What the world needs now is extremism, sweet extremism

I just saw someone call Rand Paul an “extremist”. 

Right. But why do you say that like it’s a bad thing? When will we stop holding up cowardice and apathy like they are divine virtues? When will we start to realize that the world is changed and revolutions are made by extremists, not milquetoast moderates? Extremists shape the world. They climb mountains while the in-betweeners are tripping overspeed bumps. They transform society while the undecideds are too oblivious to notice. Maybe it’s time we all decide a few things, pick a side on some issues, formulate an ideology of some sort.

I don’t understand these people who complain about men of conviction as if they haven’t noticed the fact that our country has been driven to the edge of oblivion by the very spineless worms they seem to revere.

You should be an extremist about liberty, about your faith, about your family. You should be a damn raving lunatic when someone comes after any of them and seeks to destroy them. I’m sick to death of these translucent nothings, these humongous zeroes, who squeal like frightened pigs and pee their pants anytime someone commits the sins of meaning what they say, and having the skill to articulate it.

I think it’s about time we had some leadership in this country. And leaders draw lines, they stand firm, they don’t compromise just to make everyone feel better. I’m at the point where any time a guy opens his mouth to speak and swarms of people promptly call him a lunatic and walk away, I’ll be the dude sitting down down to hear him out. Chances are he’s the only one in the crowd making any sense. And if it turns out he really is crazy, well at least he’s interesting. Which is more than I can say for these tedious bores who are too dull to be insane.

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4 Responses to What the world needs now is extremism, sweet extremism

  1. IGotBupkis -- "Faecies Evenio", Mr. Holder? says:

    “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice”
    – Barry Goldwater –

  2. Cylar says:

    The word “extremist” has become such an ugly and unfairly maligned word. It’s always used in such a negative connotation. Always used to describe people who want to do cruel things to other people. Never those who say, “Enough of this injustice!” and then proceed to take a stand and do something constructive about it.

  3. Kelsey says:

    I’m saving this to read every time the media starts to get me down. Don’t be quiet. Don’t go with the flow. BE EXTREME and stand for what you believe in. That’s really freaking hard for me, so this is a fantastic reminder.

  4. Glen says:

    Yeah Hitler was an “extremist” but he was a man with a plan who got things done with measurable results.

    If only Obama had his drive and determination.

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