Shock: Obama confesses to anti-Hispanic violence

The Trayvon Martin trial has caused a lot of people make some pretty startling statements. For instance, virtually every prominent liberal in the country has come out in support of pummeling Hispanic neighborhood watchmen. After all, their condemnation of Zimmerman carries with it a clear insinuation that Mr. Martin ought to have been immune from physical harm as he bashed Zimmerman’s head into the pavement. When I was a teenager I often caught suspicious glances and concerned looks from adults in the community. Just because I was a teenage boy they assumed I might be up to no good. They assumed correctly, most of the time. Funny thing is, my Dad always told me that if an adult approached me wanting to know what I’m up to, I must respond honestly and respectfully. Apparently a lot of people in this country would teach their sons a slightly different strategy. “Junior, if any adult ever looks at you funny or accuses you of causing trouble, make sure to pounce on them and bash their head into the nearest slab of concrete.” Well, hey, we’ve all got our parenting styles.

But now the president has shocked the nation by coming out and admitting to being, or at least having been, a violent delinquent. What other conclusion can one draw from his statements on Friday? He took to the podium — in the midst of a major American city declaring bankruptcy — and decided to address, in great detail, a year and a half old incident where a black teenager assaulted a Latino man and was shot in the process. In fairness to Obama, he didn’t want to weigh in again on this issue. He was hoping he could just sit back and let his surrogates in the media gin up all the racial hatred and anti-Second Amendment hysteria themselves. Unfortunately, a week had passed since the verdict and the public was already beginning to lose interest. So, in comes Obama to clear the air and remind us that black people should feel persecuted and white people should feel deep-seated guilt.

Obama pontificated about the extreme racism that leads people to do unreasonable and unthinkable things, like lock their cars when they’re in the city. He wondered why a woman might be concerned about being alone with a black teenager she doesn’t know. The fact that this demographic happens to commit a vastly disproportionate amount of violent crime should, of course, not factor into anyone’s calculations ever, for any reason, at all. Period. And then he said this: “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

Astounding. Let’s analyze this remark. What does it mean? Well, he can’t be saying that Trayvon Martin “could have been him” simply because they’re both black. For one thing, they aren’t. Martin was black. Obama is half white, and was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. If Zimmerman is “white” or “white-Hispanic,” then Obama is “white” or “white-black.” For another, Martin wasn’t shot for being black. He was shot because he was bashing someone’s head against the sidewalk. If Obama is saying that he could have just as easily ended up with the same fate as Trayvon, that means he also enjoyed pummeling pudgy Hispanics. I know these silly liberals would like us to forget about the minor little felony assault part of this whole incident, but I can’t help but bring it up. Being black in a white neighborhood really isn’t a dangerous proposition, according to any measurable statistic. On the other hand, jumping strangers and beating them mercilessly while they cry for help can be, regardless of your race or creed. Obama speculated that this whole thing might have gone differently if Trayvon was white. He’s right. If Trayvon was white, none of us would have ever heard about it. Obama wouldn’t have sent any “thoughts and prayers” to his family, Sharpton wouldn’t have organized a race riot, and news anchors on MSNBC wouldn’t launch into an 18 month long hissy fit. In other words, he would be treated like the white baby in Georgia who was recently shot in the face by two black teenagers.

Here’s another question, Mr. President: Would this all have gone differently if Martin hadn’t physically attacked Zimmerman as he walked back to his truck? I suppose the world will never know. In any case, we now know that the President of the United States, by his own admission, used to attack and maim Hispanic people. Now I have to wonder, how many? Is this still going on? Was it just Hispanics he assaulted or did he go after whitey as well?

Someone call a congressional hearing. We have to get to the bottom of this.

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28 Responses to Shock: Obama confesses to anti-Hispanic violence

  1. IndyTyler says:

    You sir…are a credit to society. I love how you put into words exactly everything I’m thinking. Keep up the good work. Nothing like the president of the United States trying to have it BOTH ways and coddling the black community while at the same time trying to say the justice system worked.

  2. Heidi Howard says:

    Yes…. And Yes….

  3. While I’m white, I’m sorry to report to Mr. Obama I don’t feel even a smidgen of white guilt. I’m only 58, not 258, and thus wasn’t around when the worse abuses of blacks were occurring. But that’s not my main point.

    Mr. Obama, Trayvon Martin WAS you. We know you both partook of illegal substances. And while you now dictate drug enforcement policy, you’ve done nothing reduce enforcement efforts, halt the war on drugs programs, or encourage the passage of any type of revision of the current drug laws. In fact, drugs are about the only thing you and your administration hasn’t dabbled in and for that at least I thank you.

    No, the truth is had you not been raised buy the white half of your heritage and followed instead the path espoused by your father I think it likely you could well find yourself occupying similar real estate to that Trayvon is now occupying.

    As President, you could ave been telling black fathers to assume responsibility for their children but by and large you haven’t. You could have encouraged black families to get involved in their children’s education. Instead you encourage the continued payoff of union cronies and progressive ideologists posing as teachers. You could have encouraged the DOJ to go after organized gangs but instead sent them after people who happen to disagree with you. And dare I mention the New Black Panther Party case?

    Your words today could have made a difference and I think they have. Tomorrow is the day set by Sharpton to stage protests in 100 cities to demand justice for Trayvon. From my perspective, Trayvon got 147 grains of justice already. And if the marches tomorrow turn into riot, and I pray to God they do not, I suspect they could run into more than a few Zimmerman’s willing to dispense similar justice should the need arise. And if that happens, Mr. Obama, it’s you who will own their suffering.

  4. Momofsix says:

    Agree 100%

  5. abudoggie says:

    Your ability to distill the facts and present clear logic makes me jealous, Matt.
    I live in a near-totally white neighborhood, Huntington Beach, CA. There are two black families in my complex. One has been here forever, one is pretty new. NO ONE CARES that they are black. We are ALL middle to upper-middle class families, going to work everyday, enjoying quiet lives, exchanging pleasantries with our neighbors. We have had that “hard conversation” with our kids – how to behave in public, how to act if approached by an authority. You don’t have to be a minority to do that.
    We don’t tag property, steal hubcaps or pass out drunk. None of us wears gang or prison attire or walks around slouching and sagging with a scowl on our faces. None of us of any degree of melanin content.
    People who do obnoxious things are looked at askance. Their color is not the whole story; it’s not even MOST of the story. Sorry, but your appearance counts in first impressions. Your behavior will define what others think of you. That’s life. Grow up and accept that fact.
    Are there racists in our country? Of course! We have a FREE country! You can hate anyone you want! And I’m betting that just as many blacks hate whites as vice versa. So? If the hate doesn’t translate into behavior, what’s the problem? If someone’s a jerk, racist or otherwise, then stay away from them as much as you can. We all have to deal with jerks in this life. Get over it.

  6. Rob says:

    Wow. Way to get folks fired up to go hunting. Nicely done, you serve your master well. When you grow up, you’ll possibly figure out that when we as a society feel sad about an unarmed teenager being shot it isn’t because of white guilt, it’s because a teenager was shot. And it doesn’t matter if he smoked weed or wore a hoodie or listened to gangster rap or threw the first punch. He was shot after a confrontation that shouldn’t have happened and it upsets most of us. I know it was legal, I know he was beating Zimmerman up, I also know that Zimmerman walked into a situation carrying his gun and ready to use it and EXPECTING A 17 YEAR OLD TO MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. In my opinion, the first question in a concealed carry class should be “do you think teenagers always make good decisions?” and then if the answer is anything other than ‘never’, you get your nuts shocked by a car battery. When you carry a gun you also need to carry a clearer mind than Zimmerman had, because you’ve introduced a new element into every situation. So let us have our moment of being upset and gloat at your victories later. It will look classier. Besides, it must surely bother even you that you have comments here happy about the death. No death, not even one justified, is something to be happy about. That’s Christianity 101.

    • lissakay says:

      So, when someone sucker punches you, knocks you to the ground and pins you down, and is beating your head into the concrete, you’re just going to sit there and take it, right? Or will you use whatever means you have at hand to preserve your life and health.

      • OneFitMom says:

        So, when YOU pursue someone who merely walked past you without engaging, after being advised not to by the police, and that person (who has absolutely NO idea of your intentions and) physically defends him or herself, you now have the right to take their life? Weird world you live in…

      • Teresa says:

        OneFitMom, have you read the transcript to the 911 call? You might want to see Zimmerman’s response to “we don’t need you to follow him”, it might surprise you. By the way, your logic is terrible. You can fight what you call “pursuit” with violence in self-defense but you can’t defend yourself from violence by using violence.

      • Josh says:

        OneFitMom apparently did what all liberals do and only listened to the facts long enough to gather material to support her conclusion. But the facts are:

        1) The police didn’t “advise” Zimmerman of anything. He was talking to a 911 operator. NOT a police officer.

        2) Zimmerman only got out of his truck after the operator asked him where Martin was now. Since Zimmerman couldn’t see him anymore, he left his truck to see if he could find him and tell the operator. This wasn’t a good decision, and even Zimmerman says that if he could do it all again, he would have remained in his truck.

        3) Zimmerman told the operator he was pursuing on foot, and when told “we don’t need you to do that”, Zimmerman IMMEDIATELY turned and headed back to his truck. We know this because he said he would, and because the incident occurred near his truck, not near where Martin had been when Zimmerman reported following him.

        4) Martin was NOT physically defending himself. If he had kept walking to his dad’s girlfriend’s home, he would have been nearly a mile away from where the actual shooting took place and there never would have been a shooting. But he double-backed because he wanted to take a piece out of Zimmerman for daring to follow him. Martin was taller and more muscular than the pudgy, out-of-shape Zimmerman, and multiple witnesses reported him on top, pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement while shouting “you are going to die tonight”.

        Sorry, but you’re completely wrong in your assessment of the situation.

  7. Khopper says:

    Wow you are really racist and prejudice, but of course you don’t think so. How do you know Zimmerman’s head was bashed in the concrete? Were you there to see it happen? Don’t bother to answer that question because you obviously believe the lies that were told by Zimmerman and his so-called “witnesses”.
    As for President Obama, although he was raised by his “white” side he obviously looks black so naturally people are going to treat him as such (which you would have no clue). In addition, you are jumping to grossly incorrect assumptions about Obama having a violent past.
    Not like that you care about anything I’m saying because of course you believe you’re right.
    I feel sorry for you and the many other people who keep spreading lies and hatred like you.

    • lissakay says:

      I imagine Matt knows that because he watched the court proceedings and/or read the transcripts in which the forensic investigator described injuries to both parties that are consistent with Martin doing the pummeling and pounding, Zimmerman receiving said pummeling and pounding, along with an eyewitness who also said that a person wearing a dark shirt was on top of someone wearing a light shirt. But, don’t let the facts get in the way of your racism there, buddy.

    • Janet says:

      Again calling someone racist because the person says it as it is. You are the racist one.

  8. Glenn Webber says:

    Yet another random person trying to drive traffic to his blog using shock “journalism.” You’re missing quite a few dots that are required to connect Obama’s quote with “the President of the United States, by his own admission, used to attack and maim Hispanic people.”

    Even if this is meant as satire, it fails miserably, and only appeals to right-wing radicals looking for something controversial to post on their Facebook walls.

    Is there racism in America? Of course there is. Will it end anytime soon? Probably not. Should we keep trying to work toward being able to live as a nation of equals? Absolutely. This kind of trash isn’t doing anything to improve the situation.

    • lissakay says:

      By saying he was Martin, he is saying he did what Martin did. Or is that just too subtle to grasp?

    • Don says:

      So what has your dear leader done to improve the situation?

    • David says:

      Yes, Huffinton’s piece on the zombie apocalypse was hilarious. A man gets his face eaten off by another man suffering from a designer-drug induced psychosis, and the Huff and Puff Post is immediately reminded of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Please, teach US how to be tasteful.

    • mrz80 says:

      Last I checked, this isn’t journalism; it’s commentary. One of the tools occasionally employed by commentators to make a point (but should never be employed by journalists trying to report a story, a distinction apparently lost on a lot of the purveyors of mainstream journalism all along the Fox/MSNBC continuum, but I digress…) is satire. This is that.

  9. Joe says:

    What radio station are you on because I’ve never heard of you? And FYI: I think the market is cornered on angry white extreme conservative radio talk show hosts, so you should probably look for another schtick if you want to make it.

    • jane says:

      Last time I watched MSNBC it was filled with angry white extreme leftist talk show hosts, other than their token black guy Al Sharpton and token white lesbian Rachel Maddow.

    • Maryam says:

      Well, that’s not racist or anything, but lets just forget about the ‘ white’ part.
      Im curious to know how you define ‘angry’ and ‘ extreme conservative’ ?

  10. Dianne Clay says:

    The problem I have, is our President is supposed to be for all people, and not partial to any particular race or religion. He’s not being impartial. What if President John Kennedy showed favoritism toward the Irish Catholic?

    I was very disappointed in Obama’s speech. It just drove the wedge further, and further enforced my feelings that he isn’t my President. His speech fueled the fire.

  11. Julie W. Harbert says:

    Rob, grow the hell up!

  12. Debbi Spencer says:

    Rob, no one is happy that a 17 yr old boy is dead. In my opinion, it never should have happened. Had Martin simply responded that he was on his way to a relative’s house at x address, it would have been over-no attitude, no problem. Had Zimmerman stayed in his truck & waited for police, it wouldn’t have happened.If there hadn’t been recent robberies in the neighborhood, there would not have been reason for suspicion. It’s a tragedy that cannot be undone no matter how long the media hammers on it. There are many even more horrible violent deaths in this country every day that we never hear about. Our thinking is being focused and influenced by the media, and the media is largely liberal. If they can stir something up that fuels their agenda, that’s the story you’ll hear, ad nauseam.
    Khopper-He is using SATIRE here. Look it up. He doesn’t actually think, nor is he really saying, that Obama has a violent past. He also shows no racism in what he has written here, he is just stating facts about what the media did and some public figures did or said with a humorous twist.
    Fact is, if Obama had been raised by parents who didn’t teach him respect for authority, how to conduct himself in public, that how you dress and act DOES have an impact on what people think of you (first impressions~regardless of what you call it…), personal responsibility, that education is important; in short, had his mother and grandparents not been GOOD parents-regardless of what color their skin was, it could have been him.

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