A three step cure for the “knockout game”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Knockout Game” that appears to be sweeping the nation. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works:

The participants of this pastime randomly select an innocent stranger, sneak up behind them, and attempt to knock them out with one punch.

That’s it. That’s the “game.” In some corners of the Earth, this activity is also known as “attempted murder.” Here, for some teenagers, it’s a hobby, like collecting baseball cards.

This has been going on for a while, but the media has been reluctant to report on it; mostly because the victims are usually white and the assailants are usually black. I say “usually,” but I’m not actually aware of a single instance where the assailant has been white and the victim black. Is the racial component relevant here? Yes, of course it is. But we live in a country of spineless white-guilt ridden wimps, so we’ll just pretend there’s nothing “racial” about black teens beating white folks to death for sport. Leave it to modern America to find ways to turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a symbol of white privilege, while a rash of black-on-white beatings are categorized as “random” instances of a violent “game.”

A few people have already been killed by the Knockout Game, while plenty of others have been sent to the hospital. The victims come in any age or gender, but it’s worth noting one particularly egregious case where an elderly woman in New York ended up in the ER after being brutalized by one of these teenage cowards.

All of this inevitably leads to a conversation about what, precisely, drives a person to do this, and how to stop it in the future. I already touched on the why in a previous post. They do it, not due to a lack of “education spending” or “youth programs,” but because they choose to do it. They do it for the same reason all people commit evil acts: it makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like they’re in control. It gives them an illusion of dominance. They do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy it because of the evil in their hearts. There is evil in their hearts because they let it in and feed it.

Why do we all act so perplexed by something that’s as old as time? We deny the existence of evil and then we’re thrown for a loop every time it pops up. That’s when we resort to our psychology textbooks and our pseudo-sociology; anything to avoid the inescapable conclusion that human beings have free will and they choose to do the things they do.

You can tell me about “environmental” factors all day, and you can sing me a sad song about their upbringing and their income bracket and whatever phantom prejudices are supposedly keeping them down, but you can not remove their responsibility from this equation. You can not mitigate it or diminish it. However hard their lives have been, a billion other people have experienced worse, and a billion other people aren’t patrolling the street searching for elderly people to sucker punch. What makes them different? Their choices. That’s all.

Now, while there’s nothing we can do to stop a man (yes, “man”; you aren’t a “kid” anymore once you graduate to felony assault) from doing evil if evil is what he wishes to do, we could take certain steps, as a society, to alleviate the situation slightly. We could, for instance, keep our families together. Dads could stop running out on their kids. Couples could get married before they have babies. Radical ideas, I realize, but nothing will get better as long as we’re unwilling to consider them.

I’ve extrapolated on those points many times, so, for right now, I’d like to lay out a more immediate three step plan for dealing with the Knockout Game. These are rational suggestions; suggestions that are absolutely guaranteed to slow down this “trend”:

1. Prison.

In the old days, they used to banish prisoners to deserts and island colonies. They permanently removed the criminals from society. We can’t employ the same strategy anymore — I don’t think Australia would appreciate it — but we can keep in mind the fact that prisons are designed to protect our loved ones from predators. I’m all for rehabilitation, but that is not the primary function of a prison. Its primary function is to take dangerous people and neutralize the threat they pose to the rest of us. Everything else is secondary. Forgiveness is essential, but just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean we unleash them into our neighborhoods. You might forgive a pedophile for being a pedophile, but would you let him babysit your kids?

So why don’t we start using prisons for their intended purpose? These genius thugs are posting video of themselves playing their “game” online; it shouldn’t be that hard to track them down. When we do, they ought to be looking at significant time in a cage. I’m talking about ten years or longer. Whether their victim lands in a hospital or a morgue, I fail to see why it should matter all that much in terms of sentencing. The purpose of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible on the innocent passerby. Should they get credit if they accidentally fail to seriously hurt their prey?

The emotional detachment and moral depravity it requires to participate in something like this should not be taken lightly. I was always taught that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always get a second chance in life. We all have one chance to not be vicious animals who prowl around the community looking to beat pedestrians unconscious. If you squander that chance, you don’t get another one. At least not during this decade. Sending a violent criminal to jail for a year or two is just about the most self defeating strategy I’ve ever encountered. There’s no sense in shipping a budding hooligan off to network with hardened criminals for 16 months, only to release him back into the community once he’s officially transitioned from delinquent to full-on gangbanger. Maybe prison could be a deterrent if the courts stopped playing pattycake with these goons and started doling out hard time for hard crimes.

Put them there and keep them there. Keep them there for a good long while. Need room to accommodate these extended stays? No problem. Release all of the non-violent criminals you want. I’d be more than happy if we stopped imprisoning people for growing plants or using unhealthy substances. Besides, it accomplishes precisely nothing to throw drug addicts in a cell for being drug addicts. All you’ve done is take vulnerable, desperate, non-violent people and put them around manipulative sociopaths. Not a good mix. Clear them out and make room for the actual dangerous crooks.

2. Work.

Boredom is a new epidemic. So is teenagedom. In the past, nobody had time to be either of these things. People worked. Work can cure a teenager of his boredom, and his teenage-ness. It boggles my mind that any “kid” is able to reach the ripe old age of 17 having never worked a day in his/her life. My parents wouldn’t have allowed such a thing.

Do we think anything good is going to happen when we take a bunch of confused, hormonal, aggressive, energetic teenagers and give them massive amounts of free time? Doing nothing — this is another concept I was never allowed to get too familiar with when I was growing up. Maybe it’s time to stop “protecting” our kids from sweaty brows and calloused hands. Maybe work could actually be protection from far more detrimental things — like criminal records and drug addictions. We don’t have sweat shops in this country anymore. Most of the mines are closing down. In other words, repeal child labor laws and what will be the result? Thirteen year olds working cash registers and pushing lawnmowers? They’ll survive. It’ll be good for them. It’ll keep them busy. It’ll let them contribute financially to their households — a concept that seems quite scandalous these days, but only because we’re often scandalized by sensible things.

3. Guns.

They say you can’t solve a problem by “adding more guns” to the situation. That’s true, which is why Obama’s foreign policy has been such an abysmal failure. But I, much like any other Second Amendment advocate, do not suggest simply throwing a pile of guns at the problem. I suggest you consider adding one gun to a holster, and then adding that holster to your hip. At a certain point we — the pool of potential victims — must refuse to fulfill that destiny. Forget the prisons, the schools, family dynamics, the cultural ills; when a predator picks you out of the crowd, none of that matters. It’s too late for the system, or parents, or the government to help you. In that moment, you’ve either got the tools to defend yourself, or you don’t. These cowards hedge their bets and put all their coins on you being unarmed. It’s a glorious occasion every time they lose that gamble.

God gives you life. He doesn’t give it to you so that you can let some adolescent punk take it away. Guard it. It is a precious thing; it the most precious thing you’ve ever been given (aside from your children’s lives, if you have any).

Let’s be real here. My first two suggestions won’t happen. But number three can happen. Defend yourself.


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552 Responses to A three step cure for the “knockout game”

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  2. jmark2 says:

    You missed the most important step – castration. Cut their balls off.

    Excellent article.

    • Roberta Ecks says:

      You missed decency, logic and the limits on government power. Tellya what, the very next time some teen-aged boy tries to knock an adult out with his testicles — no, wait. Not even that. Do we cut off a thief’s thieving hand, here in civilization? No. In fact, that’s defined as “cruel and unusual punishment,” and prohibited by law.

      Let a few of them get shot by those they attempt to victimize; let the catchable ones get arrested, hauled into court, have a fair trial and a long sentence. You’ll see the incidence of such behavior start to drop once the risks begin to rise.

  3. Grandma Mimi says:

    You had my attention until the last step… adding guns to the mix would be like adding oil to a fire… ridiculous.. adding the possibility of death to the equation… nada!! Absurd! Methinks maybe You have too much free time on your hands. How about volunteering to set up some places to give young people a place to go after school (if they go to school after the legal age of 16) and teach them skills for free time, get them volunteering in areas where young children have no place to go or food to eat or fun to play after school… do something positive instead adding a new dimension to the chaos you’ve sited. And sure get the druggies outta jail so they can get these idiots hooked too… we have more people in jail per capita in this country than any where else in the world… and where’s it getting us?

    • Mark from Texas says:

      me thinks you have never been hit in the face,if you had your out look would be much different.

    • damian ives says:

      nope… you are wrong

    • Millard says:

      Well trained citizens killing criminals isn’t a bad thing Grandma. It’s something the legal system has been doing for a while…..they should just increase their rate of fire.

    • Nick84 says:

      They have things to do. I grew up in a backwoods town in Virginia where there was nothing to do except play sports in school or the back yard with your friends. A job also cured the boredom blues. Personally I agree with the article. These kids have other things to do. They CHOOSE to do the things they do. I don’t know about the rest of the population, but I’m not going to willingly become a sheepish victim. So, if they CHOOSE to play their game with me, I will CHOOSE to end them. I was taught don’t F with me, I won’t F with you<——Great rule to live by.

    • Ingelheim5 says:

      We have thrown money and resources at this problem for too many years already. Get armed Grandma!

    • Wendy says:

      You have gone full circle to denial of evil. Not recognizing that part is an invitation.
      An armed society is a polite society. A disarmed society is nothing but a collection of victims.

    • Roberta Ecks says:

      “The possibility of death” has *already* been “added…to the equation.” Attackers playing The Knockout Game have killed their victims in some instances. Striking someone hard enough to knock them out carries a significant risk of death, brain damage and paralysis.

      Armed victims simply make the risk more symmetrical.

      Attacking people is wrong. If you haven’t learned that by age 16, it’s time you met someone who understands that stopping attacks is morally correct.

      By definition, the aggressor gets the first hit. He shouldn’t get the last one, too.

    • Guns are exactly what are needed! These kids are predatory animals actively targeting the weak and defenseless in society for this sick game. If there is a chance that their victims have a means to protect themselves, these animals will think twice before striking.

      Why is it Matt’s job to find volunteer opportunities for these kids? Oh that’s right, it is not their fault that they are cowards and act like animals. Their bored, so what else can they do. Where are their parents? I say, the parents need to be held accountable and fined for not reigning in their brats. If their State withheld their welfare benefits you would see these kids get disciplined real quick. The coddling of these kids is a huge part of the problem. Actions have consequences! As Matt pointed out, this game in another country would be considered attempted murder and that is how it needs to be dealt with here.

      What these kids really need is an education and jobs, and that is not likely to happen if their parents keep voting for democrats!

      • Grandma, you’ve missed the point entirely! These thugs (I mean kids) have found an after-school activity and way to fill their “free” time–it’s called “knockout”.

        The end of the article is exactly on point (as is the rest of it). At the moment of truth no one cares about upbringing, the alcoholic non-existed father, the prostitute mother, the quality of inner-city schools, etc. The only thing that matters is who will survive. I, for one, want to survive and will do everything I possibly can to protect innocents…

    • Sheepdog1008 says:

      We have spent decades throwing millions of dollars at all of your suggestions. Where has it gotten us? Legal, armed citizens are the solution.

    • Lj Glazner says:

      Adding guns doesn’t help if the owner of the gun doesn’t know how to use it and they can be charged with murder even if it was in self defense. How about non-lethal defenses like Pepper spray or electric zappers or even carrying a cane can be a good defense.

      • tkdkerry says:

        Ever try using a cane on a motivated attacker who is quite probably younger, stronger, and faster than you? That requires even more training than a firearm to be effective. Or spray someone who is jacked on drugs, or even adrenaline? Even with my decades of martial arts training, I’ll keep my .45, thank you very much.

      • muellermunchkins says:

        Those who have concealed carry have undergone training. This is a very ignorant comment.

      • hineata says:

        Thank you, L.J. for adding a little common sense to the discussion 🙂 .

    • Jim Mullin says:

      You are obviously a progressive liberal out of the Obama cult and have been given an injection of anti “Stand Your Ground” serum. I and others like myself who have dealt with serious physical assaults on our person realize that you have no concept of the terror one faces when being attacked. If it ever happens to you personally, believe me you would consider arming yourself. And even this doesn’t guarantee your safety 100% when the attackers sneak up from behind without warning! You can set up thousands of do-gooder places for teens to meet and socialize but the scum element who has gone over to the Dark Side will always be around and need to be dealt with on the spot, especially when THEIR prize might be YOUR life.

    • Gunslinger says:

      When you get beat up, “Granma”, they knock off your “rose colored glasses”, put you in the hospital, just maybe your attitude will change towards these little ” INNOCENT, milk-drinking tikes”. So good luck with that attitude. Maybe someone will be around to help you. Maybe you could just explain to them, that they should be in church and not killing people, especially old ladies. Until then, America, “We The victims”, should have an attitude of “US or THEM”. Two rounds to the chest(or MORE), one to the head(or MORE).

    • Petieshell says:

      Sorry Grandma. More entitlement and free rides won’t solve the problem. Getting these people to volunteer would be like trying to pull teeth from a great white while in the ocean; not happening. You cannot change sociopathic behaviors and thinking with just a little volunteer work. This is a symptom of a failing and morally bankrupt society.

    • Maybe then we should stop with the inhumane bullshit attitude and start doing like some of the Third World countries do with their criminals if you knew you could loss a hand because you were gonna steal something do you think you’d commit that crime. And yes self defence is a deterrent to crime, criminals don’t rob or harm people they know are gonna defend themselves, they go after the weak because they don’t wanna take the chance of being hurt and/or killed by someone that will protect themselves. Concept simple sheep and wolves, what are you?

    • Al says:

      We tried that after- school BS. It didn’t work. My kids all knew that I didn’t need a gun. They were well behaved around me. Most of the kids used the center as a planning center for their next crime. I knew that they carried in their own neighborhood. I did too at that age. It isn’t whether you carry or not. (You should!) It is whether or not to have the maturity to behave properly.

    • The chaos starts with the game and ends with a shot from a gun… bingo… no chaos! quit simple, Methinks.

    • J-Bone says:

      I feel we need more of these little thug scum fucks like Trayvon Martin taking bullets to the chest. Maybe they will learn to keep their hands to themselves. But then again, you can’t tame a savage!!!!!

    • 3utychus says:

      Where’s it getting us? Last I checked there were people jumping the fence to get in. Must not suck too bad.

  4. ronim93 says:

    Jesus Christ, this is the most hate-filled, racially charged, and unbelievably egotistical thing I have read in a very long time. So much so that I was sure it was satirical.

    I hope you find peace, outside of carrying a gun.

    • Mark from Texas says:

      sometimes facts are unbelievable but that are still facts.

    • damian ives says:

      you might feel differently if you were a victim.

    • Ang says:

      The truth hurts! People are dying because of these idiots! We need to stand up and quit taking this crap! These bleeding heart liberals thinking these creeps have rights you lost your rights when you hurt another person on purpose no second chances! I am a mom and anyone that came up and tried to hurt me or my children they would be meeting Jesus Christ that day! No one should ever use his name in vain! A lot of people hate guns until they need one!

    • Millard says:

      Hate filled? What?!?

    • chap says:

      What would you call knocking out unsuspecting people?

    • Maegan says:

      Are you kidding me? There are teenagers out there randomly attacking innocent people, KILLING them in some instances, and this post about how to STOP this from happening is the most hate-filled thing you’ve ever read? You must not read much…

    • Roberta Ecks says:

      Gee, you’re right; violent teens have a perfect right to attack defenseless adults and only a vicious, evil person would suggest that such behavior ought to carry serious consequences for the perpetrators. It’s egotistical to suggest people should defend themselves when suffering a lethal attack.

      How could I ever have been so blind as to believe otherwise?

      Meanwhile, in the real world, thuggery is a choice of behavior, not a skin color. Self-defense, likewise.

    • Jeff says:

      Let me guess. You probably LEAD these so-called ‘games’ in your area, right?

    • tkdkerry says:

      You shouldn’t use a gun! Because RACIST EGO HATE! OK, I get it, but you must not have read the entire memo. You left out the bit bit about small genitalia.

    • Jay says:

      Well, of course. An Obama acolyte. As soon as the conversation gets real, out come the racist accusations. If you were to have both eyes open, you would notice that majority of the nation isn’t racist anymore. We don’t care anymore whether one is black, white, or Hispanic. In spite of this truth, liberals such as you have become obsessed with ensuring that we don’t even appear racist in any way. Not only that, we, as a nation, bend over backwards in order to help give opportunity to anyone who isn’t a lily white, WASP American. As a result of our giving, caring nature, we have begun to experiencing an interesting phenomenon: reverse racism. This is the predominant reason one can find for the violence being committed against whites. Yes; you may desire to claim laziness – but laziness is only a precursor to the racism occurring. There is no excuse to the laziness, as we offer grants to any (legal) person to attend college. We offer cash assistance to those with no income. Instead of the recipients using all these to further themselves, they become lazy, and sit back, doing nothing. Here’s the problem with doing nothing. The human mind needs to be entertained, it desires stimulant. So some of these people turn to crime, and some turn to illegal drugs. At that point, the non-recipients of benefits are put in danger. And at that point, (most) people finally wake up, and see that something must be done. Has this given you an awaking?

    • Siggy says:

      Ronim93, Facts are facts, deal with it. Are we so damn politically correct in this society that we can’t point out the obvious? You are part of the problem if you choose to hide from the truth about what is really going on. God forbid it happens to you or someone you love.

    • Haley says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you.

  5. Dan says:

    Very well reasoned, as usual, Matt. Being a Vietnam vet, I’ve seen my share of violence and I absolutely refuse to allow myself, my friends, or any member of my family be a victim if it’s within my power to prevent it. I haven’t been unemployed since I was 11 years old and I worked my way through college and law school, so I strongly agree with Points 1 & 2. Which brings me to suggestion # 3. I advise all of my clients, who are of sound mind and otherwise eligible to obtain a Concealed Handgun License, to do so, post haste. I also recommend they visit a reputable gun dealer to acquire the pistol that best suits his or her needs, and get some professional instruction in the safe and effective use of same, followed by regular visits to the range to maintain their proficiency. Then keep it on their person at all times and places where it’s legal to do so. (Here in Texas you can’t legally do that in hospitals, post offices, jails, courthouses, commercial airports, etc. but that’s what the CHL course is supposed to teach, among other things; –where it’s NOT lawful to carry. These are so-called “gun free zones,” which is a euphemism for Mass Murderer Empowerment Zones). FYI: My preference is the old reliable 1911 Colt .45 ACP.

    I believe Mark Twain was credited with the observance that “One should not pick a fight with an old man. He won’t fight you. He’ll just kill you”. Keep up the good work. I always think highly of people who agree with me.

    • Gunslinger says:

      Dan, as another Texan and Nam Vet, with four and half years in-country, you got it all exactly right. I didn’t survive the mud and blood of the Mekong just to let some low-life punk kill me with a punch to the head. Glock 19, S&W 38, both with hollow points and of course a Texas CHL. Thanks, Brother .

    • robertsgunshop says:

      Excellent advise. Semper Fi.

  6. Jennifer says:

    You were so right about us whites being cowards, i posted 3 links about this story on my fb page and not 1 response, not even a God bless those innocent victims but for any case involving another race forget about it

  7. I don’t think using guns to combat “The Knockout Game” is a good policy at all. These attacks happen unexpectedly and too quickly to even defend oneself. If you carry a gun to defend yourself from robbery or kidnapping that’s fine, but random, sudden acts of violence? It won’t work.

    • Ang says:

      Tell that to the two people that were killed from this! They had families that miss them! I have 2 children I would die to protect but God help anyone who tries and hurt them.

    • Mark from Texas says:

      so your saying using a gun to protect your stuff is more important than your life?

    • damian ives says:

      yes it will

    • Betsy Giles says:

      It has already worked at least twice, so far. 60 yr old woman got knocked in the side of the head and managed to get off 5 shots with her gun. 2 hit their mark. 2 less punks in the world to harass pedestrians. Another was a man standing at the bus stop waiting for his daughter to get home from school. He got knocked in the head and still managed to get 2 slugs into the punk that hit him. The punk lived to tell his story behind bars.

    • Mitch says:

      It will work quite well if you train in self-defense, which includes situational awareness. When you see a pack of young black males in hoodies walking towards you on the sidewalk, disregard the social programming/propaganda that told you to pretend they’re just as peaceful and law-abiding as a group of Mormon kids coming home from church, open some distance between yourself and the pack, and WATCH THEM.

      Knockout King almost always involves hitting someone from the side or behind, and I know from decades of experience and training that black males are big fans of the sucker punch. They rarely punch someone who’s looking.

      If you don’t like the “racist” implications here, you can go do something about the fact that black males commit violent crimes at rates ten times higher than white males, including committing 50% of ALL RAPES in America. The black-male 6% of the population is roughly 100% of the Knockout King players.

      Don’t blame me; I’m just the messenger.

    • Millard says:

      Situational awareness…..research it.

    • Ferris says:

      It already has worked. A 60 year old woman was able to defend herself in this exact situation. 2 teens are dead. Glad she was able to defend herself

    • Sheepdog1008 says:

      It’s called situational awareness. Look it up. If you are more concerned about your surroundings than your facebook, text messages or foursquare, you will notice the group of urban youths walking towards you on the sidewalk.

  8. Mike Carlucci says:

    See Problem Solved

  9. PaulB says:

    Actually, guns do work. Guns in the hands of responsible and safety conscious people do work. Responsible carriers do not threaten others with guns and do not use guns to commit street crimes. They are carried on the person solely for the protection of that individual and others. That gun will do no one any harm, unless it is specifically meant to. A person has only one life in their lifetime. It is inot the right of anyone to deprive another of that right. Anyone participating in the “knockout” game or “Polar Bear” game is doing so with the intent of depriving the victim of their life or serious injury with the potential of inflicting death. Under that pretext, deadly force is authorized to protect ones life. If they were to do this to a police officer, they undoubtedly would be shot by the officer. No question. This would send a strong message to those participating in these “games” to beware of their victims, as they may be armed and prepared to defend themselves and others. This is the only option we have, as our politicians, law enforcement agencies and the media have failed to act upon this particular problem and it continues to run rampant on a daily basis, all across this nation. A message has to be sent to these black thugs that the victims of this game are no longer going to be victims. They are going to fight back.

  10. lovely says:

    Great article! I agree, could not have said it better myself.

  11. Susan Crocker says:

    I have to agree.
    Very well written.
    We are too soft on kids today, they do have too much time on their hands & should have jobs.

  12. Darren Sissom says:

    I’ve worked since I was 16 years old and it has kept me out of trouble. Now I’m a business owner at 27 grossing over $150,000 per year. None of that would have happened if I was out punching people instead of working. Now I’ve been trying to get CCW because of punk ass bitches like this. I could have everything stripped away from me and my family all because some idiot thinks beating people is fun. A gun on people’s sides would make people think twice. If people fear getting shot, maybe it might stop crap.

    • Fuck a damned CCW. I has a .44 magnum and a holster. I want these jagoff mutherfukking bitches to KNOW I’m carrying so goddammit go ahead and try some shit with me and see what the fuck happens.

  13. Linda says:

    romin93 how dare you take Jesus’ name in vain. I am very much offended. You should apologize.

  14. George Nelson says:

    Your plan is sound advice, especially step 3. I was ambushed from behind by three young black thugs; first one ran at me from the rear, just as I turned my head to look I was cold cocked and knocked to the ground. As I was attempting to regain my feet, a second one hit me in the back of the head, again knocking me down. Then a third punk did the same. When I finally got to my feet, they were circling me like a pack of hyenas. I reached under my jacket to get my weapon ( a knife) ; one of them yelled, “He’s got a gun! “. and the cowardly bastards scattered like cockroaches exposed to the light. I know if I hadn’t been armed, I’d have been badly hurt or killed just because they were “Bored”
    I now carry a gun at all times.
    This attack was completely unprovoked, unless being a white man walking alone in the early evening is somehow offensive. Evil is definitely out there hunting for easy prey; Exercise your Second Amendment Rights!

  15. cspsrbums says:

    Where is Jessie Jackson and the rest of the so called leader. Haven’t heard them denounce this like the Travon Martin Case .maybe because it invves black teenagers

  16. Hoss says:

    It’s all fun and games until the intended victim shoots the attacker!

  17. Unfortunately, in NYC where this is happening a lot, you can’t carry….

    • Gunslinger says:

      And that’s true, Mark. In places like New York, California INNOCENT citizens are just expected to be in the VICTIM category . If “You” die, then “you” die, but the establishments there don’t want you DEFENDING yourself, family or other innocents. Sad “civilization ” thing we have going on here.

  18. shirlon williams says:

    Don’t blame the parents its what’s shows on tv poison them. And theirs a more appropriate word other than animals….

    • shirlon williams says:

      And food for thoughts not all black people are on welfare. Whites jews blacks spanish and a lot more race are on welfare.
      And don’t blame obama for any dept our country is in the let him get in office to cover up the BUSH fuck up. Open your eyes and do research that’s how you get FACTS. Put that race talk to the side equal rights and justice. ..

      • Kira says:

        How could you really believe that Obama is still “cleaning up” after Bush? Yeah, Bush was a BIG freakin spender, spent far too much. But Obama is not fixing that, he is SPENDING MORE! And he is wanting MORE and MORE to spend.. Seriously, he is not making budgets, he is not trying to find responsible money saving tactics, he is just wanting more money to spend, outside of the U.S. by the way.
        Now, I’ve never been a Bush fan. I think he had his issues. But my respect for Bush is far greater than that of Obama.
        Here are a few facts, just cause you know, you said to research.
        “When Mr. Obama became president in January 2009, the total federal debt stood at $10.6 trillion. This week, (October 9th, 2013) it hit $16.7 trillion — an increase of 57 percent. In the same time frame under President George W. Bush, total federal debt rose 38 percent. Under President Clinton, it rose 32 percent.” <—Article from the Washington Times Titled: Obama’s national debt rate on track to double – Says raising limit ‘won’t add a dime’ By: Dave Boyer.
        Here's some more!
        "The National Debt has now increased more during President Obama's three years and two months in office than it did during 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency.
        The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office." <—- Article from CBS News Titled: National Debt has increased more under Obama than under Bush. By: MARK KNOLLER, dated: March 19, 2012, 6: 58 PM
        Obama has continually tried to play the blame game. Never once taking responsibility for his own actions. Just like people trying to blame everything else, but the criminals assaulting people.. It is not a game, it is not play, it is assault and battery that these teenagers are doing.

    • tkdkerry says:

      Hmmm. So I could have left my children totally to their own devices, and it would have been TV’s fault when they acted like savage little psychopaths? Wish I’d known that when I was helping raise them, I would have had a lot more time for my own selfish pursuits.

  19. A three step cure for the “knockout game” | The Matt Walsh Blog jordan cool grey 12 for sale http://www.iifiir.org/userfiles/store.asp?module=tags&brand=jordanretro&tags=cheap-jordan-11-bred

  20. Kathy says:

    Knock out “GAME” Use of the word, “game” had me shaking my head when I heard this story on the news. What a disgrace. I pray for our nation.

    • Kira says:

      I am sooo sickend that the news is calling it a “game.” Anything but a game.. The news should be calling it what it is. “Teenagers across the country are committing “random” acts of violence, assault and battery, on innocent passerbys.” This is not a game, or playing.

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    • Sheepdog1008 says:

      Again, it’s called “situational awareness.” You should always be aware of your surroundings. Quit staring at you phone every 30 seconds. Turn your head and check your back every few minutes. If you see a large gathering of questionable youths approaching, walk the other way, into a store, across the street, etc. Anywhere other than by yourself, surrounded by them is a better place to be. Also, if you are aware of your surroundings, you should be aware of a group of thugs from a distance, and you can prevent being a victim.

  22. Mike says:

    WWJD? Why, he’d pull out his Glock and start blasting!

  23. Jasus Krast says:

    No gun can help you when you’re innocently walking down the street and someone sneaks up and cold cocks you. That’s their point, you’re unable to defend yourself, The gun is useless in this equation. I suggest you rethink your last point. The other two were good though, couldn’t agree more with jail time for these bastards.

    • robertsgunshop says:

      Get your nose out of that cell phone, kindle, Ipad or whatever else is occupying you and have some situaltional awareness. If you pay attention, no one can sneak up on you.

    • americandad says:

      You have it all wrong. There are two common denominators in this equasion. First as some responders to this post have dully noted you must be situational aware. If you are an ignorant asshole just minding your own business walking down the street without considering who the fuck is around you, you are literally asking for a world of trouble. It’s what predators in the natural world look for. Unsuspecting victims.

      Second, being prepared never hurts anyone. When a situation arises, you need to be prepared. This simply means, if the perpatrator commits the crime without success (aka without knocking you out), you as a victim have a right to take action to alleviate the situation further by taking action to defend yourself, or if you are a responsible witness, you need to take action with your Glock in defense of the victim. Shoot the perpatrator in the leg for example. He’ll most likely still get away, but he will have to go to a hospital to get treated for his wound putting him in light of law enforcement and brought to justice.

      It’s that fucking simple. Be aware of your surroundings. Freedom in this country allows us to not trust everyone that crosses our paths. Being prepared is just something that most people are bringing to light as more and more stupid fucks with nothing to do are added to this earth. Its a concoction for catastrophe. Add a little of “nothing to do” to the mix or over-population and it becomes a volatile situation.

      Boys who want to be men, need to join the military, or put them through trade school and get them to fucking work! Making money in this country is how we survive. Teach these kids, please, teach them before they are killed off by resposible citizens with guns. It will become a viscious cycle if we don’t take responsibility for our kids, and you liberal fucktards out there will try to put a fire out with gasoline by saying we need more of this and that to make life better for them. Fuck that! it’s just another way of putting money in someone else’s pocket. Arm yourselves and teach these kids. End of story!

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  25. Kirsty says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?? Where is the parental responsibility in all this?? Never mind all the video game bullshit-I grew up with video games and I never once wanted to go out a smack somebody in the face. As soon as we start involving parent accountability we are going to start seeing changes… This makes me sick.

    • Gunslinger says:

      So Kirsty, you really, really believe that the “Parents”, IF they even know who or where they are, have any control over these lawless gangbangers? “Well I don’t know nuthin bout that. I haven’t seen him in days, weeks, months, years”. End of “complaint and responsibility”.

    • BillowsPillow says:

      This default “blame the parents” setting so many people are on is such a pathetic cop-out it infuriates me.

  26. Kirsty says:

    I’d like to add that I like this article and I wasn’t upset at the article but upset at the situation we are all talking about

  27. Paul Culton says:

    Here’s a strategy you overlooked: Sunday School. Kids who go to Sunday School learn about God, about the Bible, about the Golden Rule (which originated in the Bible), about the love of God, and about the heat, anguish, darkness, and stench of Hell. They also learn good literature which well-educated Western humans all know. They learn that God is watching them wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, and that they will have to account to Him for their actions. Conceivably, they learn “the fear of God,” and learn to listen to their conscience. They learn that heeding their conscience when it’s saying, “No, no, no!!!” is a godly, goodly thing. They also learn that a society is blessed the more righteous it is, and that it can BECOME more righteous by reaching out to God through Jesus Christ and the blood of the cross. Another strategy that might be considered is Christians going into the neighborhoods where these gangs originate and being Jesus to the feral urchins, taking them on, mentoring them, and encouraging them to attend… Sunday School.

  28. Unparanoid says:

    I’m not anti-gun (I own four guns) but you people who think guns are the solution to this are completely clueless. First of all have you seen the statistics on this? It’s RARE! That’s why the media isn’t reporting it – also they don’t want this BS to spread to copycats in other cities. Secondly, if you think you are quick enough to draw, aim and shoot BEFORE you get hit, you’re dreaming. You never see it coming, that’s the point of the “game.” People who are so ill-informed probably shouldn’t carry guns. Most of you are going to have your piece snatched from you while you lay unconscious on the sidewalk. Idiots.

    • Gunslinger says:

      So your “solution” is to just let them attack “you” and do nothing? People as clueless as you about guns and the use of them, should not even be allowed to own a gun. Ever heard the expression “faster than a speeding bullet”? Well these gangbangers are not. But then your “solution” is your choice. Good luck with that.

      • Unparanoid says:

        No, my solution is to treat it as it really is – highly improbable. What is your “lightening strike” plan? What is your “hit my a meteor” plan? What is your “avoidance of out-of-control vehicle” plan? This has only happened in 6 states (not mine) and only a handful of times. Even if this happens to you, unless you have eyes in the back of your head, you are deluding yourself if you think your gun can stop this attack. Situational awareness, yes. Gun, no. They sneak up from behind you – have you even watched a video of these attacks? You have ZERO reaction time, so your “speeding bullet” will remain chambered my friend. Best defense? Don’t walk in sketchy areas alone. Oh, and I don’t need your good luck wishes. I have logic and reason on my side, luck has nothing to do with it (but thanks anyway). I should wish you good luck in your hyper-emotional, knee-jerk response to a non-existent threat. Hope you find comfort in that.

        • Gunslinger says:

          I meant your “solution to do nothing”. There are those who “watch things happen, those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened”. If you chose to be a victim and make a decision to do nothing, that is your choice. I served several tours in Vietnam up against a meaner man, a BETTER man than these punks, more than 20 years on the Mexican Border with a badge and a gun, so your “solution” to do nothing, to just be a victim, because “any reaction might not SAVE you”, is your choice. I’m not really interested . Me, I’m just not willing to lay down, give up, surrender and die for anybody. It is better to be JUDGED by 12, than CARRIED by 6.

    • PhysicsLB says:

      I really wish there was a like button for this AND your response…

    • SarahAnne says:

      If you were paying attention to what others already touched on, the possession of a weapon would assist you if you have situational awareness on top of that. I was in the Marine Corps so I am anything but uneducated on the use of weapons. I know how fast I can unholster a weapon and fire it.

      • Unparanoid says:

        You can have all the weaponry and requisite education in the world, but if a person sneaks up from BEHIND and cold-cocks you (as the videos show), the gun is useless. That’s my point. And to point out that this has happened to less people than lightening strike victims, so it really isn’t worth getting worked up about, unless perhaps if you live in an area where this happens frequently, in which case the best strategy is not to walk in sketchy areas ALONE. With this type of knee-jerk response, we’ll end up with a bunch of paranoids with twitchy fingers shooting a friend who startled them. Just keep your eyes open and avoid sketchy areas. Simple as that…

  29. Dan says:

    If the end goal is to stop needlessly endangering life, why add guns, which needlessly endanger life? I don’t think that shooting someone can be the answer anytime we are hurt by someone, and I know someone else who isn’t a big fan of that. His name is Jesus. Jesus on multiple occasions promotes a non-violent response to pain or endangerment. In fact, we are told to trust the Lord and not worry about our health or safety. Trust that He alone knows what is best for us. Trust that He will work all situations out for His glory. We are not to take our safety into our own hands. We are, however, supposed to respond to those who hurt us. We are supposed to love. And love, not guns, nor imprisonment, nor work, is the only solution to what is at the root of things like Knockout. Love is the ONLY solution.

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  31. Personally, I think some sort of a harsh punishment should be laid down on these kids, preferably public beatings by their parent or a Sheriff’s Bailiff to be shown on a cable channel. I will say that it is amazing how this only became a “problem” when the preponderance of victims became white. Maybe if some sort of harsh punishment were imposed when this was happening only in the black community, we wouldn’t have the usual diet of fearful white people proposing all kinds of gun based solutions to the problem.

    • PhysicsLB says:

      They should bring back public punishments, like locking them in stocks for a day or two. Humiliation is a surprising deterent.

    • deelilynn says:

      Not only do you supply a link that has several potentially dangerous/suspicious sites associated with it that had to be security blocked but it is also a link for an article where the author states how no one has shown ‘proof’ that the knockout game is racially motivated and yet the author doesn’t bother to show ‘proof’ that it is not racially motivated!! Nice rhetoric try – LOL 😉

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  33. David says:

    Great article. I really enjoyed it. You put into words the thoughts I have had for a long time.

  34. Glenn says:

    I think you said it all and said it well. Good read.

  35. glenux says:

    Matt, I think you said it all and said it well.

  36. cthulhu1 says:

    I’ve been working since I was fifteen. The reason I was so desperate to work, is that my parents worked me every second of my free time. Working for someone else was a way to get out of working for my parents for free! It was a win, win situation for me.

  37. Ashersmama23 says:

    I love this! To be honest, i havent found anything of yours i dont love. Ive been seeing this knockout thing a lot more lately, and it scares me. Being a military wife, and pregnant, and usually carting around my 3 year old too… What would happen if i got hit? My husband is gone for months at a time and everytime i see this it makes me scared to leave the house alone! But i have to. Normally id be pretty confident. Im young, healthy, and am well versed on how to protect myself and take precautions. But none of that applies here! They attack in daylight, around other people, from behind! Can you get any lower??!?!?? They should be viewed as terrorists. The definition of a terrorist is someone whos objective is to instill terrir. Seems like they are pretty close. Btw, gang memebers should be tried as terrorists, no questions asked!

  38. Brian says:

    Hey Matt, have you seen this Slate article? http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2013/11/25/why_the_knockout_game_trend_is_a_myth.html

    It does a pretty good job of illustrating the fact that there’s actually no real evidence that this game is spreading in popularity or that the perpetrators are primarily black men targeting white people. Just appears to be random acts of violence onto which the media has latched on; much like “Summer of the Sharks!” a few years back (when shark attacks were actually no higher than normal).

    Just a friendly reminder, Matt, that you’re a racist and an awful person!


  39. Robert Bopkin says:

    We only need one step: Exterminate the African.

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  41. David says:

    Somehow I doubt Jesus would advocate carrying a gun and shooting anyone, even if in self defense. Otherwise Jesus would have never died on the cross for us

  42. theprofitcy says:

    Reblogged this on The Profitcy's Prophets and commented:
    It’s like he plagiarized my mind!

  43. Terry says:

    As I understand the knock out ‘game’, they sneak up on you, so how is a gun going to save you from being knocked out if you don’t see it coming?

  44. Edward says:

    Remember Bernie Geutz from the 1980’s. That’s what’s going to lead to agAin a group of black kids playing their dumb as game hit the one white guy with loaded gun and welcome to the wild Wild West. One kid throws a punch and miss and then the guy going to gun And shoot down four youths. Game over. It is sad we come all this way and now few individuals going to set us all back to the Stone Age.

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