The positive side of Obamacare that Fox News doesn’t want you to see

I must make a confession.

I was wrong.

I admit it. I am guilty.

I’ve written about Obamacare a few times. Selfishly, shortsightedly — like the partisan propagandist that I am — all I’ve done is concentrate on the NEGATIVE stories and the BAD things about Obamacare. Duped, I suppose, by Fox News and the Koch Brothers, I only thought about the millions of people who are facing skyrocketing premiums, canceled insurance plans, and loss of employment as a direct result of Obama’s health care legislation. I even went so far as to give these people a platform to tell their stories (The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives).

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people emailed to tell me how they are suffering because of Obamacare. But, as many liberals have reminded me, these folks were all lying. Or they’re mistaken. They’re reading letters from their insurance companies that say things like, “we’re canceling your plan because it doesn’t fit ACA regulations” — but they’re mistaken. Just because their insurance company is explicitly informing them that they are losing their coverage because of Obamacare, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily losing their coverage because of Obamacare. They could be misinterpreting. Or they’re delusional. Something. They must be something. Anything. Anything to explain why it appears that Obama lied. Anything other than pondering the possibility that it looks like he lied because he did, in fact, lie.

Oh! I know. I know what’s going on here: these people are agents under the employ of Sean Hannity, sent to make up stories about how their children are now uninsured due to a law that was sold as a means to make sure no child would go uninsured. They’re usurpers. Spies. Traitors. GUARDS, SEIZE THEM!

I see it now. Thank you for showing me the light, dear left wingers. I apologize. How could I have been pulled in by these fraudsters? Besides, even if their stories ARE true, what about the POSITIVE impact of Obamacare? Many folks have reached out, not with positive stories themselves per se, but insisting that there MUST be positive stories out there somewhere.

They’re right. I mean, sure, millions of Americans are being put in a bind because of this thing, but their misfortune has proven profitable for a small number of citizens and a large number of insurance executives. When will THEY get THEIR day in the Sun? When will SOMEONE talk about the GOOD things Obamacare is doing? It’s like when there’s a hurricane or a tornado or something. All of a sudden everyone is going on and on about the “victims” of the “catastrophe,” yet nobody ever discusses the GOOD aspects of natural disasters. Sure, families are driven out of their homes, but think about the positive side of that. Think about how well it works out for squatters and looters. If the news wanted to be balanced and fair, they’d report on the carnage this way: “Here we have the Smith family. Their home was rendered unlivable by the storm. But over HERE we’ve got a man named Jake. The mandatory evacuation gave him the perfect opportunity to steal the Smith’s TV. While some are kind of bummed in the aftermath of the hurricane, guys like Jake are really pretty pumped about the whole thing.”

See? That’s called “showing both sides of the story.”

So, you got your hours cut, your plan canceled, and the cost of life saving medication for your diabetic son suddenly skyrocketed? And you’re complaining about this? You unbelievable narcissist! Did you ever consider how your pain and suffering could be really helpful to some strangers across town?

I’ve had enough of this biased nonsense. It’s time that SOMEONE (besides the President of the United States, dozens of government agencies, Democrats, ABC, NBC, CBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Hollywood) put a spotlight on the benefits of Obamacare. To atone for my past malfeasance, I’ll get the ball rolling.

Here are The Three Best Things About Obamacare:

1. Obamacare ensures that no single male will ever go without maternity care again.

We’ve all heard this sort of tale a billion times. A young single guy, in college, studying hard, planning for the future, and then, one day — BOOM — everything changes. He starts to feel kind of strange. He wakes up most mornings with severe nausea. He misses his period. Finally, he goes to CVS and picks up a pregnancy test. Oh Lord, it’s positive. He’s having a baby. Young, single, pregnant, a dude — it’s the oldest story in the book. Until Obamacare, this pregnant fella would likely find that his insurance, shockingly, didn’t include maternity coverage.

But things will be different now. Under the Affordable Care Act, EVERY insurance plan for EVERY American must include the “Ten Essential Health Benefits.” One of the items on that list, thankfully, is maternity and newborn care. That means all humans, whether they be dudes, or menopausal women, or the elderly, must pay for a health plan that covers them in case they get pregnant. If their current plan doesn’t include that sort of coverage — because they’re brazenly assuming that the fact that they’re a man, or 90 years old, would somehow preclude them from ever needing it — their health insurance will be canceled. Better to have no insurance than insurance that is specific to your own needs and desires, am I right?

President Obama said at least 23 times on camera, “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” But anyone who isn’t a Tea Partying anarchist understands what he CLEARLY meant when he said that. He meant “you,” as in, the universal “you.” As in, “we.” As in, “the collective.” As in, “the government.” So, if you take the blinders off and open your mind, you’ll read it like this: “if the government likes your plan, you can keep it.” Remember, there are no individuals in Obama’s America. We are all a part of the Uniformed Collective. YOU — you, specifically — can’t necessarily purchase coverage that works for you, specifically, because it might not work for your neighbor. And then where do we end up? Everyone is just running around all over the place, buying goods and services according to their needs and wishes? That’s CHAOS. CHAOS, I tell you.

Let me give you an example of the horrors of free will and liberty. The other day I was strolling the parking lot of my apartment complex, looking for someone who could drive me to the liquor store. This guy walked by with his wife. I went up to him and asked if I could get a ride. Do you know what he said? You’ll never believe this. He said: “No, sorry, our car is only a two passenger vehicle. There’s no room for you.” Outrageous! Naturally, I shot back: “How dare you! How could you selfishly go out and buy a car that specifically fits your lifestyle? Did you consult with ME before making this decision? What about ME? What about what I want you to buy? WHAT ABOUT ME?!” Then he maced me in the face and hurried away.

Jerk. I hope he crashed.

No, I’m kidding.

But really, I hope he crashed.

2. Obamacare brings about economic justice by punishing rich people.

Obamacare isn’t making everyone happy, I admit. Plenty of rich folks are mighty upset. But those wealthy aristocrats deserve to be taken down a peg or two. This is what redistribution is all about, and, make no mistake, Obamacare is nothing but a redistributive entitlement program. This is another thing we must keep in mind when we hear the prattling from the peanut gallery about how the ACA has “hurt” them. They are the one-percenters. Here, I’ll show you.

These are a few more real stories from people who emailed to complain about Obamacare. Listen to these rich elitists whine:

From Steve:

“We are dairy famers–for us, that means our food is whole and we get one heck of a lot of exercise working 14-18 hour days, 365 days a year. Unpredictable farm prices have made us, by choice, live very frugally in order to make and save money to remain working in a business we love. We never had cell phones, cable television, or high speed internet service. I’ve had the same sofa in my living room for 20 years. We’ve never owned a new vehicle. Most of our farm equipment is used. We milk in a tie-stall barn and feed using wheelbarrows. We chose not to buy health insurance because it would have cost our family of 5 nearly $1000/mo with $5,000 per person deductible and $20% copay after that, which we would never meet
because we rarely got sick. What we chose to do was to shunt away that money instead. We squirreled away the $12,000 we would have spent in premiums over the year, plus another $5,000 we would have had to have
spent to meet one person’s deductible, to use for medical expenses. At the end of the year, we took what was left of that money and invested it for use in our children’s educations and our retirement, and
started again for the next year… Now our choice to live this way is gone. We now pay $800/mo with a $6,000 per person deductible for insurance we don’t have time to use…”

Dairy farming oligarchs, thinkin’ they can get away with not buying insurance. Sorry, ain’t happenin’. Now buy this thing you don’t want, or pay a fine. Don’t like it? Too bad, Thurston Howell.

Here’s another one from someone who wished to remain anonymous:

“This year I graduated from college, got a great job as a nurse at a wonderful hospital, bought a house, got a dog, and for the first time in 2 years got awesome affordable health insurance for me and my wife. Our premium is low, co-pays are very affordable and prescription medications that my wife needs are practical and a lot more reasonably priced.But all of that is going away. The plan I am currently on is being dissolved and replaced with a much more cut down version. Not only that but the price will go up from $112 per paycheck to $187 PLUS a $50 per paycheck premium for my wife staying on the insurance as well. Well over double what we’ve been paying. We are barely out of being considered in the “poverty level” (I’m talking by a few hundred dollars) so were considered middle class. I have 50k in student loans, a mortgage and a very small car loan. Even with all our debt and bills we can still save $600 a month. With those new health care that would cut our savings in half.”

These fat cats and their “jobs” and their “income” and their “homes” and their “dogs.” Time to pay the piper, Gordon Gekko.

Here’s one from a woman named Angie:

“My husband and I have 4 children. He is a special education teacher and a coach. I am a stay at home mom/student. We are also foster parents, licensed in the state of Washington. Our adjusted gross income last year was $58k… We are on a very, very tight budget. My husband’s insurance through his work covers himself and our 4 kids for not too bad of a rate – so far (approx $350-mo). I haven’t heard yet what the new rates for next year will be but I am bracing myself for the increase.

Unfortunately, to add me to his plan would literally cost an additional $600-$700 per month – money that we just don’t have. So, I have had insurance through Washington State’s Basic Health Plan. It provided affordable basic health (as the name implies) insurance. And because we are foster parents, we get it at an especially reduced rate. I literally pay only $17 per month. This is great for me. I am healthy, and never go to the doctor anyway other than for check ups.

Well, now, thanks to Obamacare, Basic Health is going bye-bye at the end of the year. I am now FORCED to pay $268 per month for crap, crap, CRAPPY insurance with a ginormous deductible. OR (drumroll please) pay a $95 fine for the first year. Guess which I will be choosing?

So now, not only have I lost the good, affordable insurance that I DID have, but I now get to pay a fine to NOT have insurance.”

It’s always the same group at every cocktail party: stock brokers, lawyers, corporate executives, special education teachers. And now one of THEM wants us to feel SORRY because they’re forced to go without insurance, and then pay a fine because of it? Too bad, Scrooge McDuck.

Obamacare: helping the poor and the middle class.

3. Obamacare gives people choices.

As a newly minted liberal, I love choice. We are huge fans of choice. But there’s something about choice that you need to understand: choice requires control. Choice and control go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, or eugenics and Planned Parenthood. What happens if people are given an uncontrolled choice? Well, nothing. Nothing except CHAOSANARCHYCANNIBALISMZOMBIESDEATHDESTRUCTIONLARGESODAS. We liberals enjoy the sort of choices that you find in places like, say, prisons. I hear the super max down the street gives inmates the CHOICE of chicken or beef for dinner, and the CHOICE of getting shenked in the yard or shenked in the cell, and the choice of complying with the officer’s demands or getting tear gassed and beaten bloody. The liberal vision is to take this strategy and bring it to the masses.

So Obamacare gives you CHOICES. It gives you a choice between getting insurance you can’t afford and don’t want, or being fined; a choice between purchasing insurance that includes the Ten Essential Health Benefits, or insurance that includes the Five Essential Health Benefits plus another Five Essential Health benefits; and a choice between keeping your existing plan, or not keeping your existing plan because it was abolished by bureaucrats in DC. Choices. So many choices. Choices with a little dash of governmental control. You mix those two ingredients in a pot and you get one heck of a delicious meal.



See? Don’t let anyone ever tell you that there’s nothing good about Obamacare.


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321 Responses to The positive side of Obamacare that Fox News doesn’t want you to see

  1. Jake says:

    There are many things that Obama did that I don’t like. The NSA spying, drone attacks, and the attacks on the 2nd ammendment. Health care in this country is in such a state that unless your are wealthy you HAVE to have insurance. If you ever been to the hopital before or the emergency room you know what I’m talking about. If any part of this country should be socialized, it should be healthcare because profit mongering to the expense of the suffering of others is just sick… pardon the pun. If we focused our aggressive military into one of defense I’m sure the country could afford many social improvement programs. Sense we wont we got this joke called obamacare. Whatever.

    • Kay says:

      Nothing should be socialized in this country and that includes healthcare or any other social program. A little bit of socialism gets turned into a lot of socialism very quickly.

      • Cindy Lou Who says:

        I need a ‘Like’ button for Kay’s comment!! AMEN SISTA!!

      • Kay says:

        God forbid we do something like take care of our fellow man or further expect our government to take care of infrastructure. Public services — police force, fight department, prisons, etc. — lets privatize all of that. If you can’t pay for it out of your own pocket, you don’t deserve it anyway; listen here, Americans, if you can’t pay for police protection, you deserve to be raped and murdered because I don’t want to be mistaken for a socialist. I don’t want my money wasted holding prisoners — I want it privatized so that private companies make a profit off of mistreating prisoners, have no oversight, and can use that profit to lobby my representatives into creating harsher sentencing for lesser crimes — or better yet, let me build my own jail cell in my house and skip the middle man. Also, I’ll be taking care of all my own road, freeway, highway, streetlight, and sign repair — of course according to my own rules because I don’t want to engage in a socialist system where I have to abide by the rules of some socialist overlord who wants my stop sign to conform to some democrat idea of what a stop sign should look like — because, you know, when there’s a little bit of socialism it gets turned into a lot of socialism very quickly and we wouldn’t want to be accused of caring about the health and welfare of other people outside of my bank account.

        • JIMBJIMB says:

          big difference between tax for reasonable services and socialism. that’s how our revolution started… ‘Taxation Without Representation’. The King would just put a tax on anything he wanted and redistribute anyway he wanted. Of course there should be tax contributions for police, infrastructure, military and a net for those who are truly needy. But you can’t tell me all the people getting free phones, free rent, free food, free drugs, free medical, free this and free that are all desperately needy. In fact, many of these working the system are living better than the working folks who beat their ass into the ground everyday and lucky to have a penny to show for it. Did you happen to see the story of the IRS workers in Washington that are commuting to work by PLANE every day? this government needs a giant enema (both parties). We have become enslaved and taxed without representation. Remember, every dollar in taxes to local governments you get 90% in value back. Every dollar in taxes to the state you get 70-80% back. Every dollar to the feds you get 50% back. Keep tax revenues closer to home where its easier to bounce the soundrels out of their collective asses vs trying to impeach on a federal level. The fed NEEDS to be investigated and audited. only then will you realize how screwed we are. We are pissing billions of dollars down the drain everyday…not to the needy, but to the greedy…and corrupt.

      • Jake says:

        What a flippant reply. Nice.

      • Joe says:

        Where’s the Like button for Kay’s comment?

      • Dan says:

        Ah, the old slippery slope fallacy.

        Health care is socialized in many non-communist countries. Take Canada. The free market purrs along nicely while the poor don’t pay a cent for basic health care.

    • The wealthy and the poor are STILL the only one that benefit from healthcare without a worry and why is that? Because the Middle class are working their fannies off to provide for the greed on both ends.

      Stretched to the limits in Oklahoma.

  2. jcoles says:

    .. love well done satire … I just put Matt’s radio on my play list. I am impressed.

  3. james lewis says:

    It used to be “Taxation Without Representation”, however, now it is “Representation Without Taxation” as more than 50% in the U.S. pay no taxes, but they still get to vote…

  4. Ren says:


  5. Just saying says:

    Let me cite my teacher:
    America? A developed country? Not regarding healthcare. The philippines are more developed…

  6. Sue Herring says:

    and we just let OB just keep getting away with this. Why? Elect all new house and senate and get rid of OBAMA.

  7. Mariana says:

    Totally hilarious. I laughed out loud through the entire thing! So much better than being depressed about Obamacare. Thanks… I really needed that.

  8. Eric says:

    You have the right to nationally provided healthcare.
    You have the right to choose a healthcare provider of your own.
    If you do not choose a healthcare provider, one will be chosen for you.
    Do you understand your rights as I have described them to you?

  9. I laughed so hard I cried! Or maybe I was crying because this year DH could afford to pay the cost of our health insurance for our family of five and next year we’ll probably be cancelled by BCBS. They told me they have a plan in AZ with all of TWO people on it. They pay way too much but BCBS won’t cancel them because they’ve had them for so long and as long as the people want to continue to pay for each other’s health care expenses, they plan to keep them. In AZ, BCBSAZ plans to keep everyone that they can even though they could make more by having us move to Obamacare. Greedy bastards!

  10. For all those that are against socialism, I hope that you decide to forfeit collecting social security (a socialist idea) And for those that will use the excuse “But I paid into it” in order to collect, then by all means collect…but only the amount that you put in, and then stop.

    • Don W says:

      And for all those that are for socialism, I hope that you decide (a) to contribute everything you possibly can to the collective’s social programs, keeping nothing for yourself beyond your basic needs (“from each according to her ability”), (b) to forfeit collecting social security at any and every point when you no longer have needs (“to each according to her need”), and (c ) to be content when leaders like President Bush are in charge of the collective and make decisions for you about what your needs are.

      • “What would this world be like if we were to put others before ourselves?”

        “Maybe the one thing that keeps us from solving all of the other problems in the world is the persistent thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it’s time to change that thought.”
        – Jeff Lieberman’s TedTalk at TEDx in Cambridge 2011

        • Isaac says:

          What does putting others before yourself have to do with handing over your ability to do so to a corrupt and inefficient government?

    • David Smith says:

      Don’t you think you ought to be able to collect not only what you put into it (what you LOANED the gov’t) but also some interest on that loan?

      • “What would this world be like if we were to put others before ourselves?”

        “Maybe the one thing that keeps us from solving all of the other problems in the world is the persistent thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it’s time to change that thought.”
        – Jeff Lieberman’s TedTalk at TEDx in Cambridge 2011

    • mathjazz says:

      If by forfeiting collecting Social Security I could end it for everyone, I would. People pay much more into the program than they can get out of it, they would be better off putting the money in a bank for their retirement. We need to stop the cycle.

      • JIMBJIMB says:

        Most people would fare better by investing their money into a 401k/IRA than into SS. Then they could use their own money and wouldn’t have to be dependent on the gov.

      • “What would this world be like if we were to put others before ourselves?”

        “Maybe the one thing that keeps us from solving all of the other problems in the world is the persistent thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it’s time to change that thought.”
        – Jeff Lieberman’s TedTalk at TEDx in Cambridge 2011

    • Stan Pippin says:

      Social security may have been a socialist idea. That is one way to look at it.
      But it turned into a gigantic, government run PONZI scheme. It will end no better than Madoff’s scheme, except those responsible in our government won’t go to jail.

      • “What would this world be like if we were to put others before ourselves?”

        “Maybe the one thing that keeps us from solving all of the other problems in the world is the persistent thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it’s time to change that thought.”
        – Jeff Lieberman’s TedTalk at TEDx in Cambridge 2011

    • Jack says:

      Jenna, We can see the future by looking at the past. Do a true thurough study of socialism and capitalism. You will find that socialistic governments have never survived. They always fail. You keep repeating, “What would this world be like if we were to put others before ourselves?”. Study all the help that has gone to starving and hurting people around the world over the last 100 years. Where did it come from. The funds initially came from capitalism. Socialism does not generate money. Any money that ever came out of social security came from funds that were generated by capitalism. You turn this country into a socialistic country and where will the money to help the hurting and starving people all over the world come from. People think that capitalists are greedy. Capitalists know that without a profit, there is no money to give.

      • Stan Pippin says:

        The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jenna, I think you are right on. However, I know several people who spent years paying into social security and, unfortunately, are not going to get out of it what they put in. Probably would have been better spent invested, or even just saved. Too bad things work out that way.

  12. You could also mention all of the problems associated with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) which effectively forces hospitals to provide treatment to everyone, and results in hospitals and healthy care providers pushing all of the costs onto people who have insurance. But that wasn’t signed by Obama so nevermind…..

  13. Joe says:

    You get what you vote for.

  14. nquinby says:

    To add to your repetoire of negative stories–my husband is a Type 1 Diabetic and an asthmatic. These past few years we’ve heard Obama say a lot of things about ‘helping people with pre-existing conditions’ and making healthcare more affordable for the ‘middle class’. Well, the results we’ve seen, concretely, are higher deductibles, higher co-pays, a cap on our Flexible Spending Account, etc. We used the FAS to cover the hundreds of dollars a month we have to spend on diabetes alone. In 2012 we put $4500 aside in it and used it all, plus more. This year, Obama’s administration put a cap on FSA’s of $2500; for the second half of this year our healthcare costs have been out-of-pocket. A liberal-minded friend of ours chastised us for complaining about higher costs, told us we were selfish and reminded us that he makes sacrifices too. He lives in a small apartment. He drives an older car. Somehow, those things pale in comparison to the fact that my husband, now a sacrificial lamb for socialized healthcare, has reduced his appointments to diabetes specialists, has eliminated visits to the asthma-doc, and yet pays more for his healthcare. It’s not working. And Obamacare definitely isn’t helping us.

    • Sarah says:

      Another Type 1 diabetic here! As it turns out, thanks to Obama’s lowering of the FSA cap, my husband and I had to decide between insulin pump supplies and getting his teeth fixed this year.

      We used the full $4,500 last year as well, and with two months left to go in this year, have killed the reduced amount.

      • nquinby says:

        So glad to hear from you! It’s nice to commiserate! We just did the same thing–my husband also needs dental work but since the cost is thousands of $ out of pocket, we had to put it off to order the pump stuff, insulin, and strips. It boggles my mind that my friend could basically tell us, “Well, too bad, we’re all getting mediocre care now but at least we’re ALL getting care!” The logic escapes me.

  15. rex anderson says:

    insurance is a service, not a right.
    Before health insurance, people paid their bills, now everyone wants out of paying their bills.

  16. Lynn says:

    I was worried about reading this blog post until I read your point #1, “Obama-care ensures that no single male will ever go without maternity care again.” Absolutely hilarious, I had to walk away from the computer to calm down! As a college student at a liberal university, I am so glad to read a blog written and followed by like-minded people who realize Obama-care is equivalent to NoCare. Thanks for the truth, the laughs, and the encouragement!

  17. Eloise says:

    So I guess you’re planning on being celebate the rest of your life. It takes two to tango, why should the mother be the only one paying for childbirth? My first child had to be born by C-Section because he was breach. That made maternity for me a pre-existing condition. I had to pay for the other 3 kids out of pocket, even though they were born naturally. So your answer would be to not have any more kids, I suppose. Obamacare has flaws, I’ll admit. But the way our insurance companies rule health care in our country has to be changed. Suddenly I’m reading how wonderful people feel about their present insurance–really???? I’m happy I’ve been able to change mine finally.

  18. ummmyeahno says:

    >.> so yeah, have any of you ACTUALLY shopped the market? or are you just talking out of your butt’s? the fine for not having insurance is like $95 or if the lowest insurance premium exceeds 8% of your income your exempt from the fine. The tactics insurance providers are currently using to force people into insanely high premiums is being investigated and the real issue. In a few states the companies are being heavily fined and all customers are being released from said contracts. Universal healthcare is a good idea and one pretty much every other first world country uses. At this point “screw you, your not me, only im important” will have to be pushed aside. We should be caring for everyone’s health as a whole. Instead were persist on claiming that we should make money on LITERALLY the pain and suffering of others. If that idea alone doesn’t turn your stomach, your a selfish and ultimately horrible individual in my eyes and i hope a day comes along that proves you are and were a fool for thinking this way. THINK PEOPLE!!!! for yourself!!! stop being lazy, get off your ass and do the leg work yourself. If something SCARES you find out how it really works, only SHEEP blindly follow another to the slaughter…are you sheep or can you think?

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, actually, I have shopped the marketplace, and my premium is going to more than double to keep the same benefits I have to get all my insulin and other supplies. And a good friend of the family is having their premium almost triple. But thanks for playing!

  19. Joe Reich says:

    This bitch’s blog SUCKS!!! Where is the move to impeach!!! Please see Andrew McCarthy’ latest column in the National Review and then you will understand!!!
    Please see:

  20. Mark Riley says:

    Jeez. What a hateful post. I come from a country with socialised health care…. in fact a fellow Welshman Aneurin Bevan was instrumental in advocating and implementing it. Fortunately for us when we implemented it we had no complications with unscrupulous insurance companies profiteering from what is a basic human right – the right to health care. Unfortunately for the US you have commercialised health care and allowed capitalism to dictate who and what services can be obtained. Unpicking that in the US is difficult but we pray for the day when the US opens it’s eyes and there are enough advocates for a ‘centralised national health insurance system’ and private medical insurance is optional rather than the ‘only’ way people can access their basic human right to health services. Our system is not perfect but I am extremely proud that everyone pays a percentage of their salary that contribute to the whole. Until I moved abroad for work I was proud to pay 40%+ tax, paid into a private medical scheme and paid my national insurance and other taxes. Of course these taxes helped people who could not or even would not work or contribute…. but that is the cost of a society which puts people above profits of corporations and have no problem with it.

    While Obamacare will be constantly revised and critiqued to address the many anomalies I am amazed at some of the comments. Truly amazed.

    • Stan Pippin says:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Do you even know, Mark Riley, where that quote comes from? Since when do we have the RIGHT to healthcare, a mobile phone, food stamps and a “living wage.” These are things that must be earned, not given by someone else unless they do it charitably.

      You should go back to Wales or wherever you’ve come from while the socialism there is still alive. It won’t last forever. Eventually they’ll run out of other people’s money.

      • JIMBJIMB says:

        Mark Riley and others, this is the basic problem with education in our country. A lot of people, especially younger and recent immigrants have no idea what our country stands for. As Stan pointed out, health care is NOT A RIGHT in our country. That being said, Americans do a better job of taking care of those WITHOUT health care than any other country in the world. Go ride by any emergency room in America. They treat you first before finding out if you can pay. We also have Medicaid, numerous local/state aid programs and numerous private foundation programs for free medicine, care and prescriptions. The large majority of Americans love our medical care. They know we have the best doctors in the world and that they can get care here faster than any other country. Most know good health care costs. Many are satisfied with paying a larger share of their own health care, with insurance to cover the catastrophic, unexpected. Obama has taken that away from us by insisting that all plans coverage EVERYTHING including abortion, birth control, etc. WE DON’T WANT THAT. And I , for one, don’t want a single dime of my money to pay for the killing of an innocent in abortion. Although I believe that is between a person and God, I don’t want to pay for it. Stan’s post was not uncaring or unfeeling or mean spirited. He, and I, and others like us are sick and tired of the ‘rights’ and ‘I deserve this’ folks who don’t understand what this Country was founded on or why. You don’t have to go back to Wales, but you do need a good course on US history.

      • Thelma Moore says:

        Very well put!!! I am 76 years old and remember quite well when practically no one had health insurance. We only went to the doctor, dentist, or hospital if it was totally necessary. Now I don’t advocate going back to that but we have gone totally overboard on all the socialist practices we are embracing. Free cell phones? should not be. Free healthcare? absolutely not. Food stamps? never. Living wage? Only if one works for it. I firmly believe that anyone who has a cell phone should pay for it. I actually have no objection to helping those who cannot help themselves but since there is no oversight, I fail to see how that can be determined unless it is someone one knows personally. And all these freebies are the reason that couples live together and have children. We pay their insurance for childbirth and everything else required. WIC is a very wasteful program. If there is a family who uses all the milk, etc. provided, I would like to hear about it. I could go on and on but it would be pointless so I will just add that socialist governments don’t last.

        • Christie says:

          Living wage only for those who work? Well, of course, anyone who works should earn a living wage! Here in Canada, the minimum wage is about $10.00 an hour. Even better, would be $12.00 an hour! As for healthcare being a right… well.. any decent society takes care of its citizens…ensuring a roof over their heads, food in their stomaches, clothes on their back, education to be able to change their economic situation (and benefit the economy of the country) and to be HEALTHY! Sorry, but NO ONE EXCEPT THE RICH can afford to pay for something as routine as giving birth. How much does that cost in the states? 10,000? 15,000? I don’t have that kind of money! If a heart surgery cost only $250 bucks, sure no problem. Who in the world can pay for a $250,000 medical procedure? It is in a country’s BEST interests to have healthy and educated citizens. For the life of me, I cannot understand how Americans find it acceptable to have families living in their cars or in tents (after the millions of foreclosures), people who have no health insurance or EXORBITANT health bills, and universities that cost tens of thousands of dollars (which again only the rich can afford!!) That will only breed frustration, discontent and VIOLENCE!

      • Kay says:

        So there are no homeless in Canada? I guess Canada is on its way to frustration, discontent and VIOLENCE. Check this out. Also check out this one. Looks like you have many of the same problems we do.

        • Stan Pippin says:

          Excellent, Kay! Keep it real. Christie doesn’t have to like the USA. But that’s not an excuse to distort the facts about the USA or Canada.
          Again, let me say we do not have the RIGHT to any kind of insurance, a home, a job or a “living wage.” We have the RIGHT to liberty. Almost every law that is enacted chips away our liberty. To paraphrase Ben Franklin: Anyone willing to trade liberty to gain security deserves neither and will lose both.

      • Christie says:

        I read the article you posted, and it didn’t mention families… it talked about homeless youth, aboriginals and single men… I stated in my comment that I couldn’t understand how FAMILIES in the US are living out of their cars. I stand by my comment that it is in a country’s best interest to have healthy, educated citizens. I would rather live in a country that is FREE and CARES about its citizens.

      • ritchietheriveter says:

        Christie, ever consider that the best way to care for your fellow man/woman, is to keep the way clear for him/her to find the best answers for THEM … instead of imposing your answers upon them, as though you know EVERYTHING about them, and disallowing all other alternatives to those answers?

        Especially when that imposition will be funded by reducing others’ ability to find their own answers, as well?

        And what are they going to do with your answers, when resources get tight and the Powers That Be decide that meeting their needs when they need to be met is not in the “public interest”?

        We’ve already seen a little of what happens, here “down South”, when your nation operates under that paradigm … y’all come here. Where are we to go, should our Powers That Be decide to adopt that paradigm … probably, irrevocably?

        • Stan Pippin says:

          Ritchie – It’s obvious that Christie, even though she knows nothing about us, thinks we don’t CARE because we don’t agree with her view of the function of government. The lefties always pull this CARING business out, just like they pull the race card. The fact that I am anti-Obamacare has nothing to do with CARING. It has to do with my idea about liberty and keeping the government out of our lives. There are literally countless private assistance alternatives for the poor and the homeless. But a huge percentage of the homeless have mental illnesses – they won’t be pulling out their MacBooks and signing up for Obamacare. Reality is a bitter pill that the liberals just can’t swallow. But the folks that support the Oliver Gospel Mission and the Harvest Hope Food Bank here in Columbia, SC understand reality all too well. All cities have numerous PRIVATE help agencies available – and they do a far better job of helping the needy than the government will ever do. That’s because that is their goal, their mission – in contrast to Obamacare, which is not about healthcare, but about income redistribution. Obamacare is about furthering the socialist goals and expanding government.
          By the way, the other day I passed a car wash that had a sign out front – “We accept EBT”
          So folks can get their car washed with their food stamps. Then I guess they go to the Harvest Hope Food Bank to get what they need to feed their family.

        • Christie says:

          I do know a bit about the USA. Not everything, but certainly not nothing. Perhaps tell me the cost of (strictly) tuition for one semester at your state university, and your personal monthly premium for healthcare, I will honestly tell you if I could afford that. At this point, our budget allows us to live simply but comfortably, and have cash for unexpected things like car and home repairs. We never buy on credit. —– I also believe in freedom and the gov’t not regulating everything: examples, I should be able to homeschool my child if I wish, buy unpasteurized milk, and not wear my seatbelt if I don’t want to (that would be stupid, but it would be my choice)! There are many abuses of welfare here, which absolutely frustrates me to no end, but no society is perfect and never will be. It’s still in a country’s best interest to have healthy and educated citizens, no?

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  38. Amber says:

    I generally enjoy your blogs and find them to be well reasoned, this one, however, I did not care for. I don’t support all parts of the “affordable care act” and I have mixed feelings about the government being involved in healthcare at all. However, the legislation passed for a reason. There ARE some parts of the new law that benefit people. I happen to be one of those people (and I’m willing to admit that my benefit from the new law is part of why I have “mixed feelings”). At this very moment I don’t have health insurance. My husband lost his job, and even though he got another job within about two weeks of having lost his (only by the grace of God), his new health insurance benefits won’t kick in for a few months. In the meantime, our family of 3 living on 1 income can’t afford the $1300/month cobra payments to continue previous coverage. We could just go without insurance until the new benefits kick in, except that my husband and I have “chronic illnesses” and between the two of us, the meds alone cost nearly $4000/month. No, I didn’t do drugs. I’m not a prostitute. I didn’t commit a sin to deserve the disease as so many seem to think. (Even if I had though, I don’t believe that God works that way- I really have a problem with people who believe that disease is a direct result of a person’s sin). I saved myself for marriage. My husband made some choices in college that he regrets and had no idea that he had contracted the disease- then after marriage, gave it to me. He works hard for a living, as did I until we had our precious daughter. Now I stay at home with her. If you know much about insurance, you know that there are waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. So, if we go 4 months without insurance, then even after getting insurance, we would have to wait at least another 4 months before the company would cover our meds and regular appointments for disease management. Currently, its near impossible to get an insurance plan to cover us and the few that exist cost way more than any normal person could afford ( I checked in a desperate attempt to NOT have to go off meds). The Affordable Care Act changes that. It means that in the future, if this happens again, we can get insurance. We can’t be denied because of our health. We can’t be charged an exorbitant amount because of our health. With meds we have a chance at a normal, healthy life. That’s what Obamacare gives us. The “unalienable right” mentioned in the declaration of independence of life is what Obamacare gives my husband and I. NO, I don’t love the rest of Obamacare. However, the reason the individual mandate exists is to balance the cost- if only people who NEED insurance flood the market, then the cost will skyrocket- in theory, if EVERYONE joins the market, then the cost should remain reasonable. I’m not saying that this is fair or constitutional or anything like that. I’m just saying that the law IS doing SOMEONE good.It passed because everyone agreed that there needed to be a change in the healthcare industry because sick people shouldn’t be capitalized on. How to fix the system can be argued all day, but at the end, this is what we have for now. I believe that the mocking tone of this blog is contradictory to how God commands us to live our lives as believers. The bible very clearly instructs us to honor all people. You don’t have to like what the government is doing, but you do have to show respect to those in authority over us. There is a way to dissent respectfully, and this was not it.

    • Kay says:

      Amber, while I understand your pain, it is not the government’s job to provide insurance to you and your family. Why should EVERYONE have to buy something so others premiums are cheaper? Just because a law benefits SOMEONE does not mean it is a good thing. Would it be good thing if a law was passed that everyone pay more, say $50,000 more for a house so others could buy a house cheaper? How about the same for a car? Let’s add a tax of $10,000 to the price of a car so that others could afford a new car themselves. Surely this would benefit SOMEONE. Let’s mandate a tax for all those who don’t own a house now so that others who are struggling can now buy a house or do the same for a car. That is exactly what Obamacare does.

      Ironically, this law will make it so some who stay at home with their child now might have to go to work to be able to afford the increase in premiums they will have to pay so that you can afford to stay home with your child and get your insurance. I don’t believe Christ expects others to have an even greater burden to provide for your insurance. While there are parts of Obamacare that are good, it doesn’t justify mandating that all have to buy something. To enslave someone to benefit ourselves is not Christlike.

      Your assumption the Bible says to honor all people is not true. If you lived back in the 30’s and 40’s, would you have honored Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin? Would you have honored those who stoned the early Christians? In our day, do you honor or have honored Muammar Gaddafi, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and Mao Zedongnd?

    • Christie says:

      I totally agree that the system as it was, was not acceptable. To have to pay $4000 for life-saving drugs is so beyond crazy, that it doesn’t even compute with me. Who can afford that except the very very rich? I talk about the Canadian system in my posts above. Such an uncomplicated and efficient system. Not perfect… but no fear of being denied!! No fear of being refused treatment!! No fear of going bankrupt! In response to Kay… please think about this: having a car is not a matter of life and death. People can takes buses, or buy old cars. Owning a house is not a question of life and death. People can rent homes or apartments. But healthcare IS a question of LIFE AND DEATH. Again, for the life of me, I cannot fathom why a country would allow its citizens to die because they cannot afford a life-saving treatment or surgery?? You do know that the US is the only developed nation in the WORLD that does not have socialzed medicine? And my heart goes out to people like Amber.

    • Angela says:

      Have you tested out your theory yet? From reports of people trying to get healthcare apparently the ‘can’t be denied cause of preexisting conditions’ part, isn’t always true either. There are people who are getting denied or outrageous premiums (say like $4000/mo or something else ridiculous) for their preexisting conditions. Just checkin’, cuz although that sounds great for you, I guess it isn’t working for everybody. And it didn’t pass because enough of us thought it was great, it passed because of corruption by lawmakers who hadn’t even read the stupid thing.

    • Isaac says:

      As a poor person, I am probably going to benefit directly from Obamacare. But seeing what this law does to the middle class, many of whom are friends of mine, I am HORRIFIED by Obamacare, and don’t want it. I will be benefiting at their expense, and they, unlike me, have families with kids. For many of them, Obamacare will destroy their ability to save for the future, force them to fire employees of their small businesses, and in many cases, force them to stop giving to charity.

      I am disgusted that our President thinks that I am going to celebrate being given something at my neighbor’s expense. I can make my own way just fine. I will be paying the fine this year, rather than greedily going online to find out what “benefits” I qualify for because I’m broke.

  39. Sherrie says:

    Men do need to pay for maternity and new born care. The last time I checked a woman needs a man to get her pregnant. Do you know what I am paying for in my policy that I will never use? Insurance in case some guy gets prostate cancer. I don’t have a prostate. But my dad does, and my son. And your mom has a uterus and so do your sisters. So stop crying about men paying for women’s birth control. I would be happy to see a vasectomy thrown in for any man that wants one. Which by the way men who love their wives should do. Because for a woman to have her tubes tied requires anesthesia, an OR and a painful recovery. For a man it is 1 snip and a stitch and an ice pack and a beer on the couch. It’s certainly the economically friendlier choice! Having children and everything that goes along with it is not just a woman’s responsibility.

    • JIMBJIMB says:

      spoken like a true communist. I also think everyone who buys a car should have to pay for a radio and heated seats whether they use it or want it or not. Because there are some people that need a heated seat. And we’re all in this together right.

      • Sherrie says:

        And the car argument is just plain stupid. Why? Because a car is an object, one that many don’t need or choose to live without. Personally, I have never owned a vehicle that had anything fancier than a tape deck. I find pricey vehicles to be unnecessary. But everyone regardless of age, race, sex needs access to health care at some point. Ever tried to get thru a work with an absessed tooth or needing that tooth removed? The pain will cause u to miss work, thus not receive a paycheck. And maybe you just don’t have that rainy day fund for any number of valid reasons like an unexpected car repair or maybe u were a foster child that just aged out of the system and don’t have a home or family at the age of 18 and are just scraping by with your minimum wage job. That’s called reality, folks.

    • Stan Pippin says:

      I get it! Men pay for contraception, maternity and new born care. But they have no say when it comes to a woman’s “right to choose.”
      The logic is brilliant. Men are responsible for making the baby, women are responsible for murdering the baby. Doesn’t work for me, but “So what?” say the women.

      • Sherrie says:

        Ok, let’s pursue this further then get off topic as u did. 1st, women need gyn doctors for a number of reasons other than birth control. To be monitored for cervical cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis, mammograms, etc. And if you believe that it is most beneficial for children and society for mothers to remain alive, then these services are important. Do u really want your niece and nephew or your best friends kids to be motherless because she did not have access to screenings? I know that I do not children to be fatherless because their dad got testicular cancer. Second, most women work today and are receiving degrees at higher rates then men and in many cases making more money. Which means they are paying taxes also. Now to go off topic. Men are incarcerated at much higher rates than women. In many cases as a result of violence on women. Yet our taxes pay to jail and feed them. So, if we want to start splitting things down gender lines it would be interesting to see who is actually living off of who. And finally, this idea of “socialism” is all fine and dandy here in my Red state and in my county when it comes to tax revenue. What I mean is that my town on the beach collects 90 percent of the taxes that keep all 40 of our county’s schools running. Yet we only have 3 schools. So these bible thumpers have no problem sending their kids to school on the back of my back breaking work all summer long catering to tourists. And the dry counties have no problem collecting subsidies generated by the sale of alcohol in my town. And to be fair since I believe the writer of this blog is in the NE, I am fully aware that most southern red states are funded from tax dollars generated in the North. I live amongst hypocrites. And if a man knows he does not want to father children then he needs to pursue birth control options available to him. Not just “trust” the woman, then get surprised. Cause some women are shady like that or just get pregnant by accident. And let’s stop trying to deny every hardworking American a fair shot at a Dr visit just because of a small percentage of losers who abuse the system.

    • I am a gay man, why on Earth do I need it?

      • jimbjimb says:

        Because Obama wants to redistribute your wealth!

        • Stan Pippin says:

          Exactly. This has never been about health care. Always been about Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change” the USA. He had to get a kick out of saying that, since only a few insiders knew what he really meant.

  40. hollywouldbe says:

    Maybe it’s not fair that young bachelors have to pay for maternity care, but it’s not fair that women have to pay for it, either, just because they care the baby. If women are forced to, men should be, too. I personally don’t want children, and I’m not going to pay a tax that men don’t have to pay just because I’m a female that could potentially give birth.

    • Kay says:

      It used to be in most cases, the couple were married and so they both paid for the maternity insurance. It wasn’t just the woman. Why do older people who have no possibility of having a child, have to pay maternity insurance? How is that fair?

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