you can call it that) are all people who seem to be attending a major (or any) university. How easy it is for you to criticize. Shame on Obama for trying to redestribute the wealth to strengthen the middle class. Shame on Obama for trying to help those in poverty (which is now the majority of the population). Incase you all forgot there are three branches of government so all you conservitive republicans descend from your high horse because your party equally deserves blame. Of course Obamas reform policies have failed. They have failed because they are threatening to the Republican Party, which happens to hold the majority in the senate. They reject and postpone legislation regardless of how it might benefit this country just to discredit the Democratic Party. That being said, it is not unlike George Bush’s two terms however the roles were reversed. And we all saw how great of a president he was. The fact of the matter is, democrats and republicans can keep swinging their dicks at each other until all of us are dickless. Or we can find common ground between the legs of lady liberty and return to greatness. Donkey or elefiant, black or white, rich or poor. That is all.

    • Sin says:

      The Democrats hold the senate. Please do not try to speak as if you are intelligent, unless you are actually intelligent.

    • In addition to the response you already received, I have one thing to say to everybody who blames the other party for a lack of progress in defense of a President they like … if a man isn’t qualified enough to pull people together and lead a team to victory when facing opposition, then that man shouldn’t claim he is qualified and run for the position of President. Becoming President means facing a LOT of opposition either way. You shouldn’t put yourself in that position if you’re not up to the task, and Obama isn’t up to the task at all. He’s immature, inexperienced, and most of all he’s divisive. He widens the divide amongst critics and finger-pointers instead of bridging the gap. I’m libertarian and have never voted Democratic in my life, but to show I’m being fair I’ll use a Democratic example of someone who can pull people together and bridge gaps: Bill Clinton.

    • Josh B. says:

      FYI to those who don’t know, the elefiant is the elephants illiterate cousin.

      Yes, shame on Obama for wealth redistribution. This is America, not the former USSR.

      Shame on Obama for trying to help those in poverty… REALLY?!

      Working Americans have annual earnings in the top 5% of the world. THE WORLD. This includes the 17 year old kid at McDonalds working for minimum wage. But I guess if you can’t afford the iPhone 5S that means you’re well below the poverty line…

      This dick swinging game you talk of and the dickless end result, is that like pencil break? But with dicks?

      And what, pray tell, is the common ground between lady liberty’s legs? I’m assuming the only possible answer is a vagina, which is inappropriate and makes no sense. Is this the return to greatness you speak of, the return to the vagina?

      What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  14. Reading the comments section, I am glad that it won’t be our knack for catching sarcasm that saves this country. Otherwise, we are doomed.

  15. Daryl says:

    Yes, God-sarcasm save this country! Not actual intellectual conversation and debate. Just base “I’m-not-racist, I-am-racist sarcasm.” Let me say this another way: say what you mean instead of hiding behind sarcasm so that no one really knows what you are saying. It helps in having an actual conversation. Just a little writing tip.

    • Michael says:


    • I understood what the writer intended, but I couldn’t quite follow the structure of a couple of your sentences. I’m not 100% convinced you should be doling out writing tips. Based on how many comments showed definitive proof that sarcasm goes right over some people’s heads, I’d say sarcasm is a form of intelligence that could actually be tested. The writer isn’t hiding behind anything. He’s utilizing a tool to make his point in a particular light, and I found it amusing. But that’s just me. I would score well on a sarcasm test. I’d even enjoy taking such a test. You might not score so well if grammar and punctuation counted against you, but you did get that it was sarcasm. That’s a point.

    • Kyle says:

      Sarcasm helps get a point across. Don’t be mad and bash sarcasm because you’re too much of a dumbass to pick up on it until you come down abs read the comments, and you finally realize it was sarcasm. Do you still sit down with your mom and sounds out Dr. Seuss books? Sarcasm has a very real and important use in literature. It gets a point across sometimes when just saying it won’t. Just like cussing does…you dumb shit 🙂

      • Ted says:

        It’s only kind of sarcastic. Obama’s followers are guilty of demagoguery and consider above criticism. This is the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize before he actually did anything and they the things he did were drone strikes that kill 20-30 bystanders and maybe the intended target and then he tried to attack Syria. Nobel ain’t as noble does. Then there is his constant “incorrect promises.” These sycophants can’t even bring themselves to say the word ‘liar’ when he has resorted to lying about what he meant with the first lie. Credibility goes right out the door when criticism, if it is even acknowledged at all, is categorically rejected as blasphemy.

      • Ted says:

        Edit: “Demi-Godery” made up word meets auto fill . Sorry.

  16. I loved it all, except the reference to “developmentally delayed toddlers” in the same sentence with mush-brained dimwitted morons, followed soon by the Walking Dumb. As a mother to and advocate for developmentally delayed children, I would have preferred pretty much ANY other analogy than linking these special, defenseless children (who are already called too many names) in any way to something so unkind and derogatory. You could have used “bananas” or “toothpaste” with better efficacy.

    • Sarah says:

      I just posted a similar response! How can he abuse one minority to prove his point that he’s not racist? (And I don’t believe he’s racist.)

      • Tex says:

        I didn’t take what he wrote to mean an attacked on “developmentally delayed” children who are developmentally delayed through no fault of their own. I took it to be an attack on our culture/society that has produced a generation of people unable to think/reason for themselves. In a way they are developmentally disabled–only instead of being born that way they were raised to be that way by their family and/or the culture/society in which they were raised. It’s sad for them as individuals and it’s a terrible tragedy in the making for our society.

    • deelilynn says:

      I am thinking what Tex is thinking!! I have a very, very dear developmentally delayed cousin who far surpasses my developmentally delayed society produced friends … Sometimes we need to not be so thin skinned and think outside the box …

      • I loved your response and the similar ones above … mainly because our society being so thin-skinned is precisely why we’ve arrived at this position, afraid to argue against someone not of the same color.

  17. Sarah says:

    You had me until “This means that either they’re right, or our higher academic institutions are filled to the brim with mush-brained, dimwitted morons who possess the critical thinking skills of developmentally delayed toddlers. If the latter is true, we are doomed. We must flee into the woods before our civilization is destroyed by the Walking Dumb.”

    As a parent of a developmentally delayed child, I think it was pretty thoughtless of you to criticize THAT minority in order to further your point that you’re not a racist.

    • Tony says:

      So, are you saying that developmentally delayed toddlers have vast critical thinking capabilities? Matt is not stating that developmentally delayed toddlers are terrible people, he is stating that the critical thinking capabilities of the higher academic institutions are on par with this group.

      Unless you’re saying that you think our higher academic institutions are actually lower and you feel insulted that Matt pulled your son/daughter down to their level. In which case, I think both Matt and I agree with you and I apologize for myself and for him on his behalf.

      You’re right, your son/daughter is above them, and he never should have made that connections.

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  19. Michael says:

    Obama sucks.

  20. the rain says:

    ooo, ooo, me too, I’m a racist

  21. I think everyone should just grow the hell up and quit all this “oh its a racist thing ” type attitude if you are blue, yellow,freaking purple ,,,who cares at least you aint living where you really come from as a matter of FACT look up your TRUE tree of life and see where you come from . THEN complain about wanting to go back home ,,I bet you dont do that . SO KEEP IT REAL AMERICA>AND FOREVER LOYAL TO ONE GOD>>>>>>

  22. Two things: 1. I think some people are reading the first paragraph and commenting, therefore not seeing the sarcasm that Matt often expresses. 2. I think this was a great article reflecting many of my sentiments, but I’ll have to agree with some of the previous ladies on the “developmentally challenged toddlers” comment. A different example might have been more beneficial. Otherwise, as always, an excellent article.

  23. Randy George says:

    I don’t understand how this is racist Auburn beat Alabama. End of story

  24. centavita says:

    I was raised in the 50’s and my Mama taught me to love all people no matter what race, color or creed. I always believed I had done so. But now that I am older and have seen so many presidents come and go, I guess I must be your kind of racist after all. If I think of it all too long, I absolutely hate what our current president is leaving as a legacy for my 16 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Not much changes for me, but my babies will suffer as will their babies with the weight of Mr Obama’s big government. Truth is, I pray for him every day because that’s what Jesus would do and if I don’t pray, I feel the disgust would overpower me.

    • mary says:

      Praying for our entire Government would be a good bet. Our entire Government is a huge mess. Not just our President. This whole country in fact could a prayer or two. And thank you in advance. There is no sarcasm there it’s a real request.

      • Tony says:

        Along with prayer, they need to be voted out and replaced with people who want to make this country better, instead of people who just want to be reelected.

  25. Woodland Mom says:

    ah lawdy, you’re hilarious xD I loved this post hahaha!

  26. Mr. White says:

    I am not a parent of a developmentally disabled child so I don’t pretend to imagine what it’s like and how sensitive a parent might be to anything that might seem like their child is being made fun of. However, the point the author is trying to make is the absurd lack of critical thinking skills people have these days. He is not saying developmentally delayed toddlers are lesser people or a drain on our society. Simply that they lack critical thinking skills. This statement is true which is why he chose it to make his point.

    • I concur … a developmentally delayed toddler is going to act like a developmentally delayed toddler, and Lord knows a developmentally delayed toddler is cuddly and makes you smile and makes your heart grow bigger and makes you want to hug and kiss LOL … but you wouldn’t want your developmentally delayed toddler having a say in who runs this country. I believe in that context, as another poster commented previously, we need to stop being so thin-skinned. After all, thin-skinned people feeling they’re being attacked for the color of their skin when they’re not, is why this article was written.

  27. I don’t get why these idiots are suddenly going after cartoonists. Did anyone hear about the lefty that got berated because his version of Obama kind likes like a monkey?

  28. There is no greater way to bring a point across than by sarcasm. Unfortunately, sarcasm is lost on the stupid, the people we most need to bring points across.

  29. ryan says:

    I agree Matt, you criticize Obama about something…such a rasict!! Kinda like me, I dont put my grocery cart away and I shop on thanksgiving…I’m such a corrupt, degraded, lazy, piece of scum!

    …yea that’s right, you make a big deal about stuff too that’s out of line…

    • Tony says:

      One slight difference, being critical of Obama does not make one racist.

      Not putting away your grocery cart does make you lazy.

      Shopping on thanksgiving, well you didn’t use a correct adjective for it, but it does mean you don’t have a respect for traditional values.

      As far as you being corrupt, degraded and piece of scum, I have no basis for those adjectives based on your post.

      • ryan says:

        You’re right Tony, I should put my grocery cart away…. I mean, like Matt said…

        “How can we ever expect to survive an apocalyptic disaster — when civilization is brought to its knees, the power grid fails, our infrastructure crumbles, and governmental institutions are disbanded — if we can’t even figure out how to work harmoniously with one another IN A PARKING LOT?”

        (lol, that statement by Matt still makes me laugh)

        And by the way, read Matt blog again on shopping on Thanksgiving Day. He uses several adjectives and descriptions towards people who shop that day that make the words “degraded” and “scum” right on target

  30. 2badstupidpeoplevote says:

    Well written. A shame that the dumbing down tactics have been working. This country is doomed because the government has succeeded in turning the majority of the population into idiots. Time to run for the woods.

  31. Joe says:

    Haha, all these things other than the stuff said about the abortion and the healthcare can be said about George Bush, but I’m not white so I hope no one thinks I’m a racist. But really thought, Obama was left to take care of everything George bush screwed up and it’s gonna take more than 8 years to clean up that mess!

    • Ted says:

      You have to try to make it better for it to get better, All metrics, except the status of the welfare state, are objectively worse on purpose. Bush was bad for this country. Nobody argues that. But O has worked very hard to expand on everything that was bad about the Bush presidency.

    • Tony says:

      You’re right, absolutely destroying our economy is a great way to make up for George Bush’s screw ups right?

      Oh and by the way if you didn’t understand, which I assume you don’t, it was not Bush’s fault the economy tanked. Clinton reversed a law that was keeping the housing market from bubbling. That bubble burst during the last couple years of Bush’s presidency and the very same time that bubble burst, oil prices were at the highest point in history. That’s why the market was bad. Then Obama came in and proceeded to pass the highest tax hike in history and increase government spending by the largest percentage in history and increase the printing of our currency to over 1 trillion a year.

      I know you don’t understand what’s coming, but it’s ok, not many do. But when it does happen, you should know it was Obama’s fault, not whoever comes after him, if it even takes that long to happen.

  32. Jean Todd says:

    I love this in it’s entirety. My opinion is the only ones calling it racists are the ones that are truly racist. So every time I hear someone say I am racist I know exactly what they mean, “you’re white so I hate you, because your ancestors were horrible to mine” really I was not born then so please don’t punish me for their sins, truth is I am just as disgusted with their actions as you are. God is good!!

  33. Gail says:

    Clearly people who do not understand the sarcasm do not read many of Matt Walsh’s posts. Sarcasm is his middle name (not literally, for those of you who don’t get that phrase either). And saying crazy and absurd things to make a point is something he also does quite often…read his stuff a second time and without tunnel vision, and he may make more sense to you…

    • rob says:

      Being a smartypants (clean version), like Matt, is a sure fire way of getting criticism, having someone disagree with you, and turning people off altogether. What do you expect everyone to do…just agree with Matt and love his arguing style? We have minds and personalities of our own and alot of people who may actually agree with Matt on the important issues probably change their way of thinking when they get a dose of Matt’s sarcasm…ever heard the saying, “nobody likes a smarty pants” (again, clean version).

      • Gail says:

        Actually, I expect people to read things a little more critically and closely instead of assuming they understand what another person is really saying. People who take what he says literally instead of realizing it is clearly sarcastic do not exactly make themselves look very intelligent in their responses. If one person is going to disagree with another, he/she should make sure they know what they are actually disagreeing with. If a person disagrees with his sarcastic approach, they should say that, not read his sarcasm as what he really means.

        • Heather says:

          Agreed. I LIKE Matt’s sarcasm. It’s different than what you see from the cookie cutter bloggers (can I coin the term McBloggers, or did someone else already do it?), and it’s JUST what I’m thinking, in my own somewhat snarky, sarcastic little mind.

        • rob says:

          Your statement of “clearly people who dont understand the sarcasm…” is a general statement though. More specificity would be more practical.

        • Gail says:

          What kind of specificity are you looking for? All I said is that after reading several blogs of Matt’s myself, it is obvious he uses a lot of sarcasm. People who don’t get that either don’t understand sarcasm or they have not read enough of his blogs to understand what type of writer he is.

        • rob says:

          the kind of specificity that is…specific…here, I’ll be more specific (lol)… find something someone on here has specifically said, point it out, and use your arguement about Matt’s sarcasm to debate them.

  34. Calis says:

    Yup, you’re a racist!

  35. Calis says:

    And a douchebag too!

  36. Anne Mitchell says:

    Love it, my smart ass friend!

  37. Angellent says:

    It shows even cartoons are too advanced for Obama’s supporters

  38. Eugene says:

    This blog post, like many others Matt writes, is more or less free of substantive content.

    Yes, Matt. Some people inappropriately cry “racism” or “bigotry”, as a criticism of opinions they dislike.

    Yes Matt, of course such phenomena are irritating and those making needlessly inflammatory statements should probably be ignored.

    Listening to any peanut-gallery for the Left or the Right (as demonstrated in many of these comments) is sure to provide you with a litany of ridiculous statements; that is an astute observation, indeed. Picking the low hanging fruit and writing an essay about why that cartoon has nothing to do with race and how the cartoon is actually satirizing Obama’s critics, is hardly impressive and this particular piece qualifies, rather well, as a self-aggrandizing rant. Many people who disagree with your opinions do so because your arguments lack some combination of accuracy, logical consistency, or reasonable assumptions on which important discussions are based. Although I do see the appeal of the straw-man tactic. It is, after all, much simpler to confer dubious intentions on the people your disagree with rather than discuss issues of merit.

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