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Hey, parents, screw you. Sincerely, the FDA

The FDA has officially declared that the Morning After pill must be sold over the counter to girls as young as 15. Hey, you ask, how can drug stores even confirm that a kid is 15, considering most people don’t … Continue reading

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From legal to murder in the blink of an eye

Closing arguments were presented yesterday in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Although maybe I shouldn’t call them “arguments”. The prosecution needed only repeat every gruesome, factual detail of Gosnell’s infanticide enterprise. The defense, after calling no witnesses and refusing … Continue reading

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Now back to important things, like who this obscure basketball player likes to sleep with

Some 34 year old second string NBA player named Jason Collins came out of the closet today. Many of the folks who chastised Tim Tebow and told him he should “keep his religion to himself” and “stick to playing sports” … Continue reading

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Everyone misses the point on bullying

New Jersey has the toughest “anti-bullying” law in the nation. (Feel free to substitute the word “toughest” with “stupidest” in the previous sentence). Under their law, “bullying” has become a criminal matter. If a student is caught being a big … Continue reading

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My awkward artistry

We all have our own unique talents. Not everyone has a particularly marketable skill set but, nonetheless, we all have our own area of expertise. For instance, some people are great cooks, others are fantastic mechanics, and still others are … Continue reading

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Legal child abduction in California

Here’s a story you should care about. Thank you to a few of my Facebook friends who brought it to my attention. Anna and Alex Nikolayev are young parents from Sacramento, and they are the victims of a horrible crime. … Continue reading

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Follow the normal path

Here’s an email I received last night: Dear Mr. Walsh, I’m a public school guidance counselor and I am aware of your work. Im writing to tell you that you shouldn’t be so open about your opinions regarding college… I … Continue reading

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