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Attention shopping cart ditchers: look at what you’ve done

Look at this. Do not avert your gaze. This. This is what greeted me when I came out of the grocery store today. It’s not about the car. It’s not about scratches and minor dents. I don’t care about these … Continue reading

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Why do you Christians always throw the Bible in my face?

Seriously, it hurts. Stop it, will ya? Yesterday I walked by a church and the pastor barreled out of the door, ran into the street, screamed “BIBLE!” and chucked it right at my head. Well, that didn’t LITERALLY happen. But … Continue reading

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Abstinence is unrealistic and old fashioned

From my inbox, an email from a high school student named Jeremy: “Dear Matt, first I want to say I really like your blog. One of my teachers actually mentioned it in class once after you wrote something (she didn’t … Continue reading

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A quick note

I want to explain this to you. I didn’t intend to bring it up at all, but it seems that there’s some concerns out there that I should address. About a week ago I put a “donate” link on my … Continue reading

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Some people don’t deserve a living wage

I met someone today who doesn’t deserve a living wage. I’m often told such people don’t exist, so maybe I hallucinated this encounter. From what I could see he wasn’t deserving of a job or a wage. At some point … Continue reading

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Our society doesn’t know anything about marriage

Oh, there are certainly some individuals, some couples, that possess immense wisdom and knowledge on the subject; wisdom and knowledge earned from years of experience, crafted with an intuition and maturity that few achieve and fewer even attempt to achieve. … Continue reading

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I don’t agree with your parenting choices. Now let me explain how you should raise your own children.

There are seven billion people in the world. How many of them are children? I don’t know, let’s ballpark it at around two billion. Just for argument’s sake, can we say there are two billion children in the world? Good, … Continue reading

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A message of hope to Obama cultists

Free yourselves. Obama cultists: free yourselves. Shed those chains of compliance and apathy. Walk free. I’m not here to attack you. I’m here to reach out with a joyful message of hope. I’m also not here to tell you to … Continue reading

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Dear daughter, you’re beautiful, regardless of what the media tells you

Dear daughter, You’re far too young to be aware of this, but, in the last few days, many people have watched a video of a model being “altered” by photoshop. It shows her artificial transformation from real and attractive to … Continue reading

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Maybe you get bad customer service because you’re a bad customer

I could have taken a picture of you and posted it here to publicly shame you, but I didn’t. That’s because I am not trying to be vindictive, ma’am. I’d merely like to answer that question you posed. This can … Continue reading

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