Hey, parents, screw you. Sincerely, the FDA

The FDA has officially declared that the Morning After pill must be sold over the counter to girls as young as 15. Hey, you ask, how can drug stores even confirm that a kid is 15, considering most people don’t have picture IDs until at least 16? Well, you see, “15” is more of an approximate suggestion than a solid limit.

In any event, now your young daughter can have sex, or be the victim of statutory rape, get pregnant, medicate herself, and you’ll never know. Gee, thanks FDA! And the Morning After pill can, of course, have serious physiological side effects, so you’ll have no knowledge of that either. I mean, why should we look out for the basic health and well being of children? Why should we strive to help parents?

So let’s look at the broader picture: Want to buy cough syrup? You gotta be 18 in many states. Want to drink a beer? Better be 21. Want to get a Tylenol from the school nurse? We’re gonna need parental approval. Need some Singulair allergy medication? Sorry, not without a prescription. You’d like to see this action movie? Hey, it’s rated R, son, you can’t get in without a parent. You’re a high school sophomore and you just got taken advantage of by the 23 year old down the street, and now you think you’re pregnant? No need to tell your parents, here, take this pill! What? Oh you want a pack of cigarettes, too? Not until you’re 18. Do your parents know you smoke?!

Oh. By the way. The Morning After pill is marketed by Teva Pharmaceutical company. They stand to make millions from this move. They also donate heavily to Democrat political campaigns. But I’m sure that has NOTHING to do with this. Nothing. Nope. Totally a separate issue.

No, this is all about protecting your daughter’s right to be sexually active without your knowledge.

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5 Responses to Hey, parents, screw you. Sincerely, the FDA

  1. Julie says:

    I’m not sure of your age, but I’m guessing I’m not too far from being able to be your mother. I could at least be a much older sister. Anyway, I say that to let you know I’m so thankful for the wisdom and clarity you provide.
    Thank you!

  2. Russell Allison says:

    I hope that they heavily publicize the first lawsuit that stems from an adolescents use of the “Plan B” pill. I also hope that among the named parties in that suit is the FDA brain trust that approved that bit of nonsense.

    As a nation we intentionally limit the rights of children because we have determined that prior to the age of 18 we cannot rely on the use of good judgement. We don’t let minors enter into contracts, buy booze, join the military, enter into binding contracts, but all young girls seemingly regardless of age are competent to make decisions regarding their reproductive systems.

    At some point we rely on adults to make sound decisions for our young people. Most do. This decision wasn’t made by that group.

  3. Danny says:

    The FDA screws over all Americans sooo no surprise

  4. Becky says:

    Among other things the FDA does not allow: the FDA has decided that it is so unsafe for a farmer to sell fresh milk from his healthy cows to people who make great efforts to buy that milk that they send armed agents into the home of an Amish farmer to shut him down (google Dan Allgyer. I know about the quality of the milk because I was one of his customers.) However, if his daughter got pregnant from a molester, and the molester wanted her to abort the baby, the FDA approves that.

    So just to recap: the FDA thinks that loaded weapons and chemical abortions are safe for children, but fresh milk and Tylenol are not. WHAT?

  5. Is it just me or has this world turned upside down?

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