Right Wing Obamacare Myths DEBUNKED

Man, I hate these stupid, crazy, tea bagging right wingers. So foolish, so uncivilized. They run around screaming like crazed anarchists about how they want to stop Obamacare. Damned idiots don’t realize that the government needs to be involved in our health care decisions; we’re too helpless and feeble to handle it ourselves — unless we’re making the “medical” choice to get an abortion, in which case, THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, YOU GOVERNMENT PIGS. GET OUT! I mean, leave your wallet on the table, ’cause I’m gonna need you to pay for this, but then GET OUT, JERK.

There are many scare tactics being used by the tea baggers in an effort to discredit Obamacare. Personally, I hate scare tactics. You should never let anyone scare you away from supporting socialized medicine, mostly because without it every poor person in the country will get sick and die. Anyway, like I said, I disapprove of scare tactics.

They claim that Obamacare will raise taxes, but this has been PROVEN false so many times. You know it’s been proven because I capitalized “proven.” Sure, there might be a few minor billion dollar taxes, like the individual mandate tax and the employer mandate tax, the Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, the Tax on Health Insurers, the Tax on Innovator Drug Companies, the High Medical Bills Tax, the Medicine Cabinet Tax, the Tax on Indoor Tanning Services, and the Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals. And, yeah, there might be a small number of multi-billion dollar tax hikes on things like the Medicare Payroll tax and the “black liquor” tax and the HSA Withdrawal tax. And, OK fine, we’ll even see some tax deduction eliminations, like the deduction for employer-provided retirement prescription drug coverage.

But besides, like, 20 new taxes and tax hikes totaling, like, hundreds of billions of dollars, there aren’t ANY tax increases attached to Obamacare. None. NONE. See? I did the capital letter thing again. Pretty convincing stuff.

The redneck Tea Party crazies have even gone so far as to completely LIE about the impact Obamacare will have on the workforce. They insist that businesses are actually being forced to cut hours and lay off employees just to comply with the “burdensome” Obamacare rules and regulations. Again, this is a fabrication. Businesses aren’t cutting hours. Besides Walmart, Regal Entertainment, Trader Joe’s, Subway, Firehouse Subs, Sea World, Lands End, Dave and Busters, White Castle, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Home Depot, and academic institutions like Philadelphia University, Sam Houston State University, Ball State University, Georgia Military College, Three Rivers College, Hillsborough Community College, and University of North Alabama, and county governments in Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Maryland, and Virginia, as well as school districts like Middletown Township Public Schools in New Jersey, Millard School District in Utah, and Shelbyville Central School System in Indiana, along with over 280 other businesses, universities, school systems and town governments, literally NOBODY is losing work because of Obamacare.

The radical, anti-governmentFascistAnarchistNaziBible-thumpingPuritanOtherRandomConflictingDescriptors right wing conservatives like to drone on and on about “small businesses”. Well, news flash: Small businesses CAN’T WAIT for Obamacare to take hold. Half of them aren’t even planning on significantly cutting their workforce to comply with it, while the other half are super excited to cut their employees’ hours, because, like Nancy Pelosi said, it’ll free up time for all of these people to take up new hobbies and “follow their passions.” Sure, because of Obamacare they won’t have enough money to feed their families, but at least they’ll have plenty of time to work on arts and crafts projects.

Obamacare is just so wonderful. It could have only come from the mind of a brilliant man like President Obama. Think about it: We had a problem in this nation because so many people couldn’t afford health insurance. So what’s Obama’s plan? Simply charge those folks money for not having enough money! Brilliant! Oh, but his master strategy doesn’t stop there. It used to be expensive to buy insurance on the individual-market — now it will be TWICE as expensive for men, and only almost twice as expensive for women!

Do you see how this works?

Problem: Insurance is expensive.

Solution: Make it more expensive, and then tax people for not buying it.

There are a few other objections to Obamacare that I often hear raised by moronic neanderthals, such as the 200 economists who lobbied Congress to repeal the law. Let these so-called “economists” pretend they know something about the economy. I’ll take Harry Reid’s word over theirs any day of the week. Some say that this massive tax and spending program can’t possibly be sustained by a nation that’s already over 16 trillion dollars in debt. That’s where they’re wrong.

Little known fact: The economy works sort of like the card game Hearts. In Hearts, you’re supposed to avoid getting points. But if things go really poorly and you somehow collect ALL 26 points in a hand, you get zero and everyone else gets 26 — it’s called “Shooting the Moon.” It works the same way with the national debt. If a country can rack up 26 trillion dollars in debt, they go back down to zero and everyone else owes THEM 26 trillion. FACT. Look it up. It’s in, like, the UN Handbook or something. The good news is that Obamacare will get us to 26 trillion much quicker than you might think. Thank God!

Finally, you often hear the myth that the US Constitution doesn’t grant the government the authority to force citizens to buy a product. They even say the government doesn’t have the legal power to seize total control of an entire sector of the free market economy. Luckily, I don’t have to engage this argument because the Supreme Court already ruled. If the Supreme Court says it’s in there — it’s in there. Period. If the Supreme Court says dragons exist and Big Foot is real, then dragons exist and Big Foot is real. End of discussion. The Supreme Court is never wrong, just ask Dredd Scott.

Despite all of the FACTS I just laid out, these maniacs still find a reason to oppose Obamacare. They’d even risk a short-term, temporary shutdown of government just to make their point. SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT?! BUT HOW WOULD WE EAT OR BREATHE?! This is a warning to Ted Cruz and all his ilk: If the government stops operating for even one day — chaos and cannibalism will reign in the streets. Mark my words. Yeah, a government shutdown would only impact “non-essential” federal government functions. And, yeah, some might even argue that the government should only be doing the essential things in the first place. But that will be of little solace when you’re bleeding on the ground, being eaten alive by the starving masses. I can scarcely imagine the horror. If non-essential government agencies and departments are forced to close for a short period of time, that means we’ll have to find a way to go without the Administration on Aging, and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission, and the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. WHERE WILL I GET MY TRANSPORTATION STATISTICS?! You’re playing with fire, conservatives. Civilization is bound together by the strong, steady hand of bureaucracy. If you loosen its grasp, you risk plunging us all into a dark, perilous land of individual responsibility and liberty. Our Founders fought and died to rescue us from such a fate, and I’ll be damned if I sit here and let you undo their efforts.

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  2. dennis brown says:

    Everyone should read this

  3. Kristi says:

    Was this an attempt to write something or just a bunch of insults?

    have you actually priced out a plan? Because.. its terrible. In reality.. people will see for themselves Obamacare is awful.
    And yeah.. companies are cutting hours.
    My sons company no longer has full time employees… because of Obamacare.
    You can wish and hope Obama is as great as you want him to be…. but reality is something completely different.

    • Satire is just wasted on some people….

    • Is your sarcasm meter on the fritz?

    • Demond says:

      FYI the prices aren’t guaranteed low until January 2014 so prices may be high but should be low come then.

      • miked1947 says:

        Prices are high and will rise each year! I have already received my costs for next year. They are about 75% higher than this year’s insurance package.

      • Gerard says:

        That is a complete crock. If this plan was so good, then all of those things should have been implemented fromt eh get-go.The premiums will not go down and will not come close to the low skewed numbers pushed out by the Obama administration to sucker in the uninformed. AHA is one of the worst laws pushed forth in this country as it borders communism.

        • Demond says:

          The ACA doesn’t come into effect until January 2014 so not sure what you mean. Perhaps if the Dems didn’t haven’t compromise repeatedly to generate this monstrosity it’d be much shorter.

          Also, you need to become informed as to what Communism equates to. This borderlines Socialism not Communism. Empower yourself with information not uninformed fear.

          For other posters talking junk about the page numbers my significance in referring to this number is that any information outlining a page number other than the specific number of pages I flag in my mind as unsubstantiated gossip and nothing more.

          I’m not some uppity type. I’m a poor, small business owner and US Army veteran. I believe whole heartedly in our Constitution and thankful that it’s a living document that was intended to be changed… if not then why have we had so many amendments since inception? I have not reviewed a thing to be concerned with in the ACA minus the fact we still have the gangsters in insurance companies still controlling our care.

          Until you have your insurance provider tell you “I’m sorry sir that’s a pre-existing condition” you have no clue why I’m so passionate about something to change this horrid racket. May as well just made it as it should be single payor instead of compromising (for the Facist republicans) to the extent the law was passed in the 2409 pages it is now.

          This is a Democracy not Facist Germany! Please take time to review what Facisim, Communism, and Socialism are before you talk smack sounding like the foolish children following the pied piper as you are. I’m a US citizen and respectable human of Earth w/o any party affiliation.

      • SaveAmerica says:

        Yes, because that always happens, prices go down instead of up. Keep drinking the kool aid dude.

      • JoTony says:

        I don’t know why SO many Americans get this wrong. The United States of America is NOT a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. Not a democracy. You shouldn’t be telling people what communism, socialism, and fascism are when you don’t know what America is. It’s not a democracy – it’s a constitutional republic.

      • halftangible says:

        Actually, premiums are going to rise each year. Look it up.

      • dennis brown says:

        ACA began 2 years ago with the addition of those up to age 26 on parents plan. In 2013 they removed over the counter drugs from Flex Spend Plans and capped those accounts at $2500. ACA did not get any GOP Votes and was passed when Dems had a supermajority in Senate ( Filibuster proof) so your attempt to blame the GOP for its content is laughable.

    • Truthseeker says:

      You probably missed it, but it’s a parody. Political Satire? Yeah, it was made to poke fun at the libtards, not the Tea Party or anyone else against Obamacare. πŸ™‚

    • row says:

      Lol. Kristi, you might want to read the material again and maybe you’ll sense the sarcasm that is laid so thick on this article I can’t believe you missed it!

    • He was being sarcastic Kristi. he did a wonderful job because had I not paid attention I’d have thought the same πŸ™‚

    • stevan says:

      oh come on and read it again , i think you missed the point , or the jest

    • Azazel says:

      Are you being sarcastic or just amazingly stupid and clueless?

    • Pashta says:

      He’s being sarcastic, bud. He hates Obamacare.

    • Gerard says:

      What insults? Complete and utter genius sarcasm explaining exactly how ridiculous the Affordable Healthcare Act really is. I can not believe you did not understand where he was coming from in this brilliant essay.

      • Demond says:

        FYI… since you never even opened the document figured I’d inform you that it’s the ACA… Affordable Care Act… sorry but I had to do it. Being anal over simple stuff makes it easier to not waste my time rechecking what I already know about the big stuff πŸ™‚

      • ifreethinker says:

        So if its such a train wreck – why not let it ride and fail on its own?

        You know the answer to that question – the GOP is terrified that it will succeed. After all it was a Republican idea to begin with. You guys have no chance of even seeing the White House for another 20 years. This makes me very very happy πŸ™‚

    • Khico says:

      Oh My!

    • david dusseau says:

      I have been looking for an example of the companies that are changing hours. Can you please send me the name of the company and also interested in what happened with your policy. How much did it go up? Who is your provider now. Why did you switch? When do your premiums increase. What exchange did you use. How did it work? Was it fast. Was it easy? etc.. Would love to have the facts.

    • Kate Koch says:

      Kristi – you should run for Congress – you’d fit right in. They didn’t read what was in front of them before making a stupid remark either.

    • jenn says:

      I think you must’ve stopped reading after the first paragraph.

    • ImWthStupid says:

      OMG: Kristi is a blonde!!!

    • you rode the short bus, didnt ya Kristi???

    • Yes, government really needs to be involved in all aspects of our lives. I have had good insurance and have been able to go to any doctor or hospital that I choose. Now, that I am forced to be on Medicare, I find I have no doctor who will accept medicare and will probably have to travel over a hundred miles to hopefully see a doctor who will accept me. Even the walk-in clinics are refusing medicare. Thank you government for taking care of me. Maybe the Administration on Aging will be there for all of us aged people who are not essential anymore. What plans do the liberals have for us. I am sure our founders didn’t want to throw away their elders and take away their medical care. I have been self-sufficient and independent all my life and I will be “dammed if I sit here and let you” take that away from me.

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  5. Rolly Bones says:

    If it’s sooooooo wonderful..Why is it the ones in charge are exempt from it?? If it’s good for us they too should be forced to buy into these so called beneficial plans!

    • Demond says:

      Who is exempt? It is but lies when they claim exemptions for anyone other than the approved corp for the exemption prior to the law enactment. No individual is permitted to apply for exemption. The exemption is merely to have the high level of care provided by the coverage instead of capping it. Believing what you’ve been told is the problem. I’ve read the ACA hence me being upset at all the disinformation flying around.

      • Kurt says:

        Yeah, you’ve read all 7,000+ pages. You toad. Congress and obummer er al are covered 72 cents for every dollar for Cadillac coverage that no one else gets. Don’t be a dolt.

      • kim2ooo says:

        Well, you have 7 states exempted of the medical loss ratio.


        I’d say that’s an exemption.

      • kim2ooo says:

        And guess what, they’re all Blue states – Note you will find Reid’s state of Nevada exempted.

      • Joe says:

        You’re an idiot you must have a alot of time on your hands ( possibly no job due to Obaomacare) to of read all 7,000 plus pages or you used the cliff notes.

        • Demond says:

          Your ignorance shows through my friend. Technically the ACA is 2409 total pages (filler pages left blank, index, T.O.C. all included in page count). I’m thankful to be a self employed US Army veteran. That means I have to stay on top of things for my small business and the need for me to take a serious interest. I don’t believe the hype, I get involved and read. I’m also open to debate and admit when wrong, but please provide the page numbers you reference… I will only debate facts not fallacies. I’ve read people claiming so many different numbers of pages… all of them are incorrect unless it’s 2409… pretty specific and easy to confirm.

          full text, certified, searchable PDF is found on above link as well but below is a direct link if you’d care to download the PDF yourself…

          Click to access patient-protection.pdf

        • Kurt says:

          There are over 10k pages of regulations are you not aware of this? You are a dick.

        • Demond says:

          I provided the certified direct links to the government website with the law… LoL sorry friend you look really foolish especially resorting to name calling instead of taking five seconds to at least open the PDF to see for yourself the page count? Then you want to scoff because I took time to review it? Funny if not sad.

        • Kurtacus says:

          You’ve yet to say anything of value other than you know a page count. That’s like sleeping on a book of French and saying you are a Frenchman. You have provided zero value to the conversation; you’ve answered zero questions; you have exhibited all of the characteristics of a dick. I’m sorry to point that out. Now shut the fuck up and go away– you are a leech on society.

        • Demond says:

          what questions do you have and I will answer. But a key buzzword for me is when people toss out page numbers… then I know they are full of it. It’s the easiest thing to confirm and requires no intelligence to open a PDF and acknowledge you are being lied to about all of this to include even the page count.

      • Demond says:

        if you have the page number that lists the exemptions for Congress or whoever? That too is a fallacy. There are specific criteria for exemption to the law… it’s listed in the certified document I’ve posted the link to. I realize ignorance can be unnerving but use that anger to look up in the document and provide me with a page number that shows any of the fallacies being tossed around by republicans. I’m a US citizen and don’t identify with a political group at this time. But Bernie Sanders (Independent) is my favorite politician.

      • Demond says:

        Kim: that is a waiver for something but not the entire ACA. That isn’t what you and everyone is thinking. When I read the link it proves me further your ignorance. Take time to become informed instead of listening to buzz words tossed about and not understanding.

        That exemption is to the portion of the ACA that mandates health care premium payments made… 80% goes to the patients care (or refunded to the patient that doesn’t use) and not used for things like bonuses to execs. The one state (Indiana) also wanted to be exempt from the high deductible clause. This means they don’t want to offset the fact that their state has high deductibles for individual plans there. They project businesses insurance to pick up the slack and wanted to wait to see how that panned out.

        Agreed a pain in the butt that the democrats bothered keeping insurance companies alive but what they put forward is what the republicans wanted (outside of the single pay plan that we should have with insurance being used for the extras like a private hospital room). Insane how all of a sudden the actual cost savings of doing this are now insignificant and they shut down the government like spoiled children? Ludicrous.

      • Oeberon says:

        @Demond – The exemptions for Congress and their staff and for the White House that Rolly Bones was talking about are not in the law. These exemptions were illegally made by executive fiat. zerO-Care has been altered 19 times since “passing” into law and not a single, solitary one of those times by Congress: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/sep/11/study-obamacare-has-been-amended-delayed-19-times/

      • Gerard says:

        I read many of your posts already. We get it. You are an Obama supporter and will never admit that he is a pathetic leader, and inept president, and the Affordable Healthcare Act is a bad joke shoved down the US citizens throats. We get it. I also don’t believe you read anything more that a short list of propaganda from your fearless leader.

        What bothers me more is that people like you are so uninformed that they literally buy into everything the President that they voted for throws at them because they will NEVER admit that they were wrong by putting this derelict back int he Whitehouse. I read too many comments from people that rant and rave on Obama’s behalf and it gives new meaning to the term, “you can’t fix stupid”.

        • Demond says:

          I’m uninformed? I’ve yet to have anyone provide me with a page number for any of these wild claims. The law is in writing. I could care less Obama or not. Is he a better choice than any we have had in many years… yes and no. I wish he wouldn’t have constantly compromised with Republicans as he has. Otherwise good to go.

    • Take Note says:

      Demond you’re an idiot! Prices are already out for 1/1/2014 and their is no lower price coming after the ACA is rolled out , it will only go up. Much less the max out of pocket will be $6,350 individual and $12,700 per family which is higher than most peoples current plans with horrible prescription benefits incomparison. Platinum, Gold, Silver and bronze determines how quickily you hit those max out of pockets.To add insult to it- we will all pay alot more. Currently my husband and I have a $2500 deductible 100% co-insurance ( max out of pocket $2500) each and pay $578 per month total. On the new ACA plan $1,198 (Gold). WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE AND NO AS GOOD AS OUR CURRENT PLAN! Our 24 year old female that has a $2500 max out of pocket HSA plan cost $109 per month. ACA plan is $278 with the horrible max out of pocket, etc. And guess what? Males will be paying that price too. No longer are males cheaper! What 24 year old can afford this premium and max out of pocket?
      I have my own insurance brokerage and am certified to sell the exchange plans on amd off the market so I know what is going on for FACT. I have never seen so many clients now deciding when they are forced on to the exchange plan they will not be able to afford it! People who have never gone without insurance. So much for more people in the market. Good job Obama now those that did pay for health insurance can’t afford it! Or risk losing their other obligations they already have…mortgages, utilities, etc to have horrible coverage. Even the people that are getting subsides can’t afford what is not being paid for. Too add even more problems to this disaster- their are less insurance companies to choose from , network providers list are alot smaller and if you travel out of our state you have no coverage unless it’s life or death.

      • dencal26 says:

        ACA began costing us in 2012 when ” kids” to age 26 were added to family plans and flex spend accounts could no longer be used for over the counter drugs. Then 2013 when flex spend accounts were capped at $2500

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  7. iconoclast says:

    Given the cost of Obamacare, I wonder if the Peregruzka (overcharge) button Hillary gave to the Russians really was an indication of the administration’s intentions for us.

  8. Larry Fields says:

    Hey Matt,
    You forgot to mention the tax on indoor plumbing!

  9. DaveG says:

    Thanks for a well written funny/ sad fact fill satire. Obama is driving home the last nail in the coffin of America with so few to stop him.

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  11. Good stuff Matt. And some excellent points between the sarc tags ;’)

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  13. sisterpatriot says:

    As an American, I applaud this! As an admirer of witty satire & wordplay, I am in awe. As a writer, I’m jealous. Well done! ~Sister Patriot

  14. R. Lee James says:

    Page count, smage count! Do you suppose that Nancy Pelosi has read the ACA and now knows what is in it? I sincerely doubt it! What those pages do have in them is a genuine income redistribution plan using health insurance (not health care, by the way) as the vehicle. This train wreck of a law deserves to be de-funded.

    • Demond says:

      You doubt it because you haven’t read it. I’m a small business owner and must understand the laws that affect me hence me taking the time to review. It’s been fairly easy since so much scare mongering by republican outlets have provided numerous items for me to simply search the document for. Thankfully it’s a searchable PDF so it takes but a few minutes to find they are in fact lying (or at best stretching the truth at times).

      I have no idea if Pelosi read it but I would hope so. They had to keep changing it so apparently someone was reading it. However, if someone that hasn’t read the law and listens to Fox News Entertainment and feels they are given fair and balanced info but do not provide even the correct number of pages in the document… why bother listening to any more since it must all be lies if something as simple as how many pages are in the actual document aren’t known.

      • Just so were clear here…
        The Unites States of America is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.
        That means despite emotion, our rights are not for sale, the majority does not always win… The Constitution is the guiding document for our country no matter how people may vote otherwise.

  15. proud r winger says:


  16. Sarah says:

    So I was reading this with a sleeping baby in my arms. Not a wise decision. In my efforts not to laugh out loud, I was basically convulsing and baby totally woke up. Lesson learned.

  17. Rick says:

    Your comments aptly show your biased limited intelligence.

  18. Jeremy says:

    You’re my hero…glad my friend posted your abortion article so I could scan this and other gems.

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  20. Cribo says:

    I don’t suppose anyone here is interested in any actual facts but the fact is that the current US Health Care system costs twice as much as we spend in the UK for a much worse outcome. The US ranked 15th in a recent OECD survey of industrialised nations whereas the socialised health care systems of the UK and the Nordic countries came top. Life expectancy is lower in the US than these countries and its infant mortality is worse than Cuba. Privatised medical care is part of the Milton Friedman/ Ayn Rand free market con to help the super rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. I am astonished at how many otherwise intelligent people in the US and here in the UK fall for this. Who built the original internet? The US Government via DARPA. Who invented the WWW? A British scientist working at CERN, a publicly funded body. Who got to the moon? NASA, publicly funded. Who built the Channel Tunnel? The British and French governments. And who benefits from free trade links with China? The rust belt workers of the US or the super rich? I’m not saying that the public sector can do everything, some things can be done better in the private sector. I’m an entrepreneur myself, having started and run for 30 years my own successful software company, but I’m in favour of a mixed economy with each sector doing the things it’s good at and all the evidence points to health care being done cheaper, better and more humanely in the public sector.

  21. ifreethinker says:

    You’re against Obamacare. So what you are saying is that you’d rather continue paying for the medical care of the uninsured as opposed to them buying their own private health insurance. So……you’re a Socialist?

    You people are so far gone it’s not even funny any more. Luckily you are all in the minority and you make it VERY easy to beat you coming election time.

    • Leonidas says:

      Hear the crickets? That’s because everyone here is too nice to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person but, please, blather on if it makes you feel better.

    • dencal26 says:

      If we were paying for them anyway why did we have to SCREW with Everyone else’s healthcare? Why didn’t we just move the money around?

    • thats the thing.. we arent the minority.. we’re just law abiding people that refuse to break the law to win like the Liberals did.. TWICE. I am ashamed of the people representing my Country… Foreigners are making fun of us on a DAILY basis! I just pray that you wake up before its too late.

  22. Caleb says:

    Man, it’s sad how divided our country is. We are in a mess. God help us all.

    Whether you’re a republican or democrat, I don’t care. Whatever side you come from – you are not exempt from doing math. This guy breaks it down in a very gentle, informative, easy-to-understand way, that’s very respective, and not in your face. http://www.daveramsey.com/show/videos/dave-breaks-down-aca-obamacare

    Definitely worth checking out! πŸ™‚

  23. Just Saying says:

    Personally, I cannot wait till the conservatives are in power and have access to all of the new POWER granted to the President. I fully expect there to be a law mandating that if you own a home or rent an apartment you will be required to own several firearms with a corresponding amount of ammunition, and if you don’t you’ll have to pay a tax – I’d make the tax equivalent to the price of the guns and ammo you didn’t buy every year that you didn’t buy them – but that is me.

    Yes, I think everyone needs at least a .50 caliber Desert Eagle, a .44, a .45, a .357, a .38, and then a couple of plinkers for the ladies – a .32 and .28 as well as pump action shot gun, and double barrel shot gun, several “assault style weapons” as well as .306 and various other rifles. All of this will be justified as so that “the state can call up a militia” when needed – then it will have more Constitutional backing than Obamacare by about 100 million times, but hey – that’s just for good measure to shut up all of the liberal pu**ies. It will also ensure greater security, and then getting that concealed carry law through will be a breeze – we’ll just have to issue an Executive Order, no need for all of the law nonsense. Just decree it and viola – make the DoJ persecute (yes, I meant persecute) any states that don’t follow through – arrest the mayors of cities for Treason which don’t obey the Executive order. Simple…

    Yes, I will love seeing these powers turned to doing “good” things – but then, isn’t that was the liberals think they are already doing? I will love to hear their screams about it not being what they intended… Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions – so they have no one to blame but themselves when they are one the receiving end of those new powers…

  24. dennis brown says:


    This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. Keep it up

  25. dencal26 says:

    You cannot insure 30 Million uninsured ( 41.7 Million after amnesty) add all sorts of expensive options and expect the average family to save $2500. This was sold on a STACK OF LIES from DAY ONE and its an assault on the Middle Class,

  26. halftangible says:

    Reblogged this on HalfTangible's Story Desk and commented:
    This is hilarious.

  27. One of the common dissenters says:

    hint: when half of your readers aren’t sure you’re being sarcastic, you’re doing it wrong.

    one more hint: The reason satires work is, while someone makes an argument dripping with sarcasm, they use opinions that the audience has actually voiced. They then intentionally poke holes through the opinion. Unfortunately, most sources of information are going to be biased towards one party or another, but if you are intelligent enough, you can try to gather the neutral facts and make your own opinion. Satire only works if you understand both sides, and what makes each of them wrong. Which you obviously don’t. So you cry out opinions that only show how uninformed you are. And because you don’t understand either side, your readers not only believe that you’re writing against conservatives, but they think you’re just being emotional and spouting incorrect information. It doesn’t do anything but bring out people determined to poke holes in the arguments you’re supposed to poking the holes in. Essentially, they’re providing the satirical and sarcastic tones for your piece. Which means they’re doing your job.

    I wouldn’t be commenting at all, but I’ve had a bad meeting and feel the need to make you understand just why this op-ed wasn’t well written. I urge you to do this whole thing better if you want to be taken seriously in any intellectual conversation.

    Feel free to poke holes in my comment. I might possibly be incorrect at any point of this. And at least you’ll be thinking at some point of this whole debacle.

  28. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. And I rarely say that in all caps.

  29. Bob rob says:

    More propaganda……every thing now says to support jacked government decisions

  30. It is our point of reference in life most often changes how we see things. Sometimes this alteration is good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our point of view that influences how we act.

  31. Dawn says:

    Omg I seriously almost pee’d my pants laughing. And I actually did laugh out loud. Thank you for this splendid article and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. It amazes me how blind the general public is to what’s actually going on here. I still hear people saying businesses aren’t cutting hours. Complete bs. Pretty much everyone I know who has a pt job that used to give them 32-40 hrs a week have been cut to 25 hrs. Mine were cut to so I’m doing like everyone else … Looking for a second part time job. And it isn’t easy, employers have their pick. This is not the employees market anymore. 1 job opening has a hundred applications. Thanks mr. President, I really appreciate the free time I have now to sit and ponder how I’m going to get out of poverty.

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