Pro-choice satanic feminists molest and assault a group of peaceful pro-life men

Abortion is a difficult topic for me to address. I immediately become so utterly overwhelmed by the insanity, barbarism and hatred often displayed by the “pro-choice” side. If I wade deep into this subject, and spend time thinking about it, I begin to feel smothered by it all. There is a darkness that surrounds these infanticide proponents — a madness, really — and I sometimes feel like I might suffocate under the weight of it.

Am I coming on too strong?

Oh, not nearly strong enough:



Spread it everywhere you can. Force everyone to see it. This is not an aberration. This is pro-choice feminism. This is how it acts. This is what it looks like.

From the LifeSiteNews article:

Extremely disturbing video footage from Argentina shows a mob of feminists at a recent protest attacking and sexually molesting a group of Rosary-praying Catholic men who were peacefully protecting the cathedral in the city of San Juan from threats of vandalism.

The women, many of them topless, spray-painted the men’s crotches and faces and swastikas on their chests and foreheads, using markers to paint their faces with Hitler-like moustaches. They also performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces, all the while shouting “get your rosaries out of our ovaries.”

These barbarians also spit on and physically struck the men who stood there peacefully. You can watch uncensored footage of the incident here. (Again, please remember, the footage is extremely graphic and extremely inappropriate for children.)

If the situation were reversed, and the video depicted an unruly mob of pro-life men attacking and molesting a peaceful group of pro-choice feminists outside of an abortion clinic, you would see it linked all over your Facebook newsfeed. American media would have a field day with it. American politicians would speak of it on Capitol Hill. It would be offered as proof that pro-lifers hate women. It would be made into — something, at least. Instead, it’s like it never happened.

The pro-abortion thugs do what they always do: bury the truth. They bury it and then they continue to propagate the absurd myth that pro-lifers do nothing but bomb abortion clinics and heckle pregnant women. The truth, of course, is that the vast majority of the vitriol, violence, and destruction comes from the left on this issue.

On every issue.

But especially on this issue.

I am sometimes chastised by Christians for being too strident and “judgmental” about abortion. They say I need to be more diplomatic about this sensitive subject. I’m sure they’ll take great exception to the language I’ve used in this post. But, I wonder, could I be too “judgmental” in my condemnation of slavery? Could I go “too far” in my protests against genocide? Could my language be too “harsh” when describing the horrors of the Holocaust?

No? And why is that? Because these things are Evil Incarnate. They are, literally, Hell on Earth. If they don’t make you angry, there is something wrong with you. You can’t condemn them too loudly, but you can certainly condemn them too softly.

Abortion is no different. Abortion is the slaughter of human children. To support it is to support a holocaust of innocents.

The women in that video are animalistic — almost primal. That’s because they have given themselves over to the agenda of Hell. Some have wondered why the police didn’t show up. I think an exorcist would have been more useful.

This is evil. This is pro-choice.

Is that diplomatic enough?


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392 Responses to Pro-choice satanic feminists molest and assault a group of peaceful pro-life men

  1. Anne says:

    Saying that this incident IS the face of pro-choice feminists (“This is how it acts. This is what it looks like.”) is like saying that Westboro Baptist Church is representative of all Christianity. Don’t judge a belief based on the actions of a small percentage of people who hold such a belief.

    Having said that, believe what you want and advocate for it! But don’t do so by posting the most heinous video you can find and arguing that it is representative of all who hold beliefs in opposition to yours. Advocate for your beliefs by researching the topic and presenting information in a constructive way.

    • Actually… Westboro is Democrat… the father figurehead was a hardcore liberal Democrat politician… and the few signs I’ve seen waved around, are not in the Bible, like how they are written and how his group condemns.

      • Amy says:

        So what? Just because one guy was a liberal at one point doesn’t mean they’re not a Christian organization (lots of liberals and democrats are Christians) and it doesn’t negate what Anne said. Westboro is as much on the fringe as the feminist group in this post and her point is totally accurate. I’m a pro-choice feminist but I’d never stoop to any kind of violence or aggression to get my way and I respect those who disagree with me because I believe in civil discourse.

        • Richard says:

          Amy, abortion is violence to get your own way. Abortion violently kills an unborn human being.

        • Isaac says:

          Westboro is also not a Christian organization, so that won’t fly either. According to the four kids of his who have left the cult, Fred Phelps stopped believing in God years ago. His protests are more about successfully suing anyone who attacks his group (the guy is a former civil-rights lawyer, this is how he makes his money.)

          Signs saying “God hates fags/Swedes/soldiers/whatever” are basically a calculated way to make people REALLY angry and provoke something. I’m not saying he doesn’t actually hate all of those groups for various reasons, but if he wasn’t making hundreds of thousands of dollars with lawsuits, he wouldn’t be protesting funerals.

    • Anyone who advocates for the ruthless slaughtering of the unborn, or doesn’t speak out against abortion, is in cahoots with the demonic!

      • Emily says:

        And whether they know so or not. We need to keep this in mind. I’m sure that not all of the people in the temple meant to be greedy, but Jesus still knocked the tables over and drove them out with a whip. Not all of the people who are involved in the pro-choice industry are knowingly abusers of the human body, mind, and soul, but they are all cooperating in Satan’s work, and we must try to bring them to see that truth.

    • mandy says:

      Just because a group calls themselves ‘christians’ does not make them Christ followers. I’d say that group is as far from true christianity as black is to white….

    • Sarah says:

      I think the point he was making wasn’t that these are typical pro-choice people, but the way the media ignores stories like this while jumping like a pack of wolves on any story that would make the pro-lifers look bad.

  2. LilyL2182 says:

    As if no one on the pro-life side has ever I don’t know, MURDERED anyone or BOMBED buildings or anything like that.

    This is one small group. Please don’t think they represent all of pro-choice feminism.

    • LilyL2182 says:

      Also is Matt really so daft that he doesn’t get why other Christians are telling him to tone down his rhetoric? When you compare abortion to slavery and the Holocaust, all you are doing is preaching to the choir. The comparison of abortion to slavery especially made me laugh. Did you see Lincoln, Matt? Maybe go rewatch that part where Rep. Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) restrains his arguments in order to get the 13th Amendment passed. If you want to actually convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you, you need to make arguments that make sense to them.

      • deelilynn says:

        Lily, you do realize that using the movie Lincoln is simply just that; a movie?? That the makers of movies, including this one, take creative license?? In other words, creative license does not equate fact!! By the way, a couple of the makers of this movie were interviewed and said themselves there were many inaccuracies!!

        So, using your own words in closing: ” If you want to actually convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you, you need to make arguments that make sense to them.”

      • LilyL2182 says:

        Um…I never said Lincoln wasn’t fiction. It seems like you got my point just fine. I don’t give a two shits whether my post convinces Matt of anything.

      • Karamazov says:

        Your argument for prudence would be better served by arguing that prudence, rightly understood, is the mother of the cardinal virtues rather than through appealing to the great moral philosopher of our time, Stephen Spielberg. Your argument would also be more true this way and you wouldn’t have to appeal to a movie that glorifies the idea that things are only “true because they work” (words placed into Lincoln’s mouth). That movie, which I affectionately refer to as “the passion of the Abe,” is a love letter to utilitarianism and glorifies perjury in its climactic scene. Again, probably not something you want to be appealing to when arguing about morality and the best way to present things.

        • The Kardashians says:

          Thank you for the most intelligent comment I may have ever seen on the internet. It’s refreshing that there can be sanity in an age of immediacy and reactionary internet-ing.
          I also appreciate the fantastic literary allusion.
          Cheers mate!

      • LilyL2182 says:

        Karamazov: I’m not actually arguing for prudence…so I’m just not going to address the rest of your comment.

      • Karamazov says:

        Lol ok. Then I will defer to you on what is and isn’t “prudence.” It seems to me that telling someone they should change their arguments so as to better reach people and to accomplish their goals is literally to say one should argue more prudently (especially since you have an example of such prudent behavior). But it’s whatever, Peace.

      • LilyL2182 says:

        I wasn’t telling Matt to be prudent. I was simply commenting on how ridiculous it seems that Matt does doesn’t seem to have a clue why other Christians asks him to tone it down. I personally would rather Matt keep spewing this crap and convince no one.

    • Taylor says:

      Well, being that an actual pro-life person is, you know, PRO life, I doubt that they had done anything to kill human brings. Pro-life means supporting all life, not just those of the unborn.

      And of course, these aren’t all feminists. But seeing these women and the individuals in Austin during the Texas Senate Bill, I’d say there are some evil driving forces behind that philosophy. You don’t really see pro-life people rioting and abusing people, while it is far more common among the pro-choice feminist groups.

      It’s more than just a struggle between to factions of humanity. This is a spiritual battle.

    • LilyL2182 says:

      You don’t see pro-life people rioting and abusig people???? Seriously that is your argument???? No that has NEVER happened.

    • So, just like Hitler was allowed, unhindered, legally to go on murdering many, abortionists should be allowed to go on murdering many, huh Lily, simply because it is legal?

      As an aside, are you aware of what the name Lily means? Just curious.

    • LilyL2182 says:

      Ginny I didn’t (and don’t) advocate for anyone murdering anyone. When did I say it was okay?

      And I am completely aware what the name Lily means.

      • Abortion IS murder. Are you living up to the meaning of your name?

      • LilyL2182 says:

        We’ll I’ve never killed anyone or had an abortion…but some people actually would call me a murderer due to my job. But they are idiots so I don’t give a crap.

      • Curtis says:

        Your words expose your mentality. You think you’re so much better than others for one reason or another. I pray your eyes are open and you might see through the eyes of the “idiots” from time to time.

      • LilyL2182 says:

        Considering the people I’m referring to are generally terrible criminals and their enabling family members, I’m just going to keep on thinking I’m better than them.

    • C. Day says:

      you are wrong, Texas, just this year? Have you ever stood at an abortion clinic and watched “pro life” scream, mock, throw human waste, used tampons, at pro life people. This is not an isolated incident. A priest, praying was also viciously attacked in a church by 8-9 topless feminizes for simply being pro life. Not every pro choice advocate would behave in such baseless behavior, agreed, however it is more prevelant than is admitted. When is the last time an abortion clinic was bombed, or an abortionist murdered, and how many instances? Bringing up an immensely small statistic to disprove the representation of a much larger statistic is fallacious.
      Do the honest research, that is all.

    • Chel says:

      The difference is that, when pro-choice people behave this way, they are behaving in a way that is *consistent* with their beliefs. If you’re a proponent for the murder of innocent children, any sort of behavior is up for grabs. On the other hand, when pro-lifers murder or bomb, they are behaving in ways that are *INconsistent* with their beliefs, and everybody knows it. That’s what makes it so infuriating.

    • Isaac says:

      1500 people is a small group?

  3. emotional claptrap.

  4. mfox says:

    Thank you Matt. You’re exactly right.

  5. Andrew says:

    There are two different kinds of representation. Direct and indirect. Representatives do not merely represent what we say, do, support, and oppose; they represent what we do not say, not do, not support, and not oppose. Where is the pro-abort outcry against this kind of behavior? Is it filling up your facebook or twitter feed? Are the public pro-abort figures saying anything about this at all?

  6. I’m sorry, but calling these women feminists is like calling all Christians members of the Westboro Baptist Church, or saying all Muslims are extremists – it’s blatantly false. These people were far, far out of line – if people want to protest, let them, but once you cross the line and begin to harass and spray paint them, you aren’t defending your side; you’re just attacking theirs. In the same vein, saying that these women are the FACE of feminism and that all pro-life, pro-feminist people would go to these lengths to attack those men is false. These women weren’t acting as respectable members of what they claim to represent – they were being thoughtless thugs. While I am decidedly pro-choice (I feel that ultimately the decision rests on the woman, though I don’t like the idea of an abortion, I can see how it is medically necessary). And as a male feminist, the movement is NOT about making women better than men – that in itself is sexism. Feminism is instead about equality – it merely has its name due to the uderrepresentation of women in our present culture. These women were not acting properly, and it is heinous. But, please, do not say that they represent all pro-choice feminists. That is false.

    • Isaac says:

      The Westboro cult has about 40 members, including children.

      So, just curious: Do you think that anywhere in the entire world, it would be possible to assemble a group of 1500 fundamentalist Christians to behave like THAT video showed?

      Or, to put it another way, since this happened at a benign-sounding “gathering of women”…do you think any gathering of evangelicals, like, say, a Promise Keepers rally or something…could result in THAT?

      I mean, it’s cute to say “well, every ideology has its crazies.” But there are profound differences of scale. At a certain point, trying to equalize everything makes a person sound crazy.

  7. Rachael says:

    This was the most savage-like display of Pro-Life feminist I have ever seen. The footage made me cry. My mind cannot comprehend how the world has turned into such a mess.

  8. Why is it that whenever anyone talks about abortion, there are so many people who claim to be against abortion, but pro-choice? I hear this all the time. “I think abortion is terrible, but I can’t choose for someone else. It’s none of my business.”

    You can’t really think abortion is terrible and think it’s okay for someone to choose it. Those things are mutually exclusive. You can think abortion is a bad choice (like getting a tattoo that you will regret in 10 years). You can think it’s sad (like having to sell the house and move away). But if someone really grasps how terrible it really is, they can’t support it.

    To these people who claim abortion isn’t their business, I would like to ask a couple questions. When you hear of a young girl being raped and murdered, do you say things like “That’s terrible, but it’s none of my business?” When you hear of someone beating their kids until they wind up in the hospital, do you say “Well, I wouldn’t do it, but it’s their choice how they want to treat their kids?” I hope not. But abortion is EVERY BIT as terrible as rape, murder, and child abuse. In fact, it IS murder and child abuse.

    It absolutely IS our business when someone chooses to kill their child. We, as a society, have a say because that child isn’t personal property of the mother or a part of her body – he’s a human being. We have laws about how human beings are to be treated. Human beings have rights that should be protected. Just as parents don’t have a right to abuse and kill their born children, they don’t have a right to abuse and kill them before they are born. And we have just as much right (and responsibility) to make laws in one case as we do in the other.

    • Zack says:

      It’s not so cut and dry so don’t pretend it is (this will be hard because I know you religious folk are into playing pretend).

      A child can some times be a product of rape. A living reminder to someone of a physical and mental trauma that they experienced saying I love you mommy giving them the same frequent recurring living nightmares of an incident. They may be able to get over this, and a child may flourish, it however has been proven through psychiatric tests that rape victims lead different lives and may not be able to pass on the same strengths to their youth. This is assuming they had the resources and support network to accept the responsibility of a child from when they were raped. Now, an ill-prepared parent suffering trauma is a good reason to not have a child that you had no way of preventing. Aborting a child because you had a fun night and just forgot to wrap it up isn’t acceptable because yes, abortion isn’t a friendly thought and it is precisely what pro-life supporters do make it out to be. Somebody who has been raped though and has the repercussions of a child, alone without a father or any aforementioned support will have a poor quality of life. Clearly you know nobody who has been raped before, somebody who has had to resort to abortion because of the second worst night in their life. Can you guess what the first might be? Trying to get over the second by taking a life. You forget that the people aborting the children have to live with the fact that there could have been. Would have been. Clearly you haven’t grown up without a support network or a father. You don’t get to take away the safety of somebody else’s emergency rights when everything goes wrong and as a Christian you sure as shit don’t get to judge people for their transgressions, God does.

      I’ll relate this to gay marriage. If you don’t like the idea of your gender performing sexual acts and loving you on a personal manner, that’s acceptable. Don’t crap on somebodies human rights to do as they wish though because an omnipresent father figure you love on a cloud told you it’s wrong. For a loving soul God sure does seem to exclude a lot of good people at whim. Organized religion continues to be the leading cause of death, exclusion and alienation on this planet.

      I’ll also mention that when done for the select situation I mentioned, relating this to any sort of acts of murder, rape, the holocaust or genocide is an absolute insult to any victims of those situations. A lot of children have lost their lives by merely being born into these situations that they could not control. Lost their lives with empty stomachs, broken homes and countless pain. What’s better, for you to sleep well at night or for a civilization to recognize when an action, no matter how painful to our own souls is needed. If you want to call people who had a fun night in Vegas who didn’t wrap it up sinners because they wanted an abortion when they could have overcome themselves, you go right ahead but know that again, judgement is best reserved for somebody slightly more experienced than yourself.

      • If there is nothing wrong with abortion, then why make it rare? If it’s so safe, why does an innocent die? Why send vulnerable babies to death ROW? In a rape case, why murder the defenseless unborn, when he/she played no part in the violent crime? If someone must die, as progressives seem to think, why not the man who perpetrated it? Just because something is legal does not make it RIGHT! Engage your brains to think for yourselves!

      • “Clearly you know nobody who has been raped before…”

        Don’t assume things. I do in fact know someone who was raped. My mother was raped. I know rape victims have it hard. I know that getting pregnant from a rape may only make the situation worse and add further trauma to the rape victim. But that DOES NOT justify killing an innocent child.

        Also, if the mother cannot or does not want to keep a child conceived in rape, the adoption option is a perfectly acceptabel one. There is no reason to kill the child.

      • youngzm says:

        Ginny, please re-read my post. I didn’t say there wasn’t anything “wrong” with it and having the procedure done whether you like it or not in a safe environment such as a hospital is somebodies right. This is better than paying someone in a back alley $50 and a rusty coat hanger potentially killing two people. Sorry for the stark example but it’s a reality. Getting an abortion isn’t always met with safety even in a hospital when it comes to select pro-lifers waiting outside to shame the individual but I’ll chalk that up to the same sort of crowd depicted in the video as the “pro-choice” advocates as an anomaly. Don’t tell me to engage my brain and think when you can only think of a one-size fits all solution to any situation and that murder is acceptable to someone who rapes another individual but not to prevent an unwanted unmanageable birth. Every child deserves a meaningful opportunity at life filled with love and laughs from two parents, if this is not a promise from the start and the pregnancy was a result of a crime (or I think frankly by extension “Plan B” of a failed condom/ birth control but that might be too harsh for you to accept) then progression towards life should be halted. You’re not pulling wailing babies out of the womb and having satan stab and eat them. The heart isn’t formed until 6 weeks. This is still on a very undeveloped cellular level, before we even know if a child is yet a being, it’s gender or health. No need to argue when a fetus becomes a child however as your stand is abundantly clear and you’re unlikely to convince myself or anyone else here when we’ve developed our own opinions already.

        Lindsay, yes- because we haven’t tried that one before. I don’t suppose you have looked at the adoption rates or intakes lately? The quality of life adopted kids live over those who grew up in meaningful loved families? Orphanages are not flowery fairy-tales that we get to see in the movies. They’re low funded, lonely places with low pickup rates resulting in many being released with very little guidance in life at the age of 18. Many become drug addicts or struggle to have personal relationships with people let alone intimate ones.

        My mother was also raped and I’ve known people who have been raped and had children because of it. On average 1 in 5 women (that’s incredibly conservative) get raped, that’s a lot for many countries but if you don’t think so, look around- it’s much like cancer in the fact that you always know someone. I guess that’s a no though to lacking a support network and growing up without a father. Would that be a no to a rape victim who had a child from it too? I hope you never know someone like that then. I don’t want you to have to change your opinion on protecting life because that is a good thing but I’ll tell you knowing someone faced with this issue may challenge you to investigate it further.

      • Joy says:

        So what you’re saying is that every rapist should also be murdered then? Because by your argument a baby who was conceived by rape should be murdered, so naturally the father who committed the crime should also! Every rapist immediately sent to death row and killed within 9 months? Because that’s what the baby gets. You know that innocent baby who had nothing to do with the crime…
        And furthermore I’m pretty sure the woman who had an abortion because she was legitimately raped, isn’t the one acting like a maniac at some rally. Pretty sure its the ones who use abortion as a form of birth control.

      • Joe says:

        Well then, I guess it’s open season on anyone who is in poverty or suffering. After all, if a human isn’t expected to be rich and happy, he or she should be put out of misery. Let’s just murder the baby, perpetrator, victim, and the other ~3 billion poor and suffering people on the planet.

        And an unborn child is a living human being. If you don’t agree, just look up the definition of life and human, or ask any biologist. Otherwise, the thought of a thug cutting the baby out of a mom’s body wouldn’t be universally sickening, it would simply be assault.

      • jlm1978 says:

        Don’t judge, said the one who judged!!!

      • jlm1978 says:

        “Don’t judge,” said the one who judged!

      • Bill Wilson says:

        Zach, your argument is a common one, ignore the logic, focus on these terrible scenarios. There are only three possibilities:
        One – Unborn babies aren’t human beings. If you believe that, then why argue for rape victims? Just come out and say it boldly. Who even cares if we dispose of ALL the unborn, it’s just tissue. I might as well argue you don’t have the right to an appendectomy or a tonsillectomy. We’ll make more fetuses if we want them. The entire argument is moot.
        Two – Unborn babies are in the process of becoming human. If the fetus isn’t a human yet, see point one above. If it is human, see point three below.
        Three – Unborn babies ARE human beings. In that case, what difference do your terrible scenarios make?
        If you carelessly left the door unlocked and I was attacked and raped, does that mean I get to kill you because seeing you brings backs my pain? What kind of reasoning is that? Why is a mother’s pain more important than a child’s right to live? Rape is horrible, but not a reason to kill an innocent. Why stop it then? Let’s let the baby be born, test drive it for a bit, and if the mother still feels pain, kill the baby then. Now PLEASE understand, I am not being flippant with the pain a woman must feel after enduring rape. That’s a horrible situation. Personally, I think that whatever body part they offended with, it should be cut off. I’m only being flippant with your argument that a baby’s life is of less value than a mother’s pain.
        You didn’t mention this one, but I’ll toss it in: the mother’s life is in danger from a pregnancy. If a madman pointed a gun at you and demanded you choose, he shoots you or a one week old baby, what would you choose? I imagine you would save the child. I have children. I don’t want to think of the horrible situation in which my wife is dying because of a pregnancy, but I’m sure my wife would rather I save the child than her, if possible. It’s our job to protect children with OUR lives, not the other way around. We’re adults. We KNOW that bad things happen in the world. We’re supposed to protect children FROM those bad things, not sacrifice them to protect ourselves. If we’re not prepared for that sacrifice, we should keep our pants on. And no, a person’s right to sex is not more important than a child’s right to be born.
        And what’s up in that last paragraph? Are you making a point for aborting children that will be born into dire situations? Are you saying because a parent believes a child will have a painful life, then the answer is to kill them before they are born? That’s a path to eugenics and euthanasia. Why not just go into some third-world famine country and gun down the millions of starving people? Is that not the same reasoning? To save them from future suffering, we’ll kill them now. No, I’m sure you wouldn’t agree. You’d rightly say we should work to improve those peoples’ condition. And I would say the same goes for the unborn. Work to improve their conditions, don’t take their life.

    • Elsie says:

      Well said, Lindsay. The ol’ “I don’t personally condone abortion but won’t tell others what to do” is the biggest cop-out of our day. A baby is only a baby if he or she is wanted by the mother. If not, it’s “a clump of cells.” It’s easy. It’s convenient. And it’s murder — legalized murder.

  9. Paul says:

    The main difference between Satanism and Catholicism is that Satanism grants a woman sovereignty over her own body.

    • Jason says:

      I literally made an account simply to comment on how ridiculous of a statement you have made. Please, do at least some research on a subject matter before speaking on it. Pick up a Satanist bible and compare it to a Christian bible. If you still try and make your argument after doing so, please, go back to school, learn how to read and try again.

      • Paul says:

        Ok, first of all, it’s “The Satanic Bible,” not “The Satanist Bible.” Second of all, Satanism forbids non-consensual sexual contact, so women thrusting their breasts into the faces of unwilling men is not sanctioned or condoned by the Church of Satan (sorry…I know you guys love pretending that Christians invented morality and ethics).

        • Isaac says:

          No one “invented” morality or ethics. Discovered, maybe.
          But any adult human who actually takes the Church of Satan seriously has my forever sympathy.

    • That’s the MAIN difference between the two huh, Paul?

      • Paul says:

        Actually, the Catholic Church historically hasn’t had a problem with non-consensual sex-hopefully the new Pope will turn this around (among other things):

      • Paul says:

        Well, that and that Satanists have better music 😉

        Seriously, I’m not a Satanist or a member of the Church Of Satan, but did extensive research into Satanism for a novel I wrote years ago. I also was raised Presbyterian and have read the entire Bible, so let’s just say I have a passing acquaintance with Christianity as well. To label these protesters as “Satanists” or “Satanic” is quite possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve seen on this blog, either by Matt or by a commenter (and boy, THAT’S saying something).

        One other main difference between the two ‘religions’ is that Satanism also preaches sensibility and self-control: if a Satanist exercises terrible judgment and screws something up, they don’t get to blame the Devil 😉

        • Isaac says:

          It’s completely accurate to label the attackers as “satanic” because an ignorant clown like Anton LaVey doesn’t get to describe what or who Satan is.

          Satanic philosophy is defined by opposition to a Judeo-Christian worldview. So this qualifies as much as anything could.

          It is also not accurate to say that the Church of Satan preaches sensibility or self-control. “Satan represents indulgence” is one of the Nine Satanic Statements, and indulgence is kind of the opposite of self-control, so it sounds like you understand them about as well as you understand the Bible, which you totes read one time, so you’re like, an expert.

    • Joy says:

      Hahahaha, you make me laugh. You are an idiot. I’m not Catholic at all, but your ignorance is showing.

      • Paul says:

        Hmm…tell me precisely what I’m being “ignorant” about. Now, on the other hand, lumping “feminists,” “pro-choicers,” and “Satanists” together is DEMONSTRABLY ignorant.

        • Isaac says:

          Well, as pointed out above, you are ignorant about the core tenants of the ridiculous Church of Satan. You are also ignorant of what constitutes “Satanic” (abusing innocent people and rubbing your breasts in their faces while mocking and insulting them always qualifies, unless you think that the Prince of Darkness disapproves of such things.)

          And your original statement about the main difference between Satanists and Catholics, while intended to be somewhat funny, was about as ignorant of anything I have heard or read today, not to mention childish and lame.

    • deelilynn says:

      You’re comments are becoming quite entertaining to read, Paul 🙂 I’ve come to realize after reading most of your comments on many of Matts posts that you simply like to get a rise out of people; perhaps so you can have sparring partners?? 😉

    • Curtis says:

      Edit: Satanism grants a woman sovereignty over her own body, AND the body of another living human.

  10. M. Frank says:

    Never tone it down. It needs to be said.

  11. Christa says:

    Wow. Hasty generalization. It is very sad to see SOME pro-choice women act this way, but it’s a major fallacy which yields no validity to this blog post when you say things like “This is how it acts. This is what it looks like.” and then “This is evil. This is pro-choice.” No respect for such poor argumentation.

    • Joy says:

      That makes sense. Generally pro-choicer’s are all about non-violence…except when they choose to get their baby ripped to shreds. Oh, but we don’t want to talk about that. Oops!

    • Curtis says:

      True, not all of them act that way. However, it IS the logical conclusion of the behavior pattern. A wise man once said to follow an argument wherever it leads. Pro-choice ideology preaches that a woman chooses what to do with her body (or any other living thing inside her body) when she wants. The logical conclusion to this is to be as outrageous and sexual as you want without fear of consequences to your choices. Going deeper, the logical conclusion leads us to what we see in the video: displaying public debauchery and disrespect because it makes the believers of Pro-choice ideology feel good about their bodies, as that’s all that matters to them. They’ve chosen what to do with their bodies by parading around with intent to disrespect their fellow human beings and deface property, and it is acceptable to them because that IS what Pro-choice is. It’s pro-choice brought to its logical end.

  12. C. Day says:

    ditto to M Frank. Thank you for your beacon of truth, spoken so eloquently without fallacies, or false dichotomy. I also love your witty, literary style, vocabulary, alliterations, deep commitment to speaking the truth and for challenging all of us to think critically before we speak/tweet/share/like, etc. The world needs more critical thinkers. The internet has become a cesspool for hoaxes, lies, fabrications, and the stirring up of hatred. Many of us do not trust news sources as a result. (ps, just curious if you were schooled using the IEW curriculum, “Institute for Excellence in Writing”)

  13. Joy says:

    Matt, you’re awesome. I totally appreciate your passion and fight for good things. I feel the same way about abortion, it makes my blood boil and I want to scream “has everyone gone insane?” I’m very “pro-accountability.” I love that women pretend they got pregnant without their consent, as though they had nothing to do with the sex act that impregnated them. Pro-choicer’s also love to pull the “what about incest and rape” card. I have family members and friends who have had abortions, and wow I can’t think of one of them that was impregnated against their will. I also love that babies are the bad guys. Darn those babies, they keep invading my womb. Good thing its not really a baby but instead some cells…or something. Wow, I didn’t realize a dog when expecting puppies is actually pregnant with a parasite. Silly me, I always thought when a dog was pregnant, it was having puppies. The only reason people get so angry that you’re speaking the truth is because it makes it harder to quiet their own conscience, for either having an abortion themselves or for being the biggest cowards there are. You can’t muster courage to defend a helpless child? You are a coward! Matt, please don’t ever quiet your voice, don’t listen to the negative trolls, keep up your good work. You know to whom you are accountable one day, that’s the only person who matters!

    • An insightful comment. Any time there is a pathological aversion to the truth of any matter, we should suspect that we are dealing with narcissism or something related to it.

  14. Paul says:

    The street where I work has a bunch of local businesses that have been there for decades. They’re talking about building a Planned Parenthood at one end of the street, and a Wal-Mart at the other.
    Take a wild guess which one people are going apeshit about.

  15. Joe says:

    For all you feminists out there, when are you going to realize that abortion, contraception, pornography, and unnatural childbirth are the largest setbacks to women’s rights in the history of the world! That’s what enables us men to continue to see you as nothing more than sexual objects with zero consequences.

    • LilyL2182 says:

      When in the heck is “unnatural childbirth”?

      • arwengueneth says:

        I’m going to guess he means women (especially those in third world countries) that rent out their wombs as gestational surrogates for rich white couples who don’t want to bear their own children, or who are incapable of bearing their own children due to both of them being male.

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  17. Emma says:

    Why should your religious values have anything to do with how I treat my body? Yes, these women were vulgar and aggressive, but they’re right. “Get your rosaries out of our ovaries” rings true with me; religious ideals have nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose to have a valid medical procedure in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
    This so called feminist radicalism is tame compared to the route some pro-life “activists” take. Bombing abortion clinics and mugging doctors? That’s not satanic at all. You hypocritical, self-righteous, pro-lifers actually make my blood boil.
    On another more realistic and less emotional note, abortion is a COMPLETELY VALID MEDICAL PROCEDURE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If the right to that procedure is revoked, it will not stop women from seeking out abortions; it will only make them more dangerous and lead to unlicensed “medical doctors” performing high-risk, unsanitary procedures on helpless women. I’m not asking you to reconsider your entire stance and moral code, but do not impose your religious morals on me.
    Keep your rosaries out of my ovaries.

    • Isaac says:

      Do you need a rosary to figure out that incinerating a baby is wrong? How then is this at its core a religious issue? Other than the fact that the Catholic Church provides hate-mobs a tangible institution to direct bile towards, since “ethics” and “humanity” are immaterial and therefore hard to attack with spray paint?

      Also, I keep having to remind rage-clouded individuals that this was a crowd of 1500 people. Every abortion-clinic bomber in American history put together wouldn’t be enough to start a baseball team. Differences of scale, people.

    • The anti-feminist feminine. says:

      Then don’t ask the rest of us to feel anything when the woman excercising her right ‘over her body’ dies on the abortion table, and don’t become angry when we say ‘goodbye to bad rubbish’.

    • Jill Smith says:

      It it were simply how you treat your body, I would not have much to say. I certainly hope I could talk you out of becoming a crack addict or starving yourself to death, but I would have finally give up because it is, in fact, your body. But the baby growing inside you is not your body. There quite a few nonreligious pro-lifers who approach this from a civil rights perspective, So instead of rosaries off my ovaries, how about “Keep your stupid concern for the civil rights of the most defenseless from interfering with my right to kill my unwanted child.” If we are going for the cheap slogans, how about “Better to have killed 55 million babies since 1973 than to take a chance that a few desperate women might each year damage themselves by procuring an illegal abortion? Because better that every baby on the planet be aborted rather than disrespect your precious bodily autonomy.

  18. sweetdeanie says:

    Please read my story about how I needed a termination for medical reasons then tell me that I’m evil. I have never nor would ever act the way these people have but I’ve personally experienced hatred towards me and prejudice because of my so called choice which in reality was not a choice. I’ve been called a murderer and told I should go to prison and even been told I should die or be killed. Pro lifers may behave peacefully in some instances but their words can cause untold damage. Find me on fb to discuss if you like and you’ll find in not the serotype you describe on fb

    • deelilynn says:

      Sweetdeanie, no offense but your choice was indeed and in reality a choice!! I do not condone that you are personally being treated with malice though…

      • sweetdeanie says:

        The choice was she dies or she dies. There was no choice in relation to the final outcome for my daughter. The only choice for me was how and when. The choice was the avoidance of her suffering for nothing. The choice was my other children keeping their mother. The choice was not to gamble my life and my children’s futures for what? To delay the inevitable? Oh I regret it off course. I could have had longer with her in my womb and maybe in my arms. I desperately wanted her to take just one breath at least so that her last moment was at least in her mother’s arms comforted. I lay as still as I could after delivering her in to this world, listening, hoping and yes even praying for a sound, a sign of life. I’ll never get that moment with her. And if you must know I’d even sell my own soul to have just that one moment. One breath. I’d like more but I’d settle with one single breath! Now call me a murderer, call me heartless, cold hearted. Tell me I deserve to die or face the death penalty. Perhaps I am a satanist for the simple fact I’d give my soul for that one breath. But those of you who say I’m a murderer what would you sacrifice for her life? Even for one single breath?

      • deelilynn says:

        Sweetdeanie, did you even read what I wrote?? I said nothing that should have sent you off on a rant rave!! You made a choice and the truth is that a choice is a choice and that is NOT a judgment!! I even said I don’t condone that you are being treated with malice!! It is beginning to appear as if you want to feel like a victim because even someone who is not picking on you somehow is picking on you!! Sheesh!!

      • sweetdeanie says:

        The reply wasn’t solely to you. I don’t consider myself a victim. If I did I’d go run and hide not share my story. I was expanding on my perspective that’s all. I did have quite a distressing night and I probably should have stepped away. It’s called grief not being a victim

  19. sweetdeanie says:

    Also what happened to your Christian morals when it came to loving thy neighbour, forgiveness, humility, do not judge others, only god can judge and many more instructions to be found in your Bibles? Or do you also pick and choose? I have four beautiful children and at the time of my so called choice had no support. If I had died and that was a high possibility my children would now be separated and in care their lives ruined. Would it have been worth it? Perhaps, if my daughter had any chance of survival, but she had zero chances. Should I have chosen to let Gods will choose the outcome? Waited for a miracle? Would I have done things differently if there were family who would take my children if I died? Maybe but would that have made my death any better in my children’s eyes? Would I have done things differently if there was a chance my daughter could survive? Absolutely! Even with the tiniest chance I’d have done all I could to give her a chance to live even if it meant guaranteed death for me. I would choose the life of any of my children above my own. I wish every day it had been me that died not her. I want my baby back. I still love her and always will. I visit her have regularly and often want to dig her up to hold her one more time. I hate myself every day for surviving her. I made the right choice though. I put the wellbeing of my four living daughters above my own wellbeing and above the life of my daughter who if had made it to birth naturally was going to suffer and die only moments after birth. She wasn’t ripped apart like pro lifers describe nor torn from my body. I gave birth to her in a candle lit room with meditation music playing and aromatherapy oils in love and beauty. I spent days with her before leaving the hospital and then visited her in the Chapel of rest every day. I organised the beautiful funeral to honour her that I could and I maintained her dignity. I’ll never forget any moment I spent with her from her growing in my womb to giving birth and after. I treasure every second I had. She was never just cells she was always my daughter. She was always loved and wanted. She was conceived in love and grew in love and born in love and died in love. Anyone that degrades those precious memories by defaming my choices degrades her and minimises her importance and her legacy. RIP Poppy-Rose Serena Dean 14-09-2011 always loved and never forgotten my little butterfly xxx

    • Isaac says:

      If I’m understanding you right, you’re saying that your child had no chance of survival AND your own health was in danger. You’re not really a part of this debate, then, and I don’t know why you would want to identify in the slightest with the sick kind of abortion advocates seen in this video. You clearly aren’t one of them. You should rethink things, because you seem to think that Christians are your enemies here, and that’s really not the case. Your abortion is a very rare type of exception, and the kind of abortion opposed by Christians in forums like this is the kind that makes up 99% of all abortions, but not yours- abortions in which the life of a baby who could have lived is terminated for convenience’s sake.

      The fact that you seem deeply defensive and hurt about your abortion, however, makes me think that you still need healing of the sort that only Christ can provide. You were forced to go through a really traumatic experience, and it’s understandable. You above all should know how horrible it would be for someone to go through what you did because they WANTED to, and not because they had to.

      • sweetdeanie says:

        Nothing can or will ever help me heal.

      • sweetdeanie says:

        Nothing can or will ever bring healing. I was raised as a Christian to believe abortion regardless of circumstance is murder. There lies my issues with Christians. And with myself. I often think I should have died with her. That nature should have taken its course or as a Christian might believe God made the choice not me. Instead I here grieving and having to (out) live my daughter and with my choice. I know my family and children are glad I made the choice I did and that I still here but I’m torn between two worlds. My children here and my daughter gone and often feel I should be with her. Think of her alone needing her mummy. Time doesn’t lessen that pain or longing. Time makes the gap seem greater the distance bigger and the pain more.

        • I am truly sorry for the profound suffering you have endured. My own sweet daughter had an abortion, and now has a pro-life ministry. Please contact her at for I am sure she would be willing to lend you a listening ear. She has a blog too that I believe would help your healing process as well:

        • Silent says:

          I hate abortion. It is my issue, the hill I will stand and die on. The very thought of it boils me. I could not hate anything more.

          All that said, when the Mother’s life is at risk, regardless of the potential chances of the baby, I will side with her. That is the only sole situation where I can bear it’s existence.

          I cannot pretend to understand what you’re going through, I have never been there. I can’t even begin to empathize. You story brings me to tears, and I cannot even relate. You, dear, are a victim who needs to be held and loved and carried through her pain. You need to see the grace and love of the Jesus I believe in. The one who does not condemn you, but wishes to hold you.

          If you don’t or can’t believe in that Jesus, you need to believe that anyone judging or demonizing you is wrong. And they will remain wrong. I pray that you can heal, someday. I pray that you can find peace and learn to love yourself, not hate yourself. You did not do anything wrong and there was nothing you could have done.

          Please do not let yourself hate yourself, as impossible of a request as I may be making, how can I know? I can’t. But I will pray for your healing and comfort. I will believe that you will see both.

        • Silent says:

          Most of all, I pray you meet the Jesus who loves you enough to die for your freedom.

  20. whinni says:

    Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature…And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. Romans 1:24-26, & 28 ESV.

  21. This is crazy. How can people just sit idly by while these people get away with this?

  22. Thanks for sharing posting. We must keep this in our prayers. God has all power and authority, and has entrusted the Church, the people who love Him, with intercession. 2 Chronicles 7:14- let us cry out day and night without stopping that abortion may end. Ezekiel 33:20- let us also stand in the gap as intercessors that God may have mercy on us.

  23. Kerry says:

    Another disgusting act by pro-choice feminists, indeed. You are completely correct in saying that if the tables were turned- if these were pro-life women acting violently- then the media WOULD be all over it. It is ridiculous that they can get away with this… is this the new ‘free speech’? People need to open their eyes to what evil is… they need conversion… so many are blind to this.

  24. Hookem625 says:

    Here’s another post that touches on this event/subject. Figured y’all might want to see it.

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  26. PCS says:

    That night those men faced the devil and lived. We should all be so prepared for the end game. A time comes when we will die when the darkness comes. Can we go in peace or will we stoop to their level. Martyrdom was once the greatest thing a believer could attain. Are we ready to join the saints. That video scared me as I saw the future. But I knew it was coming so I know what to do, do you. Look to those who have gone before for the answer to survive the coming onslaught until your time comes or join the darkness. The choice as always in this world is yours

  27. Bill Wilson says:

    I can appreciate a pro-choice agenda. What’s wrong with choice? We do live in the land of the free and brave. I certainly don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my body. Of course, no woman getting an abortion believes they are killing a child. They are removing tissue. It’s not a person yet. Any argument I make will only be seen as trying to steal personal liberty. That’s the only thing the women in that demonstration were doing: protecting their rights, protecting their liberties.
    However, there is a single belief (different in interpretation) on both sides that has HUGE implication. The issue has always been about when life begins.
    It’s ridiculous to call it tissue. A woman’s tissue is made of her own DNA. The fetus has totally new DNA, never seen before on planet Earth. It won’t grow into one of the mother’s organs or a dog or an oak tree. It is genetically assured to be a separate and unique human individual. Don’t try to de-humanize it by calling it tissue.
    And if it’s human tissue, then the next question is when does it become a human person? If the law says an abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, does that mean a human becomes human at 24 weeks? Do we measure it by an ability to feel pain? Brainwave activity? Ability to survive outside the womb?
    The problem with this is twofold. One, as science progresses, the line moves and will continue to move. This year because of technological advances fetuses are human at 19 weeks, last decade they weren’t human until 20 weeks. Where’s the logic in that? Two, society will never agree on a static line. If you truly believe a fetus becomes human at some point along the line, be it at 20 weeks or the point of delivery, then you must believe a human being dies if it is aborted even one moment after that, and someone else will ALWAYs believe life starts later than you do. Are you now going to speak out for those children who are dying?
    There is only one course of action. You join the human race when you are conceived and we should protect and nurture you from that point on, as we do with any child dependent on adults.

  28. America ignores this simply because it’s Argentina, a third-world country nobody cares about.

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