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Les Miserables Taught Me How to Hate Again

***Repost from December 28, 2012. I’ll be back to posting new blogs on Tuesday, August 6. Last night I went to a showing of Les Miserables. And when I say “went to” I mean “hogtied and dragged at gun point … Continue reading

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Of course I always think I’m right

Here’s an email I received this morning: “Matt, I don’t know why your station lets a prick like you stay on the air. You seem to always think your right about everything like everything you say is somehow automatically the … Continue reading

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If you’re really afraid of terrorists why do you keep voting for them?

The Boogeyman has been around for a while. He’s older than Santa Claus and, unlike the Jolly Red Fat Man, he’s kind of a bummer. He’s more infamous than even Big Foot or the Loch Ness. He can be found … Continue reading

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This is why certain people hate the Jews

Many of the most prominent black race hustlers in America — Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan — are rabid anti-Semites. They hate Jews almost as much as they hate Republicans (two distinctly different groups). I think I understand why. Now, before I … Continue reading

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It’s time to fire everyone

According to various surveys, members of Congress are among the least popular creatures in the known galaxy. They’re statistically less popular than head lice and gonorrhea. They’re less trusted than used car salesmen and crack dealers. Surveys show them as … Continue reading

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A love letter to Britain

Hey Britain, can we talk to you? Stop, listen, just listen, give us a chance, OK? Babe, we’re sorry about everything. We know things were kind of weird for a while after that whole thing with the Revolutionary War and … Continue reading

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Trendy pro-choice fashion tips

Melissa Harris-Perry is, allegedly, a host on MSNBC. I can neither officially confirm nor deny her actual existence because I — like every other American except for a few dozen or so — have never watched her show. For all … Continue reading

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Liberals love to force their religious beliefs on others

*I’m going to discuss liberals. Let it be understood that the modern liberal holds absolutely no resemblance to, and is actually the diametric opposite of, the Jeffersonian classical liberal. The modern liberal follows the track laid out by other political … Continue reading

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The right to homeschool

The fight for the right to homeschool might be headed to the Supreme Court. The Romeike family fled Germany because they prohibit homeschooling — a policy imposed by the Nazis and still enforced today. Parents who don’t hand their children … Continue reading

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Shock: Obama confesses to anti-Hispanic violence

The Trayvon Martin trial has caused a lot of people make some pretty startling statements. For instance, virtually every prominent liberal in the country has come out in support of pummeling Hispanic neighborhood watchmen. After all, their condemnation of Zimmerman … Continue reading

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