Junior, don’t put those fruit snacks up your nose. Also, would you like a sex change operation?

Get ready because I’m about to say some really offensive things. I’m about to scandalize you with bigoted and hateful statements. At least, that’s how it will be perceived by a growing segment of our increasingly deranged population.

The Colorado civil rights division has ruled that a school district in the state discriminated against a first grade boy when they refused to let him use the girl’s bathroom. The news reports refer to him as a “her” because, according to his parents, he is “transgendered.” I, on the other hand, call him a “boy” only because he is scientifically, biologically, physically, genetically, chromosomally, actually, really, indivisibly, indisputably male. He is a boy. That’s what he is. Our sex is not subjective nor is it up for further discussion — it just is. It is like our species. We don’t get to choose. These things are decided for us by forces greater than us. You can call that force “nature” if you like, but I call it God. The word “boy” has a meaning, and the word “girl” has a meaning, and I’m not going to dance to the nightmarish tune of modern society and pretend, as everyone else seems to do, that these definitions are somehow fluid and reversible. There is, of course, a rare case when a human is born with a physical deformity that makes the gender issue a bit more convoluted, but this is not one of those cases. Those cases are extraordinarily uncommon. We are not talking about those cases here.

Now, back to the boy. He’s a boy but he is confused and he thinks he’s a girl. He needs help and guidance, instead he gets enabling adults who say “Well, if you think you’re a girl then you are!” Which is about as grounded in reality as Peter Pan’s philosophy that you can fly if you really believe you can. Leave it to the “pro-science” folks to actually assert that our genetic and biological realities can somehow be altered just because we want them to be. That’s not just an inaccurate view — it’s intensely anti-scientific and brazenly dogmatic. It’s also savagely self centered for the adults involved in this case to intentionally drive this poor child deeper into his delusion in order to help themselves feel more progressive and trendy.

I read an article in the New York Times that gleefully reported on the commission’s proclamation that anyone who says they are something they aren’t must be treated as what they aren’t even if it comes as an imposition on those who’d rather not participate in this psychologically destructive charade. The report tells us that the kid, Coy, was “born a boy” but “started identifying as a girl after just a few years.” Yes. A few years. A few years into his life. So how old was he? Three? A freaking three year old says he’s a girl and his parents go along with it? He just learned to walk and speak and now he’s making decisions about which chromosomes he should have? He’s not nearly old enough to walk into the front yard unsupervised yet he can switch genders of his own volition? The kid is barely potty trained and they let him decide his own physiological identity? He’s THREE. Are we so rabidly psychotic in this country that we can’t all — every single one of us — condemn any notion at all that a three year old can “choose” his own “gender identity”? It’s still fifteen years until society will trust him to vote, or graduate high school, or move out of the house, yet he’s old enough to reject his own biology? The kid is so young that you have to child lock the cabinets but he’s not too young to disavow his reproductive organs? He doesn’t even know what a girl is and they let him become one? What does it mean when a three year old says he thinks he’s a girl? He might as well say he thinks he’s a gosituflsjuikuysikk. Do you know what gosituflsjuikuysikk is? It’s nothing. It’s gibberish. It’s nonsensical. It’s exactly the same as a toddler saying he thinks he’s supposed to have a vagina.

He’s still a good 9 or 10 years from puberty yet he has decided that he’d rather undergo that process as a girl (with the aid of drugs and surgeries). And that’s cool, apparently. When I was three I thought I was a velociraptor. But my discriminatory and close minded parents didn’t march me to the plastic surgeon to have my teeth sharpened and my skin peeled off and replaced with scales. Right wing nut jobs! I’m a toddler! Why shouldn’t I be able to decide my own species identity?!

Another Times article about young Coy starts this way: “Coy Mathis was born a boy. But after just a few years, biology succumbed to a more powerful force. A buzz cut grew into long hair. Jeans gave way to pink dresses.”

A more powerful force. A more powerful force made his hair grown and his jeans turn into dresses. That, or maybe hair sort of grows naturally and it will keep growing on a child if his parents don’t take him to the barber. And maybe the toddler wore dresses because his parents put him in dresses. Follicles grow and toddlers wear whatever the hell their parents dress them in. Or, right, it could be the powerful forces.

If you defend any part of this story don’t you dare ever call anything “unscientific” ever again. Don’t you dare. If you’re on board with the mystical forces that magically dress boy babies in pink and put ribbons in their hair, you officially lose your right to speak about science. I will enforce this rule. I don’t know how, but I will. Maybe with the help of some powerful forces.

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20 Responses to Junior, don’t put those fruit snacks up your nose. Also, would you like a sex change operation?

  1. tosca83 says:

    Thank you for speaking common sense!

    Seriously though, I would have SEVERE issues -and would be suing the school- if they were allowing a little boy (I don’t care WHAT he’s wearing, or what gender he thinks he is) to use the same restroom as my daughter, at the same time. What happens once they get older? This kid is (most likely) going to be some kind of messed up (hey, who knows, maybe he won’t be. But I wouldn’t bet on it), and might try to DO something to one of the other children in said bathroom. Um. No. Not happening. Where are the other parents in this? Why are they allowing this to take place? I just don’t get it.

    • QueenKylee says:

      you DO know it was a JUDGE that said the school had to allow it, or they were in violation of the LAW, RIGHT? Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-601 (2) bars discrimination by any place of public accommodation (like a public school) the full use of facilities of certain protected groups, including transgender people (SEE: CRS 24-34-301 (7) )

      nice use of the slippery slope fallacy to invoke appeal to emotion. nice use of a double fallacy!!

  2. I want to read this article on my you tube channel!

  3. Stephen says:

    Meanwhile, in other news, gay people are born gay and never ever ever suggest that it may be possible for a gay person to “correct” his situation and become heterosexual.

  4. strider72 says:

    Meanwhile, in other news: gay people are born gay and never ever ever suggest that it may be possible for a gay person to “correct” his situation and become heterosexual, you bigot.

  5. CL says:

    Great post, but you may want to correct “they’re” to “their (second-to-last paragraph)… Missing a few hyphens in most posts too. (Just trying to make sure liberals don’t have one more reason to criticize…)

    Love your work.

  6. Sholom says:

    I’m waiting for the 30 year old man who defends his presence in the ladies room at Walmart with the argument “what officer, I am a woman on tuesdays”. I hope Mrs Mathis is in the bathroom then with that “she-thing” comes knocking on her stall.

  7. ancarofl says:

    I believe the issue is more that people expect girls and boys to act a certain way… Just cus you like cars and not dresses doesnt mean youre a boy, to give an example over which no1 says they were born the wrong gender as of yet. I dont really see how there can be gay people and transgender people… if you are a guy who like guys more likely you are gay, right? o.O Not like you ever were a woman to be able to compare what feels “natural” to you…

  8. QueenKylee says:

    “Leave it to the “pro-science” folks to actually assert that our genetic and biological realities can somehow be altered just because we want them to be. ”

    oh, honey, if I could, I would change it this INSTANT to just not have to deal with this shit…

    y’all MIGHT want to try doing a LITTLE research:

    The androgen receptor (AR), also known as NR3C4, is activated by the binding of testosterone or dihydrotestosterone, where it plays a critical role in the forming of primary and secondary male sex characteristics. Hare et al. found that male-to-female transsexuals were found to have longer repeat lengths on the gene, which reduced its effectiveness at binding testosterone.(Hare, L; Bernard, P; Sanchez, F; Baird, P; Vilain, E; Kennedy, T; Harley, V (2009). “Androgen Receptor Repeat Length Polymorphism Associated with Male-to-Female Transsexualism”. Biological Psychiatry 65 (1): 93–6. doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2008.08.033. PMID 18962445.)

    A variant genotype for a gene called CYP17, which acts on the sex hormones pregnenolone and progesterone, has been found to be linked to female-to-male transsexualism but not MTF transsexualism. Most notably, the FTM subjects not only had the variant genotype more frequently, but had an allele distribution equivalent to male controls, unlike the female controls. The paper concluded that the loss of a female-specific CYP17 T -34C allele distribution pattern is associated with FtM transsexualism. Bentz, E; Hefler, L; Kaufmann, U; Huber, J; Kolbus, A; Tempfer, C (2008). “A polymorphism of the CYP17 gene related to sex steroid metabolism is associated with female-to-male but not male-to-female transsexualism”. Fertility and Sterility 90 (1): 56–9. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2007.05.056. PMID 17765230.) (funny y’all seem to forget about trans* MEN; or you just dismiss them as manly lesbians pretending to be men?)

    In a first-of-its-kind study, Zhou et al. (1995) found that in a region of the brain called the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc), a region known for sex and anxiety responses, MTF transsexuals have a female-normal size while FTM transsexuals have a male-normal size. While the transsexuals studied had taken hormones, this was accounted for by including non-transsexual male and female controls who, for a variety of medical reasons, had experienced hormone reversal. The controls still retained sizes typical for their gender. No relationship to sexual orientation was found.(Zhou, Jiang-Ning; Hofman, Michel A.; Gooren, Louis J. G.; Swaab, Dick F. (1995). “A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality”. Nature 378 (6552): 68–70. doi:10.1038/378068a0. PMID 7477289.) ( for those of disinclined to reading boring shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3C4ZJ7HyuE )

    there is a LOT of SCIENTIFIC evidene showing that transgenderism is in fact biologically based. what IS not biologically based are two things: how one expresses oneself (as this is dictated by societal pressure (such as shaming of effeminate males, bullying children for being DIFFERENT) and hate of people because they are different and don’t fit your BS world of perfect little boxs.

    also, to compare your fantasies of being dinosaur to the experiences of transgender people is a HUGE false analogy. one is not possible, the other is fact of biological nature.

    SOME PEOPLE ARE TRANSGENDER. this is most likely a result of genetic factors in combination with the two hormonal baths (and how the fetus reacts to those hormones based on genetic factors!) that occur during fetal development.

  9. K J S says:

    There is a difference between when a child tells you they want to be a boy, or they want to be a girl and when a child says to you :” why do you keep calling me a girl? I’m not. I’m a boy”. There is a difference between sex (which is what is between your legs) and gender, which is what your brain tells you you are. Until you have met one of these children, you won’t understand. Spreading an uneducated opinion as if you’re ‘right’ and no one else has a clue, when medical professionals around the globe disagree with you is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. If you’re interested enough in these children, why not make an effort to actually meet with one of them and base your opinion on fact and reality vs. bigotry and ignorance?

    • Chantel says:

      Bravo! Thank you for saying it probably better than I could have done.

    • QueenKylee says:

      hear here! agree fully.

      • Kateshellybo says:

        Well, around hundred years ago it was universally “proven” by many respected scientists and genetisists that black people were genetical inferior to whites. Even earlier they had “proven” that women contribributed no genetic material for the formation of a child and were instead merely a receptable for growing the already fully formed human that men planted in them via sperm. Obviously neither of these things were true but due to a combination of incomplete knowledge, lack of understanding what knowledge we do have, and enough hubris to believe we know all people will beleive many things. I think at best in reference to homsexuality, being transgendered, etc. you can say here is what information we have and what we hypothesize it means; saying any more than that is going beyond the scope of of what is provable.

  10. Whenever an article starts out with a disclaimer that it is going to be labelled bigoted or hateful or offensive, i know i’m about to read something that was intentionally written to incite an emotional rather than logical reaction. You did not disappoint here.

    Your assertion that gender nonconformity in youth is unscientific is just not factual and not in line with accepted policy from the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Student Association, the National Institute of Health, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the National Association of Social Workers, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and various other organizations and medical colleges and institutions, all of whom recognize and affirm the validity of gender identity and diversity. Not to mention international organizations which also support transgender rights and discredit your claims that no one of scientific mind would support a gender nonconforming youth.

    It’s difficult to tell whether you are intentionally biased or whether you’re just ignorant on this topic and have refrained from educating yourself. I suspect, after reading some of your other posts and the fact that you are a radio host, you are a sort-of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh wannabe and are purposely seeking out the most controversial and sensationalistic stories in the hopes of making a name for yourself. It takes a special class of subhuman to attack a child, though. It’s sad to think that you have children and are raising them with this kind of closed-minded hateful mindset. I encourage you to educate yourself and drop the hateful ignorant rhetoric.

  11. Lisa Reynoso says:

    Matt, once again I find an article I have to strongly disagree with. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that every kid who is tired of being a boy should get to be called a girl, and adults who get sex changes are not high on the list of people I expect to see in heaven (notice I didn’t say whether they will get there or not–God is judge of that, thank goodness!). However…

    My sister in law used to work in a daycare where there was one little boy who was not really a boy. Physically, he was a boy. Had all the right plumbing. But mentally he was a girl. And he was at the age where little boys start to really start being little boys. The age were my son was more interested in things with wheels. That was around age 2. By the time he started speaking, he was definitely a boy. No question. My 15-month-old son likes carrying his sister’s doll around, but then, he likes carrying around a stuffed teddy bear and a toy cell phone (or a real one that doesn’t work anymore) or a toy tractor or whatever. But his gender identity hasn’t defined yet. It will. I’m not worried.

    But that little boy in question acted like a girl. He wanted to wear a tutu to his teacher’s wedding. He suggested that her wedding dress needed bows, while all they boys suggested it should have some guns or trucks or other boy-like stuff on it. He wants to play with girl stuff, and he doesn’t want to play with boy stuff.

    When the daycare staff discussed the issue with his parents, they said they were waiting until he was old enough to make the decision himself about what he wanted to be. My SIL and I think it would be easier if they just dealt with it now before he is old enough to be emotionally scarred by it. I mean, wouldn’t be easier to find out what kind of hormone imbalance is causing him to think like a girl and fix that, rather than to let him grow up and go to school and get called queer by all the boys? If they wait until puberty, he’ll probably identify himself as a homosexual, if hormones don’t balance out first.

    So please, Matt, if you even read this comment, try not to be so harsh. Try getting to know some real life stories instead of just reading a news clipping. Please.

  12. OI VEY! I really don’t know how to — respond to this issue with the words to correctly declare my utter disgust.

    First and foremost — God DOES NOT make mistakes.
    Secondly — If you are born a cat, you’re a cat. If you are born a dog, you’re a dog, got it?
    Thirdly — if you are born a girl, you’re a girl. If you’re born a boy, you’re a boy, got that? are you with me here?

    So WHAT IS THE DEBATE?! You can’t change your species “oh gee mom, I feel like I’m a cat inside a humans body — I need a species change” or “oh gee mom, I feel like I’m a girl inside a boy’s body” Please, give me a break people. All of this transgender crap sickens me and of course, as a society we have to embrace it, we have to say well, maybe my little girl really is a boy and maybe we need to cut off her breasts and remove her clitoris and create a tiny penis for her, er him. Really?

    As for Lisa Reynoso — Why is there a definition of “girl stuff” and “boy stuff”? What is wrong with a boy wanting to play with dolls? or a little girl wanting to play with trucks? They are CHILDREN my dear — they are too young to know what “boy and girl” gender identity is — it’s the adults that have created this crazy idea about what gender identity is and isn’t. Why does a boy have to have blue and a girl pink when they are born? What does it matter? I don’t find anything wrong with a boy being a little feminine — maybe he’ll grow up to be one amazing fashion designer or maybe he’ll grow up to love sports just like the next stereotypical male or become the world’s greatest engineer.

    I do not like this line “waiting until he was old enough to make the decision himself about what he wanted to be” really? The fact of the matter is, he’s a boy. He was born that way you cannot change or shouldn’t change what you were born with. God does make mistakes or errors — or “oh crap, I put her in a him or him in a her” that doesn’t happen.

  13. that should have been “doesn’t make mistakes or errors” — sorry about that.

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