Leftist Logic 101

Left Wing Logic 101.

Things the government should control, regulate, fund, legislate, arbitrate, or otherwise play a role in (an abridged list):

– How you raise your kids 
– How you educate your kids
– How you discipline your kids
– What you feed your kids
– What you feed yourself
– What you smoke 
– Where you smoke
– Who you employ 
– Who you do business with
– How you get health care
– What sort of health care coverage you provide to your employees
– Your seatbelt usage
– Your lightbulb purchases 
– Your retirement planning
– Who gets part of your paycheck for food, housing, and energy assistance
– How you gamble
– How you defend yourself and your family
– Where you pray
– Space travel
– Scientific research
– Preservation of the environment
– What you do with and on your private property
– Handicap accessibility
– What is said on the airwaves
– Airports
– Foreign governments
– Steroids in professional sports
– Divorce

Things the government should not control, regulate, fund, legislate, arbitrate, or otherwise play a role in (a comprehensive list):

– Marriage

So you’ll just have to understand my shock every time I hear a liberal say: “The government should get out of marriage!”

Huh? What the hell? You actually think the government should get out of something? Where is this sudden and extraordinarily narrow desire for independence coming from? And would you consider applying it to literally anything else in the known galaxy?

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3 Responses to Leftist Logic 101

  1. herbn says:

    There is a second item on the not list for liberals:

    Abortion (or does that trip up on the funding bit?)

  2. Cylar says:

    I’m just sick and tired of hearing self-proclaimed moderate people make the claim that it’s time to “get government out of the marriage business,” as if that’s a neat and tidy little way to wrap the big ugly gay marriage controversy up in a bow and dispose of it permanently.

    As if abandoning civil recognition of the institution completely is going to make the complex moral, legal, and ethical questions surrounding it go away.

    Look, I get it. The Left wants government recognition of everyone’s perverted little fetishes. Loud and clear. Trouble is, linking one man and one woman together in the eyes of the rulers (as well as God) is a model that’s served us fine for thousands of years. It has not been explained to my satisfaction why we need to throw that out the window, just because 2% of the population suddenly discovered a “civil right” that does not exist and has never existed, and that it’d be real swell if the rest of us would give our official blessing to two grown men sodomizing one another.

    Point that out, however, and watch your career destroyed, your family threatened, your patriotism questioned, and be further subjected to all manner of hate, threat, and insult.

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