Memo from a Millennial: liberalism is boring


“OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers.”

That’s how the liberal group ProgressNow has decided to market Obamacare to Millennials. They’re also the group responsible for the infamous “brosurance” ads, depicting, for some reason, a frat bro doing a keg stand. Because when I think keg stands and frat parties, I think health care policy.

So, trying to sell health insurance to young women by promising it will better enable them to sleep around? Absurd. Offensive. Demeaning. Degrading. Hideous.

Also, YAWN.


This ad has prompted a lot of outrage from conservative circles, and rightly so. The people responsible for it are disgusting, condescending pigs. It offends the intelligence and moral sensibility of any decent, rational adult. But I think it’s time to point out something else about progressive propaganda and progressive ideology: it’s all so very tired.







There’s nothing new here. Nothing fresh. Nothing revolutionary.

The sexual “liberators” and counter-culturists of the 1960s stopped protesting the Man because they became the Man, and they’ve since worked to intravenously inject their hedonistic garbage into the bloodstream of society, through avenues like the university system, Hollywood, the media, and government. While they once eschewed the status quo, they now are the status quo; it’s been that way for decades. But they still proselytize by pretending they’re peddling something new and hip.

They aren’t.

Progressivism is as new as color TV and about as hip as your dad’s sneakers.

“Hey young folks: go have sex with everyone! It’s super cool!” Yeah, we get it. As Chesterton might say, that idea has been tried and found wanting. It’s been tried for 40 years. We’ve got a whole bunch of divorce, disease and depression to show for it.

Thanks for that, by the way.

Now these washed up “free love” crusaders are trying to pass the baton to a new generation: my generation. And, despite what you hear in the media, many of us are simply not interested in stale old mid-twentieth century liberalism. There’s a new counter culture. There’s a new rebel in town. We’re the ones who roll our eyes at that Obamacare advertisement. Neo-liberalism was your Aunt Barbara’s revolution. Defeating it is ours.

Sleeping around? Begging for free birth control? Self indulgence? Hedonism? That’s how our parents’ generation rolled (not all of them, certainly not my parents). Sure, plenty of young people buy into it, but most of them are simply apathetic. They don’t BELIEVE in it, they just absorb it like a moldy sponge because they’re too morally and intellectually lazy to develop any convictions of their own.

But don’t be fooled. There are a lot of us out here who reject liberal dogma and all of its tenets. That’s why the March For Life attracts HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of young people, while the pro-choice counter protesters are a small, sad, bitter, and much older bunch.

I wrote something last week about abstinence. It’s been interesting reading the responses. Particularly because the vast majority of the supportive emails I’ve received have either been from my peers, or from my grandmother’s peers. Most of the vitriolic “how dare you advocate abstinence!” nonsense has come from Baby Boomers. There is absolutely nothing surprising about any of that.

You see, monogamy, personal responsibility, “traditional” morality — these things are all right and good. And they’re also challenging and exciting; I think that’s an aspect of virtue that most people seem to miss when they’re coming up with a sales pitch for it. Hollywood can’t seem to write a compelling “good guy” character anymore, probably because it’s so easy to paint evil as something sexy and intriguing, and goodness as flat and one dimensional. But it isn’t. It’s dangerous and thrilling, especially nowadays. Evil, on the other hand, is utterly mundane. We fear the pain of Hell, as well we should, but what about the monotony of it?

This is where the opponents of progressivism often go wrong. A liberal group demeans women and speaks to them like they’re all just looking for cheap sex and a good time, and we, again, react by screaming: “HOW DARE YOU! I’VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A THING!”

Yes, you have. You’ve seen it a million times. And it’s archaic, outmoded, obsolete. The young women I know — my wife and my four sisters, primarily — are far too intelligent, interesting and dynamic to be at all engaged by such a message.

We consider it natural for the new generation to rebel against the old generation. This is largely a post-Industrial Revolution phenomenon; it isn’t natural, and it isn’t good. Usually.

But now is the time when the young can rebel against the old ways and end up closer to God and closer to Truth. The conservative end of the spectrum wonders how to recruit the youth in the ideological war against secular progressivism, not realizing that many of us do not need to be recruited. We’re already here; we’re young, we’re energetic, we’re ready to fight. We’re the people you come to when you want to take on The Establishment, and, in this era, The Establishment is Liberalism. The Old Way is casual sex and godlessness. The Man wants us to be a bunch of drunken, indulgent zombies.

So we rebel with monogamy, morality and the Bible. That’s our revolution.

Let the old rebels take theirs right to the retirement home. We don’t want it. It bores us. But thanks anyway.


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308 Responses to Memo from a Millennial: liberalism is boring

  1. Paul says:

    Awright…as usual, this has devolved into a series of attacks on Planned Parenthood. You guys are screaming (as usual) that PP “uses taxpayer money for abortions” and that “abortion services are how they make most of their money.”

    Let me explain how our justice system works: there’s something called the “burden of proof.” When an accusation is made in court, it is the job of the ACCUSER to make their case-it isn’t the job of the ACCUSED to defend themselves.

    With this in mind, I want to see LINKS and CITATIONS from ACTUAL JOURNALISTIC, REPORTING and ACADEMIC SOURCES (not “Christian Life News” or “The Blaze”, sorry) PROVING the case that Planned Parenthood is an “abortion mill.” I know people are going to bring up Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell was (thank God) an isolated case (and if he wasn’t, SHOW YOUR WORK) and DID NOT WORK FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD (

    Is Planned Parenthood a “taxpayer-funded abortion mill?”

  2. Curtis says:

    Huh. A bit of an eye opener here. He’s right, moral deterioration and sexually driven advertising isn’t new at all.

  3. Adam says:

    Who are you talking about? Seriously, who? Who are these “progressives” that you keep referring to? Or “liberals” for that matter? You have this cartoonish, super-villain notion that there is a cabal of stereotypes running the entire country. Over here are the bra-burning feminists who are reading a book about hating men. And over here are the aging, free love, Wavy Gravy hippies who want to turn all of America into a pants off dance off commune. And over here are the Black Panthers, who want to kill whitey. These people are extinct, and have been for at least twenty years before you were C-sectioned into this world. And if any of them somehow do exist, they exist in so small a number that they will be unable to affect you or your life in any conceivable way. You also seem to have this notion that since the 1970s, everybody has just been living this crazy free love lifestyle, with pagan hippy orgies happening on every street corner. Have you actually been out into the world, or have you just been reading pamphlets? Most people actually do get married and have children, Matt. You choosing the same thing does not make you unique, and it most certainly doesn’t give you any moral authority.

    It’s great that you choose morality and the bible. But that does not make you special, because tens of millions of other Americans have done the same thing. And hey, Matt, millions of people have chosen morality without choosing the Bible. Is that okay with you? I suspect somehow it isn’t.

  4. Adam says:

    I’m serious! I don’t know who the hell he is even talking about most of the time. He acts like life as a conservative Christian in America is just this onslaught of trials and tribulations and oppression, when I think he just means that some people don’t agree with him.

    • Curtis says:

      It’s the internet. I’m pretty sure he’s aware there will be people who disagree with him. You seem less knowledgeable about this fact though, and to demonstrate this, I must say that I disagree with you.

    • Paul says:

      It’s fascinating…these people do this kind of ‘paradigm shift’ where they manage to be an ‘oppressed minority’ and the ‘silent majority’ at the same time.

      • Dan says:

        It depends on perspective. Physically conservatives are the silent majority. In legal instances they can quickly become the oppressed minority. Liberal media has made sure to maintain the silence by any means necessary, and progressive legal action sees to it that conservative values face increasing levels of oppression. However, smearing two separate thoughts into one blurry point makes sense to you as well. Like I said, perspective.

    • Natalie says:

      I know I’m incredibly late to the conversation here, but I just have to say, Adam: you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m glad someone finally had the sense to tell it how it is.

  5. Raul Lopez says:

    Boy, do I have the bad habit of running into controversial issues. Matt, keep it up. I was a 70’s guy growing up on ACDC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest… Well… you get that drift (can’t say I still don’t like hearing ACDC every once in awhile). Anyways… I don’t know what Adam is really trying to say myself. I’ve been watching the years roll by and you’re kind of right there.

    In the 70’s it was beginning to be ‘normal’ to find ‘meat markets’. Any man of the 70’s can tell you what I mean by a meat market. Due to feminism, the words change but not the actions. They’re called ‘clubs’. I don’t know how it was in the 60’s but, how is it that it went from ‘women are dressed whorish if they wear tight pants’ to ‘miniskirts are ok and it’s good to see the edge of a panty every once in awhile’? Now? Hmph… I’m surprised that women aren’t going around naked! Scratch that… I just remembered a lady that believed she was being discriminated against because she was going around topless in the streets of New York (in our present decade).

    To Adam, are you serious man? Have you grown up in the 70’s and 80’s? I was a little kid around the late 60’s and remember a few things too. Liberals and Progressives of that time were rampant and, might I add, I remember clearly that it was newsworthy. Going into the 80’s, men weren’t looking for a wife, from what I remember. They were looking to get shacked up. I also remember the movies of the 40’s and 50’s (btw media usually portrays the times), the only guys looking to do that were the antagonists, the buttholes you might say. Move forward only 30 years and those antagonists are the macho man heroes. The immoralists have been getting more widespread and accepted by each passing decade, never mind per generation, but, for the last 50 odd years or so, per decade.

    Paul, as a side note, I don’t know nor rightly care if Planned Parenthood is or is not making money off of abortions. My attack is on any organization or individual that states that a woman’s right to her own body is her own choice. It is wrong in so many ways and I don’t mean morally or biblically. No one, man or woman, has the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies. I stress this from, not a biblical perspective, but a sociological one (not knocking down the biblical perspective, mind you, but I’m a strong believer in not forcing the rules of God on those that already choose to be godless). Try telling that to the draft board. I have my own rights to my own body… They’ll tell ya, “Yes you do. You have the right to choose to go to the front lines or spend some years in prison.”. From what I still remember, attempted suicide and euthanasia is still illegal? Why do you think this is? But doesn’t everyone have a right to choose what they do with their bodies? Tell me a 12 year old girl is incapable of mentally and emotionally consenting to a sexual relationship and I’ll tell you flat out, you’re lying (in the 70’s, 12 year old girls were already prostituting themselves in junior high. I know because I was in Junior High in the 70s). You’re going to tell me that parents can no longer control what she does with it because she has the choice to do what she wants with her own body?

    Sociologically, man has been, for thousands of years, a cooperative species and NOT an individualist species. Cooperation between the sexes, the families, and the nations/civilizations is what protects our species and civilizations, allowing it to continue to grow. Now, stating that women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies, tells me that the child that would normally have come from the cooperative (I’m leaving the idea of rape out intentionally) sexual state of that woman to a man, the man has no rights to it because the woman carries it? Let’s take this to it’s logical conclusion if this becomes a widespread thought (thank God even with all of the abortions occurring that it has not become as widespread as it could)… Instead of a civilization growing, you have a civilization diminishing. Socially, tell me what occurs with such a civilization?

  6. John Morlan says:

    I won’t personally attack you like others have in the comments. Left, right, or whatever lets have an intelligent discussion. Although I do agree with large portions of what you say I have to take issue with two things. One – the use of the term “Liberal” Liberal in the classical sense of the word meant something very different. Classical liberalism (think Thomas Jefferson) – a political belief in which primary emphasis is placed on securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the state. Today Liberal has the opposite of its original meaning – statism, authoritarianism, or market socialism – is a more apt description of today’s fake liberals. Two – I am not particularly religious and yet agree with a lot of the sentiments you expressed. You don’t have to be religious to have traditional values. I do enjoy reading your articles though and appreciate the time you put in. Keep up the good work!

  7. This shit is scary. It reminds me of a Hitler-era propaganda ad that is so unnatural but forced that it leaves a subtle lingering sense of dread to you average viewer.

  8. AthenaC says:

    You may or may not remember me on the abstinence post as someone who is not amused by various lies told by pro-abstinence folks (i.e. you are dysfunctional if you have sex before marriage).

    That being said, I really hated the ad shown. Health insurance is a serious issue, because it covers serious things – my kids’ immunizations, my stay in the hospital when I gave birth, the overnight hospital stay my baby boy had a couple months ago. And that’s just from my own life – I have audited many healthcare facilities, and I have seen that health insurance also pays for air ambulance pickups from literally any remote location in the state of Alaska, mental health care, cancer treatments, long-term acute care (like when someone needs to be on a ventilator), and myriad other things.

    This ad really trivializes a very serious issue – “Oh I’m totes getting insurance because it covers birth control!” Really? A million other infinitely more serious things that insurance covers and you’re selling it to people because of BIRTH CONTROL?! That’s the message you want to send?

    Here’s a clue: if that’s your attitude and decision process with regard to something so serious, then you’re not ready to be having sex, which compounds the issue with the ad.

    • Isaac says:

      Agreed on the trivial nature of the ad. But that’s the point of this particular blog post: This advertisement is a cynical expression of how some liberal culture-creators view young people. And that should be insulting to the young people.

      The assumption here is that young people are stupid, hedonistic, and shallow. Therefore, they will only enroll in Obamacare if the government promises them something of worth to them- namely, an opportunity to be stupid, hedonistic, and shallow, with fewer consequences and at a lower cost.

      Don’t really understand what you mean by “various lies told by pro-abstincence folks.” If you mean the facts of sociology- that abstinence generally leads to healthier and more fulfilling, well, everything…that’s not just something “pro-abstinence folks” woke up and decided to cut out of whole cloth. That’s what sociology says. Don’t blame the pro-abstincence folks.

      If you mean that Christians are literally saying that you’re “dysfunctional if you have sex before marriage” I doubt anyone has said any such thing. Dysfunctional implies that you can’t function in society. I think an accurate portrayal of their stance would be “you are sinning if you have sex before marriage, and it’s better not to.” In which case…that isn’t a lie, as it cannot be disproven.

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  12. Xavier O'Brien says:

    Honestly, I think you’re wrong in that – maybe it’s just the school I go to, but the three girls I’ve slept with have all been on the pill and they didn’t have anyone flinging accusations at them – if anything people were more relieved that they were taking an extra method of precaution (I know I was). And I have quite a few female friends that take the pill not for sexual purposes – it makes periods lighter and helps their complexion, among other things. (These girls are waiting till marriage, and one’s a lesbian, so I’m sure that the whole pre-marital sex thing isn’t an issue for them.) That being said, I thought this ad was pretty tacky, too. But personally, I’d rather help to pay for someone’s birth control pills and see them practicing safer sex than see them end up with a kid that they can’t afford to pay for. I know, someone will say ‘so just don’t have sex!’ but honestly, we had abstinence only education in my high school and we had some of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state. Education about safer sex methods I think are the only sure-fire way to bring down the teen pregnancy and STD epidemic – but I also think abstinence should be stressed as the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but for people who do choose to be sexually active, methods of contraception should be introduced and educated upon. But, I think that as long as the two (or more, who knows) individuals are coherent and realize what they’re doing and consent to it, that they should be able to be responsible adults and do as they choose. Waiting for marriage is okay – having sex before marriage is okay. Neither side should try to make the other feel bad. Rant over.

    • Sam says:

      I just wanted to mention how humorous I found the statement, “one’s a lesbian, so I’m sure that the whole pre-marital sex thing isn’t an issue for them.”

    • Isaac says:

      “Neither side should try to make the other feel bad” is an indefensible argument in favor of no one ever having a marketplace of ideas, ever.
      I understand what you’re trying to do- validate your own behavior and also avoid confrontation and discussion on the issue that might make you uncomfortable. But it is always intellectual and ethical suicide to declare a truce by saying “everything is okay, let’s just not disagree because feelings might get hurt.”

      There is objective reality in which we live, in which things have differing value and worth. Discussing and arguing is how humans get closer to the truth about what is valuable and what isn’t. It’s how we expose ourselves to new ideas. I don’t mean to make an extreme example, but you can defend anything by saying “let’s just not talk about it.” That was the primary defense of slavery for decades in America. The government put a moratorium on even discussion the issue in Congress, because it was an inflammatory issue. I think you know how that worked out.

  13. Heather says:

    I read Matt’s blogs because I enjoy his viewpoint on many subjects, love how he says what he believes and is not afraid to say it. And yes, I agree with most of what he writes. I will never understand, however, how so many people continuously read his material and don’t agree with anything he has to say. If I stumble upon something that offends me or I vehemently disagree with, I simply stop reading it. Why anger and torture yourselves? It’s sad that there are so many unhappy people nowadays…

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