Chris Dorner is a Fat Dead Loser

Chris Dorner is not a martyr. He’s not an “anti-hero”, as I’ve seen him described. He’s not a freedom fighter. He’s a fat murdering loser and the world is a better place now that this coward is dead. I swear I actually heard a CNN analyst call Dorner “moralistic” and “principled”. Tell me CNN, what sort of morals and principles lead a man to murder a woman and then call her father to taunt him about it? You’re telling me you can kill innocent people in cold blood and still qualify as “principled”? Wow. Well if that’s where the bar is set then I guess I’m Ghandi and Mother Teresa rolled into one.

Congratulations, American civilization, you’ve embarrassed yourself yet again. Are you really so starved for role models that you’ve got to make the guy on the suicidal killing spree the next American Idol? Even worse than the people who are openly admiring this maniac are the people who try to couch their admiration by saying things like: “Well I disagree with his methods but he does have a point about corruption in the LAPD.”

Really? You “disagree” with his “method” of shooting 4 people in the head, not to mention kidnapping innocent civilians? So the “strategy” of gleefully shooting a female in the face is, to you, somewhat disagreeable? Hm. How insightful. As far as his “point”, did it ever occur to you that perhaps this little episode actually vindicates the LAPD’s decision to let him go? Maybe they fired him because he’s a freakin’ psycho. And don’t give me that nonsense about how he must have been “pushed to his limits” by the “corruption” and “racism” he was dealing with. And certainly don’t give me that and then follow it up by telling me you aren’t making excuses for him. That’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re making excuses. If that isn’t an excuse than what the hell is it? I have no sympathy for this pudgy scumbag. We all have problems. We all deal with BS at work. We’ve all been discriminated against. Grow a spine. Have some character. Get over it. Get a new job. Write a book about it. Learn to deal with your troubles without slaughtering 4 innocent human beings. Is that so much to ask? Is it really unreasonable for me to say that somewhere around your second victim I’m going to lose all sympathy for you and all concern for your sob story? Am I the unreasonable one? Or is it the guy who just blew a woman’s brain all over the backseat? And tell me apologists, if a dude killed your daughter then called you to gloat about it would you respond by saying, “alright this is unfortunate but let’s hear this guy out”?

Dorner holed himself up in a cabin after killing another cop and, it would appear, the cops responded by setting the cabin on fire. I’ve heard people call this an “execution”, I’ve heard it compared to Waco. Not even close. Get a grip, everyone. The man was shooting everything in sight. He’d already murdered his fourth victim. I’m the biggest defender of due process that you’ll find but even I’m OK with the fact that if you get into a shootout with the police, the police will kill you. What else are they supposed to do? I love all the armchair quarterbacks making it sound so simple: “They should have found a way to take him alive”. Oh, you don’t say? You mean they should have just apprehended him? Well golly gee I guess they didn’t think of that! I mean, it’s not like Dorner made it very clear that he had no intention of being taken alive and in the meantime he’d kill as many cops as possible, right?

It was a fight to the death. That’s what he wanted and that’s what he got. Looks like everyone got what they wanted in the end, so what’s the problem? The police don’t have a right to walk up to an unarmed man and shoot him dead in the street. They do have a right to shoot him dead if he’s trying to shoot them dead. That seems like a pretty logical system.

I’m just sad they didn’t kill him sooner.

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2 Responses to Chris Dorner is a Fat Dead Loser

  1. Al Toid says:

    Well said.

  2. Constance Noel says:

    I absolutely love you, Matt Walsh!! Someone with sense AND morals. Hard to find in these days and times!! People are so stupid now days I’m surprised they can wipe their own behinds. Great column!!

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