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Hey progressives, let me explain why you should detest Obama

A multitude of left wingers read this blog. They generally make their presence known by sending me volumes of lovely emails and Facebook messages. Here’s an example of one I received after my last post about Obama. This particularly articulate … Continue reading

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An apology letter to Mr. Obama

Dear President Obama, I’m reaching out to you as a friend. I know you must be deeply hurting after what happened at the Missouri State Fair. Sure, you probably try to avoid watching the news while you’re on vacation, but … Continue reading

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You can’t rage against the machine that feeds you

First things first: You can’t rage against “the man,” or complain about “the system,” or pretend to be a “free thinker,” or fashion yourself a rebel, if you are proponent of, or a participant in, the Welfare State. The government … Continue reading

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We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!

What the hell is wrong with us? We’ve made porn into a billion dollar industry, we put sex into everything from fast food advertisements to family TV shows, we allow our daughters to idolize teenage pop stars who dress like … Continue reading

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If people were pandas

The giant panda birth rate has been declining for some time. For whatever reason, giant pandas just aren’t getting busy like they used to, and this lack of panda romance has resulted in a sharp decrease in their population. Because … Continue reading

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Our selfless public servants strike again

Today someone accused me of “harboring a grudge against the government.” This was a totally unfair mischaracterization of my feelings. I don’t harbor a “grudge” against the government. I harbor a deep raging hatred for what they’ve done to my … Continue reading

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Hopefully the murderers and wife beaters can find it in their hearts to forgive the guy who used a bad word

I knew I had inadvertently walked right into a mound of BS the moment I turned on ESPN and heard some marble mouthed ex-jock posing as a broadcaster utter the phrase “this is a problem in society as a whole…” … Continue reading

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