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This is a horrible thing. Imagine the chaos in Boston. Everybody crowding around downtown for a celebration and next thing you know, out of nowhere, they’re standing in a damn war zone. Imagine the folks in attendance, they came to watch the marathon, they were making plans for that evening, and suddenly they’re lying in the street with their legs blown off. Their lives are changed forever. Or their lives are lost.

And let’s try to appreciate that reality. People have lost their lives. So, please, don’t lose your humanity. Because that’s what happens when you immediately jump in and try to “spin” this incident in a way that pleases your politics or prejudices. I’ve already seen people doing this on Facebook, and I won’t be seeing what else they have to say because I’ve deleted them. Sorry, there’s enough sadness in the world already — I don’t need to be exposed to the sadness of your petty, selfish, immature mind.

There may not be one right way to react to tragedy, but there is a wrong way. And when you try to use it to “make a point”, that’s the wrong way. There’s something wrong with you, in fact.

There is no official narrative on the motivations behind this attack. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty about that soon enough. But, really, I already know the motivations: Lust for power. Malice. Envy. Hatred. These things come in different ideological and political packages, but they always manifest themselves in the same way.

So put your ideology aside for a while and be a human being. The world needs people, not partisans.

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2 Responses to About today

  1. Ron Dansberry says:

    Couldn’t agree more Matt. I’ve seen those you’re talking about salivating over using this to spin their particular message. It’s not time to be anything other than people and Americans. There will be plenty of time later to jump back into the culture wars once some facts are known.

  2. Cylar says:

    It didn’t stop the media from immediately trying to (somehow) pin it on conservatives, or suggesting that more gun laws would have stopped a *bomb attack.*

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