Protect Children from Child Protective Services

Something horrible happened in New Jersey (sorry for being redundant).

A father posted a picture on Facebook of his son holding his new rifle. GASP. HORROR. I mean, I can’t believe these people could be so reckless. A child isn’t old enough to hold a gun! Eleven year olds should be doing things that NORMAL adolescents do in modern America. You know, like watching raunchy sitcoms about bigamy and fornication. And if these parents want to buy an age appropriate gift, they ought to be out at Target shopping for makeup and bikinis for their 6th grade daughter. That’s how we do things in this enlightened country. We teach our kids how to debase themselves, not defend themselves. Amiright?

In any case, some concerned “friend” saw the photo and reported the parents to Child Protective Services. Within hours, social workers and law enforcement were raiding the parents’ house and threatening to kidnap their children.

OK, a few things here:

1) If you report someone to a social worker because they simply have a different parenting style than you, you are a disgusting, traitorous sociopath. The law will never charge you with it, but morally you are guilty of attempted child abduction and I have no doubt that you will answer for your despicable sins come Judgement Day. I write this without even the slightest hint of irony or sarcasm. I’m serious. People who, on a whim and for no justifiable reason, attempt to have someone’s children taken from them, are the lowest of the low. May God have mercy on their souls for they are filled with unspeakable darkness. Amen.

2) Very few people want to challenge Child Protective Services because they’re called “Child Protective Services”, which, according to current logic, clearly means they do nothing but protect children. But the truth is that they are an agency which operates entirely unrestrained by the constitution. All it takes is one “report” from an anonymous source about some vague “sign of child abuse” that could be interpreted 4000 different ways, and a bureaucrat will be at your door threatening to take your child away if you don’t let them come in and interrogate the whole family. How in the hell are we so OK with this? A police officer can’t throw you in jail without cause or evidence, but a non-law enforcement pencil pusher can barge into your home and threaten to kidnap your children? Do you realize the State has to jump through more hoops to repossess your car than they do to repossess your child? I say “re”-possess because the working premise appears to be that the government exercises ultimate jurisdiction over your children and your parental authority is finite and temporary.

Obviously there are cases of criminal abuse of children. The people who commit those crimes ought to be thrown in a cage like a dog for the rest of their lives. But those situations should be handled by professional law enforcement. Most of what we get from CPS is harassment of low income families and unconstitutional meddling into private affairs.

3) Why don’t you ever see social workers rolling up in rich neighborhoods? What about the wealthy parents who choose to leave their kids alone in a 6 bedroom house with an elderly woman from Guatemala? What about these moms and dads who put material possessions over everything to the point of allowing their children to be raised by a stranger? That’s child neglect and it has a PERMANENT impact on those kids. Do you know how many young boys and girls have been utterly emotionally ruined by this sort of thing? But that’s OK, I guess, because the parents have money and the kids get to sit on leather furniture in front of sweet flat screen TVs and play video games all day. Meanwhile, a dad in a two bedroom townhouse gets a visit from a social worker because someone said they heard him yell at his son yesterday.

And then to cap it all off, when a case of real, actual, criminal child abuse crops up, the last things you need is a damn bureaucracy to handle it. That’s when you need police on the scene, protecting and serving like they’re supposed to.

I know I open myself up to all sorts of attacks with this one — questioning, as I am, the sainted social workers. But maybe we all ought to do a little more questioning and a little less blind accepting.

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4 Responses to Protect Children from Child Protective Services

  1. Leighanne says:

    I wait with my breath on hold til your next blog comes out. Sharing you on FB a LOT and losing a lot of “non thinking friends”. Thanks for the weed out process!!! Keep up the amazing and insightful work!

  2. Blessed says:

    I just found your blog. Keep writing.

  3. Tara P says:

    Child Protective Services is a service that someone can decline. You can politely say, I decline your services (you will have to say it 500 times from behind your screen door) and stay polite, and they will eventually go away. People need to understand that without a search warrant (staying polite avoids this) they cannot enter your house without permission or take your kids. It is through ignorance that most children are needlessly removed from the house. Yes, there are some children that need to be removed, but considerably less than are being kidnapped by CPS

  4. Evil Social Worker says:

    Hi Matt, I really enjoy this blog. I agree with you on pretty much everything… except for this. Im very conservative, but I grew in a family where Childrens Services were in and out of my life for validated reasons. I had a very difficult childhood. I met Christ and decided to go into Social Work because I wanted to care and share Christ with people from similar family situations. I never meant to end up working for CPS when I graduated from college, but through a long line of circumstances that was my first job out of college. I have seen TERRIBLE things in the two years I worked there, and while I really like your perspectives, you made many statements in this post that are very misinformed. I will address a couple of them. First of all, I have been to many nice neighborhoods because of referrals of abuse, and one of the worst cases I ever had was in a very affluent family, so yes, you can find CPS in nicer neighborhoods. Next, as for the example about the gun on facebook, in my experience, that case would be closed and shut unless something way more serious was going on like the child was left with open access to that gun when the parents were knockout drunk or high for example. Which if nothing were done and the child gets hurt, everyone is asking why didn’t anyone do anything???!!! Then that social worker is accused will be blamed for that, yet if she had removed she would have been blamed for that as well. By the way, in that scenario, the child still most likely would not be removed from their family. There are bad social workers out there, but ones that know their profession are trained OFTEN about cultural sensitivity, and no being poor is not abuse. Ive visited families living in tents in the woods and the case was easily closed with resources given to the family where they could get help that would be left up to them. As for law enforcement being able to do this, I have had the same thoughts because I do agree with you that CPS knocking on your door is very invasive. However, Ive had law enforcement use me to gain access to families where they knew meth labs were and children resided in the same home becuase they did not have a warrant. Also, this whole process is not nearly as simple as you have made it… when children are severely abused and neglected or parents are arrested there is alot that goes into placement of that child and then attempts to reunify parents with their children. Law enforcement cannot do that. Also, contrary to your belief, DCS DOES NOT WANT YOUR CHILDREN. As a matter of fact, as soon as a child comes into custody, the next step is to get them out. In TN, where I live it takes ALOT to remove a child, and its has to be approved by alot of people including many attorneys and a judge. If it were only up to law enforcement, it would be way more difficult to get a child back that has been removed from a parent, because that is what DCS does after removing… try to figure out how you can get them back safely. I could discuss this for a long time. I no longer work there. I now am in a faith based foster care agency because that is where my passion is, but abuse DOES happen. Its not as rare as it may seem, and while I think govt should be out of most everything and the state does have a lot of this wrong, they do not want to take children and they are aware that they don’t make good parents. I like your blog very much, but I couldn’t let this go… you are misinformed about this process.

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