The Pros and Cons of Being Murdered by the President

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One Response to The Pros and Cons of Being Murdered by the President

  1. Glen says:

    I don’t know if my own UK government have officially announced it (I think they might be even sneakier than the US government, if that’s possible!) But it has certainly been clear to me, since the Charles De Menezez public execution by the metropolitan police in 2005 (a completely innocent Brazilian immigrant living and working in London, he was followed by undercover officers. When he got on an underground train he was grabbed and pinned down, by officers who did not identify themselves or make any attempt to arrest him, and shot him several times in the head at point blank range as horrified bystanders looked on), that my government will put a cap in my ass if they think or perceive me to be a “terrorist threat” of any kind even though I’m nothing of the sort. I also know they could throw my ass in Bell Marsh prison indefinitely to rot or send me over to gitmo to get waterboarded (which is not torture even though it is).

    The use of drones is certainly a cost effective and efficient way of turning completely oblivious and probably innocent people into dog food instantly without all this time consuming innocent until proven guilty rubbish.

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