Brent Musburger and his Reckless, Inappropriate, Sexist Compliments

I don’t care about being politically correct, but even if I did I’m not sure I’d be able to pull it off. I can’t keep up with the rules. Apparently now it’s wrong to call a woman “beautiful”? That’s an insult these days? That’s, what, demeaning? Degrading? Sexist? Ok. Put “beautiful” in the inappropriate column then, you say? 

Brent Musburger at ESPN calls Miss Alabama “beautiful” and “good looking” and here we are 48 hours later still dissecting the “incident”. So the camera cuts to her during the Alabama game and he identifies her as the QB’s girlfriend and then says “Wow she’s beautiful”. OUTRAGE! SCANDAL! We are seriously the weirdest brand of Puritans that the world has ever seen. We’ll happily watch a Charlie Sheen sitcom with our kids and then flip over to ESPN and faint like Victorian housewives because some old guy called a woman “good looking”. 

In the last two days I’ve heard otherwise intelligent folks say that Musburger certainly “went too far”. Too far? Really? “Beautiful” is defined in the dictionary as “wonderful; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to hear or see.” HEY THAT’S TOO FAR! Next thing we know Musburger will be going around accusing people of being “nice” and “generous”. SOMEONE STOP THIS MAN BEFORE HE PREYS UPON ANOTHER HELPLESS VICTIM WITH HIS COMPLIMENTS AND ADORATION!

Get a grip. You people are insane. But I guess if I really wanted to insult you I’d call you beautiful.

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2 Responses to Brent Musburger and his Reckless, Inappropriate, Sexist Compliments

  1. Leighanne says:

    Amen and pass the chillax pills to Americans!!!!

  2. Mary Francis says:

    I’ve known some pretty amazing women growing up. Strong women. I know they would never find it demeaning to be called beautiful. This political correctness goes way too far. It’s sad. “Feminism” is such a stupid idea. I have no problem with men thinking women are equal and shouldn’t be abused. But we are still women. We are still beautiful. And to waste our time covering something like that in the news is just plain sad.

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