A bit of advice for Republicans

I don’t really care to give tips to the Republican Party, the supposedly “small government” organization that has, interestingly enough, only ever produced one actual small government president. They’ve worked so hard to undermine and contradict themselves and their alleged ideological goals for so long that I wouldn’t want to suddenly stand in the way of their march into oblivion. Not now. Not when they’ve come so far and are so very close.

That said, I’m going to quickly give them a little unsolicited advice anyway. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s middle child syndrome. Deep down I just love saying things that I know will be ignored. Whatever the reason, here it is:

First, do yourselves a favor, kick John McCain out on his ass and never pay any attention to that blithering dolt ever again. Same for Lindsey Graham and every other neo-con idiot like them. McCain called Rand’s stand a “stunt” meant to “fire up impressionable Libertarian kids”. As opposed to everything the Republican establishment does, which are always stunts meant to confuse oblivious Baby Boomers. McCain is as old as Moses — even though Moses didn’t believe in government tyranny, unlike McCain. He hasn’t said or done anything worthwhile in over four decades. Four decades, by the way, which he’s spent in public office. He represents everything that is wrong with modern American government. He’s a crooked fool, an elitist snob and a moral coward. I’m tired of him and everybody like him. These self-styled feudal lords need to be taught a lesson about talking down to their bosses in the electorate. I mean, really, Republicans, you can’t understand why you struggle with the youth vote while you’ve got 100 year old fascists on TV yelling at them to get off the lawn?

Purge the neo-cons from your midst. Nobody wants to hear it anymore. There’s no audience for it. Nobody’s buying it. Well, Liberals are buying it now because they’ll gobble up anything their Cult Leader puts in the Kool-Aid. But real human beings, with actual brains, are simply not that into it.

Second, the Democrat Party and its loyalists have long since betrayed themselves as unprincipled cultists. While Rand Paul spoke out against Executive assassinations of Americans, only one Democrat stood with him. And he was there to argue about it. Democratic voters are frauds and shape-shifters who contort their “belief system” to fit with the whims of their political leadership. Obama has shown himself to be a corporatist shill for the military industrialist complex, an enemy of the working man, and a passionate opponent of civil liberties. And those who continue to support him only do so for the same reason the Heaven’s Gate whackos committed mass suicide. Either that, or they open their hearts to him for the same reason baby birds open their beaks for their momma. The point is, you could actually BE not only what YOU pretend to be, but also a lot of what Democrats pretend to be. The market is wide open.

Why do you think Rand dominated social media for an entire day? Why did he get props not only from small government conservatives like myself, but also from the likes of the Huffington Post, Code Pink, Van Jones and Jon Stewart? When was the last time anyone has ever formed a coalition like that? And he did it not by sucking up or compromising. Precisely the opposite, in fact. For so long Republicans have tried to win votes by supporting entitlements and talking about their binders full of women. But it doesn’t work. If I want Socialism and Feminism I’ll go where I can get it pure, from the Democrats. You don’t beat your ideological opponents by trying to offer a knock-off version of what they’re already producing. You sell something they don’t have in stock, and let the customers come to you.

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2 Responses to A bit of advice for Republicans

  1. IGotBupkis -- "Faecies Evenio", Mr. Holder? says:

    Good Piece.

    The last truly Great PotUS, by the way, was a Democrat, Grover Cleveland (He’s the guy who served two non-consecutive terms).

    Read the Wiki entry, which has his comments when he rejected the Texas Seed Bill.

    Also a great quote from his third SOTU.

    There was a lot to like about Teddy, but face it — all the socialist-collectivist crap that happens today got its start in his administration. He assuredly would have resisted it had he seen what it has evolved into, but he did still Start It.

    Don’t get me wrong, Postmodern Liberalism is a societal cancer that threatens to destroy this nation and everything it stands for, and may already have done so. But there is very little to root for in the modern GOP. About the only reason I vote for them is that they are still better than the Democrats running against them. It’s no longer a matter of voting FOR anyone — it’s about voting for the least sucky one… and THAT is pretty much a matter of voting for the smaller “black hole” of suckitude.

  2. Cylar says:

    Great….so I’m not the only Republican around here who’s sick and tired of McCain and thought he had absolutely no business trying to get himself elected president while flying the GOP banner. That’s awesome. I know at least one person who thinks he lost in 08 because he didn’t water down our message enough.

    “If I want Socialism and Feminism I’ll go where I can get it pure, from the Democrats.”

    I’ve tried explaining that to the moderates in our party during every single presidential campaign since 1992, and they always respond the same way: “If we don’t reach out to the independents, we lose.” Uh huh. Actually, Sparky, what loses us elections is selling-out the base and betraying the principles our party (and our country) was founded on – small government, strong national defense, gun rights, low taxes, and what Rush Limbaugh refers to as rugged individualism (self reliance and hard work).

    Frankly the Tea Party has been like a breath of fresh air, and expressions of disgust with establishment has-beens like McCain has been even more refreshing. If our party ever hopes to occupy the White House again, we have GOT to get rid of this “us too, only a little bit less” silliness. This is what I can’t seem to get across to the so-called moderates lurking in our midst: “Why in the HECK would independents (most of whom are actually quite liberal when you get down to brass tacks) come to us for Democrat-lite policies, when they can slide over a few paces to their Left and get the real thing?”

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