Offensive, absurd and pornographic? On MTV, you say? I can’t believe it!

Today the country is infuriated that a pop star, who made a hit song about being a vulgar, drug addled floozy, had the audacity to go on stage and act like a vulgar, drug addled floozy while performing the song about being a vulgar, drug addled floozy. Damn it, Miley! We just like to LISTEN to young women promote and glorify debauchery and hedonism, we don’t want to SEE it!

Well, I mean, we DO like to see it — hence the billion dollar porno industry — we just don’t want to see it on MTV.

Well, actually, that’s an insane thing to say. MTV exists specifically to provide that sort of entertainment, so never mind, I guess. Carry on, Lady Cyrus.

Ms. Miley paraded around on stage in a skimpy outfit, babbled a bunch of inane lyrics, sang off key, touched herself suggestively, gyrated in front of the crowd and simulated sex with some of the other performers. In other words, it was a pretty routine evening of cable TV programming. It’s not that I don’t find her behavior offensive and crass — I do, very much so — it’s just that I’m always a little surprised by the folks who seem to be only selectively opposed to the moral decay of our culture. I’ve seen outraged parents on Twitter and Facebook swear that they “won’t allow their daughters to listen to Miley Cyrus anymore”.


You do realize that little display last night was an accurate portrayal of the CONTENT of the actual song, a song which is currently sitting at number 3 on the Billboard charts, don’t you? So you let your daughter listen to music that actively encourages her to get high and have random sex, you just won’t let her see the visual? I don’t think she should see it, either. But maybe we ought to think about the consequences of having that messaged hammered into our children’s brains every day, all day — even when it isn’t accompanied by the jarring image of a half naked, anorexic, self destructing former Disney Channel actress sexually degrading herself on national TV.

Here’s a sample lyric from the wildly popular song Miley performed last night:

“To my home girls here with the big butt
Shaking it like we at a strip club
…And everyone in line in the bathroom
Trying to get a line in the bathroom”

Translation: Hey, girls, do some coke and objectify yourselves!

The rest of the song is just the typical narcissist ramblings that can be heard in literally any pop song recorded in the last two decades:

“It’s our party we can do what we want
It’s our party we can say what we want
It’s our party we can love who we want
We can kiss who we want
We can see who we want

Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere
Hands in the air like we don’t care
Cause we came to have so much fun now
Bet somebody here might get some now”

A real poet, that Miley Cyrus. It’s said that you will know a man by his fruits. Well I think you can know a lot about a country by its “art.” Our art, particularly our popular music, tends to aggressively stupid, irritating, and repugnant. Is it a coincidence that we seem to churn out a lot of human beings with the same qualities?

This is the nihilist’s homily our society preaches to kids on a daily basis: Do what you want. Have sex. You can’t be expected to control yourselves. Nobody can judge you. There is no morality. There is no God.

We are the Culture of Death, the Culture of Nothingness. Miley Cyrus is but one small consequence of it. Go onto a college campus on any Friday night and you’ll find thousands of other consequences behaving in a fashion pretty similar to Miley’s VMA performance. Every once in a while we catch a glance of ourselves in the mirror and recoil in horror because, as it turns out, being a society without any sense of discipline, decency, character, and self respect, really isn’t as cool as we might have imagined.

I’m not trying to turn the Miley Cyrus molehill into a proverbial mountain, but I am saying last night’s horror show didn’t happen in a vacuum. We are generally an oversexed, amoral civilization, and this is the sort of spectacle that sort of civilization produces. Pretty simple. People often seem troubled when a young woman acts so sexually desperate, but then many of those same folks will lash out with mockery and derision anytime someone suggests — GASP! — self control as an alternative.

Fine, have it your way, progressive sexual liberators. Note: what you saw last night — that was your way, FYI.


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  1. You NAILED it. Fantastic.

  2. Actually, I never considered sex a spectator sport!

  3. Justin Turner says:

    I’m very glad to see someone post this. A good read. Thank you

  4. Josh says:

    Why all the comments about people offended with the term “progressive sexual liberators”? Didn’t anyone experience or learn about the 1960’s that the erudite GK Chesterton predicted or the late 19th-century push towards “sexual liberation” that caused him to see it? Modern America has “the progressives won” written all over it. If you disagree, go back and read what turn-of-the-century progressvies wanted to do and compare it with society today.

    You can’t leave ideology out of this and expect a cure. Time to name names. I’m tired of this.

    • LukeP says:

      Haha… I think it’s funny that sexual part of this is what has this bunch all worked up. I’m just pissed because the music industry blows. I finally watched Miley after all the hype. Honestly I don’t get what the big deal is. Matt makes some good points about the song, and MTV as a whole. The sexual thing doesn’t offend me, I just wish there was SOMETHING of quality and depth on TV. My son’s cartoons are more insightful than most of it, though I do enjoy Mad Men and a few other shows.

    • Dana says:

      You don’t even know what’s going on with our ideology. That crap in the sixties was mostly about liberal men wanting to get serviced without paying for it. The *women* weren’t exactly happy with the outcome. Google the “Baby Scoop Era” and then do some serious reading of radical feminist material and you might have an inkling of what I’m talking about.

      All this bunk about sexual permissiveness versus chastity is really the MEN fighting over who gets the poontang and under what circumstances. If you pay close attention you will find almost no women under the age of fifty seriously involved in these discussions at the top levels of society–no one who will actually be the most affected by these rules gets to make them.

      Well, I’m not property. And neither is any other woman. And that is a message to every guy out there, no matter what your political ideology, because you ALL need an attitude adjustment. And your little handful of female sycophants too.

      • D of K says:

        “That crap in the sixties was mostly about liberal men wanting to get serviced without paying for it.”…?
        Hi there…As one who was there in the 60’s, if that means 1960’s, and there’s not dertainty here of that, I can say we went from breaking into the adult world with rockabilly to end with country-folk-rock, acid-rock to the despair of Altamont following Woodstock and it was Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie. “Poontang” was hardly part of the music mystic, but then this reference to ’60’s” may only being pointing out how Buffalo Springfield and The Beatles got Stoned with Mick, Peter, Paul, ^ Mary and The Mamas & The Papas.

      • Whatever says:

        Indeed. In the U.S., where women had constituted an electoral majority since 1920, conniving liberal politicians, who couldn’t have gotten elected without the complicity of their female constituents, colluded during the 1960s to implement the Great Society; a program that affected the largest wealth transfer to poor, overwhelmingly female-headed households in the history of the republic, in order to make it easier to cruise for poon. It all makes perfect sense. Please, continue with the blanket condemnations of the male sex that would elicit incandescent rage from feminists if the poles were reversed. And don’t forget to explicitly discount the impact of oral contraceptives and no-fault divorce laws (with their numerous perverse incentives) on the culture, which immediately preceded the sexual revolution and effectively decoupled sex from reproduction and marriage from the provisioning of women and children. I stand rapt before your impeccable logic.

  5. kenny D says:

    Noo say it aint so… It seems like just yesterday I seen her and her Dad promoting herself on some show telling the host how she never leaves the house without her Bible in her back pocket, how far she has fallen…

  6. Michelle says:

    Agree wholeheartedly!

  7. JC López says:

    I almost agreed with everything he said except for the little part where he implied that part of the message MTV is sending is “there is no God”. Believing in God and being moral have nothing to do with each other. The great majority of lewd performers (like Miley), strippers, and those in the porn industry are believers. I have always kept my kids from watching MTV, well before this happened, because of shows like My Super Sweet 16, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, and I do it because I want to teach my kids good morals and values. One way or the other, the fact that I don’t believe in a god is irrelevant.

    • ? Nothing to do with each other? Maybe if all your “belief” consists of is a mental assent to God’s existence. As the Bible itself says, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.” (NIV) Does the demon’s belief make any real difference? Not at all.Does someone saying, “I believe in God”, make any difference? Not unless it affects their behavior. Unfortunately it seems that Miley Cyrus, like so many others in our society, are willing to use their “belief” in God as a tool of self promotion. Say we believe in God as long as people are looking and being impressed with that. As soon as that shine wears off we are left with other ways to “make our mark” or gain our “15 minutes of fame”. Miley is a very sad reflection of our society.

      • Mark says:

        Dan, MTV is a business. They are not a “reflection of our society”. You say that to justify your self righteousness. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the problem you have with “our culture” is not the sexualization of it but the use of sex for the pursuit of money. The root of all evil. (You know, per Jesus Christ)

      • Eric says:

        Actually, it’s THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil.

      • Evelyn says:

        If we are all just here by chance and there is no God, then what does it matter? Apart from God there is no right or wrong. Apart from God there are no morals. Even if you are not a believer…your spirit still knows there is something more…Why do you want to teach your children “good morals”? What is the foundation of these “morals”? Think about them…I guarantee they are coming from, wait for it…the 10 commandments.

      • Bobbi says:

        Are you kidding me Evelyn? “If we are all just here by chance and there is no God, then what does it matter? Apart from God there is no right or wrong. Apart from God there are no morals.”. That is just an ignorant statement. I for one do not believe in God. I do not practice religion. But I have morals. I have standards that I hold myself accountable for. And which I in turn pass on to my children. Many religions teach behavior that is similar to the ten commandments but don’t necessarily have anything to do with “God”. My morals are also very similar to the ten commandments. And I behave in a manner according with these morals. Not because I fear repercussion from “God”, but because I believe people should act and behave towards other people as they would like other people to act and behave towards them. What does it matter? It matters to me, that when I am old and gray I can look back on my life and say I lived a pretty good one. It matters to me that when I die, my children will be able to say I was a good woman who loved her family and friends and tried always to help those in need. So you see your statement “apart from god there are no morals” is completely false.

      • Dana says:

        Jesus himself said that “pagans” are capable of living morally. You might have missed that part, he couched it in a parable. Something about how even a pagan knows to give their child bread instead of a rock, meat instead of a serpent. We’re unbelievers, not idiots–human beings are social critters, and capable of figuring out how to get along reasonably.

    • Charlie says:

      You are right on many points, even in ways that I don’t think you meant. MTV is not sending out a message that there is no God, but instead they are sending out a message of a false identity of who God is. These people say they believe in God, but live their lives in complete defiance of Him. Basically they are portraying God as someone that is distant and does not care what they do. You are also right that you can have morals outside of God, however you cannot believe in the God that the Bible actually teaches and follow Him and ignore morals. If you were to do so then I would say you don’t actually understand who He is and don’t care to truly follow Him.

    • mpurtic312 says:

      Believing in God and being moral have EVERYTHING to do with each other… If there is no God… there is no standard for morality… Saying you believe in God means nothing… since even the demons believe… The word believe in the original text implies an action verb… For example… I believe that George Washington was the president of the United States… my belief doesn’t dictate my actions…. However, when I say I believe in God… the way I act… think… speak ect. SHOULD all reflect what I believe about who He is… People like Miley Cyrus’ “belief” in God is more parallel with her belief that George Washington was president. The fruit is in the pudding~ nevertheless… she still needs Jesus and thus should be prayed for~

      • SRK says:

        Having a ‘belief’ in God doesn’t have anything to do with morals. I am completely Agnostic. My parents and you know, growing up to become my own person with my own beliefs, thoughts and opinions, gave me my ‘standard for my morals’.

        The way I ‘act, think, speak’ all has to do with who I am and has literally nothing to do with God. I’m not even 25 yet and I believe that her actions on stage (as well as many other performers these days) aren’t okay. It reflects ME, not some omnipotent being.

        You don’t have to have a God standard to have morals. You can believe in God and still think that it’s okay to curse. You can believe in God and think it’s perfectly ethical to curse. (For a very small, easy example).

      • Dana says:

        Simply not wanting to hurt someone because I wouldn’t like it if they hurt me is enough of a standard of morality. And that’s what drives most people or else, with no claws and no long fangs and no superhuman strength, we would not have lasted as long as we have.

        It’s not like a lot of *Christians* haven’t forgotten “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t have done to yourself.” I see it every day. You get so holy-roller righteous that you don’t care who you hurt as long as you think you’re obeying God. Just so you know, a lot of us think you’re dangerously psychotic and abusive, too.

    • fr27 says:

      God and morals have always run hand in hand… God created the morals that govern human life, otherwise we would just be animals like dogs or monkeys. Living to live, with no greater purpose.

      • Dana says:

        If God created morals then we should be hardwired with them. Lo and behold, they have found altruism in eighteen-month-old children who are too young to understand what God is. And yes, we are animals. Special or not. We’re not “vegetables” or “minerals,” after all.

    • Yes, God has everything to do with morality because he gave us a way to define it. Everyone has this inner conscience. Some people just ignore it and it becomes progressively seared. Just because someone claims to believe in God or know God does not mean at all that they actually do. As he said, a vine is defined by the fruit that it produces. If someone has God in their life they do not promote and indulge in sinful and selfish rebellion. They may fail as we all do, but the majority of their actions demonstrate their love for God and the rules he gave us. Rules for our own good, not rules thrown out arbitrarily to ruin all our fun. He knows sin is dangerous and unhealthy for us. It’s wages are death. We are like defiant children who throw a fit when their parents wont allow them to consume only candy for dinner or play in the street when they feel like it. Sin is the car on it’s way to kill us that we just don’t realize is coming.

    • It won’t be irrelevant when you see Him face to face! “Every knee will bow…..”. Mine, yours, Every!

    • Sara' says:

      That was my EXACT same contention (as I’m also an atheist). Believing in a deity and morality DO NOT go hand-in-hand. For some, perhaps; not for all.

    • kathy with a k says:

      Excellent point, JC Lopez. I was about to make it myself but you, thankfully, beat me to it.

    • Adam says:


      Evelyn’s point is that yes when you’re old and gray you might be able to look back on your life and say. “I satisfied my own moral code,” that probably feels pretty good. Then you will die, and it won’t matter what you did. Sure your kids will carry on but if there is no life after death you cannot care what impact your actions had on this earth. An abyss is not capable of worrying or being proud.

      When the sun explodes and incinerates the earth, no actions commited by any human beings ever in the history of earth will have mattered. Period. Sure we might get space travel and live on other planets etc. but one day the human species will end, if there is no God.

      Morality only has a basis within a higher and ordered context. The life of the divine, a divine law, and divine punishment and reward. Let us not also forget eternity…

  8. kenny D says:

    I was going to leave it at my last comment but I can’t. Miley didn’t just pop onto the scene yesterday. She has been dealing vanity to young girls for a generation now. Before it was cute and adorable vanity so it was O.K. Now it’s sex and naughty. This marketing at young women starts early at like, birth. At some point women and Mothers in particular are going to have to own the fact that they introduce their daughters to the world of being vain, and teaching them that looks are tops among things they must master. Female vanity I know it’s taboo we can’t talk about it and right now I’m sure I’m being dismissed as sexist scum.But please bear with me. Starting at whenever (birth) girls are dressed up and paraded around, they are taught early that shopping with mommy is a good thing a great thing (the average woman spends 12,000 a year on vanity related goods).Miley caught it from her Mother and Father they are both vain and self absorbed. Name me one star of film or T.V that is criticized for vanity,there are none thats because it’s not only expected and welcomed but embraced. I know you do it for us… the thing is I can’t remember once when a girl asked me if I would rather have her take 4 hours getting ready for a date, or if I’d rather her be ready in an hour and spend those 3 extra hours with me because you bet I’d pick the three hours of extra time every time. Women do it for themselves so they can show up other women, Truth is we don’t care we just like women ( I don’t know many guys who wouldn’t agree that a woman is at her sexest straight out of the shower). Women put their self worth in their looks and they pass that on to their daughters. “Oh honey your boyfriend broke up with you? Mommy will take you shopping”. Sad? shopping, did well in school? shopping,your father did something stupid and insensitive? we’ll teach him, shopping. Miley is just a means to an end and that end is selling stuff. MTV is just a package to sell marketing, Disney chanel the same. So when you blame Miley and MTV for peddling the drug of marketing that may be so but it is the Mothers who have gotten them hooked.

    • Tonya says:

      Kenny D, I couldn’t agree more with you, which is why I had hoped that the recent hype of a speech given by an actor who had portrayed Steve Jobs would last a little longer, long enough to take root in our young fragile-minded culture. I have tried for years to get young girls (especially) to understand that it’s not the size of their chest or how tall they are, how shockingly little they wear, or the make-up they use. It’s about being able to hold a conversation, recognizing that our self-worth is NOT the sum of society’s judgment of their physical beauty, and that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

    • Not very average female says:

      Not sure how useful it is to generalise about a whole sex the way you do. It’s a shame because i see your point but the way you worded your comment just makes you sound like a woman hater. I’m so glad I’m not ‘the average woman’ you describe and I am not bringing my daughter up to be an average girl.

      I wonder… if you believe it is all the mothers fault – where does daddy play his part?

      • Noryne says:

        Have to agree on this one !! Where are the Dads ,they play a very important part in a girls development toward womanhood from not only his love for them and acceptance but also for how he treats their Mother and women in general,so yes where are the Dads !!!

      • Beth says:

        I believe it’s primarily a result of the father-fracture in a society which has demeaned the importance of fathers.

        I hear about Miley Cyrus, and it just makes me sad. Somewhere, things went very wrong in her life. This is not normal for anyone. It’s not entertainment. The writer of the article is correct in saying that people are strangely shocked by her actions, but don’t seem to have noticed that this is what she’s been singing about the whole time. The lyrics that we allow to be pumped into our kids matter. Some of those people are going to wake up at some point and be shocked by their own kids’ behavior because they didn’t bother to guard their kids’ hearts or to teach them to do the same.

    • peachiecheeks says:

      I’m sorry but this is more than a little ignorant. Not sure how old you are but teenage boys now a days spend just as much time in the bathroom getting ready as girls do, they spend just as much time shopping for “swag” as girls do. Go look at instagram at all the pictures of guys with their shirts up showing their abs or their closets full of shoes. While I agree that vanity is definitely an issue I think its entirely unfair to suggest that its strictly something pertaining to women as men can be and are just as vain as women.

      Your statements are generalized and only partially true. I know more women who despise shopping than I do who love it. I know many mother’s who avoid all the pink princess disney crap because they see it for it is, a means to teach girls that looks are all that matter and finding a prince equates your worth in life.

      “Women do it for themselves so they can show up other women” Women more often then not do it to impress men, men who only seem to want unrealistic porn star like women. You say mother’s got their daughter’s “hooked” well who instilled these feelings of beauty above all in woman in the first place? The media has pumped our sons and daughters with an ideal that being “hot” and “cool” are all that matter, that you have to get the girl or get the guy to be truly happy and you can only do that if you look and act a certain way. So while vanity may be at the heart of the issue men and women are both to blame.

    • Dawn Mom says:

      Just like women cannot say “all men a selfish man-child pigs” you cannot say that all women are into shopping and buying $12000 a year in self-care products.
      I cannot accept the generalizations about both men AND women! All ment don’t prefer their women not all dolled up!
      I went to a conservative christian college full of great kids who were really intent on serving God. I was not ugly by any means. I am actually very street pretty. Not “model pretty”, but definately not ugly. I am not crass, stupid or otherwise unpleasant. I am actually qquite bright and careful to be sweet and thoughtful towards others. But I have dealt with adult acne for years and at college my skin was very unhappy. So, looks don’t matter to guys, huh? Every girl around me was dating. even those who were odd and unpleasant looking. But not me. I was asked out ONCE the entire year I was there. And the guy asked me on the date “What is that on your face?” Nice, huh?
      There were these other girls there, one in particular, that all my guy friends called Peg. her name wasn’t Peggy or anything like that. it was an acronym for


      I knew her a little. She lived in my dorm and got up every morning at 5am to fix her hair and put on her make-up (with her budget of $12000 per year of beauty products!). Maybe she would have been a nice girl! But I could never get past not living up to the standard that she was: tall, thin, waist-lenth-perfectly-curled-red-main, expensive taylored clothes, aloof attitude. Because my GUY FRIENDS pointed her out so frequently! You cannot tell me that these girls only get these ideas from their mothers. I NEVER felt so small and so unwanted! And I am not an ugly woman! At other times in my life I was subject to all kinds of unwanted attention! But it was MEN who made me feel as if I didn’t measure up. It was MEN who made me feel small and valued that image of dolled-up perfection that I could never reach -no matter how hard I tried. It was also men who constantly looked me over because other girls were prettier. so you CANNOT tell me that looks don’t matter to guys.

      • Kenny says:

        Imagine that, women who are upset because I dared imply something might be their fault. How shocking. Where does Daddy fit into this. Men are completely disposable in today’s society especially when it comes to raising children just ask any family court judge. Besides I don’t know one man who doesn’t think that his daughter is the apple of his eye and tries to hold off her growing up. If you would like to discuss the feminization of today’s boys I couldn’t agree more. Or that a lot of them are making shallow choices but your not going to like what I have to say about it because they too are being raised by mostly females. I know your not allowed to criticize women for any reason not even constructive criticism Or you will be labeled a woman hater. At what point are women going to own their part in the way these kids are turning out? Do I think men are blameless? Of course not absent fathers are a huge problem but not lacking in criticism thats for sure. The same society that convinces women that staying home and raising their children is lacking in drive and ambition is the same ones that will be relentless if a man wants to, making jokes like Mr. Mom and saying he’s letting his women take care of him. Dawn Mom that was a sad tale you say you were only asked out once? how many guys did you ask if they would like to do something? Or were you only interested in the handsome guys that were trying to get with your roommate? I Ask because I have several friends who would treat a girl like gold if they were only given the chance. Of course they had been treated like lepers so many times by women who I believe should have been flattered, that they refuse to humiliate themselves anymore.Most normal guys are so cowed by feminists and PC that you better hit them over the head with a tree if you want them to ask you out cause hints are not going to get the job done. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard a table full of women asking where all the nice guys were and then looked at some poor guy like he had two heads when he tried to talk to them because he didn’t look like Brad Pitt. Of course I ‘m not talking about every woman when I say these things. There are women are doing a great job with their kids alot of women are amazing. But if your offended by what I say, seeing as how I didn’t name anyone maybe you’re identifying with what I’m saying and that’s not my fault.

      • Roy says:

        I’m a male and you’re right, looks do matter to guys. But they also do matter to women too. In fact it matters to everybody in one way or another. As a society we tend to like pretty things, from cars, furniture, purses, shoes, phones, our partners, etc. Is that shallow? Maybe. Whatever you want to call, it is what it is.

    • Dana says:

      And it’s the fathers and other men who look down on women who are not attractive, and set up society so that women MUST have men’s approval in order to survive and live anything like a fulfilling life. So you might wanna mind that finger, it’s about to point right back at you.

      You’re so hoity-toity I bet you avoid all the places on the Internet where random male trolls insult and berate women who are any less than perfect-looking. And you don’t have to worry about anti-woman social policies because you’re perfect and they never affect you. But some of us have to live with this garbage.

      And no, I don’t teach my daughter to be vain. It IS amazing how much “regular TV” we have to avoid to help prevent such lessons, though. I suppose next some right-wing idiot will tell me I didn’t raise her to be feminine enough. You say that too, you know.

      • Heed83 says:

        You really like to generalize about ‘right-wingers’ don’t you? You know who you remind me of, all those ‘left-wingers’ who say all us ‘right-wingers’ are so racist, despite a black man being elected president. No one is going to argue that there was and is sexism, but it’s not the 19th or 20th century anymore, times have changed, and there is plenty of responsibility and blame to go around for everyone. In today’s 21st century, blacks can be just as racist as whites, women can be just as racist as men, and as a nation as a whole I would say the decline in morality and our acceptance of it is a cancer that is going to destroy us…unless there is a majority of people out there who think that 15 year olds having sex, single parent homes, widespread abortion, drugs, an amoral entertainment industry, and this entitlement mindset is going to end well for us? We call all this crap ‘progressive’ as if it’s a new thing, except it’s not new, nations of the past have collapsed from the same cancer that we see in our culture today…and no, I’m not bringing God into this, just morality in general. A society of instant-gratification that eschews personal responsibility and expects the government or someone else to take care of them while they indulge in whatever feels good is doomed to fail, ask the Roman Empire, and if we can’t look past whatever political party we belong to, or ‘wing’ as we make these sweeping generalizations, and agree on that, then we’re screwed. I’m 30 and I know what I have been exposed to growing up and how it has affected me, and I shudder to think of what my children will be exposed to at every turn, whether I turn the channel or not.

      • Whatever says:

        And it’s the (soccer) moms and other women who look down on men of low status and income, and set up society so that men MUST have women’s approval in order to live unmolested by paranoid authorities, and not be incarcerated in workhouse prisons where they are treated as slave labor, or else simply executed by rogue police. So you might wanna mind that finger, etc., etc.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree with a lot of what you said here but you have to remember, it is important for both mother and father to teach their children. You can’t blame just the women on this. You also have to blame men in society for adding to the problem by feeding into the sexy looks. You know men turn their heads and gawk at women who are wearing bustia or bikinis and any other type clothing that reveals the skin and body parts of a woman. Women can claim all they want that they dress for themselves but why would a woman need to wear skimpy clothes for herself? to keep cool? It is usually when they receive attention or compliments from other people that create a trend for the way one dresses. If you really think about it, the ones who truly dress for self are usually the ones that people want to ” makeover ” because they just don’t have a sense of fashion etc.

      • kenny says:

        Do you even think about the things you say? Its mens fault for women’s need to one up each other in order to be the center of attention? You can follow this logic all the way back to when Women of Royalty were plump because they could afford to eat, it was women who modeled themselves after them so they could put on airs. Women set these trends and men follow them. Some actress comes along and women go out and all get their hair cut like her.You find me ten guys who think that these under fed starving model look is sexy. Yet women try and emulate it on a regular basis. Want more proof, if all women refused to wear makeup and push up bras do you think men would go on a no sex no dating strike? Do you think we would put our foot down and demand women wear make up and get breast implants? No some woman would come along and do it and the rest would follow in fear of getting less attention. This all begins before boys are even interested in Girls. They mature first and have a few years where they begin to primp and compete for boys attention before boys even care or notice. And yes I don’t troll porno sites when I have time on the computer I check some blog pages (this one)News and then hit my tool, woodworking, Gardening and Homesteading sites. If I want to see plastic women who are bald below the waist (another fad started by women) I would strip a Barbie Doll. What do you care what a bunch of perverts do anyway is that the kind of man you’re after? Like I said female vanity and their need to try and look better the next one.The reason why women refuse to see these things about themselves is because women won’t point it out and men are afraid of having the feminist movement come swooping down and rain holy terror on their heads.But believe me the Children are paying attention.

      • kenny says:

        Sorry Melanie, My comment was not meant for you it was aimed at Dana. I agree it is both a man and a woman working together as a team who will turn out the best Children. Men and women are made to compliment each other what one lacks the other has. It’s the tearing apart of family that is leading to denigration of society. Society the left in particular is putting forth that men are disposable. The only time Mens role in child raising is brought up its to blame them for something other than that we can keep our opinions to ourselves because Mothers know best. Could you imagine the outrage from feminists and the left if plastic Vagina were offered for sale on public T.V ,and yet on daytime T.V vibrators are offered up as perfectly acceptable advertising. I’ve seen lots of talk of men and pornography, yet this is hailed as healthy sexuality. Men can easily be replaced by plastic and a couple of batteries. The male and family is under attack and I don’t hear much complaining about it. (sorry for having to be crass but some things need said)

    • To what Kenny D said. Nice to see a man with depth.

    • Sara' says:

      I have to agree with PRETTY much everything you said. HOWEVER, women do what we do for ourselves but NOT to “show up” other women. I paint my nails for MYSELF. It is something that makes ME feel good. I know damn well a guy doesn’t really care what my nails look like (as long as they are clean lol). They don’t care if they are french tips, polka dots, ombre, pink, blue, striped, etc etc. However, I do 😀

  9. I loved this post and linked it in mine: Thank you for your well written take on the whole thing. – Catholic Momma

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  11. lynn j says:

    This type of behavior with our music stars promotes human trafficking .

    • Lucy says:

      ARE YOU INSANE? There is a difference between sexual freedom and holding up a sign that says “OH MY GOD I LOVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING”. Stop reading into things that aren’t there. Her performance was not a plan to show everyone that human trafficking is okay! Not by any means! She is an artist having fun with her work. It may not be what we think is okay, but she likes it so who are we to tell her it’s wrong? LET GOD DO THE JUDGING.

      • Charlie says:

        Lucy, I think you are reading a little too much into what Lynn was saying. The overly sexualized public display promotes and feeds human trafficking by stimulating a man’s desires so much that he seeks sexual gratification. A lot of times that man can’t find a woman willing to sleep with him so he pays for it. I’m not sure if you know much about human trafficking but a shocking amount of women in prostitution are not there on their own free will.

      • Lucygoosey says:

        Sounds like Lucy bought into the message of the song: “We can do what we want.” So sad.

      • Dana says:

        That wasn’t sexual freedom. That was a probably intoxicated foolish young woman making an idiot of herself on national TV. Most of us can manage to have sex, and enjoy sex, and even bear children without acting like that.

        I consider myself liberal or progressive or whatever the trendy label is this year, but on this matter and that “slutwalk” thing people were doing, I think we have veered way off course. Sexual freedom means deciding when, where, and how you want to be sexual with a consenting partner, not molding your sexuality to be defined by people who hate you. Cyrus’s “sexual freedom” was an expression of the cruel parody patriarchy has formulated to stand in for women’s sexuality, nothing more.

  12. Mark says:

    Matt, your cynical certitude about the decay of culture blinds you to one simple fact. This was a BUSINESS decision! Just like Brittany Spears before her they are sexualizing her to sell records. She was a child star, now she is 20. This was a grand stage to transform her away from that image. Her PR people must be rejoicing at the collective outrage she is receiving. Her performance was crass and tasteless. Leave it at that and save your righteous indignation for our culture for say, something like our murder, incarceration or homeless rates. (something that matters)

    • justsayin says:

      A large avalanche begins with tiny pebbles…..

    • Dana says:

      Business makes everything OK, does it? You should have no reason to object to Keystone XL, then. Or, say, the ICWA-defying infant adoption industry. Or that six-year-old Chinese boy I just read about today who was kidnapped and his eyes removed so his corneas could be sold on the black market.

      You better find a better measure for worth than money or you are not going to have a very good life. And you sound like a right-winger.

  13. Matt Walsh very good blog. Years ago I used to be a DJ and I noticed how music do influence people. If all the well-minded people we can unite and do something very positive. “Let us ignore and not talk about it” but if we feed from this, guess what!?, it is like any other kid that likes attention.

  14. J says:

    Did anyone ever consider that Robin Thicke (who performed along side little Miley), his message in “Blurred Lines” is just as bad? Why are we only talking about Miley? Both songs are chart toppers. We (and by “we” I mean those that purchased these songs) consume this trash. What does that say about our culture? I don’t think its right to demonize Miley unless we demonize Robin as well. Their messages are equally crass, suggestive, and misogynistic.

  15. “The moral decay of our culture.” How dramatic. Yes, let’s go back to the time when corruption didn’t exist. Oh wait, there never was such a time in history.
    And I believe in the song she says “Only God can judge ya” not “Nobody can judge you” nor “there is no God”.
    Come down off your high horse already. But anyway you know what they say about opinions… Everyone’s got one.

    • Luscinia says:

      At least in those days, Matt’s exposure to black people would be kept to a minimum, right?

      • Charlie says:

        So Luscinia, I am guessing you are one of those ignorant people that think that every white conservative is racist? Which, if you think about it actually racist in itself….

      • Luscinia says:

        Racist against what, racist conservatives?

        Matt made his views quite clear.

  16. So spot on. I’ve been thinking about this lately. One thing I’ve noticed is how socially acceptable it is now for media content that’s vulgar or sexually explicit to be popular. Shows like Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones are both vulgar and explicit, but extremely popular. It doesn’t really surprise me, but at the same time, sex is the attention-grabber, even though both of the examples I gave are solid shows without the sex. (I admit that I’ve seen both.)

    I feel incredibly sad for Miley Cyrus in this instance though. While her desperation is evident, the trouble is how to handle the constant vulgarity that is streamed on primetime television. She believes that the only way to have fame is to shock everyone. It is interesting though to see the outrage that her performance has caused. It begs the question of, why does this offend everyone more that a television show or song that includes the same content as her performance?

    Great post.

    • SRK says:

      Solid shows without the sex? Are you kidding? Game of Thrones is FILLED with sex.

      I am really hoping that was a type on your behalf.

    • Dana says:

      Explicitness doesn’t bother me as long as I’m warned it’s there so I can choose whether to watch/listen to it. If I were going to let it bother me I would never have sex again; not like you can shut off all your senses and pretend that’s not going on. I prefer to face reality, thank you. Vulgarity is another matter. It’s making something nasty and negative just to make it nasty and negative. I think, in fact, that it’s just another way to avoid facing reality, by making it uglier than it really is.

      It’s not difficult to handle vulgarity on primetime TV though. Here’s a shocking thought: TURN… OFF… YOUR TV. You will not die. Promise.

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  18. Logan Judy says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Entertainment Reviews and commented:
    This is a very good article showing how we’ve let the sexualization of our culture sneak up on us. A warning to readers: it does have one swear word in it.

  19. Jeanene says:


  20. jen says:

    A bit surprised I have not heard anybody- news station, articles or otherwise discussing Robin Thicke being a part of “the show” with Miley. Grown man allowing this young girl to do those things…not good.

  21. Couldn’t agree more

  22. Ruthanne says:

    Bravo! I can’t believe you’re only 27. So much wisdom here on this blog, please keep up the good work.

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  24. JF says:

    I was expecting worse from the VMAs. After seeing Rose McGowan and Lil Kim in the past the whole Miley situation wasn’t anywhere near their level. Besides, what did she do that was worse than anything in her music video for “We Can’t Stop”? Even her outfit was already seen in Robin Thicke’s video (and less than that in the unrated version). Lady Gaga was up on the stage in a thong, but we aren’t making a big deal out of it. Some were even saying it was tastefully done whereas Miley’s performance was not. I say let it be and move on.

    • loulousreview says:

      Don’t have a young daughter do you? Having daughters make it impossible to “move on”

      • JF says:

        That wasn’t Hannah Montana on that stage. It was Miley Cyrus, an adult that was expressing herself and her work. If you don’t want your daughter following in her footsteps the least of your troubles would be this one performance. Media is constantly putting this image out there that girls have to be beautiful, good looking, or even sexy to get attention (guys too). I grew up with two older sisters and we never did anything as racy as what Miley did onstage, because we had our parents teaching us between right and wrong. Miley is living a life of fame and attention. She thinks she needs to act a certain way to get attention (which is obviously working), but I doubt her parents have any say in what she does. Regardless, it’s her life to live, not anyone else’s. You be the role model for your daughters and teach them that what Miley does is not right. However, don’t put the responsibility on Miley to guide your daughters. That’s a parent’s job.

      • Dana says:

        My daughter has not seen the VMA show, will not be seeing the VMA show until she’s considerably older if ever, and doesn’t care about Hannah Montana. I decided a long time ago I didn’t want cable TV. She still sees some shows on Netflix, but I get to choose, and I don’t have to worry about commercials which frankly, on some levels, bother me a lot more. You would not believe how little begging I have had to deal with on shopping trips as a result. It’s miraculous, really.

  25. Andrew Nimmo says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, and may I add that Mr. Thick isn’t any better and he should be ashamed also.

  26. Amy says:

    I wonder if her father is as disgusted as the rest of America?

  27. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing!

    How did Rob Thick get out of any of this backlash? Didn’t he, a married man, feel a little uncomfortable about all that? But then again, the music video to his song…

  28. Angela says:

    What a classy little lady.. working so hard every day to break her daddy’s achey breaky heart.

  29. Kat says:

    Dear Society,

    If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and propagating rape culture, then you may want to reevaluate your acceptance of double standards and your belief in stereotypes about how men vs. women “should” and are “allowed” to behave.


    Dr. Jill

  30. Lana Hunt says:

    HEBREWS 13-8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today,and forever.I pray that Milely will soon turn from her wicked ways before its to late . a child left to its self will bring its mother shame and that she has done.

  31. Kelsi says:

    Amen, amen and AMEN! Nailed it Matt

  32. Thomas Jones says:

    You got it right!
    The people who use the knowledge of good and evil to justify saying other people are evil doers 😉 are Fruity Users and should remember that, drug dogs go to Heaven too.

  33. Steve says:

    Wow, you’re a very good writer! Glad that a friend linked your war story. “I’ll be back”…

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  35. TheOrangeMask says:

    Reblogged this on The Orange Mask.

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  37. Bruce says:

    Great article, all godly people need to make a stand, stand up and turn off that kind of television program.

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  39. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow good post. My response on my blog is not on Miley per se but our culture and the media’s response which is very telling:

  40. Mya says:

    Well if sex is NOT supposed to be a private, physical expression of love and commitment between two people, Mike…what you posted is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!!

  41. Mya says:

    I would like to think that parents of such children have some part to play in how they turn out, right? Where is Billy Ray hiding out these days and what a disgrace to his name, why the heck doesn’t he do something about his out of control, under age daughter? Yes, underage, considering a 20 year old is not legal age in America. I would hold the parents somewhat accountable for her actions if they allow her to act this way-fame or no fame!

  42. Reblogged this on elizabethamorales and commented:
    This is how I feel. Not mad at Miley, just really sad for her. No one is perfect. And we all have a past. Praise God for his mercy. But changing and believing you are strong enough to be strong is the hardest part. She is beautiful. I feel and I’m sure many of us feel like we have watched her grow up. That’s why seeing these celebrities I pray for them. They expose themselves to us, and it is our duty to pray for their well known path, because to whom much is given much is expected. Great conversions such as Saint Augustine are possible for nothing is impossible with God. God bless this beautiful child of God. Praying for her. She is a young woman just like me, searching for true love in this world. “The love that you search for requires patience and purity. Always remember, purity is the guardian of true love.” Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II

  43. Colin says:

    This is the twit who was telling us (last year) that we should obey whatever Obama says.

  44. Cyber Tron says:

    Too true. Isn’t it ironic how “unlimited freedom” leads to even worse slavery than the “bondage” of law, order, and discipline?

  45. Jebediah says:

    First Amendment Gone Wild –

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  47. valentino says:

    Idiotic and so are the people who are obsessing and frothing angrily over miley. She’s a 20 year old doing silly things on a silly tv show. This somehow signifies a culture of death? Mwahaha. Oh, hyperbolic rightwing extremist blogs, I love you so.

  48. @Wasi, what can I do dear? Please contact MPSC office through phone, fax, email.
    kredyt na dowód

  49. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.

    Regardless, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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