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If I call it a lifestyle will the bigots back off?

I posted something on my blog and Facebook about Easter. It was nothing incredible or controversial. Just a little statement about my Christian faith, in honor of the holiday. No big deal. Or so I thought.  Since then, I’ve received … Continue reading

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Sorry, Easter Bunny, I’m just not that into you

I’m really not down with the Easter Bunny. I’m sort of borderline on Santa Claus, but at least the dude has a fleshed out backstory. He has a wife. He has a personality. I know where he lives, where he … Continue reading

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Well, why should med students want to hear from the greatest living medical professional?

A bunch of med students at Johns Hopkins no longer want Dr. Ben Carson to speak at their commencement ceremony because he disagrees with gay marriage. And this, my friends, is all you need to know about the current state of … Continue reading

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The North Koreans are coming! The North Koreans are coming!

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If a person is white in the forest and nobody is there to see him, is he still racist?

Something has happened, you guys. Something terrible has happened. I’m going to try to calm myself enough to tell you about it. Deep breath. Ok. So, this dude named Doug Gottlieb was part of the NCAA March Madness pre game … Continue reading

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80 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Themselves

My Dearest America, I read a poll today that says 80 percent of you are unhappy with the government. Of that 80 percent, 61 percent believe the country is on the entirely “wrong track”. While I don’t at all disagree … Continue reading

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Adam Lanza’s Mom Owned a Bunch of Guns, and That’s Totally Irrelevant

We are now getting more information about Adam Lanza. Of course all of the information – merely incidentally, I’m sure – seems to vindicate the government’s three main theses: 1) Guns are evil and people who own them are dangerous. … Continue reading

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