Gun rights for the crazy

If your mother dies and you are sad, according to the psychiatric community you suffer from a temporary “mental disorder” called Bereavement. If you are sad for a long time, you have a mental disease called Acute Stress Disorder. But if you aren’t sad enough that probably means you have a form of sociopathy, which is also a mental disorder.

If you tend to lose your temper on occasion, you are likely plagued with a psychological condition known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

If your 15 year old son can sometimes appear irritable and agitated, he is probably a victim of Disruptive Mood Disregulation Disorder.

If your 9 year old daughter can’t sit still in math class, she requires treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder.

If your toddler throws temper tantrums, he should be medicated for Temper Disregulation Disorder with Dysphoria.

If you don’t like large crowds and prefer to be alone, you most certainly have an Anti Social Disorder.

If you aren’t a big fan of government, you clearly have Anti Government Phobia disorder.

If you don’t like listening to authority figures, you are a case study in Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Basically, if you are not a potato or a robot, and if you sometimes experience something we used to call “emotion”, then you suffer from a disease called “human”, which is the spring from which all other disorders flow, and you are in need of pharmaceutical correction — according to leading psychiatrists.

So when I hear people, even the NRA and other gun groups, propose taking second amendment rights away from the “mentally ill”, I can’t help but hesitate. There’s a mental illness for all of us, if only we find the right psychologist to charge us 400 dollars an hour to find it. The pharmeceutical companies would have us believe we should all be wearing white pajamas, eating Jello laced with Xanax in a padded room inside your friendly neighborhood psychiatric facility. That’s the game. Get you to fear the scary, dangerous, dark and mysterious “mentally ill” — right before the twist ending where you find out you’re one of them.

But then again, I’m only saying this because I have a classic case of Paranoid Personality Disorder. Someone, quick, give me meds and take my rights before I hurt someone.

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3 Responses to Gun rights for the crazy

  1. Cylar says:

    I’m willing to give the NRA a pass on this one. Unlike the gun grabbers, it actually tries to act in the best interests of gun owners and the public’s interest in being safe from random attacks by monsters like James Holmes, Jared Loughner and Adam Lanza.

    I’m sure Wayne LaPierre (why is our spokesman a guy whose name sounds like a French ballerina?) would love to go on TV and explain that that real solution to gun violence is to adopt the measures adopted in Switzerland – namely, that the answer lies partly in allowing people to arm themselves to their heart’s content but throwing the book at them if they actually harm an innocent person….instead of all these ineffective nonsense (poorly) designed to pre-empt people from acting rashly and violently.

    But the NRA can’t say that. Instead, it has to appear “reasonable” lest it be savaged by the Left any more than it already is…and call for enforcement of existing nonsensical laws and for the disarmament of people arbitrarily found to be “insane” or “unstable.” This unfortunately includes (in my state) people who were sane and stable enough to realize they needed help and sought treatment. Funny because I always thought having the presence of mind to do that was the surest sign that you are, in fact, sane.

  2. Glen says:

    Maybe you might think I’m being “picky” or “anti freedom” but if someone believes they are being told to go on a homicidal rampage by the restless spirit of Andre the Giant I don’t think they should be allowed to buy guns.

    Also if someones apartment is filled with Nazi memorabilia and they believe they are on “holy mission” to save the aryan race from the gnomes of Zurich I probably would sleep easier if that person couldn’t just walk into Walmart or a gun show and say “I’d like to buy your deadliest arsenal please”

    • Cylar says:

      Unless a person has actually been found mentally incompetent by a court of law, there’s no basis for suspending or revoking his Second Amendment rights. You don’t get to take his guns away (or forbid him from buying more) just because you don’t like what he believes or says. Sorry.

      Thinking like yours would open the door to all sorts of abuses.

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