I changed my mind. I love Ashley Judd!

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  1. Ron D1954 says:

    Reason 4) Divorcing Dario Franchitti because anyone named Dario Franchitti obviously owns critical mineral mines, probably has a raping iPhone, and shouldn’t be entitled to a summer home in Scotland (status pending). And the accent… do I even need to bring up the accent? Besides, he probably is a fan of IU.

  2. SallyVee says:

    Matt, you have a new fan. This is some really good, dry stuff. You really nailed AJudd, not that she’d even get it. You spell pretty well for a youngster too. (Found you via FreeBeacon.com)

    There is only one way to deal with the massive deception/ignorance/recklessness/paganism going on in the late great USA: laugh or cry. I cry too much and need to laugh more. Hence, the Matt Walsh blog is my new favorite pit stop. Is there some way to listen live to your radio show or podcast it?

    Hey, if you missed this 2006 epic exposé about AJudd, check it out before it disappears. Her lawyers suppressed it but an intrepid FReeper saved it for posterity:


  3. sallyvee says:

    Oh no. Do I have to Face the Book to listen to you? No can do, junior. I’m too smart to Facebook – knowing as I do, my poor miserable self.

    Please, what are my options, sir? There must be something besides the Book of Face for your oldster fans. I would tempt you by saying I am a sleek 50-something cougar. But the truth is, compared to AJudd I look like something the cat dragged in, given that I do not have an entourage carrying room-temp water, daily spa treatments & foot massage, an assistant to carry me to the gym (jim?), someone to apply airbrushed makeup etc. etc.

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