My speech at the Kentucky Liberty-Freedom Conference

If you’re interested in taking a look, here’s my speech at the Tea Party liberty conference here in Lexington last week.

It’s 15 minutes long, which is 40 ions in internet time. Fair warning.

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    Please let me know if you come back to Sussex County. I want to buy you a steak dinner. In fact, I want to treat your family to a night out. I have been fighting for 20 years and every few years someone comes along who I admire for their willingness to go to battle as I once did. You have potential and I want to offer what I have learned over the years toward the development of your potential, but that’s for another day. If you come to Sussex, I simply want to treat your family to what I know is a well deserved night out.


  2. DD says:

    Don’t stop, you have it correct. God bless

  3. blitzcreegz says:

    Well done! I depressingly concur!

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  4. Grammer Nazi says:

    Um, ions? Maybe because “i before e…”? Oh, forget it.

  5. Adam says:

    Thanks so much for your inspiring post I would love to buy you a steak dinner as well! Robin Thicke is such an embarrassment to the male half of mankind, he should have bent Miley over his knee and spanked her instead! It must have been so difficult for you to fight this battle, sitting through the agony of witnessing this on television with that awful racket, then writing a raging letter from the bottom of your heart and posting it online! I wish I had the strength to follow in your footsteps but unfortunately I am too chicken that people will realize how naive I am! It is such a blessing to hear that you will be raising your children sheltered from the real world and teaching them stories from thousands of years ago and that they are still 100% accurate and morally valid. Especially the ones that weren’t meant to be taken literally but are meant to be literal now! Isn’t it amazing how God revealed his will to people who were barely smarter than monkeys at the dawn of time? It’s almost like we know less know than we did then! To think, before we had science, medicine, sanitation, or even basic handwriting that we knew who created the entire universe and who we are supposed to condemn and judge, no matter what thousands of years or empirical science has proven since! It is simply diabolical for humans to acknowledge their sexual identity outside the confines of a bedroom shared by a man and a wife! Or its okay if she’s just his girlfriend, as long as she is really hot (I mean, really hot), or if that man is me. But everyone else should pretend they don’t have sexual organs and realize that it is sinful to make a public mockery of the chore of procreation! If only Moses would have seen Mr. Thicke on stage I wish he would have thrown the second tablet of the ten commandments at his face and spared the world from any more of his upbeat music and artistic dance moves! (the second tablet because it says “thou shalt not kill” on it, and that would be ironic. I like irony.)

  6. LukeP says:

    It’s interesting… You are a far better speech writer than blog writer. You filter out a lot of the petty partisan nonsense (mostly) in the speech. I guess you don’t have to rant against an imaginary “left” when you’re talking to righties. Nice work. Limited government is a great promise for repubs to make. Personally I think we are too deep in the two party system and too indebted to lobbies to make any significant changes.

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