Our selfless public servants strike again

Today someone accused me of “harboring a grudge against the government.” This was a totally unfair mischaracterization of my feelings. I don’t harbor a “grudge” against the government. I harbor a deep raging hatred for what they’ve done to my country, my liberty, my Constitution and my children’s future. But a grudge? No. Grudges are too petty. I have grudges against Volkswagens and Jeff Dunham and Comcast and a few other things. The government, on the other hand, stirs in me a visceral, exasperated feeling of primal and righteous anger. Our government murders and ruins and steals. It perverts, decays and bankrupts everything it touches. It is a bloated cancerous blob. I wish I could metaphorically hack it into a thousand pieces and stuff it into a burlap sack and then throw it into a shark infested sea. I’m allowed to say that because I’m speaking metaphorically, which means it isn’t a threat. It’s poetry. Or something.

This all comes up for two reasons: 1) Every single day there’s another story about another government agency committing horrible crimes, betraying the public’s trust, engaging in horrendous abuses of power, and stealing our money to spend it on various luxuries and carnal indulgences. Therefore it’s always timely to discuss how awful our government is and why it is poisonous to freedom, privacy, and prosperity, and why it just generally sucks in every conceivable way. 2) For today’s particular illustration of this point, an audit of the Kentucky Emergency Management division reveals that officials spent over 5 million dollars on entertainment, alcohol, hotels, cruises and parties, while doctoring records to conceal their abuses and threatening agency employees to stay silent about it. Granted, this is par for the course in modern American governance, but the revelations are nonetheless outrageous even if they aren’t at all rare or surprising.

Personally, I have worked several jobs over the last decade, yet I have never once attended, nor have I been invited to attend, an employee conference, reception, gala, ball, party, cruise, retreat, workshop or ceremony. Never. Not one. I am obviously deprived. Impoverished, even. Utterly destitute. One of the most basic human needs — alongside water, sustenance, and shelter — is lavish celebrations with free alcohol and expensive door prizes. At least that’s the government’s perspective, given the fact that there apparently isn’t a single bureaucracy at any level that can simply conduct their affairs during business hours without taking their employees on boozy field trips to pricey junkets. Even the guy who runs the emergency management division in Kentucky can’t figure out how to manage an emergency unless the emergency involves figuring out how to upgrade his tax funded hotel room to a suite with a jacuzzi tub and an adjustable Serta bed.

I’m sure the victims of floods and tornadoes will be relieved to know that their situation is being dealt with by overpaid government employees who workshopped their response plan during tax funded “working lunches” at a hotel only a few miles from their office.

Sorry, but I’m done listening to excuses. You know how many tax dollars should be spent to buy lunch for government pencil pushers? Zero. You know how many tax dollars should be spent to rent hotel suites and to buy catering services for government employees? Zero. You know how many tax dollars should be spent sending government workers on trips and cruises? Zero. You know how many tax dollars should be spent purchasing booze and door prizes and booking guest speakers for parties for bureaucrats? Well, maybe a few bucks from time to time would be reasonable. Just kidding. Zero. None.

Let me ask you something. What would happen if no bureaucrat ever got to have another free party or eat another expensive free meal or sleep in another free hotel room ever again? Would the roads crumble and planes fall from the sky and would our entire society descend into anarchy, chaos and cannibalism? In other words, is this crap necessary in order for the government to complete its essential functions? Of course not. So why do we put up with it? Why do we put up with any of it?

The whole world has been turned on its head. We are supposed to hold the government to the “is there a need for this?” standard, and instead they hold us to that standard when we want to exercise our constitutionally guaranteed rights, like our right to own a gun. Everything is backwards. We should be saying to the State: “Don’t spend my money until you explain to me why you need to spend it.” Instead, they say to us: “Don’t spend your money until you explain to us why you need to spend it.” We need to grow a collective spine and stand up to these thieving charlatans.

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29 Responses to Our selfless public servants strike again

  1. Right on the mark. Thanks.

  2. Jay Jenkins says:

    Incredibly well written and right on point!

  3. MNr. G says:

    Welcome back Matt. Amen…

  4. Eileenv says:

    How very thought provoking…

  5. Julie A says:

    I’m giving you a standing ovation right now. Its about time we start speaking up and call Bullsh**t BRAVO!!!

  6. Joe says:

    Great post, Matt.

  7. Pat Robertson says:

    Bravo I agree with everything you said!

  8. Our government has taken on the air of old monarchys and the elites ie: earls, dukes and duchesses etc. they even call themselves ‘the elite’ and we are the poor peasants who try to stay out of their ‘masters’ way. Washington now has the most millionaires per sq mile. They are getting rich over our suffering. I am disgusted.
    Keep up the good work Matt! You put things into words that I can’t 🙂

  9. Kyle Berry (Zzatone) says:

    Not much more I can add…except I’m glad somebody sees it the way it really is. We are jellyfish right now. The double standard by government is rediculous.

  10. Donna Ernst says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. You have a gift my friend for telling it exactly like it is. What is that old song ( It may be older than you!) by Twisted Sister, I think, “We’re not Gonna Take It!”

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  12. Will Heyer says:

    Remember the line from the movie Network …. “I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more!”

  13. leflake says:

    Matt, I am going to keep this blog post and read it again and again. You have managed to put into words the rage I feel at what is happening in our country. Please send this to all our elected “representatives.” I don’t think they realize how deep our rage runs.

  14. BettySue says:

    Government is like fire: It IS essential to life, but should be kept as small and controlled as possible. If you can do a job without it, you should. It’s safer that way.

    Sadly most people seem to forget that government is not some divine entity. It is made up of fallible, greedy humans.

  15. Sue says:

    Eloquently stated, artistically composed! I found your post to be like my own personal, primal scream.

  16. MamaNatalie says:

    Preach! Seriously, you are now my favorite blogger EVER!

  17. Matt, you don’t have a “right to own a gun”. You have a right to have a “well-armed millitia” there to defend you. Read the 2nd Amendment a bit more carefully…

    • Calvin says:

      Here you go Mike – the actual 2nd Amendment for your reading pleasure:
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      I can’t tell if your comment is in jest, but if not, the only way around the 2nd Amendment is to bend and twist.

      “…The right of the people to keep and bear arms…”

    • Avon Bellamy says:

      Above and beyond even the Constitution is the basic right of every human being to defend himself or herself from harm and danger using whatever means are within that person’s means and/or ability. This includes defense against any government that fails in its duty to defend said rights. The right to self defense is not a right that can be legislated away by any government and any government that seeks to do so finds itself trumped by the universal maxim: “Lex iniusta non est lex – an unjust law is no law at all”. Where our laws support basic human rights, they are correct and worthy of support by the people, for the people. Where they do not, they deserve our censure and civil disobedience is our right and duty. No amount of obfuscational, legal hair-splitting can be allowed to be used as a wedge to stand between any citizen and that right. If the simplest articulation of that idea (“I have a right to own a gun”) is somehow misguided, I have to ask why my government may arm itself unabashedly with guns and her citizens may not? Is it because my self defense is a duty that I should blindly entrust to the government? Am I to assume that in all of the areas that our government has systematically failed our trust for decades, this is the one area where they will be utterly trustworthy and beyond reproach? As a child of a government that was based, most wisely I believe, on the concept of “checks and balances”, I must say that we (The People) must stand as the check and balance against the tyranny that human nature breeds over time within any bureaucracy.

    • Norman says:

      Ummmm A Militia is comprised of Private Citizens who OWN GUNS

    • Shaun says:

      Wrong, Mike. We are the militia.

  18. Calvin says:


  19. EXAAACCTTLLYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Deanna says:

    It’s sad that so many of our government officials see themselves as “entitled” by their office – A governments job should be to SERVE the people that they represent – not to mooch off of them….

  21. Vicki Alderman says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

  22. Fractional Slacker says:

    The government does not grant you freedom. It only takes it away. Taxation = force/theft. Read the following quote and ask yourself if it makes sense.
    “For what it’s worth—and it won’t be worth much to many of you—I understand the ethical and economic concerns about taxation. I agree that everyone should be entitled to the fruits of his or her labors and that taxation, in the State of Nature, is a form of theft. But it appears to be a form of theft that we require, given how selfish and shortsighted most of us are.”
    Sam Harris

    If you agree with Sam, you have nothing to complain about. But you can’t claim you stand for freedom.

  23. Jamie says:

    I mostly agree with you here except for one general oversight… I too join your feelings of government but let’s not let them have all the attention;corporations have their puppeteer hands up government’s backsides and should receive equal dismantling.

  24. matt says:

    Very well said; this first paragraph had me laughing as I feel exactly the same way.

  25. Faithe says:

    While reading the second-to-last paragraph, I realized what it would mean if things went your way. Nobody would want to be a bureaucrat because it would mean-gasp!- sacrificing your own needs for the needs of the people.

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