We must stop these crazed half naked psychopaths from feeding their children in front of other people!

What the hell is wrong with us? We’ve made porn into a billion dollar industry, we put sex into everything from fast food advertisements to family TV shows, we allow our daughters to idolize teenage pop stars who dress like hookers and sing about fornication; we are a culture that is permissive, hyper sexual and overtly hedonistic, yet, in spite of all of this, BREASTFEEDING is somehow offensive to us. We suffer from a special brand of insanity, so unique that it needs its own name: Progressive Puritanism. For the most part we carry on like we’re living in Sodom or Gomorrah, but if someone goes really crazy and decides to feed their child in sight of other humans, all of the sudden we turn into Victorian prudes. It doesn’t make any sense.

In the last few days I’ve seen a few stories dealing with the “controversy” surrounding breastfeeding in public. A woman down in Texas was lectured about “decency” by staff at a rec center when she fed her infant while watching her older daughter’s dance class. Another incident happened on an American Airlines flight where a mother was shamed by the flight attendant for discreetly feeding her baby on the plane. I guess she should have taken her provocative display of child-feeding into the 2×2 foot bathroom where people go to dispel feces from their rectum, because this is totally the same thing.

OK. A few thoughts on the “issue” of breastfeeding:

1) Breastfeeding isn’t sexual. If you see it that way, you’ve got issues. Like, serious issues. Like, you-should-probably-be-on-a-registry type of issues. I actually had someone tell me today that women shouldn’t feed their kids in public for the same reason they shouldn’t conceive their kids in public. This is to draw a direct parallel between breastfeeding and sex. Again, issues. Serious issues.

2) I’ve encountered breastfeeding moms in public. Not once — NOT ONCE — have they ever ripped their shirt off and run through a crowd screaming: “Look at me! Look at this! I’m breastfeeding!!!” I’ve never seen that happen. I’m willing to bet I’ve never seen it because it’s literally never occurred in the history of the universe. I’ve also never had a young mother pull out a gun and yell: “You will watch me breastfeed or I’ll blow your brains out! WATCH OR DIE!” In other words, I’ve never been “forced” to “watch” a woman breastfeed. The way these prudes talk about it, you’d think they were being compelled to observe against their will. Personally, when I come across a woman breastfeeding, I think, “Oh OK, a mother is feeding her kid. Cool, anyway now I’ll get back to carrying on with my own existence.”

3) What exactly is so offensive about breastfeeding? Is it the amount of breast exposed? It’s hard for me to take that objection seriously. Right now, as we speak, there are millions of dads out there letting their daughters leave the house wearing outfits that are DESIGNED to highlight, expose, and sexualize that part of the body. Maybe we should reserve our condemnation for that, rather than moms who do what God intended moms to do. But, if we must have this conversation, how much of the forbidden zone is actually exposed when a mom has a child at her breast? Not much, really. If she’s just an exhibitionist she’d be better off wearing a bikini top, or even a thousand other types of tops and shirts that some women wear to their office jobs on a daily basis.

What kind of message does it send when we tell mothers to hide in dark corners or cover themselves in burlap if they wish to provide natural nutrients to their offspring? We know what the message is: Breastfeeding is gross, shameful, embarrassing. I especially enjoy the grown men who suddenly become squeamish school boys when the topic turns to breastfeeding. “Eeeeewwww, get it away from me! It’s weeeeeird!”

Good Lord. Grow up, people.

With the strange paradox of our permissive sexual attitudes contrasted with our uptight whining about breastfeeding, I shudder to think about what other inconsistencies I might find in the public psyche should I dig deeper. I mean, hell, next you’re gonna tell me that in a country where millions take prescription narcotics, we still won’t allow cancer patients to smoke marijuana in most states.

Oh, wait…

Screw it. I give up.

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  1. Love your article! I breastfed both my babies for over a year. Baby #1 – I hid in the bathroom or sat in my car, so I wouldn’t offend anyone. Baby #2 – I decided that anyone who had a problem with me feeding my baby could bite me, and I just did it out in the open, no cover. Who wants to eat with a blanket over their face? I care more about my child’s comfort/diet/well being more than some stranger who has a thing about breastfeeding in public. I almost peed my pants when I read the “Victorian prudes”. Ha! I have been approached a couple of times because some old stupid man thought he needed to school me about decency…their comments were quickly responded to with “you’re the over-sexualized bastard that’s offended, not me, so get you and your gutter brain away from me and my kid before I call the cops, you f*cking pervert”. That usually got them moving in the other direction 🙂 I am also a biology and anatomy professor at a college in Missouri, and I spend a whole 3 hour lecture solely on breastfeeding during the course’s unit on reproduction, because I am trying to get the word out. Love your writing, can’t wait to read more!

    • Bev holmes says:

      Awesome come-back, can’t think of anything more normal, it’s what they are there for after all.

    • WL says:

      Your uncharitable response is just as distasteful as someone else’s uncharitable response to your breastfeeding. How can women bash people for “saying something insulting” when they come right back with insults themselves? Also, I am breastfeeding mother as well — I have no issue with covering in PUBLIC… since I, personally, do not walk around with my breasts partially (or fully!) exposed when I’m not breastfeeding. I don’t feel that I’m less pro-breastmilk because I choose to cover myself while in public. It’s not because I’m ashamed, it’s because it really IS decent and discreet to cover your breasts – in OUR culture, they are private areas whether you are feeding your child or not. I don’t need to make a point and “stick it to the man” by doing something that I don’t think is acceptable anyway (showing even a part of my breast.). I have fed my son countless times in public, while using a light cover or blanket. No one has ever made any sort of negative comment to me, except fellow mothers who applaud my choice to breastfeed. A soft answer turns away wrath … you are inviting more criticism to yourself and your cause by being angry and insulting in response.

      • WL says:

        Sorry, to clarify my comment above was toward @Amanda Merryman, not about the article posted.

      • Agreed. No one should be ashamed of breastfeeding their child, but being modest is important, too. As Matt said, it’s not like much of the breast even shows if you’re good at it, and there is nothing wrong with attempting to be discreet. Also, I think a kinder response would have worked just fine in the case of someone making a negative comment (just as you suggested).

  2. Majmudar Sudarshan says:

    Only western culture has this and many other problems . Probably some genius mind is trying to figure it out to make a product on this type of controversi and sell it . Will laugh all the way to bank and innocent people don’t even realize it!!!….?

  3. Monica Pope says:

    one of my low-level compulsions is to quibble over ancillary points. right now, my compulsion is entirely unsatisfied. i can’t find a single syllable to disagree with in this– not even the minor narcotics and cancer patients tangent at the end.

  4. Molly McCann says:

    I agree- breastfeeding isn’t sexual, but I think that blond woman took it way too far. She does’t have a job, so she has no clue what it is like to have to please different people with different opinions. She simply asked the mom to be discreet, as she would with any female wearing a revealing top, so as not to offend anyone. It’s called s compromise, Mrs Eades. Look it up. The world owes you nothing, nor does the rec center or that woman. And, furthermore, at least that woman contributes to society by working and paying taxes. It appears that you sit at home, on the computer and pop out a kid you end up ignoring every other year. Who’s paying for all these kids?

    • Kari says:

      I’m quite certain that, as a mom of multiple children, Ms. Eades is *quite* familiar with the juggling act that is trying to please multiple people at once.

      Also, Ms. Eades has the *legal* right to fulfill her biological obligation of feeding her hungry child wherever her child needs to eat. Which means that the lady at the rec center has the *legal* responsibility to leave Ms. Eades alone while nursing her baby. What the other people want doesn’t enter into this equation at all.

      Third, bringing up Ms. Eades’ child-bearing habits and commenting out of your ass about how she probably ignores her kids was juvenile and stupid. It has nothing to do with this discussion. I’m quite sure you’re not paying for her children or shouldering any of the responsibility for their care, so chill.

      • Abreastfeedingmommy says:

        Right on Kari! The only other point I’ll make, is that the hungry baby was only about 4 weeks old, so medically she couldn’t be at work. People that make stupid generalizations like that fly their stupid flag high and proud!

      • Kari says:

        I also want to point out that to say that a mom who doesn’t work is not contributing to society is the one of the most ridiculous and idiotic thing you could say. A mom works hard to raise children to be men and women who are hard-working, compassionate, helpful, and sympathetic members of society. She works looooong hours, with no pay and no vacations, and has to wait for years to see the fruits of her labors. Paying taxes is not what makes you a contributing member of society; being kind and gracious to others, on the other hand…

      • Bev holmes says:

        Kari you are so right, there is no harder or more worthwhile ” job” than raising your children. We have every right to be with our children and I really hate it when people look down on house wives and stay at home mums.

  5. Chelle says:

    I have a few freinds that when their babys were young they breast fed and tbh i think it is the most beautiful and natural thing in the world for a mother and a child to do. It not only helps the baby but the mother also.
    One thing i’m know for saying If u have’t seen it by now something is seriously wrong! The bad thing is from what i’ve seen is its usally the adults who get their selfs all riled up over something that comes perfectly natual to ANY mammal! I dont see someone yelling at their pet dog GO COVER UR TEETS! but a Woman its taboo? Why? Its a catch 22 standard and i think that ppl that do find it embarrasing or are overly vocal about it theres just something not right about them… I would understand a child pointing n giggling and maybe whispering to their parent “what is that woman doing?” BUT i do not understand nor will i, one adult being rude or calling out another in that manner it makes no sense but hey i also dont understand someone being raciest in this day n age! ok enough of a rant i know my spelling sucks been up 2 days cooking! 🙂

  6. Robbob says:

    Breast Feeding de-sexualizes the female breast to on lookers. Therefore the image of a busty pin up girl is no longer appealing. We are so accustomed to the other image of female sexuality it is hard to accept the reality, the breasts real intention.

    • I agree–people seem more offended when breasts AREN’T being used in a sexual way than when a mother is performing one of the most natural God-given responsibilities woman has ever had. It’s really pathetic and let me tell you it’s SO annoying, to feel awkward every time I need to feed my hungry baby in public. I use a cover to be modest, but it’s SUCH a pain and I wish society hadn’t turned breasts into these hugely sexual appendages…

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  8. Molly McCann says:

    Wow. These women act like Mrs. Eades saved their lives or something. First of all, a woman and her husband that sit at home all day, let their kids run around in the streets in their underwear and post videos on You Tube all day, every day DO NOT contribute to society. So you’re raising four kids under five. Well A. so do millions of people around the world and B. Your son and daughter can’t even talk and they wine like babies, so are you really doing it well? And, if I, as a tax payer, doesn’t pay for them to sit at home, who does?! Neither appears to work and, therefore, DON’T contribute to society. That woman at the rec center is my hero for taking these people down a couple of notches.

    • Rene says:

      Wow. “Neither of them appears to work…” to you, because you’re doing what? Watching their videos? Hmmm. Fyi, most people don’t work at jobs 24 hours a day, and I think it’s a big leap in logic to assume that because they vlog, they must not have jobs. The videos comprise 4-5 minutes daily. As for contributing to society, they’re spending money, taking care of their home & children, and interacting with others in their community. Sounds like contributing to me, even without knowing what their employment situation is.

      You’re free to choose the heroes you want, but the Rec Center lady was violating the law.

  9. Rene says:

    Oh, and one more thing. She didn’t take anyone “…down a couple of notches.” She made herself & the Rec Center look foolish by calling breastfeeding “indecency,” and she knows she made a mistake because she immediately tries to retract the statement.

    • Molly McCann says:

      Wow. Do they owe you money or something? If she was in the wrong, how come she still works there and the Eades got nothing? Not even an apology? Why? Because the rec center has the right to refuse service to anyone. Trust me- if this couple ever came into the business I own and run (see, I contribute to society) I would politely ask them to leave. People like them are a waste and you’re just as ignorant for defending them. For as many people that are out there defending them, there’s just as many that see them for who they are-fame hungry losers who need to get jobs and pay more attention to their kids!

      • Rene says:

        Nope, they don’t owe me any money, I don’t know them. I was going to argue the point, but how about if I post Texas State Law instead:

        Texas Law on Breastfeeding
        Sec. 165.001. LEGISLATIVE FINDING
        The legislature finds that breastfeeding a baby is an important and basic act of nurture that must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values. In compliance with the breastfeeding promotion program established under the federal Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. Section 1771 et seq.), the legislature recognizes breastfeeding as the best method of
        infant nutrition.
        Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED
        A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother
        is authorized to be.

        As you can see, it”s very simply stated, with no exceptions, exclusions, or caveats (California does have an exception, but that is not at issue here). It doesn’t matter, legally, what the Rec Center management, employees, or patrons think. They can’t decide she’s not authorized to be there, just because she’s breastfeeding. Insulting me, or making ridiculous comments about me don’t change the facts. The employee is not fired, because the Rec Center wrongly believes they have the right to ask breastfeeding mothers to cover up. I’m sure if the Eades’ felt like suing, they would have a good case. I guess that could be counted as contributing to society, trying to educate people instead of just suing?

    • Katie says:

      Y’all, isn’t it pretty clear that Molly is a troll? Throwing in cracks about how she runs a business and moms do not…that’s not generally said (even by those who sincerely think it), which makes me think she wants nothing more than to ruffle feathers. The best thing to do is to ignore her and all the similar people in cyberspace.

  10. Molly McCann says:

    Hmmmmm so THAT’S their contribution to society? “Educating the public about public breastfeeding rights?” How about getting jobs to support you children and, in turn, setting a good example for them? If I ever find out that I, as a tax payer, am paying for all these kids they’re too stupid to prevent, I’m going to be livid!!! And by the way, I, too looked into it, and Texas businesses have the right to refuse service
    to anyone and do not have to give a reason. So technically, the only thing that wonderful woman at the rec center did wrong was tell that attention whore and
    her loser unemployed husband what problem she had with them. And let’s not forget, she was just trying to keep everyone there happy because, contrary to what the Eades think, theirs isn’t the only opinion that counts in life.

    • Rene says:

      To repeat: They can’t decide she’s not authorized to be there, just because she’s breastfeeding. If you have a legal code to cite that disputes that, it would be great, cite away. Sometimes federal, state, and municipal laws are in conflict. Then it becomes a matter for the courts. At the moment, it seems like you’re just expressing your opinion.

      Be reasonable. You’ve accused the Eades’, repeatedly, of not working with absolutely no evidence, just the fact that you think public breastfeeding is wrong. Is that a reasoned argument? As for the name you called her, do you think that makes you sound intelligent? Honestly, it makes you sound livid already, but it’s not a good argument either.

      Take a deep breath & try to understand that not everyone in the world is trying to take advantage of you. Think happy thoughts.

      • Molly McCann says:

        Haha. Wow. You pegged me.
        First, they can ask her to leave and, like I started, they don’t have to give her a reason. I am a business owner and I know this to be true. My family owns a chain of auto dealerships and I have a degree in business (a BA and an MBA) and we have had to call the police on someone before and guess what-I didn’t have to give a reason. As long as it is posted that We have the right to refuse service to anyone, that is true.
        Second, when did I ever say that I don’t believe they work just because they believe in public breastfeeding? You are absurd for even stating that I said that. What I said was that they don’t ever talk about work or are ever heading off to work, so my bet is that neither work. I would put money on it. And guess what, lady, I am not the only one that thinks so! I work 5 days a week and started a daycare at the dealership so I could be near my kids and guess what else! I nurse my two- year- old on demand. Surprised?!
        Thanks for your opinion that my calling Ms. Eades an attention whore makes me sound like I’m not intelligent, livid and that I don’t have an argument. On the contrary. I proved my point, thanks.
        I also don’t feel taken advantage of at all. I just don’t feel that my hard- earned money should go to people who, clearly, have a problem controlling their urge to procreate every other year. What kind of an example are they setting for their children? Did you hear the way he bullied that woman?
        You are good as a P.R. rep for the Eades family, Rene, but I’m afraid your argument lies flat.

        • Rene says:

          So, were you able to find a legal code that trumps the one about breastfeeding? I did not remark about your intelligence, but I think your anger is evident. You have referenced them not working, more than once, with absolutely no evidence. I disagree that Mr. Eades bullied the lady—she was on her third instance of harassing them (after harassing another woman who was trying to breastfeed outside the center) and he finally told the lady to stop bothering his wife & call the cops. Finally, it is a blog about family life, and they are short episodes. I don’t think you can assume they don’t work because they don’t talk about it. I haven’t seen either of the parents cooking either, but I wouldn’t assume they don’t.

  11. Molly McCann says:

    Well I guess we can agree to disagree. You clearly don’t read very well, because I have said several times that the employee could have refused service to her and didn’t have to tell her it was because she was being indiscreet. I am not angry, just call people out when they appear to not be pulling their weight. And Joel wasn’t bullying the employee? What do YOU call someone who videotapes someone without their permission and demands their silence but allows his wife to keep running her fat mouth? Like I stated before, I can only assume they don’t work, because they are always vlogging during the day, talking about what they did ALL DAY LONG then talk about how their baby slept ALL NIGHT LONG. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the 24 hour period broke up into only TWO parts? Day and night? If they’re home all day and sleep all night, when would they work?

    • Rene says:

      Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED
      A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother
      is authorized to be.

      I read fine, and I understand that you’ve said that several times. However, the law says what the law says. If you have allowed someone in your place of business, or she is in a public place (which I believe the Rec Center is), you can’t kick her out for breastfeeding. If you have a legal code to dispute the law that I copied & pasted here, copy & paste away, or type it in. Until then, you’re just stating your opinion.

      A 24-hour period can be broken in up in many ways (minutes, seconds, hours, every 8 hours, etc), just as you can assume many things about why the Eades’ do a daily blog. One might assume that they are on Family & Medical Leave, since their daughter is a newborn. One might assume that dad is in the military or a firefighter, or some job with a nontraditional schedule, or one where he can’t blog at work, or was injured and can’t work at the moment. Maybe he lost his job. My first thought wasn’t to assume that they’re “not pulling their weight” (however you define that).

      I don’t think what Joel said to the woman was bullying. The employee was on her third bout of harassing Lucy, after harassing some other woman who had gone outside to breastfeed. It had gotten out of hand, and Joel said, “I’m going to have to ask you to stop talking to my wife.” He didn’t follow her when she left, as she had done to them. That is something we do have to agree to disagree about.

      You may not think you’re angry, but you’ve been repeatedly insulting to me & to the Eades’ with no justification, not the actions of a happy person. The proof is in the pudding.

      • Molly McCann says:

        Sec 292.1005 A business, both publicly and privately owned and the employees, therein, have the right to refuse service to anyone deemed necessary as long as there is a disclaimer posted.
        If you would like to dispute this further, let me know. As far as contributing to society, I have not seen one shred of evidence to support the claim that they do.
        I, myself, view any action in which a person video tapes another without their consent, then asks her to stop talking, as his wife keeps yapping her loud mouth, even AFTER she walks away, as bullying. In MY book, that’s bullying. Or do you want me to cut and paste a definition of the word ‘bullying,’ too?!
        I am a very happy person. You seem hell bent on defending people you don’t even know, as if you owe them something. You don’t know anything more about them than I do.

        • Kari says:

          So, I assume then that you have a “No public breastfeeding” sign in your window? Because otherwise, according to the section you posted, you can’t throw a mom out for bfing in your place of business. And really, the only reason (I imagine) that anyone is bothering to defend the Eades, is because you’re so venomous toward them (and, by extension, all of us rude, inconsiderate, nasty public breastfeeders). You sound like a jerk.

        • Rene says:

          Thank you. Now, is that a state law, or a municipal code? If the latter, state law might trump it. If the former, as I said before, it would be a matter for the courts to sort out. My guess would be that if the business has not already refused service, they can’t do it for breastfeeding. It would be interesting to see it play out.

          Is the employee a friend of yours? You seem just as intent on defending her. She went after a woman who went outside to breastfeed, spoke to the Eades’ as they went into the building, yelled at them across the room that she “…wasn’t done talking to [them]…”, and then (clearly shown in the video) approached them again. Who was hounding who? You say now that you don’t have a problem with breastfeeding in public, but that’s what we’ve been discussing and you’ve been pretty nasty about a woman you don’t know, when that was all she was trying to do.

          I was giving you the benefit of the doubt by suggesting you were angry. I’ll take your word for it that you’re not, but then I “can only assume” that you’re mean.

  12. Molly McCann says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I actually DO breastfeed in public. I nurse my two-year old son anytime he asks, which includes publically. Not once did I say that my problem with people like the Eades is the fact the she breastfeeds in public. My problem is that they hounded and
    hounded that woman and shove their opinions down other people’s throats. Ease up, take your kids home and let it go. Does she have the right to nurse her baby in public? Yes. But, at some point, give it a rest.

  13. Molly McCann says:

    Well I know the law and they can ask her to leave without giving a reason. Pretty sure she was worried about people, including children, walking by. Whether you agree or disagree, that is what she told Mrs. Eades. She wasn’t doing it to be a bully. That is what I think. She had to look out for all the patrons- not just the Eades. All she asked was for her to be more discreet. Did Mrs. Eades have to oblige? By law, no. But I don’t think she or her husband handled the situation very well. The employee stayed calm. The Eades did not. I do not know the woman, but, from what I can tell, I would not like the Eades. Too much pushing their opinions on other people. To me, they seem like agressive attention whores. I am not mean or angry. Just have my opinion.

    • Angela says:

      I have to agree with Molly on the law, it is stated that a business may ask you to leave without giving reason. However, there is limitation to this, This law is in all states not just cali. http://oag.ca.gov/publications/CRhandbook/ch4

      The Unruh Act prohibits all types of arbitrary discrimination, and not just discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability or medical condition. (78) The Unruh Act also prohibits discrimination based on personal characteristics, geographical origin, physical attributes, and individual beliefs. For example, the arbitrary exclusion of individuals from a restaurant based on their sexual orientation is prohibited. (79)

      So in theory this could go either way, you could say this is discrimination against breastfeeding women, (speaking as one that has just read all the ranting and not reading the actual story) if they were not asking them to leave just to cover then nothing was done outside of the law.

      I am not against breastfeeding by any means but the law is the law. I do not know this case but from what I read it just looked like bickering. Based off Rene’s state law that she posted
      Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED
      A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother
      is authorized to be.

      This does not state that a woman cannot be asked to be discrete or cover themselves. Do I agree with doing so, no I think that people need to grow up and know that this is a part of life. We were all babies at one time and we should accept that our nutrient may have been from our mothers. Do we over sexualize everything YES, sadly, but in the idiocracy that is humanity you are subject to personal opinions if you are out in public. Sadly we must accept this and move on.

      A woman should be allowed to breastfeed anywhere and not be harassed however the world we live in does not make this possible at this point in time.

      Personal opinion people are just too uptight and need to take a breath and step back look at the situation for what it is. I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I have no children of my own yet, but growing up with a mother who breastfed my little brother and watching perverted men starting at her, but her not batting an eye, it makes me proud of her, and sadly disappointed in the state of other peoples minds. She did use a nursing cover when in public, most of the time.

      • Molly McCann says:

        Thank you, Angela. You nailed it! I’m not saying what the employee did was right or wrong or that she handled it well, however, if she had asked the Eades to leave, without reason, they would have to leave as long as a “right to refuse service” sign is posted. I keep saying that and people on here keep going back to breastfeeding. Had the employee asked her to be discreet and, when Mrs Eades refused, just asked her to leave and didn’t give a reason, that’s within
        the law.

  14. Love this article!!!! Exactly how I feel. What is wrong with our culture? ALOT.

  15. Diana says:

    Love this! Well said! It’s also wonderful to see a male supporting breastfeeding like this! I don’t read to many blogs where a male is so vocally supportive of babies eating in public, thank you so much!

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  18. claire says:

    I was introduced to Matt Walsh through one of his blogs that I totally disagreed with, in fact he made me very angry. But once my anger subsided I decided to read more of his work. AND THIS BLOG I LOVE. I have just stopped breastfeeding my son at aged 2. I am quite shy and reserved and have always had hang ups about my body. I wish I could be a woman that just fed my baby anywhere but because of my own personal hang ups I was a more ” modest and discreet breastfeeding mom” – please note the inverted commas. I have fed in restaurants and other public places but used a nursing apron, simply because I wanted a little ” privacy” whilst I fed my child and didn’t want anyone gawking at us. I was lucky because my boy didn’t mind being covered. At my parents or in laws houses when visiting I would find a bedroom to nurse in as I really didn’t want my dad or dad in law seeing my breasts. Believe me if I didn’t want my dad seeing my breast I don’t want any unknown men seeing my breasts. I have also gone to feed in my car before just because I felt more comfortable doing that than nursing in front of 50 people at a birthday party. I commend nursing women who are braver than I and have no issues with any mother sustaining her child on demand wherever they may be.

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  21. Lisa Reynoso says:

    I am in the try-to-be-modest category of breastfeeding moms. I also am in the I-don’t-show-my-cleavage-to-anyone-except-my-husband-and-lady-doctor/midwife category. But you know what? After 3 children, I’ve become kind of philosophical about breastfeeding in public. After a certain age, babies resent being covered up. Usually by that age, they don’t need help latching on, so I don’t have to actually expose anything to anyone (even myself) to get the baby feeding. But if someone sees 1 square inch of my breast, I guess we’ll all live. As you pointed out, Matt, a lot of women expose way more than half of their breasts by wearing certain outfits. That’s okay. But attach a baby to the end of it and cover up some of it, and suddenly it’s indecent. Give me a break!

    Sure, there’s the lady who looks like they are going to fall out if she bends over, and she says, “That’s how I dress when I’m nursing,” and doesn’t try to cover up or be decent at all. That’s one thing, though of course everyone has a choice of where to look. But most of the women who get called out for breastfeeding in public weren’t all that obvious.

    And that “feeding babies is on a level with conceiving them” is for the birds! I mean, a bottle has a nipple. Bottle nipples are used in sexual jokes. So maybe we shouldn’t expose them in public either. *shudders*

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