A three step cure for the “knockout game”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Knockout Game” that appears to be sweeping the nation. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works:

The participants of this pastime randomly select an innocent stranger, sneak up behind them, and attempt to knock them out with one punch.

That’s it. That’s the “game.” In some corners of the Earth, this activity is also known as “attempted murder.” Here, for some teenagers, it’s a hobby, like collecting baseball cards.

This has been going on for a while, but the media has been reluctant to report on it; mostly because the victims are usually white and the assailants are usually black. I say “usually,” but I’m not actually aware of a single instance where the assailant has been white and the victim black. Is the racial component relevant here? Yes, of course it is. But we live in a country of spineless white-guilt ridden wimps, so we’ll just pretend there’s nothing “racial” about black teens beating white folks to death for sport. Leave it to modern America to find ways to turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a symbol of white privilege, while a rash of black-on-white beatings are categorized as “random” instances of a violent “game.”

A few people have already been killed by the Knockout Game, while plenty of others have been sent to the hospital. The victims come in any age or gender, but it’s worth noting one particularly egregious case where an elderly woman in New York ended up in the ER after being brutalized by one of these teenage cowards.

All of this inevitably leads to a conversation about what, precisely, drives a person to do this, and how to stop it in the future. I already touched on the why in a previous post. They do it, not due to a lack of “education spending” or “youth programs,” but because they choose to do it. They do it for the same reason all people commit evil acts: it makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like they’re in control. It gives them an illusion of dominance. They do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy it because of the evil in their hearts. There is evil in their hearts because they let it in and feed it.

Why do we all act so perplexed by something that’s as old as time? We deny the existence of evil and then we’re thrown for a loop every time it pops up. That’s when we resort to our psychology textbooks and our pseudo-sociology; anything to avoid the inescapable conclusion that human beings have free will and they choose to do the things they do.

You can tell me about “environmental” factors all day, and you can sing me a sad song about their upbringing and their income bracket and whatever phantom prejudices are supposedly keeping them down, but you can not remove their responsibility from this equation. You can not mitigate it or diminish it. However hard their lives have been, a billion other people have experienced worse, and a billion other people aren’t patrolling the street searching for elderly people to sucker punch. What makes them different? Their choices. That’s all.

Now, while there’s nothing we can do to stop a man (yes, “man”; you aren’t a “kid” anymore once you graduate to felony assault) from doing evil if evil is what he wishes to do, we could take certain steps, as a society, to alleviate the situation slightly. We could, for instance, keep our families together. Dads could stop running out on their kids. Couples could get married before they have babies. Radical ideas, I realize, but nothing will get better as long as we’re unwilling to consider them.

I’ve extrapolated on those points many times, so, for right now, I’d like to lay out a more immediate three step plan for dealing with the Knockout Game. These are rational suggestions; suggestions that are absolutely guaranteed to slow down this “trend”:

1. Prison.

In the old days, they used to banish prisoners to deserts and island colonies. They permanently removed the criminals from society. We can’t employ the same strategy anymore — I don’t think Australia would appreciate it — but we can keep in mind the fact that prisons are designed to protect our loved ones from predators. I’m all for rehabilitation, but that is not the primary function of a prison. Its primary function is to take dangerous people and neutralize the threat they pose to the rest of us. Everything else is secondary. Forgiveness is essential, but just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean we unleash them into our neighborhoods. You might forgive a pedophile for being a pedophile, but would you let him babysit your kids?

So why don’t we start using prisons for their intended purpose? These genius thugs are posting video of themselves playing their “game” online; it shouldn’t be that hard to track them down. When we do, they ought to be looking at significant time in a cage. I’m talking about ten years or longer. Whether their victim lands in a hospital or a morgue, I fail to see why it should matter all that much in terms of sentencing. The purpose of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible on the innocent passerby. Should they get credit if they accidentally fail to seriously hurt their prey?

The emotional detachment and moral depravity it requires to participate in something like this should not be taken lightly. I was always taught that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always get a second chance in life. We all have one chance to not be vicious animals who prowl around the community looking to beat pedestrians unconscious. If you squander that chance, you don’t get another one. At least not during this decade. Sending a violent criminal to jail for a year or two is just about the most self defeating strategy I’ve ever encountered. There’s no sense in shipping a budding hooligan off to network with hardened criminals for 16 months, only to release him back into the community once he’s officially transitioned from delinquent to full-on gangbanger. Maybe prison could be a deterrent if the courts stopped playing pattycake with these goons and started doling out hard time for hard crimes.

Put them there and keep them there. Keep them there for a good long while. Need room to accommodate these extended stays? No problem. Release all of the non-violent criminals you want. I’d be more than happy if we stopped imprisoning people for growing plants or using unhealthy substances. Besides, it accomplishes precisely nothing to throw drug addicts in a cell for being drug addicts. All you’ve done is take vulnerable, desperate, non-violent people and put them around manipulative sociopaths. Not a good mix. Clear them out and make room for the actual dangerous crooks.

2. Work.

Boredom is a new epidemic. So is teenagedom. In the past, nobody had time to be either of these things. People worked. Work can cure a teenager of his boredom, and his teenage-ness. It boggles my mind that any “kid” is able to reach the ripe old age of 17 having never worked a day in his/her life. My parents wouldn’t have allowed such a thing.

Do we think anything good is going to happen when we take a bunch of confused, hormonal, aggressive, energetic teenagers and give them massive amounts of free time? Doing nothing — this is another concept I was never allowed to get too familiar with when I was growing up. Maybe it’s time to stop “protecting” our kids from sweaty brows and calloused hands. Maybe work could actually be protection from far more detrimental things — like criminal records and drug addictions. We don’t have sweat shops in this country anymore. Most of the mines are closing down. In other words, repeal child labor laws and what will be the result? Thirteen year olds working cash registers and pushing lawnmowers? They’ll survive. It’ll be good for them. It’ll keep them busy. It’ll let them contribute financially to their households — a concept that seems quite scandalous these days, but only because we’re often scandalized by sensible things.

3. Guns.

They say you can’t solve a problem by “adding more guns” to the situation. That’s true, which is why Obama’s foreign policy has been such an abysmal failure. But I, much like any other Second Amendment advocate, do not suggest simply throwing a pile of guns at the problem. I suggest you consider adding one gun to a holster, and then adding that holster to your hip. At a certain point we — the pool of potential victims — must refuse to fulfill that destiny. Forget the prisons, the schools, family dynamics, the cultural ills; when a predator picks you out of the crowd, none of that matters. It’s too late for the system, or parents, or the government to help you. In that moment, you’ve either got the tools to defend yourself, or you don’t. These cowards hedge their bets and put all their coins on you being unarmed. It’s a glorious occasion every time they lose that gamble.

God gives you life. He doesn’t give it to you so that you can let some adolescent punk take it away. Guard it. It is a precious thing; it the most precious thing you’ve ever been given (aside from your children’s lives, if you have any).

Let’s be real here. My first two suggestions won’t happen. But number three can happen. Defend yourself.


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552 Responses to A three step cure for the “knockout game”

  1. Matthew says:

    After reading this I want to add a 4th solution by combining the first and second.Put all prisoners to work! haha That should keep these punks from risking jail.

  2. Thomas Beebe says:

    castration might reduce the feelings of power

    • Nyoka Tisa says:

      Castrating and hanging Black people used to be a national sport right up to the late 1950’s (Curiously coinciding with the development of television). I am not in favor of bringing that “sport” back, since it is even more depraved than knockout. Attacking the male genitals says a lot about those suggesting such a thing. The threat is the fist, not the genitals…

      • Greg says:

        No the threat is the mind and culture… The fist are just the tools. The people doing this are of weak minds and poor moral standards, plain and simple

  3. Larry says:

    Great article Matt! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for pointing out what the media won’t regarding ths subject.

  4. Debra says:

    God bless you Matt, and your amazing parents. They must be proud to have raised a young man with so much common sense. Keep up the good work.

  5. Larry Sloan says:

    Thank God and the military for the first and second amendments! If we can’t get them to listen to us… shoot the bastards! It’s “win, win”; they need the discipline, and we need the target practice.

  6. chrisknits says:

    What I can’t understand is, if they are punks on the street, just how are they able to afford phones to record the event and then the equipment or internet access to upload the videos. I guess they must be rich kids to afford the devices needed? And why is the platform where they upload the videos not taking them down due to criminal activity being depicted? Wouldn’t that be a violation of the user agreement. Not having seen any of this, I guess I don’t know who the hosting site is.

    • The videos of it I saw on Fox News was from commercial surveillance type cameras. Social media (FB, Twitter, or whatever they are using) should be reporting them to the police…hopefully they are. As far as affording phones, etc., have you heard of drug dealing, theft, etc.? That’s how most thugs get their money, and lots of it usually.

      • Gazza says:

        If you actually watch youtube.com there are thousands of videos of black mob violence in the U.S. they film them on cell phones and on occasions a security camera will film the whole event.

    • Jessica says:

      you dont have to be rich to have internet or a camera, or a phone… really all you need is A PHONE. with a phone you can record it and upload it online.. duh!

    • Jack says:

      The government gives away free phones. Those of us that pay a monthly phone bill pay for them.

  7. Mike says:

    Iw ant to wax eloquent with my response, but my Marine Corps training is tickling me to death here, so (I apologize). That was spot the F*** on. Well written, as per usual. I love #3. “Add a gun to a holster. Add that holster to your hip.” Classic.

    • Ty Roberts says:

      I like that idea also. Although it probably wont do you much good in this case, because the scum attacks you blindsided from behind. So if you’re not KO’d, then at best are a bit dazed.

  8. Larry says:

    The presence of weapons has for the most part created an environment of respectful and courteous exchanges. “An armed society is a polite society” someone once said. Get licensed, get schooled in the use of, then read a great book named “In The Gravest Extreme” and after all that carry……….

  9. nelrose says:

    Imprisoning costs too much. People like this were once publically beaten or put in stocks on the public square. This seems like “cruel and unusual punishment” but it FITS THE CRIME! If this were the usual punishment , it certainly would cause them to consider , “Would it be THAT much fun, to beat an elderly or defenseless person.

  10. jeff c says:

    while reading this, and I already knew about this problem and carry concealed all the time, I just saw a reference to this on the CBS News!! Someone related to one of the big cheeses on CBS must have been hurt.

  11. It’s almost impossible for young people to work these days because of the draconian laws. Yes, we don’t want children exploited. But they can’t sell food or drink things (even lemonade in some benighted places), because of OSHA-type laws, most people have lawn service and snowplow service, newspapers are delivered by someone who drives by in a vehicle and throws the paper in your driveway (if you even get a paper), and so on. Laws should avoid keeping people from doing healthy and useful things and we should reward those who are striving to work and get ahead.

    (Just responding to one aspect of your excellent post.)


    • reyajoy says:

      I see kids working all the time. Either way, they can be a useful contributer to society and volunteer somewhere until they find a job. Life is hard for everyone. That’s what’s so frustrating about comments like yours. You are giving them an excuse. If OSHA-type laws make life difficult, learn to adapt to a difficult life. Teach your kids to adapt. It’s life.
      We want a society that is helpful not looking at all of the obstacles, but rather navigating them and seizing them as opportunities to be innovative thinkers and doers. We need to learn to live beyond our dilemmas, and teach our children and future generation how to use challenge as a stepping stone to accomplishment. If we fail to do this, and simply point out the areas that are lacking, making it complicated for our children to succeed, we will raise losers. Sadly, it’s all to prevalent in today’s generation. We see kids that wait for hand outs. Kids that have an attitude of entitlement. These same kids have seared hearts towards others, because they’ve not been taught to think about the plight of others. They’ve only been told what’s being withheld from them. So, let’s do everyone a favor and let our children figure out how to navigate the laws that are making life hard for them… Because it’s only then that they will learn how to stand up in a proper way and work to see them changed. Let them strive… Then they’ll thrive.

      • In our state, Ohio, there were lots of laws keeping kids from working during the day. Our girls delivered newspapers for many years, but those jobs were removed by the paper company. I’m not giving kids excuses not to work, but the reality is that many laws are in place to keep them fro working during the day. I don’t believe I said anything about not trying to find jobs or be entrepreneurs. I just pointed out the laws have made it more difficult. We can certainly try to get the laws change as well.

        • reyajoy says:

          I totally see you point. I think the reality is is that these are not the average kid. These are malevolent hostile people, and I’m not sure how society ended up this way other than that like Matt said, we won’t call evil what it is. So, perhaps lack of work is one aspect, but it truly does run much deeper. Oh, what a mess. My mom’s family is from Wheeling, WV and others lived in Ohio, but I’m not familiar with any of their laws. I didn’t realize that they had made it so difficult for children to get jobs! I wonder if it has to do with the fact that a few generations ago, folks weren’t able to go to school past the 6th grade, because they had to go to work. That was the case for my Grandfather.

        • I know the laws were put into effect to protect children and to keep them from being exploited. But they’ve gone so far the other way, they too often keep kids from being able to do what would be good for them and work. Of course, they also want kids in school but there’s no reason they can’t do both school and work.

          The kids who are doing these things have terrible problems a/o are evil, no doubt. If they’d been brought up working and being expected to behave, it might have made a difference. Of course, work’s only one part of it, just the part I spoke about.

          My dad grew up on the farm and although they did goof off, mostly they didn’t have time to get into too much trouble. 🙂

        • reyajoy says:

          Good stuff!! =D

      • Katie Becton says:

        We live in Louisiana and have a 14 year old who WANTS to work. No place will hire him because of the levels of child labor based on age. Legally, he CAN work, but is so limited in his duties that it is not worth it to most businesses to hire him. So, he will continue going around the neighborhood, asking to mow people’s lawns and rake their leaves until he is old enough to get a job somewhere else.

      • Kimberly says:

        i agree 100%! that is a major problem with this country, the excuse of i can’t do it because -insert excuse here-. To many excuses, not enough moral teachings, people aren’t decent anymore. we need to teach our children how to adapt and overcome. if they can’t get a job they can volunteer or dare i say it…study more! people everywhere grow up in poverty, not all of them turn to violence to amuse themselves, they study, the get good grades and go to college. to many kids are taught to live off the system as long as they can which leads to lots of free time for crap like this!

  12. I believe in legally carrying a weapon for protection, even though I don’t at this time. The problem with protecting oneself in this knockout scenario is that they pick on people who are alone and hit them with such surprise, suddenly, and so hard that the victim is knocked flat and out cold before they could even have a thought about pulling a weapon for protection. In the knockout scenario, not being alone is the first defense, and the next is the weapon.

    • Well, I would add another defense: situational awareness. I’ve found that most people are staring at a screen, fixated on their business, or daydreaming at any point in time. I don’t know if it’s my military training or dislike/lack of experience with cities, but when I go to a populated area, my head is on a swivel. I can understand going on autopilot walking down a country or suburban road, but in the city? You have to be aware – you don’t know everyone there, and they can care less about you.
      Watch yourselves, friends! Be AWARE of your surroundings! Pay attention!

      • Hoss says:

        Yes, there is an increasing amount of violent theft of cell phones while people are using them. This is probably similar to the knockout crime. People are staring at a close-up screen and not aware of the scum sneaking up on them until they get violently hurt, and their obvious cell-phone stolen. I will put the cell away sometimes, when there is too much of a chance for attack.

    • Well, I would add another defense: situational awareness. I’ve found that most people are staring at a screen, fixated on their business, or daydreaming at any point in time. I don’t know if it’s my military training or dislike/lack of experience with cities, but when I go to a populated area, my head is on a swivel. I can understand going on autopilot walking down a country or suburban road, but in the city? You have to be aware – you don’t know everyone there, and they can care less about you.
      Watch yourselves, friends! Be AWARE of your surroundings! Pay attention!

  13. RigelDog says:

    Here’s another example of a knockout murder from a few years ago in Philadelphia: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=6982393

  14. Andrea says:

    I work at the local newspaper, and every week I get to peruse the county DA’s reports. I’m appalled by how many “mildly” violent crimes aren’t even given jail time, i.e., a nominal sentence of 180 days for, say, attempted strangulation, suspended and the convict given a probation term instead. Oh yes, that’s effective. I haven’t gotten around to buying a gun for my hip, but I darn well have a shotgun in my closet. On the other hand, I live in a rural area, and I think most teens here have yet to be so bored they’d try to sucker punch their neighbors. Anyway, great post, as usual!

  15. Dean says:

    Unless you live in a state where concealed carry by anyone other than law enforcement is illigal…then just keep your head on a swivel and avoid areas where this happens often

  16. Alicia says:

    Seriously I learn more from reading your blog than I do from watching the useless news.

  17. Glen Coco says:

    I don’t see how guns are a solution to this problem. The kids target people walking by themselves, and in a split second surprise them with a right hook, giving them no time to defend themselves, let alone unholster and discharge a weapon. What do you propose, walking around with your gun in your hand, and pointing it at any group of kids that walks by you, just to be safe? Or requiring that every person of age carry a gun with them at all times so kids won’t bother anyone? I don’t want to live in either of those worlds. The problem with the second amendment argument is that it’s a thinly veiled expression of the fact that you just want to shoot a minority because you’re scared and angry. No, let’s just stick with the first two steps.

    • Kimberly says:

      scared and angry? want to shoot a minority? are you not reading the same article here? it has nothing to do with wanting to shoot anybody, it has to do with not wanting to die or be injured by some punk with nothing better to do! black, white, hispanic, i dont care, people have the right to defend themselves against anybody no matter what the race. i bet your tone would be different if the majority of these crimes were white on black, then we wouldn’t hear the end of the racial attacks and how wrong it is, but b/c it’s mostly whites being attacked then people are supposed to do nothing? just sit back hope they don’t get murdered? really really ignorant comment

    • damian ives says:

      stay alert when around people. that is how.

  18. Rhea says:

    Bored? Go take your elderly neighbor’s leaves. Now someone’s lawn. Volunteer at a nursing home. Clean your effing room. There are a million other things to do with your time than injure people, and potentially kill them. What would these kids do if someone did that to their grandma? Mom? Sister? It makes me want to vomit. I pity the person who does this to me or one of my loved ones. Look out for that gun on my holster, a-hole.

  19. I don’t see how guns are a solution to this problem. The kids target people walking by themselves, and surprise them with a right hook in a split second, giving the victims no time to defend themselves, let alone unholster and discharge a weapon. What do you propose, carrying your gun in your hand and pointing it at any group of kids that walks by, just to be safe? Or requiring all people of age to carry a gun with them at all times, just so kids won’t attack anyone? I don’t want to live in either of those worlds. The problem with the second amendment argument is that it’s a thinly veiled expression of the fact that you just want to shoot a minority because you’re scared and angry. No, let’s just stick with the first two steps.

  20. Charlie Horse says:

    My thoughts exactly… until the part where you pretend you know anything about foreign policy.

  21. Carolyn says:

    This whole “trend” seems almost like an apt response to the PC idiocy which has engulfed NYC in the last few months. Most of the people running made a HUGE deal about the police’s “stop & frisk” policy (Mayor Bloomberg’s administration worked ardently to get weapons off the streets- to basically no avail). Since most of the violent crime happens in poorer and primarily black and hispanic neighborhoods and since almost ALL of the perpetrators were young males, these were the people who police officers tended to “stop & frisk” on the street (I do have a number of white and female friends who also had to suffer this indignity).

    I know Matt thinks that arming people to the teeth is a wise option but I have top tell you- in this town it just doesn’t work! In bad neighborhoods, guns are ubiquitous and guess what happens– people die all of the time!! Children are shot- caught in the crossfire of other people’s dramas– or- like my friend’s 12 year old son, they are just shot for no reason- just cause they are hanging out at the park and someone feels like murdering them. These neighborhoods just suck to live in. Can you imagine the stress people in these areas feel every day? Just walking down the street and feeling safe is something we probably all take for granted.

    I certainly felt everyone running for mayor took that for granted since they all came out against the police’s stop & frisk policy saying it UNFAIRLY targeted minority males. It’s like they’ve lost all common sense – or any feeling of compassion for the people who live in these neighborhoods and who may die by these weapons (they of course all lived in really rich neighborhoods- with hardly any street crime). The coverage of the opposition to this police policy dominated all debates and newspaper coverage. It was if the city had no other problems beyond the public “disrespecting” of a small segment of the city’s population. The question of civil liberties on this issue is still clogging up the courts and “enlightened” people (read: almost everyone in NYC) are probably still patting themselves on the backs for standing up against any attempt at law and order- I mean standing up for black and hispanic males. I hope that while their hand is back there they can possibly fight off an attacker. This whole trend shows that if people with messed up lives want to cause harm- they’ll find a way to do it.

    • Luscinia says:

      Listen, I found out that in the future I will have access to a time machine. Maybe I’ll come find you some day and take you to a place you’ll fit in better, like 1942 Germany.

      • Mardeux says:

        There is always “growing pains” with new policy
        Look at the statistics of crime in places that require citizens to be armed
        If everyone knows that everyone has a gun then people tend to behave
        … As it stands in this American society of pillow fighters, there isn’t much deterrent for a criminal to be afraid of – especially in larger cities where legislation has taken the right if the average citizen to defend themselves away
        — try going to Eastern Kentucky or Tennessee and pull that random violence stuff – not gonna happen with the frequency of the big cities cause criminals know there’s a good chance the intended victim might be packing
        … Wouldn’t suggest attempting violence where I am in Southern Indiana either , concealed carry is BIG here
        … Spreading Uninformed propaganda is not being a responsible citizen btw
        Perhaps you might be happier in the police state of Japan where gun control is so strict that just holding a firearm is punishable by10 years imprisonment
        … However Japan’s citizenry have very little freedom or cicil liberties

      • Luscinia says:

        Last time I checked, Japan is not North Korea.

      • damian ives says:

        it was very safe there. i hope it doesn’t happen to you.

  22. Misty says:

    I’ve never understood why our prisoners have better living situations than a lot of the decent, willing to work hard, good community contributer, humble poor people of America…. or from any nation for that matter.
    3 square meals a day, gym, tv, basketball court, library, computer access even sometimes. I’ve even heard these prisoners can earn degrees while in prison.
    I’m sure they have their chores such as laundry and kitchen duty but where’s the sweat work? Since when was going to prison just a long extended stay at comfort inn?
    When I joined the military and went to book camp they had everyone’s adolesent pride broken usually by the 3rd week. Prisons should be more like boot camp. Make it a miserable sweat shop no one wants to go to.
    Why do prisoners get books and magazines and tv time? Because they’re bored. Sure they might make you earn it by good behavior, but what’s so hard about keeping a low profile when you have nothing to do? It’s boredom that causes them to make trouble for themselves and others.
    Believe me, getting put through a physical workout until your doing pushups in a puddle of sweat and your legs feeling like jelly often throughout the day every day and every time you or others in your group step out of line and any ounce of arrogant pride will be broken. Once broken that’s when you start building it back up with good confidence, self worth, and a sense of pride that you’re becoming someone worthwhile. Someone deserving of getting a second chance at life outside the prison walls.

  23. Lisa says:

    Just out of curiosity, do these laws prohibit kids from working at McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts, or any other fast food place, where they all congregate anyway? If they are going to hang out there, why not work?? Why do people think that these places are not places to work for kids. You CAN sign legal papers allowing your child to work in any of these places once they turn 14!! McDonalds has amazing programs for their staff to assist them with furthering their education as well. No teen has an excuse of not being able to find a job, they just don’t want to do it. Coffee shops and fast food places are a perfect start. You also learn how to treat people respectfully as an added bonus!!
    Did you know Starbucks has one of the best benefit packages going? Check it out! A lot of University grads work there just for the benefit package while they try to find employment in their field of study. Many of them choose to stay on (part time) even after starting a position in their chosen career because even working one or two shifts a week until they are 55 entitles them to these benefits. Why don’t more people WANT to work for these places?!?
    As for the gun idea, well this has to be the first time I utterly disagree with you. Let’s change their game to “knock ’em out, then pop ’em with their own pistol then pop off all the possible witnesses as I run away”. Thanks but no thanks.

  24. dude says:

    A gun won’t help you much in this situation unless you are bad ass enough to block the attack, draw, and fire and hit your target. The father that defended (successfully may I add) with a gun was the exception (read lucky), he ran into a kid that didn’t have the strength or missed the reset button on the lower jaw. So you go ahead and thing a gun is the ONLY answer. You’ll be the next victim sprawled out on the street!

  25. SM says:

    Race has no factor – many victims were also black. Sounds like the exact opposite, black on black crime is really topic in the media – but get picked up once it happens when the victim is white. Just my opinion -based on this video here as well http://youtu.be/gzptOuQ0M9U

  26. Jill J says:

    thank you for writing on a problem that the msm will not cover, or when they do cover it will call it “random” attacks by “youths”…lives are being lost, permanent injury in some cases is being done, and nobody seems to have a clue…i agree, prison for sure; work IF they will do it (selling drugs and stealing are “easier” and more profitable than punching a time clock); and by all means, be armed…protect yourself as much as possible…there IS evil out there, contrary to current PC opinion

  27. pcclsky says:

    My instinctive response is also to say guns, but in this particular case I doubt it would help much. This assault and battery (please, call it what it is…not a “game”), from my understanding, occurs in most cases when some person can sneak up on an individual as opposed to coming at them directly. You wouldn’t have time to use a weapon anyway.

    • Mardeux says:

      Was thinking the same thing
      However one boy was shot a couple times
      … Sometimes the problem is your own gun being used against you
      I still vote pro gun on this one , and knife
      Heightened Awareness is key – if you don’t look like a victim then you generally will not be – predators look for prey
      I taught my daughter how to fight and kill with her hands – her confidence in this (and a few sore ribs and broken pinky finger later for me) she has confidence and confidence is not what predators look for
      They mostly look for the weak and not paying attention

  28. Jill J says:

    i just saw this online…this guy was lucky, the “knock out” guy wasn’t…and the “knock out” guy seems to be admitting he’s learned a lesson…

    • Gail Fox says:

      Yes, with a smile on his face. Would like to smack that smile off. This is not funny, nor is it manly. It is stupidity and cowardice of the worst kind, and I am ashamed that it is happening in our country. This young man needs to do some serious thinking about the type of person he has become, to hurt innocent people and do it just “for something to do.” He will probably plead not guilty and get off without much consequence–a tribute to our broken judicial system. I think the stocks idea is worth considering, or make him work for a year in a work release program where he is kept very busy so he doesn’t have time to walk around assaulting folks. That way he can see what working people (the ones he is so quick to sucker punch) do. This type of gang action is evil.

  29. JustThinking says:

    I’m all for peace and do my best to keep it. However, allowing someone to deliberately harm myself or my family just because they feel like it or are bored is not only an insane idea but out of the question. Agreed, a gun may not protect against a knockout punch but it may be a deterrent, not to mention that several of these deaths have occurred by the group beating the victim to death. If they want to kill you, they will find a way, whether they have access to your gun because you were carrying it as a deterrent or not. I also believe you have to take people as individuals…Jews, blacks, Hispanics, whites or any other race are not all good or all bad, they are individuals and judging an entire group from the actions of one or two is unfair. Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, that decides to deliberately take a life or assault someone should be punished severely, end of story. I don’t care what race they are. THAT is the only way to insure equality and fairness in this situation, which we all agree is right, right?

    On another note, I do wonder about the anti-gun idea. I know everyone shouldn’t be entitled to carry a weapon, for example, a convicted felon who has used a weapon to harm others, but what about innocent people like myself and my kids? If someone breaks into my house and I’m alone, how could I possibly defend myself and my family from someone intent to kill? “Please, don’t!” probably won’t work in this case. Criminals don’t obey laws (obviously!) and don’t care if they “should” have a gun or not. Or they might have a knife or hammer or whatever. I’m a responsible citizen with a need to protect myself. In the instance of a burglar entering to take my life, I can’t do karate or even if I could, probably couldn’t defend myself against more than one person (I’m a petite female). But I could shoot someone to stop them from hurting me and my two babies. I would never use a gun for any other reason but I would to protect myself.

    I know all these topics are extremely controversial but for my part, I’m glad to live in a state that allows CC weapons.

  30. JC says:

    I’m just now getting familiar with this new “game.” Agree with the suggestions above, but would add one more for those who aren’t comfortable with carrying a firearm. If you know in your heart of hearts that you could never shoot in self defense, it’s best not to carry, in my opinion. And let’s face it, if someone gets the drop on you with a cowardly sucker punch, your weapon will likely remain in its holster. So here goes, at least for colder climates. Wear a sturdy but not-too-bulky helmet of some type concealed under a jacket or coat hood. Once you get your bell rung and quickly collect your wits, you will most likely see some hapless savage staring in disbelief at his broken, mangled hand. If he continues to pose a threat, remove said helmet and address other parts of his body. If he crumples to the sidewalk, call the cops and let his 10-year experience for attempted murder/aggravated battery in the criminal justice begin. Certainly agree with the options above, but this could possibly turn the hunter into the hunted with one haymaker. Element of surprise cannot be underestimated. A little out there I know, but let’s just say we need to be “hard headed” about the whole thing.

  31. Mhaffely says:

    Our freedom is being taken for granted by a generation that RESPECTS NOTHING. These Barbaric acts of violence need to be treated with barbaric and extreme consequences. Someone will end up in jail for fighting back against a 16 year old minor. Imagine your mother or a loved female/male getting knocked out and hospitalized by a 17 year old degenerate mistake of a human being. Fear and consequence needs to be put into action. Traps need to be set and respect needs to be put back into order. These children are our future. That last sentence just sent an uneasy feeling of hopelessness up my spine.
    Although I will admit It would not be fair to blame a whole generation because of a few bad seeds. Wht REALLY bothers me is the group of students that were interviewed about the “game” responded to the news anchor as if it was humorous and entertaining for a male juvenile to knock out unaware civilians (INCLUDING WOMEN) We should feel safe to walk anywhere we please Without doing it in fear. We are all Americans and should give thanks everyday for being so fortunate. The only hand that should be given is one that intends on helping, not hurting.
    It’s not too late to teach these young desensitized empty vessels and let them feel what its like to hurt and witness exhaustion caused by the relentless hours needed to pay for their new Xbox. Hard work keeps the most restless ruthless minds out of trouble and appreciation for what was earned.
    Unfortunately time is not on our side, but the declination of our independence and positive morals is very much upon us.

  32. Mhaffely says:

    By the way great article. If enough ideas are bounced around here then technically we are doing the best thing we can do by preparing everybody who is afraid of being suddenly punched in the side of your head, knocking you out cold to leave nohing but the pavement and cement curbs to catch your entire body weight falling straight on your face.
    An epidemic could be made to make these assholes think twice about planting their fist into an innocent persons jaw. The only weapon they have is ruthless spontaneity. they also act quickly due to lack of remorse or any feelings of regret for their actions.
    With the right kind of knowledge and research we could figure out why this is considered funny and amusing. What if there is a desensitizing epidemic happening? Violence has become so normal and ok to watch that it really could be effecting how a child’s brain dwvelops. Mostly all animals always adapt to their surroundings. TV and the news is so violent and disturbing to me to the point of me nausea.
    . Or maybe I’m just crazy and paranoid only to overlook the mos obvious fact of how bad some of these neighborhoods and schools are. The worst I dealt with growing up was drive by water gun fights . The suburbs weren’t easy but I did what I needed to do and survive.one day at a time

  33. Mardeux says:

    Hey Matthew
    Great article
    May I add a suggestion
    Put these delinquents on the front lines in whatever Warzone we Americans are deployed and make them see what it is like to have the same menace they evoke staring right back at them!!!! Make this PUBLIC AND MANDATORY SENTENCING
    This will take some of our brave American Men and Women volunteers out of harms way and possibly instill some kind of honor in an otherwise dishonorable person
    .. Win- Win situation
    btw – send all the violent criminals and gang bangers to the front lines – with a “Violent Criminal Squad” detail with rifles at their backs to guarantee front line performance
    Saves money on encarceration,
    gets the “dirty job” done by the dirtiest of people
    Saves honorable lives
    And is a deterrent for any future Gang joining or formation
    as well as a deterrent for violent crimes
    … Give them a decision to accept this mission or a cyanide pill
    Either way it “kills a few birds with one stone”
    … pardon the pun
    …. And while we are at it
    Take the remaining prisoners serving time and make them repair Americas disintegrating infrastructure if bridges and roadways – teaching them a new skill they can use when integrating back into society and giving them hope and skill and a way to survive when released – instead of returning back to a life of crime to survive
    Would really like your opinion on these
    Either way I believe these and a few other solutions are viable solutions to a crumbling justice system that allows for “For Profit Prisons” and what seems to be a “revolving door” of recidivism
    – Mardeux

  34. Intonsus says:

    What is it with americans and ‘guns solve all problems’, indeed with your attitude to carrying guns? Are your pricks too small? Or is it a reaction to the oppressed Slav inheritance?

  35. CC says:

    It’s not just Child Labor laws that would need to go. Minimum wage laws would also need to go. Minimum wage is actually what killed the teen workforce. Teen cashiers, movie ushers, baggers, flippers, etc are simply not worth 8 bucks an hour. So, if that is what you have to pay for these positions, you either eliminate the positions (anyone see a movie usher anymore) or hire experienced adults that are worth 8 bucks an hour. So, we would need to see major changes to minimum wage law. Great article!!

  36. Paula Apple says:

    Profile, as in racial profile! Damm straight, if I see a group of black, or for that matter any group of teens just walking around, my guard goes up. Their usually board, looking for trouble. Some times teens are almost brain dead until they get older. I carry with a permit, and I would grow eyes in the back of my head if need be!
    We have to call our congress men and women, and really scream out that this is outrageous.
    And needs to be stopped. Make an example of them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law!!! Now!!!

  37. Frank says:

    lol. I can picture it now—all of the elderly women, and other “weak” people these jagoffs like to prey on will be packing heat. This is one of the more disturbing “games” I have ever heard about, right up there with the flash mobs. Aggressive, swift prosecution is the way to go here. I have no problem with people defending themselves as well. If someone is dumb enough to partake in this game, they can deal with the consequences. The blogger also clearly hasn’t done his research if he can’t find even one instance of a non-white victim being attacked by all blacks. That statement wouldn’t matter so much if so many lemmings didn’t start spewing it as fact. The media has absolutely called out the question of race, especially in Brooklyn where it is predominantly black youths attacking Jews. SMH at these lowlifes.

  38. wildchow says:

    Personally speaking, walking alone at night is stupid and carrying a gun is not much smarter. Realistically, how could you shoot someone who blind sides you? Now, if you find you “have” to walk alone, carry something that might actually do some good like, tear gas or a taser gun (both of which incapacitate these hoodlums so they can be captured) and be hyper alert!! Carrying a gun would possibly “gift” it into the hands of a “board delinquent teen.” Who will more than likely sell your gun to some other delinquent teen or gang member, who will possibly shoot some innocent bystander in “friendly” gun fire exchange amongst opposing gangs. That’s realistic.

    Another point is our lack of intervention as a bystander either in observing delinquent teens in our neighborhoods or avoiding an altercation we observe, shame on us! We all have the power of change by “caring” for the common good of man kind. Are we afraid? Are we selfish? What is it that keeps you safely planted in front of your TV?

    • deelilynn says:

      A sincere bravo regarding your comment about bystander intervention!! Many of these attacks have happened on sidewalks full of people in broad daylight as well as during the night … (So it’s not really just about being stupid for walking alone at night … And some people simply have to walk home alone from work no matter what time of day)

      I must ask you how a taser gun or tear gas is any different than a bullet driven gun!? Seems to me the perpetrators are just as likely to grab those from you too … Personally I would prefer to take my chances with the bullet driven variety (and if I happen to be a good shot it will save taxpayers thousand and thousands and thousands of dollars in court costs and prison time housing, feeding and offering them free medical and dental services …

    • deelilynn says:

      I truly respect what you believe and what you are saying but God did not say we shouldn’t kill … He said we shouldn’t murder … There is difference between the meaning of those two words …

  39. Why does the media call it a game? It is clearly assault.

  40. Hannah says:

    Arm yourself??? Clearly all of the people are being attached from the side, from behind, not expecting it. What the hell are you going to do with a gun? Walk around with it, loaded, safety off, pointing at every black teen you see, turning in circles at all times? Unless your Doc Holiday I really doubt your average citizen is going to be able to react in time and most likely they would get knocked out, drop the gun, and then they would be putting a gun in the hand of a dangerous person. Brilliant, just brilliant Matt, guns are DEFINITELY the answer.

  41. gary says:

    Guns are a good idea, for sure. I am for noncriminals all packing guns. Only problem, is these violent attacks(attempted murders) are from behind, blindside. They can knock you out, then steal your gun, and shoot you.

  42. Alan Hawkins says:

    There is a point I’d like to make that Im sure some have noticed , but some may have been in the environment to notice such behavior. Not to be stereotypical or racially inclined, but African Anericans are “extreme” when it comes to fighting. It almost comes across as a fear. I have seen these “sucker punches” happen. Usually while the victim is completely un- prepared. The aggressor comes in from behind and hits Very hard, as to where the victim has really no chance to stand his ground and defend himself. That seems cowardly to me because they must be afraid if not hit hard and unexpected enough, the victim might actually get his bearings and fight back. In my experience, I have never seen a mam to man notice of a conflict. They (the assailants) rarely “wrestle”. That would require more effort and also increase the possibility of the victim fighting back. The African Americans seem to want to show off their “boxing” prowess. Yet in boxing, both participants are squared and ready for a more fair fight. So in my view it is an an act of cowardice. A lot of white men are pretty good fighters too. They don’t usually “sucker punch”. Yes there are always a few in any group that are cowardly, but a fair man to man fight is much more rewarding, even if you lose the fight. It does reflect that they are not afraid. And even if beaten in the fight, said person will most likely stand for his or someone else’s honor again….. For those reading this who sucker punch from behind and without warning, I say next time you get the inkling to hurt someone, tell them, give them notice. They may or may not wish to fight, but they at least have the Man’s choice. If you choose to be a coward, hit them from behind, hell even bring some of your buddies so they can see how “Bad Ass” you are. So long for now, friends.

  43. Exactly. My daughter at 14, babysat 3 children, for like $2 bucks an hr. She earned her $200 bucks a week, and her summer wasn’t all fun and joy. Guess what? She paid for her own guitar she bought at the end of the summer, cash, a Fender Strat, and asked how she could EARN money for lessons. These “entitled” and “bored” kids need to learn at an early age, respect, and responsibility. My daughter is now 22, paid for her college, we helped when we could, and she is about to get her nursing cert. My daughter is not perfect, but just like we were raised, life wasn’t handed to her. That is the difference.

  44. Madd says:

    I can’t understand why these kids aren’t being charged with HATE CRIMES??? If races were reversed, it would clearly be a “hate crime.” Anyway, regarding guns, as much as I agree with you, the victims don’t usually see these attacks coming (except for the one guy who DID fire back–too bad his shots weren’t fatal). All the gun owners need to be very well trained, always on guard & ready to fire.

  45. Madd says:

    BTW, I saw your response about guns. I’m still not sure it’s that easy of an answer–what if the kid knocks you out or seriously wounds you, you reach for your gun, the kid grabs it & shoots? I realize there are a lot of what-ifs, but the scenario of the thug grabbing your gun while you are compromised is an unfortunate risk.

  46. Meme says:

    I just heard this morning on Fox and Friends that a Senator and Repr. from New York are sponsoring a bill to make “KnockOuts” a more serious crime and it will not be tolerated. It doesn’t matter what age you are either, as many of these crimes are committed by younger people. Jail time can amount from 5 to 25 years. Its to prove to them that its “NOT” a game where you can just turn around and leave a citizen bleeding or dying in the streets..

  47. Spenser Bolte says:

    “God gives you life. He doesn’t give it to you so that you can let some adolescent punk take it away.” Where are earth does this radical notion come from? Jesus said not to retaliate, the third option here is anything but that. You’re saying not only to retaliate, but to kill them. Nowhere in this post did you answer the question of how to we creatively love these “punk kids”. You touched on forgiveness, but this post is almost anything but a Christian perspective. Faithfulness does not always equivocate to effectiveness. Sometimes they are actually antonyms.

    • Is it conceivable, Spenser, that the writer of this post didn’t touch on the Christian aspect of “punishing” these kids because he believes, as I do, in the separation of Church and State? Let’s say we send these idiotic punks to prison (I refuse to call them “men”…for me, the term denotes actual responsibility). Is our Christian duty to contest that they are sent to prison? …or is it to visit them in prison, to work with them, pray with them, pray *for* them. According to archaic Christian custom, there was another *solution*. Let’s say that today you become a target for the “KO game”, and the resulting punch to the back of the head kills you. (It’s a possible scenario, work with me here). The punk who killed you is sent to prison. Let’s say, for the purpose of the argument, that you’re married. The very next day after your death, do you know what your wife would do according to this archaic tradition? She would bake a meal and take it over to the family of the one who murdered you. How is *that* for forgiveness?

      If you’re going to advocate that people should be removed from the lawful consequences of their actions based on “Christian forgiveness”, you’re proposing a form of Christian theocracy, Instead of delving into all the absurd issues with a modern-day theocracy, I would instead like to propose this: suppose we have a majority Muslim nation. Guess what…instead of a “Christian” theocracy, I now give you Shari’a Law. Problem?

      • Spenser Bolte says:

        I am not promoting that society function as a “Christian state”. We are not a Christian nation. However, the author states some Christian perspective on forgiveness and then adds in “We should all wear guns, ready to shoot these kids.” That does not compute with me. I like your solution, for it shows a Christian response in a secular world. That is creative love. I don’t claim to have the societal or governmental answer for how we should respond to this game, I simply don’t see shooting these kids as anywhere close to a Christian response.

  48. Kenny says:

    What ridiculousness. I thought the ko game was related to picking up women or something.

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