A three step cure for the “knockout game”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Knockout Game” that appears to be sweeping the nation. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works:

The participants of this pastime randomly select an innocent stranger, sneak up behind them, and attempt to knock them out with one punch.

That’s it. That’s the “game.” In some corners of the Earth, this activity is also known as “attempted murder.” Here, for some teenagers, it’s a hobby, like collecting baseball cards.

This has been going on for a while, but the media has been reluctant to report on it; mostly because the victims are usually white and the assailants are usually black. I say “usually,” but I’m not actually aware of a single instance where the assailant has been white and the victim black. Is the racial component relevant here? Yes, of course it is. But we live in a country of spineless white-guilt ridden wimps, so we’ll just pretend there’s nothing “racial” about black teens beating white folks to death for sport. Leave it to modern America to find ways to turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a symbol of white privilege, while a rash of black-on-white beatings are categorized as “random” instances of a violent “game.”

A few people have already been killed by the Knockout Game, while plenty of others have been sent to the hospital. The victims come in any age or gender, but it’s worth noting one particularly egregious case where an elderly woman in New York ended up in the ER after being brutalized by one of these teenage cowards.

All of this inevitably leads to a conversation about what, precisely, drives a person to do this, and how to stop it in the future. I already touched on the why in a previous post. They do it, not due to a lack of “education spending” or “youth programs,” but because they choose to do it. They do it for the same reason all people commit evil acts: it makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like they’re in control. It gives them an illusion of dominance. They do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy it because of the evil in their hearts. There is evil in their hearts because they let it in and feed it.

Why do we all act so perplexed by something that’s as old as time? We deny the existence of evil and then we’re thrown for a loop every time it pops up. That’s when we resort to our psychology textbooks and our pseudo-sociology; anything to avoid the inescapable conclusion that human beings have free will and they choose to do the things they do.

You can tell me about “environmental” factors all day, and you can sing me a sad song about their upbringing and their income bracket and whatever phantom prejudices are supposedly keeping them down, but you can not remove their responsibility from this equation. You can not mitigate it or diminish it. However hard their lives have been, a billion other people have experienced worse, and a billion other people aren’t patrolling the street searching for elderly people to sucker punch. What makes them different? Their choices. That’s all.

Now, while there’s nothing we can do to stop a man (yes, “man”; you aren’t a “kid” anymore once you graduate to felony assault) from doing evil if evil is what he wishes to do, we could take certain steps, as a society, to alleviate the situation slightly. We could, for instance, keep our families together. Dads could stop running out on their kids. Couples could get married before they have babies. Radical ideas, I realize, but nothing will get better as long as we’re unwilling to consider them.

I’ve extrapolated on those points many times, so, for right now, I’d like to lay out a more immediate three step plan for dealing with the Knockout Game. These are rational suggestions; suggestions that are absolutely guaranteed to slow down this “trend”:

1. Prison.

In the old days, they used to banish prisoners to deserts and island colonies. They permanently removed the criminals from society. We can’t employ the same strategy anymore — I don’t think Australia would appreciate it — but we can keep in mind the fact that prisons are designed to protect our loved ones from predators. I’m all for rehabilitation, but that is not the primary function of a prison. Its primary function is to take dangerous people and neutralize the threat they pose to the rest of us. Everything else is secondary. Forgiveness is essential, but just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean we unleash them into our neighborhoods. You might forgive a pedophile for being a pedophile, but would you let him babysit your kids?

So why don’t we start using prisons for their intended purpose? These genius thugs are posting video of themselves playing their “game” online; it shouldn’t be that hard to track them down. When we do, they ought to be looking at significant time in a cage. I’m talking about ten years or longer. Whether their victim lands in a hospital or a morgue, I fail to see why it should matter all that much in terms of sentencing. The purpose of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible on the innocent passerby. Should they get credit if they accidentally fail to seriously hurt their prey?

The emotional detachment and moral depravity it requires to participate in something like this should not be taken lightly. I was always taught that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always get a second chance in life. We all have one chance to not be vicious animals who prowl around the community looking to beat pedestrians unconscious. If you squander that chance, you don’t get another one. At least not during this decade. Sending a violent criminal to jail for a year or two is just about the most self defeating strategy I’ve ever encountered. There’s no sense in shipping a budding hooligan off to network with hardened criminals for 16 months, only to release him back into the community once he’s officially transitioned from delinquent to full-on gangbanger. Maybe prison could be a deterrent if the courts stopped playing pattycake with these goons and started doling out hard time for hard crimes.

Put them there and keep them there. Keep them there for a good long while. Need room to accommodate these extended stays? No problem. Release all of the non-violent criminals you want. I’d be more than happy if we stopped imprisoning people for growing plants or using unhealthy substances. Besides, it accomplishes precisely nothing to throw drug addicts in a cell for being drug addicts. All you’ve done is take vulnerable, desperate, non-violent people and put them around manipulative sociopaths. Not a good mix. Clear them out and make room for the actual dangerous crooks.

2. Work.

Boredom is a new epidemic. So is teenagedom. In the past, nobody had time to be either of these things. People worked. Work can cure a teenager of his boredom, and his teenage-ness. It boggles my mind that any “kid” is able to reach the ripe old age of 17 having never worked a day in his/her life. My parents wouldn’t have allowed such a thing.

Do we think anything good is going to happen when we take a bunch of confused, hormonal, aggressive, energetic teenagers and give them massive amounts of free time? Doing nothing — this is another concept I was never allowed to get too familiar with when I was growing up. Maybe it’s time to stop “protecting” our kids from sweaty brows and calloused hands. Maybe work could actually be protection from far more detrimental things — like criminal records and drug addictions. We don’t have sweat shops in this country anymore. Most of the mines are closing down. In other words, repeal child labor laws and what will be the result? Thirteen year olds working cash registers and pushing lawnmowers? They’ll survive. It’ll be good for them. It’ll keep them busy. It’ll let them contribute financially to their households — a concept that seems quite scandalous these days, but only because we’re often scandalized by sensible things.

3. Guns.

They say you can’t solve a problem by “adding more guns” to the situation. That’s true, which is why Obama’s foreign policy has been such an abysmal failure. But I, much like any other Second Amendment advocate, do not suggest simply throwing a pile of guns at the problem. I suggest you consider adding one gun to a holster, and then adding that holster to your hip. At a certain point we — the pool of potential victims — must refuse to fulfill that destiny. Forget the prisons, the schools, family dynamics, the cultural ills; when a predator picks you out of the crowd, none of that matters. It’s too late for the system, or parents, or the government to help you. In that moment, you’ve either got the tools to defend yourself, or you don’t. These cowards hedge their bets and put all their coins on you being unarmed. It’s a glorious occasion every time they lose that gamble.

God gives you life. He doesn’t give it to you so that you can let some adolescent punk take it away. Guard it. It is a precious thing; it the most precious thing you’ve ever been given (aside from your children’s lives, if you have any).

Let’s be real here. My first two suggestions won’t happen. But number three can happen. Defend yourself.


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552 Responses to A three step cure for the “knockout game”

  1. OK, another common sense response to the insanity that surrounds us. I sent an email to the Sean Hannity show asking them to read this blog. You rock.

  2. Isa W. says:

    I disagree slightly with your comments about child labor laws- sure, put the teens to work, but certain laws are in place to prevent parents from making their child provide for the home. Which did happen pre-child labor laws. Children’s educations were neglected in favor of dead beat dads who’d rather drink themselves unconscious and have their child bring in the bread than doing any work themselves.

    Certainly it’s a different society than it was back then but I still think such laws are necessary. I agree with the sentiment though- teens should have productive things to do with their time- if they need suggestions, my lawn always needs mowing!

    • Yeah, l disagree about the child labor laws, they are necessary, but yeah, teens should do better with time management…baby sitting, shoveling snow, etc would all work to help that.

      • Jewel says:

        I think the child labor laws have gone beyond sparing a kid dangerous time in a coal mine to ensuring that he remains a pampered, entitled ne’er-do-well. The laws I hate in question are those laws that only allow a child to work less than 20 hours a week, Laws that don’t allow for overtime or even to learn how to work meatslicers and to work in bakeries. The market is increasingly limited because so many retired people are competing for the same jobs.

    • bouffant says:

      Yes, it was indeed a different society back then. It was one free of gang-banging punks with nothing but time on their hands. So, which is it that you believe? Teens should not be legally allowed to work, or that they should be, only if it involves mowing your lawn???

    • Jody says:

      And, there’s ALWAYS community service that can be done!

    • Linds says:

      I doubt these kids care about school

    • tetsujin79 says:

      “…certain laws are in place to prevent parents from making their child provide for the home. Which did happen pre-child labor laws. Children’s educations were neglected in favor of dead beat dads who’d rather drink themselves unconscious and have their child bring in the bread than doing any work themselves.”

      Uh, ya ever hear of that welfare thing that goes on in America??? I fixed it for you:

      “Laws are in place to allow parents making their child provide for the home. Children’s educations are neglected in favor of single moms who’d rather have children out-of-wedlock and have their child bring in the bread than doing any work themselves.”

    • lizzy says:

      I understand what you are saying, but I would have to disagree. A deadbeat dad will still be a deadbeat dad whether or not his kids can legally find work. If they can legally find work then at least they don’t have to be dependent on the deadbeat dad.

      I agree that child labor laws were installed for good reason, but now they are to the point where kids aren’t allowed to work even if they want to. As long as it isn’t interfering with getting an education, I say let kids work. They don’t need to have weekends free. They need to learn responsibility and what it actually costs to earn a dollar and why that education is so important.

  3. Bob says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you said, but you need an editor. This was a very poorly written essay. There is a difference between ” their” and ” there”, learn it, use your words correctly. You start a thought near the beginning of the article and then drop it without resolving it.

    • Megan Wohlwend says:

      Most of us read for the content, not for the correct grammar usage.

      • Christina says:

        Indeed! Thank you! I most certainly agree with you.

      • Jill J says:

        i’m not grading an English 101 paper, i’m reading a blog…if sometimes there is a typo, or the misspelling of a word, or misuse of a word…i’m not going to pick a nit about it, it’s the content for which i’m reading it (in the interest of not ending a sentence with a preposition, if that matters) 😀

    • Capn Dave says:

      Hey genius, you need to climb down from your high horse and learn proper punctuation.

      There is a difference between ” their” and ” there” learn it use your words correctly.


      There is a difference between “their,” and “there.” Learn it, AND use your words correctly.

      How’s THAT feel?

      • David Fowler says:

        Don’t take from the scope of this article with your perhaps correct, but misplaced statements. I think that his points are all that matter, at least to me. This trend must be stopped and I
        look forward to some prosecutions.

      • Chris says:

        ‘How’s” is the contraction for the phrase, “how is.” It’s not the contraction for “how does.” There is no such word or contraction. I understand writing with brevity when corresponding through social media, but it is a pure reflection of how lazy our society has become. Laziness is part of the reason these turds are making a game of felony assault.

      • NightGod says:

        I agree with the missing period, but the added commas (especially the one after “their) are generally not used under modern rules of grammar. I spent the first couple of months of an English Comp course learning that when I returned to college a couple years ago.

    • Jen says:

      Really? Did you read the article just to criticize his writing? Let’s forget the importance of his blog….

      • Kari says:

        I’m all for correct grammar, but when you correct someone else’s grammar your own should not be so error-filled. Your comment includes two comma splices, a misplaced comma, and a missing one, to boot. Those who take the time to point out the mistakes of others, should really proof-read their own stuff!

    • jessica says:

      I’m a fan of Matt, but I have to agree. I noticed it too. You’re in the big leagues now, Matt. Hire an editor! It will be money well spent.

    • Jason says:

      Actually, I read through the entire article and he did not use a single there or their incorrectly. Maybe you’re the one who needs to brush up on proper grammar. Just sayin’.

    • Jason says:

      Maybe there was ONE time he used “their” when it should have been “there” but generally, he’s super spot-on with his grammar. One mistake is easy to overlook and Matt’s blog is very well-written compared to some of the shit I’ve seen on the net.

    • Blogs are meant to be quickly written, honest thoughts straight from the gut. An editor would ruin it. “Should you say it that way….you can’t really end the sentence like that…you’ve got to take out that illustration, etc.” The value added to get the right their there would not be worth all that would be lost. Those grammarians, they’re going to get their panties in a wad. There…I said it.

    • P. Gauge says:

      Bob, you need to go back to your day job, Autofellationist in the Polk Street Gulch.

    • Christina says:

      I bet you’re an English professor/teacher.

    • SheilaK says:

      Sorry, Bob, this former English teacher didn’t find any problems with the author’s usage of “there” and “their.” Perhaps YOU are the one who needs to brush up on the use of these words?

    • Sheila Jones says:

      Bob – You, too, need an editor. The third sentence in your response is poorly written, mostly because of your blatant errors in punctuation. Let’s not get it twisted.

    • deelilynn says:

      Hi Bob,

      I am sure you mean well and that Matt is most likely appreciative of your critique but perhaps most readers who come here simply want to read what he has to say and could give a rats behind about consistent proper usage of grammar 😉 There is a time and a place to be proper and then there is someone writing to us in their passionate personal blog 😉

  4. Melanie says:

    Amen, Brother!!

  5. L.W. says:

    Unfortunately, many of us live in states like Maryland where it’s all but impossible to attain a permit to carry a firearm with which we might be able to defend ourselves.

    • jessica says:

      Kick your representatives who don’t support the 2nd Ammendment out of office! And vote in ones who will protect and believe in your right to defend yourself!

      • Deanna Rozum says:

        THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!! WE, the people, need to start standing up as a whole and not just letting ‘someone else’ take care of it!

    • Rob says:

      Sign up for, and take martial arts.

      • Wrong.
        They use their fists, you use a gun.
        They bring a knife, you use a gun.
        They bring a gun, sign up for lessons at the range. Consume at least one box of ammo a week. Then, you use a gun.

        Gun, Gun, Gun.

      • Luscinia says:

        If you love guns so much, perhaps you should have sex with one. Preferably while it’s loaded and the safety is off.

    • Victoria says:

      I wouldn’t live in a state where you can’t protect yourself. I conceal carry and whenever I can’t take my weapon I feel unprotected and vulnerable. Its a big responsibility but one I’m willing to bear.

    • Mike says:

      If all who wanted to carry, just moved away, they state would have its way, the those that left would, too.

    • cokecola says:

      we r armed tn. i wish a mf would

      • Jo says:

        Why do I feel like if you cannot construct a coherent sentence you shouldn’t be able to have the ability to carry a gun…….

  6. mckjillian says:

    Matt for president.

  7. I saw an interview with one of the perpetrators. This individual was in prison after being shot by his intended victim. He said he was high at the time, and his friends were doing it. Really? Zero responsibility for his own actions. Disgusting.

  8. Judith May says:

    The flaw in your presentation is number three. These cowardly thugs run up from BEHIND and attack unwary victims. Chances are they will then steal the gun from their now unconscious victim, and now we have an armed thug. See what I mean? Better to never go out alone, as they are attacking lone victims. We need to adopt a Water Buffalo mentality, all gathered together, horns out. It has become an us against them world, and shooting a few will not stop it.

    • SarahAnne says:

      You can hear someone running up behind you and you should be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. If you have situational awareness then you will have time to pull a gun out and shoot the bastard that is trying to attack you. If we should enough of them they will start to fear playing the “game” because they will now bring into consideration whether their victim could have a cc or not.

      • Jo says:

        Seriously? I am not at all anti gun but that seems a really good way to kill an innocent person who just happened to be running up behind you. I have heard there are people that actually run for fun.

      • Kelly says:

        This is idiotic in so many ways. Have you even WATCHED the videos these thugs post? If you turn and point a gun at someone running up behind you, there’s a very good chance you would be pointing it at a runner or a couple of children playing. In fact, in one of the videos, the gang of guys actually walked PAST their victim, face to face, before one turned and punched the back of his head as he walked by. And Judith is absolutely right. These kids are obviously ok with seriously injuring or killing a person they don’t even know, all in the name of fun. What’s to stop them from stealing that person’s possessions, gun included, when they’re down? Number three makes the assumption that you have a few seconds to realize what is about to happen. In many of these cases, if not all, the victim had literally no time to react, not by pulling a gun, running away, you name it, before they were knocked out.

      • Linds says:

        SarahAnne if you have seen any of the videos all of the attackers happen to be walking by their victims and at the last moment they strike their victim

      • Deanna says:

        I think the point here is that if the majority of people were carrying, concealed or not, it would make the ‘thug’ population step back and re think things. (If indeed they are capable of thinking)

      • SarahAnne says:

        I have seen the videos and I also have experience with being attacked from behind. I didn’t say just point a gun at anyone that runs up behind you. I said you can hear someone coming up behind you and I said be vigilant. Huge difference.

    • dave kesinger says:

      History says an armed society does stop this kind of violence pop a few of them and it will cease.

    • Salty Bear says:

      Safety in numbers is a true principle, but having to use the buddy system everywhere I go just means I’m living in fear. Openly carrying a weapon is in and of itself a great deterrent. A would-be assailant waiting in the shadows for the right person to walk by to try to punch and MAYBE knock them out is probably not going to pick the person with the gun on their hip.

      Armed thugs happen all the time, and they don’t get their guns by stealing them from righteous carriers of firearms.

    • Steve B says:

      We need to get rid of the “white-shame” like Matt said. When a group of teenagers of any color walk towards me, I’m leaving plenty of room and being hyper aware of my surroundings. I’ll even watch them walk away. I’m not afraid of offending them because I’m profiling. I’d rather be called racist than dead.

      • kbee8 says:

        Yep, Steve. Yesterday I had a group of white, young, adult males (I’m white, too) walking towards me in a parking lot and I hurriedly got in my car and locked the door.

    • bouffant says:

      Judith, a properly holstered pistol cannot be easily snatched from one’s hip as you suggest. Even better, a concealed pistol under ones shirt or jacket cannot be seen, let alone be stolen. We are a species rapidly nearing extinction when defending one’s self from murderous thugs is frowned apon.

    • The flaw in your answer is that we need to acknowledge the common identity of these thugs. If they look like they could be Barak’s son, lock and load.
      As several have said, situational awareness.
      Screw diversity. This is life or death.

      By the way, remember “Wilding”? How many died or suffered horribly from that cute media tag.

  9. “They do it for the same reason all people commit evil acts: it makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like they’re in control. It gives them an illusion of dominance. They do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy it because of the evil in their hearts. There is evil in their hearts because they let it in and feed it.” PREACH!

  10. john brockhaus says:

    did you forget that the assailant sneaked up on you and can probably throw the punch quicker than you pull out your 45 from its concealed location and shoot him. if you had time, you could run away or dodge punch.

  11. Jessica says:

    Defending ourselves in the way you recommend, Matt, while I totally agree with it in principle, is next to impossible in cities such as NYC, where gun laws are so restrictive there is no way even off-duty cops can carry a handgun, never mind the rest of us.

    • Deanna says:

      it is time we stand up for ourselves and work to change the laws.

    • deelilynn says:

      You have ammunition!! Instead of decrying that it is near impossible; get out there and vote the ba*****s out who have taken away your rights!! Vote in those who will give them back!! And while you’re at it get out there and get your family, friends and neighbors to do the same!!

  12. This knockout game is disgusting and it shows a lessening of morals if people consider that fun. I have seen some of the tapes and they are shocking. I work in an inner city school and this has definitely affected the way I walk to and from the subway to the school.
    Either way, violence is going to come back on these people and someone is going to go Bernie Goetz on them.

  13. Sally says:

    Number 3 has already worked in my home town. The best part is the news stories and internet videos where the young thug (from jail) tells how grateful he is that the two bullets neither killed nor paralyzed him.

  14. Randy says:

    I have a better idea. Instead of prison, work, or carrying a gun, lets just make the punishment for these types of things more immediate and harsh. Lets say, a brutal public beating or even death… And not a nice gentle painless death after the state has taken care of for 30 years, but a quick violent death that closely matches the initial crime itself. I bet you that would deter crime a lot better than the current joke of a justice system we have now. And I know, I know… Due process. Blah blah blah… The due process is the first problem with all of it. It is a horrendously failed system but society has become so soft about hurting someone’s feelings or actually dealing with issues, everyone just accepts it. I bet you full out that if a gang banger, thug, whatever you want to call them, knew that if they got caught doing a violent crime, he’d be put to death painfully and swiftly, that crime would drop off a bit. Of course they aren’t scared now. Everything is a sissy slap on the wrist and a resort stay in the crime academy. Only to come out a smarter criminal with a badge of honor. Oh yeah.. Now that’s some wonderful logic right there. I agree with Matt here. Release the non-violent criminals who are in prison for laughable crimes and make the punishment for hard crimes much MUCH harder. Make the punishments so hard that very few people would ever dream of doing the crime in the first place. And those that do, will be quickly eliminated from the human equation. I’m sure some of you will strongly argue with this, but you know deep down that it would make the world a safer place.

    • Rob says:

      Public brutality only feeds this type of nonsense. There is also no need to sink to their level and inflict pain, needlessly. It’s all good and well to sit on your high horse and advocate this type of nonsense, but you wouldn’t be the one having to carry out the sentence. The people who would be carrying them out are fundamentally changed and many times irreparably harmed by committing these acts of torture.

      A quick painless death is sufficient, where capital punishment is merited.

      • Randy says:

        See in this situation though, the pain inflicted isn’t needlessly done. It is done to serve a purpose. Demonstration that the threat of genuine suffering will be inflicted if you violently hurt an innocent.See the problem here again is you are treating the violent criminal as if they should still have rights. But they shouldn’t. They gave up those rights when they became a violent criminal.That’s exactly my point on everyone turning so soft and unwilling to do what is necessary. And if you don’t want to make others carry that burden, then let the other violent criminals do it to themselves. Let the trash take out the trash. Lock them up in one big room and tell them “hey you want to hurt people, then hurt these people” At that point there should be no pity for everyone involved. They will get exactly what they have coming to them. I guarantee you that if you let that go on for a while violent crimes will drop like a rock. The message will get out that if you do the crime, you WILL do the time. And that time will probably be very short lived….

    • amy says:

      These are the words of someone who has lived so long with the expectation of due process that they have forgotten what life would be like without it. If this is the life you want, move to Mexico, or any number of places in the world where “justice” means lynching the person you “think” did it before actually determining if you’re right about it. Good luck!

      • Randy says:

        Okay let me rephrase then. If you are caught dead to rights in the act of a violent crime with irrefutable evidence against you, then it’s off with your head. If there is some doubt on whether or not you have the right guy, then a trial is in order and it’s up to the “process” to decide. And if the “process” finds you guilty, then enter the same result. My whole point is punishment in this country for the genuinely horrific crimes are a joke. There is NO threat of actually having the same pain and suffering you inflicted on someone else returned to you. A criminal can go on a multi-state murder spree, brutally slaughtering dozens of people, and no actual justice is ever served. He may be sentenced to death, but that process takes decades to fulfill, all the while he has a bed to sleep on and three meals a day he didn’t earn. Then when the time does come, he gets a needle and painless drift away. Please explain to me how THAT is justice? Violent criminals don’t deserve those kinds of concessions.They deserve the maximum amount of pain and suffering possible, followed by swift extermination. Period. And let me be clear, I am only talking about VIOLENT criminals here. Everyone else is a different story. There needs to be a real threat of punishment. Not, “hey I’m gonna be Bubba’s boy toy for a while but eventually I’ll parole out and do it again”. But, “oh crap, I’m f***ed”. Its sickening to see the only people that ever suffer from these situations are the innocent victims, their families, and the tax payers that flip the bill. For the criminals, its just another day in the park.

    • Deanna says:

      most of ‘them’ have the theory….’oh well if I get locked up, its 3 hots and a cot for me, ain’t no thing.”

    • kbee8 says:

      What Randy said!

  15. Momtosix says:

    Yes, let’s shoot these kids before they can punch us- just like George Zimmerman did. That’s the Solution to world peace. Praise The Lord and pass the ammo.

    • King Bulbous says:

      Um, yeah, that’s typically how you avoid getting murdered or hospitalized . . . are you trying to be sarcastic? ‘Cause I’m not seeing it . . .

    • jessica says:

      Your logic–it’s flawed Momtosix. Zimmerman was punched by Trayvon first. Remember?? He was defending his life and the evidence proved it. Hence, the reason he is not in prison right now.

      • Luscinia says:

        The evidence didn’t prove anything, and that was the problem. Any fuckwit can claim self-defense.

        • Jo says:

          Did you actually look at the evidence? He was clearly beat up, one shot and Travon was dead so either Travon beat the crap out of him before the shot was fired or, well, no, that is the only way he could have got beat up.

      • Momtosix says:

        Oh yes Zimmerman did say the kid he followed in the dark punch him first. So It was Ok to kill the kid after all. Lock and load Christians. Never mind that Thou shall not kill garbage or turning the cheek bs. NRA is our God now.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Preeeeeety sure that Thou Shalt Not Kill is referring to premeditated murder. Not, you know, preventing someone else from murdering you. Even after the Ten Commandments were handed down, Israel still went to war and executed criminals.

    • Salty Bear says:

      Your ignorance is as obvious as you sarcasm.

  16. bryandanger says:

    A boy doesn’t become a man when they commit a crime, they become a criminal. Perhaps, we should check our definition of what a child is. With information saturation, like at no other point in history, kids today are more cognitively aware of things than in generations before. I know this is an old argument at this point, but the definition of “child” is changing before our eyes.

    Work would be a nice remedy, except adults have taken all the jobs normally occupied by kids. That’s why you see fast food workers pressing for higher wages. I’m sure there are still jobs out there strictly for teenagers, but they’re far fewer than in years prior, and far fewer than what we’d need to make a dent in this problem. That lends credence to the fact that outside forces are, in fact, considerably affecting this situation. To a certain extent, this is a symptom of our economic woes.

    I agree with prison, but only if the “going to prison” concept is applied to all deserving criminals. Namely, why should anyone believe in the institution of law and order when they see incidences all the time of criminals who are able to pay their way out of jail sentences, whether by greasing officials, or by just being “too big to fail”? Being caught red-handed means little in this country if your other hand happens to be green.

    I agree with guns. Whatever it will take to get community members to take back their neighborhoods. Until then, everyone is in prison.

    • raisincat says:

      A lot of the jobs that “kids” could do are actually taken by adult ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

      • bryandanger says:

        Probably true. It would be nice if, when an American company opens a plant or factory in another country, the land containing the plant/factory be considered American soil (and vice versa), and the workers in said plant/factory be considered as a form of illegal immigrants.

      • Nick Baldwin says:

        I have to disagree with your claim that “adults have taken all the jobs normally occupied by kids.” I’ve worked since I was old enough to push a lawn mower, and once it was legal I got a job at a fast food restaurant (And a shooting range, that was the best job I’ve had!). I’m not really proud of where I worked, but at least I did work. I had to, if I wanted a car, phone, etc. The reason that adults are doing the jobs normally associated with teenagers is motivation: Those who have to provide for themselves will find a way to do so, but if Mom and Dad are paying for most/all of what a kid wants, he has no reason to earn his own money.

      • Deanna says:

        Nick Baldwin, you hit the nail on the head! Mom and Dad, STOP coddeling your kids! I understand, kids can no longer ride around on their bikes and do a newspaper route….it is harder for kids under the age of 16 (in most states) to get a ‘job’ but if they look hard enough there are ALWAYS opportunities for ‘odd jobs’……

  17. Jamie says:

    I absolutely love your blog, Matt. You are right on!

  18. Liesa says:

    Amen! You have the courage to say what most would not. Keep it up!

  19. CJ says:

    Guns aren’t very effective when you’re lying unconscious. The point of the “game” seems to be to catch someone completely off guard so that you can knock them out with one punch. If that’s the case, you’re probably not going to expect an attack in time to get your gun drawn. All that will probably happen is the mob will end up with a gun as a trophy.

    • Emily says:

      How about you witness the knockout? A gun would be helpful. The problem with this country is people don’t think about protecting others as well as themselves.

      • Jamie says:


        A bystandard could very well detain a person at a gun point and call the police.

        Also, if criminals knew more people were carrying than those who weren’t, these kinds of “games” would be less appealing.

    • Salty Bear says:

      That’s why you need to have some situational awareness. “Head on a swivel.” People who carry guns generally understand this principle because they are prepared to use deadly force in defense of their lives.

      Matt didn’t elaborate in his post, but when carrying a weapon it is inherent that you are familiar with its usage. A gun is worthless if you are not prepared to use it, and being prepared requires using your brain. It’s as simple as looking behind you every once in a while.

      • Adam R. says:

        I gotta say, Salty Bear, it’s discouraging to see the lack of common sense or the inability to foresee how things will play out in your proposed solution. While the visible gun on the hip may be A DETERRENT for these kids if they are able to see it, actually using the gun is not really a possibility in this game. I know everyone points to the one guy that was shot, but if you read what actually happened in his story he was trying to use a taser on the guy and it didn’t work, so the guy was able to pull out his concealed carry and get shots off. If you think it’s a matter of having your head on a swivel, and that actually allows you time to pull out a gun and shoot a kid because you think he might be playing knockout, you need to watch these videos again. Almost any one of those people, if they had pulled out a gun and shot the perpetrator ahead of time, would just be randomly shooting black teens walking by. We only know they were playing knockout because it happened. If you’re OK with that scenario, shooting any black adolescent male that is walking by you or running up from behind you, then we’re in even worse shape than I thought.

        Ultimately, if Matt thought this through a little further, he would see that the stories a) are actually getting a ton of national attention, and b) some news outlets choose not to show it on prime time news because of the potential audience and the copy-cat potential for kids with little or no moral compass in areas that don’t participate to start thinking it’s a good idea. Doling out heavier penalties for those proven guilty of these senseless crimes is truly the only thing that might, I repeat might, make these kids stop the insanity.

      • Archer says:

        @ Adam R.:

        Regarding your point a: that the stories “are actually getting a ton of national attention.” These stories are getting national news attention NOW, when the problem is too large to ignore any longer. The “game” has been going on for years, and there were fatalities from the beginning.

        Regarding your point b: that “some news outlets choose not to show it on prime time news because of the potential audience and the copy-cat potential for kids … to start thinking it’s a good idea.” Those same news outlets never seem to consider NOT participating in the wall-to-wall, sea-to-shining-sea, 24-hour coverage of every spree shooter/killer that ever happens, practically guaranteeing it will happen again. Those evil beings are motivated by fame and noteriety, and the sure knowledge there will be non-stop national news coverage – complete with their name and photo shown for all to see – serves to encourage them to commit the deed(s).

        In short, media coverage has been disturbingly selective. I’d wager that before long there will be more victims of fatal “Knockout Game” events than Newtown victims. The solution is more complicated and harder to accomplish: cover the crimes, but focus on the events, facts, and victims. Do not give the perpetrators the noteriety and instant fame they crave. (For living perps, read “noteriety and fame” as “street cred;” for dead ones, read it as “validation.”) Above all, do not extensively report every detail of their methods and/or equipment.

        So you understand what I mean, try this mental exercise, without Google:
        – Name the Newtown shooter.
        – Name the Boston Marathon bombers.
        – For bonus points, name either (or both) party’s chosen equipment.
        Not too hard, right?
        – Now, name two VICTIMS of Newtown, not counting the shooter, who committed suicide.
        – Name ONE VICTIM of the Boston bombing.
        If you can do the first three, but not the last two, media reporting is getting it backwards.

        You also said, “Doling out heavier penalties for those proven guilty of these senseless crimes is truly the only thing that might, I repeat might, make these kids stop the insanity.” In that, I wholeheartedly agree. However, I’d point out that the threat of a potentially lethal response from the intended victim is a pretty darn heavy penalty, especially in a region where such a response is legally justifiable. You’ll notice that most of the “Knockout Game” stories we’re hearing are from areas with the reputation of having a “revolving door” judicial system and heavy restrictions on the carrying of defensive weapons, openly or concealed. Just saying.

    • steve says:

      CJ, nice to hear someone using real common sense instead of ‘protect yourself – get a gun’

  20. Steve says:

    There was one of these “games” that WAS thwarted by a gun this week in Lancing MI. A man with a concealed carry permit was approched by a thug who intended to whack him. He pulled his gun and shot the kid twice. The kid survived and is in jail. He admitted he was very lucky and never considered that a potential victim would be carrying. Lesson learned.

  21. Tricia Lewis says:

    Read an article on the Lansing incident (where someone playing Knock-out got shot, previously linked) where it contained excerpts from an interview with the kid who got shot. A few quotes – “Not many, six or seven.” “Don’t even try to rob them or anything” “playing it because they are bored.” “Seen others . . . getting away with it.” “usually dared, while high and with a group of bad friends.”

    I think that’s the thing that bugs me most – the total lack of moral understanding. Somehow it’s better because they don’t rob them? They play because they are bored? Six or seven is not many? It’s a good idea because you can get away with it . . . That’s so far from right (and I’m not talking politics) that it’s scary. People really think that way?!


  22. Sally says:

    Absolutely agree with you again, Matt. Let the illegal plant growers and people who sell their bodies as a product out of jail and put the assault and battery, robbery and rape crowd in for a much longer time. Take the con artists out and have them do some community service (away from cash registers and other temptations) and put the pedophiles in for a longer stretch. And let’s quit giving juveniles who commit violent crimes a slap on the wrist–they should hard time for hard crimes. Every honest citizen in the country should seriously consider becoming well acquainted with the use of firearms and be willing to defend themselves with them. Parents can put their children to work at home — it used to be called “chores.” There are lawns to mow, flower beds to weed, garages to clean, gutters to empty, trash to pick up, I can go on for hours. Take the controller away and put a garden hoe in their hands. Again, thanks for a great blog.

    • MissusPablo says:

      And then they can move on to the neighbor’s house for more chores. You know, helping one another out instead of knocking one another out.

    • Scott says:

      Just don’t see this happening when their parents are sitting on the porch drinking 40’s and yelling at each other all day.

  23. libertarianbiker says:

    The Lynching game is the response to the Knockout game.

    • Luscinia says:

      I hope you’re the victim of this so-called knockout game (someone suspected it’s exaggerated and lied about so white people can have something to talk about during their thanksgiving dinners, but I can’t find the actual comment). By a white person.

      • P. Gauge says:

        “By a white person.” But…. but…. how do it know?

      • KrazyK says:

        Did you SERIOUSLY just wish that one someone because you think it was a racist remark? Got news for ya, honey, hanging ain’t all about black people. I’ll spare you the history lesson because it obviously won’t get anywhere, but Karma is a real bugger and it will come back to you. Don’t choke on any cotton balls.

      • John says:

        Luscinia, You are a FUCKING MORON! Pull your head out of your racist ass and acknowledge the FACT of black on white crime! Just because it doesn’t fit into your world view of being put down by “the man”, does not mean it doesn’t exist. EDUCATE your self before you throw racist remarks around.

      • Luscinia says:

        So lynching is acceptable because the KKK also lynched Italians? Good to know.

      • Luscinia says:

        John, you’re the biggest part of the problem. Go fuck yourself with a syringe of cone snail venom.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Nice to see we can all talk like mature adults here.

        Luscinia, that’s stupid. Black on white crime exists, simple fact. Everything that I’ve seen indicates that coddling the “All whites are privileged, secret racists!” only makes the victimizers feel justified in beating/robbing/murdering the innocents they attack, because if they’re a dirty racist, then they’ve hurt me and that makes my own evil actions justified.

        I don’t agree Libertarianbiker’s idea about lynching, but you claiming that it’s racist to want to off these thugs for their heinous crimes just proves that even you subconsciously realize that this situation is loaded with black on white violence.

        Alright. I’ve said my piece. Go ahead and nonsensically discount all my logic while cussing out/wishing death upon me.

      • Luscinia says:

        It’s exaggerated as all fuck on the blogosphere.

      • Luscinia says:

        I can’t remember ever having an altercation with a black person…

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        So… In a nutshell you’re saying “It didn’t happen to me, therefore it doesn’t exist and all the people who talk about it must be lying.”

        Glad to know you live in a reality exempt from mine. It makes me feel a little better.

      • Luscinia says:

        Don’t go around brandishing a noose and a confederate flag and you’ll be fine. Trust me.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        I’m sure these old ladies were doing just that when they got beaten.


      • Luscinia says:

        I’ve noticed that most people who have had problems with black people are the kinds of people who post on Stormfront and other places on the blogosphere and talk about lynching and forced sterilization and “removal.”

      • Jamie says:

        Hi Luscinia, I’ve read through some of your back-and-forth discussion on this thread. I want to add a little of my experience…

        I don’t know what’s happening in the blogosphere as I don’t read many. But I am a white girl who attended an inner city school in St. Louis that was 90% black students. Many of whom are still my friends after 15 years because we are not racist and our personalities get along.

        But there was a lot of hate I experienced because of being white. I know this because those who were abusive were open about the reason. I even had a teacher who consistently failed white students to the point that the school took notice. In my mother’s neighborhood, there are some safer streets and some that must be avoided. My mom was once pulled out of her vehicle by five black people and beat up for “being white on their street.”

        Fortunately, I don’t harbor any ill feelings but it was an educational experience (and neither does my mom who is well, by the way). Racism isn’t exclusive to one group or several groups – all races are affected. Racism, prejudice, hate is toxic and dangerous. Anyone can be affected and a victim to it.

        Just because I have experienced black-on-white racism doesn’t mean I hate or fear black people. Just because individuals of a particular race targeted me because of my race DOES NOT give me passage to hate in return an entire nation of people. But that works both ways. Yes, there are racist white people out there but that doesn’t mean others should hate all white people.

        Hate is the problem and reacting with more hate does nothing to advance our society.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        And they’re idiots, but that’s obviously not the case here. Or haven’t you read any of Matt’s posts so vehemently against any and all abortions of any race?

        Besides, what makes your impression of everything any more valid than mine? I look at what’s going on and I think. “Hmmm… I know that black people aren’t inherently violent and evil, like a racist would think, because I have several black friends who are awesome. Yet there’s definitely a rise of violence among black teenagers. I’ll bet there’s something in our culture that is encouraging such behavior.”

        See? One of us is using logic and differentiation, and the other is painting everyone the same off what they perceive as the majority. Sounds like racist behavior to me.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Whoa! Hi, Jamie. You ninja’d me. Love your post, though. Exactly what I’ve been trying to say.

    • deelilynn says:

      Don’t bother to reply to Luscinia here or elsewhere … Why raise your blood pressure over someone who is simply (more like simple minded) messing with you … If you ignore her she will go away … I’ve seen her crazy comments on many of Matts other articles and they are all as nuts as her comments right here … She feeds on the attention like a bottom feeding carp …

  24. Margaret says:

    Yes, yes, and yes.

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  26. Don says:

    We may not be able to send them to Australia, but we can push them out of an airplane with a parachute over Somalia. Somalia does not have a government to object. Or, drop them into Afghanistan and let the local Muslims take care of them,. Do that a few thousand times and the thugs may think twice.

  27. The corollary to Thou Shalt Not Kill is Thou Hast a Right Not To Be Killed.

  28. Teri says:

    I’m not going to bother reading the comments…all the senseless bickering that goes on in that section just clouds the brilliant points of your post. I applaud you, Matt, for always having the courage to say the things all sensible people should be thinking.

    And for those who come here only to express their deep-seated personal issues through pointless bashing of other people they don’t know, come here….let me give you hug. : )

  29. Billye Jackson says:

    Have you ever noticed that this Crap doesn’t happen in the South? Wonder Why? Could it be there are a Lot more like me who never leaves the House without one of my 45’s.

  30. Michael P. McNally says:


  31. steve says:

    Tired of this guys opinions on everything he likely has no idea about or how to fix. His points in this article are ridiculous, much like many of his other articles. And then he ends his article with carrying a gun around on your hip because we all know the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. For starters, this ‘game’ is about getting sucker punched so having a gun on your hip is not going to help you – but hey, after they knock you out – now they have access to steal your gun. Well played! Half of this guy’s articles seem to have made up stories in them about people approaching him in public and then he tells them off to emphasize his point and show how awesome of a person he is. Read between the lines people and form some opinions of your own. I don’t know the first thing about living somewhere where your parents can’t find a job let alone a 15 year old kid and I don’t think Matt does either. And the race thing? I find it hard to believe that black kids across the country are plotting to ‘get whitey’. He pokes holes in his own theory when he said ‘usually white’ and ‘usually black’ – if it’s usually, then it’s not just a black kid on white thing – it’s a criminal thing. But hey, if only it were that easy – keep families together, 10 year jail sentences, and Gramma carrying a gun. Got an answer for world peace too? Let’s put this plan in action!

    • BillowsPillow says:

      Always interesting to me those who disagree with Matt don’t address his points or break down how he’s “wrong,” and only belittle his words because they don’t line up with their (unsupported) assumptions about reality. I’m also amused how you insist he “form some opinions of (his) own” when it seems your own opinions have not come from your own critical thinking, but mainstream, modern groupthink.

      • steve says:

        I thought by mentioning him using the word ‘usually’ after his comment that this is a race issue. Where is his ‘supported’ assumption about reality here? No facts – just that he hasn’t heard about it. Sounds like some pretty good research there. I thought by pointing out that having a gun isn’t going to protect someone from getting sucker punched. I thought by pointing out that he quite possibly has not experienced what it’s like to grow up or be raised in a very underprivileged area, that he might not judge someone for not having a job when they’re 15 – because it’s quite possibly the parents who have filled those positions making minimum wage to support their family. Or maybe those parents are working 2 jobs to put food on the table and can’t be there to ‘parent’ the children as much as they should or would like to. I wasn’t referring to him when I mentioned forming his own opinions – he has lots of them. It is everyone else who follow like sheep without questioning or thinking about the other side. I’m a very lucky person – I live in a good neighbourhood, have a fantastic family and have had a very privileged life. My kids will get jobs before they’re 17 and they will grow up to be upstanding citizens – I will make sure of it. I don’t face the stresses that some do and therefore don’t feel I can sit back and criticize what others are doing wrong because I have it so easy. I can afford to put my kids in sports so they will be busy doing other things keeping them off the streets – not everyone has this luxury. He also contradicts himself in saying that he’s not going to listen to sob stories about someone’s upbringing but he believes it would help if families stayed together and dads didn’t run out – what does it matter if he doesn’t care about a person’s upbringing?

        I do agree with some of his points – not only in this post but others as well – but it’s the way he comes across like it’s an easy fix. I agree with tougher punishments to send a message – that is something tangible. I agree with him that it does come down to some ‘choosing’ to cause harm. The rest of his article is rubbish formed solely of his opinion on what the problems are – not facts. Don’t mistake me taking the side of leniency towards these criminals because I don’t – I just won’t be so naïve to think that there’s a quick fix. And his comment about God and then right into guns – I almost threw up in my mouth. More guns in the world does not create more safety – it creates more potential for harm.

    • deelilynn says:

      Well, if you’re tired of “this guys opinions” why the heck do you continue reading his opinions let alone comment on them … I am sure there are other bloggers you’ll appreciate much more so read them instead … A bonus for those of us who do agree with Matt won’t have to feel sorry for unhappy folk such as yourself too 😉

  32. RVN11B says:

    Outstanding post! I won’t say it is a breath of fresh air but that is only because I have been pounding the pulpit for many years, saying the exact same thing. Carry on!

  33. Susan. says:

    Let’s not ever call it a “game” again! Let’s call it the Coward’s Knockout Felony.

    • Susan. says:

      or something like that – something that does not sound fun at.all. And that carries condemnation in the name of the crime itself!

  34. 5Sparrows says:

    Maybe it’s been mentioned but I’m thinking that prison is to be punishment as well. Minimum to survive, nutrients like the food shelf staples, water, they can do sit-ups and jumping jacks in their cell if they so desire. How many hard working folks do you know that have access to their friends in a play yard, exercise equiptment, cable, great food and don’t work or do anyone any good?? I’ll grant you that the only prison experience I’ve had comes from TV and documentaries but…

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  36. Steve Ryan says:

    I really wish I could write as well as you, Matt. You can synopsize a subject so well!

  37. Karen D. says:

    For the most part I enjoy your point of view. It is refreshingly honest. The second step in the “plan” makes sense. Get a job. However, the first step is a little misleading. The prison system in this country and the justice system that fills it is very complex and I think this step in the “plan” is a little too simplistic. First, there are many, many non-violent offenders who keep our good police men and women busy way to often b/c they are let back on the street again. Second, if the people playing this “game” are morally depraved, & we can agree they are, then there must be an intense and specific aim in the prison system for rehabilitation or no matter of time will make these people right to re-enter society. Again, this is a complicated step. But the third step is the most disjointed, in my view. If the “game” is to “surprise” the victim, then arming the victim would help no one, except maybe a successful attacker who now has access to a “free” gun from the unconscious victim. I’m not against gun rights or anyone’s right to carry a gun, should they feel they want to or they must; however in this particular scenario, I fail to see how it would be helpful.

  38. Sam Grey says:

    The technology exists to build an island prison. It just requires enough conservatives to push the agenda. IMHO

  39. Callmelennie says:

    How does owning or even carrying a gun protect you from this. From what I’ve seen on videos, these things occur in the blink of an eye. And it would appear that only kids who know how to punch do this. And even if you weren’t knocked out, you’d be so stunned the kids would be on you before you could get your weapon out and probably kill you.

    The only way to not be a victim of this is to never walk alone in any neighborhood where black kids move about in large groups. And then if two people are carrying, the second person might be able to avenge the assault

  40. Ruth says:

    I agree about the prison times being high in order to punish the actions. But it also needs to be high to discourage further actions from others. For instance, why did they hang horse thieves? Ok, they stole a horse, but why would they hang someone for that? To discourage others from stealing horses. So, if someone was caught after committing the crime of the “knock-out game” and they were sentenced to a year, that would not do much to discourage someone else from doing the very same thing. But, if they were sentenced to 10 years or more, depending on the severity of the crime, it would go a long way to discourage others from committing those same acts.
    Something that should be said as well, is pay attention to your surroundings. Look people in the eye when you walk by them. Don’t walk around texting or chatting on the phone. Don’t walk with your head down not looking around. Be aware. It may not stop it, but it might keep someone from attacking because you may have seen their face.

  41. MandyB says:

    Not everyone likes guns. I have no problem with other people carrying guns as long as they are legal, but I won’t carry one. However I do chose to carry a knife. In my state you are aloud to carry a knife at all times if it is under three inches. Anything longer then that you need a permit for. If someone tries this game on me, I will have no problem getting my knife out of my pocket and stabbing them. The more people that fight back with this game I think the less it will go on. Now I’m not saying that everyone will be able to fight back, but the ones who can should!

  42. JesusIsLovebutMyShotgunIsJustice says:

    Just kill all black teenagers and sterilize all black adults. No more nogs no more troubles and Us can go back to being a White-Christan nation. just like god intended.

    • Luscinia says:

      And then you wonder why black people hate you so much.

    • Brian Bews says:

      You can’t possible be serious? This has to be a joke, and one in poor taste at that.

      • Luscinia says:

        This is what people really believe.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        And they are wrong.

      • JesusIsLovebutMyShotgunIsJustice says:

        I am serious. However, I may have been a bit harsh. Of course we shouldn’t kill all black teens. We need some of them so local high school teams can have decent chances at making state. Plus, without them there would be be no professional football, basketball, baseball, etc.. leagues worth watching. And most of them can sing and dance well so that’s fun to watch too. A much more logical solution to the Black Problem in America is to repeal the The 13/14/15 Amendments and any other “equal rights” laws of government policies. Civil/ Human rights for humans not and for savage “urban youths” or any other subhuman mongrels or 3rd world illegal sumbag invaders. Anti-racist is code for anti-white.

    • Cyberguy64 says:

      Yeah… Go away. You’re not helping anything.

      BTW, if you’re supposedly a Christian, then you should probably know that Jesus was of Israelite decent, not white.

      • steve says:

        What was the motive of the article and his opinion being that the attacks are racially motivated? I saw this going here from the second I read that line – brutal. I don’t believe they are – is he just trying to stir the pot to get reactions – weak way to do it and someone took the bait.

      • Luscinia says:

        Yeah! Be a more subtle racist, like Cyberguy64 here.

        • Cyberguy64 says:

          So that’s how it is, eh? Just slap the racist label on me for disagreeing with you and be done with it.

          Certainly glad to know that we’re all mature, sensible adults here.

      • Luscinia says:

        You and everyone else who believes in a massive black-on-white epidemic that’s being covered up by the media.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Who said anything about a coverup? Selective attention maybe, but a coverup implies that they’re actively trying to hide such things from the public eye, like China and the Tienanmen Square incident. If it was a coverup, they wouldn’t report it at all.

        I’m concerned about the deceptive language they use, like calling violent assult “a game” and downplaying the severity of what’s going on, even though it’s been happening for a a while.

        If that makes me a racist, then- Wait, no. It doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me a discerning person who takes things said deceptively with a pinch of salt.

      • JesusIsLovebutMyShotgunIsJustice says:

        Jesus of the son of God. Jews are the children of Satan. So how can He be a member of that evil tribe? jews are currently waging a Holy War against Goyim (nonjews/Christians) nad have been for thousands of years. Don’t believe me? Who controls the media that influences children to embrace degenerate “Urban Culture”? The same media that is trying to pass the Homosexual Agenda as natural and destroy traditional family values. Who controls the world banks? Who want’s to bring in a one world government? I’ll give you a clue; it’s the jews.

        Still don’t believe me just read the word of our lord and savior Himself:
        JESUS Said.
        “Jesus said unto them, If God were your father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. Then answered the Jews…” John 8:42 – 8:48

        Revlation 3:9 “See I am giving up those of congregation of shata (adversary) who say they are Yahudim (Judah) and are not, but Lie. See , I am making them come and and Workship before your feet, and to know that I have ahabah (LOVE) you, Amein.

  43. jediahwhite says:

    Your final paragraph alone was depressingly true, let alone the entire thing. Good article.

  44. I haven’t gone through all 150 of the comments, so I hope I am not the first to point this out, you make a lot of racially charged claims at the beginning of your blog that are 100% false based off the links you provided. You claim every instance of the Knockout Game to be black on white violence, I guess the two Vietnamese victims and half dozen orthodox Jews (potentially ethnic as well as religious Jews) are white now, better let them know.

    It might seem like I am splitting hairs, but it makes you look foolish like you cannot read your own source content when you make blatantly wrong racially charged claims. This is a bummer since I loved your Thanksgiving piece in the HuffPo and felt it was well written and had hoped to find more like it here.

    One other thing, about guns, what good will your gun do you when you are sucker punched? Legally that gun needs to be safety-ed away in your holster, far from use when someone sneaks up on you and cold clocks you. Then maybe they take that gun and use it on you or someone else. Think about it, it’s called the KNOCK OUT game. You can’t shoot a gun when unconscious.

    You’re better off cultivating situational awareness like I do, scan your surroundings regularly and look for danger points to anticipate and avoid. I’ve never been jumped once, usually people don’t attack those who look alert and able to fend off danger. Walk with only one earbud in, the list is near endless with ways to avoid danger and not bring more weapons onto our streets. I have trained to use my metal water bottle paired to a large carabiner as an improvised mace-flail, I carry this at my side when I walk alone late at night, ready. I don’t view it as a weapon, it’s not, it is my water bottle. Yet as a martial artist I am a weapon, every part of me and anything I can use to defend myself are weapons, no matter what the intended purpose of the object is. I’ve trained with shoes, trash can lids, canes, water bottles, and many more commonplace items (airplane seats work as shields that can prevent box cutters from killing you, ie 9/11). I believe in a right to bare arms that extends to much more than guns, like my bare hands or any other tool I deem necessary for reasonable self defense. I’m not one of those 2nd Amendment fans who says it covers a citizens right to bare Anthrax and nuclear weapons, or even mundane things like conventional RPGs.

    That all being said, what the hell would a gun help you against a sucker punch? I bring this up to hopefully help you defend yourself against attacks; don’t get cocky with a gun, that is a dangerous combo.

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  46. Momtosix says:

    Owning a gun is not Biblical. Because killing is a sin. So that’s not the answer. Violence breeds violence.

    • Kelsey says:

      Guns aren’t Biblical, but arming oneself is.

      Luke 22:36: “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

      Swords were the weapon of the day–why shouldn’t today’s Christians similarly arm ourselves with today’s weapons?

      • Momtosix says:

        Because the bible says Thou shall not kill. Jesus said to turn the other cheek among other things about loving one another.

        • Kelsey says:

          Several translations use “Thou shalt not murder” rather than “kill.” I don’t know about other denominations, but the Roman Catholic church permits killing in self-defense.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Killing isn’t a sin. Murder is the sin.

        Eve after God handed down the ten commandments, the Israelites still went to war and executed criminals on God’s command. Heck, He himself offed several criminals who flagrantly disobeyed His commands. Are you saying God is a sinner?

        Jesus did say to turn the other cheek. He also violently kicked the money changers out of the temple for offending His Dad’s holy place, so he wasn’t adverse to taking action against those who do wrong. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean “Roll over and let yourself be violently murdered.” An examination of His examples shows that He’s saying to have grace and forgiveness for those who wrong you. That being said, He doesn’t say “If someone comes and tries to maim you, roll over and let him maim the rest of you.” There’s a big difference between living with a disrespectful slap, and getting your lights violently punched out or being murdered.

      • Momtosix says:

        Cyber guy you are so full of bull. Jesus never advocated violence. The bible says Thou shall not kill. That does not mean if someone is going to punch you, you can kill them. So if you own a gun it’s a tool of violence that will lead you to sin. That’s Satan telling you that gun is good.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        Okay. I can see that you didn’t read a word I wrote. (Good thing too. There are so many typos and grammatical mistakes I didn’t catch.)

        Now I know I can ignore you in the future since you’re just ranting from your own little bubble and are completely immune to logicial conclusions, common sense, and actual Biblical study.

    • Brian Bews says:

      You are spot on. Violence does breed violence. The tricky question is whether carrying a handgun encourages or deters violence.

  47. Brian Bews says:

    The obvious solution is for all pedestrians to wear helmets. The rules of the game clearly indicate that you have to knock the victim out with one punch. If the vics were all wearing helmets then that would REALLY show these clearly unempowered youths that people aren’t going to just take this sitting down. Please write your congressman and suggest they make it a law for everyone to wear helmets at all times.

  48. A Non-American says:

    I am a pro-life non-American living outside America. I admire and respect a lot of things about America. However, like a lot of other non-Americans worldwide, I am puzzled by the inconsistency of the position held of a great number of American conservatives – if you are truly pro-life, you should also be anti-guns. It’s no good saying “guns don’t kill people, people do” or that guns are needed for self-defense. Yes, people kill in a variety of ways (the Knockout Game being one of those methods), but guns make it a lot easier for a LOT of people to get killed or injured. Look at the other first world countries that limit access to guns and see the result. If everyone carried a gun, it would be like going back to the days of the Wild West.
    Having said that, I would like to applaud Matt Walsh for having the courage of his convictions and putting his views across beautifully. Well done, Matt.

    • Kelsey says:

      Do you have some numbers on violent crime with other weapons in those countries? What about sexual assault? Robberies? I had family living in England for a while and a dear friend of theirs was killed by a home invader wielding a hammer. I hear that knives are also heavily regulated, yet knife crime is persistent. I’m not as concerned about the TOOL a criminal uses as I am about his ability to succeed in his villainy. The nice thing about “a good guy with a gun” is that he can stop a bad guy with a gun, a knife, a tire iron, or just 20 years and 100 pounds of advantage.

      As a pro-life, pro-gun American, I can easily tell you the basis of my two apparently contradictory beliefs. The fetus has not done anything wrong and therefore does not deserve to die. The person attacking me or my family has made a choice to do so and has thus waived his right to life. Guns are the absolute last resort, but they are an option.

  49. Becky says:

    I don’t have a problem with holding people accountable for their choices, but it seems like you are completely disregarding their environment. A kid who grew up in a violent culture with no one to truly guide him does not have the same chances you and I have to learn how make better choices. I advocate for holding them accountable for their crime while seeing them through eyes of empathy and grace. Accountability – yes. But, judging them without understanding won’t help anything.

    • Momtosix says:

      True, I think many white people fear black men, that is why they react so strongly – kill, kill, kill. As Christians, we can’t be shooting kids who are doing wrong. I think this country needs a lot of prayers and racial healing. I have heard more racism from the mouths of Christians in the past few years than ever. People really need to get rid of the hate in their hearts.

      • Cyberguy64 says:

        If we’re going to talk about hate, what about the black kids who hate old, white ladies and decide to beat them up and/or kill them for fun? How are you going to reach their hearts?

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