Everyone, please help me make this person infamous

Jared Marcum was arrested and charged with a crime for wearing an NRA t-shirt to his school in West Virginia.

Justin Carter, a teenager in Texas, spent months in jail after making a sarcastic (yet inappropriate) joke on his Facebook page.

In Virginia, a 10 year old boy was arrested and charged for bringing a plastic toy gun onto a school bus.

Christian Adamek, a 15 year old student, was threatened with being put on the sex offender registry for streaking at a high school football game. He hanged himself a few days after his arrest.

Cody Chitwood, 17, faces 10 years in prison for having a tackle box with fishing knives — in his car, parked outside his school.

I could go on and on and on. Everyday, children and teens are expelled, arrested, and jailed for games, jokes, innocuous behavior, and harmless juvenile antics. We have a “zero tolerance policy” for childhood mischief, and it is enforced ruthlessly.

“Sorry ma’am, we’re going to ruin your son’s life for having a pen knife in his glove compartment. We know he’s a good kid, but we’re going to lock him in a cage and derail his future anyway. Them’s the brakes. Ain’t nothin’ we can do. Deal with it, lady.”

Yet, in this rigid environment where misshapen breakfast pastries and plastic toys are taken as potentially lethal; where there is “zero tolerance” for anything that might be construed as a threat, how could a school employee get away scott-free after being caught sending hundreds of deranged, sexually charged text messages to a 15 year old student?

How it this possible? The t-shirt kid spends a few nights in jail, and this pervert get to stay home with his (I’m sure, quite proud) wife?

Allow me to introduce you to Kentucky’s own former Holmes High School Band Director Jared Murray:


Late at night, early in the morning, during class, Jared Murray, for several weeks at the beginning of the school year, bombarded a 15 year old student with all sorts of text messages. He now claims these were all “taken out of context,” and he was just trying to foster a “father-daughter” relationship with the young lass. He says there’s nothing criminal about the conversations he had with her. I’ll show you a few of the hundreds and hundreds of text messages. You be the judge. You tell me if they require further “context”:

“Girl, you’re always looking nice.”

“You already know I’ll smack your ass.”

“Morning, good lookin’.”

“So when you moving in?”

“We would have tons of the fun.”

“I miss you already.”

“Just know I love you.”

“Night baby doll.”

“I’ve grown really attached to you. So when I say I love you, I truly mean it.”

“You’ve grown to be a major part of my life.”

“We need some us time.”

“No you or 2 smacks of ass.”

“Hope you miss me as much as I do you.”

“Damn this feels like you really are mine.”

“Just making sure our business stays with us.”

“These are the days I want to take you home and give you the love you deserve.”

“Love you sweetheart.”

“So our date is official?”

And you get the gist.

Remember, kids get ARRESTED for bringing TOYS to school. This dirty old deviant is stalking a minor, and what’s the penalty?

Nothing. Nada. End of the story.

He was suspended — with pay (of course). Then he resigned. The Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney says the texts are “inappropriate” but “not criminal.” The investigation is over. No charges will be filed. Nobody will look into it any further. This all happened in August, it came to light only a few weeks ago, and the matter is already settled.

[*UPDATE* Many people have emailed the prosecutor about this case and received responses. I respect the fact that the man has taken the time to actually answer. He says Kentucky law ties his hands and he can not do anything. He insists that he wishes he could put him away, he hates what he did, but he has no recourse. This all hinges on whether the Band Director Perv “solicited” sex. Personally, I still believe his texts are CLEAR and EXPLICIT in that regard. He says the law has hamstrung him by so narrowly defining what constitutes solicitation. Thank you, everyone, for getting on top of this. This story still needs to be shared — whether you share this post or any other news item about it — so that Jared Murray can’t ride off into the sunset, get another job somewhere, and victimize another child. I don’t think we need to send anymore emails to the prosecutor. He suggests we contact the Kentucky Legislature: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/ and push them to create laws that actually protect children. That’s a good idea, and I’m going to do that. The system is entirely backwards if it protects creeps like Jared Murray.]

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. I railed about this on my show and I was greeted with a whole bunch of apologists who told me that it isn’t necessarily THAT bad because, after all, she’s 15, and, you know, 15 year old girls can be pretty precocious these days. I even had one guy tell me that, for all we know, SHE pursued HIM.

That’s right, the 15 year old girl is the predator here. Not her old, bald teacher, sending her texts late at night, gushing about how much he “loves” her.

This is an outrage and an injustice. The victim’s family has apparently been targeted for abuse by some members of the community, while this predator smirks in front of cameras, expressing not the slightest bit of remorse. This man, I believe, is dangerous. You don’t just wake up one day and say, “hey, I think I’ll go find myself a 15 year old girl to stalk!” This is the swamp you land in after sliding down a slippery sexual slope for many dark, deranged years.

So, how many other minors has he targeted? What if I looked on his computer — what sort of files and images would I find? Is it remotely likely that he’s been a fine, upstanding citizen until now?

Doubtful. Very, very doubtful. Yet these doubts can never be confirmed, because the justice system has no interest in protecting children from men like Jared Murray.

You’re telling me there isn’t ANY law that applies to this case? You’re telling me that we have to actually sit and wait for the perv to molest his victim before we do anything? These texts weren’t just “inappropriate” — they were a grown man manipulating a minor for sexual reasons. HOW IS THAT LEGAL? And, for that matter, are we so sure there was never physical contact of any kind? These messages seem to indicate a certain level of “familiarity,” but, hey, I’m no detective.

That’s why I’m turning to you, internet. Share this. Make this story famous. Make Jared Murray infamous. I don’t know what will come of it, but I can’t just sit here silently while this bloated degenerate blatantly abuses a child, and receives no punishment.

Again: we arrest CHILDREN for bringing plastic guns to school. We have “zero tolerance” if they stray over the line. This man didn’t just cross the line, he charged through it and crashed loudly right into full-on sexual predator territory. Where’s the “zero tolerance” for that?

One last note. Don’t tell me “oh, well she’s 15 and it was consensual — not that I’m excusing it.” Yes you are. If you say that, you are excusing it. That’s precisely what you’re doing. And it’s disgusting. There is NO context that makes this OK. There is NO excuse for it. There is NO gray area.

“These are the days I want to take you home and give you the love you deserve.” That is an adult petitioning a minor for sex. That’s all that is. There’s no chance of that being anything else. There is no other way to interpret that. He is saying, “I’d like to have sex with you, child.”

And he faces no criminal penalty. This is injustice. It can’t be allowed to go unnoticed. Don’t let it.


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  1. Dion says:

    I think your arguments in this post are EXACTLY what the American populace needs to hear. Save our children!

    I would really love it if the message could be made even louder, and used to save more of the young lives you cited as having been ruined by this over zealous police state, and also by hordes of perverts like him.

    Good work!

  2. Kay Dizzle says:

    Hi there,

    The girl’s mother is an acquaintance of mine and has started this petition to get this man’s teaching certificate revoked in. Please sign it. Thanks! https://www.change.org/petitions/ky-education-professional-standards-board-do-not-allow-jared-murray-to-keep-teaching-certificate#share

    • Have the parents looked into any kind of civil suit? Can they get a restraining order or some other documented form of protection for their daughter? I realize that the restraining order will not physically protect their daughter, but it puts a record out there that they do not approve, and they feel that harm has been done. Anything that they can do to make records that he has been indecent with a child should help to keep him from teaching again. Even charging him with a civil suit makes records that school district will look for. I would be horrified to read any of those texts on my daughters’ phones. This is sickening.

  3. Kay Dizzle says:

    Also? If you want to “fry” anyone, fry Bill Cunningham and Eric Deter’s office. They gave this man a platform to victim blame and out this fifteen year old child to the media. HE took this to the media.

    • Hannah says:

      Eric Deter was the defender, huh??? Big surprise….how disgusting.

      The hypocrisy really is overwhelming. Did the attorney’s office somehow miss the recent case where a 15 year old girl killed herself for being blamed for her teacher’s sexual advances??? It is NOT a teenage girl’s place to defend herself from an authority figure, it is the teacher’s place to immediately stamp out any “flame” a young girl is fanning. Girls get crushes, it happens. Maybe that’s what happened here. It does NOT give the teacher the right to take advantage of that crush, it gives the teacher the RESPONSIBILITY to shut it down.

      • I completely agree. Educators are agreeing to make their private lives public, and they are agreeing to look after and protect children. As an educator, if I were to overhear those types of comments being made from one student to another it would be my responsibility to intervene and stop the behavior. As far as him making those kinds of comments, that is sickening. The defensee that he was fostering a father/child relationship is also sickening. It is not his job to be any students “father”. Educators are supposed to keep students safe at school, and report anything that might need attention at home to proper authorities. Students are not stray puppies, and no matter how much an educator cares about their well-being the educator’s involvement needs to be limited to appropriate interactions. No matter how her home life was portrayed to him by the girl, his comments are out of line. IF he were concerned about her home life there are proper channels to take to report issues. Most educators go through training on how to appropriately shut down any advances, how to handle concerns about a student’s home life, AND, like any other job in the country, what constitutes sexual harrassment. There is no legitimate excuse for this not being handled as a more serious offense in court.

    • M says:

      Exactly! Rob Sanders is, unfortunately, bound by law and cannot indict. Kentucky state legislators are the ones that need to be contacted so the law can change: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/legislators.htm

      Rob Sanders is just as disgusted as any of us but the law limits his ability to bring charges against Murray. He made some pretty scathing remarks about Murray, quoted in this article:

      Eric Deter’s (who is currently suspended and cannot practice law), his law office, and the attorney representing Murray (Chris Roach – how fitting of a name!) need to be strung up for their treatment of this victim. They released her name to the media and went on a victim-blaming smear campaign.

  4. Todd says:

    In Billings, Montana a principal had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old. She committed suicide and he went to court for statutory rape. He got an entire 31 days in jail. 54 year old pervert is free to stalk again and he will.

    • Roman Polanski is a Hollywood Hero. Whoopi Golberg said on the View that when Polanski drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year old girl who was sent to him looking for work, it wasn’t “rape-rape.”
      On the other hand, grown men who play football don’t actually have the capacity to consent, according to these same people. We’re in trouble, people, keep your children close.

    • caesura says:

      Anything sexual between a 14 year old and an adult is not a “sexual relationship”. It is rape. Your sentence should read, “A principal raped a 14 year old girl.”

      These monsters need to face appropriate consquences for their actions. No doubt most of them began working with children so they would have easy access and authority over their victims.

      • pappad says:

        Actually true. My experience with pedophiles (I was a chief of detectives for 7 years) is that they display several obvious characteristics. Often, they are attracted to otherwise unattractive or plain-Jane, single moms with young children. They woo and even marry the moms in order to gain access to the children. Secondly, they tend to gravitate towards jobs that put them in close contact with the age group of children they find most attractive–band directors, school teachers, boy scout leaders, youth directors at churches, etc. Finally they invariably blame their victims when they’re caught. “She came onto me!” or “He pestered me for sex until I finally gave in.” Pedophiles have the WORST recidivism rate of all felons. They are “incurable” and need to be locked away from society PERMANENTLY. Even in the penitentiary they are considered the lowest of the low…the “short eyes” types.

  5. magicalpat says:

    Why is it that on the show “To Catch A Predator”, they are able to arrest a guy just for the crime of sending ‘sexual advances’ to a minor? In some case, the under cover cops lead the guy into it, and yet he is still arrested.

    Why don’t those laws apply here?

    Those that protect a creep like this make me think they have a skeleton or two of their own hanging in a closet.

    • gavilan says:

      Laws vary state to state. Usually in the show, not only was there a lewd conversation, there was also an agreement to meet up for inappropriate relations with a minor, and the perp actually shows up. That is how they are able to arrest them.
      Frankly, the prosecutor is technically right, there’s not much the law can do, unless unlawful activity actually occurs. The real outrage here is the fact that he was suspended with pay for it.

    • xxyodiexx says:

      I was actually going to bring that up. On “To Catch a Predator,” they actually can’t arrest someone just for sending ‘sexual advances’ to a minor. If you notice, they actually have to get the guy to physically go somewhere to meet up with the person with the intent to commit the crime. Even then, you can’t hold someone on intent. If you actually follow those cases, most of those men don’t get held in jail for very long. What this man did is disgusting, and he should definitely be further investigated. However, with the proof they have now, there is just no evidence. If you were angry and you texted someone and said “I can’t wait for you to get here so I can slit you throat and bury your body,” could you get arrested for murder? Definitely not. Yes…crime is worse when it comes to children being involved, but that doesn’t mean that the laws can be changed. As crappy as that sounds…that’s just how our law system works. Rest assured though, I guarantee everyone is keeping an eye on this guy. I wouldn’t imagine he’d be getting around any more children any time soon.

      • xxyodiexx says:

        …and nowwwww my last comment pops up *sigh* I just retyped everything for no reason. I’m going to take a nap lol

    • xxyodiexx says:

      I was actually going to bring up “To Catch A Predator.” However, if you notice, the men aren’t arrested based on just sending messages. They aren’t taken into custody until they arrive at the place with the intent on committing the crime. Also, if you look into these cases, most of these men aren’t held for very long. It’s a scare tactic. You can’t convict someone on intent. If there was someone you disliked, and you texted them and said, “I can’t wait until you get here so I can slit your throat,” could you be convicted of attempt of murder? There’s just no proof. The man may have said some incredibly inappropriate things, but sadly, it’s all circumstantial evidence. The correct avenue that should’ve been taken, would be for the law system to get a warrant and search his computer, phone and home for further evidence. Right now though, it sounds like they’ve got nothing to go on. The sad truth is, we could get this to every news station in the world, it still wouldn’t change anything. The law is the law. It can’t be changed due to the severity of the crime. I do assure you though, that everyone around him is watching him very closely. I doubt he’ll be getting around any more children.

  6. Sloan says:

    “This is the swamp you land in after sliding down a slippery sexual slope for many dark, deranged years.” APTLY SAID!!! And exactly true!

  7. Matt, Thank you for this one.
    It’s a topic I’ve been tracking for some time now and getting more frustrated with as more reports of ‘zero tolerance’ stupidity roll in.
    Meanwhile, no one seems to care that just as many reports of educator/administrator inappropriateness and even criminal acts are rolling in.

    I even wrote about this just the other day, ‘Zero Tolerance Is Literally For The Little People’ http://wp.me/14vwx

    Again, thanks for writing about this.


  8. Devout Catholic says:

    Matt, thank you for another great post. There is entirely too much excusing the bad behavior. You see it in the story from Maryville, Missouri – http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/17/missouri-rape-case-maryville/2999539/ and the earlier case from Stuebenville, Ohio. Sure, the girls in the situations may have made bad choices by being in the company of these people, but there is no excuse for the boys’ behavior, NONE! This excuse making and also brought us to the point where we are in terms of all of the perverted sexual behavior in this country.

  9. Steve says:

    It’s not a “justice system”, it’s a legal system. Justice has nothing to do with it.

  10. Belle of the Library says:

    I am so SICK of people acting like teenagers are adults. If they were adults, capable of adult reasoning and response, they’d be called ADULTS!!!!! Bah. I’ll save you my rant. Maybe that’ll be my next blog.

    • Curtis says:

      Even then, the term “teenager” is an invention of the 1900s. Until then, children were expected to take responsibility and become productive members of society much earlier than today’s norm. Way back in the day, “teenagers” could be military commanders over grown adults or survey vast expances of unmapped territory if they put in the work and responsibility it took to do that. Fortunately, I have the priveledge of knowing many people who help young men and women, a.k.a. “teenagers” take on great responsibility and see things through to success, such as the friend of mine who recently organized and executed a fantastic fund raiser event for upcoming events.

      • Amanda says:

        And I also see many who wasted their lives wandering without any purpose. I do not doubt teenagers have the potentials but most of them don’t have the stone to hone them into sharp swords. I’ve seen youngsters with leadership abilities that I can never hope to surpass but also intelligent teenagers who put their knowledge and gift to the wrong cause. That’s why people like your friends exist; to help create an environment for them to exercise responsibility, creativity and utilize any strengths they possess. Why? Because too much of the teenagers nowadays have lost these abilities due to the over-protective environment (which is ironically insufficient and crippling) they grow up with.

  11. Michael says:

    I sent this to a friend of mine. We went to college together for music education and my friend ended up going into social work in KY. The below is how my friend responded to the article.

    This was sent to 37 social workers, 4 judges, 3 county attorneys, 9 prosecutors, Ellen, Oprah, Arsenio Hall, Rachel Ray, Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Phil and Chris Hanson {To Catch a Predator}.

    I’ve done what I can!!!

  12. allthewaydoc says:

    disgusting! young girls are easy prey to such anyone who gives them attention. They are needy and all it takes is some man to listen to them and they will end up doing whatever he wants! men like that are sick and should be removed from society!

  13. Lionel Hutz says:

    You can always educate yourself on certain laws and perhaps do research on related cases before you just start finger pointing. Although your opinion of this creep is a good one and so very easy to agree with, you can’t just start yelling and a make a criminal charge appear. Basically your entire blog reads like this. “This guy’s a creep, he’s texting a 15 year-old inappropriate messages, I can’t name what he should be charged with and why I believe it would hold up in court but there has to be a charge out there somewhere. Here’s the prosecutor’s phone, email, address, etc. We’re angry at him. Bombard him with calls and emails and let him know that we will not stand for him turning his back. This creep needs to be charged with something. With what, I don’t know.”

    I appreciate your bringing this creep into light as I feel that most would agree that he needs to be exposed for his wrongdoings in this matter. But to blast the prosecutor when you can’t specifically say anything that you believe he did wrong (or what should have been done) and then post all his information, that was just grandstanding on your part. If you’re going to post someone’s information, knowing very well he’s going to get plenty of hate as a result, you have to be able to back up your stance with something far more concrete than what you wrote. Otherwise, doing so is just petty and juvenile at best.

    • Karen says:

      I guess you missed the part where he said the prosecutor had done all he could and what really needed to be done was to contact the legislators and get some laws changed! As you stated, maybe you should educate yourself and perhaps do some research (as in, read the article first).

      • Lionel Hutz says:

        As you can see Karen that paragraph is an update. When I initially took the time to read and analyze this, it was not included in the blog. I was just trying to suggest that it’s irresponsible to make the prosecutor a target of mass hate mail when you can’t specify what it is that he has done wrong.

      • xxyodiexx says:

        OH SNAP! ↓

  14. Lauren says:

    Children can be accused of “crimes” that adults would laugh at, they have no rights and their ability to defend themselves is nil. A lot of what happens at school would be considered assault if it happened to an adult, but no the perpetrators and the victims are children so they have no rights. If the perp is an adult and the victim is a child, usually nothing happens. If the so-called perpetrator is a child, they throw the book at them.

    It’s sad, but there’s nothing to be done until “we the people” acknowledge that children are people too. Right now our culture does not agree with that.

    ***As far as I know there is no law stating that a school’s policies can be cause for jail time or prosecution. The school’s policies are separate from the laws of city, state or nation. Maybe that could be used as an angle for these kids being unlawfully targeted?

  15. All who say “it’s not that bad” are just the same as this pervert. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Enough said.

    • xxyodiexx says:

      There was a time when it was completely acceptable for girls of her age and younger to be married off all the time. It’s crazy to think of now, but I’m sure at 15 she has developed fully through puberty. God turned her into an adult, yet society has not. You know how many women were swooning over 16 year old Taylor Lautner? A lot! Because he looked like a man. When a man swoons over a 15-16 year old girl though…he’s a perv. Our society is stupid. God forbid a man is attracted to a girl who is fully sexually developed. It’s human nature. If she was 8…now that would be…there’s no word to describe the disgustingness of that. However, him breaking the law, taking his role in a leadership position, abusing it, and pursuing it is certainly wrong. “Near the end of the 18th century, other European nations began to enact age of consent laws. The broad context for that change was the emergence of an Enlightenment concept of childhood focused on development and growth. This notion cast children as more distinct in nature from adults than previously imagined, and as particularly vulnerable to harm in the years around puberty. The French Napoleonic code provided the legal context in 1791 when it established an age of consent of 11 years. The age of consent, which applied to boys as well as girls, was increased to 13 years in 1863.”

      • Thanks for replying to my comment. I disagree with you! There was a time when there was totally acceptable to impale or guillotine people as a punishment. There was a time when girls were married at 13 and had children at 15. We live in a different society, with different norms and different laws. Young people are not ready to take on such responsibilities. A 15 year old girl may be physically mature, but not emotionally and certainly not mature enough to engage in a relationship with a grown man, who BTW is old enough to be her father. I am speaking here as a mother of a 16 year old girl. If you had a daughter I am sure you would be concerned about her well being and her future. What kind of future awaits a 15 year who is in a relationship with a twice as (or more) older man, who is also married and unfaithful??? Nothing at all!

      • serenstar75 says:

        As a female who was once a teen and is now mother to a teen girl, I completely disagree with you. We’ve raised age of consent because these people are still children and often still need protecting. My daughter drooled over Taylor L. I sure didn’t. Ew. He was a kid. Just because it was once legal, as was the selling of one’s daughter in childhood to a man, doesn’t mean it should be now. It was this teacher’s obligation to thwart any crush, if there had been one, and not to feed into it.I agree with your previous post in this thread, but I definitely don’t agree with this one.

        Having had a 15-year-old daughter, I can tell you she wasn’t prepared to make any of those huge decisions. Neither was I. Many of these girls who think they are end up pregnant and trying to handle a baby along with school when they’re still kids themselves. At 19, I still felt I was too young to jump right into having a kid, though I did just that. She’s 19 now, and still feels completely unprepared for any of those things and just thankful to start on college without extra confusion that comes from dealing with guys.

      • Part of the issue here, too, is not just the age. It’s the fact that he is an authority figure. In general, relationships between somebody in a position of authority with somebody he has authority over are frowned on (illegal in some situations, against policy in others, etc.) are a problem because there can be no real consent. Sure, you might say yes, but would you have said yes if the person didn’t have the ability to give you grades, choose you for a team, give you a raise, etc.? Not to mention your inability to avoid the person if they choose to pressure or harass you. This isn’t just a case of a man making friends with an underage girl and the relationship progressing in a sexual way. It’s the case of an authority figure developing a relationship with a girl.

        While not illegal, many universities would consider it a terminable offense for a college professor to have a relationship with a student, especially if she is *his* student, but often even if the student is in a different program! That’s because the professor is likely to have connections and power at the university, or to be perceived to have these connections and power by the student, that would allow him to make things difficult for her if she refused.

        So not only do you have a girl who is, according to our society’s laws, considered too young to consent to sex, but you also have it being an authority figure situation. As for whether a 15-year-old is old enough to consent… well, it’s true that a teen girl has generally reached sexual maturity at that age. And it’s true that in the past, girls were married at that age, or even younger. However, when they were, it was generally at the lead of their families, and their families chose the men they were to be married to, looking for somebody who was stable and could provide a good life for their daughter, or an alliance for their family. Her family certainly hasn’t given their consent or evaluated this man, and he’s not offering a permanent and stable marriage (he’s not offering marriage at all). So this is a very different situation. I doubt many people in these past times when girls married at 15 would have been equally happy to see their daughter have an affair without marrying, at that age or any other.

  16. ken says:

    I don’t know why they are trying to normalize adult child relationships but they are. Lest anyone forget Obama’s choice for Czar of safe schools Kevin Jennings of GLSEN this was to be his objective you can see his reading list here http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/12/14/obamas-safe-schools-czar-tied-lewd-readings/. Jennings hero was Harry Hays of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) who said that friends and families of Gays should clear the way for 13, 14, 15 year old gays boys to have relationships with older men because this is what is healthy for them. Free Kaitlyn was another pet project of this movement. Kaitlyn Hunt 19 had an overbearing and controlling sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl. Many believe she was being picked on and should be allowed to continue with her “education” of this child. Here in my Town they are trying to combine the high school with the middle-school sure to cause big problems in this area of making kids address their sexuality too soon. I sit here and try to think of an angle or purpose for allowing it and I got nothing. I guess I’m just not sick in the head.

    • Cyberguy64 says:

      Isn’t it obvious? When a young child who hasn’t cleared puberty is sexually abused, it permanently paints their view of sex. It’s a known fact that children who were molested have a higher chance of becoming molesters themselves when they’re older.

      They want to make converts.

      • pappad says:

        Not all the molested become molesters. However, almost 100% become promiscuous with decidedly unhealthy attitudes toward sexual behavior and in learning to exercise restraint in sexual situations.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m sure of your good intention of addressing the issue present but the Kaitlyn Hunt case is not an ideal example of the seriousness of this matter. If you have been following the case properly, you’ll find that it is highly controversial with homosexual discrimination mixed up in it. According to what I’ve read, the girl’s arrest was set up. She was taken into custody just as she turned adult but the issue had been present way before then. (Under Florida law, even if the relationship was consensual, it is illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to have sexual relations with anyone under that age. At the time of their relationship, Hunt was 18. ) Considering this, it cannot be said that the Kaitlyn Hunt is justly accused. Just a note. Nevertheless, I strongly agree that an adult that abuses his or hers position to exploit a minor should be judged justly and not let off the hook.

      • Curtis says:

        I’ve examined the laws regarding that, and whether it was a setup or not, the FACT is that Hunt committed a felony by having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. The only difference her age makes is whether that felony is third or second degree.

      • Amanda says:

        Yes a felony by someone who just entered adulthood. It doesn’t mean you grow up and become all matured the day you turn 18 suddenly. But for the case of Jared Murray, he’s supposed to be responsible for all the freedom adulthood have given him. He has more time to learn what it means to be an adult, to vote, etc. whereas in my personal opinion i think it is too harsh of us to judge Hunt with the same standards that we use to judge other adult-child cases which involve real, not-teen-newly-turned-adults. What I meant is that we can offer this young person a chance. It’s not a force rape case, it’s a relationship, greatly opposed one but nevertheless a relationship. Many have not realized that the moment we gain the right to buy alcohol in any stores also means the moment when we are responsible solely and fully for our actions and have the duty to abide as a good citizen of the nation. Hunt is not the first nor will she be the last. She crossed the line before she knows where the line lies. I do not say she is not guilty, just that she should be judged in a different manner than Jared Murray.

      • Amanda says:

        Though she brought upon the consequences partly by herself. She should have stopped when warned and the situation wouldn’t have deteriorated for her. Hr further actions are incomprehensible to me :/

  17. Vicki Maheu says:

    I agree with everything you said. I find it criminal that children are punished so severely for things that many people have foolishly done (like streaking). I find it criminal that they are punished AT ALL for toys, pastries, etc. But I find it abominable that adults like this teacher can get away with things like that. I am glad I homeschool my kids, but that doesn’t make me less concerned about this kind of thing, because all of this is shaping the society they will have to live in as adults. It makes me sick and makes me wonder if I should move with them to the Australian outback or someplace similarly remote. :-/
    (Mostly kidding about moving, but sometimes it seems tempting).

    • serenstar75 says:

      I’m with you! I’m sad to see that this is what our society is coming to. Do you think Australian outback might be better? Other than all those poisonous critters, of course.

  18. Lynne Roberts says:

    This man should never teach again.

  19. Reblogged this on blogging4work and commented:
    Reblogging Matt Walsh post of Oct. 17, 2013.

  20. Amy says:

    He did the only thing he could LEGALLY do…make the texts public record. Imagine sitting there knowing there is nothing you can do to or for this sick, disturbed man.

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  22. His texts sound like the very definition of the term “Grooming”. perverts do this all the time, they slowly work up to putting their hands on a child by manipulation and playing on the childs insecurities. Guys a creep and yes, I’d like to have a close look on his hard drive as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was full of child porn. This is shameful.

  23. I’m so tired of hearing about kids that get expelled or arrested for doing something that isn’t criminal. I don’t live that far from that 10-year-old kid who was arrested for playing with a toy gun in his own yard. This is insane. In Virginia! Lots of our Founders lived here, and if they were still alive, they’d have a fit. My dad actually brought his principal out to his car to show him his new gun when he was a kid. Things have changed so much.

  24. I did email Rob Sanders and he replied (twice). He seems to share the sentiment that this man is a disgusted pervert but said he was limited by the law. He does not write the laws, he can only enforce them. This guy was smart enough to not “ask” for sexual acts/favors. Therefore, he has not “broken” any laws. The guy is disgusting and Mr. Sanders agreed that it was horrible that there was nothing he could lawfully do about this pervert. He even stated that he felt that Jared Murray was “grooming his prey” yet he had no ability to prosecute him based on the current laws.

  25. Go Saints! says:

    Why does the writer of the original post find fault with the perpetrator being old and bald? I don’t think being old or bald has anything to do with being a criminal pervert. I am “old” (over 40) and I am bald. I am also a prosecutor who puts these type child molesters in jail.

    • Curtis says:

      Check reading comprehension. The point he made about the “old and bald” remark was not to criminalize old, balding men as a group of perverts, but to dispell the argument some have about how the underage girls are the ones pursuing the adults. Please read the context of a statement before jumping to conclusions about how it relates to you.

  26. Russell Allison says:

    Forgive this post if its a repeat but I thouhgt they had passed a law in Texas that made it a crime for a teacher to engage in a romantic relationship with any of his current and in some cases former students. Is someone else more up on this one than I am?
    There was some talk that some of that law might be unenforceable in cases where the student was over 18 and not a current student, but again-I lost track of that one. In wahtever case-teachers shouldn’t be texting students, facebooking students, or anything but teaching students, especially when the kid is 14. Even if its not illegal, it should most decidely be career-limiting based only on the fact that its really, really creepy.

  27. In 1983 Kenneth Wooden started Child Lures . From 1972 to 1983 he developed his Sexual Crimes Against Children Prevention Program by going into Prisons and asking Criminals how they were able to harm Children and what the Children could have done to avoid them. On March 10 th 1984 Ken presented his findings in a interview with Barbara Walters on an A.B.C. 20/20 Special called The Lures Of Death because The Lures used on Children are also used on Adults and by Terriorest to harm us and our Country Kenneth Wooden is Americas number 1 Safety Expert hands down www. The Lures Of Death .com / www. Child Lures .com / www. Teen Lures .com / www. Google .com/KennethWooden / www. Kenneth Wooden .com my name is Leon Charles Keerps founder of The Kourtney Kay Earhart No Keerps Foundation my Dauter Kourtney was Missing taken by her mother in 1985 i found Kourtney on July / 06 / 2009 . 8 5 9—2 1 3—1 9 0 3

  28. leah holley says:

    What upsets me is, he says his wife is “fine” with him having the students come stay with them…What kind of person agrees with that? Is she just as perverted as he is or has he “snowed” his wife into thinking that it is all innocent? Having a student come live with a teacher, and over state lines too is perverted, no matter how you spin it. He needs to some serious help. Without it, he should NEVER be in a classroom again. Gives me the chills to think how many students he may have been “grooming.”

  29. preceptcamden says:

    I remember hearing a man named Dr. Tim Lee speak over 25 years ago when homosexuals were just beginning to demand special rights and placing themselves in the same category as racial minority groups. Dr. Lee said that if we start giving people special rights based on their sexual orientation, then in 20 years we will have pedophiles demanding their rights because, afterall, “children are just my sexual preference” or “it’s okay because it’s consensual.” I honestly believe this country is headed in that direction. 25 years ago no one would dared have suggested that a 15 year old girl was responsible for inappropriate behavior towards a grown pervert. And if the law didn’t allow for his punishment, her father would take care of business with the weapon of his choice. And every judge in the county would turn a blind eye. We used to believe in protecting our children. Thanks, Matt, for bringing this to light.

    • Be Honest says:

      Homosexuality and pedophilia have never been proven to be linked, despite many studies and wide availability of data. Most convicted pedophiles prey on the opposite sex. Stop using this perverted deviant and his victim to advance your homophobia or make a political point.

      • pappad says:

        Actually, that’s not completely true. Based on their representation as a percentage of the whole population, homosexuals are OVERreprsented in the population of pedophiles. While it’s true that “most” reported acts of pedophilia are by heteros–both male AND female, when 2% of the adult population (homosexual men and women) commit 30% of reported pedophilia, it’s logical to draw such a link.

      • Curtis says:

        Even if this is true, you’re missing the point. The argument here is not that “gays are pedos.” The argument is that when one form of something that’s considered a form of immorality becomes an accepted, recognized status, people will start pushing OTHER boundaries into the norm. THAT is the point that PreceptCamden was making.

    • Amanda says:

      Linking homosexuality with pedophile is just so laughable that I can hardly register that argument. This is about adult-child relationship and has nothing to do with homosexuality. When we think of adult-child, what comes in mind is a 15-year-old and someone who is more than enough to be the child’s parents.

  30. mrbakestone says:

    Well said, it makes me sick.

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  32. Patti Lawrence says:

    If the young girl is saying she felt threatened and a complaint was filed then she was not doing the pursuing. If it was something she felt uncomfortable with, which seems the case since there was a complaint, then the teacher is harassing and that is a crime. He is also making statements that can be seen as attempting to engage a minor or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. This prosecutor was an idiot and appears to side with the teacher in his desires. Even if this child were pursuing the teacher who is the adult and when did 15 become an acceptable age to be lured into a relationship? My daughter was so naïve at 15 about life it would have been considered gross that an over weight bald teacher was making any kind of advances. I am sending this to that fool prosecutor as well as you.

  33. knoxvillefm says:

    It’s sad that when a young child takes their life from the embarassment of a weird situation. Very sad. Advances and flirts and inappropriate behavior don’t compare to rape and the out of wack system we have for punishing an obvious intrution of personal virtue. It’s not that we can’t find a dozen people to make a good judgement of pitiful behavior, It’s that justice system thinks it’s a win on a plea bargan that gives out lame penalties for extreme misconduct worthy of death or long term prison.

  34. Kris says:

    Reposted in FB. Disgusting.

  35. The Implication says:

    Is this the kind of biased trash that passes for reporting on the Matt Walsh blog these days? You’re taking all of his quotes out of context. There is a context for each and every quote that makes them appropriate.

    “Girl, you’re always looking nice.”
    -She asks him if she ever looks like a mean person.

    “You already know I’ll smack your ass.”
    -She asks him what he’d do if there were a poisonous bug about to sting her on the ass.

    “Morning, good lookin’.”
    -In the morning at school, he asks her to help look for his keys, and she finds them.

    “So when you moving in?”
    -He inquires about her empty locker.

    “We would have tons of the fun.”
    -She inquires as to what the results would be of gathering together thousands of pounds of the chemical substance colloquially referred to as “the fun.”

    “I miss you already.”
    -He accidentally left off the “ed” on “miss”. What happened was he was late to school for her remedial math private tutoring session, and when he got there she had already left.

    “Just know I love you.”
    -She asks him what she should say to her little sister who’s feeling alone and depressed.

    “Night baby doll.”
    -She asks him which doll to buy her little sister for her birthday, the Day baby doll or the Night baby doll?

    “I’ve grown really attached to you. So when I say I love you, I truly mean it.”
    -She asks him what the title was of that song by the conjoined twin singer.

    “You’ve grown to be a major part of my life.”
    -She asks him what the title was of that song by the other conjoined twin singer.

    “We need some us time.”
    -When he realizes the clock in the room is on Eastern European time, he decides he needs to change the time-zone to U.S. time.

    “No you or 2 smacks of ass.”
    -She asks him if “you or 1 smack of ass” was the best deal she could get for trading in her used xbox.

    “Hope you miss me as much as I do you.”
    -She asks him for advice about how to sign a postcard to her boyfriend who’s currently backpacking through Europe.

    “Damn this feels like you really are mine.”
    -This text was accidentally sent to her, but it was really meant for his prosthetic penis (which he texts for some reason).

    “Just making sure our business stays with us.”
    -He’s sick of Obama sending all of our business overseas. He’ rather that we keep our business in the U.S.

    “These are the days I want to take you home and give you the love you deserve.”
    -She asks him what the lyrics were in the chorus of a love song called ‘These are the days’.

    “Love you sweetheart.”
    -He accidentally left out the “r” in “your,” and what he meant was a command of fidelity toward her significant other.

    “So our date is official?”
    He was signing some important documents and wanted to make sure that the calendar he was using was official.

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  37. Matt;
    Thanx for the post. Let’s hope this bastard has to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

  38. Youknowwhoyouare says:

    This post made me wonder what happened to the teacher from my high school who resigned for “personal reasons” amidst allegations that he was having sex with a student. It was 1987.

    The newspaper article, which detailed his grooming techniques (similar to this creep’s, minus the texting), also gave some guidelines for teachers. One was “Don’t pat a student on the bottom” – which seemed plausible, there are some butt-patting coaches – until I came to “or touch their breasts or private areas.” Which, apparently, some teachers take on a case-by-case basis.

    Needless to say, I was shocked to discover that this advice wasn’t common knowledge.

    PS The teacher from my high school became a real estate agent. Hopefully Jared can find a nice new career flipping burgers or unclogging toilets somewhere.

  39. shanaraed says:

    I am the mother of the child that received these texts messages from Jared Murray . I want to thank you all for being proactive and bringing attention to this serious matter. My objective at this time is to make sure other children are safe from him by not allowing him the position of authority to be an educator. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.

    • Rebecca says:

      Courage to you and your daughter! It is not easy or fun to follow this to its appropriate conclusion, but I would hope that your family can stand through all of this. As a former educator, I believe that the conclusion should be that Mr. Murray loses his teaching certificate and is never allowed to get another one…in any state. God Bless!

  40. Dorothys Tornado says:


    And to think, just a few years back, how the City Police got together with the State Police, hunted me down and went and had keys made to my home (they deny this and claim I let them in) so they could let themselves inside my house since they didn’t have a search warrant & couldnt kick it in, but before doing so, stalked my house for almost 4 hours, screaming my name in the loud speakers, calling and harrassing my neighbors and beating on my windows, front and back doors all because I had a warrant for my arrest for not appearing in Court for an infraction of “Failure To Use A Sidewalk”. Not even a misdemeanor! An unpaid ticket that I originally went to Court for and when the Judge didn’t see half of us in the room that day, we were ALL assigned the SAME Court date. This was verbally announced in the room by someone working for the Court. We were also told that “if” there were any changes in this future date, we would be notified by mail. I was never notified which meant I would appear on the date announced. Well, they changed my date without telling me and this resulted in a bench warrant.

    They went through ALL THAT TROUBLE to get me, for something so trivial, yet this teacher was on “paid leave”? Vile!

  41. Megan says:

    This exact same thing happened to a really good friend of mine when she was in high school. It was even her band teacher. She was manipulated and taken advantage of and the teacher abused her. But when it all came out, she was blamed and lost all her friends and allies. Even the teacher’s wife called her and blamed her for not keeping quiet. The teacher served some time but he is back to teaching again and basically got away with barely a slap on the wrist. My friend became suicidal and depressed for years because of this and is only now just getting help. And he feels absolutely no remorse for what he did after she suffered mentally, physically, and emotionally for years. Things like this make me sick and I am ashamed that for a society who claims to do whatever they can to protect our children in schools, something like this can still happen without any real consequences. I hope he finally gets the punishment he deserves and the laws change. Not only for his victim but for all future victims that might have a teacher do the same thing and think they can get away with it.

  42. Epifania says:

    Fantastic Web page, Keep up the excellent work.

    Thank you!

  43. Mike says:

    Dude, I am from Australia and caught up with another post of yours from FB. I like what you write. How can I help to get this ‘teacher’ outed? Also do you have a twitter handle? Mike.

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