Obama Lends Support to Hitler

I know this is hard to believe, you guys, but there’s something important happening that corporate mass media isn’t doing a good job of reporting. Shocking, I know. Yes, as difficult to fathom as it might be, the media that shows up with cameras and note pads every time Obama shoots a jumper, somehow may have managed to overlook a slightly more relevant story.

So do America a favor and do the media’s job for them by sharing this.

The Romeike family is from Germany. They fled to this country a few years ago and were granted asylum status. They came here with their five kids (who they are providing for themselves without taxpayer assistance) because they were being persecuted for home schooling. In Germany, home schooling is banned. Every kid must attend government facilities and if you attempt to educate your children yourself, they will be taken from you and you will be arrested. So Momma and Pappa Romeiki faced thousands of dollars in fines, imprisonment and governmental child abduction. Persecution? Yeah, I’d say so. I’d like one parent to tell me it isn’t.

Well Obama’s Justice Department now wants to deport the family back to Germany where they will be, most likely, arrested and stripped of their parental rights. The DOJ argues that parents do not have a fundamental right to educate their own children, therefore asylum never should have been granted.

Ok. A few things.

1) This is relevant to everyone. The Obama Administration has made the proclamation that you do NOT have a basic right to provide an education to your own children. If that sort of totalitarian statement doesn’t concern you, you aren’t paying attention.

2) Let’s review: Flee from Mexico to the United States in search of entitlements and tax payer handouts? Sure, come on in. Flee from Germany to the United States in search of the freedom to take care of yourself and your own family without State interference? Get the hell out! You must have misheard us: This is the land of the free. As in, the land of free STUFF, not freeDOM.

3) Let’s review: You have the right to abort your child. You do not have the right to educate your child.

4) You know how people like to wedge Hitler references into every conversation? It’s at the point where, if Hitler never existed, we’d be totally unable to express our disapproval of an idea or political opinion. But, behold, I offer the one issue where Hitler must unavoidably be introduced into the equation. You know why? Because the German policy of banning home school STARTED UNDER HITLER. Translation: Obama is offering his approval of a Nazi law. That isn’t hyperbole, that’s exactly what’s happening here. To all you people who believe the government should force all families to send their kids to State education facilities: Adolf Hitler agrees with you. In fact, he pioneered the concept. Still comfortable on that side of the fence?

Yeah. I bet you are.

5) It doesn’t matter how you feel about home schooling. Sure, every academic and social indicator proves, statistically, that home school is, generally speaking, a superior form of education. But that doesn’t matter. The fact is that every family obviously, clearly, undoubtedly has the RiGHT to choose it. I can not fathom the insanity of a person who thinks the State’s claim to your child ought to supersede your own.

Share this story with your friends. It would appear that parenting bans might be coming to a country near you.

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8 Responses to Obama Lends Support to Hitler

  1. tosca83 says:

    Frightening. I have always wanted to home-school our (future) children. This just feeds that desire.

  2. Glen says:

    Yeah of course I trust mammy and daddy to teach their kids more than trained professionals I’m sure they are far more qualified than a person who devotes their lives to education.

    • Ricky says:

      Doesn’t matter who you trust. They aren’t your kids.

    • Invisible says:

      With genuine sincerity, I suggest you look at the statistics regarding homeschooling. Mommy and Daddy actually are doing a much better job than the public education system.

    • christine says:

      Maybe a teacher devotes their life to education of a certain subject, but I devote my life to my children and training them up in the way that they should go.

  3. CK says:

    Thank you for covering this story, I have been following it for quite some time. What the Romeike family is afraid of just happened to another family, the Wunderlichs.


  4. facewithaview says:

    I’m glad homeschooling is banned in Germany so children don’t get indoctrinated by morons like the author of this article. Children in Germany are not forced to attend state schools but can also choose to attend private schools.

  5. Alex Burns says:

    Look- I appreciate what you are trying to say. But Hitler did not introduce this law. Compulsory public schooling was present in some German states as early as the eighteenth century, and mandated in 1871, at the foundation of the German Empire. The Weimar Republic mandated compulsory schooling in 1919, the Third Reich simply updated the laws in 1938, and in 2006, the European Union upheld this law. Obama is not supporting Hitler, Hitler did not pioneer the public education system, and you should really fact check this stuff before jumping to conclusions. The Nazi’s also owned guns. This does not make owning guns a Nazi’s idea, or one that those who support Nazi’s hold.

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