I support war with Syria, almost

War against Syria? Sure! Let’s do it! I’m game. I think it sounds like a great idea, personally. Or, it WOULD be a great idea if:

-IF we wouldn’t be fighting for, and alongside, Al Qaeda militants and Muslim Brotherhood goons who have, themselves, killed, raped, and tortured thousands of innocent civilians.

-And IF we wouldn’t be risking American lives to help this rape-promoting guy.

-And this cannibal guy.

-And these Christian-killing dudes.

-And these child murderers.

-And IF religious minorities in Syria weren’t backing the Syrian government because they’re terrified about what the rebel factions will do to them once they control the entire country.

-And IF our recent involvement in Egypt and Libya hadn’t already proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

-And IF I didn’t throw up in my mouth every time a government official tells us about the “War on Terror,” right before lobbying for a military intervention in service of the very terrorists we’re supposedly fighting.

-And IF the “chemical weapons” propaganda wasn’t based on the dubious claims of bureaucrats who lie for a living.

-And IF there didn’t exist credible evidence that the “rebels” actually launched the chemical attack after being provided the weaponry by the Saudis.

-And IF the whole “chemical weapons red line” wasn’t an arbitrary excuse to launch another war, absurdly making the murder of thousands somehow “worse” if they were killed viciously, by chemicals, rather than kindly, by bullets and non-chemical explosives.

-And IF the government’s “evidence” that the Syrian regime launched chemical weapons didn’t rest on the fact that Syrian military members were given gas masks, a precaution any modern military force would take.

-And IF it wasn’t impossible to take our president seriously when he decries the “murder of civilians” while overseeing drone attacks on Pakistani villages that have resulted in the deaths of scores of non-combatants.

-And IF the idea of a “humanitarian” bombing campaign wasn’t a grotesque and ridiculous joke.

-And IF this president wasn’t betraying literally every single thing he said about war before he took office.

-And IF history hadn’t already demonstrated the foolishness and folly of taking sides in a civil war between two murderous factions.

-And IF the president and his lackeys weren’t now relying on the reports of the intelligence community whose reliability they once questioned.

-And IF intervention wasn’t passionately and widely opposed by the American people and our most important international ally.

-And IF any of this had anything at all to do with keeping America safe, which is, you know, sort of the whole point of our military.

So, I guess that’s a really long way of saying, no, we definitely, certainly, without a doubt shouldn’t attack Syria. There isn’t a single good, truthful, rational, prudent argument in support of it. But that won’t stop us.

It never does.

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  2. Virgil Edwards says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize winner shows just how well deserved that award was /end sarcasm

  3. Heather says:

    Spot on, Mail. I fail to see how the U.S. carries the responsibility to retaliate with a military action here. What about good ol’ economic sanctions? A U.N. action? Clearly there is some other agenda driving this this…and my bet is on OIL.

  4. jessica says:

    *thumbs up

  5. I like that you back up your statements with proof. Thank you.

    • chet says:

      why don’t you do us a favor and repost those parts that are considered “proof”, please. I’ve looked through this typically ignorant rant of matt’s a couple of times now and I don’t see anything that isn’t coming straight out of his imagination. Help me out.

      • Charlie says:

        Chet, you see those words in blue? Those are called “hyperlinks”. If you click on one of them it takes you to a news article that is considered to be a source of proof.

      • Nicholas says:

        So, Chet, did you totally miss the links to the various sites, and the fact that most of this has actually been reported on major news networks? Oh, and don’t forget to check the Boston sites regarding the President’s backtracking on his initial statements that the President should always have Congressional authorization to start a war. The evidence is actually there, and has been for anyone who’s been paying attention to what’s going on.

      • Brian says:

        Oh, Chet-you-betcha. The ‘rant’ was logical and well cited. Click a mouse on the blue words.

      • Lisa says:

        not trying to be mean or rude…but wake up, please!!! before more of our soldiers are killed, maimed and scarred, without reason.

  6. Rita says:

    You said it better than I ever could—thank you!

  7. Jarod Buente says:

    …And if If only we could drop bombs with such accuracy as Matt Walsh.

  8. Lh says:

    Matt, stop it. Every time you open your mouth, common sense falls out. And that is just racist because we have a black president who is doing everything he campaigned against.

  9. Jake Carvey says:

    I believe you are over-simplifying a massively complex, extremely time sensitive situation. This is not a partisan war-mongering action. It is one in which inaction will carry the same devastating consequences as action on any level. Syria is already hell on earth. Our action there has been inevitable for months, and nothing is getting better. Dont get me wrong, our action won’t make it better. The only hope is that it levels the playing field so that all of these equally violent, equally abhorrent war criminals on all sides will know the full consequences of using devastation tactics on their populace. (Syria is not in a civial war – they are in a gang war involving multiple mostly unstable temporary alliances.)

    As i understand it, The question was never if we were going to rain down fire, it was about figuring out whether the chemical attacks were carried out by the establishment, or whether it was all a carefully plotted hoax by any number of possible groups, to make it appear as though they did. Both were fully viable unthinkable horrible possibilities.

    • I guess I can kind of see where he was going partisan wise, and I agree with the complexity issue, but since the average American doesn’t deal well with complexity (Hell, most don’t even know where Syria is) it’s clever, and I like it, and I like the fact that his links are mainstream media.

    • carlamcgov says:

      There is no simple answer to any of the above points or concerns. I don’t possess enough information, I abhor the thought of engaging in another senseless war and my heart aches with the suffering… I don’t have an answer except caution and not to rush into this…SIGH!

    • Jill Jones says:

      our action there…let me think…giving arms (and who knows what else) to rebels who are so closely linked to al qaeda and hamas that there’s no daylight to be seen between them…so now, let’s up the ante…let’s bring bombs into the equation…that’ll make it all better for sure /end sarcasm

    • Cylar says:

      The only hope is that it levels the playing field …

      Are you insane? So now it’s the US’s job to referee a war going on inside a foreign country, being fought between two factions who both have openly sworn to destroy the West and have backed numerous groups who’ve attempted to do just that?

      Dont get me wrong, our action won’t make it better.

      You should have just stopped there.

  10. Jim says:

    You’re Syrias.

  11. Suzi Garrett says:

    You have to know it’s bad idea when only the French are willing to back up up!

  12. Dennis Slade says:

    Love it, but not the ‘almost’ misleading Title ‘hook’. In Syria, I feel the echoes of desert storm and eventual invasion of Iraq again. Only this time we telegraph absolute wishy-washy non-intentions. Yes the people of Syria are suffering, no the people of the US cannot fix that. Only 2 certainties are senseless death there and loss of international respect for us here. Sad.

  13. Kavin Lindgren says:

    Powerful stuff man! Just started following your blog yesterday and I’m super impressed. Well said.

    Kavin Lindgren Films http://www.kavinlindgren.com Kavinlindgren@me.com

  14. I agree with you whole heartedly! There is absolutely zero good reason to attack Syria. Especially since we would have Russia, Iran, and China to contend with as well – and you know, we owe China a lot of money. Just sayin’ folks. We need to focus on our own people, our own country, and continue to build our economy back up!

    • Misawa Mandi says:

      Yes, indeed! One of the reasons that so many countries really don’t care for us is because we stick our nose into everyone else’s business. We appointed ourselves big brother and apparently a lot of places wanted to be only children. Maybe it’s time for a return to isolationism until our help is actually wanted/needed or the problems of the world directly affect us.

      • Cylar says:

        One of the reasons that so many countries really don’t care for us is because we stick our nose into everyone else’s business.

        I’ve got absolutely no patience for those who say this. Sometimes American intervention really is necessary and really does serve a purpose. And pissing off people who don’t want us there is sometimes worth the price. I am not one who opposes foreign intervention on principle. I simply think isolationist thinking is a joke, in a world where a Saudi prince sneezing affects gas prices in Omaha. The US must examine each situation on a case-by-case basis.

        And yet… you and I are on the same page this time. I don’t see what in the hell this would accomplish.

        • Misawa Mandi says:

          And that’s why I have the caveat of “until it directly affects us”. I’ve been in the military & I know that sometimes our presence is necessary (& welcomed), but I also know that sometimes it’s not. Personally, I don’t really care what other countries think of us, but some Americans seem confused as to why we’re not everybody’s favorite. Part of that is simply ignorance to the happenings of the world and the other part is due to healthy (& maybe not so healthy) doses of nationalism and ethnocentrism.

          And there are other alternatives to oil. People are just afraid of change.

  15. beverly says:

    “Syria resists in spite of all the massive power of the nations against her…she resists not just for herself but for every free person…Syria is the front lines against the New World Order, so fight along side us until the end.” – Syrian Girl


    1. Syria does not have a Rothschild Central Bank
    2. Syria has no debt to the IMF
    3. Syria has a ban on GMO’s
    4. Syria’ State Media does not shy away from Conspiracy analysis
    5. Syria has natural gas and plans to use pipelines
    6. Syria opposes Rothschild Zionism
    7. Syria is the last Secular country in the Middle East
    8. Syria has a strong National Identity

    “The time has come to point out what really is the cause of all causes behind all the wars and suffering that our planet and people is having to endure… The common enemy of all human kind are Private Central Banks issuing the public currency as a loan at interest creating a prison planet of USURY, and as history will show, they will do anything up to and including GLOBAL WARS to keep their death grip on yours and your children’s future economic well-being and productivity.” – Michael Rivero

    • What a great article, once again. But, the sad part is that the government has done enough to make us so weary and distrustful of them that we concoct these kinds of conspiracy theories to add sense to the chaos. But you should really ask yourself what’s more likely to be the culprit… gross incompetence or grand conspiracy?

      • Brent, how about both?

      • Perhaps in the simplest of terms, Jeffrey. I, for one, am certain that the idea of “grand conspiracy” is greatly exaggerated by the general public. I mean, one of my partners (an analyst) hustled a helicopter from the State Department in Afghanistan–Hand receipt and all (and even managed to hire a private pilot to fly it on occasion). No conspiracy. Just incompetence.

  16. 9242Mom says:

    You are one clear thinker. I really like your posts.

  17. bsktlover says:

    You are a very clear thinker and I the two posts I’ve read are spot on.

  18. Tanya says:

    I agree.

    Why, oh WHY should we intervene between two factions that both say they hate us and want to see us (the US) dead? It’s a no-win situation, we’re dam*ed if we do and dam*ed if we don’t, so we should just sit down, shut up and stay out of it.

  19. Misawa Mandi says:

    We definitely need to just mind our own business on this. We have enough wars going at the moment which is awfully funny considering all of our troops were supposed to have been brought home years ago according to our president. Most of the Middle Eastern countries that are now our enemies were at one time our friends (OK…they were less of an enemy than whichever country was on the other side). They have used the equipment & training we have provided them against us repeatedly. Do we really think it’s going to be any different with Syria? It’s just bad news all the way around.

    • Misawa Mandi says:

      And that’s why I have the caveat of “until it directly affects us”. I’ve been in the military & I know that sometimes our presence is necessary (& welcomed), but I also know that sometimes it’s not. Personally, I don’t really care what other countries think of us, but some Americans seem confused as to why we’re not everybody’s favorite. Part of that is simply ignorance to the happenings of the world and the other part is due to healthy (& maybe not so healthy) doses of nationalism and ethnocentrism.

      And there are other alternatives to oil. People are just afraid of change.

  20. springingtiger says:

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    I don’t often reblog, but this is really worth reading!

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  22. Nicole Roder says:

    Great post, thank you. If only we could stop being the world’s policemen and focus on the suffering of our own citizens.

  23. I guess when we go around the world droning people its not that hard to go and bomb other countries.

  24. Ron says:

    I’m not sure anymore who to believe! The desire to deceive is so strong anymore!

    I agree with England’s decision to stave off jumping into another conflict in the Middle East! Though they have been very supportive of our ambitions around the world, they have grown weary of war!

    Religious zealots do not know how to make peace! Lets start with the premise that any one religion is the only true religion, and that entitles them to force the rest of the world into submission! To the Jews the rest of the world are Gentiles! To the Muslims the rest of the world a infidels! Lets not forget the Pagan persecutions of the Christians and the Christian crusades! Hitler, and so on and so forth! Look at all the allegations made today against modern day religions!

    Here is a good one for you: I was raised Catholic! Did you know that you are all going to Hell if you don’t convert?

    Oh, please!

    I do not hold out hope that waring religious factions, bent on exerting their will over others, will ever cure the ills of the Middle East!

    • Teresa says:

      Although this is besides the main point it is sad to say you received terrible Catholic instruction. The Church does not teach that if you are not Catholic you go to Hell. Studied it for years, heard it in a homily again last week.

    • Valerie says:

      Theresa is right. I’m sorry you were taught this for 8 years, it is a misrepresentation of what the Catholic Church believes. You can look through the Catechism of the Catholic Church (I believe it is online) and you will find no where a teaching that all non-Catholics will go to hell.

    • dietcokeontherawks says:

      Actually, the Bible teaches that if you do not turn to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you will be judged. There are only 2 kinds of religions in the world. Those of self works, and the one of Divine Intervention. We cannot alone save ourselves. We need Jesus. Any religion that teaches anything other than that is a false religion and from Satan.

  25. Grant says:

    I am thinking we all (the West and Allies) should let the Arabs sort this out themselves. Seems like, if you read, that it is always a partisan gang on one side of the Koran or the other that doesn’t like the other side. Sort of an Irish thing also I guess. Maybe we should just let them take care of it. The much vaunted Arab League seems to like to make all sorts of comments but do not want to solve their Arab problems. It is, for sure, a nasty rotten war that is killing a lot of innocents, but to be fair, when has war ever spared the innocents? They always die in the thousands on whatever side. I think the “Muslim World” needs to step up and solve their own situation here. Just an opinion.

    • Misawa Mandi says:

      I absolutely agree! They’ve been fighting forever. We need to stop intervening & let them implode.

      • Ashley.Nevels says:

        sounds crass but let them kill each other…saves us the problem. We have homeless and children dying in America everyday… lets set our priorities correctly.

  26. Mark says:

    My God people, settle down. It’s not like Assad is killing Jews, it’s just some pesky Christians for Pete’s Sake.

  27. jeff says:

    Mericahhhh [fuck yeah] commin here to save the mother fuckin day yeah Mericuhaaahhh [fuck yeah] whacha gunna do when they come for you yeah.

  28. James says:

    The Syrians got their WMD’s from Iraq…that’s where Bush’s weapons went!!! Bush received approval from Congress as well as Americans right after 9-11 to send our Troops to remove MAJOR MASS MURDERER, Saddam HUSSEIN (ring a freakin’ bell??? need a hint? Barack HUSSEIN??? DUH!) This dictator non-American better get IMPEACHED before it’s too late!

  29. Bryan Jensen says:

    Well said. This latest hullaballoo about taking immediate action sets off my BS detectors.

    Not that I’m privy to any intel but the probability seems to point thus:

    Were I an authoritarian ruler who had used lethal force against my own citizens, rebel or otherwise, for a couple years and failed to coalesce any international opposition against me due to it being an internal (if brutal) matter, would I use Sarin or other chemical weapons, when in the sum of the dead victims it is a small amount, just to get international passions finally inflamed for taking action?

    Or were I a rebel force would I be willing to play the gambit, given the dire state of the civil struggle against my country’s administration, to launch small scale chemical weapons against my fellow countrymen in order to inflame international passions against my opponent?

    This riddle doesn’t seem overtly complex to solve the probabilities — unless there are non-public goals on the table for which America is working. All money seems to me to point to empire building, hedging up corporatist interests, and/or good business for the Military Industrial Complex. But helping out innocent victims of a civil struggle? Whatever!

  30. thisfeminist says:


    I’m a female. And though I have some obnoxious qualms with the history of the whole thing, many of my views align with those traditionally aligned with feminism. I read your dear son piece. And as I read it I was filled with warmth but also with cringes because I could just tell that so many would pick apart and draw arms against the little things, ignoring the the weight and message of the thing as a whole to engage in petty battles of ideological purity. But what you said came from such a wonderful place. We would all agree that one should fiercely protect the ones we love regardless of gender. You just happen to love a woman, and I’m sure she would protect you just as readily as you would her. I’m sorry that some who identify as feminist have attacked you. That is not a view we all share. And I see the heart of the thing, and I thank you for your support of women, of children and of good people.


  31. Don Parsons says:

    What gets me in this whole situation, whoever is gassing whom, is that the whole world of nations isn’t reacting with immediate condemnation/sanctions against the use of chemical warfare! Doesn’t say much about our state of “civilization”!!!!!!!!

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  33. Sally says:

    Syria calls for the world in the name of humanity to save it
    Hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people, mostly women and children who have been killed in all kinds of torture ..
    The Syrian government killed all these people in Syria in order to remain in office
    What’s the guilt of innocent people?
    Is there no humanity to stop these massacres?
    Syrians do not want a third world war and wish to be resolved peacefully
    But if there is no peaceful way Is it normal that the murder remains constant for many years?

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