A three step cure for the “knockout game”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Knockout Game” that appears to be sweeping the nation. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works:

The participants of this pastime randomly select an innocent stranger, sneak up behind them, and attempt to knock them out with one punch.

That’s it. That’s the “game.” In some corners of the Earth, this activity is also known as “attempted murder.” Here, for some teenagers, it’s a hobby, like collecting baseball cards.

This has been going on for a while, but the media has been reluctant to report on it; mostly because the victims are usually white and the assailants are usually black. I say “usually,” but I’m not actually aware of a single instance where the assailant has been white and the victim black. Is the racial component relevant here? Yes, of course it is. But we live in a country of spineless white-guilt ridden wimps, so we’ll just pretend there’s nothing “racial” about black teens beating white folks to death for sport. Leave it to modern America to find ways to turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a symbol of white privilege, while a rash of black-on-white beatings are categorized as “random” instances of a violent “game.”

A few people have already been killed by the Knockout Game, while plenty of others have been sent to the hospital. The victims come in any age or gender, but it’s worth noting one particularly egregious case where an elderly woman in New York ended up in the ER after being brutalized by one of these teenage cowards.

All of this inevitably leads to a conversation about what, precisely, drives a person to do this, and how to stop it in the future. I already touched on the why in a previous post. They do it, not due to a lack of “education spending” or “youth programs,” but because they choose to do it. They do it for the same reason all people commit evil acts: it makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel like they’re in control. It gives them an illusion of dominance. They do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy it because of the evil in their hearts. There is evil in their hearts because they let it in and feed it.

Why do we all act so perplexed by something that’s as old as time? We deny the existence of evil and then we’re thrown for a loop every time it pops up. That’s when we resort to our psychology textbooks and our pseudo-sociology; anything to avoid the inescapable conclusion that human beings have free will and they choose to do the things they do.

You can tell me about “environmental” factors all day, and you can sing me a sad song about their upbringing and their income bracket and whatever phantom prejudices are supposedly keeping them down, but you can not remove their responsibility from this equation. You can not mitigate it or diminish it. However hard their lives have been, a billion other people have experienced worse, and a billion other people aren’t patrolling the street searching for elderly people to sucker punch. What makes them different? Their choices. That’s all.

Now, while there’s nothing we can do to stop a man (yes, “man”; you aren’t a “kid” anymore once you graduate to felony assault) from doing evil if evil is what he wishes to do, we could take certain steps, as a society, to alleviate the situation slightly. We could, for instance, keep our families together. Dads could stop running out on their kids. Couples could get married before they have babies. Radical ideas, I realize, but nothing will get better as long as we’re unwilling to consider them.

I’ve extrapolated on those points many times, so, for right now, I’d like to lay out a more immediate three step plan for dealing with the Knockout Game. These are rational suggestions; suggestions that are absolutely guaranteed to slow down this “trend”:

1. Prison.

In the old days, they used to banish prisoners to deserts and island colonies. They permanently removed the criminals from society. We can’t employ the same strategy anymore — I don’t think Australia would appreciate it — but we can keep in mind the fact that prisons are designed to protect our loved ones from predators. I’m all for rehabilitation, but that is not the primary function of a prison. Its primary function is to take dangerous people and neutralize the threat they pose to the rest of us. Everything else is secondary. Forgiveness is essential, but just because we forgive someone doesn’t mean we unleash them into our neighborhoods. You might forgive a pedophile for being a pedophile, but would you let him babysit your kids?

So why don’t we start using prisons for their intended purpose? These genius thugs are posting video of themselves playing their “game” online; it shouldn’t be that hard to track them down. When we do, they ought to be looking at significant time in a cage. I’m talking about ten years or longer. Whether their victim lands in a hospital or a morgue, I fail to see why it should matter all that much in terms of sentencing. The purpose of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible on the innocent passerby. Should they get credit if they accidentally fail to seriously hurt their prey?

The emotional detachment and moral depravity it requires to participate in something like this should not be taken lightly. I was always taught that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always get a second chance in life. We all have one chance to not be vicious animals who prowl around the community looking to beat pedestrians unconscious. If you squander that chance, you don’t get another one. At least not during this decade. Sending a violent criminal to jail for a year or two is just about the most self defeating strategy I’ve ever encountered. There’s no sense in shipping a budding hooligan off to network with hardened criminals for 16 months, only to release him back into the community once he’s officially transitioned from delinquent to full-on gangbanger. Maybe prison could be a deterrent if the courts stopped playing pattycake with these goons and started doling out hard time for hard crimes.

Put them there and keep them there. Keep them there for a good long while. Need room to accommodate these extended stays? No problem. Release all of the non-violent criminals you want. I’d be more than happy if we stopped imprisoning people for growing plants or using unhealthy substances. Besides, it accomplishes precisely nothing to throw drug addicts in a cell for being drug addicts. All you’ve done is take vulnerable, desperate, non-violent people and put them around manipulative sociopaths. Not a good mix. Clear them out and make room for the actual dangerous crooks.

2. Work.

Boredom is a new epidemic. So is teenagedom. In the past, nobody had time to be either of these things. People worked. Work can cure a teenager of his boredom, and his teenage-ness. It boggles my mind that any “kid” is able to reach the ripe old age of 17 having never worked a day in his/her life. My parents wouldn’t have allowed such a thing.

Do we think anything good is going to happen when we take a bunch of confused, hormonal, aggressive, energetic teenagers and give them massive amounts of free time? Doing nothing — this is another concept I was never allowed to get too familiar with when I was growing up. Maybe it’s time to stop “protecting” our kids from sweaty brows and calloused hands. Maybe work could actually be protection from far more detrimental things — like criminal records and drug addictions. We don’t have sweat shops in this country anymore. Most of the mines are closing down. In other words, repeal child labor laws and what will be the result? Thirteen year olds working cash registers and pushing lawnmowers? They’ll survive. It’ll be good for them. It’ll keep them busy. It’ll let them contribute financially to their households — a concept that seems quite scandalous these days, but only because we’re often scandalized by sensible things.

3. Guns.

They say you can’t solve a problem by “adding more guns” to the situation. That’s true, which is why Obama’s foreign policy has been such an abysmal failure. But I, much like any other Second Amendment advocate, do not suggest simply throwing a pile of guns at the problem. I suggest you consider adding one gun to a holster, and then adding that holster to your hip. At a certain point we — the pool of potential victims — must refuse to fulfill that destiny. Forget the prisons, the schools, family dynamics, the cultural ills; when a predator picks you out of the crowd, none of that matters. It’s too late for the system, or parents, or the government to help you. In that moment, you’ve either got the tools to defend yourself, or you don’t. These cowards hedge their bets and put all their coins on you being unarmed. It’s a glorious occasion every time they lose that gamble.

God gives you life. He doesn’t give it to you so that you can let some adolescent punk take it away. Guard it. It is a precious thing; it the most precious thing you’ve ever been given (aside from your children’s lives, if you have any).

Let’s be real here. My first two suggestions won’t happen. But number three can happen. Defend yourself.


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552 Responses to A three step cure for the “knockout game”

  1. Ian says:

    How about white people start standing up for the sleeves for a change? Stop being ashamed of who you are and stand your ground

    • Luscinia says:

      Is your last name Smith, perchance?

      • Becky says:

        Luscinia, how does Ian’s last name affect the validity of his opinion? Your comment seems to suggest that he is Caucasian and therefore doesn’t have the right to say that people in a targeted population (which, in this new “game” is Caucasians) should stand up for themselves.

      • John says:

        is your last name Shaniqua-Robinson

      • Luscinia says:

        For you who aren’t in any way knowledgable about recent history, and I won’t blame you for that, Ian Smith was the führer of Rhodesia.

  2. BigBoy says:

    Skin pigmintation is neither a cause nor cure for crime. But the associated Culture certainly is. Crime grows in neighborhoods. That’s why city-wide statistics are seldom useful.

  3. “The most dangerous weapon in the world is an unemployed teenage boy.”

  4. Shirou Zhiwu says:

    I said it when I read about this game the first time. It’s a really stupid way to get shot. Except for maybe in 6 states.

  5. duggansc says:

    While I agree with you that we need to prosecute these people as the assault and battery cases that they are, I disagree with some of your other assertions. First, I feel that the idea of prison being about keeping offenders away from the rest of society jibes oddly with your commentary about non-violent criminals learning violent ways from the rest. If we put this kid away for ten years, what are we unleashing on society in ten years other than a kid who spent formative years learning life lessons from the hardest, most violent criminals? Secondly, while I feel that an armed society is a polite society, I also agree with Bruce Lee that if you carry a weapon, you start thinking about your solutions in terms of that weapon. Your reaction to conflict is to draw your weapon. Thus, arming more people creates a more dangerous situation when a touchstone moment occurs, c.f. the situation the police run into where they gun down someone reaching for their ID. And that’s with trained professionals who repeatedly run scenarios on assessing the proper threat level, not barely trained civilians who’ve gone through a single handgun course to learn not to shoot their own foot.

    • 3utychus says:

      First, I think you misquoted or misconstrued. Mr. Walsh didn’t state that non-violent criminals would learn violent ways from the rest, he said they would be victimized. He said young felons who serve a year or two are incarcerated only long enough to become more dangerous.

      Second, if we put this man, not kid, away for ten years, what we are unleashing upon society is an older man that did not have much time to enjoy being a young man in society before he was incarcerated. If he isn’t smart enough ti behave and stay out of prison again, then that will have to be his problem. Not society’s.

      Third, I prefer statistics over Bruce Lee quotes. They’re more reliable. If your assertion were correct, there would be less gun deaths in the places with the strictest laws against carrying a concealed weapon, but that is not the case. Your hypothetical is a straw man that is fits your argument nicely, but doesn’t resemble reality. There has not been a rash of stories regarding police gunning down innocent citizens reaching for their ID.

    • 3utychus says:

      First, I think you misquoted. Mr. Walsh didn’t state that non-violent criminals would learn violent ways from the rest, he said they would be victimized. He said young felons who serve a year or two are incarcerated only long enough to become more dangerous.

      Second, if we put this man, not kid, away for ten years, what we are unleashing upon society is an older man that did not have much time to enjoy being a young man in society before he was incarcerated. If he isn’t smart enough ti behave and stay out of prison again, then that will have to be his problem. Not society’s.

      Third, I prefer statistics over Bruce Lee quotes. They’re more reliable. If your assertion were correct, there would be less gun deaths in the places with the strictest laws against carrying a concealed weapon, but that is not the case. Your hypothetical is a straw man that is fits your argument nicely, but doesn’t resemble reality. Or maybe I missed the thousands of stories about police gunning down innocent citizens reaching for their ID.

    • John the Libertarian says:

      The trained professional when they make their ‘mistakes’ are seldom being assaulted, but fear being so; on the other hand, a victim being assaulted is under NO illusion as to the assault…

  6. Kat says:

    I LOVE your blog! America needs more of you! Matt Walsh 2016!!!

  7. Edward says:

    Why is knockout game only show YouTube video of black youths hitting women and white people. Is this what really is? If so if live in a inner city like nyc. Is that black youths have nothing to do but prey on innocent people on the street? If so why do black youths only select a white or female white people. Do the black youths already know that if they punch out a larger black women that they would get their asses beat down on the street. Or if they picked a 220 6 ft black man that they could end up getting killed themselves. So knockout game is really selective of who you hit. How come they do not try with an officer of the law. So do They know that’s 6 years in prison for striking an officer. Or how come they do not punch a neighborhood bully, is it they know already they could end up dead if they try that. And why is it only video of black youths in groups doing this. Do law enforcement have white group of kids doing the same behavior. Do law enforcement have this video and not released to the public. So is there a bigger picture than YouTube. And why is media covering this story now. If this going on for long time why now is it the news media story. Is it because of motorcycle gang incident. And we saw how that ended up. Family ran over biker for safety of his family and all black men involved went to prison. Game over. If this continues. We see dead youths blood on the streets. Then we have to ask ourselves did why do enough for young children on the streets. So if group of young youths ages 12 to 15 yrs old do the knockout game to a person, and then they come back with a gun and kills 2 14 year olds. Does the person with the gun go to jail. Or does become like Bernie Geutz and that person looks like a hero and never goes to jail. And we left with a dead youths. So where do we go from here.

  8. Bill Hesler says:

    and how is having a gun a good idea when they are sneaking up and hitting you?once you fall down and you will, you’re not that tough they will take your gun and probably shoot a bunch of innocent people .Once again proving you and your big bad gun didn’t help anything just caused more problems .

  9. Edward says:

    I remember back in the place called Martin Luther high school on the upper west side of manhattan. The school filled with over worked educators making lots of money and some did not care about education and community of young youth. So what happen there. There began many incidents of fights, rapes and teenage crisis in the school and around the school neighborhood. It got so bad that kids In the school were just beating up adults in the subway by the school. Police were called to monitor the everyday school dismissal. The. It got to a point where a real city gang had it out in the school guns we’re draw. And the FBI and law enforcement called to the school for shut down. By school end of the year the result was closure of MLK high school on upper west side. So is this real if urban myth or is this another thing that teachers have to do in ours schools along with educTion to stop this. Because so many young parents failed to raise a child with common sense and strong family unit. I true feel these are individual that no emotion and need mental examine by a physician. These are the same people won hurt or kill animals. No care in the world. I think we should just round up the few individuals from the video place them on a plane fly them to Iran and then leave them there and see what happens. They can play there knockout game all day long in Iran. Let’s see how long that last.

  10. It would’ve been highly appropriate for Obama, a supposed role model for black youth, to publicly condemn knockdowns, but I guess this type of leadership is too much “change” to hope for….

    • Clearchannel says:

      Good grief, local law enforcement can handle some rowdy kids – the President has more important stuff to deal with.

      Observation that the more racist people are, the more these black kids scare them. The more racists people are, the more critical of Obama. True?

      • Matt says:

        More important stuff like injecting himself in the trayvon martin case.

      • What is more important??? He was elected to be a leader. Call me crazy but I think people are scared of these kids not because they are racist, but because they sneak up behind you and bonk you on the noodle…. common sense maybe instead of the racist card would be good

      • 3utychus says:

        The problem is that when it’s a few white perpetrators from a prestigious school and a black victim, it’s national news. Even if the story was B.S. and the “victim” later turned out to be a murderer.

        When it’s hundreds of black and multiple white victims, people like you want to poke your finger and cry racism.

        The least Obama could say on the matter is that one of these thugs could have been his son.

      • yeahderp says:

        3utychus, hundreds of black kids? Link to more than five incidents of knockout game. Keep making shit up.

  11. Edward says:

    After doing my research,5 indivduals who were victims were killed in the results of this knockout out. The Iran punishment is not enough. These individuals should be incarcerated into man prison for over 25 plus years for murder.
    If these children can make decision to do something like this they serve the time. Let’s look at our history.
    Crown heights, brooklyn , ny incident Al Sharpen and mayor dickens and Howard beach incident a young black youth was run down by a car just because he was in their neighborhood.

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  13. Scott says:

    On your point #2,, You really can blame the whole Liability issue on a lot of that IMO and the other parts,, Let’s take your mowing the lawn idea. Have you looked around in the last 20 years? A neighborhood kid is put out of work by A: parents who hated mowing and so dont make the kids mow. And B and mostly B, the huge industry of mobile land scalpers ( yes I said scalp many of them have the mowers set not for your yard). The normal kid knocks on a door and the owner says, nope I pay a landscape firm. One kid trying to make some money verse 4 guys on a trailer who butcher your yard. Fast food job? You can’t run a grill or fryer till your 18. The list is pretty long. But none of this really applies to this whole situation. Do these youth strike you as the ones who would be looking for an honest job???

    • Cylar says:

      Funny, I made the same arguments as yours, on Matt’s other column about how evil and awful it is that modern society has invented something called “adolescence.” I pointed out that it’s patently absurd and unrealistic to enslave teenagers in the pursuit of turning them into responsible adults. I said that education, not menial labor, is what teenagers should be concentrating on. My grades suffered in high school and junior college because I spent too much time working (or playing) and not enough time studying.

      I got an avalanche of replies accusing me of missing the point.

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  16. Gunslinger says:

    I’m thinking that since you object to SELF-DEFENCE, that if you just stay in your house, hide under the bed, you’ll probably be safe. Be verwy, verwy quiet. Well maybe nobody will hurt you. 🙂

  17. WatchYourBack says:

    I am a Police Officer in an inner city environment with a high incidence of gang violence I wanted to throw my 2-cents in on what I feel is the problem leading to this and many other issues. First and foremost I believe that problem is that the family environment places NO emphasis on the importance of education and a complete lack of values. Generationally – in many cases – no one in the family has ever gone to school. The unemployment rate on my beat is well over 50% – it not an understatement to say that “no one works”. And the sad truth is that the large majority of people that I come into contact with are completely unemployable, even in the most basic of jobs – they simply don’t possess the emotional maturity or ability to handle real life situations. I am struggling to explain what I mean but without seeing it for yourself on a daily basis it cannot be effectively explained – such as calling the Police for “7 year old son out of control”, or family arguments over the last bottle of liquor, or any number of other ridiculous reasons to call the police.

    To the topic at hand – although I would love to see each of the cowards playing this “game” to be shot, I want to make sure that people are aware of the legal ramifications before they do so. Keep in mind that my state is a VERY liberal state so some of these examples may not apply in stated ilke Texas, where they have some rational thoughts when creating policy.

    if you shoot someone – anyone – you will be sued. period. whether they live or die. regardless of the circumstances. you will be sued by the “victim” or their family. you very well may win the suit, but you will still be spending plenty of money on legal fees.

    If they die – you will go to grand jury to determine whether you will be charged with a crime. again, this may work out OK for you, but its still a huge source of stress and very expensive.

    Finally, if you shoot an unarmed person – you may not win in court – regardless of what they were doing to you. My state barely considered self defense as a viable defense.

    quick example – a colleague of mine – a very seasoned and decorated officer got into a foot chase with a local gang kid (16 years old at the time). the suspect had nearly a dozen arrests at that point with multiple felonies including armed robberies a gun possessions (being a liberal state – no one actually goes to jail). The officer chased him over some fences and through some yards and at some point the suspect turned and pointed a gun at him. The officer fired and struck the suspect in the arm. The suspect dropped the gun and turned and ran some more. The officer caught him shortly after. The officer then had to very quickly back track to where the gun was dropped in order to recover it. as he approached he saw several of the other gang kids converging on the area where the gun was because they were trying to retrieve it – if no gun is recovered, the suspect never had a gun as far as the courts are concerned. when the officer tells me the story he says “if I was 30 seconds later getting back to the gun, one of his friends would have taken that gun and I would be in federal prison because i would be the white officer shot an unarmed 16 year old black kid.” sidenote – the kid did a few more robberies over the next few months and FINALLY got a 5 year prison sentence.

    anyway, the point is – as much as I morally support shooting these cowards – theres ALOT more to consider

    • Cylar says:

      I appreciate your thoughts on this matter, but the way I see it, if you shoot someone intent on killing you, at least you will be alive to be sued.

      Some idiot tries this “knockout” shit on me or a member of my family, and I’m putting a lead slug between his eyes. I can deal with the legal ramifications AFTER the threat has been eliminated.

  18. Jim Coughlin says:

    I agree. Stick anyone who participates in this in prison for at least 10yrs and have them perform hard labor for their entire sentence. There’s no excuse for these kinds of actions.

  19. fran says:

    Sheriff Arpaio: pink underwear, then they don’t steal the underwear and sell it; t.v. is news and Disney channel; lunch is bologna or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…they want to get out and not come back!

  20. Darryl Reid says:

    The knockout game is a fucking myth you Morons. Do some fucking research and then think critically for once. You spout some good ol fashioned racist rhetoric Matt.

    “One last thing: Race is an obvious element in all of this. In almost every report, the assailants are described as young black men, and many of the victims have been white. It’s hard not to see the sensationalized coverage of “knockout”—and before that, “wilding”—as a reflection of our national fear of young black men. Indeed, in the more sinister corners of the Internet, you can find people who argue that these incidents are the opening shots in a “race war” by “feral black youth.”


    • cargosquid says:

      “that the attacks in question might be nothing more than the sort of random assaults that have always occurred.”

      So that “report”….says that its all fake or a myth except that the assaults have been happening a long time…..just that their the normal assaults….and that there isn’t a racial component….that the fact that black males have been attacking whites is just….. a coincidence….or that you’re racist if you notice.

      That whole article was spin.

      Face it…even that report shows that a certain class of people are attacking innocents and have done so for years…….

      Stop apologizing for criminals.

      • yeahderp says:

        What do you call it when white people do it to blacks, say, by hanging them in front of the whole town, smiles showing and everything? This is what we have done for centuries. A little bit of historical context and you won’t be so scared. Let’s all stop the nonsense. Have you been to a Klan meeting? We’ll irradicate them THEN move on to others problems.

    • cargosquid says:

      hat the attacks in question might be nothing more than the sort of random assaults that have always occurred.”

      So that “report”….says that its all fake or a myth except that the assaults have been happening a long time…..just that their the normal assaults….and that there isn’t a racial component….that the fact that black males have been attacking whites is just….. a coincidence….or that you’re racist if you notice.

      That whole article was spin.

      Face it…even that report shows that a certain class of people are attacking innocents and have done so for years…….

      Stop apologizing for criminals.

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  22. leakfile says:

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  23. Scott says:

    I agree with you teens need to have some kind of work in their life. I didn’t get my allowance unless I did my chores before I was a teenager. Later on I had to do some actual work like mowing lawns, washing cars, cleaning parking lots, and yard work to make money. I don’t think that child labor laws should be repealed though. It’s a big step from instilling in your children the idea that they need to work for money and making it so that corporations are legally allowed to take advantage of them. If child labor laws are repealed then who do you think will be hired as unskilled labor children or adults? Who will be easier to take advantage of? What would stop someone from adopting hordes of children so that they could start a business with cheap labor?

    On to jail. You are saying that if a budding hooligan is put into prison for 16 months then he networks with hardened criminals, then suggest putting them into prison for 10 years or more. From what I have read the people committing the crime involved with “The Knockout Game” are in their teens and at the oldest end early 20s. The frontal lobe doesn’t completely develop until around the mid 20s. It is responsible for being able to recognize future consequences (such as 10 years in prison), good and bad decisions (such as hitting people so no reason), and the suppression of socially unacceptable actions (like trying to knock someone out because your friends said it was something that they saw on youtube.) Prison would not be a deterrent for kids in this age group unless it was instilled in them that prison is horrible. Putting them in prison would probably not just produce a hardened criminal but probably someone who also hates society that knows how not to get caught during future crimes. That is just an opinion though.

    Arming everyone would be fun, just like the old west where people solved disputes by shooting at each other in the streets. Hahaha. Seriously though arming yourself in preparation for someone walking up behind you and knocking you out would not be effective. It would probably also result in more teens, who are already criminals from doing this act, having guns. The best way to defend yourself from being a victim of this is to not look like a victim. It is animal nature to prey on the weak when hunting, weather the weak is physically weak or feeble, distracted, unaware, out of place, or dumb. Be aware of your surroundings, walk with a purpose, don’t be distracted, stand up straight, etc. Grayson and Stein did a study on it look it up.

  24. Manuel says:

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  25. John Smith says:

    The knockout game is completely racist. It is black on white crime. The black community needs to be put on notice that there will be retaliation. A revival of the Guardian Angels for example. It’s another example of Atlas Shrugged. Obama needs to address this. Let him prove that he is not a racist. Pack fighters beware. Laugh all you want. This will mean fewer jobs for you, more poverty and economic backlash. The fist of karma.

    • yeahderp says:

      Obama is a corporatist and not someone that cares about you, your irrational fears, or the black community.

      • Clinton says:

        Now that is an accurate statement.

        I disagree that there is somehow a connection between KKK fascism against blacks a half-century ago (see yeahderp’s comment earlier about lynching) and current racist assault on whites by a (likely small) number of budding criminals. The idiots participating in this “game” are not motivated by historical considerations.

        It is completely accurate, though, to note that neither Obama (nor any of his corporatist predecessors) is really all that concerned about this type of crime on individuals. It is only when large corporate interests are at stake that they do anything. Once in a while it becomes politically opportune to appear to care, thus the Trayvon Martin publicity. This does not indicate any real concern though: it’s just good PR.

        If you want to see how things really work, just watch us do nothing as Putin moves into Crimea. To do something would negatively impact Russians laundering their money through European and American financial institutions. To do nothing costs nothing: we can send John Kerry over to say he is concerned, and revoke a few visas. So, we will do nothing. I am not saying that there is a clear course of action available in Crimea, merely that corporate interests dictate our actions, not concern for individuals. So, on this point, yeahderp is, I think, completely accurate.

  26. Deidre says:

    Why don’t we build a gallows in TImes Square and hang these animals by the neck. This would result in at least two great benifits to society. One, we would thin the herd this elimanating these dangerous and diseased animals from the gene pool. Two, it might work as a deterrent . However, it is entirely possible that these animals are too stupid to understand even the most base, vulgar dialect of violence, even though that is their stock and trade. Nevertheless, it is precisely what they deserve. They are beyond rehabilitation and it seems that they confuse compassion for weakness. Ergo, I suggest we execute them like rapid dogs and piss on their graves.

  27. Deidre says:

    Rabid dogs.

  28. shivam says:

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  30. Miss Nancy says:

    If a white man beats up a black man for playing the “knock out game” on him, the white man is racist and goes to jail for 50 years.

  31. Hunter says:

    When white people refuse to defend themselves it just doesn’t make any sense. Survival dictates a certain level of pride and sustainability. If people are that ashamed of who they are suicide is always an option but there is nothing gained in promoting this type of thought. There are no distinctions. There is no special list of whites that have been given an official stamp of approval. It is cutting your nose off to spite your own face. All anyone can do is leave prejudice out of the equation when establishing personal relationships with other people. To condemn yourself and your own people goes against self survival – when you lose that, when you lose your dignity to where you will write-off your own life based on a fabricated guilt, you are committing genocide.

  32. Paul says:

    This is about the third post I’ve read by you about black on white violence yet you seem to ignore the growing neo nazi movement in the US, Canada, and Europe. To condemn left wingers for ignoring black on white crime while intentionally ignoring white on black crime shows you are no better than those you condemn. I agree these people should be prosecuted but so should whites. And the neo nazi movement is getting even less press. I’d appreciate you cover both sides as this is a trend that I don’t like from your writing. I’m not white and find you extremely borderline racist. Like if I saw inside your mind a saw what you thought I could no longer support you. Probably a good thing I don’t have that power lol anyways keep the faith and stand up for the poor and downtrodden as our Lord commands peace

    • John Smith says:

      Well … the backlash has begun. See the recent Texas incident. White attackers. Now it’s a hate crime. Eric Holder is the biggest racist around. The Fist of Karma.

    • Cylar says:

      If there were a “budding Neo Nazi movement,” I assure you our vigilant watchdog media would be all over it. It would play quite nicely into their disgusting narratives about how evil and racist our country is.

  33. Shawn says:

    Yeah except most of the time they come at the victim from behind – not giving them a chance to ‘defend’ themselves with their gun. Now that criminal teenage boy has a nice new gun he’s just picked off the man he’s knocked out….
    Huge fan of the first 2 ideas though.

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