Zimmerman is innocent — despite the best efforts of the vengeful lynch mob

George Zimmerman is not guilty. George Zimmerman is an innocent man. George Zimmerman was always an innocent man. The story, in the end, came down to six women sitting in a room, looking at the facts. These ladies saw what any objective observer noticed long ago — the prosecution presented no facts, they had no evidence, they had no case. But they did have a bag of Skittles and a sermon. They had cynical race-baiting and loaded language (a 17 year old is a “child” if he’s the victim but an adult if he’s the defendant). They had emotional manipulation and irrelevant details. They had a blatantly biased judge and a compliant media. They had the threat of race riots and the weight of the spiteful peanut gallery. They had the Department of Justice and the President of the United States. But they didn’t have evidence. They didn’t have facts. They didn’t have truth. So they don’t have a conviction.

This jury, once they’ve hopefully taken a day or three to decompress, might sit down and get the full story. When they do, they’ll feel all the more sure of their decision. I thank God that they won’t have to experience the sickening regret of realizing their awful mistake, had the Kangaroo Court antics paid off and tricked them into sending an innocent man to prison. After all, this judge didn’t allow the defense to actually argue its case. The prosecution claimed Trayvon Martin to be a helpless kid who “didn’t do anything wrong,” and who would never instigate a fight without provocation. But while they attempted to impugn the character of George Zimmerman, they kept the defense from disproving their false narrative about Martin. The fact that Martin was a hostile young man who liked to fight, who got into trouble regularly, who was caught with stolen jewelry in his backpack amidst the spree of burglaries that led Zimmerman to forming the neighborhood watch in the first place, none of this was even presented to the jury, regardless of its obvious relevance in helping the defense flesh out its own account. The prosecution withheld evidence from the defense — text messages of Martin talking about fighting, discussing a deal to purchase an illegal firearm, photographing his drug use — and then they fired a man who worked for the DA because he informed Zimmerman’s attorneys about this scandal. They didn’t even give Zimmerman a grand jury hearing, and it’s clear they skipped that little step because the grand jury would have tossed out the indictment in a heart beat. In the face of all of this, Zimmerman walks away. They molested the system, disgraced their office, and engaged in activities that could get them disbarred, and for what? For a long circus sideshow that ends where it started — with the facts, and their lack of them.

The lynch mob will squawk and squeal and complain. If I was a malicious person I’d say that I hope they one day face the sort of court system they wished upon Zimmerman. The system where you can be convicted based on nothing but the opinion of millions of gullible fools. But I don’t hope for that. They desire the destruction of the Bill of Rights, yet I hope it’s there for them should they need it. And if that time comes, I’ll argue for their rights just as I’ve argued for Zimmerman’s. It’s quite telling that the Kill Zimmerman Orgy never changed their opinion about the case. We now know that our initial understanding of the incident was based on lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations. The facts came out, and as they did I moulded my perspective of the event. Others never wavered, they stuck with their first analysis, despite the minor detail that their first analysis was based on utter bull crap, as we later learned.

George Zimmerman is innocent. The police chief didn’t arrest him initially because they had no evidence against him. The chief was then fired for doing his job the way it’s supposed to be done, the arrest was made anyway, and now a jury of Zimmerman’s peers have reached the same conclusion the police came to a year and a half ago. He is innocent. Innocent, but he is not free. He’ll have to live out his days in hiding, for fear of the bloody vengeance whipped up by the media and inflamed by the president. Al Sharpton is already calling for double jeopardy, I’m sure others will join in that chorus. They don’t care about justice, they don’t care about the truth, and they don’t even care about Trayvon Martin. They are just bullies, looking for an excuse to impose their will for the sake of it. They are frauds.

Now we have to deal with the media and politicians pleading for “peace,” after spending a year and a half doing everything they could to ignite division and rage. We’ll have to listen to people insist that Zimmerman was the beneficiary of some sort of “white privilege,” even though he’s an innocent Hispanic who never would have been charged and tried if it weren’t for the perception that he’s white. We’ll have to hear the sermonizing about the need to discuss “racial issues,” even though this was nothing more than a standard case of self defense, not unlike hundreds of similar cases across the nation every year. We’ll have to endure the baying hypocrites claiming they were only ever concerned about the fact that a “child” lost his life, even though they say nothing about the thousands of black children who die at the hands of other black children every single year.

So be it.

The verdict is in. Zimmerman is innocent. And nothing will change that.

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24 Responses to Zimmerman is innocent — despite the best efforts of the vengeful lynch mob

  1. Nothing to add Matt. Once again you speak the truth and for that I salute you.

  2. John T says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever read your blog, but I thoroughly appreciate your insightful and truthful remarks regarding this case. What you’ve written here is spot on…not politically or emotionally based opinions, but cold hard facts…just like this case. For that, thank you. Your post has been very refreshing and a pleasure to read. You’ve just gained a new fan and follower.

  3. Diana Delgross says:

    You said everything I was thinking. I will pass this post around to everyone I know. Thank you!

  4. KMan says:

    Well said, Matt.

  5. Gospel, buddy. Nice job.

  6. PJ Berg says:

    Wow! Spot on, Matt.

  7. eeyore mood slowly improving says:

    Purely a mind exercise but I believe if given the same evidence and situation, Martin the kid and Zimmerman the adult, and Zimmerman had died from his head wounds and Martin claimed self-defense, I would still have not thought there enough evidence for any murder charge against Martin. The self-defense argument may have been strengthened if Martin had then claimed he had seen the gun and had to fight to keep it from being used.

    My problem is that the trial evidence really was terrible to be used for either side in a murder trial, no eye witnesses, forensic screwups, rainy weather that would wash evidence away… I would have agreed if in this mind exercise case Martin had been acquitted and would have preferred him not to be charged at all, looking at the exact same evidence but a different outcome.

    The evidence has to drive the case and there was so little that was presented by the prosecution that the defense was able to turn in their direction. The prosecution knew this by not speaking about the evidence but rather emotions of the heart during their closing.

    Perhaps Z was guilty of something, but not for the charges by the evidence and testimony I saw and heard.

  8. Mac says:

    Zimmerman was guilty of leaving the vehicle after being told to do so. he is guilty of pursing him when told not to. he wouldn’t have to defend himself if he would have stayed in the car. the fact that martin got shot is sad really sad. but if there are any perfect people in the world who didn’t make dumb teenage mistakes please I would like to meet them. I am upset that everyone is talking about how he defended himself and the jury did a good job. still a kid lost his life because someone took it upon himself to play a hero. no one is talking about how this all was started by the man who fired the gun. Maybe if he was breaking into a house or defacing property there might be a reason to go investigate but someone walking and minding his business I don’t see how that justifies what he did. Martin is a child, he was his mother and father’s child. lets not be so insensitive to a child that lost his life.

    • eeyore mood slowly improving says:


      Zimmerman was out of his vehicle when the dispatcher asked him to return. After this, the dispatcher asked if he had any more information, such as where Martin was going what he was wearing so the dispatcher’s words were inconsistent in this regard. Rachel Jenteal’s testimony is that Martin verbally confronted Zimmerman first. Zimmerman did not shoot until after being physically assaulted (the prosecution never disputed this, only how bad the injuries were).

      You remember the old saying “Women and Children First” regarding lifeboats? A male was considered a Child until 7 years, then became a Boy. On the Titanic several Boys were not allowed entry into the lifeboats because they weren’t considered Children. This Child was younger (17), taller and better physically fit than Z. In Martin had committed crimes, despite his age, he could have been charged as an Adult.

      Yes, it is a tragedy Martin died. But that doesn’t mean Zimmerman murdered him which is what he was charged with. The evidence the prosecution presented was weak and many of its own witnesses gave testimony advantage to the defense. It is one of the main reasons the prosecution in their closing arguments rarely referred to the evidence, they didn’t have any to support their charges.

      How you “feel” about the defendant and the victim is irrelevant to what the law is supposed to do and what it did. Look at the evidence to determine guilt and they found it lacking. I watched the trial and read up on it and came to the same conclusion. Yes, a tragedy that Martin is dead. No, Zimmerman did not murder him.

  9. MamaKat says:

    I’ve heard Martin referred to constantly as a “child” and this has bothered me a great deal. He was 17, while not a full grown adult, to characterize him as a child is stretching the limit. I worked in public schools for 32 years and saw many 17 year old “children” get into fights which we as adults had to break up. I’ve seen 15-16-17 year old kids hit, and hurt the adult men and women who were attempting to break up the fight. I can tell you from personal experience, a 17 year old child has the capacity to inflict harm. While our offspring will always be our children, thus I understand his parents using this term, it doesn’t fit in this instance. He was an adolescent or young adult. Both of those terms are more fititng. When I hear the word child, I think of those younger than 12, just my opinion.

  10. chip holbrook says:

    What I have never heard mentioned is Travon’s parents culpability in this tragedy.. It is very clear that this young man was headed for trouble, and if he had survived, ultimately prison.. He was well on his way to becoming a thug as many his age are, black and white.. They like to fight, rough people up and are predators.. It’s a very common thing in the black community.. And it is caused by absentee parents.. Parents who are not correcting their children but rather letting the neighborhood raise them.. Parents who are actually encouraging their boys to be tough and fight their way out of situations.. Take a good look, you that let your children do whatever they want, the end product is a young man or woman that has no respect for anyone..

    • Will says:

      You need to watch this and see if you still think this. He was a young man on his way home from the store. It was raining and he had a hoodie on. He had a father and was actually staying with him. Yeah he got in trouble but was still an A/B student! Chip he was shot down by a Grown man who disregarded the advice of actual LAW Enforcement!

      • Matt says:

        Did you even the read the column or the other comments? Zimmerman didn’t disregard any advice, and it wasn’t given to him by “actual law enforcement.”

        An A/B student? You’re kidding me, right? Again, did you even read the column?

        I’m not discussing this any further with you. What would be the point?

  11. Richard Broaddus says:

    Well said, Matt. Well said. The National Pundits have not put it quite as succinctly as you.

  12. Jared says:

    Right chip lets blame his Parents. I’m assuming you were a kid once, Its just an assumption. If my assumption is right did you always do everything you parents told you. you’ve never fought or did any kind of drugs as a kid? “its a very common thing in the black community” Do you live in the black community. do you see the Hardships these kids have too deal with? Ignorance is bliss they say. You do not know this kids life, it was beneficial for the defense too paint Trayvon as a menace too society and Zimmerman as an Upstanding member of society. “these assholes they always get away”. Don’t paint This kid Or the black community as thugs and hoodlums if you don’t Know us.

  13. Tami says:

    He was found not guilty because the prosecutors failed. There is not an ounce of innocence in him.

  14. what a load of shit

  15. Jake says:

    Saying Zimmerman is ‘innocent’ in not providing the ‘facts’ as you claim to be doing. When the jury makes their decision, it is not “We, the jury, find the defendant, George Zimmerman, innocent.” You were not there to be able to claim he is innocent, nor was anyone else. Thus, the decision the jury came to was the only one they could have reached in a legal sense. But to proclaim someone who is found ‘Not Guilty’ as innocent with no facts to actually back up your claim is a disservice to the justice system.

  16. D says:

    I just discovered your blog this morning and I believe I will be a regular subscriber (if that is the correct term). I agree with much of what you have written in this current post. There is something I disagree with, however, to the point where I feel a response is warranted.

    Mr. Martin’s past is completely irrelevant to Mr. Zimmerman’s defense. Assuming for the sake of this post that Mr. Martin was a drug using, violent robbing thug; that fact alone would not have aided or detracted from Mr. Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. And, as the trial has shown, it was unnecessary for the jury when making their determination of Mr. Zimmerman’s guilt (or lack thereof).

    Claiming that his past has some relevance is a dangerous precedent. Mr. Zimmerman could not have known of that past, and introducing it at trial would only have the effect of skewing the jury’s emotions in favor of the defendant (something I’ve seen this blog criticize the media for doing, on a few occasions). If Mr. Zimmerman could introduce this as evidence in favor of his self-defense claim, then why not introduce the sexual history of a rape victim when prosecuting their rapist? That sexual history, even if long and sordid, wouldn’t mean that a rape hadn’t occurred at a specific moment. That history of violence and crime, even if long and sordid, wouldn’t mean that Mr. Martin couldn’t have been murdered by Mr. Zimmerman.

  17. pongid says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog this morning, and I believe I will be a regular subscriber (if that’s the correct term). I agree with much of what you’ve written. I disagree with one point, however, to the extent that I feel I have to respond.

    Mr. Martin’s past is irrelevant to Mr. Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence. Assuming for the sake of argument that Mr. Martin was a drug using, violent criminal; that does not mean he couldn’t have been murdered by Mr. Zimmerman. Or that Mr. Zimmerman’s use of force was a legitimate application of self-defense. Mr. Zimmerman certainly didn’t know of Mr. Martin past when the confrontation occurred and therefore could not have considered it. Adding this element to the trial, an examination of a purported victim’s past, will only serve to distract a jury’s focus for the sake of an emotional reaction. And this emotional response is something the author of this blog has criticized the media for doing with Mr. Zimmerman.

    If we allow a victim’s past into the equation, then why not consider a rape victim’s sexual history? As long and sordid as that history may be, it is irrelevant as to whether or not the purported rape victim was actually raped by the defendant. As long and sordid as Mr. Martin’s criminal and violent past may (or may not) have been, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been the victim of a murder, or that Mr. Zimmerman was acting in self-defense when he fired the shot.

    • I meant, “Thank you for writing this. I wish more people would open their mind just a little and look at the facts instead of jumping into a pathetic rally-cry.”

  18. John Ackerby says:

    I’m actually thinking about voting republican for the first time in my life over this mess. I think black people (and their white-guilt sock-puppets) aren’t using power wisely & judiciously. I want to see if the US DOJ actually prosecutes Zimmerman. If they do then I may vote GOP. I won’t vote for democrats while they’re using power to persecute people for being white. And that’s exactly what a federal Zimmerman prosecution would be. You see, black people kill other black people all the time & nobody is making that a big issue. But Zimmerman looks white so black people are mad about a white guy (Zimmerman) killing a black person (Martin). This is why this tragedy is a big issue and it’s why black people are pressuring the feds for a criminal prosecution. So if Zimmerman is federally prosecuted that prosecution would be an extension of the black anger against Zimmerman, which means that a federal prosecution of Zimmerman would be an extension of black people’s persecution Zimmerman for being white since black people only make a big issue of black people being killed when it’s a white guy who did the killing. A federal prosecution of Zimmerman would in itself be a hate crime against white people. If the fed prosecutes Zimmerman that means that the fed is targeting white people because black people want the fed to target white people.

  19. I notice so much commentary concentrates on historical ‘racism’ After almost 20 years’ practice of discrimination law, I must observe that emotion tinges reason whenever’ preference’ takes over from ‘equality’, people abandon caution. Symbolic logic is a major tool, say, in the development of the computer. Most of us hardly noticed the higher mathematics revolution, and quite possibly deny the angst that knowing and guessing, imagining and proof, are creating an overload of stress attributable to left-brain dysfunction. The United states is such a young and vulnerable political and moral entity! Reaction to unbridled authority has made us world-wide laughing-stock: the Incarceration Nation. Humiliating. But look at the Grape fields and the Hispanic people virtually in economic slavery. We all argue,fight,form gangs, separate ourselves culturally, economically, physically. Is homo sapiens merely an imperfect genus? Perhaps skin IS the largest organ but the colour of it seems logically to make little difference. But it is extremely difficult to convince others that “equality” is the ultimate goal of the United States Constitution and inequality seems more ‘natural’. A conundrum.

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