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An Open Letter to Wendy Davis

Dear Senator Wendy Davis, Congrats! I know this is a bit belated, but I wanted to write a message of salutations and congratulations after that abortion rights filibuster you pulled off in the Texas senate this past week. The media … Continue reading

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The tyranny of superficial diversity

Everybody loves diversity. I mean, everybody loves the word “diversity.” This is to be separated from the actual reality of diversity, which most people hate with a violent passion. In that way, diversity can be compared to jogging or camping … Continue reading

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The great controversy of our time

Many people — mostly parents — seem to have absurdly intense opinions about every single solitary aspect of parenting. They have these dogmas that they attach to the most unremarkable minutia of everyday parenthood and they will defend these orthodoxies … Continue reading

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Junior, don’t put those fruit snacks up your nose. Also, would you like a sex change operation?

Get ready because I’m about to say some really offensive things. I’m about to scandalize you with bigoted and hateful statements. At least, that’s how it will be perceived by a growing segment of our increasingly deranged population. The Colorado … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Parents

Dear Other Parents, I respect the fact that we all have to do what is best for our kids. There is no secret formula for success. In my short time as a father, I’ve already discovered that much of the … Continue reading

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Emotional Support Dogs

The narcissism in this country is off the charts. We’ve collapsed into ourselves. We’ve become black holes, where the interests — the existence, really — of other human entities can not penetrate. My children think they’re the only people in … Continue reading

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Hating your own offspring: A hot new trend?

This morning someone sent me a message that will easily win the prize for the Most Infuriating Thing of the Week. It was a link to a Facebook group for people who resent their children and regret having them. I … Continue reading

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