Let’s talk about dead black children

I want to say something to the people who are taking to the streets or, more commonly, to the Internet, to express their outrage that an impartial female jury found a Hispanic man not guilty of committing a crime the State couldn’t prove. I need to tell you about something. I really hope you read this and think about it. You say that you’re angry and heartbroken about this case. You tell me you aren’t what you appear to be — vengeful and vindictive — that you are, instead, sincerely distressed and grief stricken because a black child is dead. You tell me that you feel as though nobody cares about Trayvon Martin’s demise because he was a black kid. You tell me you just want justice for the innocent and reparation for the helpless soul that has been slaughtered. The NAACP has asked Obama to impose double jeopardy on Zimmerman because he infringed on Martin’s “right to life.” That’s an exact quote. Right to life.

Ok. Well, I don’t agree with your assessment of this case, and I think you’re still repeating long debunked bits of propaganda. I think if you actually looked at the evidence presented you might come to a different conclusion. But I don’t want to have that argument here. In fact, I’m going to take you at your word. You’re saddened by the death of a black child. That’s all. And I believe you. And it’s because I believe you that I think you will be very interested in what I have to tell you:

Thousands of black children die every day. They die in our cities, growing up in fatherless homes, surrounded by a culture that promotes gangsterism as a substitute for true manliness. Only instead of dying at the hands of a Hispanic neighborhood watchmen, they die in the gutter, gunned down in cold blood by other black kids. They die and nobody demands justice, nobody takes to the street, nobody protests, nobody even blinks. Certainly nobody asks that we have a discussion about why these boys are dying and what steps should be taken within their community to end the blood shed. They die. They die by the thousands. They die and the millionaires in the rap industry, who actively encourage the poisonous and deadly lifestyle that leads to their deaths, and profit off of it, have the audacity to act saddened when one solitary black teenager passes away somewhere down in Florida. Thousands of black kids die for nothing — NOTHING — and the NAACP falls silent, Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found, no hash tags on Twitter or discussions on cable news. They just die and that’s the end of it. Did you know about this? Did you realize this was happening? I assume you didn’t.

But this isn’t the whole story. Being a black child in this country is a dangerous proposition. That has nothing to do with neighborhood watchmen. Did you know that 16 million black babies have been slaughtered in this country in the past four decades? 16 million. 16 million. Did you realize this was happening? I assume you didn’t. If you did, I expect you’d be shouting about it from the roof tops — given your great and righteous concern for the fate of black children. Yes, abortion has claimed 16 million black lives in the last 40 years. 16 million black babies have ended up in dumpsters and hazardous waste containers. Black people are only 13 percent of the population but they account for almost 40 percent of all abortions. Abortion doctors kill more black people in a week than the KKK has in the past century. If not for abortion, the black population would be 36 percent larger than it is currently. I’m called racist because I agree with the Zimmerman verdict, yet I’m the one who wishes with every fiber of my being that abortion wasn’t legal and, therefore, millions more black people could populate our nation. The NAACP has suddenly discovered the “right to life,” which I guess means they’ll soon be picketing Planned Parenthood clinics. Thank God. Praise Jesus. Finally the organizations that pretend to care about black civil rights have finally decided to defend the most important civil right of all.

Hundreds of white abortion doctors have become millionaires by killing black babies. Did you know that? I assume you didn’t. If you did, you’d be marching on Washington to end the slaughter of black lives by white abortionists. But not all abortionists are white, of course. Did you hear about Kermit Gosnell? I assume you didn’t. If you did, you’d know that he took advantage of minority women, murdered their babies, mutilated their reproductive organs, spread disease, and even caused some of their deaths. You’d know that this man actually segregated his waiting room and gave better, cleaner and safer service to wealthy whites. He did this for 30 years and nobody stopped him. If you knew about this, given your passionate concern for racism and racial profiling, you would have screamed bloody murder when you found out that Gosnell operated this way for three decades without being shutdown.

So I’m glad to hear that you are overcome with compassion and empathy for the lost lives of innocent black children. Welcome to the cause, friend. Some of us have been fighting against these atrocities for many years. We are happy to have you finally marching beside us. In solidarity, let us go to the places where black lives are lost en masse every day — the inner cities and the abortion mills — and let’s fight for them together.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Well stated. Thank you.

  2. Suzanne says:

    very well written!

  3. stone says:

    Please check your facts again. I am a black nurse and work in a place where I see a lot of things going on, and on any given day 4 out of 5 women or should I say young teens getting abortions are white,,, that sir is a fact. Black parents DO care about black on black crime and yes we do protest those issues and as far as fatherless homes the numbers are high in, but no higher then in white homes……….

    • Paula says:

      Let’s actually talk real numbers – 63% of black children, 28% of white children, and 35 percent of Hispanic children are living in homes absent of their biological father. National Fatherhood Initiative, 2001. That was 2001. The numbers have reached 72% for black children.

      And as far as abortions, your statistic is for where you are not nationwide. 60% of all abortions are had by black or hispanic women. These two groups make up 30% of the American population.

      And I am very glad that you care about black on black crime, but you need to get your leaders talking about it publicly and loudly, taking black rappers to task for glorifying the thug lifestyle. We have a black President and a black AG – they have the bully pulpit available to them to TRULY make a difference, yet they can’t be bothered. Your community needs to pressure its leaders into truly making a difference in the lives of young black boys (and girls) instead of just wanting to throw more money into “solving” the problem.

  4. Rebel Dragon says:

    @stone His statistics are correct as of the US Census data right on their website. Maybe you work at a place where demographically speaking that is the case but it is not reflective of the nation as a whole.


  5. Ax says:

    That was the most stupid blog i have ever read. Please do your research before you spew useless and incorrect facts. We the people do not choose what the media chooses to cover. Just because you don’t hear about it on the radio or see it on t.v. does not mean it’s not happening and unless you have lived in the inner city or the hood or any ghetto in the USA, you will never understand the struggle that millions of people are going through. There is no college course you can take that can ever describe what that life is like. And here is a little known fact about the k.k.k., most of the crimes that organisation has ever committed went unreported, undocumented and unsolved. So how would you know those stats..duh…I am now dumber for reading this blog. Thank you for wasting my time and my brain power. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul!!!

    • JR says:

      @Ax, Maybe you should be asking the media why they aren’t covering it. Why is that they covered the Zimmerman/Maritn deal so much? It is because they are trying to play the race card to get ratings? Also, how about the Ohio man who died about a year after being beaten by six young teens who were black, because they were “bored”. Why wasn’t this national news? I find that was worse that what Zimmerman did to Martin. I work in a capital city and I work the streets, and I have worked day, afternoons and overnights, so I have seen it all. What I haven’t seen are these so-called protests that you claim to happen when black on black violence takes place. I do see the protests from the black community if a police officer takes actions against a violent felon, but I don’t see them out pulling their kids off the street corners or when the police brings home their thuggish kid and say what he had done and the response given is “My kid wouldn’t do something like that.” Maybe you should actually look at the stats. I can tell you that there is more violence in the black community in the inner cities than there is in any other community. Now the black community knows this and says that they are doing something about it. What are they doing, because I’m not seeing anything being done. All I see is them blaming someone else for their problems, instead of pointing the fingers at themselves, since that is where the problem starts.

  6. Jonny says:

    The first thing you assumed is that we all agree to your definition of life, and that abortion is wrong. I suppose if we disagree on that fact, than any further arguing would prove fruitless, and as William said, it would be a logical fallacy to continue to attack that position. And why is it that black females get so many abortions? Could it be due to a number of socioeconomic factors? Poor sexual education? A lack of opportunity to succeed because of their race, creating a less favorable outcome for that potential child’s life, and thus making abortion a more convincing option. What if all the money spent in protesting abortions, lobbying for pro-life bills, etc was spent on education and other supplemental programs in inner cities that would make raising a child in the inner city not such incredibly hard thing to do. The right wing is willing to do anything it can to stop abortions, and force women to carry to term, just so they can abandon the situation the second after, and all the sudden it’s the mothers problem. Also, it isn’t about blacks getting abortions, its about the poor getting abortions. Too often people confuse racial trends with socioeconomic trends.

    Secondly, there are only so many hours in a day, and so much energy someone can expend. If people were to spend their time protesting every death of a black child their would be no time left. There is an old saying “Choose your battles wisely”. When a case like Trayvon’s reaches the national spotlight, that would be a wise time to show up and rally at the defense of the black community. A case like Trayvon’s is opportunity to create a real, national dialogue about the justice system. Why Trayvon? It’s hard to say, but the media chose that case. A media run by ruling, mostly white, elite. There are tons of factors that go into something like that picking up steam, but it is definitely not fully in the control of the communities in the inner cities. Thus, when the factors come together like they have on a national stage it is important. His life may not be more important than other lives, but his case definitely has the potential to be more important.

    • Grey Treed says:

      Jonny – These are absolutely PERFECT POINTS… Thanks for this comment, this is a topic that not only requires half a brain but a bit of compassion as well and sadly its usually pretty hard for people to join those two traits together when discussion of this subject comes up!! VERY WELL WRITTEN/SAID!!

  7. Susan Davis says:

    You are spot on with this blog. Unfortunately, people such as AX have their heads stuck in sand and would rather play that dead race card until there’s no one left standing. God WILL have mercy on your soul because you have a heart for life, no matter the color of the skin. The unborn deserve the “right to life” as well. I guess it depends on which side of the womb you are on as to whether Americans desire your right to life. God is PRO-LIFE, Ax, don’t use His name when you are attempting to destroy or belittle a person who is concerned about the killing of innocent children, black and white. They all bleed the same red blood.

  8. rottenrott says:

    I’m not one who is eloquent or witty. Just wanted to say that you have to be careful as to which laws you want this government of ours to make. I don’t want people to opt for abortions- I’m pro-life – but making it illegal has so many other ramifications, horrendous ones.

    If it becomes illegal to have an abortion, you could very well be giving up the right of you and your wife to make choices regarding her health if she were pregnant. If an embryo or fetus becomes “equal” in the eyes of the government to the mother, and “has the right to life” that is also equal, you are giving the OB and Uncle Sam the right to be the advocate for that baby. This doesn’t seem so bad at face value, but if your wife was pregnant and had a complication that endangered her life, she may no longer be able to choose how to proceed medically if her OB feels her choice might endanger the life of the baby. To me, that is a dangerous law. If you don’t think the government would go there, don’t fool yourself. They are already stepping in and placing children with social services when the parents even ask for a second opinion on cancer treatments or diagnoses. Even if the type of cancer is “terminal”, often parents do not get to choose to stop treatments because it is considered “abuse”. If they try, their child can get removed from their family. Same with people who don’t want to medicate their children (schizophrenics, ADHD, etc.)

    Personally, I feel that my husband and I are the only ones that can look at our family and determine what is best for the bigger picture. If we, God forbid, ever have to face a child with cancer, I feel we should be able to choose the path we take for treatment, even if that is no treatment. If I get pregnant and my life is in danger, I feel like we should be able to evaluate the situation and choose if we want to risk my life, and risk my (already on this planet) children being motherless….over an outsider….a social worker making our family plan for us. I mean, come on already.

    • JuanSantiago says:

      Abortion to save the life of the mother is EXTREMELY rare: When doctors must make an emergency decision, the doctors nearly always choose to save the mother, except in extenuating circumstances such as where the mom has terminal cancer. In such cases, the mom usually wants the baby to live.

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  11. Rob K says:

    While I agree that the evidence presented to the jury was not sufficient to convict, this guy loses me when he doesn’t understand what double jeopardy is, and equates killing a 17 year old human with a 17 day old human fetus.

    • JuanSantiago says:

      Fifth Amendment: “…nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;” Trayvon was also a 17-day old fetus as were we all at one time, with all the potential for good and bad that he had as a “born” infant. We now know and can see that a fetus can feel pain at an early age. And we know that a fetus IS innocent.

  12. JuanSantiago says:

    Love the article – well written and contents true if someone has “ears to hear.” Author will still be considered a racist because he has dared to disagree with the brainwashed masses who don’t question the TV snippets which are put together in such a way to influence and subtly deceive. NBC got caught red-handed editing the 911 call to make GZ appear as a racist, but the networks kept it going anyway, because these same masses don’t care. They are simply a huge, nationwide lynch mob, blacks and whites, who have not taken the time to look at all the facts in this case, which, in all fairness to the dupes, the media have not fairly reported. The true danger in all this is that if they can so easily vilify GZ, they can now get the ignorant masses to agree with them to vilify anyone, especially conservatives, Christians, Jews and bloggers like this young man. Realize that many, many voices that were not on the jury to see all the facts have openly called for GZ to be killed. That is a lynch-mob, pure and simple.

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  14. Glen says:

    Actual facts and this blog are like oil and water.

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  16. Bob says:

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