Hey, remember that thing in the Constitution about religious freedom?

Ok, Christians. Time to wake up and speak out, or admit whose side you’re really on. We can not allow the weakhearted and the cowardly to claim allegiance with us anymore. Every day we are attacked. It’s time to be a warrior.

Here’s the latest assault on Christianity. And this one is bad. Very bad:

There is a hateful, bigoted, intolerant, foolish Neanderthal named Mikey Weinstein. He heads the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation”. But, because he’s a secular, neo-liberal fraud, anytime he used the word “freedom” the hearer must put the phrase “removal of” in front of it, in order to understand his true intent. He recently wrote an article where he called Christians “monsters”, he compared them with sexual assaulters, he said that spreading the Gospel is akin to rape, and he claimed that military members who are openly Christian are guilty of treason. Of course, that would mean that almost every great military commander in the history of the United States has been a traitor, because almost all of them have been devout Christians. Also, obviously, I need not point out the punishment one would receive if one were to call all open homosexuals “monsters” and “rapists”. But this is a Brave New World, and those comments can only be used to attack religious folks.

So what happened to this disgraceful, prejudiced bigot? Well he was invited to the Pentagon to work on developing new “religious tolerance” policies, of course! Did you get that? The dude who called Christians “monsters” and “traitors” is now the new expert in religious tolerance. Hey, I’m sure the next time they have a meeting about gay rights, they’ll call up Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church to chime in. Because that would be exactly equivalent. Exactly.

Alright, so what new policy did Mikey and the folks over at the Pentagon come up with? What sorts of tolerant and accepting regulations have they dreamed up? Well, this: Now any military member who “proselytizes”, meaning “promotes”, his faith, will be subject to a COURT MARTIAL. Really. You can not be openly Christian in the military without facing prosecution.

You can be openly gay. You can not be openly Christian. You can talk about your boyfriend, you can not talk about your Savior. You can promote your political beliefs about gay rights, you can not promote your spiritual beliefs about salvation. Obama has reinstated Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, only this time it applies to Christians.

Let me just go ahead and respond ahead of time to the inevitable stupid comments from the Statist, anti-freedom, ant-free speech, anti-intellectual crowd.

1) “This policy is OK because of separation of church and state!!!” Answer: Oh, you’re talking about the letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Dansbury Baptists where he articulated his deep respect for their faith and explained how he wants to PROTECT religion by stopping the government from infringing on it? You mean, that letter he wrote a few days before personally attending a church service in the Capital building? Right. That’s the point. The State has no authority to infringe on the personal faith expressions of individuals, be they in the military or otherwise. Period. It’s called freedom, bud, ever heard of it? Me speaking my faith doesn’t infringe on your freedom. The government telling me I can’t, does infringe on mine. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?

2) “Why can’t you Christians just keep your faith yourselves!!!???” Answer: Why can’t you keep your sexuality to yourself? Why can’t you keep your political views to yourself? Why can’t you keep your secular atheism to yourself? Why can’t you keep your idea that I should keep my ideas to myself to yourself? The answer to my questions is the answer to your question.

3) “[Random irrelevant quote from the Old Testament meant to disparage Christians and change the subject from a discussion of freedom to a debate about theology]” Answer: Oh, you read a blog post with a few sentences from Leviticus cherry picked to make a prejudiced point, did you? Good for you, junior. But do try to concentrate on the subject at hand. Thanks.

This is outrageous. All people who love freedom should unite against it. I can’t tolerate this bigotry anymore.

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3 Responses to Hey, remember that thing in the Constitution about religious freedom?

  1. Krissy Lewis says:


    As a four month subscriber to your blog, I would like to comment on how insightful and thought-provoking I find your posts to be. I am thankful for the fact that you expose these issues and for the well-reasoned approach you take in articulating your views. Additionally, some of the more light-hearted blogs are hilarious.

    I am interested in what news sources you use to find your stories. I am usually able to search the web for information on the topics and stories after you post, but, because the regular news media does not report these types of events and decisions, I often feel in the dark that these types of things are happening.- not surprised, just in the dark.

    I would also like to thank you for your post to celebrate Easter. It was an especially well written, beautiful expression of worship. I pray for you often, and I am thankful for your gifts and role in the Body of Christ. I am also praying for the upcoming arrival of your children; it is a precious time! Thank you and keep writing, Krissy Lewis

    As for God, His way is perfect. The Word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him. Psalm 18: 30

  2. Glen says:

    Having a particular religion is a faith based choice.

    Having a particular sexuality is in your DNA and not a choice.

    One day you might have a “revelation” and finally realise the difference that is obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size.

    Oh and the old testament? I know some Christians cringe at some of the hateful drivel in there but its still the word of God right? God mentions gays twice, God mentions not eating shrimp eight times. Guess what God cares most about? Shrimp cocktails all round?

  3. Jo says:

    Glen- as usual, he struck a nerve with you. who you hop into bed with is a CHOICE. don’t insult the intelligence of gay people. many do that enough by themselves. And shrimp vs sexual immorality condemned in NT? Lol, try again. with unbiased perspective.

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