Send me your Obamacare horror stories

The president and his minions want us to forget about the embarrassing, bewildering, clumsy, discombobulated, horribly bumblescrewed rollout of Obamacare. Yes, I just invented a word. Bumblescrewed. It’s been so bad that the standard English language fails to capture the enormity of the failure that is Obamacare. Someone contact Webster; I have a new entry. Bumblescrewed: when a bunch of micromanaging bureaucrats stumble into the middle of a complicated issue and immediately make everything a thousand times worse and a trillion times more expensive. There’s a lot of bumblescrewin’ goin’ on these days.

In any case, I knew every criticism of “the Affordable Care Act” would be proven accurate — I just didn’t think it would happen, literally, within the first three minutes of implementation.

How horrendous. How wonderfully appropriate.

Sure, there are many pitfalls to Obama’s health care entitlement program, and a malfunctioning website doesn’t even register in the top 100, but, still, the significance of this can’t be overstated: these fools want to run our health care system, yet they can’t even run a website. Meanwhile, the false narrative that millions of Americans “want” Obamacare has been shot out of the sky for all to see, as most states are reporting paltry enrollment numbers.

But this all comes with the package when the government gets involved. They bring ruination and bankruptcy to the people, and then they try to convince us to be grateful for it. In fact, that sort of propaganda might be the only thing the State does marginally well. So get ready for the Propaganda Machine to kick into overdrive. They’ll stick their “success stories” in front of our faces. They’ll rummage through the wreckage for a few survivors and hold them up as proof that it was all worth it. They’ll lie. Oh, they’ll lie. They’ll tell us about the people who have been “helped” by Obamacare — and some of those stories will be entirely fabricated, while the rest are merely twisted and contorted to fit their agenda. But, of course, they will not make any mention of the millions and millions of Americans who have been victimized by this atrocious boondoggle. People are losing their insurance and their jobs because of skyrocketing premiums and crushing bureaucratic regulations and mandates. Families are facing the prospect of having to dump their coverage because the cost is too high. Business owners are losing employees, employees are losing their jobs.

It’s been a nightmare for so many — and nobody is paying attention to them.

I want to change that. So here’s my request:

Email me your Obamacare horror stories. I’m not talking about problems with the website — I’m talking about real problems. If Obamacare has wreaked havoc on your life, send me an email and tell me your story. Maybe you can’t afford insurance anymore, maybe your hours have been cut, maybe you’re a business owner who’s been forced to cut hours, maybe you’re a doctor struggling to deal with the new web of regulations and policies, maybe you tried to sign up for Obamacare and found poor quality coverage for enormously high prices. Whatever your story, I want to know about it.

Make it as short and succinct as possible, include only your first name and your state of residence, and send it here:

Millions of real people are already paying the price for Obama’s health care power grab, and I think they deserve an audience.

I’m going to publish all of these stories on this blog, and then I’m going to print them all out and mail them to the White House.

Let the liberal blogs do the puff pieces, I’m interested in the real story. So tell it to me.


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122 Responses to Send me your Obamacare horror stories

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow….I subscribed to your blog because someone posted an interesting story about nursing babies on FB, but as it turns out you are a reactive, tea-party, screwball. I am a Canadian, and am fortunate to have health care available to me for everything from a sprained ankle to baby delivery, to cancer care and all I do is walk into the hospital and never worry about the cost. Yes, it takes time and confusion to institute new programs, but to deny anyone this seems selfish to me. You seem like a nice person but I don’t agree with you on this subject.

    • serenstar75 says:

      I’m envious of your healthcare system. I wouldn’t have to worry every single time my boyfriend has a really bad tooth infection and some other medical issues he’s having. We can’t get insurance for him. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get something soon. Since tooth infections can kill, it’s a definite fret and we don’t make enough money to fix the issue. I have insurance, which is good with my health issues. Just can’t have him on it unless we want to be married (my gay friends can have their partners on it though, I just can’t because it entangles me in common law marriage.) I’d go with higher taxes to know we have healthcare no matter what.

      • Brian says:

        If your bodied is not worth marrying, he’s probably not worth beyond with. Sounds like it’s time to grow up.

        • serenstar75 says:

          No, I believe in taking time to be sure. I have reasons I don’t want to jump into the legalities of marriage. I think enough people rush into it these days thinking they just have a get out of jail free card with divorce. So someone would rather not just shop around for anyone to “put a ring on it,” and that requires “growing up?” Your argument is invalid. I outgrew playground tactics when I was a child. I just happen to disagree with someone. This happens in our complicated world. I’m ok with that.

      • lioness1957 says:


        Just for the record, Canada’s healthcare does not cover dental issues. A hospital will give you antibiotics to kill the infection but your bf would eventually have to be seen by a dentist. If you do not have dental insurance in Canada, you would be required to pay the dental fee. Although, dentists will work with uninsured patients, i.e., payment plan. I just wanted you to know this. The same for vision. That is also a separate insurance in Canada.

        I was born in Canada and hold a dual citizenship, in case you are wondering how I knew this.

    • Fred says:


      That’s not the Canadian health care system I know. I witnessed my friend’s wife in Quebec die from a very treatable cancer, while Canadian doctors and bureaucrats screwed around, misdiagnosed, delayed, and yes, even went on flipping vacation. Are you an ideologue, or do you get paid for spewing this bullshit?

      BTW, since you’re a Canadian, tea-partiers have nothing on you when it comes being a reactive screwball.

      • Nancy says:

        Fred, and others,

        You are absolutely right about the name-calling, my bad…I should know better and I apologize Matt, that was unacceptable of me to do that.
        I am very sorry Fred, that your friend had a traumatic experience with any health care as that is not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately in any area of expertise, be it medical, technical, law, teaching, etc. there are going to be incompetent people. We have probably all experienced disappointment in one of those areas, but there are many, many wonderful experts who help us in these fields every day.

        I, for instance, have delivered three healthy babies (grown ups now), had my tonsils removed, a gallbladder removed, and had both my eyes repaired from having early onset cataracts. I paid nothing ( yes, you are right, somewhere in my taxes I have paid for this, but not out of pocket at the time; and yes, the parking fees, which fortunately in my area are not too much or there is free parking on the street if you are lucky enough to hit the right time of day) to have any of these operations done and I would be blind today if it had not been for the expertise of my ophthalmologist. My understanding is that these operations would have cost me quite a bit if I had not had coverage in the U.S. My husband has his own business and I don’t work and we don’t pay any extra coverage (as one of the people wrote in response to my letter) and we still got all of these things done at no extra cost to us. We do have a two-tier system in Canada, in which you can pay extra and get a private room at the hospital and other things (sorry, probably not parking) but I would have to be in a ward if I was in the hospital. Most of the time they send you home pretty quickly which is my preference anyways as hospitals are full of germs anyways.

        So, I realize there are going to be exceptions to every rule, but for every example you give me of someone having to pay, I can give you one where they don’t. In mine and my husband’s family at this moment we have: a sister with heart disease, a brother with prostate cancer, nephew and niece with liver disease, two new babies, son-in-law with gout, friend with fibromyalgia, and the list goes on. None of these people are suffering any hardship for hospital and medical treatment and only a couple of them are paying extra coverages at work. Some of them may be paying for medications but even the liver disease medication that is worth thousands per month is paid by the system.

        There is no such thing as a perfect system, that would be an oxymoron. I just wanted to say that I think we should be careful what we complain about, and more thankful for what we have. If I was to hurt myself or have a heart attack today, I know that I would be taken care of by the medical system in Ontario (for the person who asked), and would not see any money come out of my pocket (other than possible medication cost…which would still be better than paying for medical bills, but I will agree that medication can be expensive).

        I want to apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings with my original post. I wrote in the heat of the moment and should have been more mindful with my response. I enjoy reading Matt’s posts and want to be open to intelligent dialogue, we only learn by listening to others and considering others viewpoints and I jumped too quickly to my own opinion without leaving room for other ones.

        It is a painful world that we live in sometimes and I feel for those who are chronically ill and who suffer financially even from not being able to work and make a living. I would just like to see a society that desires to take care of those less able to take care of themselves, even if it is for reasons that we don’t like. (mental illness, seeming laziness, lack of ability, etc.) Also, I feel that as a Canadian I live in a privileged world and want to take responsibility for my own health as much as I am able. I rarely go to the doctor, I try to eat well, exercise moderately and be somewhat spiritual (except for my response to this blog…I blew that, thank you all for humbling me). I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


    • Miffy says:

      Several points here. First. Name-calling? Tsk, tsk, my fellow Canadian. Not cool. Second. You are fortunate to gave our health care system. Third. You SHOULD think/worry about the cost. Just where do you think the money comes from? There’s no free lunch, I’ll tell you that. High taxes, an out of control welfare system, and socialist labour movements that seem to think that taxing non-union wage earners and hard working business owners even more will solve all the problems is what we have. Not to mention regulated wages for physicians, and therefore trouble attracting and retaining talented doctors to Canada. THAT is just a small part of the cost. There are many sides to every story, but the media leans left, and definitely skews their view.

      • Nancy says:


        First off: see post above, but you are absolutely right…I was wrong for name-calling,

        Second, absolutely right again…there is never a free lunch…unless you dumpster dive…and I leave that to those a little younger than myself.

        Thirdly: I am also disgusted with our government for many different reasons. Too many police for one and for criminalizing dissent at the G20 and continuing to do so even more today.

        Fourth: Our government workers (especially teachers and politicians) make too much money for the time they put in and we are paying out of our pockets for their expensive pensions.

        Five: I don’t see any way out that won’t endanger all our freedoms and privileges including our ‘not free’ health care.

        Have a healthy day, Nancy

      • lioness1957 says:

        Hi Nancy,

        I agree with your reply dated October 21. I am originally from Ottawa Ontario and in my 47 years residing there, I never encountered a wait time or procedure for myself and my boys. My original reply was stating that America is trying compare their healthcare to Canada, which it is not! Not even close. I am glad I have dual citizenship. 🙂

      • Mont says:

        Our Blue Shield policy for 4 of us for $2,000 deductible went from $368 in 2009 to $798 in 2010. Changed deductible to $7,000. Payment went down to $398. After Obamacare passed, Blue Shield in 2012 raised our premium up to $860. Premium for 2013 went to $1096. That’s when I went looking for something different.

        If you are looking for alternatives too, you may want to check this out. You trust God for everything else, why not your health care?

        Mont Howard

    • Sarah says:

      Wow Nancy! What province do you live in? I ask as i am a Canadian living in Ontario, with company benefits, and I pay about $70/month for prescription medication (after my 80% company plan), parking fees for emergeny room visits and various other surcharges. I have no dental coverage, no eye care coverage (neither exams nor glasses). If I need physio, the company pays part, and I pay the rest. Anyone who thinks that medical care is “free” is mistaken. Yes, our health care system is good….we don’t have to pay for doctor’s visits (well, parking maybe) and we don’t have to pay much for hospital stays (the fee for a phone in your room is non-negotiable, same for the TV-whether or not you request/want them!) but it is far from free. And people with diseases? I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that The user pays for their own diabetes testing supplies, cancer medications, anti- rejection drugs post-transplant etc etc etc. Free? I don’t think so.

      • Nancy says:


        If you have read my response above you will know that I live in Ontario also and that I am apologizing for comments made originally. I, myself, have never had to pay for my surgeries or much for medications (or parking…haha), but I guess I have been fortunate in my health and situation. My husband has his own small business and I don’t work so we don’t pay extra for health benefits, I am very thankful though that I have not had to pay for the surgeries and hospital stays that I have had over the years. I can’t see that luck has been on my side as it was not pleasant to almost lose my eyesight, but it certainly didn’t cost me more than maybe $20 out of pocket for some eye drops after my cataract surgeries.

        I am sorry to have been so rash with my comments though and I wish you well in your own health journey and I hope that you are not suffering too much hardship having to pay for your medications.

        I still feel fortunate to live in Canada and while there are many things I would change in our government processes if I had the opportunity, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it very well either….but one idea that I would promote on the health front is that people take better care of themselves so that they minimize their health problems. I think prevention is very overlooked in the medical profession.

        Have a better day, Nancy

    • Bruce says:

      Sorry, I know too many Canadians … the best thing about their health care system is they’re so close to the US it’s only a short drive to get treatments they have to wait inordinately long times to get at home.

      • lioness1957 says:


        That may be true but only for the wealthy. There are ways of getting around delays. I know because I have done it. I never sat back waiting, I was persistent with a health problem for myself and my boys.

    • Curtis says:

      The problem is that this ACA law is nothing like Canada’s system. Canada’s healthcare is tied directly into your basic taxes. This law, instead, forces citizens to buy something to live and breath in their own country, with little to no regard to how it affects their budget. So, Canada, if you’re going to criticize someone who’s talking about the very real disaster of Obamacare, at least start by understanding how it’s different from your own system.

    • jehea says:

      Nancy I’m not sure if the rest of the world quite understands this new health care that we have in the States. I don’t think it’s like what you have in Canada. We still have to pay for our healthcare and insurance, but now we have to pay for less coverage and pay more. So many of us are faced with the choice of paying more than we can afford for a monthly health insurance premium ( and then we still have to pay thousands if we go to the hospital) OR we don’t get insurance at all (and still pay thousands at the hospital) and pay a large tax as a penalty. For example our personal health care is now going to cost more than our house payment a month now, and we still have to pay a huge amount if one of us has to have surgery or if I have another baby. But if we don’t sign up for health insurance we will have to (by the year 2016 I think) have to pay around 3000 extra in our taxes for the year as well as not having insurance. Now in Canada do you have to pay such large monthly premiums and have deductibles for hospital stays? And if so how do people pay for it?

    • Glori says:

      Thanks for explaining what can be done if the culture is different. This “Obamacare” issue is more cultural than anything else. I’ve been in Canada few times and I love how the Government and people work together to come up with things like health insurance for all. I also have a friend from Australia and they have the similar system where women even get pay her full salary for few months after having a child. The greatest nation in the world is still too behind in these aspects.

    • Sherry says:

      Nancy, good for you that you have free healthcare, but this debacle of a healthcare bill is not free. It is a government mandate that all must “buy” health insurance and it has driven up costs so that most can no longer afford it. The rising cost is to cover all the folks who’ll qualify for government subsidies but many will not qualify for that and will not be able to afford the coverage that also comes with outrageously high deductibles which basically means we’ll still have to pay out of pocket for most healthcare needs. Get your facts straight!

    • Francesca says:

      Hi Canada,

      I am Canadian and an American Citizen. Before making a conclusion that Matt is a screwball, you must first understand how this new healthcare works. It is against the people, not for them, not affordable. Canada does not use REVENUE CANADA to oversee the people signing up nor does REVENUE CANADA fine the ones that do not enroll. The IRS is heavily involved in this “Affordable Health Care.” They plan on fining American Citizens who do not have healthcare. They will put a lien on your house, garnish your wages or whatever means they can to steal your money. Does Canada do this? Of course NOT.

    • Judy says:

      Hello Nancy, spot on comment. The last thing we need is more sensationalized, one-sided commentary about something as critical as Obamacare. Having skimmed the letters written to Matt, it seems to me that many of these people are struggling due to issues that extend way beyond health insurance / Obamacare (let’s say, severe income inequality in the U.S., the high interest rates on student loans, and overall sluggishness in an economy that still hasn’t fully recovered since the Great Recession, no matter where the stock market may be right now), and right now it’s just easiest to pin the blame for these difficulties on the highly visible Obamacare. I, for one, will be thankful for the launch of the New York State health exchange, the ability to reduce my current COBRA payments of $600/month (for **just me** – compare that with the $300-400/month premiums **for a family of four** cited in some of the letters to Matt) for some more affordable options, and most importantly, not have to worry about how the insurance companies will try to screw me over for lack of continuity of coverage or try to disqualify me for any pre-existing conditions.

    • Siggy says:

      I am also Canadian, and feel very blessed to live here. It’s not perfect by any means, but healthcare is something I do not have to stress about, and I am grateful for that. I rarely see doctors, but I had 2 children and received top-notch care and paid $0. However, I am always shocked when Canadians defend Obamacare and think that it is the answer in America, and that it is somehow going to turn their healthcare system into one like ours. It is a mess IMO, and so unfair to millions of middle class Americans who can no longer afford healthcare. I’ve read the horror stories on Matt’s next blog regarding Obamacare, and it makes me sick to see what is happening to people.

    • ph says:

      Thank you for this post i agree completely!!! I work from home here is my site if anyone is interested.

    • Megan says:

      Maybe after you hear what people are being forced into by the government you’ll come to your senses. If you’d like details, feel free to ask me about ours!

  2. chicagomom says:

    Matt is absolutely right that people are going to lie about Obamacare:

  3. No horror story to tell here. Well, there’s the one about how the Republicans tried ineptly to get rid of the law. This rotten law deserved a better effort.
    Oh by the way – we’ll pass it and then we’ll read it. Brilliant Nancy. How could it have ever been good?

  4. serenstar75 says:

    Fred, that happens in the US as well. That’s in addition to those that have zero coverage so won’t go to the doctor at all.

  5. As to the businesses losing employees and getting rid of said employees, here’s the REAL issue:

    1] Obamacare was created because corporations got too greedy and started hiring only part-time to PREVENT having to pay for benefits, or just stopped offering benefits altogether because it cost too much (for multi-billion dollar corporations like Wal Mart, I find that hard to believe – more likely they just want to line their pockets).

    2] Premiums go up as doctors become more interested in their pocketbooks rather than the patient, not to mention crack-pot law firms who’ll sue for malpractice at the drop of a hat, and let’s not even go into the pharmaceutical companies that hold our health hostage by monopolizing on needed treatments or pills that marijuana could easily remedy if it was legal in all states.

    3] The Marketplace prices are STILL too high for someone making barely a dollar above minimum wage, making the fines not only ridIculous, but IMO UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Do you see a pattern here? MONEY – America has become such a greedy nation that the average citizen suffers while politicians sit back and collect contributions even during the government shutdown, where corporations treat their employees like slave labor, forcing more work with less people and even less pay, so afraid to hire help because the economy is “so bad.” You may not agree with this, and even see it as a simplistic view, but I’ve always been taught that you’ve got to spend money to make money, that what you put out, will come back to you in some way – i.e., if people would quit hoarding their money like misers, more will circulate and the economy will improve.

    • Lillith, it’s not a matter of greed. It’s a matter of THE OUTRAGEOUS COST OF PAYING for it. Businesses need to remain profitable, and, yes, healthcare costs A LOT, so they have figured out that they can grow, hire, not lay off – by not paying for expensive healthcare. And so what if a business doesn’t want to pay for something. It IS their money, and it is a PRIVATE company. Since when does a business have to pay for your healthcare costs? That’s part of the problem. We live in a society where people think they are entitled to everyone else’s stuff. In a previous time in US history, people paid for their own healthcare, which kept costs low (because people are a whole lot more cautious with their own money!). And do you think the cost of healthcare will miraculously go down when it’s socialized? Absolutely not.

      It sucks when someone doesn’t have health insurance, I know, I grew up below the poverty level without health insurance. Getting sick was a scary thing that meant we might not have food on the table or be able to pay rent. Or we just gutted it out, prayed really hard and taped together the laceration, hoping it would hold as well as stitches (I sound like I am joking, but I am speaking from personal experience). My mother had a massive heart attack a couple of years ago and had only a 20% survival rate, and she had no health insurance. She received amazing care BECAUSE our system is set up the way it is, not because we have socialized medicine, which is really just mediocre. So if you want your hospital ER or regular doctor’s office to look like the FREE CLINIC in the poor neighborhood, keep voting for socialized medicine.

      The only people who like socialized medicine are the healthy… Seriously, talk to someone who is truly sick who comes from a country with socialized medicine. They. Don’t. Like. It.

      Last year I was speaking to a man who worked for a private health insurance company out of London. I said, “Oh, I thought Great Britain had socialized medicine.” His response: “They do, but it’s terrible. People there have to have their own PRIVATE INSURANCE to get good medical care… People in England say that if you go to the hospital in America, you go bankrupt; but if you go to the hospital in England, you die.”

      Why should we entrust a bloated government that can’t run medicaid, medicare, the IRS, and the welfare system? And now the American people are willing to surrender their HEALTHCARE to them?!!! And to top it off, when you get a bad doctor who screws you over, where do you go? To the government to protect you (lawsuits, etc). Where will we go when our healthcare IS THE GOVERNMENT?

      Think about it…

      • Sarah says:

        Michelle, you are 100% CORRECT! As a Canadian, in Ontario, i can tell you that our health care system is fantastic, as long as you are healthy. Get sick with anything more serious than a cold, it gets scary. My godson went through three years of treatment for kidney disease before getting a transplant. His medications (not covered) cost anywhere from $300 to $900 per month! His mother was staying home to raise her children so did not lose an income, but, she had to pay for parking at the hospital (parent rate, $16.50 PER DAY) or leave her three-year-old alone. She had to drive down for dialysis for 4 months, 3 times a week, a one hour drive (gas), pay for parking ($16.50 per day) and buy his ever-changing medications…. Pay $150 for two weeks supply, next day, dump that and get the new dosage for another $150 etc etc. Then, even though they were at the hospital Mon, Wed and Friday, she would have go again on Thurs because the nephrologist only sees patients that day! They spent $10,000 out of pocket, so far, in five years to keep their son alive. All this on one (not very good) income with two other kids. They are one emergency away from losing everything. But at least they have free health care.

    • Jo says:

      1. Unskilled labor has never been offered healthcare because they are unskilled and easy to replace.

      2. Premiums go up as people ask for more and more to be covered. To keep skilled employees employers ate the costs of the increases. Employers never seemed to have the sense to quantify this part of their employee benefit packages. Furthermore when you only pay a 20 dollar copay regardless of how much is done there is no incentive to question costs.

      You pay 100 dollars for a gift card that allows you to shop at the mall for an hour and take whatever you want. You get 1,000 in merchandise, next year the gift card costs 1,000 you don’t ask why.

      The “fines” are unconstitutional, that is why the Supremes chickened out and called them taxes.

      Do you even understand economics? Did you know that paying down debt is considered savings in all economic models. So yes all us miserly people are paying down our debt so that the next time the shit hits the fan we don’t lose our homes.

      Nope America has become lazy and entitled. Fine with me, someone will need to keep my fries hot in 20 years.

      • “Unskilled labor has never been offered healthcare because they are unskilled and easy to replace.”

        This is the response that disturbs me the most as it is reminiscent of saying one should put down a lame horse or sell it to the glue factory because it cannot run. Are humans that dispensable now no one would think twice to put someone on the street just because they are ill and cannot afford care?

        When one becomes a leader – whether of a country or a company – they become stewards of all in their employ or citizenry, thereby being responsible for their well-being. The French Revolution happened because peasants (ie unskilled workers) were fed up of the lack of stewardship from the aristocracy and the Church. You might find this tidbit interesting:

        “While in theory King Louis XVI was an absolute monarch, in practice he was often indecisive and known to back down when faced with strong opposition. While he did reduce government expenditures, opponents in the parlements successfully thwarted his attempts at enacting much needed reforms. Those who were opposed to Louis’ policies further undermined royal authority by distributing pamphlets (often reporting false or exaggerated information) that criticized the government and its officials, stirring up public opinion against the monarchy” – Encyclopædia Britannica

        Sound familiar? If you’ve aid attention to the news, it should 😉

        • Jo says:

          Um, yeah, my response was to the assertion that part time unskilled workers were losing benefits, they are not, they never had them to begin with. It had nothing to do with whether unskilled workers deserve health insurance.

          So how about you go be disturbed in someone else’s response because your rhetoric makes no sense in response to what I wrote!

          Oh and if you need something to be disturbed about when I first went back to work I worked an unskilled job. They offered health insurance to part time workers over 25 hours a week. Thanks to Obamacare it is now 30. How many people do you think LOST their insurance over that? Sorry but Obamacare cause the attack on part time workers, it was not a response to an attack.

      • ph says:

        Thank you for this post I agree completely!!! I work from home here is my site if you are interested.

    • Fox says:

      But. Know a lot of people who were made part time empoyees and had their hours cut BECAUSE of this supposed Affordable Healthcare thing. So, how is this stopping the big, bad corporations from hiring people part time to avoid insuring them? It seems to me it’s making it worse. Part time employees now receieve less than 28 hours a week so they aren’t required to be insured instead of the 36 they were able to top off at before this whole idea came into practice.

      As for affordable, sure, I can get insurance now…maybe…it would be financially suffocating, but I CAN do it. However, the deductables and all that are so high that I’d still never be able to afford going to the doctor, so what’s the point? It’s hurting my family far more than it’s helping.

      As for greedy doctors, many of the doctors I’ve known are forced to charge more and more. Why? Insurance payouts to doctors are so ridiculously small. For example, the eye doctor I used to work for would charge $90 for an exam. The insurances would be billed for a $90 exam. They would then turn around and pay the doctor $10-20 for the exam. The copay, if there even was one, wouldn’t close the gap in the expense. If all his patients paid out such small fees, he’d barely be able to cover his own expenses. It’s not always about greed. To assume such means a pretty pathetic view of humanity.

      Finally, since when has marijuana treated any disease? It doesn’t cure cancer, treat glaucoma, or anything of that nature. It can have benefits, sure, but the medical industry won’t suddenly half it’s costs, or even lose a third of it’s costs because of the use of marijuana as a substitute to other medications.

      The answer is to improve the health of the country, remove the dependence on drugs and drug therapy in cases where other options may work, keep the emphasis on staying in shape, living a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of your body. Healthcare wouldn’t be such a “crisis” if staying healthy was the goal, not treating disease after the fact.

      • Amber says:

        Good points, Fox!

      • LizB says:

        I disagree with one thing…that doctors aren’t greedy. I think it just depends on the doctor. My doctor gave me 20 percent off the already reduced self-pay price the other day. He gives me free samples when he can to reduce my prescription costs, and he will call in prescriptions over the phone to keep me from having to pay for an office visit. He is AWESOME. I worked for four urologists, on the other hand, who were as greedy as can be!! They triple booked 15 MINUTE appointments to stuff in up to 60 patients in one day. Most patients would say “wow that was quick” as they were checking them out, then would proceed to ask me 10 questions that the doctor should have answered. The Dr.s asked me to hand out flyers instructing patients to call their congressmen when medicare payments were reduced, but refused to give any struggling patients a discount EVER. They made unnecessary appointments only to tell patients that their x-rays were clear and they didn’t need a follow-up, something they could have easily done over the phone. Let me tell you the financial situations of one of these Drs: Owned two houses (one in Hawaii) that were both paid off, drove a Porsche SUV, and went on week long exotic vacations every other month. I don’t have a problem with success, but to see that much success with such little compassion put me off a little. Some doctors are incredible, some ARE greedy, greedy, greedy. I have learned the signs and tried to stay away from these bad ones. And insurance paying 10-20 for an 90 dollar office visit. That TOTALLY depends on the insurance provider. A majority of plans don’t even cover vision, so I would say those who had any coverage were lucky!

        • Fox says:

          To say doctors are greedy is a broad generalization that doesn’t always apply. As you’ve implied, you really need to shop around for a doctor, not just go with the first one on the list. You should really know what your doctor’s policies and practices are. If more people took the time to research their doctors and only chose doctors who were compassionate, helpful, and met their needs, fewer doctors operating on the basis of greed, not providing a service would stay in business. For example, I wouldn’t recommend the last midwife I went to because of the choices she made when I was in labor, but I would recommend every mom I know to the birth center I went to with my second child. Unfortunately, not enough people seem to take the time to get to know their doctors to know whether they’re providing good care or just trying to get as many people through their office as possible.

          So as far as that goes, I don’t think the greed of the doctor is as much of a problem as the people who choose to use a greedy doctor’s services instead of prioritizing quality of care. You could also blame insurance providers for not offering enough quality providers as options.

      • ph says:

        Thank you for this post I agree completely!!! I work from home, it’s good money here is my site if you or anyone you know maybe interested.

    • Dan says:

      hell yeah this is a nation of greed. that’s the american dream if you didn’t know that. that’s why people RISKED THEIR LIVES to come here 100’s of years ago and didn’t beg for handouts when they got here. they were sick of paying taxes and living on the income that their home countries thought were good enough for them, watching the politicians get richer and richer while the middle class shrunk into poverty. this is or WAS the land of taking risks in order to make money, as much money as you wanted, without government holding you back and telling you how much is enough. i know it’s a tired phrase but it’s true. if you don’t like it, LEAVE

      • Yeah, they didn’t ask for handouts, they just took the lives and homes of the peoples already settled here, then forced THEM to rely on handouts instead of living on their own terms as they had for THOUSANDS of years. They came here to escape poverty and greed and meted out the same treatment to Native Americans.

    • You are misinformed about companies like Walmart. I only had to work 28 hours a week to qualify for health insurance. It’s been that way for years and has nothing to do with Obamacare. They paid $1.50 above minimum wage per hour to start. And they aren’t the only ones who have and have had policies like these for years. That narrative doesn’t work for sleazy politicians though.

    • lioness1957 says:


      Well said!

  6. Gail says:

    (1) The allotted character count on this entire website is too short to respond to all of the falsehoods in your post. (2) Marijuana treats pain, but that’s all it treats. And as long as I don’t have to pay for your lung cancer, smoke whatever you want as far as I’m concerned. (Before you go on your rant, please look it up- If you SMOKE that or anything else, the carcinogen carbon causes cancer. If you’re into that, I suggest finding a good brownie recipe or something before it comes back to bite you in the lungs and the rest of us in our “greedy”, hard-earned pocketbooks.)

  7. MishaBurnett says:

    How on Earth do people keep confusing the ACA with free healthcare? Our premiums are going up, our deductibles and copays are going up, and the quality of the coverage is going down. How does paying more and getting less equal free?

    • Golden Boy says:

      I think you forget that many people (a majority of them liberals mind you) have a severe cognitive disability. They are utilizing what is known as doublethink.

  8. Sandy says:

    Bumblescrewed! I love it. This law is like an octopus; the exchanges are only one issue. Costs are another especially for those just over the limit for subsidies — they’ll be the new uninsured since the rates are going so high with the addition of all the mandated coverage. After the first of the year when people go to use their “healthcare” we’ll find out the rest.
    I’m a libertarian. Less government is more. So don’t hate me for the following; we should all agree that the Republicans need to take some of the blame for this mess. For years they protected their attorney friends by not addressing tort reform. They protected the insurance companies and the drug companies by not passing legislation to bring in the costs. Because of the ineptitude of Washington, health care is at least 1/3 more expensive than it should be. The Republicans “sold out” to the lobbyists and created an atmosphere where a piece of really bad legislation could pass. And then last year their campaign mantra was repeal Obamacare; not one word about what they would do once it was gone.
    And thus we are all bumblescrewed!

    • serenstar75 says:

      Like this a lot. I don’t know yet if ACA will help at all because it’s sounds like it was hashed together in mixed up pieces. I feel something needs to change so that the uninsured have some option for healthcare other than the ER. One ER trip for a migraine to get a shot of a specific medication cost well over $5-10k when I was not insured. Little ridiculous. I don’t know that ACA will help anything. It’s all sold on the idea that we just need something to replace the current setup. Everyone is desperate for an answer.

      There is little emphasis on health maintenance without medication. Medication is pushed. Not all illnesses can be treated by food and exercise, but many can be treated and avoided by it.

      • Lilian says:

        Thanks for posting, Serenstar. It’s true that a trip to the ER can be, well, a lot of money. Our healthcare system could stand to see some changes, even though the ACA doesn’t sound like a good response.

        “There is little emphasis on health maintenance without medication. Medication is pushed. Not all illnesses can be treated by food and exercise, but many can be treated and avoided by it.”

        ^Great point. A lot of good could be done for a lot of people if their eating/activity/sleeping habits were better. A lot.
        However, I’d like to add that many patients don’t really want to change their diet and exercise habits. It’s easier to prescribe a pill than it is to deal with a patient who thinks his or her doctor is being a judgmental shaming jerkwad for saying he or she needs to make some lifestyle changes. And it’s easier for most people to take a pill than it is to watch how they eat and get up and get some exercise.

  9. Euroranger says:

    I blogged this issue several days back ( In short, it’s fairly going to rape my family (we buy our own insurance as I’m self employed). We’re looking at a minimum 40%+ premium increase…with worse deductibles and co-pays.

    Oh, I also made the time wasting mistake of hitting the site to try and get a quote. Nearly an hour to input just our family info…all to get a blank quote. The only thing the ending .pdf that was supposed to be our quote for the bronze through platinum rates in my state (GA) had that was pertinent to me was a single line repeating my street address. Not my name, not my city, state or zip…and certainly no prices for this fantastic coverage we’re all supposed to be enjoying. Check out our EligibilityNotice.pdf here: Prepare to be amazed…at the utter ineptitude and incompetence. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    • chicagomom says:

      To find your rates, you can use this calculator:

      • Euroranger says:

        Not to use Matt’s blog as an ad for my own but if you see my blog post…well, let me cut/paste my experience with that link:

        ‘To prove what a great thing it is, he helpfully posted a subsidy calculator (check it out here: to tell you how much “free money” you’d qualify for to help pay for your healthcare due to the changes coming with Obamacare. Needless to say, because I worked hard, went to school, got an education and then actually worked at many and several jobs over the years…my family doesn’t qualify for a subsidy. Oh well, I thought, that’s hardly surprising. But what I read further down the page on that site after I entered my details really took me by surprise. It told me that the predicted cost for an unsubsidized premium for a “silver plan” (read: “worse than the plan I currently have”) would be $9780 per year. Let me say that again: for worse coverage (in our case, higher deductible and coverages we don’t need, don’t use and don’t want) we can expect to have to pay 109% MORE THAN WE DO NOW! Even their cheapest plan coverage level, “bronze”, comes in at a predicted $6656 per year or just a 42% increase (and with much, much worse coverage).’

    • chicagomom says:

      You currently pay less than $5000 a year for a better health insurance plan than the silver plan? Wow! I have never heard of such cheap insurance. Do you have kids?
      My husband is also self employed (we have two kids, and I work part time). We currently pay $1000 a month through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We also qualify for no subsidies, but the ACA silver plan will cost us $7745 a year. It’s a huge savings, obviously.

      • Euroranger says:

        Again, if you’d bothered to read the blog post you’d have discerned that I do have two kids and yes we pay less than $5K/yr. I see where you say you currently pay over $12K/yr. Ask yourself this though: why, if when they were changing the law, didn’t they decide to allow you to purchase health insurance from the carrier I use (we’re in GA)?

        Lord knows, if for whatever bizarre reason I was suddenly possessed of the burning desire to travel to Beiru…er…”Chicago”, and I were inadvertently stupid enough to stand in the way of one of your local denizens vigorously exercising their 1st Amendment rights via the 2nd Amendment and I had to visit a local hospital, my insurance would indeed cover that unfortunate eventuality (the hospital visit…not the questionable trip to Chicago) just like your coverage would. I’m pretty sure my carrier wasn’t selling me a policy below value and was thus losing money on me and mine…so if that’s the case, why were you paying so much more by comparison?

    • chicagomom says:

      Also: I don’t understand why you’re upset. You can keep your current insurance (which is an awesome deal, by the way!). You don’t have to sign up for the ACA.

      • Euroranger says:

        Actually, no, I cannot. Yet once again, if you’d read the post, my carrier is offering to extend my existing policy for a mere $50/mo more for another 12 months. After that, Obamacare mandates that we must carry coverage riders that we don’t currently carry and don’t need or want. We don’t need a rider for psychiatric care. We’re getting one. We don’t need coverage for drug abuse counselling and detox. We’re getting one of them too. My wife had a hysterectomy almost 15 years ago now but guess what: Obamacare says we need to buy and pay for a rider for neonatal care…you know, in case my wife reprises the role of the Madonna and conceives immaculately or something.

      • Jo says:

        Oh my, you are funny. Keep our plans when in say Missouri that means a 89% increase in costs? I am lucky, very lucky, my employer has chosen to self insure so we will not be hit with increases. Well unless this country is dumb enough to give the House to the Dems in 2014 because I am sure their first order of business will be to close that loophole.

        Still if my employers hadn’t protected our asses we would not be allowed in the exchanges because if you employer provides insurance, regardless of cost or income, you must take that insurance!

      • chicagomom says:

        I read your post. I find it amazing, and even unbelievable, that you were paying $388 a month to insure 4 people. My family is also healthy, similar ages (slightly younger). The link to your eligibility notice doesn’t work, so I don’t even know if that is real.

  10. G says:

    I think you’re missing the real horror story here, which is that a handful of unpatriotic tea party members managed to convince Boehner to shut down the government costing this country billions of dollars and jeopardizing the security and well-being of millions of Americans. Why? All because a select few have a problem with understanding healthcare as a basic human right (and are no doubt having their pockets lined by the pharmaceutical companies). That’s the real horror story-our country being terrorized by a few greedy, unpatriotic men who forget on a daily basis how much they (and the rest of us) rely on the basic provisions of our government.

    • Dan says:

      LMAO at “healthcare” being a human right. possibly one of the most idiotic lefty talking points i hear all the time.

      • LizB says:

        As my good friend Ron Paul says, how can you claim SOMEONE ELSE’S services as a right?? How is that freedom?

      • Dan says:

        EXACTLY. anyway, this ACA doesn’t make health care a “right”, it makes “health insurance” a product that is mandatory for all citizens to purchase. this doesn’t give anyone a right. anyone who thinks that obviously has been drinking the kool aid so long they have no clue what’s going on.

    • Amber says:

      Sorry but healthcare isn’t a basic provision of our government, nor is it a basic human right. It is a benefit. Yes, people should have access to good healthcare. But not through the government! That is unconstitutional.

    • Jamie E says:

      I’m courious, G, do you know you’re history? There’s no evidence of historical America and many other societies for that matter that provided healthcare as a basic human right. There might not have been green dollars and coins, but services or bardering are the norm… getting healthcare for free isn’t.

    • Jo says:

      First have someone read the law to you, I am sure the big words will confuddle you. You will find so many nods to big pharma, big insurance, big Congress so stop acting like it put an end to that nonsense. A lot of Democratic Congressmen got rich off that law, why do you think they were so hell bent to pass it, they didn’t want stop payments on their checks.

      Second last I checked health insurance is a prepayment for future health care needs to make the cost more manageable. It is not a vehicle for free health care.

  11. Fish Head Soup says:

    Hey Matt, i love your stuff and how you try to show both sides with true difficulty of seeing how the left could even function without the right. however i think you should collect ALL stories and give us a rundown of Positive to Negative, as i want a SOMEWHAT real story (i say somewhat, as most of your followers are on[/in] the right.

  12. Jo says:

    I love how everyone thinks that billed amount is the actual costs and goes all it cost THIS!!!!! much! That is crazy!! No crazy is believing that an insurance company could compel a doctor to take a 60% loss on all procedures! Sorry if that was really happening no doctor would take insurance.

    Okay now don’t quote me on this because I was only told the equation once and I tried not to remember because it is not part of my job and I don’t like knowing what is not part of my job, gets me in trouble every time! Okay, the billed amount is based on a calculation that starts with the Medicare payment schedule. The government will only pay so much on a claim so the billed amount is cost plus the amount it will be discounted. So taking that billed amount you apply this formula and the doctor is paid pretty close to cost for Medicare procedures.

    Obviously the insurance companies are smarter than the government so they say that isn’t your cost and you know it! So they negotiate contracts with their preferred providers requiring them to write down the bill to an allowed amount which is cost plus around 2% to make up for Medicaid losses. This is why most doctors limit the number of Medicaid patients they take, yup, another formula.

    And the government took over this model but they are going to try to make it look more like Medicare and how exactly is that going to work…..which brings me to a prediction.

    I will say that within months of this kicking in, well if anyone manages to actually sign up, you will find that either the doctors learned some new math to get it to work or they will say screw it, we aren’t taking it. The preexisting pool has already hit and most doctors aren’t taking it because it pays 20 cents on a dollar of COSTS! not billed amount, actual costs. Yeah, that will keep your payouts low but if you have insurance that no one takes what is the value in it?

  13. The left can’t – I repeat – CAN’T function without the right and they know it. They are a parasitical class and the right is their host. Kill the host and the parasite dies. Well, guess what? They are slowly killing us.

    Of course, they will make every excuse under the Sun as to why we died. The left are psychologically impaired to the point of pathological behavior. They are dangerous ideologues and history proves this. The left will tax us to death if nothing else, it’ll be a slow death via a thousand cuts.

    Having said all that suffice is to say this whole mess in destined if not DESIGNED to fail. They want a SINGLE-PAYER system in place. Not an intermediary like insurance companies. The government is to be the payer; via the tax-paying public: Socialized medicine is the goal-100%!

    A huge part of the economy is to placed under the command of the government and completely financed by the tax payer. We are well on way to a social utopia of unicorns, free love, free food, free sex, and free, free, free…

  14. Momof7 says:

    Why is health care so expensive now? Do some history research. As soon as the government started getting involved with it, that’s when things started skyrocketing. Once upon a time, there were (mainly) Catholic hospitals that would take care of people, even if they couldn’t afford it. The Fabian socialist government we have (in case you don’t know what that means, they use gradualism accomplish their goals, because they’re not bloody revolutionaries like the Marxists are) wants to take over every aspect of our lives, so gradually, since the 1960s (when it really got going) they’ve slowly but surely superimposed themselves into the health care system through things like Social Security, and Medicaid, mainly. If someone guarantees to pay you, then why not hike up the rates? That’s exactly what happened. Goal accomplished. It just took a while, and they don’t care how long it takes. They’ve got all the time in the world!

    THE WHOLE INTENTION of our Fabian Socialist government is to get us hooked on government controlled programs, so that when they’re ready to take over, there won’t even be a whimper from the people (well, from most people. Most will just go with the flow, like normal sheeple usually do.) Why do you think the Food Stamp program has ballooned? Same reason. They want everyone to be dependent (or as many as they possibly can get) on the government so that when SHTF, most of the people are just going to be lemmings. They don’t WANT any charities (unless they’re so-called “research” charities, which just lines their lobbying corporations’ pockets anyway) that aren’t connected to the government, because they don’t control that.

    • Jo says:

      Actually if you use data and not rhetoric you will find it was the introduction of the HMOs that started it. Before that we had high deductible health coverage that made it very easy to see what the costs were.

    • Bridget says:

      I agree. Once the government gets involved, prices go up. Just look at college tuition and student loans.

  15. The Canadian says:

    Reading Matt’s post on this subject make me so happy to be a Canadian.

  16. Jason in KT says:

    My Obamacare horror story is that I was working for a medical device manufacturer back in 2010. The company decided to balance the new taxes by reducing headcount. I was one of the layoffs. It took me six months to find a new job in a different field making 80% of the job that I lost.

  17. Lauren says:

    Love that word! I quit my job about two years ago, but I still remember the President of the company standing up at a company wide meeting (after the company reps had come back from Washington) and saying “Your costs WILL go up.”

    For those who state that their premiums are going down, let me ask: Is the coverage comparable? If it’s not, you can’t make an accurate comparison. Costs are not just premiums–it’s co-pays, co-insurance, OOP (out of pocket) maximums, doctors networks, etc. If you currently pay $10,000 per year (picking a number out of the air) with a $25 co-pay, a $5000 OOP Maximum and a 500 per person deductible, and you pay $5000 per year for your new plan with 30% co-insurance, no OOP maximum, a much smaller doctor/hospital network and a 2000 per person deductible, where’s the advantage?

  18. Jeremy says:

    I love your blog. I think the comments section here is the funniest part.

    Hold on to your hats folks I am going to give an opinion here and I openly admit that this doesn’t make me an expert on anything.

    The core of the issue here is should ALL americans have affordable health Insurance. Not Healthcare… but health Insurance. They are two different things. The care is what your doctor provides you… the insurance pays for it. I have no problem with my taxes going to help those without insurance pay the high costs of health care. I would much rather my taxes go to that then paying for wars and tax breaks for Monsanto and Walmart.

    But let me get back on point… I believe that the Gov’t shouldn’t get between me and my doctor. Of course some want to get between a woman and her doctor at every possible chance when she is pregnant. But we don’t have to go there. My point is that the Affordable Care Act is a living and breathing law. Its going to change over the years. Presidents will come and go and they will change subtle things about it.

    My concern here is that people have decided its horrible and it hasn’t really started yet. Thats like saying this band sucks while you wait outside for the the venue to open. We as americans have gotten use to getting all our information from the news and our political parties and we spit it back out even worse and more ignorant that it was when we heard it. Then when faced with opposition we get defensive rather than listening to why we might (gasp) be wrong. Its ok people.. I might be wrong here… I am ok with that. We’ll all see in a few years. People often talk about the extreme costs of Obamacare as if they personally are paying for it… Yet no one ever mentions what the actual cost is??? One person in this comments section mentioned what their cost might be… and its half of what my insurance cost thru Cigna.

    Matt… I think you have a fantastic way of saying things. I loved your post on vaccines, breastfeeding, and the mom at the grocery store. You had me laughing out loud. I run a non-profit in Maryland trying to legalize Midwives for home birth. Home birth is legal but our midwives are not. So we want to change that. The Department of Health, Doc’s, Nurses and all the medical professional groups want to keep midwives banned. They could care less that they improving safety for already legal home births. They want to limit options for families and keep the money flowing in one direction. My point here is that what makes midwives affordable to families is insurance coverage. A home birth cost 3,000 dollars. Which is cheap compared to a hospital birth. Health Care is expensive. If Insurance pays for midwives then they are legit and that is why Doc’s so violently oppose making them legal.

    National Healthcare has the potential of allowing people access to healthcare that most of us take for granted. Is it perfect… No. Should the Gov’t have gotten the website ready in advance… Sure. I don’t deny these things and I think the Govt is completely messed up. Go try to get benefits from the VA once. Its a messed up system. Its taken me 6 months so far to get the VA to acknowledge I am eligible for a VA loan. They have no record of me in the military (served 9 years).

    When I saw your post and read it I noticed you are using the same tactic that OB’s and Health Departments use to prove midwives are dangerous. They post announcements to doctors and the public asking for horror stories about home births. They don’t have any bad stories so they want others to give them ammo to use against us.

    Its a low ball down and dirty way of fighting which honestly is beneath you. You are from what I can tell a reasonable guy with a strong faith… And it seems to me that you can argue against Obamacare with a little more class than scraping the bottom of public opinion and seeing what comes up.

    Thanks for all your great posts. I look forward to the next one.

    • Jo says:

      Please don’t take this the wrong way but I do not need to step into raw sewage to know I do not want to step into raw sewage. I do not need to step into raw sewage to know I am stepping into raw sewage. There are things I can look at to identify the substance. It has a distinct look, adverse smell, usually there are specific creatures that congregate around raw sewage. I feel I don’t have to get up to my neck in shit to prove I am correct in my assessment.

      All Obamacare is, in a nutshell, is the same flawed system only mandated by the government. If it wasn’t working before another layer of bureaucracy and a 1990s interface is not going to make it work better.

      I could have fixed this in twenty words, I would have repealed the section of tax code that allowed ONLY employer sponsored health care plans are tax exempt. That is called portability. Add to that a tax to subsidize those that cannot afford insurance and only deal with them and you have everyone who WANTS to be insured is insured.

      So if you are wondering why no one likes it it is because it fixes nothing but takes a lot of money out of the pockets of the middle class.

  19. Dan says:

    I am far from upper class and my health care premiums are raising this year. I work for a fortune 500 company and no matter what group coverage i select, the costs are going to increase. I know it isn’t the definition of a “horror story” but with the premium increase as well as the tax hit that we all took at the beginning of this year, I don’t see much “affordable” about the ACA.

  20. Cathie says:

    I am wondering if those who have received quotes for insurance are getting the identical coverage they presently have (if they have any insurance). Paying less in premiums, but with a higher deductible, co-pay, inadequate network of physicians, etc. is not really paying less at all. My husband works for a major grocery chain in California – he has been with the company for 42 years. When he first started with the company, he was with the Retail Clerks union, but then he was promoted to management, where part of his benefits included the provision of medical insurance (with a variety of plan choices), with a very minimal payment to cover myself and our two children. Over the years, this “minimal payment” has increased to about $350 per month, with the benefits and deductibles constantly decreasing. Now instead of paying a $30 co-pay, we pay a $20 co-pay, but also must pay 20% of the contracted charge for any special care, such as seeing a specialist, radiology, etc. So if I have not reached my deductible of $3,000 (which used to be $1,000), and I have to have a MRI done, it would cost me about $424 when, in the past, it would be a $30 co-payment. My husband’s employer reports that it will cost $20 million to implement and manage ACA, and even if it is worth billions, you can bet your bottom dollar that these costs are going to be passed down to the employees, as well as the food industry which means our grocery prices are going to rise.

    In response to the “tort reform” comments, especially with respect to greedy lawyers, I have worked in the legal profession for 40 years, and 30 of those years have been specializing in medical malpractice cases. In 1975, California implemented MICRA, which essentially limits attorneys’ fees, and also limits the amount one can receive by way of non-economic damages (pain and suffering). This limit, set in 1975, is $250,000. It has not changed in almost 40 years. This means if a healthcare provider is negligent, acting below the standard of care of other professionals in the community, and that negligence results in disabling injuries to a 10 year old, such that the 10 year old will need medical care and support the rest of his life, presumably, a jury would award economic damages covering the cost of said medical care and support for the rest of his life. If a jury determines the value of his “pain and suffering” for the rest of his life to be $20 million, he is still only going to get $250,000. And of course, the doctors and their insurance companies take these cases to trial because they know that no matter how much the jury awards, their non-economic losses are going to be limited to $250,000 max. In the meantime, the doctors’ lawyers (hired by the insurance company) accumulate thousands of billable hours, hire experts (all in the hip pocket of the insurance company), until they either absolutely have to settle the case (because they know their doctor screwed up) or better yet, take it to trial because that’s even more billable hours. Then once the case has been resolved, the attorneys’ fees are calculated after the litigation costs are deducted (it is estimated that the cost of taking a medical malpractice case to trial is $50,000-$75,000, but it can be more depending on expert testimony), and they are set by law, 40% of the first $50,000; 1/3 of the next $50,000; 25% of the next $500,000 and 15% of the balance. In essence, the healthcare industry and its insurers have essentially blocked “frivolous” lawsuits for medical malpractice because very few attorneys will undertake a case that does not involve extensive economic damages from which they will probably still make less than half of what the defense attorneys made. And the doctors control the litigation! They have to give consent to settle a case! Why? If you rear-ended someone, do you think that your insurance company would ask you for consent to settle that claim? No way! But doctors generally have high deductibles, and they also don’t want any negative report with the California Medical Board, which requires any settlement or judgment in excess of $30,000 be reported to the Board. Now if you were going to check on your doctor through the California Medical Board, you may be fooled into thinking that your doctor has never paid any malpractice claims in excess of $30,000. On the website, the only negative information that gets posted is a ‘JUDGMENT’ … not a settlement. We obtained a $500,000 verdict against a doctor, which was entered as a judgment. The doctor then appealed, and thereafter settled the case for a little more than the judgment . Because he technically “settled” the case, there was no derogatory information posted on the CMA website. Wouldn’t you want to know if your doctor settled a medical malpractice case against him for $500,000? Just one more way the healthcare industry and insurance companies, together with our legislators, wiggle their way around providing truthful information to consumers.

    So, as far as tort reform is concerned, especially in the area of medical malpractice law, the healthcare industry is not being held accountable because they have structured a system under the guise of skyrocketing malpractice insurance costs and lawsuits, that essentially prevents patients from holding doctors accountable for negligence. By the way, since the implementation of this law, there has been no significant change in malpractice insurance costs … in fact, they have steadily risen.

    Sorry for such a long post, but it is so frustrating when people automatically assume that doctors are God and attorneys are the devil, and that the reason why our insurance costs, etc. are so high is because of greedy people and their lawyers. In the same light, I agree that the drug companies are definitely lining the pockets of our government representatives, no matter what party affiliation. They are also lining the pockets of the healthcare providers who prescribe their medications.

    Obamacare is despicable, and the cost just to implement the program online is astronomical. I can only imagine how much the IT people were paid (probably 3-4 times what they would have been paid in the private sector) to design such a disaster.

  21. Kelley says:

    Well I wouldn’t call my story a horror story but I don’t know anything for sure yet. My insurance company sent a letter telling me as of 1/14/2014 my plan will be canceled and they will contact me with alternative plans that meet the ACA. My insurance agent doesn’t even know yet what the policies will be except that I can expect at least a 50% increase in my premiums. Why? I liked my policy plus I can’t afford an increase in my premiums. My husband and I both work full time, we have two daughters, ages 4 and 9. Between insurance, house payment, taxes, utility bills, food, gas and daycare we have nothing left at the end of the month. I feel like we make OK money. My husband and I have already decided that if our premiums go up 50% we will go with out insurance and just save the amount of our current premium every month. We will pay doctors visits out of pocket and negotiate with the doctors as to how much we will pay them. We will do this for the first year while the penalty is minimal and then re-evaluate the second year when the penalty jumps. We rarely go to the doctor and so far are healthy, I know we would be taking a chance going with out insurance but I don’t feel that paying $1000 a month for a family of 4 is affordable.

  22. Shylene says:

    I work for an apartment complex in the good old USA – the one many of your family members and friends have died to protect. I just had a disabled Veteran come into my leasing office; he has had his disability and medical insurance cut to the point that he will default on his rent this month; we will have to file in court on this Hero. He now owes 4 months of back premiums because of the NEW OBAMACARESHIT and OUR government, the ones who just went on strike, took it right out of the 1,300.00 a month they so “graciously” give him and his wife. I AM SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even form the correct words to describe the level of disgust, sadness, and anger that I have……….

  23. Jill J says:

    i started a long diatribe here…decided to cut it short…in short: obamacare stinks to high heaven, and we, the people, are royally (i’d say jk…but don’t feel like i am) screwed…

  24. Omay Farlane says:

    Idaho doesn’t have Medicaid Expansion. To find a really affordable one… Oh wait a minute! There’s isn’t one! I have to get it from my employer which is 50.00 every paycheck plus I have to supposedly pay almost 2000 on deductible. No thanx! I rather pay 97 bucks on fines.

  25. vickieayala says:

    Sorry, my worst story is it took a couple times to get through on the Covered California website. And then I had insurance.

  26. Paula says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned above or not. But I think that the Democrats want Obama care to fail. Then they will get the socialized healthcare they have wanted all along.

    • Bev says:

      A senior member of the “Democratic Socialists of America” predicts that Obamacare will fail and be replaced by a fully socialist system. Here is the quote:

      “After a century of struggle, the ACA commits the United States to providing universal access to health care. This is a great achievement, one to be treasured and nurtured. Now the real fight begins, to turn this commitment into a reality that the ACA itself cannot produce. Barack Obama was right the first time: only a single-payer program can provide universal coverage, and only a single-payer program can control costs. The ACA may be the last bad idea that Americans try; after it fails, we will finally do the right thing: single-payer health insurance.” – Gerald Friedman

      The socialists KNOW that Obamacare is just the tool to usher in their ultimate goal.

    • fubar says:

      exactly. if their goal was to kill the rest of the economy – SUCCESS!

    • I was just going to say that. That’s what I think too. Once it fails, they will have to “fix it” by taking it over completely with a single payer system. That’s what they have wanted historically.

  27. Shannon says:

    I’m a STAHM with a 4.5 year old son on the Autism Spectrum. I also have a 2 year old. My husband owns a small AC business in SoFl. He has always carried insurance for our family and has always offered insurance to his employees. He has strategically made health insurance a part of their employee salary package. This has worked well for him, he has loyal, satisfied employees.

    Since my son’s ASD diagnosis 2 years ago our life has changed dramatically. Financially, it has nearly bankrupted us. My son qualified for 15 hours of Occupational Therapy $130 per hour per week, 10 hours of Speech therapy $130 per hour per week, 12 hours of ABA Therapy $160 per hour per week and 4 hours of pragmatic skills group $400 per month. Our insurance only covered 10 hours of OT per week, 5 hours of speech per week, 4 hours of ABA and no pragmatics. Even though he had a diagnosis, which we had to pay $2300 out of pocket for. Our insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) wasn’t liable to covet anymore. enen though the psychologist recommended thse therapies he still wasn’t able to receive the amount of recommended. We decided to supplement out of pocket for additional therapy. I even picked up some night waitressing shifts to pay for additional therapy. During the day I not only have my typical SAHM duties but also am constantly running my son to his appointments. I’m also sitting in on his sessions so I can learn to properly deal with my son’s behaviors and issues. This means I also pay childcare for my youngest.

    Since our insurance found out about my son’s diagnosis they’ve been increasing our premium. Initially, we paid $620 per month for the 4 of us. The last hike was up to $1540 per month. We couldn’t afford it. This left us scrambling. Nobody would pick my son up because his ASD was considered a preexisting condition. We were bumblescrewed. I applied for Medicaid for our boys, and of course we were denied. They referred us to Healthykids. It’s a version of Medicaid that we pay for $130 per child. It covers virtually nothing other than minimum pediatrician visits, ER visits, some dental an 2 hours of OT and 2 hours of Speech. No pragmatics and no ABA. Also, my sons Sensory issues makes it had for him to swallow food. Which has caused major GI issues. I don’t even want to discuss those bills. They’re comparable to a student loan.

    I recently checked out ACA and found, our family can be covered with my son and the majority of his therapies for $650 per month!!!! Thanks Obamacare. I just might start sleeping again. Having a child on the Spectrum is extremely difficult. Not being able to afford his therapies, heartbreaking.

    • Jo says:

      I want to start with I have a 14 year old with PDD NOS so you don’t get all you don’t understand. Your insurance didn’t cover it because that level of therapy wasn’t necessary and what was needed could have been found through your school system. You chose private therapy, don’t blame your insurance for that. My son never had that level of therapy and he is in honors courses trying to figure out what engineering school he wants to go to. Sorry, I know it is scary but you are wasting your money. I am trying to give you a time machine here, it will work out. These are amazing gifted kids that are socially interesting.

      See you are part of the problem of rising prices, you want everything for nothing. Your husband has a business. What would happen if people needed a whole new system and he was forced to take only the cost of the service call. How long would he stay in business? Here I will give you a 500 dollars for that 3,000 dollar system, I have a right to cold air! That is exactly what you expected the insurance company to do. Do you really think that is fair?

      I get it, I really do, my kids are insured through my ex who is insured through his family’s small business. I am not sure how long they can keep it going. I just thank god I have my insurance waiting in the wings.

      Anyway, these things need to be fixed but Obamacare isn’t the way to do it. They are promising you the sun and the moon, problem is if no one takes the insurance because they expect everyone to take losses how good is it really? How are you going to feel if your doctor doesn’t take it? My son lost his first doctor because the doctor stopped taking any insurance. You think insurance makes you scramble, that will be nothing compared to finding a new doctor you trust.

  28. just me says:

    while i applaud your efforts at “educating” the WH and our congressmen, (except for Cruz and Lee)


    To usher in single payer (gvt). they want control over every aspect of our lives and obamacare gives them that.

    (if you don’t believe me, try reading it. or some of it – have tylenol and brandy handy)

    if the shutdown didn’t enlighten you that we have experienced a coup and everything they do is designed to PUNISH us. then I don’t know what will.

  29. The plan I’ve had for years and have been happy with was dropped. My premiums have gone up, deductible has increased exponentially and the coverage is less. So despite paying more in premiums, I will now pay more out of pocket before that coverage even kicks in. My husband works for a very large company, I cannot imagine how small businesses are going to survive the costs and requirements.

  30. This is just the start. Even though it’s rocky signing up, the DEMS will never relinquish their hold on the bodies of tax-paying Americans. Those who could not or would not pay their own way will never give up what they deem to be free. Once you get them addicted to the morphine-like slow-drip IV of socialism, it’ll never go away. It eventually morphs into the single payer system the Marxists are looking for. Thanx for fighting this Matt, best wishes.

  31. Breech says:

    When I read something like:


    Let the liberal blogs do the puff pieces, I’m interested in the real story. So tell it to me.”

    I think of the National Enquirer.

    To a thinking person, this does not seem like you want the real story. It at least appears as though you want what could be termed the worst of the worst experiences available. More probably, you will receive narratives from those who have no actual experience of the ACA that simply have a blind opposition to it because of who it comes from. The email address

    I would hazard a guess and say that you could, if you were so inclined, gather stories equally horrible (if not more so) if you blogged about the frustrations of dealing with HMO’s. Does that mean they should be shut down? Or do they serve a purpose in the wider picture?

    You are looking for stories about how the ACA is destroying people’s lives, yet blog nothing about how a splinter group within a party and the electoral paranoia it inspires has essentially sabotaged the US economy for years, costing millions of jobs. It would seem that Stalin was correct in that a few lives is a tragedy, a million lives is a statistic – insofar as job losses and extreme conservative politics are concerned. In terms of worrying about job losses, spending energy on addressing ACA is like worrying about the splinter in your index finger while you are in the emergency room for a gunshot wound to the chest.

    I get it, Matt, you have a demographic you are trying to appeal to. The unfortunate thing is that demagoguery like this takes away from the impact of the good things you say. It’s disappointing,

  32. Wanda says:

    I have been struggling to pay a 600. amonth premium . Obama said that if your income is below the property line you would be eligible for supplements. I spent over an hour trying to get info and this is what they told me: 582.00 amonth with a 5500. deductiable b/f I would qualify for a free doctor visit. and I did not quality for supplements. I go to the doctor 2 times a year on average cost me 35.00 each visit. This is ridiculous , 7200. annual now would be if I chose obmacare it will cost me 6982. with 5500, I think they all need a reality check.

  33. Steve says:

    I work full time in a company with roughly 800 employees. Before working here, I worked at five or six other similar companies over the course of my 30+ year career. Every year we are informed of the tweaks and changes to our medical insurance and other benefits. Every year they let us know how the coverage has changed and how much the cost has gone up. For the record, in all those years I’ve never been in a situation where the cost for an equivalent policy has ever gone down. At times, lower cost plan options have been offered but, in every case, the cost savings were the result of higher deductibles or fewer choices of covered physicians and/or hospitals (HMOs, PPOs, etc). In the last three or four years, the trend has been that, while premium costs have risen marginally, the trade-off has been fairly aggressive hikes in co-pays and, especially, deductibles. The net/net of course has been that, (pre-ACA)year after (pre-ACA) year, a much larger share of my income has had to be assigned to healthcare related expenses. I say this because any comparison between the cost of someone’s current plan and what that cost would be under a policy obtained through the ACA exchanges would need to include all these associated expenses such as deductibles and co-pays if it was to provide an accurate and valid “before/after.”
    And, for the record, although we’re still a few months away from learning of the annual adjustments to the health plans offered at our company, there has been no talk of what effect the emergence of the ACA will have on our coverage or its cost. Also, the increases we’ve experienced in the last few years in the wake of the passage and inevitability of the ACA have been very much in line with the last decade’s activity.
    What I do know for sure is that, at my (pre-Medicare eligibility) age and with my current health issues, if I were to have any hope of getting medical insurance on my own, the premiums, co-pays and deductibles would dwarf what I’ve seen I could get from a policy on the ACA exchange.

  34. MrsK says:

    Please post this very helpful Link to #ObamaCare health care plan pricing listed by each STATE, county, and all the different plans offered! It is on

    They will even give show you a tutorial on how to sort and use the document !!! !

    Thank you!

  35. Mary Anne says:

    “It’s all the evil insurance companies fault! They’re the ones gouging you, not us.” I so guarantee that some phrase like the above will be used by: A. Joe Biden B. Kathleen Sebelius C. Jay Carney D. Barak Obama. Then we will all be called impatient for the new system to fully work. I understand that not all of the voting base in America is intellectually capable, but seriously, this administration talks down to us like we are all mentally incapacitated preschoolers. I have never (in my young 27 years) heard a President speak so smugly when people have issue with his policies.

  36. Jo Gardner says:

    I live in the UK and I don’t have to pay a penny towards my healthcare because it’s free. if I wanted to go private then I would have to pay for it. I’m not surprised everyone is worried in Canada and USA about health care as the amount you need to pay each month is outrageous. now it seems if you don’t have insurance there you will be fined. looks like millions and millions will be fined as it’s way to expensive to even get insurance in the first place. but did you know people who work for the government and muslims do not have to pay this insurance?

  37. WE don’t want or need Obama care, what we need is Obama out of office. He has raped & pilliaged these Unites State for almost 8 years. We as a Nation will suffer the reprocusions for a long time if we ever recover. Hell the whole bunch in Washington should should be replaced & sent packing with out their fancy Insurance that we could not afford in any form.

  38. Denna Freed says:

    Here is one for you, Matt! This was shared by my friend Les:

    My brother, who is older than I am, got dropped from his insurance provider. Why you may ask? Because it did not meet the requirements of Obamacare. And what requirements did it fail to meet you ask? It did not provide my Older Brother with Birth Control and Abortions.

    Les Rayburn

  39. Kristin says:

    My husband just retired from the military, and is now a state employee. Because he is a military retiree, we have the military insurance, and we are not affected by the requirement to have Obamacare. However, he attended a meeting with his employer yesterday, where they were told that states are now required to change or drop the health care plans they are currently offering, so that they will have to only offer insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. Additionally, by the year 2016, married couples are not allowed to be covered by the same insurance policy. They will have to have individual policies. This whole thing is a ridiculous disaster, and I hope the American people wake up soon, vote these idiots out of office, and put a national policy in place for healthcare that makes sense. I agree that people should not be dropped from their insurance, and the poor, children, and people with pre-existing conditions should have access to coverage. Why do we have to screw up everyone else to make this happen?

  40. Roland says:

    Just had my health plan cancelled due to Blue Shield response to the Affordable Care Act and am being forced to the California exchange. There I find that for any remotely comparable insurance, my annual costs will approximately double. Premium will increase 85% and out of pocket limits will increase by over $1000 per annum. There must be a secret plan to control costs because all I see is another hidden tax on hard working healthy people who buy their own insurance.

  41. MG says:

    New premiums for my husband (business owner) and I: $20k/year. It may not go up when we have kids, at least; I think that’s the family rate.

  42. CIA Against the U.S.Congress and the White House


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      Moreover, Mickey Kryzhanovsky involved in Internet fraud!

  43. Sue says:

    I read one of your articles and thought ‘hey this guy is on the money’. But then I read a few more and changed my mind. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  44. john says:

    John 57 y/o and Susan 61 y/o Florida

    I am retiring from the Fire department in two months I have been serving sick people for 30 years; my wife has been a nurse for 20 years and doing the same. We always had affordable insurance through our employer. We were planning on semi-retiring and would have an income of about $75-$80,000 a year. Our house is not paid for yet and we are also paying my mom’s mortgage. Our budget was going to work ok with a health insurance premium of $700/mo. Now however with Obamacare the cheapest plan I can find is $1200/mo. That would be over 20% of my total income. We are now forced to either live without health insurance or not retire at all. For the record if I was to pay these ridiculous premiums for a crap policy (which is no more than a catastrophic policy) and if we were to have any moderate medical problem it would immediately cost us a $12,000 deductible. Do the math that would be $26,400 for any moderate problem we may have in the year 2014. I would rather pay the penalty of $800 a year and take my chances. We would be ruined either way. Where is the affordable in this socialistic, people of America defiant, economy crippling, middle class prejudice, unconstitutional, piece of crap health reform bill anyway???
    Obama won the Life magazine Man of the year by doing nothing but getting elected and now his major contribution is going to financially cripple millions of people and businesses that were the working class backbone. God Help the United States of America.
    I will not going to be a part of this communist movement!!

  45. Terra bailey says:

    I am a 57 year old single woman who lost her job, has no income since May 2013. I was quoted over 500.00 a month, at the very least for obama care. I will soon be homeless. Justify that, mr obama.

  46. Nina - Midlothian, VA says:

    . . . . . . . . . “ObamaScares” Me . . . . . . . . . . . .
    It’s sad but true. The only thing worse – is now – I’m unable to treat what ales me! Unless I have a heart attack over this whole mess, I will never reach my $5,000 deductible. I couldn’t afford to reach it even if I needed to. Thank God I am a pretty healthy person. I’ll pray that I don’t get an ulcer worrying financially since my premiums was tripled due to the Dictator’s new law.

    What angers me most is he took away my freedom to choose. I must work and keep our new “over-priced” plan. Unlike my children – my very wise children who have elected to pay their own medical bills vs. the outrageous premiums, and pay any penalty IRS is able to collect.

    Our only hope as a Nation is in 2016 when we again have a President who overturns your Narcissistic “ObamaCare” law.

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