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Free Kate!

A few days ago I saw a story in the news about a girl named Kaitlyn Hunt. She’s a lesbian high school student who has been arrested and is facing charges for her relationship with a female classmate. The national … Continue reading

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Fast & Furious 6: An Important and Challenging Film

As you ponder how to fill your leisure time this weekend, I urge you to spend a couple of hours experiencing one of the greatest artistic achievements of our time: Fast & Furious 6. In fact, when contemplating the most … Continue reading

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The psychology of Weiner

Anthony Weiner is running for mayor of New York. I don’t care about the politics of this. Those idiots elected Bloomberg THREE TIMES. They clearly have no dignity or self respect, so I’m sure they’ll have no problem voting for … Continue reading

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A familiar premise

I’m really getting tired of the “men are clueless, lazy, stupid oafs” premise, so common to advertisements, TV shows, movies, and pop culture in general. As just one of many examples of this, Samsung recently unveiled a viral ad centering … Continue reading

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I’d like to invoke my Fifth Amendment rights to not answer questions about violating your First Amendment rights

Lois Lerner, the IRS official who ran the office that targeted conservatives, the same woman who lied to the media and to Congress multiple times over the last year, was finally called to answer for her crimes today. She was … Continue reading

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This may come as a surprise to you, but there are a lot of stupid people out there

Well that didn’t take long. Literally within minutes of the tornado hitting Oklahoma, the usual suspects had begun tying it to global warming, thus essentially blaming the tornado on their political opponents. Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, for example, explicitly accused … Continue reading

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There are many dead in Oklahoma, including dozens of children, after that massive tornado this afternoon. This is a terrible, horrific tragedy. I can’t comprehend the suffering of these people. Dozens of parents kissed their children goodbye this morning, sent … Continue reading

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Ok, let’s talk about tax exempt organizations

When it was first revealed that the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups, there was universal outrage and condemnation. People from all across the ideological spectrum came together, in a rare moment of unity, to protest a government action that … Continue reading

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How far will 590 million dollars take you?

A Florida resident won 590 million dollars in the Powerball lottery. 590 million dollars. Sure, the IRS will take a chunk, especially if the winner is a conservative, but it’s still an enormous sum. Do you have any idea how … Continue reading

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I just bought some special “cleaning soap”

I’m going to level with you: We’ve got far too much soap in this house. I try to tell my wife this and she won’t listen. In fact, any house that contains at least one woman will be sure to … Continue reading

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